#agustín's such a sweetheart
Félix: Go over there and tell Julieta you think she's cute! What's the worse thing that could happen?
Agustín: She could hear me.
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ringringimdeadhere · a month ago
No but like, if they ever make the Encanto series they really need to explore more about Camilo and his own issues, very heavily (they need to compensate the lack of his character in the movie alright I dont make the rules)
And I think the best way to do it is by having him go through the transition of the new family dynamic after the movie and not knowing how to deal with it. (Yes the shapeshifter has trouble adapting to new stuff fight me)
He was always the smooth, relaxed, rebelious funny guy of the family Madrigal, and knew exactly how to imitate and copy everyone around him. He was the perfect chameleon ready to lighten the mood.
But now, everyone's personalities have shifted a lot, and he doesn’t know how to mimic them like before.
Luisa now relaxes a lot more, even goes to play and talk with the children of the village and making friends her age too. Isabela is now the rebellious of the family and goes around no longer as a model of perfection, but just as an adventurer ready to learn what many other plants could she create.
Dolores no longer feels pressured to be the one listening to all of the people's troubles and struggles, she can now focus on herself and on her new relationship with Mariano; she doesn’t really pays attention and just talks really smoothly and passionate with her amorcito. Mirabel went from outcast to towns favorite really quick, teaching them how to fix dresses and ruanas, how to make plushies and so on, she is now the beacon of the fun times for everyone.
Julieta and Pepa are more vocal now about their own emotions. Julieta now leaves the cooking to Agustín and then she adds the magical touch. Pepa's storms are actually manageable since she doesn’t bottle up her emotions anymore (Felix couldn't be more delighted about his love's new freedom).
Tío Bruno went from mysterious and terrifing to actual sweetheart, and its a whole new person Camilo hasn't seen enough about to actually know him.
He isn't the true copycat of anyone. everyone changed so quickly that everything he learned about their mannerisms and personalities doesn’t matter anymore.
Neither he is the most relaxed, the most rebellious, the smoothest or the funniest of the family Madrigal.
What exactly is he now?
Has he spend so much time learning about others interests and clicks, that he totally forgot to find his own unique self?
(If anyone has a fanfic about this or wants to write it Im begging send it straight to me so I can get some of that fan content por favor)
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dollmoth-productions · 17 days ago
Yan encanto family with villain (cuz why not? Or normal if dont write villain reader) reader whos a power like naagin (a person who can shape shifting into a snake)
I could not find any good GIF so I hope this is good
Tumblr media
The darling is more mischievous than evil
💙 Isabella is very showy for you she especially loves it whenever you do turn into a snake she purposely likes to put you in the sun on one of her many plants so you will heat up she thinks it's absolutely adorable when you are completely healed up you normally try to leave her room and she usually just try to stop you by putting a Vine around your leg sometimes even with thorns
💙 Maribel does get tired of your shenanigans because of your constant pranks or lack thereof which means you're planning but she truly does love you even though sometimes it becomes too much when her jealousy does show
💙Julieta and agustín are more of the sickly sweet pipeline she will make you food and maybe when you're even in your steak from catching mice for you even though you don't really eat sometimes the food is even poison so you are too sick to take care of yourself. Agustín is accident-prone as you see but that doesn't change the fact that he cares about you he's a lot like his wife in some ways maybe less obsessive so he commonly just plays the piano for you even if you're crying after a punishment or chained up by Casita
💙Luisa very strong but very dangerous it's coming for you even if you try to leave the 
Casita tries to force you to stay here but if you ever follow the rules and play nice 
she's an absolute sweetheart a darling even but it doesn't help because she's the strongest she's often the one that has to bring you home even if you try to Slither away she holds you down by the neck or where she believes your neck is
❤ Abuela it's probably the most tame but also the most dangerous to make angry she is a lot more less stressful on you than the others but that comes with more helicopter parenting if you ever are close to window she's always three feet away if you ever try to get out of the Casita she's always two inches away she's the most dangerous to make angry because she will make sure you get punished
💛Pepa  and Felix the helicopter parenting was Abuela then they are complete watch dogs always watching you always checking up on you always making sure you're okay and that would be nice but wasn't every 5 minutes it comes to the point where you sometimes even hide but they normally know where you are they think it's absolutely adorable that you can transform into this think even more when he tried to bite them normally that leads to Pepa thundering through even though Felix is more laid-back here does have his limits his limits come whenever you try to escape and he doesn't the Show punishment but he does give you a firm talking to where he threatens to break your legs
💛 Dolores the person who can hear everything is possibly the only chance that you'll ever be to normalcy you were never able to truly Escape her she can hear you slithering away she can hear you whenever you stub your toe and you swear and beneath your breath and you expect the girl who knows everything about everyone to actually help you because they might understand you but nope you have to stay here it's scary.
