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mango-tango69 · 2 days ago
Pepa: i'm mad at Bruno, he made me cry at my wedding and ruined it
Félix: i got to marry pepa 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
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Madrigals as things my roommate has said to me:
Camilo-(burning Mac and cheese) If I do a dance in my fancy pants this will turn out fine.
Dolores- If you didn't hear it, it didn't happen.
Antonio- This is a dog. It goes "bark bark, eat less chicken, murderer."
Pepa-(in a silent room) Stop that you idiot! I can't hear myself think!
Félix- Calm down. You need like, a bottle of chill cough syrup, forget a chill pill. Like relax.
Julieta- How dare you order a pizza. Give me some.
Agustín-(after running into a tree) I think I'm too cool for walking.
Mirabel- I have a kazoo, I think I'll recreate the 'it's a mental breakdown' vine.
Isabela- You disgust me. How dare you wear an ORANGE shirt on my birthday.
Luisa- I'm tired of work. So I think imma write an essay. Come get me in three hours.
Abuela Alma- I love you which is why I despise you so greatly.
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gloww0rms · a day ago
Tumblr media
one of the best disney couples theyre so precious :”)) this is based on one of the animation tests also it took me so long plus the tile pattern is wrong but whatever just pretend u dont see it😁 posting the timelapse as well!!
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mariesmjolnir · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please! Music!
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myohmyimanxious · a day ago
Encanto headcanons part 2!
- Camilo has to sleep with a weighted blanket so he doesn't shapeshift in the night
- Camilo also eats loads more bc his gift takes a lot of his energy, if he doesn't he'll crash completely and be found sleeping somewhere weirdly in the casita
- Luisa and Antonio always make time to watch films together
- Bruno reminds abuela of her husband sometimes and when he does she won't look at him
- When Camilo is anxious or stressed he shapeshifts rapidly and it can be both tiring and painful
- It also happens if he drinks coffee
- Mirabel made little stuffed toys for everyone in the casita based on animals or things they like
- Antonio acts as a translator for Bruno's rats
- Bruno and Camilo put on shows together in camilo's room as it has a stage and perform said shows for the family
- When Camilo has a she/her day she has to get Dolores or Isabela to do her makeup bc she just pokes herself in the eye and it takes forever
- Camilo once shifted to look like Pedro to surprise abuela but it made her mad and upset and it's the first time his gift made someone cry and he felt very guilty afterwards
- Antonio loves the muppets
- Bruno has always been extremely anxious and his gift exacerbated that tenfold
- When doing visions with Bruno, the other person can only make out foggy details, the finer details are only clear for them if Bruno is also looking at them essentially the can only clearly see what Bruno is looking at in the point of time, and if his attention shifts to another detail that's what the person will also see
- When trying to de-stress, camilo, Dolores and Antonio also tend to mumble "clear skies, clear skies" like their mother
- If Bruno does too many visions at once he goes temporarily blind
- Shapeshifting has left camilo with incurable chronic pain
- Much like their mother, Antonio and Camilo have a quick temper
- Agustín and Félix are the pun masters and it drives everyone crazy (except for maybe Luisa and Antonio)
- Antonio is actually a massive trouble maker too, but gets away with it all the time much to camilo's annoyance
- Like it's okay when Antonio is singing defying gravity at the top of his lungs at midnight bc it's cute but camilo ends up with extra chores as punishment? Nah not fair man
- Agustín, Félix and Bruno are best mates, like ride or die
- Agustín, Félix and Bruno have a secret handshake bc of this
- Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel do as well
- But no handshake is more complex than the one Camilo and Mirabel have
- Either Camilo or Antonio have bruno as a middle name in honour of their uncle
- Something that Bruno cries about every time it's mentioned or he thinks about it
- Pepa, Juileta and Bruno have designated sibling days for them to make up for all the missed memories
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smittyw · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
return of bruno !!
