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#ahahah *blushes*
depraved-empress · a day ago
woow, your blog became more pretty than already was! so happy that you're making changes of your like ^^
i've been really tired lately, so the only thought that i had in mind these days was izuki with a praise kink. like, he's always making his puns, hoping that somebody will laugh at them and maybe getting a praise of how good they are.
so, maybe and just maybe, he came untouched while riding your strap, because you were saying how pretty he looked that way. pretty boy izuki ~
And eeeeee
Izuki's embarrassed and he's blushing and he's hiding his face while you have a huge grin on your face and just proceeded to praise the hell out of him and he's coming so much!
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rrazor · a day ago
hq boys as non-sexual things that feel sensual
tags: mildly suggestive content (mostly pining)
Tumblr media
bokuto: certain phrases are very sexually charged; “make me,” or “what are you gonna do about it” lunch time!! bokuto comes back from the cafeteria with his pork-cutlet sandwich to see you engaged in a card game with three other people. He sees that everyone’s bet something and you bet a strawberry danish you bought this morning and bokuto’s eyes go 🤩 he forces himself in LMFAO and makes sure to sit next to you 🥰❤️ in the end, it’s only you and him left (konoha and komi come over from their classes to see what all the fuss is about and they’re like … is bokuto doing so well 😶)
but you win and steal his sandwich on the desk 😈 he tries to defame you for cheating lol but all you do is look at him coyly like “and what are you gonna do about it, bokuto-kun? 😇” and suddenly his tongue feels heavy and his cheeks flush and he’s all 🥺👉👈 he asks you for the bread back because its his only lunch 😭💀 but he ends up winning sm more because you offer to share your bento with him and his heart goes 🥰💖💞
akaashi: sitting next to someone and your shoulders/thighs touch it’s the sports festival!! and it’s lunch break. he spots you sitting on a bench and he starts sweating at the idea of sitting next to you but he wants to be near you somewhat because then MAYBE you’ll talk to him??!? hopefully 🥺💔
he swallows his nerves and sits on the bench too but on the other side with a huge gap between you and your friend. he pulls out his phone to look “busy” LMFAO then, more of your friends come over and suddenly, you’re snug against him, your BARE THIGH touching his because you’re both in shorts and akaashi thinks he gonna pass out with the bashful apology you give him 😵 he thanks every deity he can think of that your friends came over and STAY because your leg is still touching his and he’s holding a conversation with you 😭🥺🥳💕💖❤️😍
konoha: having someone use your keyboard standing up while you’re sitting in front of it you’re in one of the school’s computer labs working on a research essay. akinori sits next to your station, having worked up the courage earlier to ask you if you could help him with his. he sneaks glances at you at the printers as you refill the trays with more paper 👀 he blushes even though you aren’t even doing anything to him 😭😔💔
before he can stop himself, he calls your name lmfao 🗣 but manages to save himself from utter embarrassment by asking you to look over one of his passages. coming over, you lean over him, hands on his keyboard as he leans back. his eyes are wide and cheeks ruddy as he tries so hard to keep cool because you’re so close 😍🥺💕 and god does he hope what he wrote was coherent because he thinks he’d d-word if you said it made no sense 😓😵
kuroo: when you’re sitting next to someone and they lean over and reach across you to grab something another day, another group project. kuroo gets added to a group with you and another guy because he was absent for volleyball. the two of you push your desks next to him and he’s fist pumping internally because you’re sitting next to HIM and not the other guy and he gets to act as the barrier AHAHAH 😇🥳😛
you’re working together when you ask one of your friends to pass over the notes she took from you. she’s sitting in front of kuroo, but diagonally to the right so she leans back and you lean forward to grab the papers. your arm accidentally brushes his chest and kuroo short circuits 😶 you’re SO CLOSE and your body is nearly laid over his entire desk and if he moves his hands up he could probably touch your chest HJAKHSDLKASD 👁👄👁 the guy next to him looks at him all 😐 as kuroo goes INSANE 🤯
kita: hugging from behind he’s home alone, studying in the living room for his university exams. you’re in the kitchen with his grandma helping her with tonight’s dinner. he smiles softly to himself hearing the two of you laugh 😊🥰💞
he’s halfway through a derivatives question when you hug him from behind, arms coming around him as you rest your head on his shoulder blades 🥺💘 when you softly tell him dinner is almost ready, his chest warms and a soft smile appears on his face ❤️💖
atsumu: the guys strapping you in on a roller coaster. are we gonna kiss? why are you giving me that eye contact? inarizaki’s vbc get together to go to the local amusement park!! they get in and the first thing the twins want to do is ride all of the roller coasters so after a ridiculously long line up, atsumu’s sitting next to osamu, waiting for an attendant to come buckle them in, when you suddenly come up in your cute uniform and hair tied up and atsumu’s like SHIT ITS YOU 😳 also damn y didn’t you tell him you worked here he could have gotten discounted tickets smh 🥴😒
anyways you come up to them to buckle them up with him first and he doesn’t really notice anything but you buckle the first strap really tight and he’s like “does it need to be so tight 😘” and you tell him, making eye contact, using your best customer service voice (vocal bottoming but at least you get paid) and with a pretty smile on your face that doesn’t reach your eyes, “yes, unless you want to die. and if you do, don’t do it on this ride because my shift ends in ten minutes and i don’t want to stay here to write a report about a dumbass who ko’d on a roller coaster 🥰” and he BLUSHES oop— 👁👅👁
osamu: having your back scratched you sit next to each other in class and it’s self study time and you’re helping him with the english homework that was assigned when his back starts feeling itchy. he rolls and moves his shoulders to try to alleviate it, but it just isn’t working so he brings a hand back to scratch at it, but he’s not flexible enough to reach it 😔 you ask him what’s wrong and he puts his arm down like he got burned because he doesn’t want to be seen doing something weird in front of you or making a weird face so he just says nothing but you raise a brow and go “are you itchy?” and he nods JAJCKKAD
you bring your arm up to where he was just scratching, “here?” a shake of his head, “no, a little to the right.” AND YOU SCRATCH RIGHT AT IT!!!!! he can feel his shoulders slump as he closes his eyes and groans a little WHOOP he’s SUPER EMBARRASSED but you just laugh it off and scratch him some more before going back to work and he looks at you like 🥺💖 why’d you stop?? even though you’re not even looking at him LOL 😞 touches his back that night in the shower like your hands were so small 😯😍😳 and maybe he should be itchy more often but it also quickly turns to she better not be touchy feely with anyone else 😒
suna: someone writing on your arm he’s forced to take this one evening class this semester because it’s not offered the next one and he needs to take it because it’s a prereq for almost every other course ugh but at least the cute girl who sits next to him lets him copy her notes LMFAO 😭💀 he left all his belongings in the gym’s lockers because he was going to go back anyways for practice so when the professor gives out a code for a free trial of the software they have to use for the homework assignment due in a week, he’s like shit; he left his phone in his bag 🤡💔
you offer to write it down on his arm, grabbing a pen from your pencil case. he nods like sure why not so you take his arm and push the sleeve of his hoodie up and start writing and he just stares at you 👀 your writing is cute and he kinda likes the feel of your hands on him 🤧 class ends and you part ways with a wave. It’s not until he’s reached the gym that he realized you could have just messaged the code to him on facebook 🤨 so he pushes his sleeve up and sees your phone number on his arm under the code 😘 aren’t you smooth!!! 😌
iwaizumi: when someone is putting the car in reverse and they put their hand on the back of your seat iwaizumi been interested in you for a while, and ever since he came to the revelation he finds it really hard to talk to you because he’s afraid of coming off too aggressive or you figuring it out 😔💔 good thing kindaichi reveals that you’re his older cousin and that you’ll be driving some of them to their next practice match because the volleyball team’s bus is out for a checkup!! 😍😘 oikawa, matsukawa and hanamaki all force him to sit shotgun as you drive (even kunimi and yahaba get in on it). iwaizumi grumbles about it and all but he’s secretly super happy he gets to be right next to you omg 👀😭 he takes a bunch of glances around the interior of your (parents’) car and sits a little straighter than he usually would.
he can feel the stares on the back of his head from the other third years egging him on to make a move and just when he works up the nerve to say something to you, you put the car in reverse to back out the parking spot and put your hand on the back of his seat 😳😤 iwaizumi thinks you look so cool AND HOT he clams up and just stares at you with his jaw slightly open 👁👄👁 💕pls save him 🤧
matsukawa: when a girl puts her hand up to yours and remarks on how yours is so much bigger you got randomly paired up with each other to do a presentation for your world history class and so you’re sitting next to each other on a saturday afternoon at the public library doing research together. matsukawa spent more time than he would like thinking about what to wear because he doesn’t want you to think that his fashion sense was as grotesque as the school’s khaki pants 😷🤢 (when you complimented him nonchalantly about how he looks a million times better in casual clothes compared to the school uniform and joking said that he should start a petition to get rid of the school’s ugly khaki plaid pants and skirts and use a photo of what he was wearing today as the main piece of evidence, he almost doubles over 💀)
you’re sitting next to each other and he’s still kinda reeling from the previous interaction ahjdalhd but he does his best to pull his weight. he’s taking notes in a notebook and you look over and comment out of the blue that his hands are really big as you look at yours 🤧👀 he blinks and looks at you like “yeah?” and you nod, putting your hand up and he does it too because he thinks he’s having a fever dream at this point, but not even in his wildest dream did he’’d ever think you’d push your palm against his and say “your hand is so big! 😳” he has to excuse himself to go to the washroom to scream 😘🥰❤️
hanamaki: when you’re sitting next to someone on public transport and the centrifugal force from the vehicle firmly mooshes the two of you together hanamaki pines for you silently and you can’t really tell he likes you because he’s pretty decent at keeping his emotions hidden. or maybe you’re just so busy with your senior year you don’t notice anything that isn’t the impending doom of university applications and keeping your grades up 😤😇 anyways the two of you get on and off at the same stop each day (which he secretly thanks god for 😭) and you’re sitting next to each other and hanamaki thinks he’s gonna combust because you’ve never been this close!! 🥺🥰
he can feel his hands getting sweaty already. hanamaki sneaks glances at you and tries to see what you’re doing on your phone LMFAO suddenly, the train lurches a bit and you slide from the inertia right into his side and then he can feel the warmth coming from your thighs, side and your shoulder are touching holy sh— 😭❤️😵👀💖 you look up to apologize as he takes a breath and you’re a little shy in your apology but he takes that chance to ask you about something mundane and he makes you laugh!!!! he thinks about the interaction for the next two weeks because he finally got to talk to you dhaskld ☺️🥺💕
kyoutani: when anyone raises their arms to stretch and their shirt gets lifted up slightly gym class—you’re doing timed runs today!! kyoutani is already finished with his so he’s just sitting off the side of the track, staring not-so-subtly at you but you don’t notice because it’s your turn next!! you’ve got the typical school mandated shorts and plain t-shirt on but kyou is all 👀 at your tastefully exposed skin. he thinks you look pretty with the sun hitting your face as you give a smile to your friend, squinting at the sun light 🥰
he’s just mindlessly staring at this point but then you raise your arms to stretch your triceps and the hem of your shirt rises up a little to expose the tiniest sliver of skin before it’s covered again 👁👁 his cheeks pink a little and you catch him looking LMFAO but you don’t think anything of it and just smile and wave as kyoutani burns bright red, heart battering against his ribs and looks away 😡🤡🥰💕 he saves it for future reference HURDURDUR 😇😛
ushijima: when a woman does that thing where she tucks her hair behind her ear while making direct eye contact ushijima is INTERESTED in you, likes you, is intrigued, would like to hold your hand and rub the back of your hand and feel the soft skin with his thumb—same thing 🥰 you’re talking to him about something for the cultural festival and he’s nodding along to what you’re saying because you’re so brilliant and responsible for working on the school festival committee wOW 🤩
time seems to move in slow motion as you look up him whilst tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. he zones in on the shy smile on your face, your cute cheeks, glossy lips and pretty eyes 🥺🥰 “ushijima-san?” “yes?” “what do you think?” “that’s a great idea, I will ask my team members for their input as well.” you nod exuberantly even though he has no idea what you’re talking about but your cute smile makes him all mushy on the inside 💖💕
semi: making eye contact with another customer at the grocery store around the same age it’s 2:11pm on a tuesday and semi’s at the grocery store because it’s summer and his mom was all “go to the store and buy these shimeji mushrooms for me, eita, they’re on sale!!! but only until 3pm so get skedaddling!” 😩 so he’s here and he swears housewives are the most powerful people on the planet because he thought he was gonna d-word just tryna get his discount mushrooms. he spots you in the condiments aisle looking at sesame oil and he gives you the up, down and lingers a little too long on your exposed legs 💀
he thinks you look really cute in your t-shirt and jean shorts though 🥰 when you look up and make eye contact with him and give him a little smile and wave he BLUSHES 🥺 and is right about to take the chance to talk to you but a granny hip checks him trying to get to the soybean paste and he almost trips and lands on his face 😔💔 so much for looking cool in front of you 😢🥺
tendou: having someone else play with your hair satori sees you on cleaning duty carrying the recycling to the bins as he finishes his runs around the school, about to make a turn to the gyms. he makes a beeline for you, calling your name with a bright smile on his face and waving his arms in the air. 🥰💞🥺
he bounds up to you and offers to help even though the bin is really light, cheeks warming at your smile 😊 when he takes the bin out of your hands , you wave your hand to get him to bend down. he complies, eyes widening when he feels your hand in his hair. he straightens up to see you holding onto a couple pieces of cherry blossom petals 🌸 he laughs bashfully; it feels like time has slowed and you’re the only two people in the world 💖💕
sakusa: if you’re on a pc/laptop, somebody leaning over your shoulder to look at the screen with you. the close proximity of your faces can feel awkwardly sexual you’re in the same kinesiology class and sakusa first noticed how GOOD your presentations are wtf and he’s even more impressed when he hears that you winged the whole thing because “i conveniently forgot about this until one in the morning when I decided it was a good time to reorganize your entire dorm room” ALSO you offered him hand cream the one time you caught him staring and against all reason he said yes and ever since he’s been dying to ask you where you got it from because HOLY was it nice 😍
you get paired up for the final pair presentation and he’s only become more interested in you! you’re easy to talk to and don’t pry too much and he finds himself oversharing at times 💀 the professor gives the class part of the lecture time to work on the projects so you’re sitting next to each other working when he asks you a question about the academic article he just found and you lean over his shoulder to look at his screen 👁👁 for anyone else, the close proximity of your faces would have grossed him out but he can’t stop thinking about how good you smell and how cute your ears look 👀🥰 when you tell him he’s found a really good source with an excited smile on your face, he BLUSHES and promptly wants to pass away because he has no mask on to cover him 🤡😭😵
sachiro: when you have a melting popsicle, there often comes a time where you must choose between eating it too quickly, or sucking it off so it doesn’t drip on you sachiro hums happily, holding your hand as the two of you walk home after your date and stopping at the convenience store where he buys the two of you popsicle sticks 😋
you’re talking about something funny you saw hoshiumi do in the class the other day when your popsicle drips onto you. you kitten lick at your hand and take the whole thing in your mouth to get rid of the more liquidy parts of your ice cream and sachiro is all 👁👄👁 he swallows thickly, cheeks warming and heart beating a little faster; why’s he suddenly so thirsty? 🥵💦🙈
gao: getting a strong whiff of somebody’s perfume when they pass you gao really wants to talk to you, like really really wants to talk to you 😖😭🙏 but you’re talking to your friends about something and the cute way you laughs and joke with them has him all 🥺🥰🤩
he’s about to walk up and join the conversation because let’s face it, gao isn’t afraid of much 🤧💀 too bad the teacher calls you back into the classroom about something. when you pass him, he gets a good whiff of your shampoo and his stomach flutters 😍😊🥺💕💖 follows you with sparkly eyes and wishes he made the choice to talk to you sooner 💔
futakuchi: bending over to pick up something you dropped kenji is watching (glaring) as you talk to one of the baseball team’s starting players 🤐 he’s so ticked but he doesn’t admit it like where does this guy get off making you laugh and smile like that wtf 😒🙄 luckily for kenji, the guy gets pulled away by the class rep for something so kenji calls your name to get you to look at him instead 😤
you come over and just as he’s about to stand up from his desk, he knocks over his eraser. you crouch down to pick it up and he finds himself really liking it 👁👁 he doesn’t get it either 🤡 like you aren’t bending and snapping—just folding your knees to get his eraser for him, but the way you tucked your hair behind your ear before you bent down so prettily has him ☺️😉🥵
terushima: when you’re eating and chatting with someone and they lick their lips yuuji pulled you away from your friends when it was time for lunch, wanting to spend more time with you one on one. he was so busy with volleyball and school lately 😞 and when he managed to get you to tell him how lonely you felt without him, he made it his mission to spend more time with you!!! 🥰😘💕
you’re eating together, sharing food and talking about everything and anything when he notices you lick your lips; he zones in on your little pink tongue as it swipes across your bottom lip 👁👁 “yuuji, you okay?” a hand on your cheek and suddenly, he’s kissing you. he tastes like the leftovers your mom packed you for lunch 🥰😋
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ashenwaste · 2 days ago
omg... (blushes) you noticed my knife??? (twirls hair) youre sooooo perceptive..... ahahah....
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depraved-empress · 2 days ago
Hi, can I request Akashi from knb beeing really strict ceo at his office work, like when he is an adult and his coworkers are afraid of him, it`s another busy day and his s/o decided to come and relax him a bit😉 maybe some praise kink and some blow job or whatever you want ehehe. And in the process his secretary will come to say something to him and he is all needy laying on his table and his s/o will something like shhhhh and wink ahahah thank you💙
Tumblr media
Cw: Dom fem reader, praise kink, blowjob, under the table
Tumblr media
You opened the door to Akashi's office, smiling at seeing him work. He looked up at the sound of the door opening and smiled gently when he saw you, beckoning to come in.
"Hello, darling," He said warmly as you approached him, hugging your waist and pulling you gently to sit on his knee.
You leaned over and kissed his cheek, smiling as you pull away.
"Hello, Sei."
"What brings you today?" He asked curiously. It was rare seeing you go to his company building. So he was a bit surprised that you showed up.
You raised your brow, dropping the lunch bag to his desk. "You forgot your lunch," You said a bit scoldingly.
He gave you an apologetic look, wincing slightly as he realized that he did indeed forgotten about it due to him rushing a bit earlier.
"Forgive me. I was in a rush this morning so I must have forgotten about it."
"I figured," You huffed, exasperated. "I know you're busy and all, Seijurou but you really shouldn't forget to take care of yourself."
"I know," He sighed. "Forgive me, darling. What would I do without you?"
"Go hungry," You teased.
He chuckled, watching you open the bag and grab the bento box inside along with chopsticks.
You opened the lid, grabbing the chopsticks, and grabbed a bit of rice with some tamagoyaki, offering it to him.
He leaned in, delicately chewing on it.
"It's delicious," He said after he swallowed.
"I sure hope so," You said amused. "The chef is the one who cooked after all."
He chuckled. "True. Though I must admit, I do miss you cooking for me."
"Oh?" You smiled at him. "Then I suppose I will as long as you're a good boy."
Akashi blushed slightly, feeling himself shiver at your words. You only ever say that at night and you saying it so blatantly while he's eating, well, his thoughts immediately went to imagine what you like to do to him.