💛 Camilo the light-hearted jokester you have lost all hope of anyone ever letting you escape which also lead you to be kind of depressed and sad so Camilla was there to always cheer you up which was usually than my mocking the victims that they've usually got done rid of he loves it whenever you turn to snake whenever you're scared because it really depends on your mood what type of breed you are she does miss your shenanigans with him whenever you would prank people with him but it's safer for you to stay here and not do anything too dangerous
💛 Antonio he's the less of your worries he doesn't even understand his feelings on the matter he understands you whenever you turn into a snake so that's good or he even lets you pet his pet Jaguar so you would feel better watch me yet again he doesn't really allow you to escape but you can easily overpower him because of how young he is but you would never hurt him if you were given the chance he's the lesser of two evils
💚 Bruno is definitely more of a danger for you he will start doing his Visions again especially when he's accepted back in the family so he can see if you would ever escape so he can plan it out normally the family gives you to him whenever they have to do their normal chores so it's definitely an uphill battle with you and him his hugs are so crushing and tight that you commonly can't even escape and you even fall asleep in them they're not even comforting anymore they're more dangerous especially after you tried to escape multiple times he hate it whenever you turn into a snake he's scared that you might hurt his rats so he often punishes you so you won't really turn into a snake as much otherwise he's completely calm
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encanto17 · a month ago
What about headcannons of how the Madrigals would deal/help with the power of granting wishes at a price, not out of greed but as requirement for the power to work, like a eschange of gifts.
Oh, I love this idea!
Some HCs/fanfic inspo about how the Madrigals use their gifts in the town after the movie
Mirabel, being the one "without a gift" (but arguably having the most common sense) is kind of a go-between for the people who want favors and the Madrigal family
The one big rule is that no one can ask Bruno for visions. Nope, none at all. Not only do people often not like what they hold then get upset about it, but it's really hard for him
Antonio, being the absolute sweetheart that he is, doesn't ask for anything. However, if someone talks bad about his family or animals- or if they break the one big rule- he no longer will offer translations
He also helps do Luisa's prior role sometimes- he rounds up animals with just a few words
Luisa and Camilo have become partners in entertaining the kiddos of the town. Neither of them really like to use their gifts to help the adults of the village- especially Camilo- but they love working with the little ones
Luisa kinda functions as like a jungle gym- kiddos like to hop on her back for rides around town
Even though she prefers to work with kids, she does still help the adults around the town too, under the condition that they don't pressure or rush her too much
Camilo has become a bit of an entertainer as well. He shapes into absolutely anyone and everyone- except "Scary Bruno"
On the other hand, Isabela would much rather be with the adults than the kids, especially the older adults. She likes to make them flower gardens, sure, but her favorite thing to grow now are bonsai
She no longer does any sort of decorating for people, except for those that she's close too. Her gardens and bonsai are more like presents for the elderly of the village
Dolores has decided that her gift causes a bit too much drama to be using it freely. She doesn't really "require" anything in exchange for her services, but it has to be of good intentions
However, she does like to sometimes listen to some tea, but she keeps it to herself- and her family
Julieta gives out food a few times a week, so that she could have some breaks
However, in a dire emergency, she'd still, of course, make something
For Pepa, she's never really used her gift for others, but the climate has gotten a lot better since they changed their way of doing things. She is a lot happier, so therefore the weather is better
Félix and Agustín like to help their family out as much as possible, though it doesn't always go so well
Alma is learning to accept her family's gifts as well
The other major rule is that the family comes first. They take care of their family before they take care of the village. The village is now ok with it, even though they weren't always
They do work to use their gifts to take care of the family, but still the rule about Bruno applies
They are all learning to like their gifts as they are, and not need validation from others
I hope that was what you were looking for! thank you for requesting!
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pepa-madrigal · 8 days ago
After Luisa got her door
Agustine being a proud Papa: Well done Champ! Give me a hug!
Julieta: Agustine no!!
1 sec later.
Julieta force feeding her husband arepas: you got to let her adjust to her powers.
Completely crushed Agustine with sleeping Luisa on his lap: Sorry, I was just so proud of my baby.
You just know that for weeks after her ceremony Agustín is coming to his wife even more often than before which she didn’t even think was possible. And it’s happening a lot because Luisa is totally a daddy’s girl, so she’s probably hanging around him a lot while she’s still learning. (Also because the only chore we saw Agustín doing was chopping wood which is more physical labor, which is probably the kind of work they may have started her out with yknow?)
