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angeleila · 2 days ago
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A joke for a joke :D
I haven't decided on Luisa, so she's just resting somewhere nearby
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bwall-7204 · 2 days ago
Isabela and her cactus but meme #2
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Free to use!! :))
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lackofsleepandtea-blog · 2 days ago
A thought to follow up with my head cannon that julieta was more hormonal than Pepa.
There was a day where either she was either too tired and or someone in the town asked if she had something other than what she had in stack and she flat out decided she wasn’t gonna cook anymore. Let me set the scene.
Julieta stormed into casita, her platter of arepas thrown to the ground as she slammed the door. Agustine looked over, holding a broom in his hand not expecting to see his wife yet. “HOW DARE THEY” she yelled, slumping into the chair causing Felix to tip toe away from her sight. “Amor first off... what happened... second off why don’t you take a breath and breathe the anger can’t be good for the baby” Agustine whispered before he was met with daggers. “How about you shut the hell up.” She snapped back before passing an apologetic face. Has his loving and caring wife been more... snappy per say? Yes. But does he know that it isn’t really her speaking and just the hormones? Yes.
He paused and walked over to her, kissing her head and rubbing her quit large stomach. “What happened?” He asked again and she sighed. “Someone asked for something different. As if I have all the time in the world to just cater to everyone in the village” she snapped and rubbed her face. She was extremely exhausted and honestly her feet hurt and were swollen from standing all day cooking. “So I’m done. The town can heal themselves” she stated with a huff and agustine looked at his wife. “Here, let me rub your feet” he gently whispered sitting on the floor to which she happily agreed to. “How about I do the cooking for once. You can sit while I make it all and just spit in it to make it magical” he offers.
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my-random-shit-blog · a month ago
Encanto gifsets that give me serotonin Pt 2
Spinny Madrigals..
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Miracbel's skirt go brrrrrr
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Pepa, you're perfect
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*Julieta watching her daughter get stampeded by donkeys*
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Tumblr media
DILFS- *cough* sorry, I mean- PAPIS- sorry-
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yyuppys · 18 days ago
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agustín & baby luisa ;w;
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neo--queen--serenity · 22 days ago
I belatedly realized that Agustín & Félix took their wives’ last names when they married into the Madrigal family. These kings never stop impressing me.
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si-snake · 11 days ago
Ok so I’ve seen this going around a bit about Encanto, but I haven’t really seen it on tumblr so I might be talking to a wall here but I wanted to say it anyway:
I think the Madrigal’s getting their gifts and Casita back was a good ending. I’ve heard people saying they wish they didn’t and they wanted a more bittersweet ending, and it defeated the message of the movie. But I don’t think that’s what that was at all!
The movie definitely wanted to convey that the characters were more than their gifts. Which is true, but the point of it was that it was how they were utilizing their gifts, or more specifically how Abuela was pressuring them to use their gifts. One of the movie’s primary messages was, if not the main message, was the breaking of generational trauma. Abuela was this source of “you have to use your gifts to help others” that stemmed from her not wanting to lose the home that was given to her and the community, and while on paper that isn’t a bad thing, it creates stress on the family when it’s taken too far.
In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen from the end, their gifts are exactly as they sound: gifts. The Miracle blessed the Madrigals with no strings attached. They received it through Abuela’s prayer (as stated in a behind the scenes video); it was something to help their family thrive and be happy to contrast the suffering that Alma had to go through.
And while helping the community obviously isn’t a bad thing, like everything it can be taken too far, and it did. The lesson that the family needed to learn wasn’t that they were fine without their gifts, the lesson they needed to learn was that they’re not tools simply built for helping, and they deserve what they want beyond Abuela’s requirements for them. And now they can have their healthy mix, because it was up to Abuela to realize and process what she was doing so the family could relax.
And they don’t need to be stripped away of their gifts to have that. It’s clear they like their gifts and it’s a part of them, and stripping those away would clearly have a negative impact.
A story having a happy, neat ending is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it’s really only a bad thing when it contrasts with the message and tone of the story, which I don’t think Encanto’s ending does.
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
Every man in the Madrigals is a himbo and no I don’t take criticism.