You smirked, breathing into his ear. "Oh? Does my little Seijurou likes being called a good boy?" You purred in his ear.
"Yes," He breathed, hands gripping your waist tighter.
"Then be a good little boy Seijurou and I'll reward you," You purred, grinding your underwear on his thigh, leg between his, and rubbing his crotch.
Akashi moaned, looking at you with half-lidded eyes as you feed him while you rub him.
You continued feeding him lunch, rubbing his cock with your leg and cooing out, "Good boy," as he eats his food, a prominent blush now on his face.
When he finished all of the lunch on the bento, you smiled, kissing the corner of his lips.
"That's a good boy, Seijurou."
You dropped to your knees, unzipping his cock from his pants.
"W-wait... H-here...?" Akashi mumbled, gripping his armrest.
"Well, I did tell you that I'll reward you, right?" You smiled, mischief twinkling in your eyes.
You focused back on his cock, kissing the sides of his length, hearing him sigh in pleasure.
Teasingly, you licked the tip before swallowed it, sucking gently. Your hand brushed gently at his shaft, making him groan so prettily for you.
Finally, you swallowed him whole, fingers gripping his knee as you began to suck.
He moaned, shivering as your hot mouth enveloped his cock, sighing in pleasure and closing his eyes. He almost didn't hear the knock on the door but he did, snapping his eyes open.
"What?" He said irritated, glaring at the door.
"Akashi-sama," The voice of his assistant said nervously, obviously hearing his irritated tone. "I'm sorry but may I have a moment of your time? It's about the meeting with the shareholders."
Akashi growled beneath his breath, about to send his assistant away when you gripped his knee, raising an eyebrow at him and giving him a look, pulling back with a pop.
Let them in, you mouthed, smirking at him when he blushed lightly.
Breathing in deeply and assuming a poker face, he let them in with an irritated voice.
"Come in."
The assistant came in, bowing to him, and began to prattle off.
Meanwhile, you were still sucking his cock, bobbing your head slowly as you ignore the conversation.
Akashi gripped his armrest tightly, fighting the urge to moan aloud and blush at bay, focusing on his secretary's words.
Somehow, he managed to focus on it and when his secretary fell silent, he glared.
"Is that all?" He asked icily.
"Y-yes Akashi-sama. That's all."
Akashi glared harder at the nervous tone. "Then leave," He said with a clipped voice.
Bowing once again, his assistant practically bolted out of the office.
You pulled back, chuckling. "Irritated that much?"
He pouted slightly, not that it's noticeable. "They were interrupting my time with you."
You laughed slightly, taking his cock once again on your lips.
He relaxed, groaning as he felt heat swirl in his stomach and into his cock.
"G-gonna cum," He mumbled, eyes closing.
You rubbed his knee, assuring him that he can cum on your mouth.
He came with a breathy moan, head tilting back as he shoots his warm load in your mouth.
You swallowed it all, licking your lips as you placed his cock in his pants again. You sat again on his thigh, him planting a kiss on your lips.
"Thank you," He sighed, placing his head on the crook of your neck.
You placed a kiss on top of his head. "You were very good, Sei. Just perfect."
The two of you stayed in that position a couple more minutes before you decided to go, leaving him back to his work.
Tumblr media
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sakurahane · 3 days ago
Wip of Dazai 💛 I wanna kiss the paper 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
Dazai: Oh!! Oh my god what we have here!!
Me: *blushing* ehm...u weren't supposed to see this already..
Dazai: *pick the paper up to look closer*
Me: uhm....
Dazai: ...
Me: What do u think? *still blushing*
Dazai: *smiling* this is SUPERLATIVE Sakura-chan!! It looks even better than how I really am AHAHAH, and also LOOK!! You have done my suicide-gaze just perfect!! U have also done the bandages!! Ahhhhhhh...I feel so blessed!! *drama pose*
Me: Omg I'm so happy you like it!!! I'll uhm...I'll keep doing my best to finish it!! *smile*
Dazai: *give the paper back* *smile* Sure you will !!
*Dazai walks away meanwhile I keep coloring*
Dazai: *whisper to himself* You always do *smile*
Tumblr media
Ok I'll post maybe some fanfic or headcanons bout bsd since I'm in Otaku mode rn 👁👄👁 hope to finish the draw soon owo. I'm nosebleeding too much about Dazai rn djsbdjsbdh. Btw stay safe and luv u all like Dazai love suicide LOLOLOLOLOL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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golden-hellfire · 10 days ago
Allogrooming Asmo
I tried pretty damn hard not to make this smutty, Asmo makes that pretty hard ahahah hard
Part 1 - Belphie
Part 2 - Mammon
Part 3 - Beel
Part 4 - Levi
Part 5 - Simeon
WC: 617
“M/C! What is taking you so long!?” Asmo yelled as he entered the kitchen.
“What?” You hadn’t been in the kitchen for that long.
“You’ll groom all of them but not me,” he whined. “How can you not want your hands all over this beautiful body?” His fingers trailed over his hips.
“Oh,” you laugh. You had been waiting for this moment. “I thought you had it covered. Your brothers need help, you know that.”
“We aren’t talking about hygiene here, even though that has gotten better for them,” Asmo wrapped his arms around himself. “I need your touch,” his eyes flashed as he looked at you.
Mammon’s words ran through your head, it felt good for them. You laughed and echoed his first question, “What is taking you so long?”
“M/C,” Asmo purred as he pulled you close to him. “Is that all I needed to do?” He placed a kiss on your neck, “Please groom me.”
Your heart beat fast. Asmo was by far the most touchy of the brothers, sometimes you craved that. You closed your eyes as his lips danced over your neck.
“You’re so much fun today,” Asmo giggled as he pulled away from you. Your eyes opened and took in his demon form. He smiled as your gaze lingered on him. “Come here,” he said as he led you out of the kitchen.
“I don’t have my things,” you say as you remember your bag. “Let’s go to my room.”
“My dear, I’m offended,” Asmo said as we walked through the halls. “I’m far too beautiful to use the same products as my brothers.” He giggled again, “Let’s go to my room.” You entered his room and went to sit on his bed but Asmo waggled his finger at you as he pulled you into his bathroom.
Asmo worked on filling the bath, filling it with oils and different bubble bath mixes. The many different smells started to hurt your nose. Luckily he wasn’t adding anymore to the water.
“Wait!” You screamed as Asmo took off his shirt. You turned around when he started to unbutton his pants. Why didn’t you think this is what was going to happen? Why draw a bath if no one is going to get in it
Water sloshed in the big tub, “You don’t have to join me. It'd be a lot more fun if you did.” Asmo smiled brightly as you turned around. His fingers trail along the pillowey bubbles that hide his body from your sight. “Come here,” he commands. Even if his magic doesn’t work on humans you could feel it beckoning you to the tub.
You sit on the edge of the bathtub. Words escaped you as you took in the Avatar of Lust. For a demon he was very patient with you. His sin… He didn’t need to be that patient. You reached out and ran your hand through his honey hair.
“Mmm… Give me more of your touch M/C,” Asmo moaned as he looked up at you.
You blushed at his words but worked your hands to his horns. Your fingers circled around his horns until you reached their pink tip. Mammon’s words echoed in your head as your hands moved.
“M/C,” Asmo said, his voice was deep. “Unless… Unless you want to join, go.”
“Oh,” you stood up. That was sudden. “I guess I’ll see you later.” You made your way to the door, maybe he’d let you actually groom him some other time.
You open the door to his room and hear his voice mumble from the bathroom, “How could they not take them right then and there.” You blush as you exit.
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ticklishnonsense · 11 days ago
Please, can we just talk about this?
For the meme thingy
"Please," Veth rushes out, "can we just talk about th-eeeeh!"
Veth, who married her high school sweetheart, had never really had an occasion to consider if she might not be strictly straight until she joined up with the Nein. Until suddenly she was acquainted with Yasha's biceps and Beau's sleazy lines and Jester's proud bisexuality and the simmering tangle of romantic interests between the other three women and yeah, Veth isn't generally involved in the romantic entanglements amongst the group but that doesn't mean her heart doesn't fly up into her throat when Beau pulls shit like, for example, pinning Veth's wrists above her head in one firm human-sized grip and snickering down at her as she- "Ahahah! Fuck, fuck, shihihit, fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou-"
"Thought you had something to say," Beau growls, low and raspy despite the note of playfulness in it. Veth squirms, giggles, curses. Beau looks unbearably smug, and it's kind of doing it for her, even with the hand clawing mercilessly at her ribs. "Go ahead, Veth," says Beau, and smirks down at her. "Talk."
Veth tries, she fucking tries, but she's blushing for, like, ten different reasons and Beau's leaning closer in a way she probably thinks is intimidating and, well, it is, but also it's - fuck - Veth yanks at her wrists, in one last-ditch effort to free them so she can cover her face. There's nothing, of course there's nothing, and Veth gives up and just whines at her.
Beau chuckles darkly. "Have it your way," she says, and helps Veth further along the path to complete incoherency by going for the armpits.
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159potterhead · 13 days ago
(Tumblr is stupid it doesn't notify me when you post in this tag)
**Recieves the kiss from my love🥰🥰🥰
(Have you read that destiel fic four letter word for intercourse coz in that fic Cas calls Dean good boy and I can't help but think of it coz you're calling me baby girl)
(I really need to ask this) Am I your good baby girl?🥺
What's that supposed to mean? Stop winking I'm blushing. I like the way you talk. My, oh my, looks like you're the whole package. Are you trying to make me coffee so I'll stay up all night cuddling with you?🤔☕
You are so soooo sweet 😘Yess. I will love to make you some instant noodles.
We're definitely having movie nights but I'm not sure I'll be awake the whole time I may fall asleep on your shoulder and I will be grumpy when you try to leave. If you wanna leave and crawl back in your house or go to bed you might as well carry me there too coz I'm very clingy.
Those are some movie but I haven't watched lot of them (yk how I haven't heard all of the English songs the same goes for movie I've seen the popular ones or the ones which they show over here) Can we also see them in our movie nights?
(That song fits so well with us and the whole thing ✨✨)
(While writing this my professor was calling me out and I was like hold on a second dude I'm in a middle of something over here. I need to write a love letter to my soulmate)
Sometimes I really feel the need to go screaming down the streets I've found my soulmate. It doesn't matter if she's half the way across the world coz most people haven't found one so on the brightside I'm ahead of them. That counts as a win I guess.
🎶 But it's just the price I pay destiny is calling me open up my eager eyes 'Cause I'm Mr. Brightside🎶
(babe want me to punch tumblr for you?)
(I’ve heard of it but i’m too scared to read it aah. I bet you know the struggle. and whaaat shdjsksk🙊😆💞)
yes. yes you are. you are my good baby girl<3
please don’t ask💀😭 you say stop winking, I see it as an invitation to wink more ;))) how come? cause I like the way you talk! no joke, I read your asks out loud to myself and I literally smile and laugh, like... you really do that! ahahah maaaaaybe👀🤫
yesss!! watch out everyone, my girl’s instant noodles will slay all of your instant noodles😌🤚🏼
I don’t mind you sleeping on my shoulder;) but be careful, I will be playing with your hair🤷🏻‍♀️ I could do that... or... I could stay the night...
aah then i’ll be sure to play all of them for you, my beloved<3 and in exchange, read me lotr✨
(hsjsksk I can’t!!💕😆 also wait you see these as love letters??🥺💕💕💞💞💖 quit making me love you more)
I feeeel you!! And yes that’s a very big win! and who knows maybe we will meet...❤️
🎶baby...put your head on my shoulder🎶💕
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otomiya-tickles · 14 days ago
Congrats on 4.6K followers!!! I hope.yoj are well and had a good holiday!
For the pairing and location: Yuri & Otabek on a plane :) lee!Yuri if possible
Speedwriting drabbles! ✨ [entries closed! please send no more^^] - Yaaay thank you so much!!!*0* and omg otayuri bless you for requesting this ship, I miss them a lot! 
Tumblr media
Yuri curled up in his seat - he wasn’t even that tall but his legs already felt super uncomfortable, too small, too narrow, too ー
“Ugh why economy class! This was such a bad idea!” he cried out in frustration. Call him spoiled, but after getting used to traveling in luxury, this sure as hell was a downgrade. Not just economy class. Budget economy class. 
Yuri huffed in annoyance to see Otabek dryly take out his little notebook he used to count Yuri’s economy-complaints on. “That’s already your 6th and we are barely up in the sky,” Otabek said, chuckling at Yuri’s miserable attitude.
“Yeah? Well, you’ve got many more to come,” Yuri said cockily. He kicked off his shoes and tried to curl into his seat again, his legs feeling longer than ever. Otabek put away his notebook again and he shook his head, leaning over him.
“Nah, I think you’ve complained plenty. Come here,” Otabek sighed, and Yuri was unprepared to suddenly have one of Otabek’s arms around him, and Otabek pinned him firmly so that Yuri was almost leaning into the airplane window.
“What’s up?” Yuri growled, glaring at Otabek, whose smirk made Yuri feel butterflies that swarmed around his stomach to send out fluttery warnings. 
“Just gonna make you stop complaining that’s all,” Otabek said casually, and Yuri’s eyes widened when he felt sneaky fingers finding their way under his sweater. He tensed up, trying to squirm away, but Otabek held him steadily.
“N-no. Not here,” he whispered. Otabek shrugged. “Stop complaining and I might not,” he replied. Yuri shook his head furiously. “I’ve got all right to complain! Look how cramped this is! This jolly vacation was your idea but this budget flight is-AHAH!” Yuri jolted when Otabek’s fingers mercilessly tickled him. But no, he refused to give in! 
Bringing up his hand to his lips to push back the giggles, he glared at Otabek who continued to fondle his bare torso under his sweater. “Don’t you dare,” he warned, but Otabek simply replied, “you know when we travel for fun we shouldn’t spend money needlessly.” 
“Needlessly?! AHAhah! N-no Bekahaha!” Yuri was not fast enough to cover up and block his next few giggles. He even noticed some people turning their heads, and he blushed. Otabek was quiet, he only shook his head, and Yuki wished he could just parachute the hell outta here-- his boyfriend officially went into full tickle monster mode.
“EEHehhmphhH!” Yuri shoved his own arms into his face, even biting in his sweater as he fought his hysterical reactions to Otabek’s merciless tickling. Not that it helped much. Otabek held him down effortlessly and now scratched at his bare tummy.
“Is everything alright?” They looked up to see the flight attendant look at them. “Yeah, all fine!” Otabek said. That bastard had found the perfect angle which made it totally not obvious that he was wrecking Yuri beneath his sweater with those evil fingers.
“Alright then!” she said after Yuri gave a few hysterical nods. “Y-you’re the wohohorst!” he whined when the woman left and Otabek could wreck him as he pleased.
“Hmm no. You are,” Otabek said, smirking. He then wiggled his fingers towards Yuri’s sides until he had him wheezing breathlessly. His legs tried to kick him, but Otabek even managed to snatch one of his ankles and tickled Yuri’s socked foot until Yuri lay weakly in his seat, gasping for breath.
“I give,” he panted. Otabek nodded. “You do?” he asked, and Yuri let out a tired whine when Otabek poked his side.
“I dohoho,” he giggled, swatting Otabek’s hand away. Yuri was super aware that people were looking and that by this time it was obvious that Otabek was tickling him-- surely not all of that was as subtle as Otabek managed in the first half of the relentless torture.
“Will you stop complaining?” Otabek asked. Yuri nodded again, blushing and pouting. “Yeah,” he said, still breathing heavily. Otabek smiled, a damn attractive smile, and he ruffled Yuri’s hair. 
“Good.” And that was that. No more complaints came from Yuri, and when he - after flying for a while - dared to stretch his legs out to Otabek’s side for more comfort (yes, he was going to kick him if he dared to tickle him again), and leaned back, enjoying the ice cream they were provided, he thought maybe it wasn’t all that bad. 
Especially when he felt so tired from that embarrassing tickle attack that he fell asleep, and woke up at their destination. Yes. Let the vacation begin! 
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dracoismypatronus · 14 days ago
Magic Inside Part 1
Summary: where the reader, has spent all her life living in the muggle world going from foster home to foster home since she’s never met her parents, but she’s aware of her magic abilities she knows that she’s special and that she can do unusual things. She will eventually be discovered and be sent to Hogwarts and find love.  
(knowing my hoe ass self its probably going to be Draco x YN, but I'll make it interesting don't worry, leave your comments and send messages)
Tumblr media
It was raining again, I quite liked that, the Oswalds house was in a freenzy as usual so I could not enjoy the lovely music of the rain against the window, Mrs. Oswald so I knew that my peace was not long lived.
I got up from bed, it was 8:30 am when I heard her scream from down stairs: - Wake up! I need you to go get some eggs for the kids breakfast! Come on now be useful! 
The Oswalds had 5 children including me, I had been living with them for 4 months, all their children were foster children, we could say they were getting a good paycheck out of it and when it came to their jobs Ms. Oswald did Nails and Mr Oswald worked for a sketchy car selling company, but I can’t bitch about it, until now, in all my 17 almost 18 years of living on this earth they have been the nicest family I’ve lived with, and they are pretty shitty, so you can make up your mind on what those other families were like, I guess I’ll explain all of that one day, all the trauma, not today, not now, now I have to go get eggs. 
I get up look around my small room for something to wear, and end up picking just the regular black skinny jean with boots and hoodie, just easy and comfy, go down stairs get the money from Mrs Oswald and head to the store.
I dont take my umbrella. I welcome the rain how it slowly kisses my skin, its not raining that much now, so its ok.
I arrive to the store and Pascal, a nice guy a year older welcomes me as usual.
-Forgot your umbrella eh?
-Nah we could say I wanted to take a quick easy shower.
I turn around and look for the 6 eggs that Mrs. Oswald told me to buy I pick the bigger ones since I now my brothers and sisters are always hungry specially little Alice and Avery.
-So….hmmm… Do you…
*-Do you have a date for prom, please come with me!-*
-No i don’t have a date!
-but I dine even finish my sentence… how did you…. Ahahah never mind I’m just too predictable never mind… anyways…. - he blushes awkwardly
SHIT it happened again… ok ok act cool 
I turn around with my eggs ready to pay
-Its on the house!
-Oh thank you, but I insist, you your boss would kill you, have a nice weekend!- I smile and give him a big awkward handshake.
 On my way back home, all I could think was about the accident, it happened again! I can’t believe it, this is not a joke anymore, this is real, and I have to get to the bottom of this.
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yawning-bitch · 16 days ago
unnamed bc titles suck
More afterlife wilbur tickles bc i have no self control Word count: 700+ Includes feet tks, warning
Wilbur jumped when he felt something prod his side; a surprised squeak escaped him as he dropped the cards he was holding.
“Who—“ He snarled, turning towards where the feeling came from, but saw no one there. Mexican Dream, who sat across from him raised an eyebrow, while Schlatt blinked questioningly.
“Who did t—tHAHAT—“ He gave a bark of laughter, curling in on himself. It felt like someone was vibrating into his ribs, but he couldn't see anyone around. The teasy feeling went to his sides, clawing at them and producing high pitched giggles.
The brunette squirmed in place, his blue (they turned blue in the afterlife) eyes wide with shock and embarrassment, lips twitched upwards into a broad smile. He fell on his back laughing his heart out and blushing furiously. The other two were looking at him as if he was mad!
