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neo--queen--serenity · 23 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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illuminatedlover · 22 days ago
Imagine Dating Julieta & Agustín Madrigal
I cannot get them out of my head I simply love all the adults in this film, and I want to marry all of them
Tumblr media
You met Agustín first while in town turns out he isn’t the only klutz. You both turned a corner knocking into each other head first, then falling into a small pile of mud. Agustín ever apologetic helps you up getting a good look at you, noticing the small bump forming on your forehead, followed by a wince as you tried to blink. You couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was, a bright grin on his face, and the most playful eyes you’ve ever seen. His hands were strong as he held you up, you felt dizzy and not because your head hurt.
He insists on taking you to meet his wife who won’t mind the trouble! Practically rambling the entire way, even if you were in too much pain to talk you found it absolutely adorable. When he brings you to the casita, the tiles immediately rushed you towards the kitchen, causing it to frighten you so you clung tightly to his arm.
“Oh! Don’t worry about that, that’s just casita they’re very friendly” he assured you patting your hand, you slowly let go of him, suddenly embarrassed.
“Mi amor! Im home! I brought a friend!” Agustín’s wording caught you off guard considering you two just met, but you couldn’t deny that his friendly nature made you feel relaxed
When his wife finally turned the corner it was as if time stood still. You were charmed by the beautiful, soft spoken women adorned with herbs in her apron. Was the house always this warm? She came forward with a plate of fresh arepas, and a knowing smile on her face.
“What trouble did you get into this time Agustín, here eat.” She shoveled the arepa in his mouth, as he happily munched on it. You realized he must have this sort of thing happen a lot. The idea of Agustín being so clumsy made you giggle. Which caught his wife’s attention.
“You must be the one who got caught in my husbands antics, I’m very sorry, I’m Julieta” she spoke smoothly, making a point to grasp your hand as she smiled at you
“Oh, uh… actually it was me-well it was both of us w-who bumped into each other! I’m a bit clumsy at times…” you trailed off trying to muster up a smile that only came off as a wince. You swore you could have seen julieta’s eyes light up when you mentioned how clumsy you were.
She let out a soft giggle as Agustín gently nudged her with a knowing look on his face, “I’m sure we will be seeing you around more often.”
• running into Agustín more and more as the weeks pass by, asking for you to help him with his chores which only leads to a big mess and lots of pain
• Julieta packing Agustín with extra arepas if she knows he’s going into town to see you
• Julieta being the one to invite you to dinner because Agustín is not as eloquent, tending to ramble when he is nervous
• you’re slightly younger than the couple, meeting them in your early 30s
• being intimated by abuela alma, when she asks to see you only to simply ask if her family and her daughter makes you happy. She finds julieta’s fondness for clumsy dorks endearing
• the dinner goes well! Everyone is excited to meet you, Pepa and Fèlix holds this knowing grin all throughout the dinner. She’s also flattered by your interest in her powers, so it’s an immediate nod of approval from her
• the kids aren’t as clueless (besides probably Camilo) when they notice you coming over more and more. Seeing how happy their tio & tia are whenever you’re around
• after a few of months the couple invite you to a dinner with only them, Julieta making you’re favorite dishes, and Agustín telling you stories about what the family has been up to. You don’t think anything of it until you’re all cuddled up on the couch, sandwiched between them holding both their hands. When they ask you to be apart of their family, to be with them.
• when you say yes, you hear hushed whoops and hollers ,a rainbow covering the house. So much for Dolores keeping it a surprise
• the three daughters don’t mind you being with their parents seeing how happy you make them, and how well you fit into the family. They’re very supportive and loving.
• when you move into the casita it takes a bit of time to get used to such a lively house(literally) but you bond with casita often talking to the building as another family member
• Julieta loves to hug you, give you kisses, and hold your hand whenever she gets the chance
• Agustín is always squishing your cheeks, playing with your hair, or pulling you closer to him when he gets the chance
• helping Julieta in the kitchen make her arepas so she has more time to relax, reminding her that she is only one person so she shouldn’t overdue it
• helping Agustín with his daily chores, lounging with him, and playing board games with him
• Agustín taking you out for picnics showing you around the mountains
• hanging out with Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa holding good natured sibling competitions on who can do what, loving how much they’ve grown with their gifts. Seeing Mirabel excel even without one
• showing Isabela you’re own plant collection! She is impressed and fascinated by your expertise
• teaching Luisa yoga to help her muscles relax as well as her mind when she isn’t working
• you get along really well with pepa always making her laugh, dancing with her, and telling each other jokes.
