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#ahaha the tags i love it
nightfrostshadow · 3 days ago
The wonderful @amethystpath-writes wanted a continuation so here it is! :D
This is a continuation of- Behind The Mask 
This has a continuation- Winner
Villain walked into class the next day and looked around. There she was. Hero. In her usual spot. Villain almost laughed to himself as he went and sat down at his desk. Hero sat one row away from him, exactly one seat separating them from being side by side. She had been right there all this time and he had had no idea.
Villain wondered what he should do now that he knew who Hero was. It was something he had always wanted to find out but now what was he supposed to do? Get close to her? Get her to trust him? Make friends with Hero? He corrected himself mid thought. Ava, not Hero. Here she was just Ava, there was no hero and no villain. They were classmates and just knew each other’s names. They weren’t exactly what you could call friends. Villain pondered on what he could do to change that.
When he drew a blank, he pushed those thoughts away. They just had to get through the school day for now. He brought out his books and focused on school since the bell rang signalling the start of the lesson.
After a very normal school day, instead of packing up and leaving, Villain headed to the basketball court. There were try-outs taking place today for the school team. He loved playing sports so as he was hurrying over, he was pleasantly surprised to see Ava heading in the same direction. Well there was his chance. He smiled at her and Ava acknowledged it with a wave. He walked over to her.
“I had no idea you liked to play basketball.”
Ava looked up with a smile. “Then again, I seem like a very quiet girl who just sits around the whole day in class don’t I? but believe it or not, this is the real me.”
Villain laughed and held out his hand “Well then, lets get to know each other better, shall we?”
Ava took his offered hand and with a firm handshake smiled “Alright then.”
Villain smiled to himself This was so much fun. She was so unsuspecting. This was going to be easy.
They both were the only ones from their class who had turned up for the try-outs so they were grouped together.
They were made to run laps, sprint, play one on one with each other, tested on dribbling skills, passing skills, shoot from different areas of the court. The normal baskets, three pointer and free throws while the coaches were trying to judge who to choose.
In the end after thoroughly testing the fitness and the basic basketball skills everyone present had, it was time for the selection. The coach called their names one by one. Villain as well as Ava made it. Villain smiled with satisfaction. He thought they both had done quite well even if he did say so himself.
The coach sent off the remaining ones who weren’t chosen and turned to look around at his newly formed team. He smiled at them. “Are you ready to be the best team ever?”
“YES!” they all cheered.
“Alright then,” he smiled. “We did enough for today. See you guys here tomorrow at the same time for your daily practice sessions! For now, go get to know each other better since you all will be a team from now on.”
They all headed over to where the water bottles had been kept for them and as Villain was heading over, he wondered How strange was fate? He probably would have made friends with Ava anyway since she would be on the same team but now, knowing she was Hero, it just felt different for some reason. Should he tell her now? That he was Villain. He scoffed. No there was no fun in that, she probably wouldn’t talk to him again if he did that. Besides, it wasn’t really lying to her was it? Since all he had done was not tell her he was Villain. Fair enough, no one goes around announcing their secret identity. Right now he was just Nico and not Villain.
His thoughts were broken when he heard Ava call him. He looked up and saw that having reached the stand earlier, she was tossing a water bottle to him.
He decided not to worry about anything and just be himself.
For now.
“Why, thank you!” he said as he caught the bottle with a smile as he reached the stand and looked at her. “We made it Nico! We’re in the team!”
“Yes, yes we are,” he replied with a grin.
As they walked off in the golden evening sunlight to meet and get to know the rest of their team, Villain smiled to himself, he had a new friend. Ava, his teammate.
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smolteabirb · 2 months ago
☀ song shuffle tag!
Thabks for tagging me @sunseekersims :3
Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and tell us the first 10 songs. Then tag 10 people.
(My playlist is always on shuffle so yeah ahah)
One Life by James Bay I love this song sm, it's from an upcoming album which I just Know I'll love :') I can't even begin to explain how much I love it :") ALSO !! When it comes out I'll talk abt it more than I should so brace yourselves
Nothing Aches Like A Broken Heart by Passenger such a bop tbh its way too cheery for a heartbreak song ahaha
Peer Pressure by James Bay ft Julia Michaels the song? great. my ability to sing along to it? terrible. I love it all the same and the ending... is so good 👌👌
7 Years by Lucas Graham ah this is an old one I've had it on my playlist since forever I like it for the nostalgia :')
All My Love by George Ezra cute song, nothing much else to say of it, has nice vibes :)
Glory by Bastille this! song! is! a! BOP! Like it's so electric 😌🙌
The Anchor by Bastille another absolute bop I just love it sm, I can't even it's so good
I Do It For You by Brian Adams ah a blast from the past I've had this one for the longest time and yea it's still up there I've always had a soft spot for this song 😌
Spend It With You by Kodaline it's not in the ranks of epic vibe inducing, soul snatching faves, but it's nice to hear it every once in a while 🙈
And nowww for the tagging omg only 10 ppl 💀 okay uh here we go I tag @castawavy @lavenderie @sathurns @maplesuns @lonely-bologna-sims @eqountl @alwayscherryy @quesadellasims @clumsyghostie @neverheresims
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ashkazora · 3 months ago
Pre voltron/s1 voltron Lance wishes to be what Five!Lance is (a deadly fighter, an excellent pilot, smarter, sharper, tougher, "not a seventh wheel) while Five! Lance sees his younger self and sees what he has lost
Definitely. To some extent s1!Lance is envious of what Five!Lance is. He's tougher, a bloody good pilot, not even a goofball, and smarter. To him, Five!Lance has it all, and if s1!Lance was even a little bit like him, there’s no way he would be a seventh wheel. It’s almost tragic that he doesn’t realise that Five!Lance is the way he is because of years of trauma. He’s a better pilot, because he the war kept on calling him back and he needed to be the best. He’s smarter and not a goofball anymore because if he wasn’t he’d be dead long ago. He’s tougher, because most of his friends died and there was nothing he could have done to save them. To be like Five!Lance would destroy someone. But s1!Lance doesn’t see that part. He just wants to be better so that he can fit in, to at least be more useful to the team and not an extra wheel.