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incorrect-encanto-quotes · 14 hours ago
The Madrigal’s + Mariano as things my partner said
Mirabel - "POV your makeshift therapist bitchslaps you" Alma - "Remember, opinions are worth what you pay for them. Nothing." Pepa - "Deck The Hall with bad decisions!" Bruno - "Give me an alchemy set and a few days I will make more money and topple the economy" Julieta - "Dismembered and disemboweled? Just suck it up" Félix - "Can and will steal your heart. Either for the black market or to flirt." Agustín - "Excited to figure out how to use the braincell and solve things god knows I should get one sometime soon" Dolores - "I will go down in history as the one who killed Hatsune Miku" Camilo - "Fight the capitalist system by not subscribing to gender" Antonio - "The birds work for the bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie works for me" Isabela - "Can't spell culture without cult" Luisa - "Childhood memories? Zero. Hotel? Trivago" Mariano - "Malewife moment: Eat the basketball net"
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ginnyweatherby · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I found this on Twitter and I want to know so badly what is happening behind the camera that has Julieta like 🥺 while Agustin is just 😃
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illuminatedlover · 2 days ago
Julieta and Agustín being jealous would be like:
I want both of em to want me this bad <3
Tumblr media
It isn’t often that they get jealous, they’re very secure people. They love you and they know you love them just as much.
Everyone is human though! So whenever it does happen you find it a bit funny, you find it endearing how much they’re all about you.
Agustín is like a schoolboy who doesn’t want to share his toys he often gets jealous the most
Anytime he sees you with a friend that seems a little too friendly with you. He bounds over wrapping his arms around you making an emphasis to draw you closer.
Lots and lots of pet names “Corazón who is your friend?” “ Mi Cielo! There you are!”
Loves to shower you with affection always kissing you and holding onto you. You often tease him by purposely ignoring him, seeing how long he can keep it together.
He always tries to win over your attention always trying to one up the other person you’re speaking to
Expresses high emphasis that you are his novio/Novia
Absolutely denies his jealousy whenever he’s confronted “Ay! I wasn’t jealous, I was just making sure you wouldn’t get lost!”
“Agustín you carried me through the plaza…”
Julieta is more subtle she’s not one to cause a scene. It isn’t often that she’s jealous, but when she is she’s too precious.
She doesn’t like when others get too touchy with you it’s usually when she walks up to see how you’re doing. Mainly because she’s overprotective.
She’s the type to politely smile at your friend while tucking you into her side letting them know you’re hers and you aren’t going anywhere.
Constantly asking for your help with something in order to pull you away from your friend who’s interested in you.
“Amor! Could you come help me in the kitchen?” When you get there all she does is pepper you with lots of kisses leaving you dazed but happy
She’ll sit and pout somewhere watching you from a distance while she worries her bottom lip. Agustín thinks it’s hilarious. Often betting that she won’t say something (dude is an instigator)
You typically end up abandoning who you were with to go sit with her and kiss her till she stops pouting
“Amor you don’t need to be jealous”
“I’m not jealous, I’m just making sure you’re having a good time that’s all.”
“Well, why don’t I have a good time with you instead.” That earns you a tiny smile and you spend the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company.
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jazzymarie1006 · a day ago
The men of the Madrigal Family
Pedro Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Agustín Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Félix Madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Absolutely love them all so much
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0ruguitas · 2 days ago
Agustín wasn't ready to accept that he was getting old; even less so that his little girls were all growing up so fast before his very eyes. Every day it became that much harder to play airplane or give piggyback rides. It pained him to hear them happily demand "Higher papi!" when he was already at his limit. He tried his best to hide how much it took out of him physically, but it was plain to see the emotional toll it took on him.
So when it came time to pick up and put down Luisa for the last time, he sighed, straightening out his aching back.
"I think you're getting too big for this mija." He spoke with a tired smile, but the sadness in his eyes was undeniable. Luisa frowned before giving her father a tight hug.
"That's ok papi!" She spoke happily. Agustín suddenly felt the ground below him disappear as he was hoisted into the air. Luisa lifted Agustín with arms outstretched, lightly throwing him upwards to catch him in cradled arms.
"Then I'll just carry you!"
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songue85 · 2 days ago
Food and Trumpet
In the large (improvised) outdoor kitchen, Julieta was in her own world. They said food was her Gift. People were half right, though. It was Cooking.
To the Eldest of the Second Generation of Madrigals, Cooking was always magical. Like the alchemists of old, Julieta Madrigal was inspired, even in her young days, to create new recipes, cook up concoctions and brew ingredients together in shapes, colors and aromas completely unique. The fact that her empanadas could heal broken bones was just a consequence, the real magic was in how to make the perfect bread crust to stick, to make sure the aromatic oil was present but never drenching and how to make the best spice blend for the relleño de queso y pollo.
Today the air was filled with sweet and savory aromas, as a couple of young villagers helped out (and learned from) Julieta as she prepared a large thank you meal for all the workers, while the experienced mother stirred a cauldron bubling with a hearty potato-corn sancocho, while also getting the chicharrones cooking along the rice.
