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#ah kings

Saw someone call Matt the Kingslayer and ran with it, here’s also one without the shadow to show off the crown in all its bright colored glory

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So glad the new king vid is out for the public now so we can all agree that it’s what he DESERVES

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All hail the once and future King! Matt Bragg of the House Axial, First of His Name, the Sharkmage, King of the City and Cove, the Crafter, and Master of Animals, Small and Large.

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i….i dont think that means what you think it means…..

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kingsverse aesthetics, (2/x)


art credits: (1)

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You know, one of my favorite things about the Achievement Hunter fandom is the things that we have established as lore for different AUs.

Like, for the FAHC AUs, Geoff always had that mustache, despite the fact that he hasn’t had one IRL for years, and that Gavin is just always the hacker because of the Slow-Mo Guys. Ever since Jeremy joined and he and Ryan have been doing Battle Buddies, the two of them either knew eachother from before, working as the Battle Buddies, or they make the most violent, no survivors team in the Fake. I love that Michael is the go to brawler and Jack is the second in command “this team would fall apart without him” guy.

In the AH Kings AUs Ryan always has long hair, and Jack is Geoff’s right hand man, and more often than not the blacksmith. That unless Gavin is established as a King of a different Kingdom already, he is Geoff adopted son. Michael is known for his strength. In the older stuff, Ray is known for his speed. Ryan is a little mad on the outside, but wicked smart.

It’s little things like this that make the fandom worth being in. We have things that we established for the world’s we have make up, and that those worlds are based on some admittedly stupid videos - ment in the nicest was possible, because those videos are the funniest things ever - but we have blown them up and made them so much more. It makes everything about AH worthwhile. I’m so glad I found them.

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The Fool King for April Fool

(In gray scale because at school I don’t have my colours)

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I participated in a Big Bang for Achievement Hunter!! The first I was ever able to hear about, so it was a lot of fun! Achievement Hunter Kings themed. @ahroyalcourt-bigbang
Based in the same universe as my Most Dangerous Series (His Mad Game)

Main Relationships: Lindsay/Michael, Gavin/Meg, Lindsay & Meg, Michael & Gavin
Minor Relationships: Lindsay & Mica, Familial for Michael & Jack, Gavin & Geoff, Ray & Jeremy & Ryan(ray is just kinda implied?)

Rated: Teens and Up
Additional Tags: The lads and Lindsay and Meg are teens, Magic, Medieval, Violence, Slow Romance, Mild Language, Weddings, Kidnapping, Arranged Marriages

Summary: War is in the air. King Ryan wishes to bring back the splintered kingdom of Éacht to it’s former glory. To do so, he needs to get the land back under any means necessary. To stop his attempts of war, King Jack sends his youngest son, Michael, to Bíonn to retrieve the Princess there who will be his wife, when all the young prince wants to do is serve his kingdom and fight.

Art done by Missy: (To be added when the art is up)

Read Here

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To Be King Chapter 1


Pairings: None but canon.

A/N: One of my first AH fics, for those who don’t follow me on Quotev.

It started when King Ramsey called his friends to the castle for a unique game.

The first to arrive at the castle was a young gardener named Ray. He often wore a suit while he wasn’t working, no matter where he was or what he was doing. He frequently supplied flowers to Ramsey’s kingdom and had foreign parents. He loved to make jokes in a deadpan tone to increase their effectiveness.

The second to arrive was Sir Michael and his lovely wife Lindsay. Michael was the best knight in the kingdom and had a bit of a temper, but he truly was a kind-hearted man with many friends. To his enemies, he was known as Mogar the Warrior, but his wife just called him baby. They were happily married for many years.

Third to arrive was Jack the Humble. Jack always meant well and was often made fun of by the rest because of this. He was a builder who constructed houses throughout Achievement Kingdom, and had even helped to design the palace. Despite his middle-class life, he had also helped to found the city.

Fourth to arrive was Gavin. He was a younger, naive man from another kingdom. He had been away on business for a long while, but came back when he heard of the King’s summons. He had always been good friends with the King, as they grew up together.

Fifth to arrive was Ryan. He had a reputation for being untrustworthy, but King Ramsey did trust him. He was a well-known bounty hunter that was known to always get the job done, no matter what the cost.

When the last of his guests had arrived, King Ramsey revealed his plan. He would turn the crown over to the others for an unspecified amount of time within the agreement that they would eventually hold a similar tournament.

The challenges ranged from simple to puzzling, and the chase sent them all across the kingdom. Eventually Ryan won the crown, and ruled surprisingly benevolently, with his most trusted companion by his side: a cow named Edgar.

This is only the beginning of a story of mistrust, betrayal, abandonment, and broken crowns.

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i would personally like to thank achievement hunter for my life

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I really wanna write Kings stuff but like I’m such a poor writer and I bet no one would read it.

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Sky King Ryan reactions: (this is gonna be a long post)

-Geoff is being a piece of shit and it’s great because this feels like payback for all the times the others didn’t listen.

-alright that is quite a few challenges, this is probably going to be a multi-parter. Good for Ryan for making enough challenges

-holy shit that is such a cool build. Ryan should have stated before the rules/ explaining what it was that he wanted them to go one at a time. They did something similar where they didn’t listen to all of the rules in Mad King Ryan.

-Jack won!

-oh a staircase challenge. I would rock at this one since that is how I dig/build in Minecraft all the time.

-once again, I am not sure that is what Ryan had planned, but hey it works. Jack beat the system.

-and won again?! We might actually get a king Jack after this if this keeps up.

-also I hope this doesn’t end after four challenges.

-there goes Jack

-Is it bad that Gavin’s approach is what I would have done? Why do I think like Gavin?

-Gavin is going to win this one, never mind it is close.

-this is like a great counterpart to Gavin’s tree challenge where they had to go up. Also a great use of the specific attributes of sky factory.

-the rainbow of wool oh my god. I am crying from laughter there is so much going on at once. It is absolute chaos

-Jerry the slime is too cute. I hope Jack doesn’t kill him.

-also I want that chance cube that Lindsay got with all of the wolves. I want that to be my life. Just all of the dogs.

-maybe Ryan should have built this one out of something more sturdy.

-Jack seems to be getting all of the mostly harmless ones.

-yay Jeremy won one! This is a great king so far.

-catch a fish, hatch an egg Geoff. This is a straight forward challenge.

-what is that plant thing that Michael caught?

-Jeremy won again.

-why do people have chicken stuff that is not feathers?

-victory for Michael!? Also being quiet would have easily won someone this challenge. Like don’t announce it until you are standing next to the king.

-thank you Ryan for making this harder than it seemed. Jack and Michael are the ones with the right idea/ actually making progress.

-Lindsay is taking a bathroom break.

-wait, wait wait this is gonna be a collecting one. Gotta catch’em all is a Pokémon reference. So it’s a collection one.

-Gavin won that one. Just give him the block.

-did I miss something ? Why does Gavin have a little question mark on his chest?

-yes, another creepy one. Definitely monster spawners of some kind.

-YES!!!!!we are getting a king jack!!!!

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Then Join The Revolution! - achieve_hams - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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