• Fèlix is your go to dance partner because that man has got moves! His energy is contagious, you impressed the family when they first saw you dance
• Agustín is very shy with you at first, but you encourage him to just be himself he never has to try and impress you
• cuddling whenever you have a bad day, Julieta scoops you into her arms, and Agustín kisses your cheeks making confusing analogies to relate to you
• you and Agustín playfully fighting for julieta’s attention trying to impress her, but just injuring each other in the process
• helping Bruno prank Pepa and Julieta which usually results in being soaked by rain, and put in a time out by your own girlfriend
• Agustín making you laugh every chance he gets that man is not afraid to make a fool of himself if it means seeing you smile
• “mi vida!” In unison “yes!?” “Be careful!!”
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partywithponies · 24 days ago
Can we appreciate Agustín Madrigal? His daughter is just like "hey dad I just broke several rules, nearly died, stole a thing, now the house is falling apart and the entire town could be in danger and it might all be my fault", and he doesn't even get cross for a moment, he's instantly like "okay we can fix this we just have to hide this, let me help you hide this. nobody needs to know".
One of his daughters could be like "dad I killed a man" and he'd just be like "okay sweetie don't panic I'll help you hide the body".
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dont-silencio-bruno · a month ago
madrigals skintone reference
ok so i’ve been. struggling with their skin tones and a mutual of mine responded with some flat colors on my other blog
anyway i went ahead and eye dropped their skintones from each as best i could and this is what i got
they’re a little varied in each but i hope this at least gives a good idea of where to aim for in terms of tint and undertone
Tumblr media
(the reference images ⬇️) (badly put together in a collage bc i didnt want to post like 5 pictures)
Tumblr media
but ye i hope this helps !
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disneh · a month ago
I would like to take a moment to talk about the color coding of the Madrigals
Tumblr media
Either I’m reading way too much into this or the creators of this film are genius:
I love how Pepa’s side of the family (Pepa, Félix, Dolores, Camilo and Antonio) is dressed in warm tones (oranges and yellows), and Julieta’s side of the family (Julieta, Agustín, Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel) is dressed in cool tones (blues and purples)!
And Alma is dressed in a maroon-ish tone, which makes her stand out being the head of the family
Also, Bruno (not pictured) dresses in green because he is the brother of Julieta and Pepa, therefore a mixture of the blues and yellows of both sides. His color also stands out from everyone else, being cast out of the family.
I’m not sure if there is any meaning to the individual colors, but I think it’s such a cool detail! (Or I am reading way too much into this)
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adorasgayass · 25 days ago
"Not all men" you're right, Félix and Agustín Madrigal, the ideal husbands, would never do this
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thats-a-rock-factt · 26 days ago
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Julieta, looking at Agustín: Wow, he's so handsome.
Agustín: [trips over the lamp cable and breaks the lamp]
Julieta, in awe: A gorgeous loser.
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rat-breath · a month ago
Does The Madrigal Family Swear??
Alma: Absolutely not. It’s not professional.
Julieta: Only when something she’s cooking is burning or if she hurt herself in the kitchen. Strongly discourages everyone from swearing tho.
Pepa: “Who the FUCK taught Camilo swears???” She swears all the time, but discourages it like Julieta.
Bruno: He would swear and then curse himself for swearing AND THEN curse himself for swearing while cursing himself for swearing. It’s a vicious cycle.
Augstín: “Do as I say, not as I do” type of father. This man is so accident prone it’s unrealistic that he wouldn’t swear being hurt.
Félix: Balances out his family by never swearing. The only good influence in his cuss-ridden family.
Isabela: She didn’t before, but she does now. She deserves to say fuck.
Delores: Tiniest little “oh fuck!!” You’ve ever heard. She doesn’t like to swear, but she is still Pepa’s child.
Luisa: Would never. Idk why but I can never see her swearing. The image is foreign.
Camilo: Awful little child would swear constantly. They would give parents heart attacks by shifting into their children and swearing. Their first word was probably a swear.
Mirabel: Does in fact swear, but apologizes for it like Bruno does. When she’s real pissed tho, she’ll cuss like crazy with no remorse (until later ofc).
Antonio: Absolutely fucking not. Camilo taught him to say fuck once and everyone simultaneously had heart attacks. Pepa fainted.
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mariesmjolnir · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My mom Julieta can make you feel better with just one arepa! My dad Agustín, well, he's accident-prone but he means well!