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octoberloved · 11 days ago
The Madrigals as random pics in my phone pt.2
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driedscones · 8 days ago
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💕💐”Con flores”💐💕
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disartrous · 19 days ago
julieta really looked at agustín and said ‘i can fix him’ in the least toxic way possible
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incorrectmadrigals · 17 days ago
Julieta: Did you buy eggs like I asked?
Agustín: Even better!
Julieta: What the hell did you-
Agustín: [Holding up a chicken] Her name is Fluffy.
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bwall-7204 · 26 days ago
Encanto headcannons #1
* None of the Madrigal children are good cooks. Maribel can only help, Luisa will carry in goods for her mom, Isabela and Dolores are just incapable of making a decent meal, Antonio is a child so like come on he’ll help out sometimes tho. Camilo is the only exception he can cook really well and often helps his aunt in the kitchen but he’ll never admit it.
* All the Madrigal children can sing just due to the fact that abulea had them in the children’s choir at the church
* Bruno had nicknames for all the Madrigal children ( Luisa’s being princessa, Maribel is mariposa, Isabela would be Chabelita etc etc)
* When Luisa was younger she would get jealous or throw a fit that she couldn’t wear the pretty pink dresses her sister would wear
* Isabela would let her play dress up in them sometimes.
* Luisa’s gift made her gain muscle and weight very fast causing her to be self-conscious as she grew up. Eventually embracing it as she got older.
* Dolores before she got her gift would always be talked over. Especially since Abuela was focused on Isabela. So she would listen in on peoples conversations so she could learn and know things.
* Camilo hates his room and prefers to stay out of it. So he’s often stays in the nursery with Mirabel and Antonio.
* Camilo distanced himself from Mirabel after her ceremony after Mirabel yelled at him to leave her alone and stop making jokes when he was just trying to cheer her up.
* When Antonio was first born Luisa wouldn’t touch him until Pepa forced her to sit down and hold him.
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veryberryghoul · 17 days ago
Pepa: How long are we going to stand here and let him do that?
Julieta: Just give him a minute, Maybe he’ll figure it out.
Agustin: *pushing on a door that clearly says pull*
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my-random-shit-blog · 24 days ago
Clumsy Madrigals ♡
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lxvely-jinx · a month ago
I just watched encanto AGAIN (blessed) and can we collectively talk about how much the brothers-in-law accept Bruno 😭 if you feel like it I'd LOVE some headcanons about how they interact!!!
YEAHH i love them!!
How Agustin, Bruno and Felix interact
Tumblr media
Fandom : Encanto
Characters included : Bruno Madrigal, Felix Madrigal, Agustin Madrigal
Type : Fluff
Warning(s) : None
Tumblr media
They're absolute best friends
This is a common hc but they go on trips togheter
Walk into the room with gossip going "bRO you can NOT make this shit up" and the other two immediatly pay attention
Bruno does some visions for them and they basically always turn out good!!
Bond over being himbos/j
Their a great trio!!
Agustin and Felix often joke around and call Bruno "rat man"
"Why am i rat man"
He understands why but also wtf you guys
Their just cool that's all
Tumblr media
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magma1000 · 12 days ago
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O my?
I’ve had this for a while, I was originally gonna redraw a bunch of screenshots and then post them all together, but I haven’t got around to it yet :/
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erosarrows22 · a month ago
When Isabela told Agustín she likes women he just.
“Yes I like women too.”
And they just went along with their day.
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0wlofath3na · 13 days ago
Bruno: Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Most of it, self inflicted.
Agustin: But you didn’t even make a tablet or anything!
Bruno: I don’t need to. It’s written all over your face.
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moonstone-blues · 9 days ago
Headcanon that Felix is not allowed near Pepa whenever she has to make it rain for the village.
Pepa has to make herself upset/angry (like when she trips in The Family Madrigal) which Felix will absolutely not allow.
He sees the slightest bit of discomfort and he rushes over, showering her in compliments and making her happy. It's not that he doesn't want her to use her gift, because we all know that's another thing he loves about her, but he can't stand seeing her upset.
Agustin has to distract him so Pepa can make sure the crops don't die.
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