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#ahhh really pleased with how this turned out!!
hispipsqueak · 2 days ago
Uh helloo!!! I'm new so I don't really know how it works but I would like headcanons of Mc and the brothers in Earth. Like it's raining and the brothers reaction to Mc playing in the rain and looking like the most beautiful creature to ever exist. I mean I dunno I'm a sucker for rain romance lol.
Ahhh i love this request!! You got it! Here's some GN! OM brothers and some rain flirtations. :) Thanks for the request. Sorry it took forever! <3 I kept it pretty fluffy and it wasn't until I got to Beel's that I realized you said headcanons -_- I apologize if they are a little long!
TW: suggestive themes but no smut, GN!Reader, Beel picks up the reader at one point
“Is it raining?”
Lucifer looked over at the window, watching as droplets fell against the glass. He turned to you.
“Yes it seems–MC?”
You were already out the door, head turned towards the sky. He looked at you, ready to scold you about possibly getting sick, when his eyes took you in. Rivulets of water ran down your face, and even over the loud booming of the sky, your laughter rang out.
Your eyes were scrunched together, keeping the water out of them but you turned towards his direction, before cracking one open.
“Lucifer...come on! You only experience human world rain every so often!”
Lucifer watched you, your arms outstretched to the sky, fingers grasping at the water falling. He leaned against the doorframe, a rare smile leaving his lips.
Lucifer, who had traversed the three realms, and who himself had been one of the most beautiful angels to ever exist, couldn’t have dreamed of a more ethereal sight.
Your eyes were still closed when you felt a warm body wrap itself around you. Looking up at the dark locks plastered to his forehead, you grinned.
“Get inside before we both get sick, darling.” He said, his tone firm but his body not rushing to move. Pressing against him, you smirked.
“Maybe for a kiss.”
“I’m so bored….entertain me, human.”
You swatted at him and he laughed, tugging at your wrist. You rolled your eyes and he flashed you that cheeky smile that itself was worth millions of Grimm.
“Let’s go to the store and get some snacks then. We’ll walk, since it’s not too far.”
Shrugging, he followed you as you two made your way to the corner store near your house. As you were walking back, armed with bags of snacks, a crack of thunder erupted behind you. You jumped, startled.
“Was that –?” No sooner had the words left your lips that sheets of rain poured down on you two. You yelped and Mammon tugged your arm, racing back to the house. It was at this moment, it dawned on you.
“Mammon….I don’t have the keys.”
He turned to face you, face dripping in water. His ivory hair was plastered to his dark skin, and he blinked rapidly.
“Yer jokin’...please tell me yer jokin’.”
He turned around and sighed before leaping up.
Grabbing your hand, he yanked you instead towards his car in the driveway, fiddling with his pockets before yanking out his key and shoving you both inside. Panting, you turned to face him and the ridiculousness of the situation finally hit you.
“That was close...wait are ya laughin’ right now?”
You were doubled over, snacks forgotten on the car floor, giggling at everything. The panic on his face, the fact that you forgot the keys...the whole situation was hysterical. Gasping, you couldn’t string two words together before bursting into another fit of laughter. Mammon stared at you, biting his cheek to keep from laughing.
With anyone else, he would have been pissed.
But if this got him to see you smile and laugh like that, he’d gladly stand in the rain for hours.
Now Levi, he’s a special case. He loves a good romance anime, and there’s plenty of scenes with the protagonist and their love interest caught in a thunderstorm.
However, he didn’t expect it to go quite like this.
You turned around, sticking your tongue out at him through the glass door..
“Nope! You want to keep ignoring me. I’m living on the outside now. It’s me and the bears forever.” You were pretty sure your backyard didn’t have bears, or any wildlife for that matter, but still. It was the principle of the thing. You crossed your arms and sat on the grass.
A drop of water hit your shoulder. Quickly followed by another on top of your head. You cursed silently, hoping Levi was just shooting you with a very slow water gun or something.
Nope...that was definitely rain.
“MC get inside, come on. It’s raining! You can’t stay out there!” Levi yelled. You cast a quick glance at him, looking at how warm his hoodie looked. But no, you were strong (or just really petty).
“NO!” You yelled back, pouting. Rain poured down on you and you shivered, wrapping your arms around you tighter. Soon, you felt a shadow loom over you and the rain stopped. You looked up.
Levi was holding his jacket above your head. He was drenched, and his eyes looked at you with something akin to worry and awe.
“You really are stubborn.”
You still held a pout on your face, but you moved closer under the jacket, until you were against the demon’s chest. Looking down at you, he couldn’t help but feel like the protagonist in every shoujo anime and a blush covered his whole face. He wrapped the jacket around you so you wouldn’t see him and your voice was muffled through the fabric.
“Am I still your Henry?”
Congrats, you just broke Levi.
“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.” Satan read aloud and the two of you shared a grin.
You were sitting underneath a gazebo in a quiet corner of the nearby park, listening as Satan read from the stack of books between the two of you. He continued and you closed your eyes, imagining the scenery.
“I think it’s about to rain.” He murmured and soon you heard the tapping of water on the roof above you. He packed the books into a bag, and looked at you. “We can just wait it out here, I think.”
You looked at the rain falling around you and without thinking, stuck your hand out to feel the cool water against your skin. It felt refreshing and you slid off your shoes, running out of the shelter.
“MC, what on earth are you doing?” Satan yelled bewildered as he watched you spin in circles on the grass.
“It’s been forever since I’ve felt rain in the Devildom is great, but there’s nothing like a summer rainstorm.” You called out, laughing as the water fell over you. “Come here, feel for yourself!”
Satan watched you. You were absolutely ridiculous. You were going to get sick or at the very least have to wait another few hours to fully dry your clothes.
Still, watching as you embraced the rain, truly living in the world...Satan was enthralled by you, more than any novel. He tugged off his jacket and shoes, placing them neatly next to yours and hesitantly stepped out. You turned to him, smiling brightly.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” You closed your eyes, turning back to the sky.
His eyes never left you.
“Yes...truly beautiful.”
“Oh you’re gonna look absolutely DARLING, MC!” Asmo’s voice was chipper as he swiped another shimmery product over your eye. The two of you were on the floor of your bedroom and Asmodeus had insisted on testing some new products on you, as the rain poured hard outside.
“The great thing about these is that they are waterproof, sweat-proof...practically EVRYTHING-proof…” He trailed off, smirking at you suggestively. You leaned in close to his face, his intoxicatingly sweet perfume tickling your nose.
“Is that so?” You leaned in close enough to where your noses were practically touching before leaping up and running to the door.
“MC! NO FAIR! Why must you tease me so? Wait...what are you doing?!” Asmo cried out, watching as you slid out the door into the pouring rain. He watched as you stood on the porch, laughing as the water splashed over you. “MC it’s raining, darling!”