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illuminatedlover · 14 days ago
Dating Julieta and Agustín Madrigal Pt. 2
I’m back again with more thoughts about these two. I just can’t get enough of either of them, and we deserve more content involving them. I shall provide!
Tumblr media
You had an obvious attraction to Julieta when you first met the woman, but had no idea that they would be interested in inviting you into their relationship. You weren’t very eager at first, it seemed… too good to be true, but Agustín was the one who won you over That man was a true charmer, he may be accident prone, but he knew how to make someone feel wanted. He would ask you to help him around town, usually Julieta was too busy to join you both. He took you on picnics, helped you run errands, and in return you kept him out of harms way.
The two of you grew really close and even shared a romantic evening which made you feel uneasy until he casually said, “Julieta wished she could be here, but she had a last minute house call” at that point you choked on your cider realizing that this man had been courting you with his wife who knew?!? Who wanted to join him?! Your head was spinning for hours. The next morning the couple came by your place of work where they invited you to breakfast, Julieta with her arms full of fresh goods. Agustín with an encouraging smile, as you told your friend you’d be taking off early for the day.
It was awkward at first, you felt like you had intruded on their relationship, but after time and various talks you found your rhythm. You have never been more happy in your life, and you truly felt at home being with both of them.
Your nicknames for the couple usually are very teasing, unlike the names of affection they give you. “Amor” “Mi Tesoro” “Mi coraźon”
In return it’s always “zorrillo”, “chismoso” and “pecas” if you’re feeling really playful “viejo/a” but that’s only if Julieta isn’t holding a rolling pin in her hands
Lots of kisses. It’s a whole cycle of everyone getting a kiss until satisfied, usually you and Agustín end up ganging up on Julieta kissing her everywhere
Watching Julieta cook always offering to help showing that you’re actually well skilled in the kitchen
Getting into trouble with Agustín when he challenges you always turning everything into a game. You never knew how much he loved to roughhouse
Julieta is clingy. The woman loves to be near you always touching you, holding you, and kissing you. Always having her hands somewhere near you. She’s like a little shadow.
Agustín helps you explore your more Adventurous side he is so brave, so outgoing, and always looking for more in life
You spend nights talking to Julieta about your childhoods, sharing embarrassing stories, and getting to know Julieta. Not just the healer.
You learn she’s a bit of wild card much like Isabela now, but she never had the chance to explore the world the way she wanted. You and Agustín help her change that
Cannot handle her coffee or her wine, she is a lightweight! She gets too hyper, and when she’s drunk… well, she’s a tease
Agustín can handle a glass or two anymore and you’re taking care of both of them
Agustín had dreams of being a successful athlete, but had way too many injuries to continue, he still has his every first soccer ball. You, him, and the kids play sometimes
You three take turns planning date nights! Some with each other, and others just two people at a time making sure everyone feels loved and gets the attention they deserve
Talking about the constellations with Agustín falling asleep underneath the stars together
Agustín constantly referring to himself as papi chulo because he secured you and Julieta, man’s got a big head and good taste
Cuddle sessions, the family often finds you three curled up together
Hype man Agustín he thinks you’re one of the most beautiful people he’s ever met, he is always showering you in compliments
They love to show you off, they’re so proud of you, and they just get a kick out of letting everyone know you’re theirs
They’re both scaredy cats and you have to be the one to kill the spider or save Agustín from a ladybug
Julieta is a light sleeper she’s usually in between you and Agustín because she’s the warmest.
Agustín snores like a bear in hibernation, and you tend to move around a lot. They found this out when you fell asleep before both of them kicking the hell out of Agustin’s shin. Julieta usually holds you or wraps her leg around yours so no one is injured while they try to sleep
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the-brunos-underwear-blog · 16 days ago
Little Encanto Details From The Books, Part 2!
I was blown away by the response to my first post about this! (Read the first part here!) I went back through the two books and wrote down every tiny thing I could find. I think I won’t have any more until Disney releases a new book about Encanto, which hopefully they’ll do soon!
• Pepa and Agustín call Mirabel “Mira.”
• Bruno, if not the rest of the family, is Catholic (he crosses himself when meeting Antonio’s jaguar.)
• Abuela is considered the heart of the Encanto.
• Casita grows and expands to fit all the family members.
• Agustín and Félix are very close and are constantly talking.
• Isabela sometimes thinks it would be nice if she didn’t have a gift.
• While they’re both twenty-two, Isabela is older than Dolores.
• Antonio snores.