Another pair of hands drilled into his hips, forcing out an embarrassing high pitched squeal. His hands went down to protect the bad spot, but it completely didn’t work, the touches continued without faltering.
Then it all suddenly clicked, it was Ghostbur who was being tickled right now and the touches were travelling to Wilbur! And Ghosbur being the lee he is wouldn’t fight back at all out of enjoyment.
“Na— NAHAHAH GHOSTBUHUR—!” He called out; he knew the ghost couldn’t hear him, but it was less confusing now that he understood.
“Ghostbur?” Schlatt raised an eyebrow, watching Wilbur’s quick nod and hysterical laughter. He was still confused, as was Mexican Dream, but they exchanged a glance, shrugged, and went back to their game.
The touches went down his legs, clawing at his thighs. His laughter calmed, but then gave a small gasp when he felt the hands on his knees, simply resting there. His face heated up, he fucking hates anticipation.
After a few moments of the hands resting on his knees and his loud gasping for breath, both of them gave a squeeze to the kneecaps. Wilbur gave a loud, embarrassing shriek, making Schlatt and Mexican Dream cover their ears.
"NAHAHAH IT TIHIHICKLES--" his laughter was at one of the loudest points, and after a few more merciless squeezing, his voice grew wheezy and breathless. "AHAHA-- I CAHAHANT--"
The tickling slowed, allowing him to take in deep, greedy breaths of air. He could practically hear Ghostbur's cheerful voice telling the lers that that wasn't his worst spot.
He let out a giggly groan, tilting his head back in embarrassment and a blue blush dusting his cheeks.
Schlatt and M.D were now both grinning at him; they were confused as to why he was laughing so much but they came to light after he squealed out that it tickled.
a set of teasy fingers began working on his tummy again, the touches light and relaxing, making him melt slightly into the floor, giggling.
The other ler seemed to magically phase through his boot (he probably didnt feel him working on Ghostbur's boots because of the tickles on his tummy), nails scribbling circles on his sole.
The new tickle spot made him snort and curl up, giggles pitching up into hearty laughter. His face heated up; that spot was so fucking flustering and what for.
The fingers on his tummy slowly danced their towards his navel; Wilbur failed to notice, though, because the tickles on his sole ( now scribbling on his arch and the balls of his foot and driving him up the damn wall ) he didn't realize what was going to happen next until it was too late.
"NAHA--IHI--AHAHAH--!" Laughter exploded from him when a single finger hooked into his navel, vibrating mercilessly. Poor Soot lost his shit, fists pounding on the floor as he bucked and cackled and squealed with hysterics the loudest they had been since it started.
"IHI CAHANT--" he couldn't even form proper sentences, twisting back and forth to escape that single evil finger but to no avail.
Finally, after about 10 seconds his laughter went silent as he fell limp, simply curling up and suffering breathless wheezes. Ghostbur must have had the same reaction as him because the tickles on both spots slowed to a stop. He didn't feel anything else after that, so he lay there greedily gasping for breath and suffering cute after-giggles.
'Fuck Ghostbur,' he cursed the innocent ghost in his mind.
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alythekitten · 16 days ago
Hullo! I love your art so much!
Dunno if anyone's asked but I got a few questions if that's okay?
How did your artstyle develop? What, in your opinion, was your biggest influence?
What's your favourite piece you've done to date? What (if any) is the reason why?
What's your favourite trope?
Also just a random one tacked onto the end, if you had a Quirk what would it be?
Again, love your stuff! I smile whenever I see your art appear on my dash. :3
Hey darling! Is super ok, and of anyone has questions I'll be glad to answer!
Well about my art style, I started from manga when I was a kid, then in art school I increased my skills with more realistic subjects, and that was hella important, even learning about different medias was a big point.
Tumblr media
I went ahead and drew a lot in Marvel and The Hobbit fandom, in both digital (you can find some art here on Tumblr) and traditional, like watercolors.
Tumblr media
and once in university I studied fashion design, so my style changed again. After that I drew a lot of Drag Queens from Rupaul's Drag Race, in super watercolors style xD
Tumblr media
Aaaand the I totally fell into "embroidery art", where I basically drew on Canvas with pencil and watercolors and then sew on it ✨
Tumblr media
Then, bad days I wasn't able to do anything so just doodling on post-it or quick stuff
Tumblr media
Then I worked for a fashion brand, so I have only stuff from work from that moment, but I still like them, obv in 2020 I lost my job and here came the reeeeeal bad depression, when I could not draw anything, even a line.
Tumblr media
Until now, when I joined mha fandom and came back drawing (and to life, I can say) 😌
Thennnn... My biggest influence at the beginning were anime and mangas, I red a lot of them in my childhood and teenage years, so definitely: my biggest boost, especially Dragon ball. After that I have to say I went into Schiele a lot, just loved the emotions he can yell trought the canvass, just amazing.
Hum I really can't pick a particular piece, the pics above are basically the hightest points of rispective "periods" so I'm gonna stick with them, but also recently I am super proud of this, I dunno it turned out exactly how I wanted xD
Tumblr media
Hum then... Sorry if I misunderstood the question about tropes, I think I like the "friend to lover" thing, that is basically the biggest hint for KiriBaku, and otherwise if you meant "tropes" into an artistic view I can say I love drawing them blushing, even just a little, so I put a little blush in every picture ahahah :)
Oh! And for the quirk I'd love to have something related to water, something like Kota (son of the duo water hose) but related to cold-hot water, something like a steam explosion 😆 like a geyser, would be amazing ✨
Thank you again for all the questions! It was fun to ask!
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queenoftea · 17 days ago
The Alphabet Game!
Warning everybody! This is a tickle fanfiction of Ochaco and Midoriya from My Hero Academia! Enjoy!
“Hey, Deku! Pass the remote?”
Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka were hanging out together in Deku’s dorm, because since they were dating now they wanted to get it know eachother better. So whilst everybody else was asleep, Ochaco had crept over to his dorm room so they could watch a movie and have fun together. But, despite all the good reviews, watching IT wasn’t as interesting as they thought it would be. “Oh! Yes, Uraraka-San.” Replied the green boy, handing the remote to her. “Thanks!” She said, pausing the TV. “Hey, watch this! Hey Deku...Everybody floats down here. So come on down. You’lllll floaaaat tooooooo.” She giggled, using her quirk to propel herself into the air for a practical joke she had been thinking up. Deku released a bubbly and adorable little noise into the room. Uraraka’s mind whirred. That was so cute! “Haha, Urarakahah! That was a good one!” He squeaked, falling off the couch and falling stomach first onto the floor. Ochaco decided she wanted to take advantage of that! So, just as Deku was about to rise from the floor, Ochaco released herself down onto his back, making him wheeze. “UrghH Uraraka Saan....” Deku mumbled, winded. “Hey, Deku! Want to play the alphabet game?” She asked with mischief in her voice. “What’s that, Ochaco?” Deku asked, trying his best to raise his head. Lucky this carpet was soft... “It’s where I draw a letter on your back with my fingernail and you have to guess what it is!” She giggled. Deku held in his gasp. He already knew from those fateful words that that was probably going to tickle. A lot. So, trying his best to protect his own ticklish self, he replied. “Umm, No thankyou Ochaco! Can you get off me pleaheheheahahease!” He replied, before dissolving into a puddle of giggles halfway through his sentence. “Let’s just try it! Come on, what’s this letter?” She said, dragging her fingernail over his sensitive back. “Eeheheeheehee, OchaHAHAho! StAhAP!” He squealed, unable to hide his ticklishness. “Oh Deku! That’s wrong! Were you guessing e? Or are you just...oh!” She exclaimed, raising her hands for a half second. Deku panted for breath. “Are you.....ticklish?” She squeaked. Deku squealed, and he felt blush creeping to his ears. “Uhumm....No! Of course not! What makes you..UhuH think that?” He desperately said, drumming his feet on the carpet nervously. “Oh, only because you laugh a lot when I do this...” Ochaco raised a nail and scribbled the letter ‘M’ on his back. “EhEehEehaahahaha! StOhahahp IhIhit!” Deku shrieked. “Come on, Midoriya! Is it a P? a Q? Do you knoowwww?” Uraraka teased lovingly. “Come onnn~” “Ihihihit’s ahahah...HAHA W! IT’S AHAHAHA W!!!” Deku cried in between uncontrolable laughter. “That’s....WRONG! Be prepared!” Uraraka squealed. Deku gave a frightened squeak. Her cute teasing would be the death of him! Slowly, Uraraka pulled up his shirt and traced letters over his sides, causing a fountain of giggles to pour from his mouth. “A, b, c, d, e,f,g!” She said, scribbling, pinching and kneading his sides whilst saying so. Deku couldn’t stand the soft touch and tickly feeling of her fingernails torturing his exposed mid-section. He had just about lost his shit, when....”Okay Deku! Be right back!” Uraraka said out of nowhere, and leapt off of him, leaving a sodden Izuku bathing in sweat, and panting on the floor. He then realised, he had a chance to escape! Crawling around his dorm, he hid in his bathtub from her. “OKAY IZUKU I JUST NEEDED A PEN!!! Oh! Where did you go....” Ochaco said, lost. “Awww...” She huffed. Izuku thought about this. Maybe he could give her a, sacraficing himself for the greater good and ego of Uraraka....
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tickling-giggles · 25 days ago
That’s what friends are for (HxH)
Tumblr media
Summary: Gon was upset about a previous battle how he felt useless when he wasn’t able to defeat an enemy to protect his friends, feels like a bad person his friends notice and help him realize his friend don’t think he’s a bad friend because of that.
Author’s Note: i know it’s a gif from the 1999 one but you should still get the gist (I love the way everyone says Killua in the 1999 one 😂😂)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
After the Phantom troupe attacked the Cemetery Building they decided to hangout together like when they first met before kurapika has to go back to his boss.
They were in a hotel in Yorknew Leorio and kurapika were chilling in their room when Killua came in.
“Hey guys” Killua says Leorio looks and doesn’t see Gon “Hey Killua where’s Gon” he asked.
Which made kurapika look up from the book he was reading “Yeah where is Gon normally you guys are together ” Kurapika states.
“Oh I woke up early for some odd reason and he was still sleep so I went skateboarding to kill some time” he answered.
“Oh I see” Kurapika understands “Well we should check on him” Leorio recommends.
“Yeah we should” kurapika agreed as he followed leorio and Killua out of their room.
“Hey we should walk around and explore YorkNew “Killua suggested “Yeah that would be nice” Leorio agrees “Yeah pretty sure gon will agree” kurapika also agrees.
“Room 506” Killua reads as he puts the key in the lock.
They walk into Gon and Killua’s room to see Gon still in the bed.
“Hey Gon” Leorio says happily, no response “Uh Gon?” Kurapika says slightly confused as he turns the room lights on “Is he still sleep?” Kurapika turns to killua as they start to walk over to the bed.
“Hey gon?” Killua says softly as he pulls the covers slowly off of him revealing Gon .
“Oh hey guys what’s up?” He said trying to sound like he usually would. Kurapika and Killua notices how red gons eyes are “Gon what’s upsetting you” Killua says sitting down on the bed
“Oh nothing what we’re you going to say” he smiles half-heartedly at them as he sits up “That’s not important now we want to know what made you sad” Leorio retaliates
“ Leorio is right you’re eyes are red and we know that you’ve rested up the only other reason was from tears” Kurapika explains
“Gon what’s bugging you?” Killua ask as he puts his hand on his shoulder gon tucks his knees to his chest and looks away from them. Then kurapika thinks about their previous fight
“I-.....I’m sorry you guys” he apologized as he starts tearing up “What did you do?” Leorio says confused “I’m sorry for not being able to help you and Killua last night I froze up while you guys were on the verge of death” he confessed as tears ran down his face.
“Gon...” Killua says understanding what he felt “And I made kurapika go past his limit while he was severely injured... I-I’ve been a bad friend even worse a bad hunter” struggling to say.
Killua,Kurapika,and Leorio look up at eachother trying to figure out what to do to cheer him up when Killua gets and idea and looks back at Leorio and Kurapika.
Kurapika and Leorio look at eachother trying to figure out what his idea is “ugh” Killua rolls his eyes “remember what he does to cheer us up” he whispers quietly as he possibly could they look back at eachother and gasp in realization then look at back at Killua giving him the go then they pounce on him.
“AHH y-you guys what was that for?” Gon says sad but confused as Leorio pinned his arms while Kurapika pinned his ankles.
“What did I tell you about sulking over mistakes” Killua says cheekily as he starts poking at gons sides“Killuahaha s-stohohop it what are yohohohohu guys doing gehehet off” he says through his giggles “sure but you have to promise us something” Kurapika says “Hahaha whahahat is it” he giggled “you have to promise to not call yourself a bad friend or hunter” kurapika says sounding somewhat demanding.
“Got it Gon” Leorio chimes in “or else this will happen every time” Killua teases as he starts scribble gons stomach “killuAHAHAHA NAOHOHOHO IM SORREHEHE AHAHAHAHA!” he screeched.
Killua stopped for a second leaving Gon breathing heavy “you never answered my question” Killua says trying to intimidate him.
”I hehehehe AHH KURAHAHAHPIKAA NAOHOHOHOHO EHEHEHE *squeals* AHAHAHA ST-STAHAHAP!” Gon squeals as kurapika takes down his feet.
“You never answered my questions either” kurapika teases as he stop.
“You guhuys are ehevil” he giggled “Oh so we’re evil hUh? I’ll show you evil” Leorio jokes as he starts to knead into Gon’s ribs.
“WAHAHAIT ihi I’m SAHAHREhehe” Gon laughs regretting what he said “tell me Gon what did I tell you about sulking over mistakes” Killua demanded for an answer before rapidly squeezing his sides “KIlluahahahAha said to nohot thIHIHINK abohout it!” He managed to answer.
“And what did I say” kurapika sang going back to raking his feet.
Gon lost it.
“Do you think Gon wants a raspberry” kurapika teasingly asks “ i dunno” Killua answers acting clueless “he still looks like he’s sad” Leorio jokingly pouts.
“Don’t wait? Ok” Killua says before he inhaled and blowed a fat raspberry on Gon’s stomach.
Leorio and kurapika came to a quick halt Gon barley getting time to catch his breath before Gon immediately falls back into deep laughter again while Killua blew small raspberries.
“Haha Killua let him breath” Leorio says as him and kurapika get off of him “Thanks you guys” Gon thanked them “Gon you don’t need to thank us that’s what friends are for” kurapika stated “yeah Gon besides we all wouldn’t have became friends if not for you” Leorio adds.
“haha you snorted hahahaha”Killua laughs a him “Shut up Killua it wasn’t even funny ”Gon says blushing a little “haHAHAHA he sounded like a pig AHAHAHA!”
“Oh yeah you think ihit’s funny hUH? I’ll give you something to laugh at” Gon says as he pounces on Killua and starts tickling his ribs.
“Huh? AHAHAH GOHON YOU JEHEHERK STAHAHAP!” “No you wanted to laugh so I’m giving you something to laugh about” he reminds him.
“Well at least he’s happy” Leorio says relived “Leorio you sound so out of character” Kurapika chuckles “Oh I’ll show you how out of character I can be” Leorio says teasingly before pouncing on him.
Starting to drill into kurapikas hips “ah leOHORIOHO NAOHOHO!”
“Apologize Killua” Gon demands IHIHI CAHAHAN’T HAHAHAHA” “Fine I see I’m being to nice” he teases “NAOHOHOHO IHIM SAHAHARRY IM SORREHE!” he pleaded as gon stopped.
“Thanks for bringing me back to my senses Killua ” Gon says happily “ah you’re so embarrassing idiot” he says avoiding to look a Gon.
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knight-queen · 26 days ago
Lunatic Parade Kou Mukami– (Chapter 3)
Tumblr media
Place: Saint Nore Park / サントノレパーク通り
Tumblr media
Yui: (Huh? What am I doing in this place…?)
???: M-neko chan, why’re you spacing out?
Yui: Kou kun…? When did we come here…?
Kou: You don’t know...we’ve been always here since we moved into the Demon World.
It’s because the parade of this year is way livelier than ever. I don’t even get bothered about which place to visit.
Let’s build up a bunch of memories here ♪
...Have you forgotten about our promise?
Yui: Err…
(Let’s see…?)
*BG turns black*
Tumblr media
Kou: M-neko chan ♪
Place: Hotel • Mortstein, Guest room / ホテル•モーントシュタイン客室 
Tumblr media
Yui: Nh…
Kou: Ah, you’re finally awake then.
Yui: (Ooh, I see now...that was just a dream.)
Kou: You were putting on such a pleasant sleeping face...what kind of dream you saw?
Yui: It was with you. We were visiting the parade together.
Kou: Wah, you serious? I’m so glad.
We gotta try our best so that we'll be able to do something like that.
Yui: Yes!
Kou: 一Well then, now that you mentioned
We have to make Earl admit that we’re the absolutely worthy ones to have those treasures.
And for that...I thought to thank the person who helped us regarding our issues.
In order to put it...Even though it’s not related to Earl, I'm willing to apologize.
At that time, I was so irritated that I ended up behaving like a kid.
Since there were also moments when he helped you too.
So for these, let’s go there?
Yui: Sure…!
Place: Glimmer Main Street / グリンマーストリート表通り
Tumblr media
Yui: ーOh Kou kun. Since we’re going to thank them so you’ll get any souvenir?
Kou: Ah, sounds great.
What it could be...that he likes.
*BG Flash back*
Underground Dweller A: On the way back from the ‘Zafia store’...
*BG back to normal*
Kou: ...That time, he mentioned the name of a sweet shop I believe.
Then, what about getting a delicious cake for him?
Yui: I also wanted to mention that.
Kou: Then it’s decided!
Let’s get one from that shop which’s around here.
Place: ‘The fear’ Confectionary Shop / ザフィーア菓子店
Tumblr media
Yui: (Wah...There are a lot of delicious cakes out here!)
Kou: There’re so many that I may get puzzled in choosing one…
Clerk: Welcome here! Which cake you would like toー
…! Y- You are...could it be you are Mukami Kou san…
Kou: Fufu, exactly.
You know, I wanna buy the most delicious cake of this shop. ...Would you mind telling me which one is it?
Clerk: A- alright then!
*She runs to get the cake*
Clerk: I- it’s this one! Only one left, since it is one of the limited restrictions. This is called the sponge cake specially baked for the parade!
Kou: Aww, thank you. Then I will purchase it.
Clerk: Y- yess!
Place: Glimmer Street, Front of Wagon Main Street / グリンマーストリート表通りワゴン前
Tumblr media
Kou: Phew, glad that we made it to get the last one!
Yui: (As you’d expect from Kou kun…)
Kou: Aight, with these our preparation is bang on! Let’s go then?
Yui: Mhm!
Place: Underground Corridor / 地下回廊
Tumblr media
Kou: Err...I’m sure he was right ahead.
Yui: Perhaps he is not here by now. Where did he head up then….
Kou: Maybe you get the point but...let’s search a bit more anyways一
Underground Dweller A: Huh, you guys are…
Kou: Ah ♪
Yui: Oh!
Underground Dweller A: So it’s you from before...why are you here again?
Kou: That’s because…
I thought of thanking you at least.
...I am so sorry for the earlier.
Thank you for helping me, plus her as well.
We really appreciate that.