You turned to look back at him, eyes scrunched up to prevent water from falling deeper into your eyes. “I thought this makeup was waterproof! Come here if you wanna test it out, Asmo.” Your voice was teasing.
Asmo looked at you incredulously, but he had to admit...the makeup did still look pretty. Or maybe it was just you, looking as beautiful as ever as the rain spilled around you. Against his better judgement, he stepped out hesitantly and stood with you.
“My hair is going to look ridiculous!” He muttered, and your hands ran through the now sopping curls around his face.
“I think you look beautiful Asmo.”
He smiled at you and pressed a kiss to your nose.
“Not as beautiful as you, love!”
Beel had decided to test his endurance outside. I mean, it wasn’t every day he got to be in the human world, especially with you. He was currently doing his daily workout routine while you enjoyed the view. He was in the middle of an ab routine when the familiar tapping of rain started to fall on each of you.
“MC this is great! Now I can do some strength runs through the mud.” You had no idea what a strength run was, but it involved Beel soaking wet and covered in mud, so you weren’t going to complain.
“Hang on, let's get you somewhere dry.” Beel scooped you up and you squealed as he pressed you against his chest in a bridal carry. He looked around for any sort of nearby shelter, but the rain was blurring his vision. He took off running toward where he think he saw some sort of gazebo earlier.
“Hang on t-AAHGT!” Beel yelped as he slid in the now very muddy terrain. His arms wrapped around you tighter, attempting to keep you dry and clean. He steadied himself but the ground was only getting more slippery. He felt a rumble in his chest and looked down.
Your face was pressed into his drenched shirt. He thought you were crying at first, but after hearing a snort he realized you were laughing. He stared at you for a moment, before the familiar blush spread across his cheeks. You met his gaze, squinting at the water getting into your eyes.
“You’re really pretty, all soaking wet.”
This led to another fit of giggles from you and a very confused Beel.
Belphie was not much for the great outdoors. However, when you set up a hammock under the stars? Now that he could get behind. He was curled into your side, as you were attempting to pick out different constellations, laughing at your inaccuracies.
“No MC, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cupcake constellation, I think you’re just hungry.” He muttered, pressing closer to you, sleep catching up to him quickly. Your fingers were playing with the lighter ends of his hair and everything was well until…
You opened your eyes to hear the familiar crash of thunder and warm summer rain falling down.
“Shit, Belphie let’s go!”
You looked at him. Surely he wasn’t serious.
“Belphie we are not sleeping in the rain. We are gonna drown or get struck by lightning or–”
With his eyes still closed, he slid up so he was nose to nose with you. Pressing his lips to yours, he let out a soft hum, shutting you up. No sooner had he done that, that you heard the soft snores from the sleepy seventh born.
(Hope you don’t get struck by lightning)
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a-voice-of-my-own · 2 days ago
Ahhh these boys just need to talk. Ritsuka better start first & cool his temper or Mafuyu might just explode & then REALLY shut down. Then they need to just get busy already; it will fix everything! No I'm serious! Don't laugh, I'm not being dirty, I have a logical reason other than raging hormones.. Idk how much Kizu uses the whole basing characters off their astrolgy, like how a lot of mangakas do; but at least Yuki was spot on, a Gemini/Cancer cusp personality. (Which is a very unusual person, indeed. Even with the tiny bit we know about him; so she at least looks into it.) So Ritsuka is a Leo who are all about expression through art. Not like Ugetsu hiding in the dark, kinda of art; but loud, flashy, big impression lion roar art. They are drawn to Pisces because Pisces; like Libra & Taurus, are living breathing artwork walking around on two legs. Taurus & Libra are twin ruled by Venus; the planet of beauty, sensuality, sensory stimulation, and order. Pisces exalts Venus, in her pinnacle. Why wouldn't he obsess over the little Pisces who won't open up & talk. But Leo's are brash & Pisces need things to be worded pleasantly. Buuuut Leo's, when they want to; can be the biggest self esteem boosters for Pisces. They just have to tone it down, and do everything softly. Put everything gently, and use lots of touch. A very underappreciated fact about Pisces; they NEED a healthy sex life to function properly. Not like everyday people out there; there's a few signs that literally cannot function 100% if they don't have a healthy sex life. Like can't even decide what they want for breakfast,, close down, and self isolate in their heads.. Scorpio is the one everyone knows. Guess who comes in second. Pisces is the sign OF sexuality. No no not Scorpio; Pisces, ya heard me. (Scorpio rules sex itself, like the act & body parts) . Pisces is the embodiment of sexual expression. When Leo's get off their high horses & realize this about their Pisces boo, they are one of the few signs who really can tune in to this. They see it as another facet of the living artwork a Pisces is. Pisces likes Leo for recognizing it, because believe me, they would never put it out there. So why the astrology rant? Seriously! Kizu sensei! Please!!!! Help these poor boys find the prize!!! These two would be able to use their words, if they just started sleeping together. Not even kidding. Like we all want them to, but seriously; Leos & Pisces communicate wonderfully, if they are sleeping together. When they aren't, they come from two different worlds entirely, and just exhaust eachother. Oh yeah cuz Leo is one of those few signs, too that NEED nookie or they can't get anything done. Like no focus . At all! It's like Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, and Leo. Leo sees sex as another form of artistc expression, and they must express some kind of art at all times, or turn into Ritsuka on the floor of the stairwell, blowing off all his friends. Lolz oh I know :/ I'm a Pisces :/ my first love/highschool bf was a Leo. These two trigger me in soooo many ways :/ :/ :/ if I could only count how many times Timmy the star baseball player made the frustrated faces Ritsuka makes, at me; the stare happy violinist. Leos and Pisces have a weird silent reaction to eachother. We just kind of wait to see what Leo will do next cuz they're funny how flustered & egocentric they get. We don't realize they're waiting for OUR reaction. So we both keep waiting until one finally just kisses the other. fyi Hiiragi is a Taurus & Akihiko is a Libra...they express art through everything they do, so Leo Ritsuka will run laps if they tell him too. God it would be so funny if Hiiragi & Akihiko met...they would probably just stare at eachother!
Tumblr media
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skylessnights · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers. Starts so soft and sweet, and turns them to hunters.
⤷ buddie + halloween (3/?)
A series celebrating the days leading up to Halloween by creating spooky/fantastical themed AUs centred around Buck and Eddie.
AN: I got inspired by this insane Werewolf!Eddie moodboad created by @monsterfuckerdiaz  😍
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chewy-rubies · 9 months ago
still coping with the clock
Tumblr media
Some days I think that I’ve been brave for a long while.
And I deserve the universe to not be terrifying for even 15 minutes.
Thank you for giving me that, even if it was only for a year.
[click for better quality]
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books-and-catears · 3 months ago
can you do a reactions post for the OM brothers and dateables? solomon/satan accidentally turns mc into the pink sheep-chan! and mc has to stay that way until they find a way to reverse it, can you show their reactions?
