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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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@mywoesaregranular​ ah, you DO you?? hmm well lately i have been taking a break from Cardhouse and playing with some other characters who are involved in no big LIFE GOAL projects but who are very dear to me, i described them briefly before. today i’ve been thinking about: Dustin (original, witch AU), Alexander, Francis (original, witch AU), and Farid (a newer one!! my personal take on the Persian from the original Phantom of the Opera novel…apparently very different from fanon, but then, i am not much in contact with fanon)

idk i am always all too excited to blather about MY CREATIONS if u have any questions about them x)

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i don’t actively hate the man, i’ve just never been given a good impression with how he talked about rey like she was a trophy finn “should’ve piped” & how he played down the racist shit kelly marie tran suffered on social media. idgaf abt star wars beyond being an anakin hoe, he’s just never given me good vibes. that tweet to the nigerian dude with his western centric response was another nail in the coffin.

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ohmygdiso this is a hard one cuz they’re (almost) all so talented???

Okay let’s start with Skam NL:

They have the best chemistry, probably also because they’re really good friends irl, it shows. (I believe some were friends before they started filming?)

However one moment that impressed me the most was when Ralph opened Liv’s laptop and saw her google searches. Zoë’s acting was incredible during this clip, her whispering “fuck” and then saying “jesus, it’s not my fault!” I could feel her frustration and pain. Her breaking down and crying was so intense and real.

Moving on to wtfock, Willem Herbots acting is *chef’s kiss*. He never ceases to amaze me. He doesn’t need to use words to get the message across, his body language and facial expressions do the trick. I could always tell whenever he was feeling angry/frustrated/hurt/shy. Srsly give that man an oscar.

Next Skam France. Flavie, oh god does she have my heart. She’s 17. Whenever Lola is hurt, I feel that hurt, whenever Lola is angry, I feel that anger, whenever Lola is frustrated, I feel that frustration. You know what I mean? Do I need to say more?

Also, I have to give kudos to Lula here. Especially during these last episodes regarding Daphne’s ED her acting has been amazing. Her anger, fear and shame were so so so real. I can not stress this enough. The pushing people away, getting mad at them when they try to help you. She did it so well.

These are just my top favourites, they’re all talented!😌💗

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I just watched the latest off topic and it really did break my heart. I’ve mentioned in a few posts now how much I love Fiona and how much I love that she stands up for what she believes in against the community. Watching her in this off topic respond and articulate her feelings and thoughts was one of the most powerful things I’ve seen. Watching the guys, especially Geoff, finally talk about it is all I’ve wanted from RT since Mica.

I’ve been sick of the ‘don’t feed the trolls’ mentality for as long as I can remember and I’m so, so unconditionally happy that a larger modern company and platform is finally giving it up and fighting back. And having this fight be headed by a young, queer, woman of colour makes it so much better because it shows that change will come.

So again I write this message for Fiona:

Thank you. Thank you for being inspirational. Thank you for being passionate. Thank you for being motivational. Thank you for not being scared to give your opinion. Thank you for not taking any shit. Thank you for being a badass.

But most importantly:

Thank you for giving me role model, a person who I can look to an aspire to be like.

Thank you, Fiona Nova, for just being yourself.

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ive already dont food so imma do color, season, and movie genre! 😚

Impish’s favorite color is black, it just seems to go with everything and still be cute and/or deadly

her favorite season is summer just so she can wear the cute clothes the season brings

her favorite movie genre is chick-flick! it reminds her of a time that was a lot simplier and theyre sooo funny to her frfr

Charlies favorite color is yellow since it reminds him of the bright lights back in NYC

His favorite season is spring since that was around the time he got his hearing aids (the first thing he heard was Karlies voice and birds chirping)

His favorite movie genre is action movies directly from the 90s because he likes to practice the fighting moves

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Impish was so cute as a baby frfr she always held ppls hands with her tiny ones everytime she sensed somn was wrong

When Impish was a child, she spent DAYS learning sign and helping her new baby brother, Charlie!

her teen years were rough but whos isnt tbh. her little brother was ridiculed to the point of suicide and she had to begin stealing money by hacking into peoples bank accounts, which then turned into being the hacker for other ppls heists, which gave her the opportunity of going to vile

an adult, she has honed her skills with computers and numbers to perfection! even she can honestly say that she is one of the best operatives vile has!

10 years, i feel like she will mature quite a bit. but i feel like shed harden and become much colder as well. shes also been helping vile in everyway she can so i defff see her as being either a higher rank operative but not faculty or at least just respected

and i cant promise you if shell be dead or alive in 20 years since the story iiiiisnt fleshed out until there yet so i cant answer the last question as well

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provérbios do inferno - Willian Blake
O excesso de tristeza ri; o excesso de alegria chora.
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