Five!Lance, on the other hand, is envious for the complete opposite. He thinks back to when he was bright and happy and had a life that wasn’t completely fucked. He sees how much he’s lost, most of all his innocence and childhood. What would he have been like if he wasn’t chosen to pilot a lion? Or what would he have been like, if the war ended differently? Every time Five!Lance looks at s1!lance, it’s like he sees a ghost. 
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hunny-coves · 4 months ago
I just saw other anons talking with you, and I thought "an excuse to anonymously fanboy about Dream SMP!"
I love it when folks fanboy/fangirl/fanpeep in my inbox!! I'm like a puppy and get very excited by others excitement and the exaggerated reactions a lot of my anons have always lets me match them easily (I'm very loud with my reactions) so the level of shock, sadness, and happiness usually match up real well and it's so much fun!!
Honestly folk who just pop in to squeal brighten my day so much and make me happy when stressed or sad!! I couldn't care less if you ramble about something I know like the back of my hand or have no knowledge on, I love it no matter what!!
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ahatintimepieces · 5 months ago
Listen to "we'll never know" by aviators. I think it fits subcon forest well. Thank you for reading this ask.
Aww, thank you for sending this ask and sharing music <3 And oooooo I’m listening to it now and reading the lyrics and it fits SO well. Like from the music to the lyrics! I love it a lot! My heart has caught on the lyrics, “But this place isn’t home” and “Don’t look back / I’m far behind” like every ghost there is probably stuck in the past, maybe unable to truly let go of the past... a home where they did not have to fight for warmth...
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princekirijo · 5 months ago
For theism game, Neptune, Libra and Comet???
Thanks Tumblr for not showing me this 🙄 /s
Neptune: When’s your birthday? 
Libra: Favourite colour? 
Oooh tough one. It changes a lot but right now it's red specifically crimson! Blue is another big favourite of mine along with emerald so it tends to be one of those three.
Comet: What’s your big dream?
Another difficult one. I suppose it would be to design my own game? Maybe even start my own game development company.
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dapper-comedy · 6 months ago
my professor: it would be preferable if you could identify the plant u are applying in this assignment
me, knowing we havent had any lessons or SHIT in week TWO that focuses on identifying plants yet: yea ok
#im very happy in this course dont get me wrong#but i'd appreciate a lecture more than being dumped 7 links for a single class and expected to know and understand what to note down#i think im more just stressed juggling classes and work and being crammed shifts every free hour i have which... is frustrating#im just angry at people bleh#its just.... frustrating and i just feel like im being dumped all the tools i need but i dont know how to use them#aaaaaagghh im just. i hate him. i love this course already but i hate him#im just venting in the tags now but when do i NOT ahaha#i just feel like im losing time and we've already been given assignments#and its stupid of course i have to go outside to actually complete them but#when im not working or noting or resting my knees im just... too tired to leave the house#hahaha its so silly of me#i guess im just. upset that im not enjoying this to the utmost and i want to be#bc even tho the links and references are frustrating i still enjoy the content when i can swallow it properly#i dont know. i dont know. im just tired and i don't want to fail#and people keep talking to me and i jut feel likeim being stretched thin#which is silly. this is all so silly of me. god#//nsfw#//long post#//rant#idk what other tags ppl would have filtered haha#i havent gotten like. actual ''i want to die'' thoughts in a while and im just. everytime i look at my schedule i just feel it in me and im#i keep saying im tired and people always say sleep more and yes i should#but its more than just sleep deprivation im just tired of working and waking up and going to sleep and eating and talking
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sleepydrragon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I present you, all the salvaged digital ‘‘art’‘ i have from 2015/16. Most of these are ocs (some other peoples ocs) cause that’s all I ever draw tbh, and a you can see I never draw clothes pfff I get better at it eventually OTL
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eternal-imagines · 17 hours ago
I love you writing so much that you inspired me to write myself lol! So I wanna post me first fic! I have no followers and a new blog! I don’t even know how tumblr work completely! Do you have any recommendations or tips on what to do with the post? Like do I put lots of tags? How do I put the “keep reading” thing on because it’s extremely long. I have so many question ahaha but it’s okay if you don’t wanna answer them! <3
Oh my gosh this just made my day! Well first of all welcome! Message me personally so that I can go check out your story when you post it! Lots of tags certainly help get your story out there. To add read more, all you have to do is this. : readmore : but with the no spaces between the word and the Colons, and then you just push enter and it’ll give you a page break. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me love!
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5-puthyyy · a day ago
how old are you?? wondering because of the smut and reblogs ahaha
21 😶 minors can follow me as long as they block the ‘nsfw’ tag and don’t read any 18+ works ✌🏼 i do post fluffy stuff too like love language and there will defo be more 🖤
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rayofsunas · a day ago
HELLO I am loving ur scaramouche series (ahaha i want to punch him <3) would it be okay to add me to the tag list?
HIII, i’m glad you’ve been enjoying it :) i wanna throw his hat in the meat grinder and watch as his soul get crushed because of it... it’s what he DESERVES. and ofc you may be added :) <3 
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