OH THIS 👑 stuff-
This is going to be priceless BWHAHAHHAHA. Thank you so much for this ask 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
Just when you thought you were put in the best study group with Satan and Solomon, they had to go and screw up by doing experiments. When these two nerds get their heads together NOTHING GOOD EVER COMES OUT OF IT.
And this time, due to a lost game of rock paper scissors (surely they cheated) you were once again forced to be the subject.
We'll turn you into a cat, they said. It will be fun they said. But lo and behold.
Your words sounded vaguely like 'Baaa' as you angrily ranted as you demanded to be turned back.
They glanced at each other nervously. "It's a new spell MC... It'll take us a while."
Enraged you banged your little hoofs against the table. "How long?!!!"
"From a few days to three weeks..." Solomon didn't even try to hide his laughter.
He warned you about them, didn't he? Nothing ever comes from those cat people putting their heads together.
But well... *stifling laughter* you are rather cute like this. How adorable.
Well with that size you might get trampled on so it's better you stay by my side MC.
Stay in my room as well, I can take better care of you
What? No I don't have any ulterior motives MC, I'm simply looking out for you.
I told ya those two are never upto any good! See this is why you should listen to the Great Mammon.
And now look at you, turned into the cutest sheep plushie in existence- NO I DON'T MEAN THAT, I DIDN'T SAY THAT.
Well now I have to protect you more vigilantly, why'd you have to look this way >////<
No you're not straying out of my sight, human- uh sheep- yes I'm carrying you everywhere now, so just be grateful.
Say, MC can I sheer and sell your floof for wool-
This is just like that manga "My crush turned into a sheep and now I have to protect them without falling in love and it's so difficult!"
Stay inside my room MC, you'll be safe here! Wait does that mean you'll be sleeping in the tub with me ?! 0///0
Say, MC can sheeps talk to fish? I wonder how animals communicate within each other? Are you trying to face palm with your hooves?
Don't worry MC, I caused this and I shall take full responsibility to protect and take care of you. Especially since you look this adorable.
Pffft are you trying to bite me? You know herbivores have all flat teeth right, they can't really hurt- HEY DON'T CHEW THERE! OW!
Well while you are stuck like this, I'm sure you won't mind me doing a bit of research. Tell me what do you feel like doing as a sheep? Eh what do you mean murder?
You know, I feel like sheep might be new favourite animals. After cats of course, ah I really wanted to see you as a cat- OUCH OKAY OKAY I WON'T TRY IT AGAIN.
MC you're simply the cutest, look how small and fluffy you are! Oh I shall not let you leave my arms!
Picture time MC! Oh you're running away?! Oh look how cute your little feet look when you're running ahhh-
MC what if I turn into a sheep too? We can be sheep besties!! Will you mate with me?!
Ahhh why can't you just stay like this?! I can squish and cuddle you forever!
Oh look cotton candy ahhh- oh the cotton candy is talking? MC why does that sound like you?
Sorry MC this is the twelfth time I've probably tried to eat you-
Please don't stay on the floor MC, someone might step on you.
Where do you want to go? I can carry you on my shoulders. Ah it's too high up for you?
I brought you some grass MC, Belphie said sheeps like grass-
Oh look what we have here - a small sheep MC? Ahahhaa of course I'm going to tease you for all eternity.
Come be my pillow MC, you're extra soft now. Don't worry I won't squish you to death again
Ah I think I'll replace my pillow and carry you around everywhere. What's with the loud squealing is it a yes or no?
Ah yes I did tell Beel to feed you some good quality grass from Diavolo's garden - what do you mean you'll gnaw my hair off when I sleep?
Of course I shall take responsibility and find a cure immediately, MC. No it's not just an excuse to make you stay at Purgatory Hall.
Look how small and cute you look MC, you sure you don't want to stay like this?
MC I apologized already please stop chewing holes into my capes-
MC it's better if you just sit in my lap and stop wandering off, you're so small I keep losing you- what do you mean "whose fault is that?!"
Oh MC I'm so sorry that happened to you. What? No I wasn't secretly laughing and telling Solomon how adorable you look!
Hmm I understand that you turned into a sheep but I wonder why you're pink too?
Do you mind if I write a comedy drama with this incident of yours? I'm sure all the angels will love hearing about it.
You're so soft to the touch, I kind of wish you stayed like this a little longer...
MC why are you constantly nuzzling at my shoulders - is that a sheep instinct sort of a thing?
Last time I checked there were no sheep exchange students- OH WAIT MC THAT'S YOU?!
Don't worry MC, you shall be well protected at the castle. Now would you like some freshly cut grass or some other sheep delicacy? Huh? Are you trying to scream at me?
No MC it's a treat to carry you on my shoulders. Yes I'm aware it's a meeting with the brothers. What do you mean Lucifer might make kebabs out of you?
MC will you allow me to hold you for awhile, I've had a long day and you're just perfect to calm me down.
Ah pardon my impoliteness I didn't mean to mock your situation MC. Eh? I look too happy while saying that?
Ah of course you can't hold the tea cup with your hooves, allow me to bring it to you in a bowl.
Did I see this happening? Well maybe. MC, please don't chew on my gloves as protest.
I can see the reversal spell will be done really soon. Just another two weeks MC. Hahaha I'm sorry I can't help but tease you when you make faces like that.
A SHEEP?! So small and so cute! Can I hug it?!*pauses* Wait did this sheep just talk?
MC?! Oh my god! What have those demons done to you? See this is why I don't trust demons!!!
Wait Solomon was involved too?! THAT'S WORSE! I shall be by your side and protect you now MC!
Don't worry MC! Simeon and I will also try and make a spell to turn you back to human. And stay away from Beel, you look an awful lot like cotton candy.
MC would you like some grass- ah? Why are you running away?
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kingkatsuki · 6 months ago
Coercion Part Three | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ahhh! It’s finally here. It’s been almost an entire year since I started this and I’m so sorry its taken me this long to get another part out. I had the plans for this just gathering dust in my drafts for the longest time and honestly I wasn’t sure I would ever actually get to it, but here it is. I really hope you guys enjoy it, and I don’t disappoint you after the long, long wait.
Thank you to my lovely friends who took the time out of their days to read through this for me. @jodrawssmut​, @whet-ones-write​ and @hoe-doroki​💕
Warnings: 18+, cheating, dirty talk, oral, pussy slapping.
Word Count: 7.8k
Tumblr media
It was difficult to say when you’d started feeling this way in your relationship. In your mind it began when Midoriya started coming home late and leaving early, the incessant phone calls and texts from his work taking his attention away from you. The dates, anniversaries you’d spend together often short-lived by that fateful call you already knew was coming. Your boyfriend's problem was he didn’t know when to say no, always far too eager to please everyone, too kind. But it could have been a multitude of factors, even the littlest things annoyed you about your boyfriend now that seemed to pale in comparison to others problems. You were always reminded how lucky you should feel, that other people have it much worse and would love to be in your position. So why did it constantly feel so wrong?
