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#ah office

Me, looking at the AH office: *eye twitches* it’s so filthy and unorganised… must… fix…

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You need to infiltrate the AH office and spill their secrets. Become the spy we all want you to become, the show world your super secret spy skills

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i’ve been seeing a lot of people talkin about how the blue shift (/opposing force) soundtrack makes them feel empowered or ready to take on whatever comes next and i…. get a VASTLY different vibe from it. it activates my fight or flight, man, it drags up fear and dread for what’s around the corner. like… it’s panic music dude

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the pandemic needs to be over now i miss the ah office so much remember when they taped jeremy and ziptied trevor to the walls? i need that chaotic energy back in my life

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this is literally like. terrifying there was an armed robbery like 20 mins from me yesterday and an active shooter at the local mall (10 mins away) within the past few days i hate it here

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I know that I’ve always had a bad case of baby face and I always will but looking through my old selfies from university I’m honestly baffled that I never got stopped on campus and asked if I got lost on a tour bc I look fucking 13

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Bruno Bolet is the kind of dude who would carry at least three eye balls on him at any given time.

Also I am 100% convinced that every time he had a new dental patient, he would stare at them in silence for an uncomfortable amount of time before switching out his current eye to the eye that he feels fits their vibe best.

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shout out to the cameras in the bathrooms of my doctor’s office because i was bending over and dropping it like it was hot in the mirror and i have no regrets

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I live on the opposite side of the world from my family and we are not very good at sending Christmas boxes to each other in time for actual Christmas, so we tend to have our own private Christmas some days afterwards.

This year, my mom included the BEST advent calendar ever.




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when you have things you need to do and desperately want to do them but you’re tired and can’t focus and know you can do them in the morning bc it’s late except you’re irrationally worried that if you fall asleep you’ll sleep for 3 days straight and miss the due date and your brain is stuck in some weird anxious limbo where your thoughts feel like tv static and your skin physically hurts

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trying to hurriedly write work xmas cards (no, I know I’m not american and yes, I know I spend a lot of time complaining about certain people I work with, but I actually genuinely love a lot of my coworkers so-) and googling “things to write in coworker xmas cards,” as I, someone with anxiety, am wont to do, and good God; “Our Christmas party was truly emblematic of the spirit of this office: Companionship.” Google, is this a genuine suggestion? Who am I, Elias Bouchard?

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I left work got dressed on the train and now I’m going back to work I CANNOT and I stress CANNOT wait to goad my future african children (inshallah) with this as a moral story about laziness when they do not need moral stories about laziness 🤣🤣🤣

#I kid#I’m not mean#but this is a double shift for the books bc it’s a back to back morning shift against a night shift and I had to leave the day shift early#so I have just a SLITHER of time to commute across this dutty city to get to the other shift 😭#so they will hear of it bc force inshallah#bc the most qashin qoob thing abt this country is how everyone is ALWAYS busy but they do not know how to work#they’ll turn up 10mins early to a 12 hour shift and do nothing#British mothers need to learn the phrase ma qori baa tahay#qaar geedad ah iyo qaar qoriyo midkastana midka ka horeeyey wo ka faaiidala’aan badanyahay I HATE IT here#the reason British ppl produce so many services and so few products is bc instead of getting anything done they work office jobs so they can#pay someone to get stuff done for them#and then the person doing stuff for them just does nothing#so they have to pay a manager to watch them do stuff#and that management doesn’t do that so caaq sedexaad ba la soo keena#to tell them off if they don’t watch the person who’s doing the job and also that they do their job#when the third clown just does nothing you already know what’s gonna happen after#so a one man job worth £100 needs an entire corporation of service provider workers to get it barely done#and I always think do none of these idiots call the other caaq a caaq and run away with the entire buisness on their own?#does everyone go nah lets all be lazy and then no one has to do any work every time?#the lack of overall dareen discusses me#qashin qoob country
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