• The last time Abuela hugged Mirabel was before her failed Gift ceremony.
• The roof is Mirabel’s favorite spot in Casita.
• Casita likes being touched.
• Agustín is a pianist.
• Isabela always carries a handkerchief.
• After Luisa got her gift, she spent the rest of the night doing tricks with it for the townspeople.
• Luisa doesn’t care what she wears as long as it’s comfortable.
• Isabela drinks café con leche.
• Luisa’s ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.
• The man who told Luisa that the donkeys got out is named Señor Rendon, and he’s described as “sometimes careless.”
• Three other townspeople are named Señora Ruiz, Señora Flores, and Señora Uriarte.
• Luisa never took naps before the events of the movie, believing that “nighttime is for sleeping, daytime is for getting things done.”
• Casita is very gentle when playing with the younger Madrigals.
• Isabela never gets in trouble.
• Isabela thinks Mirabel and Camilo are too old for toys.
• Abuela and Señora Guzmán have a somewhat tense relationship- described as a “battle of politeness.”
• Mirabel’s palms sweat when she’s worried.
• Luisa loves bright colors.
• Mirabel sneezes around things like sand or dust. Or salt.
• Félix rarely worries about anything.
• Isabela has a pond in her room filled with water lilies.
• Camilo and Pepa are both able to pick up and carry Antonio. Antonio especially likes to ride on Pepa’s shoulders.
• Isabela never wears her shoes on her bed.
• Luisa has panic attacks.
• While Isabela doesn’t love Mariano, she does hope to marry someday.
• Abuela secretly thinks Mirabel is a lot like Pedro was.
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keeperofthebees · 10 days ago
Bruno wants kids. Always has. He watched the younger kids run around in the town, making sure they didn't hurt themselves. He saw it happen before it did. Not because of his gift, just common sense. Running around in the rocky paths, going up the steep hills, climbing the trees. And he helped be careful, or he took them to Julieta when they got hurt. When he carried a sniffling child and told them it would be ok and they calmed down and, for once, someone understood he didn't want to do wrong, he wanted kids.
Bruno wants kids. But he's not married. No one wants to marry him. Pepa and Julieta have been married for a while, them and their husbands try to help, but there are some things you can't fix. You can't fix people. You can't fix a personality. You can't fix a gift. He appreciated them trying, he did. But if no one wanted to be with him, there wasn't much he could do about it.
Bruno wants kids, but kids don't want him. He tries to talk to them, interact, try and be nice, but they all run away from "creepy Bruno". Their parents have told them he's a jinx, or a bad person, or whatever they've come up with in their heads. If he can't even get a few 5 year olds to talk to him, how is he gonna deal with his own kid?
Bruno wants kids, and his sisters have them first. Two girls, a few months apart, named Isabela and Dolores. Bruno was the last person allowed to hold the girls every time, but he didn't care. They were perfect. He was allowed to babysit Isabela with Agustín while Julieta slept. Pepa wouldn't let him near Dolores, which was fine. After a while, Abuela didn't let him near Isabela either. Which was fine. Because Luisa was born a little while after, and he could spend as much time with her as he wanted. He couldn't wait to have kids of his own.
Bruno wants kids, and kids want prophecies. His neices decided they did, anyway. He was nervous, because why wouldn't he be, but he accepted. Three prophecies, that's all. Luisa was first, and he saw that she would get a new dress. She was happy. Next was Isa. She would get the life she wanted and her powers would grow stronger. She was happy. Then was Dolores. The man she loved would be betrothed to someone else. She wasn't happy. She wasn't mad either. She didn't really understand, which was fine. As long as she wasn't mad.