Yui: Let me express my gratefulness too. Really, thank you so much…!
Underground Dweller A: You two…
There was no one who thanked this much to someone like me who is unfortunately living underground.
...Likewise, thank you. It turned out to be embarrassing but I’m glad.
*Kou is blushing*
Kou: ...By the way, this is for you.
Underground Dweller A: Th- this is!
Tumblr media
The special sponge cake…! It’s said that you’ll be filled with happiness if you eat it…!
Yui: I- I see now!
Underground Dweller A: Yeah, and...your boyfriend
Thanking back that this face is very’re famous in this Demon World too, right?
Kou: Yes? Well, a little bit.
Underground Dweller A: Don’t low-rank yourself. Even I know you, it means you’re really a famous person.
Hang on there from now as well.
I’m not the only one who is looking forward to your important roles.
I’m supporting you.
Kou: Th-thank you…*blushing*
Yui: (Fufu, Kou kun’s unusual side is getting revealed…)
Place: Glimmer Street, Aizen Alley / グリンマーストリートアイゼン横丁
Tumblr media
Yui: It’s good that we thanked him properly.
Kou: Yes.
I was the one to apologize to him, so it was a weird feeling to get cheered up by him.
Well...I also gotta do my best in my idol-jobs.
一That being said…
Let’s go to meet that manager.
Yui: By manager you mean...the person who wanted to perform on the stage?
Kou: Yup.
He was pretty rude with you, so I wasn’t in the slightest mood to accept his offer or whatever but…
But he is being troubled for my last-minute cancellation I guess?
That’s why…
Yui: Kou kun...But you don’t really want to do that right?
Kou: Well yes. To be honest, I have no intention to do that.
Kou: Waa…!
Vampire Child G: Uwaa!?
Kou: ーOops…
Yui: (Ah, the child was close to getting hit! It’s a relief that Kou kun held him in time…)
You are not hurt?
Vampire Child G: N- no…
Tumblr media
I know this big-brother!
Kou: Eh?
Vampire Child G: You’re the idol brother!
You’re so cool! You’re incredible!
Vampire Child H: Wah! I’m so lucky!
*Hugs Kou*
Yui: (W- wow! He’s very popular even to these Demon World’s children)
Lady: Hey stop these, your big-brother is being angry right?
Vampire Child G: It’s because I want him to play with us!
Vampire Child H: That’s right! If we don’t hold him firmly, he’ll go away somewhere else!
Lady: Seriously, you guys are…
….I’m so sorry for putting you into these.
Tumblr media
They’re being so much overjoyed since it’s the first time for them to visit the parade.
Since they usually stay in the orphanage, they were not supposed to meet a famous idol like Kou kun…
Kou: Orphanage…
Yui: (I see...meanwhile this person is their instructor.)
Orphanage’s Instructor: But I can’t allow them to bother you more than this.
ーAlright everyone. Let’s move on!
Vampire Child G: No way! I wanna play with him more!
Vampire Child H: Exactly, there’re a lot of things I wanna talk about with him!
Orphanage’s Instructor: You can’t. If you refuse一
Kou: 一Hold it for a sec.
Tumblr media
If these children are gonna enjoy it then what about visiting the parade together?
You fine with it, M-neko chan…?
If I’d be the Earl, then I wouldn’t approve of any idol or whatever who won’t give time to play with kids.
Yui: Fufu, ofcourse we can!
Orphanage’s Instructor: Umm...that’ really mean these words?
Kou: Yep ♪
Vampire Child G: Yay! Hurray!
Vampire Child H: Waaa!
Orphanage’s Instructor: I- if that’s the case then...that’s…
Kou san! Please give me your autograph later!
Kou: Ahaha, sure thing!
Vampire Child G: Oh my, looks like our teacher also wanted to play with big-brother!
Tumblr media
Vampire Child H: Me too, please give me your autograph! Autograph!
*Runs up to him*
Kou: Waah! W- wait wait. One by one, in order, order…
Yui: (They all are looking so happy...Seems like Kou kun is enjoying it as well.)
Kou: Alright, then follow me who wants to go to Saint Nore Park with me!
Vampire Child G: Yeeea!
Vampire Child H: Yeees!
Orphanage’s Instructor: Yeees!
*They starts walking*
Yui: (Ahahah, even the instructor is…)
Place: Saint Nore Park / サントノレパーク通り
Tumblr media
Vampire Child G: Big brother, this way, this way!
Vampire Child H: No, it’s this way!
Kou: Hold it, hold it. I have only one body, yeah?
(’s a very rare scene.)
→ Selection
Tumblr media
徴笑ましいな / It’s quite funny (+ Correct)
心配だな... / I am worried
Yui: (It’s so funny…)
Kou: Come on, you come here too, M-neko chan.
Vampire Child G: That’s right!
Vampire Child H: Let’s play together!
Yui: Y- yes!
Kou: 一 Got it? This big sister is the cutest lady in this World.
Vampire Child G: The cutest in this World!
Tumblr media
Vampire Child H: Cute sister!
Kou: Yes, well done ♪
Yui: (I was embarrassed made me happy.)
Vampire Child G: Hey, what will we do next!?
Vampire Child H: yeah, what’s next?
Kou: 一 Aight. Let’s do this.
The winner will be the one who will get through that labyrinth most quickly...what about it?
Vampire Child G: Wah, sounds interesting!
Vampire Child H: I wanna play!
Orphanage’s Instructor: Fufu, then I will judge the winner in the goal.
Kou: Thanks a lot.
一 Okay then, no way I’ll lose this I’ve suggested this match. Let’s do our best, M-neko chan ♪
Yui: Y- yess!
Vampire Child G: Yo, tell me. What does “M Neko Chan” mean?
Yui: Eh!?
Vampire Child H: What does it mean?
Kou: Fufufu, you know that’s一
Yui: K-kou kun! Let’s start already!!
Kou: Yes yes ♪
→ Game
Tumblr media
Words he says in the game一
Tumblr media
“Game’s start”
“We’re done, M-neko chan. You did great”
*If you win*
Tumblr media
Orphanage’s Instructor: Goal is right here!
Yui: (I’ve maken is successfully!)
Kou: I think...those two kids haven’t come out yet.
Guess it’s our victory this time.
*Runs up to them*
Vampire Child G: Ah! You two are wonderful! You made it so early!
Vampire Child H: Brother Kou and M-neko chan’s victory!
Yui: (Eh, they called me M-neko chan…)
Kou: You two were incredible as well.
Vampire Child G: I guess so? Ehehe.
Vampire Child H: Let’s do it someday once again! We won’t lose that time!
Kou: Mhm, I’ll look forward to that.
*Crowd noises*
Yui: (Huh? It’s getting so noisy now…)
Staff of Mirror House: Excuuuse me! The couple who has just come out from the labyrinth present here?
Yui: (Eh? Is he talking about us…)
Vampire Child G: About you two?
Vampire Child H: Mr. Staff! Heey, those two are over here!
Staff of Mirror House: Aah...finally found you.
Kou: What is it that you want from us?
Staff of Mirror House: Actually…
*Fades to CG*
Tumblr media
Staff of Mirror House: Well! You two are the 1000th ones to be commemorated for making out through this labyrinth successfully!
Yui: Eh!
Kou: Waah...I’ve heard about it but, it’s my first time to hit on the exact point.
Staff of Mirror House: Please let us take an interview for this celebration!
*Shutter sound*
Staff of Mirror House: How are you feeling for achieving this?
Kou: It makes me so happy!
I feel like her love for me got deepened even more ♪
Right, M-neko chan一 Mmwah…
*Fades to CG (2)*
Tumblr media
Yui: Kou kun…! A lot of visitors are watching…
Kou: Who cares. I think it’ll be better if more people would watch us.
Yui: (Well...guess it’s alright if it’s around this time…?)
*Shutter 3x*
Place: Sain Nore Park / サントノレパーク通り
Tumblr media
Vampire Child G: Fuwaa…
Kou: ……
Yui: (Fufu...My eyelids are about to close.)
Orphanage’s Instructor: Oh my goodness...Looks like you two are about to sleep for playing a lot today.
Vampire Child H: It’s not that...I wanna play…
Orphanage’s Instructor: 一Well, well. Let's go back to our house and take a nap.
But before that, you should thank this sister and the brother properly.
Vampire Child G: Yes…
Thanks for today! It was a lot of fun!
Vampire Child H: Me too!
Kou: That’s good. I also enjoyed today a lot.
Yui: We shall play together once again.
Vampire Child G: Yes! I’m going to watch the finale, so that time...oh but…
Kou: But?
Vampire Child G: Well…
I wanna see you on the stage during the finale!
Vampire Child H: Ah, me too!!
Kou: ...Kh…
Yui: (Kou kun…)
Tumblr media
Vampire Child G: Pleasee! We’ll be nice children!
Vampire Child H: You won’t? Tell me, brother you won’t? Please do!
Kou: ………
一Fine then.
On the finale, I’ll be on the stage. So, look forward to that day.
Vampire Child G: Really!?
Vampire Child H: Yaaay!
Kou: I’ll make that stage into a great excitement so make sure to watch that.
Vampire Child G: Yes!
Vampire Child H: We will!
Kou: Then let’s make a pinky swear. Give me your pinky finger.
一Alright, with this, it’s a promise.
Vampire Child H: Promise promise!
Aaah, when will the finale come!
Orphanage’s Instructor: It’s a good news right? 一Thank you so much.
Then let’s go back to our home at once.
Vampire Child G: Okie dokie!
Vampire Child H: Yeees!
*Walks away*
Kou: Bye bye! ….Phew.
Tumblr media
Yui: Listen Kou kun, you’re fine with performing the finale?
Kou: Yup!
Not for that manager but…
If those kids are gonna enjoy it then I’ll give it my best from the bottom of my heart.
Plus...Everyone will be bored if there’s nothing special in the finale.
That’s why you know…
For everyone, I wanted to do what I can do for them.
I haven’t mistaken this time I think.
Yui: ...Y- you’re right…!
Kou: Okay! If it’s decided then we have to talk with that manager about it.
Yui: He gave us a business card when we first met him, so we can tell where he is if we look at that.
Kou: Alright, let’s go there!
Tumblr media
一The END of chapter O 3
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rorybutnotgilmore · 28 days ago
Oml, please you're making me blush. I really am happy we started talking too, because you're really sweet and your messages are just so cute💗
awe ahahah now you’re making me blush ☺️💓
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m4rshm4llow · 28 days ago
Graaaceeee!!! 💕
GREEN = I think you're cute. (Yes yes!!)
CINNAMON = You're a really cool person and admire you from afar. (Not from afar, but I just wanted you to know that you're really cool)
PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh (definetely ahahah)
MAUVE = You are really talented (no doubt!)
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better. (Yaaasss!!)
FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold (preciousss)
CORAL = You're a meme (pfttt in a good way ofc, literally, i won't even talk about it shuahaa)
RAZZMATAZZ I would share my favorite food with you (that's important!!)
SAFFRON = I love your ideas (yaas YAASSS!)
TIMBERWOLF = I trust you (👍👍)
FALLOW = I want to run through the Northern wilderness barefoot with you (idk, i think it would be hilarious xD)
BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you (ofc!!)
AWWWWWWW TYSM HANNA! Yes yes, sending all these right back to you!
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queerbrujas · 29 days ago
This is low key embarrassing for me to say because I’m an awkward bean but I love the way you write, especially when you write spicy stuff lol. The way it’s so focused on the intimacy. It’s so beautiful and you’re very talented and for some reason I’m blushing as I write this
Please know that I love you—seriously, this is so sweet of you, thank you. I get a bit self-conscious sometimes when I write spicy things (I like them, but I can’t really gauge if other people will?) so you saying this has completely made my day. And I’m a chronic blusher so I guarantee you, I’m blushing too ahahah <3
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wertzunge · a month ago
Peaceful Days
Tumblr media
A/N: My second rp with @gunnerchitickle​. This time we wrote for Code Geass, an anime both of us really like. The story includes Lelouch, Rolo and Rivalz. We talked a lot about it and just loved the idea of Rolo being very ticklish and being still new to the world of tickling. It was awesome to write for an anime be both like and we already ware working on our third rp with characters from Durarara!!!
This story plays kinda in an AU where Lelouch, Rolo and Nunally are real siblings yet it is implied that Rolo still is an observer.
Summary: Rolo is still insecure about the whole tickling topic. Luckily, he has a big brother who shows him how much fun it can be - to tickle and be tickled and a close blue-haired friend, who has quite ticklish feet himself…
Words: 7,928 under the cut
Lelouch was in his room, reading a book to get started on class work for next week when school would be back in session. Only he and his brother Rolo was in their dorm. Rolo had just returned from his daily "errand" as he made his way back to his brother’s side, keeping an attentive eye on him.
Knocking two times on the on the door he waited for his brother’s approval and entered. “Nii-san I'm back.” “Oh, Rolo. Kinda scared me. Where’d you go?” Lelouch asked him, spinning around, in a t-shirt, jeans and black socks. Letting himself plop onto the couch, he held up a plastic bag waving it from right to the left.
“I just bought myself the new manga that got released today and a pack of your chocolate cookies,” he said, smiling at his brother. “Oh really?” Lelouch smirked and came over, thinking of getting a cookie. “Can I have a cookie then?” “Naturally Nii-san, I bought them for you after all,” Rolo said, unpacking the chocolate cookies and handing one to his big brother.
Lelouch instead of using his hand, reached over with his mouth and took it with his teeth. He started eating with without hands and soon finished, licking Rolo’s fingers as well. “Nii-san stop, tha-that tickles,” Rolo giggled, sliding away from him, until his back reached the armrest, his in grey socks covered toes curled onto the soft fabric.
“Awwww, but it tastes so yummy,” Lelouch teased and lifted up one of Rolo’s feet. “You’re so sweet to me,” he said, tracing a finger up Rolo’s socked sole. Rolo flinched as Lelouch wiggled his finger over his sole, pressing a hand over his mouth, trying to hold back the giggles that were coming out of his mouth. “Ngh Nihihihi-san stohohop~”
“But why, Rolo? Your laughing, that means you like it,” Lelouch teased even more as he lifted the foot higher and tickled more tracing under the toes and up and down the arch as well.
“AHahaha nohoho, I dohohon't,” he laughed, as Lelouch lifted his foot up a bit more, causing the brunette to slide down more towards his sitting brother, his head now resting comfortably onto the side of the couch's armrest.
“I think you do, but you don’t wanna admit it. Let’s see if I can get you to agree!” Lelouch said and dug more into Rolo’s toes, finding his brother giggled cute. “Hahahaha why? Niihi-san plehehease,” Rolo laughed, clenching his hands, as the tickling got worse, when he tickled under his toes.
He was trained to withstand pain, but he hadn't be prepared for something as childish and innocent as tickling. “Oh, but you can withstand anything, can’t you? Come on, you can take it,” Lelouch said to play with Rolo, getting both his feet and continued his torment on his younger brother.
Rolo bucked, as Lelouch got his other foot as well, tickling now both of them with gusto. “AHahaha nohohot thehere, I cahahan't,” Rolo managed to say over his laughter. “Yeah you can. You’re my brother; I know your strong will,” Lelouch said as he put Rolo into a headlock.
The brunette smiled, as Lelouch embraced him, not because it tickled, but of the closeness he shared with him right now.
In his past he had no one he could call family, no one who loved him, no one for tickle fights and even to their relationship was a fake, Rolo didn't mind though, because for the first time in his life he felt loved and accepted and he wanted to experience more of it. “Nii-san, please...can you tickle me more,” he mumbled, a slight blush on his nose.
Lelouch was shocked as he headed that Rolo wanted to be tickled even more, grinning. He loved tickling his sister, but most the guys in his life didn’t want to be tickled as much. So he took the chance. “Ok, prince. Let’s go here!” he said and squeezed Rolo’s thighs. Rolo panted as his brother's hands traveled to his thighs, squeezing them curiously.
“Ahahah Hahah Nii-san, nohohoho,” he laughed as he tried to push his hands away. “You said I could,” Lelouch said to Rolo as he kept on his thighs. He loved how sweet Rolo was, loving how he reacted as well.  His little brother didn't answer at that and just looked shyly to the side, slowly withdrawing his hands, as he pressed them into the couch.
“You’re so sweet,” Lelouch said as he moved his hands up and tickled at Rolo’s sides, trying to test out his whole body. The young boy let out a high-pitched childish laughter when his sides were attacked, yet he still tried to keep still, not wanting his brother to stop.
“AHAhaha hahaha.” Rolo couldn't remember the last time he had laughed like this, if he had ever laughed at all. “I think you like that,” Lelouch teased as he moved his fingers up Rolo’s sides and soon got up to Rolo’s armpits, digging in them.
“Dohohon't tease me Nii-san I- AHaha nohohot thehere Ahah,” Rolo bursted out, as his underarms were attacked, tears already forming in his eyes. Lelouch did it for another second before giving Rolo a break, knowing that he needed a break. “You ok, Bro?” Rolo was breathing heavily, a deep red blush covering his face.
“I- I'm okay Nii-san, it was actually funny, I didn't know that I were so sensitive,” he giggled, looking into his brother’s violet eyes. “I’m pretty ticklish too,” Lelouch said before adding, “I think you got it from the same place I got it. How do you think I knew how to tickle you?” he told Rolo.
“Your ticklish too, Nii-san? I didn’t think you would be,” Rolo said, smiling that he told him about his own ticklishness as well. “I mean we're brother’s so it’s only natural that we have the same tickle spots, right?” “I guess so... why do you ask?” Lelouch asked as Rolo was asking him, wondering if he’d do what Lelouch was thinking Rolo would do.
He didn’t really think it’s be bad though; he was tickling his brother a minute before.” “Can- Can I try it? I mean only if you want Nii-san, but I wanna make you laugh as well,” Rolo said nervously. He didn’t know how long things could stay like this and he wanted to make as much good memories as possible.
“Of course. Besides, that’s only fair,” Lelouch agreed and let Rolo get on top of him to tickle him. “Thanks Nii-san~ I love you,” Rolo said, his amethyst-like eyes sparkling of joy, as he climbed on his brother’s waist, straddling him with his legs.
Not sure where to start, he tried his brother’s sides first, carefully wiggling his hands up and down, unsure if he was doing it right. “Does it tickle, am I doing it correctly Nii-san?”
“Mmmmhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe....yeah,” Lelouch giggled out with a cute face and soft squirms as Rolo got at his sides. Encouraged by his brother’s giggles Rolo increased his pace, adding a few squeezes on his waist, wanting to hear more of his sweet laughter.
“Aaaahhhhhhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Lelouch howled our really hard as Rolo got his waist, squirming a lot more than he was expecting too. Getting a little bit braver with his skills, Rolo wiggled his hands up to his brother's armpits, pressing his fingers into his unprotective holes.
“Ahhhhhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Lelouch let out in a loud squeal, his body super sensitive as Rolo got his armpits, seeming as bad as Rolo’s.
He paused his fingers but letting them stay where they were. “Can you still endure it? Is it okay if I tickle your feet next?” he asked Lelouch, not wanting to tickle him against his will. “Rolo, you don’t have to ask. It’s not that bad,” Lelouch said and let Rolo keep going, knowing that his brother wasn’t used to stuff like this.