You supposed it was your fault for falling for such a dedicated hero, someone who would always put others before himself. Unfortunately, that courtesy didn’t seem to stretch to his wife, Midoriya often staying late in favour of protecting the citizens of Musutafu, or taking extra shifts to appease his colleagues. It was okay in the beginning, really. You couldn’t say you didn’t know what you were signing up for when you first started dating the aspiring hero, he’d made it abundantly clear that it was his dream and something that he would strive to achieve. And you had been there for him, supporting him every step of the way. The loving, doting girlfriend that would do anything to make him happy, but what about your happiness?
You couldn’t quite pinpoint the last time you’d truly felt that emotion, happiness. There were many times Midoriya made you feel good, feel content but were you truly happy? Now every time you thought about your own happiness there was only one face on your mind, and it wasn’t the face of your boyfriend. Bakugou Katsuki had overtaken your thoughts completely, so much so you had touched yourself to the thought of him beside a sleeping Midoriya. That was the moment where you should have ended things between you and the explosive blond, but you didn’t. Instead, you lay awake beside your boyfriend, thinking about another man. It wasn’t for lack of trying, you tried to switch yourself off, to urge your brain to disengage as you tried to lull yourself to sleep. But even as you closed your eyes you could only picture Bakugou’s vermilion orbs gazing back at you, how they would look buried between your thighs as he feasted on your sopping core.
It was no surprise to you the next morning when you woke to find Midoriya already gone, his side of the bed cold as the sheets lay neatly made. A flutter of emotions erupting in your stomach as you remembered what Bakugou had said to you the night before. Quietly wondering whether the words had been said in the heat of the moment or whether he would actually be paying you a visit today.
There was no way he would, would he?
Despite your scepticism, you still found yourself climbing out of bed and jumping straight into the shower. Spending a little longer than usual preparing yourself for the day, pulling out a fancy lingerie set that you had originally bought to spice up your sex life with your husband. Telling yourself that you were wearing it today to make yourself feel good, not because there was the possibility of Bakugou coming round. Biting your lip as you rifled through your wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear on top of it. The sound of your phone buzzing brings you out of your thoughts as you picked it up to see who was texting you. Your stomach lurching as you realised who it was.
Bakugou: Oi, hurry up, Princess.
Bakugou: Unless you want someone to see me standing outside your house.
Shit, not only had he actually stayed true to his word and showed up, he was early. You panicked as you looked back at the clothes hanging in your wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear so you could answer the door quickly. Tugging an oversized shirt off the rails as you pulled it carelessly over your head, meandering through your apartment as you tried to smooth the fabric down before answering the door.
“About fuckin’ time-” Bakugou stopped in his tracks as his vermilion eyes roamed over your body, noting your flustered expression as he took in the sight of the baggy shirt you wore that hung off your body, trailing down to your mid-calf as he admired your exposed skin, “Wow-”
“What?” You shuffled by the open door, leaning against the hardwood to stop yourself from tumbling to the ground, your legs like jelly.
“You look beautiful.” His cheeks tinted a dark pink as he lifted his arm, you hadn’t even noticed the bouquet of roses he’d been holding until he held them out to you, “Here.”
“You bought me flowers?” You took them gratefully, your eyes captivated by the deep orange colour of the petals, your fingers stroking against the surface as you held them to your nose.
“Yeah? Why wouldn’t I?” He quipped, shrugging his shoulders as though it was the most obvious thing in the world, “You gonna let me in or do you really want the neighbours to see?”
You were suddenly brought back to the realisation that Bakugou Katsuki was standing on your doorstep as you shuffled back to let him inside, closing the door behind you as you walked into your apartment. Busying yourself with finding a vase to fill to place the flowers in as Bakugou allowed himself to look around your home. Already trying to think of an excuse for your boyfriend as to why there was a large bouquet of fresh roses sitting in his kitchen that obviously had not come from him as you slowly arranged the stems.
“Don’t tell me,” Bakugou smirked, leaning back against your kitchen counter as he watched you arrange your bouquet, “Deku’s workin’?”
You didn’t respond, you had no reason to. Bakugou already knew the answer.
“Of course he is,” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “Guessin’ he didn’t get his dick wet this morning either, hah?”
Bakugou’s words sounded harsh, but there was an underlying self-consciousness behind them. He’d said it to be an asshole, to try and question the validity of your relationship with Midoriya even more, but really he cared. He wanted to know if what you’d told him last night was still true. That it had been well over a month since you’d last done anything with your boyfriend, that you hadn’t hung up on him to satiate your needs with his oblivious rival.
“No.” You whispered, thumbing the silky petals as you avoided Bakugou’s gaze, it felt unusual for him to know anything about your sex lives. Considering before you’d accidentally sent him your nudes that he’d been an acquaintance to you at best.
Bakugou always kept his distance from you when you met at social events or with friends, often seeming even more stoic and brash than usual with you. So much so you’d assumed the angry blond had taken a dislike to you, not that it bothered you too much. Throughout your years together at U.A. Bakugou kept most of his classmates at a distance, but for some reason, it felt like he kept you a little further apart than the rest. And even though Kirishima loved to reassure you that it was ‘just Bakugou’, you couldn’t help but feel you’d done something wrong. You couldn’t describe the feeling now the same angry blond was now standing in your kitchen.
“Of course he didn’t, fuckin’ nerd.” Bakugou scoffed, “Must’ve hit his head a little too hard on his last mission.”
“What do you mean?” You turned to face him, unable to avoid looking at the way his taut muscular arms sat crossed against his chest.
“That he’s so dumb he doesn’t realise that he’s got a hot fuckin’ girlfriend at home?” Bakugou quirked a brow.
“He’s training to be the best, Bakugou. Like you-”
“Don’t fuckin’ call me Bakugou-” Bakugou interjected, a look of hurt flashed through his expression before it turned to anger, “And I’m here. Where the fuck is Deku?”
“He’s just busy-” You started, but Bakugou was quick to cut you off again.
“Too busy for his own fuckin’ girlfriend?” Bakugou snarled as you turned to face him, a familiar look of rage in his eyes, “Are you kidding?”
You avoided his gaze, the intensity of it making you lightheaded as you struggled to argue back, to defend the boyfriend that clearly didn’t care as much for you as he did his dream. You knew it was a possibility when you first got together, but you’d hoped that with time it may change. That he’d start to care for you just as much as he did becoming number one.
“So why did you let me come, hah?” Bakugou unfolded his arms to rest his palms against the counter beside him, his knuckles whitening as he grasped the cool surface.
“You were blackmailing me, Bakugou.” You bluffed, “I didn’t have a choice.”
“There’s always a choice, Princess. Ask yourself why I’m here.”