And oh man, Luisa is such a sensitive sweetheart, and I can only imagine even more so as a kid so she’d feel absolutely awful every time it happens, but Agustín is always right there to reassure her and tell her it’s okay and that she should never feel terrible for her strength.
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ashrambleworld · 3 days ago
I know everyone wants more of Familia Madrigal and Encanto in general, including myself. So because Disney is Disney and I don't know if they'll ever do it, I wanted to pitch my own version of what that show could be. LONG POST AHEAD:
First, the show is more like "Slice-of-Life" like. No more big adventures or high-risks. Just some good-ol' Familia Madrigal and their very unique life after the events of the movie.
Every episode would focus on a member of the family, and of course their relationships with the family and the town itself, but each one stands alone with it's own little story by itself (BONUS POINTS if each episode gets to have their own song...)
Now, a run through the few episodes I've been thinking about and basically have a complete plot:
Luisa's Episode: We start like it's a normal day. She wakes up very early and starts her intense workout and positive reaffirmations because YEAH! Luisa is going to crush today! She gets out of her room and gets ambushed by her sisters and cousins. Mirabel asks her "You know what day is today??" all excited and giddy, so what Luisa just goes "Ah, sure. Today is Friday because I have to help Mr. González with his house and I promised Mrs. Sánchez that I would help her with her crops I would usually do more things but I'm trying to, you know, keep it light." and everyone else is like "... Luisa... It's your birthday.". So they literally try to spend the entire day trying to get Luisa noT TO WORK, LIKE AT ALL. Of course that leads to some shenanigans like... Realizing they need 3 or 4 people to move the piano and even if Luisa offers to do it they're all like "NO IT'S YOUR DAY. YOU RELAX" But at the end, she really does appreciate everything her family does for her and just being able to hang out with them is more than enough.
Isabela's episode: You know how in the book, Isabela kinda wishes that her gift was a bit more useful? so let me introduce an original character to the series right here. An apothecary, this girl comes and wanders into the Encanto when the mountain breaks, and she's honestly just lovely and searching for new plants to research. Of course all the town finds her interesting but they once meet and their both like omg. Because one can grow plants and the other can tell her everything that some of them can do and wow. And of course, she's the only one that never knew her as "The perfect Isabela" so she finds a lot more trust there. I just want Isabela to have a friend whom she can be herself with. Also imagine her getting her hands on the dirt, high pony tail and ready to work.
Julieta's episode: We know she's a sweetheart and maybe the mother a lot of us would love to have, but what I bet we don't see is how much time she spends in the kitchen, tiring herself because she cooks for the family and she's basically the only doctor in town. And maybe we even see her trying to relax a bit only to be interrupted by idk... "Julieta? Mr. Ramírez just had an accident while riding his horse" and she just has to go take care of that. Maybe the town is just realizing "omg we only have one doctor and even her powers are not guaranteed all the time like that time the miracle went out." so she teaches Isabela and this new character so they can also be doctors in town. Then we see her teaching Agustín, Mirabel and Camilo how to cook so she doesn't have to cook all the time by herself (The sole idea of a scene like that has ENDLESS comedic potential), but at the end of the day, she's finally not the only one having to bear all those burdens by herself so we see her finally sit down and cuddle to her loving husband in peace.
Dolores' episode: Look, I want to see Dolores in her ZONE with her super hearing. She's just walking around town when a crime happens (Nothing too bad just... Idk, someone took the reverend's wig or something) and Dolores is SET on finding the culprit, and the episode is set like a mystery thriller, Sherlock Holmes-y, where hearing one testimony leads to another and another and probably Camilo asks her at some point if she isn't overreacting but of course not she's DOLORES MADRIGAL and will get to the bottom of this. Maybe the leads are all pointing at one of her own family! Could she dare betray them and hand them to justice? Or could this be the end of the invincible and incorruptible Detective Dolores Madrigal?
Camilo's episode: Like c'mon, the guy's 15, edgy and can shapeshift. We HAVE to have a teen crisis episode here. But let's not rush into negative territory I think we can make it so it's actually a pretty heartwarming episode. He spends the episode searching for something to do because... "Well, when people don't need him to be anyone else what do they need Camilo for?" We see Camilo trying art, sports, music and more and with all those things, a different version of Camilo appears, bonus points if Mirabel joins him while he tries everything but she stays as herself all the time just to emphasize Camilo trying to fit in. In at the end of turns out that Camilo is loved just as he is and he doesn't have to be anyone else.