She put the ladle aside, pulled some small green twigs from her apron's front pockets, expertly plucking and crushing the mix of leaves and sprinkling the result over the green paste she left on the side, whisking them in. She took the barest sample with a small tasting spoon, gave an approving nod and passed the dish to the oldest of her helper, who was still younger than her niece Dolores. "Gilda", she said in her kind but commanding voice, "good work, the aji is excelent, just felt like it needed more cilantro myself."
Ermenegilda, or Gilda, acquiesced. She was the third child of the Monteros, excellent providers of some really good queso de capa. The young woman was here for the same reason as her elder brothers were, to help the Madrigals, but she would be lying if she wasn't taking the chance to learn as much as she could from the best cook of all the Encanto.
Some of the components for the bandejas paisas were already set on the table, and, as it was fig season, some brevas caladas were at another table, just cooling down before the lunch hour. Gilda almost missed the approaching well suited man, knowing what was about to go down and not wanting to miss a bit.
Julieta felt the hands on her hips and, with practiced ease, let herself go as her husband Agustín spun her in place, charming as the first day they met. She always wondered how someone with so much talent for dancing could be so clumsy in doing anything else.  "Buenos dias, my love, how can I h-", and that was as far as he got, as a wooden spatula hit him lightly on his forehead, a gesture both adorable and threatening. "Mi corazón, I love you with all my heart, but stay away from my kitchen".
He had the decency of flushing, while giving a small laugh, "Oh, mi paz, wouldn't dream of causing any problem, just wanted to h-", the raised spatula made him shut up.
"Perdón, señora", said Julio, her other helper, a teenager just a few weeks older than Camilo and her Mirabel. His pregnancy was a risky one, and Julieta, pregnant herself, always had a time to visit his mother Andira while bringing some buñuelos to help out with the worst side effects of gestation. His birth occured with little problems, and her friend named her son after the Madrigal.
Today, Julio had been put in charge of both keeping the slow boiling of the mondongo soup and watching out for the inevitable visit of Mr. Agustín and his offers of helping. Julieta did not need to add her husband accident-proneness to her list of worries today, bless his heart.
"It's for your own good, mi amor", she said, already pouring some butter on a hot pan for the platanas fritas. "you could always-", she turned, just in time to see the large, conical golden flower.
"To you, my love", he said, his voice doing that charming tone that made her fall in love with him so many years ago. She wondered where was he hiding that before, as she picked it up, and brought it closer to her chest. A kiss on her other hand and her husband left the cook there, enamored and speechless.
The silence was broken by the arrival of her daughter Isabela, who eyed the flower in her mother's hand.
"Mamá, is that an angel's trumpet?!", she asked in concern.
"Hm... maybe? I don't know? It was a gift from you father."
"And also really, really poisonous", Isa warned. "Careful with the sap, that's where the toxin is the strongest."
Of course, "Ay, Agustín...", she said, dropping the present and running to check on her husband's condition.
inspired by the recent works of @kianamaiart, @papermachette, @kinschi and FandomTrashCan, among others
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Julieta, after winning a fight because someone insulted Mirabel: I have gone through the most grueling training on the planet. Where have I studied? It was the school of life. I have raised three girls...and one husband.
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why tf is agustín so slept on… like he discovered a huge secret that could potentially destroy all of encanto but refused to tell anyone because it would have meant putting his daughter in danger, he deserves all the fucking respect
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missnmikaelson · a day ago
Hear me out.
Julieta and Agustín knew about Bruno.
I have evidence for my head canon.
They were the only ones who didn’t sing in anyway (except for Antonio who hadn’t been born when Bruno disappeared) to not sing during ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’.
When Julieta healed Mirabel she made three Arepe con queso. There was no need for that unless she knew there was someone else hungry. We later see Bruno holding up one of them when he says he’s got kitchen access.
I’m not saying Agustín knew Bruno was still in the house, but he definitely knew about the prophecy. He reacted too fast not to have known and jumped into covering by hiding the pieces.
Add to this that Luisa says she heard the ‘adults’ talking about some vision before Tio Bruno disappeared and that it had something to do with the magic, but nobody else seems to know that Bruno left because of a vision.
So, basically what I’m saying is I think Julieta and Agustín knew why Bruno left, and Julieta at least knew he was still there.