You swallowed thickly, trying to quench the dryness that now sat at the back of your throat as you maintained eye contact with the man across the room. His intense vermilion gaze boring into your own, as you felt that familiar delightful swirl in your chest. A feeling that your boyfriend hadn’t blessed you with for a long time. You already knew the answer. Bakugou had made you feel more in the last few days than Midoriya had made you feel in months.
“You know there’s a reason why I’m here.” Bakugou rasped softly.
“Why are you here?” You toyed with the hem of your oversized shirt, hopeful to hear his honest answer. Bakugou had never been the kind of guy to lie.
“Don’t act fuckin’ coy.” He spat, “You know why I’m fuckin’ here. What about you? Why didn’t you tell me not to come?”
“You didn’t give me a chance-” You avoided his eyes to try and hide your evasiveness.
“Don’t lie.” Bakugou scoffed, “That’s not the reason. It’s because you couldn’t stop thinking about me, could you?”
Bakugou was right, he’d been all you’d been able to focus on the past few days. It was a secret that should have been difficult to hide from your boyfriend, but when he was so oblivious to everything in your life currently it had been a simple task.
“You’re so fucking cocky, Katsuki.” You emphasised his given name as he let out a scoff from the other side of the room.
“So I’m right then?” He puffed his chest out smugly, “Your little pussy was getting wet to the thought of my fat cock, yeah?”
You had to try and mask the whine that threatened to leave your lips at his blunt words, a heat rolling in your abdomen at the sound of his voice. How was it possible for one man to make you feel like this with minimal effort? Midoriya had never made you feel this way.
“If you don’t want me here, just tell me to go.” You could feel his eyes boring into you, “Say it and I’ll leave you to live out your shitty housewife fantasies out with Deku.”
“I-” You tried to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. He was right. He’d captivated your thoughts and taken over your senses.
“You can’t, can you?” Bakugou smirked, “Because you want me just as much as I want you.”
“Yes.” You watched the way Bakugou’s eyes darkened at your admission, baring his teeth in a smug grin as he watched you from across the room.
“Say it, then.” Bakugou pushed, “Tell me how much you want me.”
“I want you, Katsuki.” You admitted, chewing the inside of your cheek as you waited for his reaction.
“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear that.” You eyed him at the thought, what did he mean by that? How long had he been waiting-
“Now you’re finally being honest, you gonna show me what you’re wearing underneath that, Princess?” He smirked as he leaned back against the kitchen island, crossing his muscular arms over his chest so you could see the scars that marred his skin, shuffling nervously on your feet as you tried to avoid his gaze.
“Aw, don’t get all shy now.” Bakugou pushed himself away from the surface, stepping closer towards you, “Didn’t have a problem when you were showing me last night.”
“It’s different.” You whined, already worried that he wouldn’t like what he saw. You could hide behind the screen when you were video-calling or talking over the phone, but this? This was different. He’d be able to see every single curve, every single flaw or imperfection you deemed up close.
“How’s it different?” Bakugou rasped, “It’s still me, baby.”
You tried to ignore the nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach as you reached down to the hem of your shirt, taking a deep breath before you pulled the fabric up and over your body, tugging it over your head as you allowed the material to drop to the floor. Leaving you standing in your matching lingerie set in your kitchen with Bakugou, already terrified for his reaction.
“Holy shit.” He murmured as he took in the sight of you in the lingerie set you’d picked out. The intricate lace framing your body perfectly as he mapped out every inch of skin, “You look beautiful.”
You felt his gaze burning into you, worrying your lower lip between your teeth as he took a step closer, his larger frame towering over you as you stood in your kitchen anxiously. You felt like a blushing virgin in his presence, the air of authority that he held had you nervously shifting as he shamelessly ogled you.
“I knew you were fuckin’ hot from the pictures you sent me, but I didn’t think you’d look this good.” Your entire body felt aflame as he palmed your cheek, leaning into his touch as he angled your head up to face him.
“I can’t believe that fuckin’ prick isn’t all over you.” He murmured, almost more to himself than to you as his half-lidded eyes honed in on your lips, “Always was a dumbass.”
“Katsuki,” You murmured, feeling his warm breath fanning your face as his lips hovered dangerously close to yours. The smell of his quirk mixed with the musky smell of ash engulfed your senses as you felt his palms stroke along your sides.
Everything just felt different with Bakugou. A burning intensity you couldn’t fathom or put into words but you could feel it. The sensation filled your body and ignited your senses with every touch of his skin against your own, overwhelming your consciousness and making it difficult to think.
“Was this all for me?” The calloused pads of his fingers soothed along with the sheer fabric of your panties as he watched goosebumps appear against your skin.
“Yeah,” You flushed, his lips dangerously close to yours.
“Tell me.” You felt a low whine rumble at the back of your throat as you felt his lips brush against yours lightly, the movement causing tingles to ebb through your body, “Tell me you want this.”
“Yes.” You breathed, your words silenced as Bakugou pressed his lips against yours roughly. Teeth clashing together as he kissed you desperately, taking advantage of your surprise as he slipped his tongue between your parted lips, silencing the moans that swelled low in your throat.
Your mind swimming with emotions as Bakugou kissed you, his tongue stroking against your own dutifully as he rolled his hips against your own. Every coherent thought left your mind as he kissed you, your body melding into his own as you tried to match his movements, sliding your arms up to curl around his broad shoulders. Barely able to reach around his hulking form as you deepened the kiss, your tongue swiping his back as you felt him give a particularly hard rut against your hip. Allowing you to feel just how much he wanted you too, his thick cock straining against his sweats as he nipped at your bottom lip, catching it between his teeth as he tugged it back. Watching the way it bounced back, panting as he brought a hand up to thumb at your bruised lips.
“Good lord, look at you.” He groaned, pulling when you pressed a kiss to the calloused pad of his thumb, “You’re so fuckin’ perfect.”
You couldn’t help but reach out to palm his cock through the material of his sweats, grinning at the hiss that left his lips as you watched his eyes flutter. Feeling how thick and hard he was for you, your fingers barely able to wrap around it as he slowly rolled his hips into your touch.
“Gonna make me cum in my pants like a fuckin’ teenager-” He muttered, his thumbs dipping into the hem as he slowly dragged the fabric down with his underwear, allowing his thick length to spring free. The tip sanguine and swollen as his length curved towards his abdomen. He’d looked big in the video chat you’d shared last night, but seeing him in the flesh he was huge. Feeling yourself salivate at the sight as you licked your lips in anticipation, your thumb swiping over the tip to gather the pre-cum oozing from his slit, smoothing it down his length as he twitched in your palm.
“Shoulda known you’d be a fuckin’ tease.” He joked, leaning down to press kisses against the apex of your neck, his teeth grazing against the sensitive skin there. Making you groan and lean into his touch before the realisation dawned on you that he could leave a mark, pulling back with a sheepish look on your face.