Abuela's episode: Man, I just really want Abuela's episode to be like Iroh's tale in Tales of Ba Sing Se in ATLA. Abuela runs her errands in town, helping the people and basically showing us that she's the leader in there for a reason (Yeah, yeah, maybe she was kind of the problem in the movie but by the way we see her run the town, she's pretty good for a governess I would say) she buys some stuff like some pretty flowers and a few snacks, passes by a family playing with their children... We see her in the end, approaching the river we saw at the end of the movie (You know, where Pedro... Met his tragic end) she sits down, brings out her basket, lights a candle and we ACTUALLY hear her sing Dos Orugitas while she's getting chocked up. She finishes, opens her locket and says, "Ay mi Pedro. Te extraño tanto. Happy Anniversary." AND THERE. WE ALL CRY A LOT.
Mariano's episode: YES. I'm giving Mariano an episode BUT HEAR ME OUT OKAY. Mariano is trying to make a surprise party (maybe even engagement party, who knows) for Dolores. There. That's it. On the surface it sounds like a pretty dull plot. But you're forgetting something. Mariano is trying to prepare a surprise for tHE ONE PERSON IN TOWN THAT HEARS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING. And he's going to need the help of everyone in Familia Madrigal to make this work. Just imagine how that first conversation would be like: He is hiding behind a bush and goes "Psst... Mirabel I need your help." Mirabel is all like "Wtf Mariano what are you doing in there what do you want" and he just goes "Actually we have to travel to the other side of the town for me to tell you so..." Yes. It's a disaster. Yes, Dolores almost discovers them a lot of times and of course... Yes... It all works out in the end.
Episodes I've been thinking about but don't have there quite yet:
Mirabel's episode: She has a new room! No more nursery for her. But when trying to decorate it, everyone tries to decorate in their way and gives her totally polar opposites tips so at the end it all looks like a franken-room but turns out Mirabel LOVES it that way. Maybe end it with her taking her picture with her door so it can be displayed in the mural of pictures that Abuela has with everyone else and their doors.
Bruno's episode: First of all I want to have a dinner scene here because I want to watch Bruno's plate in the table with everyone else's. Oh I don't care how to make that scene fit. IT WILL FIT IN THERE. Also, like cmon, we cannot let Bruno's CLEAR interest in theater go to waste. And I'm thinking imagine him telling a story to Antonio, Mirabel, Camilo, Luisa, Dolores and Isabela. One he made up as one of his telenovelas while living in the walls. And he gets sooo in the mood and has everyone so into it. Ah, I wanna see some wholesome Uncle Bruno. (Also, please, a cameo from Jorge who makes the spackle)
Antonio's episode: I could watch Antonio play with animals all the episode, but you know what sounds like something a little child could do? A show. He sees his uncle Bruno's kinda trained rats and goes... I'm gonna make a show with my animal friends. They even team up and of course because it's Uncle Bruno and Little Antonio everyone is like "Oh what a silly little game" BUT DO THEY MAKE A SHOW.
Pepa's episode: Very hot day. Everyone is fanning themselves, and super tired to do anything. Even Luisa is like "Nope, can't work today because of the heat" and everyone just looks so defeated. Get this... Pepa makes a waterpark for the entire town. And with the sun hitting so hard and Pepa's rain, the entire town fills with rainbows.
Agustín and Félix's episode: Yes I want those two together because we've seen in deleted scenes how they help around the house a lot, cleaning sometimes. And I would just LOVE to see them just like that. Treat it like a comic-superhero duo episode but it's just this two dads cleaning around, having THE time of their lives while dancing and singing their hearts out. And with Félix's carelessness and accident-prone Agustín we see Casita saving them quite a lot of times. Maybe them even trying to include Bruno to their boys club idk, sounds so cute.
And WELL the possibilities are ENDLESS. Maybe even some stories about little Pepa, Bruno and Julieta or little Isabela and Dolores or chaotic kid duo Mirabel and Camilo. Ah, I just really wish we had more Familia Madrigal content🥺✨
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bebo-schmebo · 6 days ago
Another HC list! This one is for the sequel of Hermanito, a longer (and currently incomplete) fic called Luciérnaga! I'll be posting HC's and/or going into more detail on certain things in a way I can't in the fic, so don't forget to check this post every now and then! I'll be adding new things to this post a lot as Luciérnaga continues :>
Highly recommend reading all chapters before reading the HCs, lots of them may be full of spoilers!
If y'all have any questions, or just wanna chat about things don't be afraid to message here, my asks, or even DMs!
Currently mostly centered around Bruno, Félix, and Agustín due to Chapter 2- more for the others will be added later I promise fnsjsjs
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
- Everyone helps out with making dinner. They take turns, sometimes even fusing turns because it's fun to work together (or in some cases, fun to learn together. Agustín is still not allowed to cook alone yet ever since the bad Cake pan incident)
- Met Bruno, one of his best friends in a hurricane, married the lass of his dreams in a hurricane. If it wasn't for the fact that hurricanes hurt people Félix would openly declare them as one of his favorite things (though anyone who knows the two stories always get a serotonin boost if they see him smile at the sight/smell of rain.)