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myohmyimanxious · 19 hours ago
Encanto headcanons part 3! (Bc I can't stop)
- Pepa, Juileta and Abuela are known for the Madrigal cackle which just gets louder when they all laugh together
- The girls all have it to a degree but no where on the level those three do
- Camilo is secretly very very very intelligent and loves to read, with his favourite book being Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
- He uses the excuse of "I'm reading to the neighbourhood kids" to spend his free time at the library
- Bruno and Antonio make his rat telenovelas after he rejoins the family at Dolores' request
- Isa pretends she hates them, but is actually the most invested
- Luisa has a donkey plush, and it was a gift from Mirabel after the Crumbling of casita (idk I wanted to give casita breaking a name I'm sorry)
- Antonio will come out with the weirdest fucking gossip and then act as if he didn't
- When they're sad, people look to Luisa for a hug, as she gives the BEST hugs
- Antonio has trained birds to attack someone if he screams (it's usually aimed at someone when they kill a spider or any kind of bug)
- Isabela is usually the recipient of it bc she panics when she sees bugs
- Mirabel is disgustingly ticklish, and it's the best way to get her to spill secrets
- Weirdest place the kids have had a sleepover is under the kitchen table
- It was an odd sight for the adults to behold in the morning and yes Pepa did take photos
- You know the Carlos concept art? Well imagine that's like camilo's go-to fuck-boy impression bc it's hilarious
- Félix and Pepa dance all the time, anytime, anywhere
- Félix taught his boys how to dance bc Dolores was just a born natural
- Agustín and Luisa often play piano for each other or for the family
- It was actually Agustín who taught Luisa how to play
- Antonio used to have this annoying phase of just grabbing onto peoples legs and not letting go
- Mainly julieta's or Luisa's, which ended up with him basically getting moved anywhere he wants without walking (bc he's a fucking genius)
- He grew out of it, but when Bruno came back he started again and let me tell Bruno was terrified at first but is now used to it
- Dolores and Camilo used to babysit Antonio a lot when he was really little to give their parents a break, and it was easy bc Antonio is a delight
- Isabela makes flower swings on trees for the kids in the encanto
- And flower crowns!
- Isabela, Luisa and Dolores once mocked Mirabel and Camilo about having an 'easy' task of babysitting in the encanto
- They made a bet to see if they could manage it
- They couldn't
- Agustín once slipped over on a banana peel and it was exactly like in cartoons
- Even abuela laughed
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encanto-hcs · a day ago
Everyone in the encanto is always saying stuff like “oh, mirabel got her clumsiness from Agustin” but deep down abuela Alma knows it is because of her too. When she was Mirabel's age and even later, she was very clumsy. Isabela might be the grandchild who looks the most like Alma, but Mirabel has the same enthusiastic and clumsy energy Alma once had as a young woman.
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toastweasel · a day ago
Okay, wholesome Agustín headcanons cuz I need somewhere to put them:
That man loves his wife. (We already know this to be true but we can reiterate.)
That man TAKES CARE OF HIS WIFE, just as much--if not more--than she takes care of him. Healers need someone to take care of then, and Agustín delivers in spades.
Every morning Agustín makes the coffee for the family; he knows how everyone likes it and everyone has their own special cup and saucer.
Agustín helps Julieta pack and carry her basket/stall supplies down to the square to set up her stall,and brings her cool drinks when it's hot (sometimes when they walk back he carries the parasol).
After her really long days (or just whenever she asks, really), he gives her calves and foot massages and draws her a bath after dinner.
Agustín and Felix are both the best house spouses. They do all the shopping (with long lists provided by Abuela, Julieta*, and whoever else wants something) and the laundry (Casita helps with stringing the lines obviously). It's their bonding time. Agustín does all the pressing...even though he burns himself on the iron at least once a week.
Making Julieta take breaks from cooking with kitchen dancing to the radio? I think yes.
He knows how to play the piano (and maybe other instruments?), so all of his daughters know how to play to varying degrees. Mirabel picked up a few other instruments (accordion? lol), and sometimes when she just can't with the magical side of the family she'll escape into her dad's music room and they'll play the piano together or they'll have little jam sessions on other instruments. (Mirabel falls out of it a bit when she gets into sewing and embroidery and that becomes her escape, but sometimes only music with dad will do).
There is always Radio Music Commentary With Agustín which includes but is not limited to Agustín commenting on the orchestration and lyrics. It's amusing to Julieta until it's annoying, and the line is fine.
