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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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A Little Bit of a Late Start!

April #AHArtCrewMonthly - Fool

Optional prompts: 

Phrase - “I’m jealous of how tall you are, regardless if it’s 6’ or 5'11” and a half.“






Be sure to tag us so we can see and share your art!!!

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fiona in 8d? :))

such a good request! thank you, @alfreyan! the little patterns on the the dress took me a while to figure out, but i think i did a good job with them :D

[original meme] feel free to send more! i only have one other request in my inbox right now!

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Geoff once bought pajamas for the entire Fake AH Crew for Christmas. Ryan pretends to be exasperated by his antics but he still wears them around the penthouse every once in a while. It’s a suspiciously more common sight when Geoff is feeling down.

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@pastelideas’s art of lindsay and fiona with the battle buddies inspired me to make a colored version of the gunning gals emblem that they made!

the things i added/changed were the different types of flowers, the year change (2020) and the sn (supernova) and wc (wildcard)!

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big, big shoutout to @nedahert for sharing his rt first account with me!! as a thank you, i drew him this picture. in return, he drew me this picture of jack, which i currently use for my icon on twitter :D

love you, dude! 💜🧡💛

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