- Agustín 1000% wrote songs for Bruno but never planned on showing them to him. If you're wondering about the vibes the songs had, listen to Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce
- Though Agustín had a crush on Bruno when they were younger, that's not the case currently. Yes he cares for him, and yes even now a small fraction of those feelings still longer even 30+ years later, but despite how it seems he isn't in love with him. His feelings are a bit muddled and he's learned to simply be. He doesn't need a label for his feelings.
- In the memory, the crush is way worse- and in a sad way Bruno's disappearance kinda helps. Over the 10 years Bruno's gone Agustín works through his emotions again, finally finally settles things with himself, and he becomes comfortable with the feelings in his heart. Talking things out with Félix and Julieta helps. (Julieta thinks it's cute and is hella understanding- doesn't get upset with him, demand anything from him, simply works through things with him. Lets him know that she doesn't love him any less- probably noticed as well, long before he told her. She has full confidence that Agustín loves her and doesn't mind that her husband's heart will always be a bit taken by her brother. Agustín's always had a big heart. That's part of why she loves him.)
(Here's a screenshot of a take I made on this earlier, might help a bit-)
Tumblr media
- Agustín and Bruno will never be together, and that's okay. They don't have to be. Agustín worked through things and grew comfortable with the fact that he may never fully understand his feelings when it comes to his favorite seer. He loves Bruno, he loves Julieta, he loves everyone and none of it needs a blatant label. All that matters is that he cares for them and they care for him in turn.
- Félix, Bruno, and Agustín were all close in their teens, but after the older two married Bruno's sisters and started families of their own they accidentally started drifting apart a bit (the villages treatment of Bruno didn't help matters at all)
- Bruno noticed that they were drifting apart and actually encouraged it, disappearing often whenever they became distracted (he fully believed that they should focus on their kids and stop "wasting" time on him)
- Yes, I support the idea that our favorite dads helped hide Bruno's last vision he had before his disappearance. Full on I'm sure they saw it and broke the bridge so that no one else would go looking for it
- Bruno is an oblivious sweetheart, but that's part of why everyone loves him tbh
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themountainsays · 22 days ago
Alma: I’m actually very fond of Alma’s daemon being a butterfly just because of the candle association? May just be me though.
Dolores: A bat! Bats have some of the best hearing in the animal world, I think they’d be a very fitting little dude for her
Julieta: Honeybee, I mean really now.
Camilo: I actually think a peacock fits Camilo better, they’re very showy and flashy (especially males) which fits with his more theatrical personality
Pepa: Some kind of frog or toad unfazed by her weather powers, perhaps?
Mirabel and Bruno: I actually really like the thought that Bruno and Mirabel are so family oriented that they both end up with unintentionally the same daemon form, maybe a wolf for both of them? Wolves are very pack oriented and will break off if they think they’re hurting their family
Luisa: Perhaps a lioness? They do tend to do most of the work in the pride, but they’re also gorgeous and sleep a lot when given a chance
Isabela: A doe, perhaps? Something elegant and graceful but also incredibly skittish, belaying Isabela’s underlying anxiety about her role in the family.
Ooh a butterfly for Alma! That would be a nice symbolism hey like some representation of her and Mirabel's connection. A paralel of sorts. And there may also be some symbolism regarding Isabela as well? Because butterflies depend on flowers and whatnot. Idk maybe i'm overthinking it.
And a bat for Dolores works SO WELL. Because they are cute, but also creepy, and imo Dolores is a bit of a creep (affectionate). Everyone is like yandere camilo this yandere isabela this but lmao Dolores was the one stalking and falling on love with her cousin's fiancé without ever talking to him lol. I love her.
Julieta as a honeybee is so perfect 😭 Agustín was really just there risking his life for love huh
As for Camilo, yeah I can see him as a peacock, but most daemons in the books were the opposite gender to their humans and female peafowls aren't nearly as flashy. Plus i mentioned parrots because they can imitate voices. Though maybe a crow/raven would fit better, then? And if we take into account the whole genderfluid Camilo headcanon, then a daemon of a especies with important s.exual dymorphism may be an interesting concept to play with.
Mmmmamsmmdkfkfm Pepa with a frog 😍 an amphibian creature that doesn't care if she's thudering. Ooh one of those flashy tree frogs that LOOK venemous but aren't! Meaning, if you can look past her eccentric, scary appearance, you'll see she's a sweetheart, she just has anxiety.