You tried to ignore the look of hurt that flashed across Bakugou’s features at the frantic action, perceptively picking up on exactly why you were concerned; you didn’t want Midoriya to see. Thinking quickly you decided to slip down onto your knees in front of Bakugou’s large frame, continuing to pump his cock languidly in your palm as you stared up at him with doe-like eyes. Leaning forward to swipe your tongue against his tip, drawing a low hiss from his parted lips.
“Shit.” He grunted, “Even better than I imagined.” You hummed at his praise, stroking your palm along his length as you lapped at his slit, laying the pad of your tongue against the underside of his reddened head as you looked up at Bakugou through heavy lashes.
Your hands wandered lower to tease his weighty balls, squeezing them in your palm as you stroked a solo finger along his taint, cherishing the way he shuddered against you. Depraved moans leaving his hips as he eased into your touch, spreading his thighs as much as he could with his sweats around his calves to give you more access.
His large, warm palms stroking your cheeks as though you were the most delicate porcelain, sliding up to card his fingers through your hair as his blunt nails scratched against your scalp. The movement made you keen as you pressed a soft kiss to his tip before parting your lips to slowly slip him inside your mouth. Bakugou hissed at the contact, unable to stop his hips from bucking as you took more of him inside you, your tongue brushing along the underside as you mapped out the prominent veins that forked along his length, following them as you began a steady motion. Fisting whatever you couldn’t fit inside your mouth with your palm as Bakugou held your head.
“Fuck,” He snarled, his eyes rolling back as he bit his lower lip. The sight caused you to moan around his length, rubbing your thighs together to try and appease the throb surging from your core, “I know you’re fuckin’ dripping. That desperate for my cock, yeah?”
Bakugou’s words only served to make you even warmer, the ebb inside you intensifying as you took sight of the expression on his features as he gazed down at you, it was nothing like the way Midoriya looked at you. Searching your mind for the last time your boyfriend had ever even attempted to glance at you in such a way. There was something different about the way Bakugou was looking at you, as though he was staring straight into your soul, instead of just looking. It made you feel different. Desired, wanted, loved.
Loved. It seemed like such a foreign concept to you now, a word that had lost all its meaning in your relationship. When was the last time Midoriya had ever made you feel loved? You couldn’t recall.
“Bet shitty Deku doesn’t make you feel like this, hah.” You gagged around Bakugou’s thick cock at the suggestion, wide eyes brimming with fresh tears as you felt your throat hollow. Vibrations flowing through your mouth straight to his length as he groaned above you. His hands tightening their grip on your hair as he held you against him. The thick pubic hair at the base of his length tickled your nose as you felt him hit the back of your throat, keeping you still for a few moments before he allowed you momentary respite, pulling you off him as your chest heaved, taking in gulps of air. Bakugou groaned as he watched glistening lines of your spit string from the tip of his cock, connecting your bodies together as they broke off in silvery wisps against your skin.
“You’re so perfect.” He murmured, stroking his thumb against your chin as he collected the mixture. Cleaning it off your skin as he directed your gaze towards his own, “Way too good for that prick.”
“Don’t say that,” You murmured, immediately feeling guilt begin to swirl in your chest at the fact that you were here with Bakugou of all people.
What if he was just doing this to get back at your boyfriend? It was definitely something you could imagine him doing, always trying to get one up on his old school rival. This would be like the ultimate betrayal, being able to steal Deku’s girlfriend away from him. What if Bakugou ended up dropping you and you were left with nothing? After everything you’d already done it wasn’t anything you didn’t deserve.
“What’s going on in that pretty little head?” Bakugou rasped, his hands grabbing for your arms as he eased you up from your knees, trying to ignore the dull ache in your limbs as he turned you so your back was against the kitchen counter. Warm palms digging into your sides as he rubbed soothing circles against your skin with his thumbs, “Tell me.”
“S’nothin’” You muttered, eyes downcast as you tried to push the doubt to the back of your mind.
There was no way Bakugou would be doing this with you if you hadn’t accidentally sent him those selfies of you, he’d seized the perfect opportunity to embarrass Midoriya and you’d played right into his hands.
“Bullshit.” He tsked, “Just fuckin’ tell me.”
“What if you’re just doing this to get one up on Izuku?” Bakugou’s brows furrowed as he leaned back, the pads of his fingers digging into your sides a little harder.
“I’ve liked you for a long fuckin’ time.” He murmured, “Probably even before that asshole.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” You scoured your memories for any indications that Bakugou may have even had a slight interest in you, but there was nothing you could recall that would have given you any indication he’d felt this way about you. Even hearing it from his lips now was so difficult to believe.
Bakugou’s jaw tightened at the question, averting his gaze. This was a regret so clear that it sat at the forefront of his mind, something that had burdened him since school. He’d convinced himself that becoming number one was the most important thing in his life, he wouldn’t allow any distractions. Pushing his feelings for you to the side, trying to store them at the back of his mind so they wouldn’t bubble up and overwhelm his consciousness. But it was easier said than done, laying awake most nights he found his thoughts always drifted to you, you were the comfort that got him through those bad nights. Just being near you throughout his teenage years was enough, but when you graduated school and you ended up with Midoriya it was different. Seeing you happy with his rival caused an aching pain in his chest, an overwhelming regret inside him that he couldn’t push down. By trying to achieve his dreams, he’d lost the one person he cared about more than anything. And you had no clue-
“Katsuki-” You tried to prompt him, the silence deafening as you reached up to stroke a palm along the stubble that decorated his jawline.
Bakugou leaned into your touch before jerking back, a large palm reaching up to wrap around your wrist. Clasping it in his larger hand as he lowered your hand, using the grip to pull you towards him, his lips hovering over yours.
“Doesn’t fuckin’ matter.” He rasped huskily, stopping you from any objections as he pulled you into another fierce kiss. His touch bruising as his tongue swiped against your lower lip, forcing entry as he pressed you back against the kitchen counter. Silencing your moans as his hands roamed your bare skin.
Bakugou caught you by surprise as he hoisted you up onto the cool marble surface, stepping between your parted legs as he squeezed the plush skin, blunt nails digging into your thighs. Breaking the kiss much to your disappointment so he could stare into your eyes as he brushed the back of his hand against your folds, his knuckle grazing against the thin material of your panties as you let out a breathless gasp.
“Shit, you’re fuckin’ wet.” He groaned as he thumbed your slit, pressing down on the fabric as he felt your slick against it, “Is this all for me?”
You mewled as he found your clit through the lace, spinning gentle circles around it as your arms braced against his broad shoulders. Using him for leverage to begin grinding yourself against his touch, desperate for more. The movement made Bakugou smirk with pride as his fingers moved lower, teasingly pressing against your tight entrance through the fabric, the tip of his finger pushing into it as the barrier of your underwear stopped him from delving any deeper. A frenzied whine leaving your lips as you tried desperately to intensify the sensation.