“O-Okay thanks for letting me tickle you on your feet Nii-san, please stop me when it gets uncomfortable for you,” Rolo told his brother as he turned around and slid forwards, sitting on his ankles. “Ready when you are,” he said, looking over his shoulder and waiting for his approval.
“Go ahead and stop when you want to. I want you to have fun,” Lelouch told Rolo, patting his back before laying back down. He smiled as he felt his brother’s warm hand on his back, comforting him. “I'll do that, I hope you will have at least a bit fun as well,” he said as he reluctantly began to stroke his fingertips up and down his brother’s socked soles.
“Eeeehehehehehehehehehehehe, I wihihihihihihihihihihihllllllll!” Lelouch howled very loud with laughter, his feet squirming a lot, his face getting more red at this point, but he was grinning even more than with his laughter.
“Does my brother have ticklish feet? I guess he have,” Rolo giggled, as he saw how much his feet were squirming around, continuing to tickle. “Eeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Lelouch laughed at Rolo’s tickling, leaning up and hugged Rolo around his waist and let him tickle his feet as he held onto Rolo.
Rolo stiffened a little from surprise at the sudden touch, which also tickled a bit, but relaxed and smiled warmly over his shoulder. “Nii-san what are you doing, I can't tickle you like that,” he giggled, sliding his fingers under his brother's wiggling toes.
“Hehehehe, here,” Lelouch giggled as he moved his arms around Rolo’s waist and let his arms stay over his arms, so they were pinned. “Eeeehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe, my toes ehehehehehehehehehehehehe!”
“Hehe Nii-san do you like being tickled here, should I tickle your toes a bit more?” Rolo asked playfully, trying to tickle his feet as far as his brother’s hands allowed him to. “Yeah, I do,” Lelouch said as he laid back, just wanting to hug his brother, no longer having his arms around Rolo. He kept giggling through all this. Rolo smiled as he heard his honest reply.
“I'll do everything for you that makes you happy,” he said and began to rub his hands into his toes, gently kneading them. “Mmmmmmmm, that feels good,” Lelouch murmured as he felt the massaging. Reaching up, he massaged Rolo’s back, showing the same ski ship.
The brunette purred as Lelouch began to massage his back, a few giggles escaping him in-between as well. Continuing his own massage on his brother’s sensitive feet he asked casually, “Nii-san can I take your socks off? I think it will feel even better... but it would also tickle more for you.”
He felt a bit bad since Lelouch had only tickled his socked feet do he added a bit embarrassed, “...Y-Y-You can also tickle my bare feet afterwards, so we will be even, Nii-san?”
“Rolo, you can do as you please. You can do as you like,” Lelouch said and got up, taking Rolo to his bed and went into his closet and dressed in a black pair of shorts and a black tank top and came back, barefoot.
He also took off Rolo’s socks, laying on the bed. “Tickle my feet as much as you want. Besides, I like being tickled,” he said to Rolo. Rolo followed his brother to his bed an sat on its edge, waiting for him to return.
He didn’t fight back as he gently pulled off his socks, giggling slightly as he "accidently" slid his fingers over his bare arches in the process. Softly pushing his brother onto the bed, lay Rolo knelt at his feet and put them in his lap. “Since you like it so much, I will go all out,” he said and dug in.
“Ahhhhhhhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe,” Lelouch howled more with laughter. Reaching over, he pulled Rolo’s legs near his face and hid his face behind Rolo’s feet as he was blushing as well. Rolo trembled as his brother got his leg’s, giggling as his breath tickled his soles.
“Ahh Nii-san dohohon't, m-my feheheet might smell,” Rolo feared, not wanting his brother to go so far for him. Lelouch was laughing as he was still tickled. “Thehehehehehehehey don’t smmmmmehehehehehehehell!” he said as he leaned in, starting to nibble the sides of them. Rolo laughed harder as could feel his brother’s nibbling on his feet.
“AHAhaha Nii-san nohoho AHahaha nohot my fehehet, i-it tihihickles,” he laughed as he fell back, putting both hands on his head, letting go of his brother’s feet as a wave of laughter flow out of him. “Awwww, come on. It’s sooooo fun,” Lelouch said as he continued, nibbling on the toes as well and also licked at them to tease him even more.
His tongue was a little warm too, similar to a cat’s tongue. “Ahah noho it's- Hahah Nii-san stohohop,” Rolo laughed out, curling his toes of joy. His brother’s tongue, teasingly tickling him reminded the brunette of Arthur - Sir Kururugi’s cat.
One time he had visited the Honored Eleven for a sleepover and during the night, Arthur had sneaked into his futon, licking over his foot. Rolo had to suppress his giggles, and luckily didn’t wake up the other. He was torn out of his memory, when Lelouch slid his tongue in-between his toes, also nibbling them slightly. “Haha AHAHAaha time out, time out hahah~”
Lelouch stopped and let Rolo relax as he rubbed at Rolo’s ankles, knowing he was super ticklish like he was. He found his brother’s boyish laughter cute as well. “You ok?” Rolo needed a few seconds before he could answer, his breath slowly returning to its normal pace.
“Yes, I’m fine Nii-san, I still can’t believe how sensitive you and I are and how much exhausting tickling can be,” he mumbled as he sat up, letting his forearms rest on his knees as he watched his brother warmly. “Yeah, it can be. It’s also hard to find people who are as ticklish as we are,” Lelouch said.
“Rivalz is the only other person who I know is ticklish like us,” he told Rolo, rubbing his feet once more. “But that's what makes us kind of special,” Rolo laughed. “So you also tickled Rivalz before? I guess I have more stamina then him,” he wondered, as he began to rub his brother’s feet as well, trying not to tickle him to bad.
“...What about Suzaku, isn’t he also ticklish?” he added after a few rubs and groaned as Lelouch massage made him loose the buildup tension in his soles.
“Yeah, he is, but he’s really good at fighting it. We get super weak, he can fight it to take an upper hand. You’d have to tie him down and he’s only ticklish in certain places too. Rivalz has super ticklish feet, even worse than us. He couldn’t even handle this.” Lelouch chuckled at that, recalling one time the girls tried to give him a pedicure.
He was happy Rolo enjoyed the rubs. “Feels good, huh?” “Yes Nii-san, it’s really comfortable. Usually I don’t like it, when my feet are touched, cause they’re so sensitive, but I wouldn’t mind doing this every day... T-The rubbing I mean ehe not- not the tickling.” “Yeah, but the tickling is just as fun and laughing never hurt anyone,” Lelouch told Rolo, still massaging.
“Hehe, I know Nii-san...but-” he hesitated, trying to search for the right words, “It's just that your so fun to tickle with and I don't want others to see that side of me,” he said, stopping the massage and hiding his face in his hands.
“Oh Rolo, people don’t care. Actually, they think it’s sweet and fun. I think people find it more weird if you don’t have body sensitivity. Besides, with your demeanor, I think they’d find it cute,” Lelouch said, pulling Rolo up to him and let him cuddle him.
Rolo squealed as he was pulled into the hug, but immediately returned it, enjoying his brother’s warmth and nestling against him, locking his legs around his. “You think so? People really don't mind it, even think it’s cute being ticklish?” he mumbled, lying his head on his brother’s chest, feeling his heartbeat.
“Yes Rolo. They wouldn’t care as much as you think so. Most people are ticklish in some sort of way,” Lelouch told his brother, rubbing Rolo’s back. “Your warm.” Rolo purred, as Lelouch gently rubbed his back.
Having a big brother was really something special. Goofing around and tickling each other, being there for you and comforting you. Rolo really felt save, felt at home. “You’re right, maybe I'll try to tickle Rivalz when school starts again and see what happens.” He hugged him a bit tighter. “Nii-san...can we stay like this a little longer?”
“We can stay like this as long as you want. And Rivalz will be back later today actually. We could gang up on his and tickle him. That’s the best thing about being ticklish, more fun for other people,” Lelouch told Rolo as he kept rubbing his back and nuzzled into his head.
Hearing his brother’s suggestion, Rolo couldn't hide his own curiosity, the thought of tickling someone else together with his brother sounded really tempting. “And he wouldn’t be mad at us if we both tickle him at once, I mean I don't want to hurt him.”
“He’s be fine. Maybe upset, but he’d just tickle us back, kinda like what we are doing. He and I tickle each other all the time,” Lelouch told Rolo as he played with Rolo’s earlobe. Rolo giggled as Lelouch touched his ear, shaking his head to escape his light tickle attack.
“Haha okay, then I'll do it,” he said, blushing at the thought of Lelouch and Rivalz tickling each other. “So do you have a plan, I mean we can't just ask him if we could tickle him, right?”
“Ah, good. I’m glad you wanna help. I think we should help him unpack and when he is off guard, we pin him down and tickle him. I might hold him down more while I let you tickle him. I think you need to learn to tickle more,” Lelouch said to Rolo and he kept playing with Rolo’s ear, liking how cute Rolo was being.
Rolo squirmed around on top of Lelouch body, trying to hold in his giggles. Still trapped in his hug and unable to escape, he let go of him and squeezed his brother’s waist, hoping it would make him stop playing with his ear. “Sounds like a good plan, I can't wait to see his surprised face and how he will react to it,” Rolo laughed.
“Thanks for helping me out with this, Nii-san, you are the best.” Lelouch stopped, squirming at the squeezing on his hips, loving how ticklish his brother was on the littlest parts of his body. He pulled Rolo back to him. “Yeah, I think you’ll love his tickle face. And you’re welcome; I want you to feel normal.”
The brunette let himself embrace into his brothers arms once more. “I'm actually looking foward to tickle him now... I know I have not so much experience or tickle skills as you, but with Nii-san by my side I feel like I could do everything.”
“I’m glad you do. You can do anything you want to do, Rolo. Expect fly, because you don’t have wings or a plane,” Lelouch said as he keeps hugging Rolo, rubbing a hand through his hair, looking at him. “Your hair is soft. Rolo giggled at his brother’s comparison, touched by his words.
“You really are a miracle Nii-san, you can always make me smile or cheer me up and you don't even need your hands for it.” He smiled into his brother’s chest, as latter ruffled his hair. “Not as soft as yours, Nii-san,” he replied.
“My hair isn’t that soft. Not like yours,” Lelouch told Rolo as he kept running his long fingers throughout Rolo’s hair. “And many people can cheer you up, but since I’m your older brother, I think it comes off more loving than most people.”
“But with you it’s different and not because we're brothers. With you I don’t mind letting my guard drop as I know you'll always catch me when I'm about to fall into despair, because I trust you more than anyone else in this world,” he told him, sharing his deepest thoughts with him.
“Well, I’m glad you feel that way, brother. I’m glad I can be that person for you,” Lelouch said as he kissed his brothers head and started sitting up, a little tired of laying down. “Maybe we should go do something before Rivalz gets here,” he said to Rolo. Rolo sat up as well, blushing as he had kissed him seconds ago.
He hold a hand in front of his face, his index finger touching his upper lip, as he tried to hide the blush. “What do you have in mind?” “I dunno, I was gonna let you decide. Besides, I think you have more fun ideas I haven’t thought of,” Lelouch said as he helped his brother off the bed.
“Hmmm, I want to tickle his feet, so maybe a brush? Otherwise our fingers will be enough for him, its two against one after all and I would feel bad for him if we would be overdoing it,” he told him, hoping he would be fine with this.
“Oh, you wanna get him good, we should use a feather. It’s soft and for some it doesn’t tickle, but with his feet, it’ll make him squeal. Let me show you,” Lelouch said and got a feather out of his drawer and brought it over, holding Rolo’s foot and brushed it up and down Rolo’s barefoot.
The brunette immediately started to laugh as he could feel the light tickling on his sole. It felt indeed very soft and to him it seemed much worser than the "normal" tickling. “AHAHAhah~ Yehehes Nii-san, i-it feehehls nice ahahah~ Stohohop, plehease,” he begged, shaking his head. Lelouch kept for another minute and stopped, pecking Rolo’s foot as he pulls it down.
“Yeah, so use that and it’ll get him good. I think it’s your ultimate weapon.” He handed the feather to Rolo. Rolo smiled as he held the feather in his hand, swirling it around, before he hid it in his pocket.
“My ultimate weapon,” he mumbled, thinking about the words his brother said. “I can’t wait to test it,” he said, smiling. “Good, I’m glad. Now let’s go wait for him,” Lelouch said, putting on a shirt and lead Rolo downstairs. “Yes, Nii-san~”
Sliding into his slippers, Rolo followed Lelouch downstairs, to the common area of the student council building, to wait for their friend’s arrival. Lelouch waited with Rolo in the common area for an hour before Rivalz came in a red tank top, blue shorts and black flip flops. He was a bit tanner than he usually was and had on sunglasses he took off.
“Hey guys, I’m back. What have you guys been up too?” he asked, Lelouch going got get his bags. “Mind helping me unpack, Rolo?” Rivalz asked as he reached down and lifted him up, carrying Rolo piggyback style. “Welcome home Rivalz, it's nice to have you back,” Rolo said, happy that he was back safely.
“Nii-san and me just stayed here, playing chess, doing homework, really nothing special, you didn't miss anything.” He giggled as Rivalz carried him up the stairs, lying his head on his shoulder. “I'd love to help you unpack your stuff if you don’t mind my help,” he told him, suppressing the urge to wiggle his hand on him, not wanting to spoil the surprise.
“Ah, you guys should have came with me. I had a fun time in the sun and sand,” Rivalz said as Lelouch went ahead to get the bags in his room. Rivalz soon made it and sat Rolo on his bed with a fun drop. Getting out some of this clothing and let Lelouch start hanging it up and gave Rolo his bathroom stuff.
“Can you put this up for me Rolo?” Lelouch was gonna get Rivalz pin when Rivalz was starting putting stuff up. “The next time for sure, I guess we three would have a lot of fun together,” Rolo told him as they entered his room. Giggling as he landed on the blue-haired's he got up and put away the stuff Rivalz had handed him.
“Yeah, I can do that,” he said as he disappeared into the bathroom, coming back after a few moments. “Let me help you with the rest as well,” he said as he moved next to the two boys. Lelouch moved out to let Rivalz put up some clothing and after he was finished, he grabbed Rivalz and pulled him over to the bed.
“Hey! Ow! Let me-ahh!” Rivalz said as he was pulled to the bed and was pinned down, his arms sober his head. “Ok, Rolo, go ahead,” Lelouch said to his brother. “With what?!” Rivalz yelled out, his flip flops came off in the struggle to the bed. Rolo smiled yet having a slight blush on his face.
“You will find out in a moment,” he said as he sat onto his ankles, eyeing his bare feet for a moment. They seemed soft and were nicely tanned. “Please don't be mad at us,” he said and began to wiggle his fingers over his upturned soles.
“What do you- Nooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Rivalz howled out in loud, boyish laughter as Rolo’s fingers danced on his creamy soft feet, which were really long and narrow, bigger than both Lelouch’s and Rolo’s feet.
Hearing him laugh gave Rolo a little push and he slid his fingers up and tickled him under his toes, worming his fingers in-between them. His feet are really big and so ticklish, Nii-san was right, Rolo thought as he continued his attack.
“Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahahaop it, Rooooollllloooooooo! Get ooooooffffff Lehehehehehehehellllllooooouuuuuccchh!” Rivalz howled ten times louder now, his thin toes making it easy to get between them. Stopping his tickling for a moment, Rolo looked worriedly over his shoulder, looking at his brother.
“Nii-san should I stop or... should I go on and ...use 'it' on him,” he asked, not sure how to react to Rivalz's words. “Rolo, he’s ok. He gonna get you back anyways, so go ahead;” Lelouch said as he let Rolo continue; Rivalz was breathing too hard to respond.
Rolo shivered at the thought of being tickled by someone else than his brother, but he knew the consequences of tickling someone as playful as his friend and he wanted to open up more to him anyways. He got the feather out of his pocket and slid the quill gently over Rivalz's arches.
“Noooooohohohohohohohehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Rivalz squealed our as the feather ruched skin, not mattering where it touched. He jerked a bit, bit his soft feet were trapped and had to take it. Rolo smiled as he heard the others carefree laughter.
Wiggling the feather under his toes, he used one hand to hold them back, giving him better access to the sensitive skin. “Someone has really ticklish feet down here,” he teased not stopping his ticklish assault.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe!” Rivalz howled out even more as Rolo got his toes, sounding more higher, his laughter sounding a little more feminine.
The younger brunette couldn't help but giggle. “Ahaha your laugh is adorable, you sound like a girl,” he laughed, slowing down a bit, to intensify the ticklish feeling on his twitching feet, wanting to hear more of it.
“Nooooooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaat thahahahahahahahahahahat!” Rivalz squealed once more, his sensitive feet not helping him in the slightest bit.
Getting ready for his final strike, Rolo let go of the feather and shoved his fingers under his toes, making kneading movements and circling them once more up and down his soles, using only his fingertips this time.
“Nooooooooooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahat that, pleeeeeeeheheheheheheheheheaaasssseeeee!” Rivalz howled our really hard, his face getting really read and his feet jerking hard in Rolo’s torment, his soft feet also getting get by the scrubbing of Rolo’s fingers.
He continued a few more seconds before he stopped the tickling, switching to light strokes over his soles. “...I'm really sorry Rivalz for tickling you like that. I'm still new to this and Nii-san and I talked about it before and one thing lead to another. Please don't be mad at Nii-san, for telling me that your sensitive on your feet, okay?” he mumbled.
Rivalz was squealing hard until Rolo got softer and Lelouch let go, Rivalz panting and reaching up, pulling Rolo into a hug. “Your fine....Rolo. Just know your gonna get it back, my love.” He gave Rolo a peck on the cheek and carried him over to a door on the other side of the room.
Opening it, inside is a cute pink room and has a neon pink leather stocks and sits Rolo in them, licking him in. “Your good at tickling Rolo, but I’m gonna show you how to tickle much more,” Rivalz said, Lelouch not coming in.
“Also, your brother set up for me to get you in here,” he said to Rolo, getting his tools. “So let’s show you how to get better reactions,” Rivalz told Rolo, his long tan fingers scratching at Rolo’s bare soles. The brunette let out a surprised squeak when Rivalz opened the door, stunned by what he saw inside.
“Where did you even get all that? N-Nohoh you don't have to do this, y-y-you can tickle me on the bed right, right?” He tried to squirm, but the blue-haired had already sat him in the stocks. “Nii-san h-help me,” he stuttered and stretched upwards in his seat, looking out for his big brother, but he didn't come.
He made big eyes and felt kinda betrayed, when Rivalz told him that Lelouch had set him up for this. “No, Nii-san wouldn't do this to me, he wouldn't...right? Since when did you pla- GYAHAhahahhahahah nooohohOHOHOH!” Rolo laughed out, interrupted midsentence as he began tickling his sole teasingly.
“Don’t worry Rolo, let me play with you and we’ll get Lelouch back. Besides, I’ve been wanting to tickle you,” Rivalz said as he kept tickling, getting the feather and started with it on Rolo’s soles, up and down and under Rolo’s toes. “You have such cute, soft feet, Rolo.”
“AHAhahah nohohoho it- it ticklehehs ahahah,” Rolo bucked as he felt the feather flowing over his soles. It tickled even more when his brother did it. “Whyhyhyhy, I dohohon't understand,” he laughed out, confused that Lelouch and Rivalz seemed to have teaming up since the beginning and that he wanted to tickle him for so long already.