Bruno doesn't want kids. By the time Mirabel and Camilo are born, he's given up on it. Pepa grants him the honor of holding Camilo this time, which he takes gratefully. Abuela isn't at home when Mirabel is born, so he's the third person to hold her, after her parents. She's a little small, he thinks. But she's perfect. They both were. He babysat them together sometimes. They loved each other, and said they were twins. They might as well have been. Bruno watched how close they were, how happy they were that he was there, and he cried.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He'll never have any. Not if Abuela would treat them like this. You can't meet people in the walls, anyways. If his kid ended up without a gift and they got the same treatment as Mirabel? He wouldn't stand it. He couldn't. He can't stand it as it is. Every time Mirabel is upset he has to cover his ears and try so hard not to listen. He's a coward. He can't believe himself.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he keeps a little hope, once Antonio is born. Both Félix and Pepa are 45. So is he. It's not too late, then. He can't hold him, he knows that, but he sneaks into the nursery at night sometimes. Just to look. To introduce him to the rats, and to his Tío Bruno, that he will only meet under the cover of the night when everyone is asleep.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He's a bit busy nowadays, what, with the family, and the house, and he's doing prophecies again. He doesn't have time. There are enough kids in the house. Isabela and Dolores are old enough to marry and have kids of their own, he can't have kids now. But when he watches Antonio talk to the rats, enthusiastic and listening to whatever they say, he can't help but feel a pain in his chest.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he likes them. He plays soccer with the kids in town. He gives them prophecies. He talks to them, tells them stories, helps them out sometimes. One little girl asked for him to braid her hair, so he did. Before she ran off to play, she said "thank you, Tío Bruno!" and Bruno froze. Other kids started calling him that as well. Adults started after a while. He's not "creepy Bruno" or "the one we don't talk about". He is Tío Bruno.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He already has them.
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nael-opale · a month ago
We were so focused on Bruno's adorable awkward smile, we forgot to mention the rest of them...
Give some appreciation to my man Agustín : the guy is covered in bee stings, but he just wants to participate in the group hug !
Tumblr media
Can we talk about how he towers over Bruno and decided to just...rest his head on his like that ?
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totallycorrectencanto · 27 days ago
Agustìn: I'm cold
Julieta: Here have my jacket, you can keep it for the rest of the night mi amor
Félix: I'm cold
Pepa: Well I can't control the weather, Félix
Pepa: Wait-
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twilight-zoned-out · 22 days ago
Just want to talk about Agustín and Bruno because they probably had an epic bro relationship before Bruno left.
The biggest implication for this is the scene when Agustín finds Mirabel with the jade square. The way Agustín reacts implies that he’s also clearly familiar with Bruno’s bad reputation and knows how the rest of the family, especially Abuela, will react to the square. But there’s no evidence that he ever treated or viewed Bruno according to that bad reputation - instead, when Agustín shows up to help set the table in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, he’s the only one who doesn’t join in on the singing. He was probably one of the few people who recognized that Bruno didn’t cause bad things to happen; Bruno just happened to see a lot of bad things.
Bruno and Agustín also share a lot of similar traits. They’re both somewhat clumsy/uncoordinated, have bad things consistently happen to them (Agustín, physically; Bruno, reputation-wise), and are very caring and protective about those they love.
He felt close enough to Bruno to include himself in the triplet hug when Bruno returns. It’s possible that Bruno and Agustín spent a lot of time together, especially if Bruno hung around Julieta when he wasn’t hidden away in his vision cave and when Julieta was home.
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Agustín: [does something stupid and gets himself hurt]
Julieta: After I lovingly nurse you back to health, I’m going to kill you.
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yandere-toons · a month ago
If you’re fine with going to see the movie, then yeah, because honestly Pepa and her family would be a interesting set of platonic yanderes imo lol
Yandere Madrigals (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - I wasn't sure how much of the family you wanted, so I did all of them at once.
Tumblr media
A silent war is waged in Casa Madrigal, and the entire town of Encanto has a stake in it. When the skies darken and pouring rain arrives in gusts of howling winds courtesy of Pepa, every citizen reaps the consequences of the family having an argument with or a disagreement over their friend. Each member has a unique idea of how best to treat their friend, which breeds an endless amount of petty conflict but also a powerful sense of unity.
As the perceived golden child, Isabela expects to be the centre of their attention. She attempts to dazzle them by blooming rows of the flowers she has been told are beautiful and praised for growing, and if this fails to win their everlasting admiration, Isabela is at a loss for what to do. For much of her life, her chlorokinesis was hailed as her best quality, leaving seeds of envy to sprout when their friend is impressed by another member of the family.
In addition to her own insecurities, Isabela encounters great competition in the form of her cousins. None of these threats are greater than Camilo, who is rich with a need for attention and is determined to steal the title of their friend's favourite Madrigal. Camilo shapeshifts into random civilians on the street, important people in their friend's life and their preferred member of the family if not himself – all to interact with them a little longer and, in his mind, build a rapport with them.
Luisa is not as hungry for attention as her cousins and older sister, but she does have a robust want to be seen as useful to their friend. She refrains from intruding on their engagements with other members of the family and instead waits for them to seek out her, asking for any tasks and chores that she can do for them every time they meet. Luisa measures her worth by how much stress she lifts off their friend and encourages them to transfer the smallest and most insignificant duties to her if she has not helped them for a while.