Mira and Bruno... Mira and Bruno mira and bruno mira and bruno 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ok anon so i LOVE the idea of Mirabel and Bruno having the same daemon i LOVE IT SO MUCH. But also Idk i got an idea:
what if, instead of settling between puberty and early adulthood, the Madrigal daemons settle when the children get a door at 5? Which would be VERY WEIRD because settling is associated with adulthood and, on some level, sexual maturity, so seeing a little kid with a settled daemon is pretty fucked. Alma has to make a point that her children are still children and should be treated as such. Their early settling is solely a result of inherited trauma and having to grow up too fast in order to keep themselves safe. Even if the danger is now gone, the fear and trauma still haunts the family and forces their daemons to settle early. The town quickly accepts this as yet another Madrigal thing, nothing to worry about. But Mirabel didn't get a door, so what if her daemon doesn't settle until she turns the doorknob at the end of the movie? THEN she gets her settled form. This represents 1) Mirabel being allowed to grow up normally, without settling unhealthily young to protect her family from a long gone danger, 2) Mirabel not having a clear defined identity, which gives her the freedom to be whoever she wants to be, and 3) Mirabel's daemon shifting around to match her family's whenever they feel like it. I imagine her daemon imitating Luisa's during Surface Pressure, Isabela's What Else Can I Do etc.
And yes her daemon could settle as the same animal as Bruno's but seeing as the point of the final song is about Mirabel seeing herself for who she is - wouldn't it make sense for her to have an entirely unique daemon? So i guess it depends on where we focus - Mirabel's individuality and the new beginning she represents, or her paralels with Bruno as the family scapegoat. I can REALLY imagine Alma (and everyone else) seeing Bruno in her and her daemon and feeling uncomfortable with it. They could even keep it a secret from her! The fact that she and Bruno have the same daemon 😭
As for Bruno's daemon... I raise you this, anon: The maned wolf. They look normal to us yeah but apparently everyone else thinks they look creepy and weird, a mix of fox and deer on stilts, oddly skinny with unnaturally long legs. Maned Wolves are associated with bad omens, when you hear them cry at night in the forest, and with witchcraft and the devil. There's also the tale of the Lobizón, a werewolf-like character: the youngest of seventh sons turning into an evil giant wolf every 13th of every month and needing to be put down. No joke a lot of seventh sons irl were killed because of this belief. But in reality, maned wolves are such sweet and gentle creatures. They are quiet, shy, elegant and graceful little guys i love them. Very skittish and fearful, too. They'd fit just fine in an alternative universe iteration of WDTAB.
BUT i don't think they'd represent Mirabel very well. So if she and Bruno have the same daemon, it may have to be something different, more associated with the scapegoat role? Maybe a rat 👀 Idk Mirabel just seems much more outgoing and confident.
Lioness Luisa :O i actually love that! Luisa with a lioness daemon. Though then again, there's the matter of daemon gender and SURE Luisa is quite gnc it wouldn't be unreasonable to think she may have a female daemon. But Idk if I want to bring it up in her case for reasons i will address in the following part:
So, Isabela. I DO like a doe for her. But - and this is an idea i just came up with - hear me out: Isabela hiding the fact she has a female daemon. Other than her parents and grandmother and MAYBE Bruno (and possibly Dolores because you can't hide shit from her), nobody knows. I'm thinking about her daemon being very quiet and submissive - both in species and personality. They literally never talk. Isabela is terrified of this secret coming out bevause same-gender daemons are associated with queerness, or at the very least, with something odd and strange and "unfitting". Not belonging in the image of the Perfect Isabela, the Perfect Granddaughter, Perfect Bride. Mirabel only discovers the truth when Isabela's daemon snaps at her. But in order for that to work, her daemon should be of a especies with little to no s.exual dymorphism. So YES i love a doe for her. But I also like this idea. Idk. Maybe some sort of rabbit/hare? A bird? But ahhh the doe is so beautiful. It seems so fitting. So aesthetically pleasing. So PERFECT. I cannot choose 😭
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kido-can-be-a-riot215 · 6 hours ago
Me and @nystiaa just came up with some headcanons for the Unknown Kid AU (tHANK YOU BTW)
I never really touched up on Bruno and Ayano's language barrier before, so here we gO-
The first day was the worst of it- Bruno was trying to get Ayano to hang onto him as they crossed the crevace with the rope swing and she was like "wHAT ARE WE DOING-"
Bruno is so awkward omfg the day after he brings her to the house, he just awkwardly "bye"s right out of the makeshift room he put together for Ayano it's literally a fucking curtain dividing his room and he just dIPS-
them trying to communicate is both comical and tragic- the first three months they are strUGGLING
Ayano is extremely confused but intrigued by the guy
literally they parroting one another by like month three
Bruno keeps on wondering why she's not afraid of him, and she doesn't understand, so he tries to explain plainly he's not someone to be close to. damn language barrier ain't helping and she doesn't get it, but she is a keen observer and sees how others treat him, and how he reacts
His only friends are really the rats, and maybe Agustín and Félix yes they all knew each other before they got married to his sisters shush
boyo looks like a kicked puppy when people talked shit don't tell me he wouldn't
Ayano might not know a lot of Spanish by this point, but she does know hand signals, and she lets others know vERY CLEARLY they need to shut the hell up-
One night Ayano hears him having a vision beyond the curtain, so she takes a peek
Man is in a cold sweat and the sand is swirling all around him in an ethereal green glow, ruana whipping wildly, hair flowing in the wind, eyes a bright emerald green
It takes her two weeks before she's able to look at him without blushing madly-
Ayano can see past the bad and sees the good in him and doesn't care that others view him like a jinx she likes him for the sweetheart he is-
Meanwhile Bruno's worried she's sick because of how red she gets and he's like seriously concerned 🥺🥺
Julieta and Pepa know and it's the funniest thing seeing her struggle with her feelings
Ayano at one point tries to communicate through something unique- flowers. Her first attempt- Violets.
