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#ahhh now im excited
transtilinski · 29 days ago
Stiles laughs with the adrenaline. “You know I was in love with you back then?”
“Me?” Peter grins with the same glee of coming out of an ambush victorious. “You’re insane.”
“No, no, dude listen. I thought you were such hot shit. Oh god, it’s so embarrassing. There’s some tree out there that definitely has our initials carved in it with a heart.”
“Shut up,” Peter says, pulling Stiles’ suitcase out of the crushed rental car. “There is not.”
“There is!”
“I would have seen it. I would have smelled you in the preserve.”
Stiles waves his fingers. “Magic, baby.”
“You were not in love with me,” Peter insists. “I was a shithead. I thought I was way too cool and you knew it. If I remember right,” he raises an eyebrow, “you made sure I knew. That’s what drove me insane about you. You always saw right through me.” 
“You’re an open book.”
“I am not. You were just clever.”
“Were?” Stiles elbows Peter, laughing.
“Careful there,” Stiles teases, “sounds like you had a crush on me, too.”
Peter laughs. “I did, you insufferable bastard.”
“What? No way!” Stiles doubles over in giggles. “Mutual pining. Oh my god, that’s so cute. If past-me knew you had a crush on me...” Stiles makes an exploding sound, shooting out sparkles from his fingertips. 
“If you knew?” Peter scoffs. “If past-me had known, I would have never let you out of my sight.”
“Nah, I needed to see the world,” Stiles says. “Break out of the expectations here.”
“And now?”
They walk down the main road toward town in comfortable, warm silence. When dots of light speckle the horizon, Peter speaks up again, faux casual. “Was in love with me. Not anymore?”
Stiles nudges Peter’s shoulder lightly with his own. “I love you,” he says fondly. “I’ll always love you.”
“And if I want you to be in love with me?”
Stiles hums. “I can give it a try, I guess. If I’m persuaded.”
Peter’s hand brushes against Stiles’. “I’ve been told I’m very persuasive.”
#steter#spark stiles#i was like i miss being a soft unhinged bitch. and then i remembered i posted drabbles out of context all the time. and so now im back babey#stiles is the emissary for the hale pack (no fire au)#he and peter are same age/closer in age. like stiles was a freshmen when peter was a junior. either same grade or a 5 yr age difference#so they were just dumb teens at each other's throats bc they both wanted to be the know-it-all/impressive young person in the pack#but also they loved to their frenemy relationship. arguing w each other was very fun but ofc the other couldnt know that!!#stiles was emissary in training since he was a kid and hes an impressive spark but there were so many expectations on his shoulders and#being tied to the pack/BH's land forever and he needed to get out and travel and learn magic from other parts of the world/see who he was#outside of being the hale's emissary/sheriff's kid#and now he's ready to come home and a total bamf and settled in his skin and peter's still I Am Better Than Everyone but he's not a#challenging asshole about it like he's chilled out/grown in to himself and doesn't compensate for insecurities of being in a large pack and#wanting to stand out#stiles comes home and he's attacked before he even crosses into BH sdhjgfjhhe he's like ahhh it wouldnt be a welcome home if there wasnt#some monster of the week bullshit <3#peter's been excited to see what changes have happened in stiles so he took perimeter patrol duty as an excuse to wait on the outskirts and#he swoops in to be Stiles' savior. except stiles is doing fine on his own lmao but peter helps and they're both like holy shit watching u#fight is doing ALL kinds of things to my heart and libido#they get back to the pack house and everyone is did anyone make a bet on them realizing they love each other BEFORE stiles#came in to town?#talia: >:) when peter asked for perimeter patrol i changed my bet from one week to by the time stiles gets to the pack house#finnickyfox#drabble#ik its longer than a drabble but *shrug*
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terrorbeaks · a month ago
the spinel plush i ordered over 2 months ago just shipped yesterday 
Tumblr media
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https-castiel · a month ago
Hi ! Umm.. I am a bit nervous about this. I am actually thinking of uploading a poem I have written on Dean and Cas on my blog. You think maybe I could tag you and the blogs you tagged here?