Before Bruno is accepted back into the family, he goes unnoticed by their friend until Dolores enlightens them or they catch him raiding the kitchen in the dead of night during a sleepover. Bruno fears the wrath of Alma and resigns himself to speaking with them through tunnels in the walls, sometimes trying to persuade them to visit his hideout. Antonio is informed of this via his nocturnal animals and Bruno's rats, but the kid is happy to keep it secret as long as he can come with their friend and receive extra time with them later.
As a magic-less individual in a household full of supernatural abilities, Mirabel struggles to retain a presence in their friend's day. Among her family's nonstop ventures to enthrall them with superhuman feats, she feels that anything she can offer is doomed to be inferior to the gardens, rainbows and heavy lifting. This does not deter her from trying, however, and Mirabel seeks to claim her piece of their attention by rushing to talk to them and bring them to the privacy of the nursery when a family member steps away.
Regardless of how much their friend tries to keep their private life to themselves, Dolores hears each thought mumbled in secrecy and every twinge of fear and discomfort that sneaks into a laugh or step. She is quite loose-lipped when it pertains to secrets and wastes no time recounting everything she learned to the eager ears of her family. As a means of vengeance whenever someone interrupts her time with their friend, Dolores withholds information and tells her other relatives not to keep the offending member updated with the latest news until either she forgives them or they apologize to her.
Mirabel and Antonio shed doubt on the fairness of this process, and while she does not approve of its underhanded nature, Alma deems it a necessary invasion to ensure their safety. As far as Agustín and Félix are concerned, eavesdropping is a silly byproduct of joining the Madrigals because their friend might as well be a member of the family. Julieta and her motherly instincts support Alma when she encourages their friend to move into Casa Madrigal, citing it as a way to provide them with the happiest life possible.
After he is accepted back into the family, Bruno lives in constant fear of giving their friend one too many negative prophecies and losing their companionship forever. He wishes to only share the good news, but the thought of them facing a hardship unprepared when he could have warned them drives him to track down their whereabouts and deliver the brutal truth. Whether Bruno slips up or Dolores overhears him, knowledge of the adverse prophecy flows back to the rest of the family and causes an uproar at dinner.
Alma leads the discussion, with Julieta and Pepa throwing in the odd comment here and there. Agustín and Félix are the jokesters of the group and fail to understand why the situation has to be so tense, aiming to keep the room stable with humour. Isabela casts hidden glares and the occasional snide remark at whoever she thinks their friend prefers to her. Dolores exposes her, and Isabela's denial leads to Pepa succumbing to the emotional chaos and summoning a storm.
Camilo seizes the opportunity to mock and impersonate whichever family member he views as his biggest competitor. Luisa is crying about how she has supposedly disappointed their friend, while Mirabel comforts her and tries to keep a foothold in the conversation at the same time. Antonio is an anxious observer for most of the event and excuses himself to play with his animals far from the dining room.
Just as it seems like the discussion cannot be salvaged, Bruno stumbles out of a hole in the wall – sand in his mouth and a rat in his hand. He lies and announces a second prophecy that negates the first. It is a desperate ploy to ease the tempers and fears of his family, and if the real prophecy comes to pass, Bruno suggests a way to fight it but paints the suggestion as a forgotten detail of his vision to preserve his innocence.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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boriedits · 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto (2021) dir. Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Charise Castro Smith
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michelleabivalenciaguerr · 24 days ago
Abuela had to watch the love of her life die in front of her very own eyes with her new-born three babies in her arms and later on pretty much emotionally abuses her whole family (not her intentions, of course)
Julieta has to be cooking like maybe 20 meals a day to heal all people and always trying to check on Mirabel to see if she's happy.
Pepa has clear anxiety issues.
Bruno... well, was pretty much treated like some sort of alien.
Agustín feels like an outsider plus hurting when he sees his daughters hurting and unhappy.
Felíx trying to calm his wife down.
Isabela trying so hard to be perfect and having to marry a man she doesn't love.
Dolores hears everything and has to deal seeing her cousin getting engaged to the man she loves.
Luisa... needs therapy (I mean they all do but come on.)
Camilo has identity crisis.
Mirabel feels left out and it doesn't help the fact that her own grandmother treated her like a burden to her family.
Antonio kinda stressed to be treated the same way Mirabel is treated and then is living the good life at the end.
This is probably the only Disney movie that has embraced generational trauma and serious family struggles so hard I just...
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