“Lelouch wanted to get you to learn how to tickle. He and I tickle each other a lot and we are thinking of letting you join us tickling each other. So, he wanted you to learn more. So, I let you tickle me, I’m gonna tickle you and show you more ways to tickle, and I’m gonna help you get him after this, which he doesn’t know. So just pay attention,” Rivalz said as he sawed the feather between Rolo’s toes.
Rolo sighed inwardly in relief. Lelouch didn't "betray him". He had only thought about him and his feelings, wanting to ease him more into tickling. “Ahahahha o-okahahahy~ Thehehen show meeheh,” he giggled, closing his eyes and curling his toes, trying to lighten the tickling a bit.
“Ok. Well, always start out slow. It’s better to get the peers on tied down so you can have them still enough to not have them get away. Also, tease them, like ‘tickle tickle tickle’ or ‘coochie coo’!” Rivalz said to Rolo as he got at the toes with the hard end of the feather and then traced it up and down the sole.
Rolo tried to listen to Rivalz teachings over his giggles. “Hng but whahat do I do in a tihihick- tickle fight with noho way of tying someone down,” he panted out, opening his eyes again and eagerly looking into the other's grey-eyes.
“Oh, well, you just take it and try and tickle them back. Hopefully, you can find a good spot. In a tickle fight you’re gonna get tickled back,” Rivalz said as he put down the feather and got a paint brush, pretending to paint on Rolo’s soles.
“If you have them tied down, so try pretending you’ll tickle them and play games like,” he said and stopped. “Which foot am I gonna get which one.” he said, moving the brush back and forth and out of site went for both arches with the brush. “Also, don’t stay with a tool that doesn’t tickle.”
Rolo tensed when he saw the paint brush and wiggled his feet - both in anticipation and nervousness. “Just tickle one, dohoonh't teASEHEHE AHAHAHahhehah.” He broke out into a new fit of laughter when he decided to tickle just both of them, not wanting to decide for only one, these targets were just to ticklish for their own good to be left alone.
What Rivalz said to him all made sense and Rolo absorbed all of it, ready to use it for his future tickle encounters. “Yeah, see, teasing makes it worse. So does the anticipation. But don’t do it too much or the person might get annoyed with you. It works best when they can’t see what you’re going to do,” Rivalz told Rolo as he painted at his toes.
His laughter pitched as he brushed over his sensitive toes and he wiggled them eagerly, secretly liking the feeling. “Ahahha~ If Nii-san does it, I dohohon't mind the teasings... with you either, youhuhu are my friend, I could never geheheht annoyed by youhuhuhuh,” he chuckled, blushing a bit as he realized what he had just said to him.
“Aw, that so sweet. But I meant in general, Rolo. Let’s keep on this before we move on,” he said, teasing again before he dug the brush in the toes of Rolo’s left foot. “Ahahah no mohohore, pleasehehe,” he laughed, shaking his head as Rivalz proceed to tickle his toes, focusing on his left sole.
“Ok, my love,” Rivalz mused as he stopped tickling at Rolo’s toes and started rubbing his feet, letting him breath. “Also, don’t forget to let the ticklee, which is you right now, to breathe and have some relaxation. And it can help to make the victim think your being nice and sweet and gonna stop,” he said, kissing each of Rolo’s toes.
“And if you don’t think of what to do next, you can think about it during this.” Rolo let out a sigh as he was granted a short break. “You are a good ler yourself Rivalz and your tickles feel really nice~” Rolo mumbled and let out a slight moan as he kissed his toes and he quickly pressed a hand over his mouth, blushly looking to the side.
“I see know why Lelouch enjoyed have soo many tickle fights with you.” “Yeah, your brother likes being tickled a lot. Like a lot. But he also likes tickling and playing games. His favorite is this,” Rivalz said as he nibbles up and down the sides of Rolo’s feet.
“Hehehe, yehehes he already shohowed me, it rehehally tickles,” Rolo giggled, cocking his head to the right and moving his feet as much as he could, trying to escape his teasing mouth. "W-What is youhuhur favorite?" he asked shyly.
“My favorite...hmmmmm, I’ll show you,” Rivalz said as he got up and moved onto Rolo’s lap. He reaches back to tickle at Rolo’s foot with one hand and ticked at Rolo’s thighs with the other and started blowing on Rolo’s navel. “Ahahha I seehehehehe,” Rolo squirmed as Rivalz sat on his lap and tickling his thighs and suddenly teasing him with raspberries.
He grabbed the bluehead's head and tried to gently push him away. “Nohohot my navel AHAhahaha.” “I love it though,” he told Rolo and pushed the hands up as he blows on Rolo’s stomach, his warm, soft lips blowing on him an soon he starts nibbling on Rolo’s stomach as well.
“Nohhohoho, st-stohohohp,” Rolo pleaded and not knowing another way out of it he moved his hands back down again and wiggled them behind his ears and over his unprotected neck. “Sohohorry buut like, you said, when getting tihihihickled you can always be tickled bahahack~”
“Mmmmmmhehehehehehehehehe, good job,” Rivalz said and stopped, pulling Rolo’s hands off. “For that, I’ll give you a choice. Where do you want me to show you how to tickle so you can exploit that spot pretty well?” Rolo gulped. Giving him the option to decide was more difficult than he thought.
When he was honest with himself, he wanted him to tickle hist feet more, but Rivalz got them pretty well already, so he decided for another spot he wanted to know more about. “...My armpits...” he nearly whispered and blushed even more than before.
“Ah, good. Let me show you something I just learned,” Rivalz said and lifted up Rolo’s arm and started blowing on his armpit, feeling pretty ticklish, surprisingly. “AHahhaah! WHAatatat~!” the brunette laughed out baffled, not expecting Rivalz to actually blow his armpit as well.
“St-Sthohohp I changed my mind, I chahahnged my mihihnd,” he giggled, and tried to wriggle away from him. “No, you gotta take it. Just relax, Rolo,” Rivalz said and kept on blowing, getting the other with his free hand while his one hand held up Rolo’s arm, his tickling skill pretty good.
“How can I relax when it tickles so much,” Rolo chuckled as now both of his holes were under attack. Tears were already filling his eyes and started to run down his reddened cheeks. “I was joking, Rolo,” Rivalz said as he kept on for another minute and then stopped, cleaning off the tears on Rolo’s face.
“You are your brother’s brother. Your sister is pretty ticklish too, but she doesn’t have as much tickle spots due know,” he told Rolo, brushing back his own hair and then Rolo’s hair. Rolo panted heavily, his body still tingled from the previous attack but he slowly began to calm down a bit when the tickling had stopped.
“Ah, I take that as a compliment,” he giggled. “Nii-san said we share the same tickle spots, but I didn't know Nunally was ticklish as well. Now I can also cheer her up when she is missing her family or Nii-san when he's on a mission. Thanks for telling me,” he said and showed Rivalz a warm smile.
“Your welcome. But go easy on Nunally, she gets flustered like you. The best place is her neck. It a sweet spot that tickles, but also isn’t too hard on her. And she kinda likes it, kinda like how dogs love belly rubs,” Rivalz said and moved down to Rolo’s feet and kissed at them again.
“Hehe I wouldn't never tickle her that bad, I love her and as a big brother I would rather protect her or take her tickles on myself instead,” he said, giggling, as he moved down to his feet again, covering them with kisses.
“Aw, that sweet. Well, do you want me to stop and let you out or is there something else you want me to do before we go and get Lelouch?” Rolo blushed, looking to the side, “...Could you...Could you lick my feet just once... I mean ehh- Forget it... Let’s get Nii-san for setting this trap for me,” he mumbled.
“No, I’ll lick your feet, Rolo,” Rivalz said and started to lick at them, softly at the heels and kept up, his tongue that felt similar to a cat’s tongue, his soft ways feeling nice and sensitive a little bit on Rolo’s soles. Rolo wiggled his soles out of joy and let out childlike laughter filled with light moans in-between.
He realized how much he liked getting his feet tickled and licked even though the light feeling was too ticklish for his own good. “AHAhahah thanks, hehehehe, for dohohoin this~ HHAAHAHahahahh~” “Oh, your welcome,” Rivalz said, not letting on to what he was planning to do to Rolo.
So, he kept on, licking up next to Rolo’s toes and the balls of his feet, wanting to make it more wet there. Rolo could feel the ticklish feeling on his feet creeping further and further up his body, Rivalz was indeed very talented with his tongue, sliding it all over his sensitive soles, covering them with his saliva.
“AHAHahahah okahahay, you ca- Nghgn~ You can stop nohohow~” “No, not now. It’s just getting good.” Rivalz said and started licking between Rolo’s toes, wanting to get him good and for what he had next planned for Rolo.
“But- But it tickles, I cahahan't! Come on Rihihivalz plehehahse, let's geheeht Nihii-san~” Rolo pleaded, his laughter going high-pitched as he could feel his tongue sliding in-between his trembling toes. “But I didn’t get to use another couple tools I wanna use. This!” Rivalz said and pulled out an electric toothbrush and a hairbrush.
Scrubbing one foot with the brush and the other was scrubbed with the toothbrush. “Let me do this real quick and we’ll get him.” Rolo bucked when he saw his newfound tools. “Nohohoh, no, no no! You wouldn't have used them before,” he giggled, but too late. His eyes shout open and a new octave of laughter bubbled out of him.
“Juhuuhst get it over with AHahahhahaha hahahaha,” he laughed out, knowing that Rivalz wouldn't stop otherwise. “I didn’t use them. Don’t trick me. That’s ticklee rule number one. I’ll teach you that sometime soon,” Rivalz said as he kept on with the tools, getting all over and soon only on the toes.
But after a few more minutes, he stopped and let’s Rolo out of the stocks, lifting him up into his arms. “You ok, my sweet?” Rolo closed his eyes and breathed a few times in and out.
“I'll get you back later for this, maybe not today or tomorrow, but if I were you, I would watch my back from now on,” Rolo threatened and to underline it, he squeezed Rivalz sides, giggling as the other flinched. “But right now, there is someone else who needs to be punished, right?”
“Mmmm, yeah,” Rivalz said as he was squeezed, flinching and giggling a little. “Yeah, let’s get him,” he said and they went out, Lelouch on the bed, asleep. So Rivalz helped Rolo tie up Lelouch and pulled out the tools. “There you go, your all set,” he whispered and let Rolo get to it.
“You’re not joining me?” Rolo asked as he climbed on the bed and set on his waist, straddling him with his legs. “...Anyway, feel free to join me and get his feet whenever you want,” he smiled before he eyed his sleeping brother.
“Wakey, wskey Nii-san~ That's for setting me up,” he taunted and wiggled his hands under his shirt, sliding them over his bare sides. “Yeah, I’m gonna let you do it,” Rivalz said as went to his closet, finishing unpacking.
“Mmmmmmm, heheheheheeeyyyyy! Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaop, Rolo! Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaop it!” Lelouch laughed as he was tickled, slowliy waking up and squirming around under Rolo, his long body wiggling back and forth.
“Hehe no Nii-san, you know the reason so accept your punishment,” Rolo giggled and wiggled his hands further up into his armpits. “Coochie coochie coo~ has someone ticklish underarms~” he taunted, smiling as he heard his brother's laughter.
“Nooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaot thahahahahahahahahahat! Noooooooooooohehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Lelouch howled our even more, squirming even more as he tried to get his arms pulled away.
Seeing that, Rolo skillfully moved one hand out of his already ridden up shirt and grabbed both his wrists and pinned them over his head. Bending down to him he breathed into his ear, “I'll be nice Nii-san, just lay still and I will not tickle your feet anymore, do we have a deal?” Lelouch huffed hard and was smirking as he heard that his feet wouldn’t get it.
“Rolo...I liked when you get my feet,” he told him, always having fun when his feet would be tickled. “Okay... if you want it like that, then I'll have no other choice but to tickle your feet only Nii-san~ Remember, you wanted it that way,” Rolo said as he turned around and sat on his ankles, wiggling his fingers directly under his toes.
“Hey, ahhhhhhhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Lelouch laughter very hard, his ankles trying to pull back, even though they were tied and Rolo was sitting on them. His long toes curled as Rolo’s fingers tickled at them.
“Hehe let me show you what I learned,” Rolo announced, as he pulled out two toothbrushes from his pockets, he had borrowed from Rivalz, and scribbled them in-between his toes, making back and forth movements.
“Nooooooohahahahahahahhahahahabahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha! Sthahahahahahahahahahahahaop thahahahahahahahahat!” Lelouch howled our really hard, hating to be tickled with toothbrushes.
“Does it tickle?” Rolo giggled, as he moved the toothbrushes down to his arches and over his heels, bending down and starting to nibble his toes. “Nooooohahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahaop it, Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaop!” Lelouch laughed, hating that it tickled and felt good, loving the nibbling while hating the brush.
His feet tasted a little like vanilla lotion. “Your feet are so tasty Nii-san, makes me wanna eat them,” Rolo chuckled and switched to licking his arches, while the brushes wiggled back up under his toes, before the brunette let them fell onto the bed and used his fingers to stretch his soles, so he had a better access to them.
“Nooooohahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! Sthahahahahaop, Sthahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaop pleeeeeheheheheheheheheheaassssseeee!” Lelouch squealed as the bush hit his toes again. He calmed a little as with went to only finger tickling, but his reactions were still that of sensitivity on his long, narrow feet.
“Did you learn your lesson Nii-san? I'll let you go if you promise me to invite me from now on to your future tickle fights with Rivalz. I think we all had enough tickling for today. What do you think Rivalz, has Nii-san understand it,” he asked as he stopped the tickling and massaged his brother’s feet instead.
“Yeah, he has. Besides, you don’t want him to get revenge on you,” Rivalz said as Lelouch nodded his head, giggling a little and looking tired from the tickling. He was also moaning a little at the massaging. Rolo blushed hearing that and quickly crawled up to his brother, snuggling against him, not wanting to taste his revenge.
“That was really funny I didn’t laugh like this for a long time. Thanks Nii-san, thanks Rivalz for doing all this for me, I really love you two~” he mumbled, faking a yawn and acting like he had fallen asleep. “Your welcome~” they both said as the same time and Lelouch hugged back when Rolo untied Lelouch, rubbing his back and leaned in, kissing Rolo’s neck.
Sitting at the foot of the bed, Rivalz softly tickled at Rolo’s and Lelouch’s feet, Lelouch giggling a little bit. Rolo pressed his lips together, still wanting to keep up appearances that he had falling asleep. Holding his feet still, the blue-haired had the perfect opportunity to tickle his feet and Rolo's body tensed, trying so hard to focus.
“I know your awake,” Rivalz said as he spidered up Rolo’s legs and got onto the other side of Rolo, hugging him from behind and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Welcome to our tickle gang,” Rivalz said. “Yeah, bro, Welcome!” Lelouch said and as he said this, they both tickle-attacked at Rolo, both getting his sides and armpits.
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wertzunge · a month ago
A Massage Rarely Comes Alone
Tumblr media
A/N: My third roleplay in the wonderful world of fanfics so far. This time you will find two boys - Nitori and Seijuro - from the well-known anime Free! Both will be appear as lee and ler in this story.
Again, I had a wonderful partner for this play, who reached out to me… and I’m glad he did. Thank you so much @gunnerchitickle​ for writing this story with me. I had a lot of fun over the last days, working on this fic and seeing the end result now is really amazing.
Summary: Seijuro offers Ai a massage, after he had helped him practice his swimming skills. A massage turns into a tickle fight and a tickle fight leads to something hot & horny both didn’t expected to happen…
Warning: This story is hot and steamy! NSFW content, including licking, handjobs, blowjobs and multiple orgasms!!! If you aren’t comfortable with it, please read with caution!!! (I promise: Upcoming rp’s will be SFW, so sorry for making some of you uncomfortable >.< Gomen~)  
Words: 8,482 under the cut
Seijuro was watching the stopwatch he held as he was helping Aiichiro with his swimming times and expanding his styles. Ai was almost done swimming as Seijuro had his feet in the water. His small speedo at eye level with the edge of the pool. Aiichiro had just done the final rotation and was swimming the last lane as quick as he could.
The water of the pool splashed into his face as he breaststroked closer and closer to his goal. He and Mikoshiba did this 'secret training' for a whole week now and he couldn't see any improvement yet. He cursed inwardly as he reached the end of the pool, hitting his hand against the pool wall.
Seijuro hopped into the water and helped Aiichiro out of the pool, lifting him up by his hips and then climbed out. Slightly running to the concession stand, he got some ice and came back, placing the bag on the spot. “Damn, that look like it hurt.” Ai flinched a little as he put the ice on his hand but didn't say a word.
Slowly standing up he walked over to the benches, that were located next to the pool and let himself flop on one of them. “I'm alright Senpai, it doesn't hurt so much,” he said, with a sad expression on his face, letting his shoulders hang.
“Well, I don’t want you to hurt yourself by pushing too hard. We can’t just get our bodies out of whack by going hard. Besides, improvement happens in time,” Seijuro told Ai as he rubbed Ai’s shoulder. “You gonna get back in or are you hanging up the towel for the day?” Aiichiro looked up, facing Seijuro with a forced smile.
“I know, I know that… but all the others are doing their best and I feel like I'm left behind. I don't want to disappoint you or Rin-senpai or Sousuke-san after all you did for me.” He fell silent for a few seconds, as if he was thinking about something, before he spoke again. “…Anyway, I already used enough of your time today, let's call it a day Seijuro-senpai.”
“I’ll stay as ever long as you want and your always gonna have to work on it. We all have too and I know your improving, so don’t worry yourself. Maybe a massage might make you feel better. Besides, you look tense,” Mikoshiba said as he rubbed Ai’s shoulders.
“Hehe you're right, as long as I keep training everything will be okay. I think a massage is just what I need right now. Thanks for always looking out for me Senpai.” “Your welcome, Ai. Come on,” Seijuro said as he helped Ai up and lead to the showers. In the room, he got a towel and laid it on the bench and got another towel for Ai’s head.
“Ok, lay down and I’ll start.” Aiichiro did as he was told and laid himself down, resting his head between his crossed arms, looking to the side, as he waited for Seijuro to start. He was a bit excited to be honest, since he hadn't received a massage before, and his upturned toes wiggled for anticipation.
“Awww, you’re so sweet. Wiggling you’re toes,” Seijuro said as he reached down and wiggled Ai’s toes before he climbed up onto Ai’s waist and started massaging his back. The silver-haired let out a surprised yelp when Seijuro suddenly touched his toes before he felt a weight on his waist and two strong hands gently kneading his shoulder plates.
Ai melted under his touch and let out a relaxed sigh. “There you go, you sensitive boy. Just let my hands do the work,” Seijuro said as he kept massaging Ai’s back, soon traveling to his sides, prodding them to see if he could get more yelps out.
When his fingers stroke over his flanks, Ai could feel a strange tingly feeling rise in him which soon transcended into soft giggles. “H-Hey what are you dohohing?” “Massaging, Ai. Why do you ask?” Seijuro sakes a he kept going, his tough fingers playing and prodding at Ai’s sides. He was enjoying the cute chuckles.
“Doesn't look like- ahaha like massaging anymore,” Ai breathed out. Clenching his fists, he pressed his arms against his sides, trying to lock his captain’s devious fingers there. More and more giggles were streaming out of him and he tried his best to keep quiet.