uh, im not really sure about other blogs, but i suppose that they won't have anything against it?? they're nice people djsjjsjs so don't worry :)
and as for me, of course!! you can either @ me or use my tracking tag (kashmircastiel)!! whichever you prefer (although tbh *i* would prefer if you used the tracking tag, because sometimes mentions get lost :/ still, your choice!!)
will be waiting impatiently for your poem!! <3
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hellguarded · 2 months ago
I’m sending this on anon but you might guess who this is? I’m not sure! But anyways! I’m really thankful we’ve been able to reconnect recently! I’m still reading up on all the lore and different characters but your writing is genuinely so engaging to read. It always has been I think but I can see so much passion poured into this particular canon and I just think it’s so cool? You’re doing a wonderful job if it means anything from someone just tuning back in. (Particularly I really love how the rules page is set up? Everything is very immersive which I love? I think how you’ve adapted myths into a modern imagining is just really creative and fun-)
Tumblr media
gOD THIS MADE ME SO GIDDY IN MY SEAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!  this means so much to me especially from  you  since i am quite confident in guessing who sent this!  i’m so glad i reached out to you despite fearing it might go wrong and you have no idea how happy i am we were able to talk things through!!!  moreso that you actually like my muse hhhh that was smth else that i kinda worried about like,,  sure what if we were okay ooc but you didn’t actually like the rp aspect of it all????  then just kinda.  AWKWARD MUTUALS??? FJSKDJKGSKJ I DIGRESS I DIGRESS
tysm for even mentioning my rules page?!?!  gjkdkjgkjd i had a  Thought  one day and decided to go through with it and i’m glad at least someone appreciates it!  for a second i wondered if i could word it only  ‘in character’  to be understandable even out of character but then i was like.  nahh i should add some proper explanations to it aswell.  ADMITTEDLY i’m already upset again at how rambly i got in my rules so i might revisit them and cut some things.....  so that they’re shorter and a bit more neat...
right back at you though!  i hope things get better for you irl and at work soon enough because i’d love to see more of cas!  i’ve loved reading his little banter with other characters so far.  and like i said i’ve always loved fate but never managed to get very involved with the rpc which i’ve always been a little sad about but gjkfdjgdfjk
i’m happy you still write!  i’m happy you still draw!  and i’m happy that you’re still  you.               // @corrchoigilt!!!?!  prompted.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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satorugojjo · 2 months ago
oh mY GOD CHUUYA HAS THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME im going NUTS my bday is literally never ever seen in fiction ahhhhhhhh
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ethanseyepatch · 3 months ago
ok so there’s a retelling of theseus and the minotaur but with ariadne as the main character coming out this year!!
it’s called ariadne by jennifer saint if anyone’s interested
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ladyxxdaydream · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
fandom: given pairing: akihiko/ugetsu & akihiko/haruki (endgame akiharu)
9k+ ● chapters: 01/02 ● M ● character study. almost-canon AU.
Akihiko Kaji had sworn off love.
Love was nothing more than a shiny lure; bait on the end of a hook. Swallow it, and you were reeled in, gutted, and devoured.
He should have known better.
He should have known the moment he snapped the case shut on his violin with a sense of finality—the first of many parts of himself he’d lock away for a chance with Ugetsu Murata. But maybe chance was the wrong word here. Chance implied that something happened by accident, or without obvious design.
Akihiko didn’t think anything about his life was fortunate, and Murata definitely had a hand in it’s creation. He was a master of strings after all—he knew how to glide a bow across a hollow body and make it sing. Akihiko wished he could resent him for it, he really did, but he willingly let himself be played. He knew he could never compete with Ugetsu’s talent on stage, so being touched by the untouchable... felt like being touched by God.
Nobody told him that worship made for such a weak foundation. The thing about Gods was no matter how hard you prayed, sometimes they just didn't hear you, and there were always others ready to fall at their feet when you failed.
So how did Akihiko find himself still living in a humid, desolate basement, sharing a bed with the man he once considered his boyfriend?
If you asked him, he probably wouldn’t tell you.
✷ Read “metanoia” on ao3.
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