“You really are fuckin’ needy, hah?” Pressing a chaste kiss against your lips as he pulled away, smirking at how your body lurched forward, trying to keep yourself close to him as he moved onto his knees.
“Sorry Princess,” Bakugou’s hands splayed against your inner thighs, pushing them apart as he settled himself between them, “I’ve gotta have a taste first.”
You whimpered as he licked a long stripe along the crotch of your panties, the movement causing your hips to jerk against the marble surface. Bakugou’s lips curling into a smug smirk at your reaction as he repeated the motion, groaning at how wet you felt through the sheer fabric.
“You like that?”
His fingers curled under the crotch of your panties, tugging them to the side as he took in the sight of your naked cunt. His fingers immediately slipping between your folds, parting them to stroke along your slick. The moisture coating his fingers as he teasingly circled your tight entrance, feeling the way your inner walls fluttered around the tips of his fingers in an attempt to suck him in.
“Katsuki, don’t tease.” You mumbled, your entire body felt warm. The desire inside you amplifying as you craved a release.
“Look at you.” He smirked, leaning forward to wrap his lips around your puffy clit, sucking against the nub as you thrashed above him. Your fingers threading into his messy blond hair as your nails scratched at his scalp, tugging his hair by the root as you tried to pull him impossibly closer. His moans vibrating against your clit as vermilion eyes glanced up to see the debauched look on your face. Crude slurping noises filling the room as Bakugou sucked on your clit hard, gathering a mixture of your slick and his spit in his mouth before leaning back to spit it down on your slit. His fingers immediately moved to stroke it between your folds, as he began to press against your tight entrance, catching you off guard as he buried them inside you to the hilt.
“Fuck, Katsuki-” You whimpered, feeling the dull stretch of your silky walls around his fingers.
It had been a while since you’d felt anything but your own fingers inside you, a dull ache from the stretch mingling with the pleasure you felt as you began to roll your hips against Bakugou’s touch. Lewd sounds continued to reverberate around the room as he continued his assault on your clit, trapping it between his lips.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight,” Bakugou spoke against your clit, his tongue lashing against the sensitive nub as you keened, “Can’t wait to split you apart on my cock.”
His words only serve to push you closer towards your orgasm, the coil inside you dangerously close to snapping as he curled the two fingers inside you, positioning them to drag along the same spongy spot inside you that he knew would have you seeing stars.
“Come on, Princess.” He hummed, sending dull vibrations straight to your clit as he dragged his tongue along your folds, “Shit, you taste so good.”
Gathering your slick as he slurped salaciously at your cunt, feasting on you like a man starved as crude noises filling the quiet kitchen. Pushing his tongue inside your tight heat, the pad stroking against your velvety walls as his nose bumped messily against your clit. A silvery string of your essence connecting his lips to your folds as he pulled back, half-lidded eyes glancing up at you as the line broke, splitting off against his chin.
“When’s the last time shitty Deku made you feel this good, Princess?” You keened at the tone of his voice at the nickname, gasping as he leaned forward to spit on your clit. The noise causing your sensitive nub to throb as the moisture trickled down your slit, his tongue catching it before it hit the curve of your ass as he devoured it back up before repeating the motion. Admittedly foreplay was never one of Midoriya’s strong points, no matter how hard he tried. He could never quite curl his fingers towards the right spot, or apply the right pressure to your clit, instead opting to just give up completely, “Oi, pay attention to me.”
You gasped in surprise as Bakugou landed a harsh smack to your slit, his calloused fingertips catching your clit. A dull stinging sensation flowing through your lower half as you involuntarily tried to close your thighs, but Bakugou’s grip was stronger as he held them apart. A low moan leaving your lips as the pain quickly turned to pleasure, your body easing into the sensation as you almost thought about challenging him once more just for him to repeat the motion.
“Of course you’d like that, wouldn’t you? Fuckin’ slut.” Bakugou smirked, thumbing your clit, “So fuckin’ good.” He murmured to himself as he slipped two fingers back to rub against your folds, parting them as he delved back inside your tight hole. Instantly curling the digits towards the spongy spot inside you as he began to piston them in a frantic motion.
“I know you’re close, I can feel you squeezin’ my fingers.” Bakugou smiled as he pressed a kiss against your clit, “Show me how pretty you look when you cum.”
With that Bakugou attached his lips back to your clit, sucking with vigour. Your toes curled as you cried out in pleasure. The dual stimulation causing your core to throb, your grip on his hair tightening as you ground yourself against his face with no regard for his need to breathe. Not that Bakugou seemed to mind, the motions ostensibly spurring him on.
“Katsuki.” You cried out, already feeling your orgasm swiftly approaching. His intense ministrations making it near impossible to focus on anything but the white-hot pleasure scorching your body, repeatedly proclaiming his name like a celestial mantra.  
“Good fuckin’ girl.” He howled, the blissful expression on your face making his chest swell with pride. His fingers unforgiving on your quivering walls as he continued to scissor them inside you, dragging them along your slick walls as he built you towards another orgasm.
“I can’t, ‘Suki. S’too much-'' You gasped, trying to shy away from him but his grip remained strong against you. Feeling your thighs squeeze either side of his head in a feeble attempt to close your legs.
A low, deliberate moan leaving his lips as he hummed around your clit, urging your body towards another swift release. Your pleas for him to give you a moment of respite falling on deaf ears as he began applying pressure on the soft spot inside you, rolling his wrist as he focused his attention on the same spot with each rearward motion.
An unfamiliar sensation building in your pelvis as you try to subdue it, feeling pearly tears begin to clump in your lashes as your body involuntarily begins to gush. A clear liquid spilling from your core and splashing against Bakugou’s face.
“Holy shit, that’s it Princess.” A look of pure glee on his features as he moves back to watch the liquid seeping from your body. Placing all four of his fingers against your clit as he begins to circle it sloppily, causing another smaller stream to leave your body. Your head banging against one of the kitchen cupboard units as your body convulsed from his movements, a dull ache throbbing at your scalp, but you showed little care. The pleasurable throb surging through your body had taken over all your rational thinking, “Fuckin’ squirt all over me.”
“Fuck. Katsuki-” You panicked as you saw his body glistening with your release, “I’m so sorry, I-”
“Why t’fuck you apologising?” Bakugou licked his lips, “Wait, was that the first time you’ve squirted?”
You bit your lip in response, your chest heaving as came down from your high. The look on your face giving him the answer he sought.
“Fuck,” He groaned at the thought. His cock twitching desperately between his thighs, standing to attention as pre continued to ooze from the tip, dribbling down the underside of his shaft. “Of course that prick couldn’t pleasure you properly.”