Bruno does not compute and he just is like "Oh! Uh, those are violetas. They're very pretty, no?" Hana: 👁️👄👁️ 🤦
She tries many other times, through Camelias, primrose, lilies, a few carnations, some sunflowers- she even once tried a rose!!! A rOSE-
and the boy still didn't get it for like six months
Bruno's also caught feelings too but like how tf he gonna tell that to her aaaaaa-
It takes almost 9 MONTHS for Bruno to wake up in a cold sweat one night and realize Ayano- though improving on her Spanish and teaching him, Alma, and his sisters English- is trying to communicate something to him via the flowers
he goes to Agustín and the man knOws something's up Bruno's been getting flowers for months and he doesn't know why Ayano is so persistent on giving him these so he gives Bruno a book on flowers and their meanings
the second he's conscious again he realizes everything that Ayano has been trying to convey and he feels like an uTTER IDIOT-
"Go to her, amigo- don't tell me that you haven't caught the same feelings she has for you-" "Wait-what-"
"Don't play dumb, hombre- we see how you go 'goo-goo eyes' when talking about the bella dama-" "Felix!" "What? Am I wrong?"
Bruno fucking sPEEDS over like Sonic the hedgehog to the Casita, nearly tripping on himself he runs into Pepa on accident and she nearly starts a mini thunderstorm in the house wow-
Ayano and Julieta are making Sudado de Pollo (chicken stew) and arepas for dinner, and Bruno's heart fucking leaps into his throat before he timidly asks Julieta to step out for a second
Julieta already knows what's up she knows her hermaño all too well and tells Hana to finish up the cooking
Bruno approaches her all slow and timid like, and she's explaining slowly that she and Julieta we're working on the food with some arepas, and he tugs at her sleeve from behind and Ayano turns, kinda surprised, only for Bruno to- very upfront but shyly and chastely- kiss her on the lips.
This is their fIRST KISS AAAAA-
Ayano is dumbstruck, frozen in utter shock.
Bruno pulls away, and sees her eyes wide, and he starts panicking like "oh no- did-did I mess up? I messed up- lo siento, I shouldn't have- god, forgive me- I should not have-"
Ayano grabs ahold of his hand as he's about to leave as she tries to say to him in Spanish that it's okay, and that she likes him back 🥺🥺🥺🥺 the MAN'S HEART IS FUCKING THUNDERING-
he laughs softly, tears in his eyes probably of relief, and the two embrace one another
I fucking loVE THIS TOO MUCH
Julieta comes back in: "OYE, THE FOOD! WATCH THE FOOD-" she comes barreling in and tries to save the meal
These two are so awkward but they are in loVE Your honor
They don't officially start dating until three months later, when everyone is pretty fluent in one another's languages
By this point, they have been pretty mild with how they show their affection. Soft, chaste kisses, holding onto each other's hands, cuddling up in each other's arms, hugging each other from behind
Bruno even offered to let her sleep in his hammock with him I-
This is too wholesome
If either is unwell, they panic in their own ways.
