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#ah support crew

The Post Team

The support crew of the Fake AH Crew, the people behind the scenes, managing heists from the safehouse. Far less well known than the field crew, but no less important.

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Oh my god. There’s so many. Not once but FIVE times today I’ve wanted to talk about tt on here today to write a text post (only to delete it) about the crazy shenanigans but now we’ve added another to the list so I gotta write it (in the tags though)

#feel free to ignore btw but im just losing my mind#okay so the latest one two seconds ago was a guy blaming santa for wanting to become a sugar baby#and honestly he makes a compelling argument i do not fault him but the very fact he said this to his MOTHER is sending me#let's see if i can remember the others#ah one was yet the latest 100th person on my feed to be hyped about the kenobi show and the comment section was um a bit wild#i expect nothing less based on who the creator is and that's specifically why i actually looked 😂#and i /died/ at this one gal going 'i hope he cries in it that was hot' like maam MAAM OH MY GOD-#but secondly which one?? both anakin and obi wan are gonna be in it and they both cried WHICH ONE#listen i just gotta know to know what we're working with specically here they were very different cries#(side note love the people preemptively saying they'll take out anyone who bullies hayden this time around 🙏)#(like sw fans yall do the MOST to terrorize your own crew but anyways)#okay another was the dad halo guy going off about the mask kink and that took me OUT bc the only content of his ive seen os the supportive#dad wholesome content so i was all#fuck i cant remember any more of the 😳 stuff that had me lose it but damn the feed was crazy today#i did however enjoy the vibes of that one bouncy anime girl song you know the one but instead of the usual it was girls absolutely#obliterating enemies and beating the shit out of men (training) so yeah there's that#the gal talking about how seeing the dudes cry was hot is sending me the most though like that's undoubtedly the winner i think#but again i Gotta know bc like obi wan was hurting so much how DARE YOU#also idek how i ended up on sw tt but i blame the Madalorian which im not even watching so ironic#but yeah ever since i got here firstly now i Gotta watch cw and meet ahsoka#but secondly im getting invested?? and im heartbroken when i think of obi wan now esp after the whole satine thing im just 🥺😭#(and glaring daggers at maul)#and then there's characters im 👀 at like ventress and i know absolutely nothing but-#wait what was the original purpose of this post ive gone down a rabit hole rip#ADSGGSFAFAFGA FUCK I JUST REMEMBERED ONE OF THE OTHERS and um i absolutely Cannot write what happened there#let's just say there was a certain bad romance audio and the comment section was on steroids and had a singular mission#they were incredibly hom#i cant remember the fifth but spiritually in my heart the insane vibes are there#god i needed a pick me up and to laugh im been Troubled all evening due to some things#p
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