“No, this is a new way to massage. It helps, trust me, Ai!” Seijuro said as he pushed Ai’s arms away and kept tickling at his sides, leaning down to whisper in Ai’s ear. “Just relax.” Aiichiro flinched, the breath of Seijuro's voice had tickled his ear - he didn't even know that he could be ticklish there - and had took him by surprise, causing him to finally break.
“Ahahaha stohop mehehessing with me Senpai!” Nitori laughed, trying to struggle away from his touches. “Not until I say so, Ai. You need this. Trust me,” Seijuro said into his ear in a whisper once more. He kept tickling at Ai’s sides, making sure he was going to be laughing very hard. Soon he playfully swatted at Ai’s ass.
“Come on, enjoy the laughter,” he said, getting Ai’s waist. The younger boy let out a shriek when the redhead touched his ass. “Ahh I-I'm trying haha, just w-why?” Aiichiro laughed, not able to escape his senpai's ticklish treatment. He wasn't sure why of all things Seijuro had decided to tickle him, but he knew that it must had a special meaning.
Seijuro giggled as Aiichiro laughed hard, squirming around as his fingers got his waist, squeezing them and trying to make Ai feel better about himself. Just to tease him more, he traced his finger on the barely covered ass of Aiichiro in his speedo. Smiling as he heard the younger’s reaction it caused.
A new wave of laughter came over him, as Ai could feel the newly added ticklish sensation at his lower region. “Ahhah please not- nohot there!” he giggled, a slight blush beginning to rise on his cheeks.
“Oh no, Ai. This area is what needs it the most,” Seijuro laughed as he kept tickling on Aiichiro’s ass, tickling on the cheeks and the sides, getting his waist off and on as well. Tears were starting to form in his eyes and made his vision a bit blurry. Seijuro's hands were everywhere and he couldn't do anything against it.
Ai tried to bend his right leg a bit, half-hearted kicking his senpai in the back, he didn't want to hurt him, but it was the only part he could 'freely' move. “Oh, ok. I’ll move down then,” the redhead said as he turned around, facing him with his back now. Seijuro grabbed the leg up and started squeezing Ai’s thigh and used his other hand to tickle at this little foot.
“Oh, it really soft,” he noted, playing with Ai’s foot, tickling up and down the sole softly. Ai squeaked when his sole was touched. He didn't expect Seijuro would actually turn around and grab his foot after he had kick him, he should have known better. His feet had always been very sensitive and his gentle movements over it didn't made things simpler.
“Ahahah nohoh please nohoh,” he giggled slightly kicking his other foot in the air. “Awwww, I love ticklish feet. Your so cute Ai!” Seijuro said as he tickled Ai’s feet, getting them both. He doesn’t go hard just yet, trying to make him have some fun. When his second foot was caught and secured by his strong hands, Ai knew he was doomed.
He should've kept his other leg still, but the feeling was too much to bear and within a second his only countermeasure was lying beside the other one. At least Mikoshiba was now focused on his feet, facing him with his back and wouldn't be able to see more of his flustered expressions.
The redhead kept on with the feet, getting all over the soles, loving how soft they were and how nice they felt, tickling them, especially at the arches. “Is this helping, Ai?” he asked his teammate, his own feet near Ai’s, where he could see them. “I dohohn't know,” Ai laughed. His mind was spinning around and he couldn't get a clear thought.
He couldn't remember the last time he was tickled like that, but to be honest, it wasn't such a bad feeling. Seijuro's soft touches were really comfortable, which he of course would never admit to him. “Well, let’s keep going,” he said as he got to Ai’s toes. Said boy’s laughter exploded when he felt his toes getting attacked and he curled his toes in protection.
“Ahahaha hahaha not there, pleehease Senpai,” he laughed moving his feet back and forth, trying to weaken the tickly assault a bit.
“No, now. We have to get the cute little toes. They are super ticklish due to overactive nerves. That and the wetness from the pool,” Seijuro said in a teasing tone as he kept going, getting under and between them, his long, thin fingers finding all the spots on Aiichiro that would make him laugh.
As quick as his toes were curled, Seijuro had managed to uncurl them again. All he had done was sliding his hands under them, worming his finger in-between. Ai's body trembled as high-pitched melodic laughter started to fill the room. “Ahahahha I cahana't hahahah.”
“Yes you can. You fight in the pool, so fight now,” Seijuro teased, having the feeling that Ai was getting enjoyment out of it, even if it tickled like hell. He worked his worm fingers in Ai’s toes, the creamy skin feeling wonderful on his fingertips.
Hearing his encouraging words over his own laughter gave Nitori a little push and he actually managed to held his feet still as the older kept tickle them with gusto. “Awwwwwww, your so sweet. I think you kinda like it, Ai. Your feet are amazing,” he raved, going all over again, tickling more.
“Hmmmm…” he hummed as he found a hairbrush that was lying lost under the bench they were on and picked it up, softly brushing it up and down Ai’s soles. “Ehhhh I'm not- ahahah liking it,” Nitori said between his giggles, not sure if Seijuro might believe him. The tickling felt actually quite nice and the redhead was really good at it.
Nitori wondered how many times Momo already felt victim to his big brothers’ tickles and shivered inside. He was about to add another plea when he suddenly felt a brush covering his soles, sending him into new hysterics.
“Ahhhhh, you’re a bad liar. Let me wash the lies outta you,” Seijuro announced as he started scrubbing the brush on Ai’s feet, going a bit harder, but not too hard yet. “Ahahahah hahaha nohoho~” Ai screamed, still trying to hold his feet still, as the brush flew over his defenseless soles. The feeling was different than before, not as soft as his fingers, yet not uncomfortable.
“Awwwww, your so cute. Keep that up,” Mikoshiba cheered as he kept scrubbing the hairbrush, doing it hard as he tried to make sure Ai was tickled a bunch. “You- You really ahah think I'm c-c-cute?” Ai managed to breath out before a new wave of laughter came over him.
His blush had crawled up to his ears by now and he was glad Seijuro couldn't see him, he didn't want to give him this satisfaction, or rather the fact how much he enjoyed this brotherly moment with him.
“Yeah, you’re really cute,” Seijuro said, almost matter of factly, tickling at Ai’s ass as he kept tickling the soles of Ai’s feet with the hairbrush, getting at Aiichiro’s balls of the feet and up near the toes. Nitori couldn't believe what he had just heard. No one had ever called him cute before and here he was.
He was so lost in thought about that fact, that he didn't even realize that his butt was tickled again before the strokes on his soles brought him back to his senses. “Ahahah Senpai dohon't thehere hehe.”
“Awwwwwwwwwww, come on, Ai! The nerves are good there. That means they want it,” Seijuro said as he scrubbed the brush more and moved his fingers grazed at the crack, thinking that it would get him going much more. “Ngh nohohoh~” Ai moaned and immediately covered his mouth, hoping that Seijuro had overheard him.
He didn't know why his body reacted like that, but it made him curious to see how this would continue. Nitori just hoped that no one would see them like this and glanced behind him to the doorway, but calmed himself, as occurred to him how late it already was and that probably no one but them would be here this late anyway.
“Mmmmmmmm, your pretty ticklish? Huh?” Seijuro said, ignoring the moan to tease Ai when he would do more later. “Your super ticklish.” he said, continuing on both Ai’s feet and his ass. “Hahaha don't tell me you aren't ticklish,” Nitori said, glad that Seijuro didn't seem to have heard him. “I'll just ask ahaha Momo-kun later and we will sehehe who laughs last.”
“You know, I’m tickling you, Ai. You’re gonna get more if your threatening me. Besides, I’m not ticklish,” Seijuro said, hiding the fact that he was just as ticklish, if not worse, than Ai. He starts focusing on Ai’s ass, getting the cheeks and crack. “I think you really like it here.”
Ai didn't believe his words, everyone had to be ticklish somewhere, but he had other things to care about right now and he didn't want to give Seijuro a reason to tickle him even more. “Okay, okay hahaha I like it okahay, you can sto- ahaheha you can stop now~”
“Ahhhhhhh, then let’s keep goin then!” Seijuro said and stopped on the ass, pulling up both of Ai’s feet and started licking at his soles, but it soon turned into nibbling. Ai flinched when he felt something wet sliding over his soles. He needed a few seconds to realize what Seijuro was doing and his laughter elevated.
His tongue was warm and Nitori couldn't believe how pleasant it actually felt. He had never felt so horny before and slight moans had begun to slip out of his mouth as Seijuro used his tongue to tickle around his toes with it, switching to light nibbles. “Ngh- aha Senpai, nohoho ngh I cahahan't~”
Nitori startled when he noticed a well-known reaction in his lower region, that had started to press slightly against the bench, which was probably caused due to the licking.
Hearing more moans than giggling when he had licked his feet, Seijuro quit nibbling at Ai’s soles and started to lick at the feet again, going up and down and let Ai have a break, smirking at how good the moans sounded. His hand started massaging at Ai’s thighs and well, wanting to relax him for a few minutes.
Nitori felt as if his arousal would grow each time Seijuro licked teasingly over his soles, engulfing them with his salvia. Feeling his tongue sliding through and in-between his toes caused Nitori to moan even louder and he could already felt a bit of precum leaking out of his shaft. “You’re ok back there?” Seijuro teased at Ai, thinking that he was really enjoying it.
Soon finishing, he flipped Ai over and pinned his arms over his head. “Ah, you’re enjoying it…want me to take care of your second head for you?” he teased. Seijuro had flipped and pinned him down so quick, secured in his strong hold, that Nitori didn't have the chance to react.
Face red as a tomato and looking to the side - since he was now able to see his twitching bulge - Nitori couldn't make any sound, let alone looking into his yellow eyes. A few seconds passed before he nodded timidly and quickly squeezed his eyes shut, too embarrassed to admit what he had just agreed to. “Mhm.”
“Your so cute when your bashful, Ai!” Seijuro giggled as he moved down and pulled off Ai’s swimming trunks and leaned down, kissing the twitching cock and soon started to lick it, softly sucking it to get it a bit harder.
Nitori could felt Mikoshiba embracing his hardened member, licking it softly and quickly switching to sucking movements while he still held both his hands over his head. “Ngh- Seijuro-senpai I- aha noho~” Ai moaned as the redhead hit a rather sensitive spot, not stopping his so-called massage.
Seijuro moved his hand up to Ai’s mouth, putting his finger on his lips to have him not talk and enjoy it. His head soon started to bob up and down on the cock as he took it in, sucking on it, feels that his teammates was getting harder and more turned on. Aiichiro literally melted as Seijuro began to suck with a steady pace.
His entire body felt hot and he could hear the silent slurps the other was causing while pleasuring him. Mikoshiba kept going, his warm mouth and nice soft lips pleasing on the shaft, his tongue rubbing at the slit under the head, his hands massaging at Aiichiro’s hips as he went, telling that he was enjoying it by his breathing.
Nitori could feel, that he was getting close, soon reaching his limit. The intense tickling as well as Seijuro's skilled licking and sucking technique had made him aroused quicker than he had expected. He couldn't understand why his senpai was so good at it, normally, when he was doing it himself, it felt different, not so good as it felt now.
Seijuro kept on with it, knowing that Nitori was getting much closer to getting off. His bobbing got faster as his lips got down more on Nitori’s cock, really deepthroating the member. He massaged a little harder, moving his hands at Ai’s balls as well, knowing it would make him cum even quicker.
“Ngh aha S-Senpai, I'm gonna- aha take it out,” Nitori moaned as Mikoshiba devoured his rock-hard cock, embracing it with his tongue while wiggling his fingers teasingly and full of gusto over his hypersensitive balls. He could already feel his entire body stiffen, as a warm feeling of absolute pleasure and pleasance rose inside of his stomach.
Seijuro kept on, loving how hard Ai was getting, both their bodies warm and slightly sweat from the pool and sweat. His fingers kept playing with the balls, knowing that was helping, his moans as well on the cock going in and out of his mouth. Nitori pressed both his hands softly against the redhead’s shoulders, as he didn't want to cum inside of him.
“Aha ha ha quick, I ngh can't h-hold it in any longer~” Ai panted seconds before releasing the last bits of his pent-up stress. Seijuro kept going, not moving back as Ai tried to push him off, wanting to show him how much he wanted it. He was going harder on him, trying to keep the momentum up. “Ngh~ Senpai I- ahaAHAHH~”
Closing his eyes, Ai moaned one last time as a wave of utmost pleasure came over him and flow through his body as he came inside Mikoshiba’s mouth. Seijuro let Ai cum into his mouth, massaging his hips as he kept going into his mouth, moaning at it and taking it down. “Mmmmm…good, Ai. Enjoyed it?” he asked in a teasing and sly voice.
Ai was panting heavily, the aftershocks of his orgasm still tingling on his skin. He needed a few seconds to calm himself before he looked up in the other's face. “Ah Senpai it- it felt amazing. I really enjoyed it, all of it,” he admitted a bit embarrassed. He hesitated, before he continued, “But… how, why did you swallow it, aren't you grossed out by me?”
“Ai, I wouldn’t have taken it if I found it gross and I’m not grossed by you. You act like this is my first time,” Seijuro spoke, as he moved over and kissed him on the lips, rubbing his chest. “Your cute and I’ve liked you for a while now,” he told Ai in a soft tone. Ai blushed hearing his honest reply before their lips met.
His lips were soft and Ai, lost in the momentum and overflowed with all these new feelings, returned it. “So, you have done this before,” he mumbled more to himself when their lips parted before reality set in.
“WAH! You- You l-l-like me? But… why? I'm not special, so why me?” he asked, not believing that someone as cool and strong as Seijuro could have feelings for someone like him. “Well, yeah, but not too much,” Seijuro said, having only had sex a couple times with an ex-boyfriend.
“And I like you because your dedicated, sweet and are always trying to be better. All that and well,” he said as he tickled Ai’s sides for a second to get him to laugh, “the fact that you’re super ticklish,” he finished and went back to rubbing his chest. The silverhead giggled at the affection he was receiving.
Being with Mikoshiba felt right and he stretched his arms out, pulling him into a brotherly hug. “No one had ever said something like this about me~ And I… I want to spend more moments like this with you, but before,” Nitori whispered into his ear, “take this” he said before scribbling his fingers over his neck and behind his ears.
“Let's see if someone else is really not ticklish, like he said he would be.” “Mmmmmm, yeah, I do-what? Heyyyyyyhehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Seijuro laughed out, jerking his head around as he was hugged, making it a little hard to defend himself.
“Ahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” “Ohhh I thought someone wasn't ticklish~” Nitori teased as he slooowly wiggled his fingers over his back, down to his flanks, where he pressed them in-between his ribs. He had never heard Seijuro laugh so carefree before and feel in love with the beautiful sounds he made.
“Ahhheeeehehehehheehehe!” Seijuro laughed hard as Ai got his ribs, finding it pretty ticklish and he pushed the hands down his body, just to get them out of his ribs. Not stopping his revenge assault and ignoring the hands, that were trying to push away his own, Nitori drew his fingers up again, wiggling them softly into his captain's unprotected underarms.
“Don't fight against it Senpai, this massage will he help you to relax~ Let it all out and just relax, enjoy it~” Ai teased, slowly understanding why Seijuro had liked tickling him so much before. “Aeeehehehehehehehehe!” Seijuro laughed out as he took what Ai said to heart and laid back, letting Aiichiro get on top of him, allowing his laughter to freely burst out of him.
“Noooooohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho!” His boyish laughter howling out more, as he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Nitori smiled and loosened his grip as Seijuro willingly laid back so he would have better access to him.
“You will not regret it Senpai,” Aiichiro said as he gave him a quick kiss on his forehead, before he moved down to his feet and sat on his ankles, wiggling his finger in anticipation. “Mmmmmmmm, I like that,” Seijuro said and gave Ai a kiss on his cheek as well, grinning as he panted.
When he saw the wiggling fingers over Aiichiro’s shoulders, he started giggling, his thin toes curling up as Ai got closer with his dancing finger. “Eeeehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” he laughed out.
“Hehe since you like it so much be prepared for the worst or maybe best S-e-n-p-a-i,” Ai laughed as skin touched skin. He drew his fingers immediately under his still curled toes, knowing what effect it would have.
“Aiiiiiihihihihihihihehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Seijuro squealed out in a loud laugh, hugging Aiichiro from behind, laughing into his teammates back as he got it on his sensitive toes. Nitori flinched as Seijuro suddenly grabbed him from behind but smiled nonetheless, when he felt something pressing against him.
Grabbing behind himself, he reservedly fumbled for his crotch and squeezed it slightly. “It seems someone is getting excited here,” he teased still a bit shy about the fact that he probably made Seijuro excited.
“Yoooooouuuu hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho goooottttttt it!” Seijuro said, jumping himself as his hardening cock was grabbed. He loved it, when a guy got him good, either by tickling or getting turned on by them. He was laughing and groaning a little at the squeeze as well.
“Then maybe I should return the favor, but first- let's give these here a bit more attention,” Nitori said, before he bend down and began licking over Seijuro's soles. To be honest he wasn't into feet so much like him, but he wanted to make Mikoshiba feel as good as he made him and knowing the redhead, he would surely enjoy it.
“Noooooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Seijuro screamed, pulling Ai back and breathed a bit before saying, “Just nibble. You don’t have to lick,” he mumbled, mostly meaning just around the toes; he didn’t like people licking his feet anyways. Squealing as he was pulled back, Nitori turned around, blushing heavily.
“Oh o-okay, sorry Senpai,” he said a bit disappointed, before he leaned forward again and started to nibble at his toes, while his fingers wiggled softly over his heels and soles.
“Your ok-eeeeeehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Seijuro laughed hard as Ai nibbled at his toes, liking that much more; it wasn’t as so gross since it involved less contact. His feet slightly squirmed in Ai’s grasp, his laughing infectious.
Stopping the nibbling, Ai turned around and gave Seijuro a warm smile, while his hands still remained on his feet, continuing to tickle him, “Yes Senpai, I'm okay… I just wanna make you feel good as well, so please… don't hate me for this,” he said as he pulled down his trunks and began to pump his already hardened cock.
“Wahahahahahahahahahahait!” Seijuro laughed out, confused before he could feel the shift from his ticklish feet to his cock, letting out groans with his giggles. “Tickle…my…balls!” he got out in his moans, give Ai an idea to help get him off.
“Ohh~ You like it when I touch you…here then,” Nitori teased, smirking a bit, as he moved his hand away from his twitching sole and began to wiggle it teasingly under his balls while he continued to stroke him.
“Yeeeeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheaaahhhhhhh!” Seijuro giggled as he laughed harder as Ai got his balls, his balls being pretty ticklish. Seeing how much the other enjoyed it, Ai decided to increase his pace. Beginning to pump faster, he wiggled his hand joyful over his balls while switching in-between to short tickles on his inner thighs.
“Eeeeeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!” Mikoshiba chuckled hard and also softly moaned under the laughs, his cock getting harder as it was pumped, as his balls got it good. He had an idea when he got really hard but kept it to himself for now. Hearing him moan only encouraged Ai more.
Precum had already begin to leak out and Ai cheekly decided to use it as a lubrication to intense the arousing sensation. Seijuro moaned even more, getting very loud, his laughter slowly being drowned out by it. His precum came out as Ai was getting him well and it helped come better as he was pumped.