Ayano: trying to keep her composure and is actually doing okay, but when she's out of the room she's definitely worried about him
Ayano suggests a date to mark the occasion, and she suggests a candle-lit picnic by the river omg THE LADY knows her rOMANCE
they literally eat under candle light and the stars, and just lay back on the blankets and cuddle omg-
their first Christmas together is so fucking beautiful AAAAA
Ayano wants to introduce mistletoe to the event, and being the romanticist he is, Felíx helps he has a brush full of mistletoe for the occasion, and gives her a small branch of it--and yes, she does kiss Bruno under it, and he's definitely liking this new tradition 😂
Valentine's Day, he gives her this beautiful golden pendant on a brass chain, with the symbol on his Ruana engraved and painted into it aaND IIIIIIIII -HOLY SHIT- WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUU
they are definitely dorks your honor- they goof off and have fun like the kids they never really got to be growing up; Ayano brings out a side to Bruno that only few people have seen and he loves her so much-
They have their own private jokes about the times they made communication errors and it's downright hilarious- Bruno tried saying i love you in Japanese, but he pronounced it as "moon" and Ayano fucking snORTED-
Don't get me wrong she's messed up too, she for the longest time could not say "beautiful" in Spanish and was instead saying the word for "bird down" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
They are in their late 20s -early 30s and they act like this smh how old are y'all fucking ten?
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briilliance · 9 days ago
I've seen some posts and Tiktoks about how Agustin would purposefully harm himself just to have san excuse to talk to Julieta cause she would have to heal him cause that's her job but, that doesn't feel right to me it sounds so shady
So, my headcanon for how they met and eventually started dating is
Agustin was a very lanky younger man, unlike everyone else in the village he has fairly weak muscles and can't carry as much as the others. He'd get hurt constantly trying to keep up with the other men, but he wouldn't go get heal but Julieta
No matter how bad the injury was, even if it left him unable to work for days he never went to eat her food, which led to Julieta believing he probably didn't like her because every time she would offer to heal him or make him food other than Arepas he would politely deny it
Julieta confides in Pepa because she didn't know why Agustin avoided her so strongly which of course made Pepa furious that anyone would dare make her sister upset
She confronts Agustín and demands to know what his problem is, to where he confesses that it's not that he doesn't like her, in fact he has a huge crush on Julieta and has been trying to work up the courage to talk to her
It just felt wrong that their first interaction would be through him using her powers, even if that's her job and she's happy to do it, he didn't want that to be his first impression of him. That he would only go to her when he can gain something from her but has nothing to give in return
Cut to Pepa and Felix who by the time they're already dating (childhood sweethearts) playing match maker!
I got this from how Julieta literally had to stuff an Arepa in Agustin's mouth after being attacked by bees. He didn't ask her to heal him, he went to the kitchen to talk with Mirabel because he was worried about their daughter.
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tothedesert · a year ago
ok im about to rant hard so brace yourselves
i feel richie’s pain SO HARD. 01x06 was so hard for me to watch, i almost couldn’t finish it.
it was so uncomfortable for me to watch patrick fiddle with his escapulario and agustín (who i was never a big fan of) teasing him for it. when richie explained what it was in spanish and agustín kept answering in english even though he KNEW what richie was saying??? it’s happened to me to speak to someone in their mother tongue only to be answered in english and it’s incredibly disrespectful and diminishing. and then agustín telling patrick to stop giving richie false hopes by calling him his boyfriend (when it was patrick who even started calling him that!!!! hated him for a second for not standing up and saying it). richie’s reaction was totally justified and i really wanted to punch something when agustín started speaking spanish to him like boy!!!!!! go choke on something literally. ‘oh i’m your hermano now?’ YOU TELL HIM RICHIE!!!!
and that thing with kevin ???? ‘he’s gonna get his own place soon’ like i GET it you wanna impress your boss and his bear bf but like... don’t act like your boyfriend’s job (who is literally standing next to you) is only justified if it’s a stepping stone to an actually “dignified” job??????? god i was LIVID  
patrick not even apologizing for what was obviously a very uncomfortable afternoon for richie got me madddddd. richie is such a sweetheart and patrick pulling that ‘come with me to my sister’s wedding’ annoyed the hell out of me. richie doesn’t need you showing him off, he needs to know you actually respect him!!!!! i really expected an actual apology from patrick and not him pulling that card to get out of the situation instead of just asking richie what he feels and what he needs!!!!!!! 
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smolfangirl · 3 years ago
Here's short "this or that" for our fandom, but it will be about actors and their characters. Let's see who you love more 😊 1) Ruggero or Matteo? 2) Karol or Luna? 3) Michael or Simon? 4) Valentina or Ambar? 5) Agustín or Gaston? 6) Carolina or Nina? 7) Gastón or Pedro? 8) Lionel or Nico? 9) Ana or Jim? 10) Chiara or Yam?
Nonnieeee! (I can’t promise I’ll have answers for all of them whoops)
1) Matteo
2) Luna
3) Simón
4) Nope
5) Gastón
6) Nina, I guess?
7) Oh come one! This one is just rude! They’re both precious sweethearts
8) Ugh
9) Ana?
10) I have no idea
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