Agustín has gone through various facial hair phases, all of which were veto'd by literally everyone in the family one by one until he settled on the current mustache.
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dollmoth-productions · 14 hours ago
you can make a yandere madrigal family where the reader is a pirate (like those of one pice if you can if you don't forget this line)
I'm so sorry I have never watch One Piece so I'm sorry
Tumblr media
❤ Abuela  first off you are very rebellious and she doesn't like that even though you're not really for me by but you were basically like her grandchild your wild you love the water and you steal things even though how many times Casita and abuela punishes you you don't stop you are tough and strong and you're often the only people that can actually leave in Encanto to give them some proper equipment
💙Julieta and agustín  first off they hated how much you fight with abuela you are very tough and strong but you do have a soft spot so you definitely try to be nice you often give them some of your most favorite Treasures you even gave one of them your gold tooth which they promptly gave you back
💙 Isabela  you will always give her some of her most favorite items you are very rich to her but not in the good way because you often give it away but she knows your kindness your commonly like a Robin Hood you are very equal and nice but unfortunately you're tough and you often can easily break loose from her Vines which makes her pretty pissed off
💙lusia  no no no no no no no no no no you will be absolutely pinned down to the ground making sure you will never move you are too sweet and kind to them to ever get hurt you can't really hurt her because of how strong she is but you can escape your very tough and sneaky so whenever it's her turn to take care of her you can easily slip away personally you have the attention span of a goldfish so whenever you're being lectured and you see something shiny you take it
💙Maribel  is one of the main people that goes exploring with you you personally let her help you with the fact that she's small so she can easily climb through the I need to be Tiny Places that you need her to go so it's pretty simple and straightforward she gives you the ideas and you to get to hang out one time when you got into a fight you were bleeding pretty bad but you made a makeshift bandage for Maribel you are always thinking for others when it Julieta found you she absolutely lectured you but first healed you up
💛Pepa and Fèlix  you're always causing her to have thunderstorms I mean constantly the fact that you haven't even dyed is shocking to say the least they both love and care for you but your wildness always gets in the way of it I mean you really need to calm down when you're with them or else you will be shocked by lightning
💛 Dolores she can hear your iconic laugh from miles away so she knows whenever you have returned it is obvious whenever you have returned that you are tired so you often fall asleep immediately in the living room or in a hammock in the living room She'll always be there to cover you up with a blanket and get you properly cleaned and fed while you have the appropriate
💛 Camilo you two are menaces I mean absolute menaces his pranks and you're swashbuckling energy you two are unstoppable unless you get hurt were you immediately get healed and scolded but whenever you show him outside and then cancel it amazing
💚 Bruno  history of division what that's going to become your dad outside because you can't get away with half of things that your plan and now you have to definitely find out what his envisioned is and tried to stop it because he will definitely stop you by guilt-tripping you kicking you anything
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niyana-the-ambiguous-mobian · 14 hours ago
If Mirabel, Alma, Agustín and Félix had gifts, what do you picture them being?
Mirabel-I know it's been a common prediction in the fandom that Mirabel is going to be Alma's successor and become the new bearer of the candle once the time comes.
But with her, I picture her gift being more art related since she has a knack for crocheting as shown in the film so I think she could have a gift where she was able to make drawings become reality, basically bring them to life.
She would sew a picture of a toucan on a piece of fabric or draw a jaguar on a piece of paper, it would start to move around and interact with people. She could make a giant tapestry revolving around the Madrigal's history for future generations to remember them by.
Agustín- What do you give a man who is insanely accident prone? Make him a handy man (which is pretty funny to say since his VA also voices Handy Manny)
But in all seriousness, I think his gift would be the ability to fix anything that needs to be repaired, think of it as a duology (tri-ology??) with Julieta's healing and Luisa's strength.
He would literally be the community's handy man to get small jobs done like fixing doors mending cracks on the steps on houses, carefully of course since he's still accident prone.
Félix- Ah, the fun and lively uncle that make a party go from zero to 100 real quick. For him, I believe I saw on one of the tweets Jared Bush tweeted saying that Félix was a theater kid and that's how him and Pépa met. I don't think he would even need a gift, he's got a great singing voice, got those slick, killer moves and is gorgeous beyond belief that will knock anyone off their feet. He got the lovely wife and kids too? He's set for life.
Alma-..... I actually have no idea what gift she would have tbh. Her presence alone is more memorable than any gift she could wield, and I mean that sincerely and literally.
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