“Oi Senpai, you have to be quieter, don't wanna attract to much attention,” Nitori giggled. “Maybe this will help you to stay quiet,” he said as he bend down and kissed his soft lips, drinking up his escaping moans while he slowed down his fapping, only to switch to more extended and softer strokes.
“Ahhhhmmmmmmmm!” Seijuro moaned into the kissing and locked his tongue with Ai’s, planning to have him do something as he changed ideas to get him off with his hand. “Get on me,” Seijuro said, breaking the kiss and moaning, wanting to get off in him.
“Mhmhm Senpai… If that's what you really want, then I'll d-do my best to make you cum like this,” Nitori stuttered, a bit scared since he never had done it before with someone else. Seijuro kept moaning as he lifted Ai onto his crouch and his hardened cock, which was lubed by precum, came closer to Ai’s entrance.
Sticking fingers in Ai’s mouth, he got them wet and lived the entrance and then pressed gently into Ai’s ass. The silverette let himself guide from him, as the older knew how it would feel good for both of them.
Covering his fingers with saliva as the redhead softly pushed them into his month, Ai let out a tiny moan, when Seijuro gently began to excite his entrance. He groaned as he went in, his face getting warm as his erected cock pushed its way into Ai’s ass.
His cock was soon in and he started to thrust up and down, planning to get Mikoshiba get pleasure from what he was planning to do. Ai breathed out as Seijuro's member entered him, he had worries that it might hurt, but instead it felt kind of good and it made him… horny. “S-Senpai ngh don't stohop, it feels so good~” he panted as Seijuro thrusted into him.
The redhead mumbled something as he started to go, thrusting in and out, getting to it within Ai. His hips went back and forth as well, his hands squeezing the younger’s waist in excitement. Ai let out a high-pitched moan as Seijuro squeezed around his waist.
Feeling his arousal rise again, he grabbed his own cock and began to stroke himself as Seijuro was getting closer and closer to his climax. The older was groaning as he was getting into Ai, trying to hit his G-Spot, wanting to make sure that he hit the ride place. His was well in doubt and his body was getting warm and slightly tingly as he kept going.
Nitori moaned, feeling his warm and twitching cock inside him, as the redhead found the right spot to make him melt in his lap. “Ngh, Senpai, you- aha you are-” he was interrupted as another thrust of the redhead tickled his spot, making him pant as his cock began to tremble once more.
“Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh, there we go!” Seijuro moaned out as he knew that he was hitting his G-Spot more, thrusting harder as Ai was reacting well to it, seeing his cock getting a little more twitching with the actions he was doing. Ai was panting heavily as he soon would reach his second orgasm.
Wanting to make Seijuro cum now even more, to let him experience the same pleasure as he had, Ai used his other hand to tease his already hardened nipples, gently stroking over it. “Aha S-Seijuro-senpai, their stiff, are you that excited?” he teased, well-knowing how aroused the captain was.
“EeeheheheheheMmmmmmm, yeah. I’ll be ready in a…minute,” Seijuro moaned, almost about to cum into him, squeezing his hips as he was softly tickled and aroused on his nipples. He was starting to precum into Ai’s ass.
“Then let's make things a bit more exciting S-e-n-p-e-i,” Ai teased, bending down and licking over his chest before he pressed a wet kiss onto Mikoshiba's mouth, drinking up his muffled moans and giggles. His stomach tingled and a benevolent feeling began to rose once more inside him.
Seijuro blushed hard as Ai took a more dominant role and started kissing him, Ai’s teasing getting to him as his tongue locked with his. His stomach also twisted up into different feelings, loving the excitement as he was start to to cum hard into Ai, the teasing and kissing breaking down the hold he had on his cum. It was warm and came out very hard in Ai.
Nitori followed seconds later, cumming all over his stomach. His entire body prickled and he couldn't remember if he had ever felt this good in his life. Seijuro cumming inside him had him reach his climax as the warm fluids had splashed inside him. He blushed at the thought and looked at him, smiling warmly, before he shrieked.
“…Ahh I-I am sorry, I'll clean you up right away,” he stuttered, yet grinning shyly. Seijuro giggled and held Ai’s hands in his, kissing them and not letting him move away. “Don’t run away. I wanted to get dirty,” he said, licking off the cum he swiped off his chest. Then he stood up and carried Ai into the shower, starting to shower with him.
“We’ll both get cleaned up,” he said, lathering soap onto Ai’s back. He purred as Seijuro massaged his back. The warm water raining down on their bodies felt amazing and made him quite sleepy. “I love you Senpai,” Ai murmured, leaning back against his chest.
“I love you too!” Seijuro said and kissed Ai, starting to clean the smaller guy’s ass, wanting to make sure he wasn’t going to be dripping cum later on, also snucking in a tickle on his ass as well. Nitori giggled as Mikoshiba sneaked a tickle in-between his cleaning.
Turning around when he was finished, he gave him a hug, only to scribble his fingers over his neck, taking a little revenge on him. “Noho more tickles please, or I'll keep going,” he laughed. Seijuro snickered as Ai turned around, loving how cute he looked wet. He accepted the hug, to then giggle.
“Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe, ok!” he giggled out, pulling Ai’s hands down, letting Ai wash him now. Grabbing the soap bottle, Ai gently squeezed some into his hand and returned the previous favor, gently rubbing it all over Seijuro's body, sliding his hands softly over it and massaging his shoulders for a bit.
Mikoshiba hummed softly as he was washed, rubbing shampoo into Ai’s hair as he was cleaned as well, wanting to make sure they both were getting cleaned. Ruffling the redhead’s hair and curling his fingers around his wet red locks, Ai gave him another kiss when they had both finished cleaning their bodies, still sitting under the showers.
“Ow!” Seijuro laughed as his hair was pulled slightly when he moved back a little. When they finished, he tuned off the shower and got them towels, cleaning themselves off. “So where are you off too after practice?” Seijuro asked his younger member, since it was Saturday and they didn’t have school tomorrow.
Hearing his question Nitori blushed, looking to the side. He hesitated, not sure if Seijuro would agree. “Can- Can I stay in your room, I ehm I mean we could watch a movie together, cuddled under a blanket,” the silver-haired mumbled, the last part nearly inaudible. He fumbled with his hands, wiggling them in each other as he waited for his response.
“I was going to ask you, Casanova. Yeah, come on,” Seijuro said, getting dressed and his stuff in his locker. “I just wanted to have some more fun with you,” he said and helped Ai get dressed as well, putting on his shoes, not missing to tickle his feet once more. “Guess we had the same thought then,” Nitori chuckled letting himself get into his shoes.
Getting the rest of his things out of his locker as well, Ai followed Seijuro to the dorms, holding his hand as he didn't had to fear to be seen by other's since it was already near closing time and a weekend day where most of the students went home. Seijuro took Aiichiro’s hand into his own and squeezed as they walked, his hair still a little wet.
“Yeah, we did. So, I’m gonna take you to my apartment tonight, there we’ll be for ourselves,” he said to Ai, getting him into his car and drove silently to the apartment, which took them not more than 3 minutes. When there, they were soon in the elevator. “Now we can have a peaceful night.”
“I didn’t know you already had an apartment Seijuro,” Ai said a bit excited as the elevator drove up, renouncing of the name suffix. He was surprised when Mikoshiba told him that he owned an apartment already but didn’t mind not staying in the dorms at all.
In a rush he had gotten a few things out of his room, leaving a short message for Momo, before they had gone to the parking lot, driving to the captain's apartment. “Yeah, I'm glad I can spend it with you,” he said, leaning into him and stealing another kiss from him.
Seijuro lifted up Ai and kissed him, letting Ai hold onto him in the elevator, having his bag on his shoulder while they kissed.
When they got to his floor, he lead to his room and sat Ai down in his apartment, kicking off his shoes and walked to his bedroom and dropped off Ai’s bag and then lead to the small living-room and went to heat up ready to cook Curry and rice meals and got them fixed. “Go ahead and take a seat; I’ll have food done in a minute.”
Sitting down on the couch Nitori eyed the apartment curiously, as the redhead prepared the dinner. It was very fancy and modern, he liked it. Already smelling the spicy ingredients, he looked up. “…And you really need no help in there?” he asked behind his back, feeling a bit guilty that he didn't help him.
“No. Your helped me in the locker room. I’m good,” Mikoshiba called back as he got the food done and came into the living-room and handed Ai once of the plates. He started eating and watched Ai eat as well. “I’m really glad you came to spend the night with me.”
“I can't imagine anyone else I want to be with right now,” he replied, putting the half-eaten plate on the coffee table and snuggled into his side. “You gave me so much today and I'm grateful, I don't know how I could repay you,” he said, planting a kiss on his cheek. Seijuro finished up his food and gave Ai a smile.
“Well, you could let me play with you,” he proposed, giving a peck back and then lifted Ai’s feet. “Have you ever been tied up before?” he asked, massaging Ai’s feet. “T-Tied up,” Ai squeaked but immediately relaxed as Seijuro rubbed his soft feet, it tickled a bit but he could endure it.
“No, not yet, but if it is with you, I would- I would try it out… I know I can trust you and if you're into it then I'll gladly let you take the lead,” he said with a shy smile.
“Awwwwwwww, you’re so sweet. Yeah, I want to play with you tied up. Come here!” Seijuro said and pulled ropes out of a side table and flipped Ai over, starting to strip him and then hog tie him, also stripping out of his clothing, to make it a bit more less unpleasant for him. “I’ll be gentle with you, Ai.”
“Ehh~ w-wait,” Ai giggled as was pulled and stripped off of his clothes. He was a bit embarrassed being in this vulnerable state, but he would lie if he wasn’t curious what Seijuro had in mind with him. “I know you will,” Ai panted, his face already red as a tomato.
“Wait? I’m just getting you ready. I’m gonna go slow. Besides, I already seen you naked,” Seijuro teased, wiggling Ai’s toes after finishing tying Ai. The silver-haired giggled as he could feel a ticklish sensation under his toes. “Youhahaha don't had to say that~” he laughed, trying to squirm, which was nearly impossible due to the ropes.
“You’re r-really good at this, h-h-how did you learn,” he said, trying to get his attention away from his hypersensitive feet. “I watched videos online, read books, used to go sailing a lot as a kid,” Mikoshiba explained as he traced his finger up and down Ai’s sole, loving how soft it was. “You have such cute feet.”
“S-So you made ahaha a lot of research, you must really like it then,” he laughed, as his soles were tickled. “You really like my feet? …Ahaha, but yours are cute ahas well, I want to- I want to-” he stopped as Seijuro got a good spot making his laugh high-pitched.
Seijuro giggled as Ai was talking and laughing, loving how sweet his laugh was and loving the way he was so ticklish by the littlest touch. When he got the good spot, he moved on, wanting to hear what Ai was going to say. “What do you wanna do?” Ai blushed, closing his eyes as he spoke.
“I-I…I want to… lick them. I know you said that you don't like getting your feet licked, but when you did it to me it felt so hot and…pleasurable and I just want to show you that I'm good enough, that I'm worth of being your- your boyfriend,” he said, the last part with a sad undertone.
“Ai, your naked on my couch, tied up and letting me tickle you…I think it’s good to say that your worthy enough of being my boyfriend. Which you can be. And if you want my feet, just ask,” Mikoshiba said as he wrapped his feet around Ai’s body and his soft, large feet next to his face. But he untied Ai’s arms and let him lick on his feet, starting to lick Ai as well.
“I’ll let you lick on my feet and later I’ll tie you back up and tickle you very hard.” Hearing his words, Ai smiled.
“I-I would love to be your boyfriend, thanks for accepting someone like me, I'll definitely make up for it… and worshipping your h-hot feet is all I wanted to make you feel good, you c-can tickle me all you want for that,” Ai giggled as he grabbed his feet and gave both soles a shy lick an idea popping up in his head.
“Say let’s make things a bit more challenging, Senpai. If you can make me cum first, just by licking and tickling my feet, you can tie me up all night and have your fun with me, I won't squirm or anything…BUT if I win, then you'll be in my care,” he teased, tickling under his toes.
Normally he wasn't so pushy, but Nitori thought, that his harsh acting might like Seijuro. “Your welcome, Ai. I really like you. You’re such a great guy and I like how sweet you are to me,” Seijuro said as he started licking more at Ai’s feet, loving the sweet taste. But then he heard the bet, loving it.
“Ok! Your ahhhhhhhhhehehehehehehehehehehehe on!” he laughed out as Ai tickled under his long toes. Then he started nibbling under Ai’s toes thinking that might help as he was trying to stop his growing cock. “Hehe, I love that so much on you, being so understanding and emphatic,” Ai squeaked joyfully as Seijuro started to nibbles at his soft soles.
He was happy that he had agreed to his little game and he wasn't going to lose it. “Ihihit's on then,” he announced, sliding his tongue in-between his toes and wiggling his fingertips softly over his soles, making sure to make it as arousing as possible.
“Ahhhhhhheeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!” Seijuro howled out in laughter, curling his toes around Ai’s tongue in his mouth, but let’s go, not wanting to hurt him. He starts doing the same and scrubbed his fingers all over Ai’s soles, making sure to make Ai get harder than he was getting at the moment.
“Mhm does it tickle there Senpai,” Ai asked, rubbing his nose under his toes, inhaling his sweet scent. “Your feet smell so good,” he mumbled, licking his arches, while he slid his fingers in-between them.
He could see in the corner of his eye how Seijuro's half-hardened cock twitched under his care, but felt his own react the same, he needed to hurry. “Ahhhhhehehehehehehehehehe, yeeeeeahhhhhahahahahahahahahahaha!”
Seijuro laughed even harder as he could feel his cock twitch even more, knowing he had to help himself, reaching back, he pulled out a feather he had fetched with the ropes, which he wanted to tease Ai with and started sawing it between Ai’s toes and nibbled all over the soles, hunting for the right spot to nibble.
Ai flinched when he could feel the light strokes if the feather between his toes. “Hehehehey that's ahshahah that's cheheating AHAhaha,” he howled. “NOHohoho!” His cock got harder with each second and Ai realized he might lose this one, he had digged his own grave.
Not giving up yet, he began to suck the redhead’s toes while he moved his hands to his heels, tickling the thin skin gently. “Nooooohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaoooo it’s noooohahahahahahahaooootttt!” Seijuro laughed as he kept on with the feather, soon using the pointy side to tickle all over the sole as he laughs hard at the sucking, blushing very hard.
He was pretty hard already, but the sucking as about to get him off, feeling it coming, feeling like he might lose. Hearing how horny his sucking Mikoshiba made, Ai decided to stick with this method, increasing his pace as he slowed his scribbling fingers down, switching to very soft and light touches, teasing his soles with it.
Ignoring his muffled laughter and his growing erection, he focused completely on his targets, determined to win. Seijuro kept trying on with Ai, using the feather end to get his arch and nibbling and sucking on the toes, back and forth. But he could tell he would lose. He was about to cum as he was laughing.
“Sthahahahahahahahahahahaop it! Sthahahahahahahaha- Oh shit!” he a laughed out before stopping and blushed hard as he could feel himself cumming softly, not hard, but not soft either. “Sthahahahahahaop! I did it!” “Ohhh did someone just loose,” Ai teased as he heard Mikoshiba cum behind him, tickling his sole once more before withdrawing his fingers.
“Seems like it’s my win than,” he laughed, not believing he could made him cum faster. Feeling the much-needed attention between his legs, he turned his head, facing his flustered senpai.
“I know you just came, but please…finish me, it’s only fair for both of us to cum like this…a-and after that you have to untie me, so I can take care of you like promised,” Ai said blushing as hard as him. Seijuro untied Ai fully and lifted Ai’s feet into his mouth, licking them and tickled at them all over, nodding at Ai.
“Yeah, Ai. I’m gonna make you get off reeeal good. So, don’t hold back now,” he said, getting his finger in-between Ai’s toes as well. Ai moan as Seijuro continued to tickle his feet.
It felt much more ticklish then before since Seijuro knew his sweet spots by now. “Ngh It- ahaha haha AHAhah it tickles,” he moaned once more, feeling his tongue slid over his soles, his meanwhile hard-rock dick already leaking precum.
Seijuro started to nibble all the sweet spot as he got out a toothbrush - another tool he had prepared for his sweet little friend - and used it on Ai’s toes and between them, his nibbling going well on Ai’s sweet spots. He was smirking at Ai as he looks up at him.
“Nohoho NOHOH ahah whehere did you get thahat nohow,” he screamed as the new sensation shot over his soles. It caught him so off guard, that he was completely losing it. He could feel his thighs trembling as he reached his limit. “I'm gonna, cuum~ Ngh Senpaaaaiiii~” Nitori moan as he was overwhelmed by his orgasm, caused by this devilish brush.
Seijuro giggled and let Ai get it, going on with the toothbrush until he started cumming, stopping with the toothbrush and massaged Ai’s feet, grinning. He also cleaned up Ai by licking him off since he was naked. “Ok, so you get to do whatever you want with me, tied up or not and I’m at your will,” Seijuro told Ai.
Nitori smiled and pushed Mikoshiba gently on his back, straddling him with his legs and sitting on his waist. “Don’t worry, I'll just wanna massage and maybe tickle you a bit more, we had a long day and two times our fun already so now I just want you to relax and let me spoil you~”
“Ahhhhehehe!” Seijuro laughed as Ai pushed him back and sat on him, rubbing Ai’s waist as he looked down at him and told him what he was about to do. “Ok… but I like spoiling you too. But yeah, I love that idea.” Ai laid his finger in his lips, shushing him.
“Shhh, tonight it'll be your turn, so enjoy and tell me how it feels,” Ai said, brushing the feather Seijuro had used on his feet before over his chest to ease him into it. “Ok…” Seijuro whispered as Ai dragged the feather over his tone torso, giggling as soon as it touched him, but felt good. “Mmmmmhehehehehehe, yeah. I like it…”
Smiling down at him, he moved the feather up to his right ear, stroking it behind it, while his other hand begin to massaged his left one. Bending down he gave him a kiss, continuing his service. “Eeeeehehehehehehehehehehehe, not the ear,” Seijuro laughed in a soft whine, arching his back as he was rubbed, kissed, and tickled, the latter making him move his body.
“Okay, okay… buddy just calm down, I’ll make it a bit more comfortable for us,” he said, before he stopped for a moment, switching out the light with the remote control on the couch table and grabbing behind him, pulling a blanket over both of them.
Hugging the redhead and snuggling into him, Nitori let out a yawn, as he half-heartedly slid his fingers over his waist. “How about here then?” Mikoshiba grinned as Ai moved around and turn the lights off and got under the covers with Ai. He also continued laughing as his fit waist was tickled, but he wasn’t as bad there like it was on his ear.
“Hehehehehehehe, yeah, I like that.” Ai gave him another squeeze, before he stopped. “…Senpai? …Can we- Can we just stay like this?” Nitori asked, stroking his stomach as another yawn left his mouth.
Actually, wanting to tickle him some more, his tiredness won in the end, ending his spoiling sooner than planned, but as long as he could stay by Seijuro's side, he didn't mind. “Yeah, Ai, I don’t mind. I’m getting tired anyways,” Seijuro said as tiredness overtook him as well, starting to doze off and he cuddled into Ai, kissing him good night. “Night, Ai!”
“Good Night, Senpai~” Ai smiled as he slowly closed his eyes, following him into dreamland. He was glad that he now had someone he was in love with, someone who cared about him, and he couldn’t wait to tell the other team members about their newfound relationship…
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