You watched with lidded eyes as Bakugou wrapped a large palm around his length, pumping himself slowly to try and appease the throb, “You look so fucked out for me, Baby. And you haven’t even had my cock yet-”
Bakugou stepped towards you to drag the drooling head of his cock along your folds. Focusing pressure against your sensitive clit as he pulled some squeals from your lips, smirking at the sound as he guided the tip lower. Bumping against your tight hole as he repeated the motion, slowly dragging his head along your cunt as he teased your slick entrance. Each time he’d venture back down Bakugou would give a roll of his hips, pressing his cock forward for the head to catch against your fluttering walls, desperately trying to suck him in.
Suddenly, you. heard the sound of the door opening, Wide eyes looking up at Bakugou in horror as you scrambled to push him away.
“Shit, he’s home.” You gasped, jumping off the counter as you reached for your shirt. Grabbing the crumpled fabric from the floor as you tugged it over your head sloppily. Trying to smooth out your hair as you panicked, already trying to think of how to explain the presence of your boyfriend’s childhood rival in your home, “Stay here.”
“I ain’t fuckin’ hiding from that prick,” Bakugou snarls.
You instantly feel fear running cold through your veins, your boyfriend's rival and old school friend was standing half naked in your kitchen. All Midoriya would have to do is turn a single corner and catch you both in the act and that would be it. Regardless of whether you were happy with Midoriya or not, you didn’t want him to find out, not like this. The thought of him walking in on you with another man, especially Bakugou had tears pricking the corners of your eyes. Your chest tightens as you struggle to breathe, trying desperately to calm yourself down as you watch Bakugou cross his arms over his chest in defiance.
“What’s so wrong if he fuckin’ sees us?” Bakugou reached for you, but you avoided his touch.
“Not now. Not like this-” You placed a palm on Bakugou’s bare chest, your eyes silently pleading with him, “Please, Katsuki.”
The look in your eyes made him stay silent, nodding his head in affirmation as he lingered in the kitchen, watching your retreating figure as you went to meet your boyfriend at the door. You gave him a small smile as you slipped out of the kitchen as you heard Midoriya continue to call your name out in the apartment. It was unusual for him to be home this early from work, but it was even more unusual for him to be calling out your name in your home when he returned. It made you feel uneasy, like he knew exactly what you’d been up to. The lies and sneaking around behind his back had caught up and you’d have to admit your mistakes and plead for his forgiveness, otherwise, you’d be on the front page of all the major tabloids for breaking top Pro-Hero Deku’s heart. Your stomach lurched as you came round the corner and into your boyfriend’s view, his green orbs lighting up when they caught sight of you.
“There you are, Princess.” Midoriya’s eyes lit up as they saw you, his arms instantly reaching out to pull you into a hug, “Hey.”
It felt foreign, your arms stiff at your sides before you slowly curled them around his waist. Feeling him press a gentle kiss to your forehead as he pulled back, his palms gripping your elbows as he held you against him. Terrified that he’d be able to smell Bakugou all over you and know the extent of your deception.
“You’re home early-” You managed to get out, wanting to ask whether it was because he knew what you’d been up to and if he’d be breaking up with you. The thought somehow made you feel uneasy, even though it was something you’d thought about happening for weeks.
“Yeah, I told work I was gonna take the rest of the day off.” Midoriya smiled, his hands stroking along your sides gently.
“You? Taking a day off-” The idea was now even more suspicious to you.
He must know.
“Yeah, I know you’ve been feeling a little down lately, and I’ve been neglecting you a lot because of work-” That was the understatement of the century, “So I thought I’d take the rest of the day off.”
“You don’t have to do that.” You avoided his gaze, guilt overpowering your senses as you swallowed thickly in an attempt to quench your dry throat.
“Yes, I do.” He persisted, “I’ve been taking you for granted.”
“You haven’t-” You hadn’t expected any of this from him, questioning where this had suddenly come from. Maybe he did notice what you had been up to with Bakugou. You hadn’t been as subtle as you had first thought, maybe this was his way of seeing whether you would admit it to him.
“I have been.” His palm moved to cup your cheek as you felt your body involuntarily leaning into his touch, missing the warmth and attention that he used to give you, “And you deserve better.”
“No, I don’t-” Your voice cracked, emotion welling inside you as you contemplated telling him about what you’d just done and exactly who was standing in your kitchen, “I-”
“I hope you haven’t started cooking yet?” Midoriya motioned towards the kitchen.
“No, why?” You shook your head silently, sniffling as you worried your bottom lip between your teeth.
“I’m taking you out for dinner.” His fingertips dug into your sides as his emerald eyes smiled down at you, “I’m going to make it up to you, I promise.”
It would take a lot more than dinner to fix the number of problems in your relationship, but even this minimal attention had your heart thumping in your chest like it had when you first started dating. You’d reverted back to the flustered mess you’d been when Midoriya had asked you out for the first time.
“Let me just grab a quick shower and we’ll go. Anywhere you want.”  His fingertips dug into your sides as his emerald eyes smiled down at you, “You might want to get changed too, I don’t think that’s really appropriate to go out in- I thought you’d thrown that shirt out.”
“Uh-” You’d remembered the conversation you’d had with Midoriya about the shirt, the fact that he didn’t like how it framed your body, and that he’d just buy you another. But you liked it, you felt comfortable in it so you’d just ended up hanging it back in your wardrobe.
“Why don’t you wear the dress you know I like?” Midoriya smiled, “You know the black one?”
“Y-yeah.” You smiled, watching as your boyfriend made his way towards the bathroom.
“I’ll be quick, alright?” You nodded as he shut the door behind him, quickly turning to make your way back to the kitchen where Bakugou was waiting for you.
“You took fuckin’ ages.” Bakugou groaned, pulling you back into his arms and pressing his lips against yours hungrily. Moving his fingers back underneath the oversized shirt you were wearing as his large palms kneaded the plush of your ass, “Why didn’t you tell him?”
“I- I think this is a bad idea-”
“What?” Bakugou pulled back from your lips to stare into your eyes.
“You need to go, Bakugou. This was a bad idea-”
“What?” A flash of hurt crossed his features at the sound of his surname leaving your lips, letting you out of his grasp as you grabbed for his discarded shirt from the floor, holding it up to his bare chest as he made no attempt to take it from you.
“Please, he can’t see us together-” You were panicked, you’d heard the sound of water running to indicate that Midoriya was preparing to shower, but this was too much of a risk. He could walk into the kitchen right now and see your infidelity.
“Is that it? Poor little Deku finally starts to give a shit about you again and you drop your fuckin’ panties?” Bakugou growled, finally snatching his shirt from you, “Pathetic.”
“I’m really sorry, but I should have never let it get this far. Izuku loves me-” You felt sick looking at the hurt look in his eyes, the look that turned to rage as his jaw locked.
Reality was beginning to creep back into your consciousness, the idea of your boyfriend catching you sneaking around behind his back filled you with dread. The idea of losing not just your relationship with Midoriya, but the way your friends would look at you for cheating on their best friend. You could already hear them judging you, the looks of disappointment on their faces as they would chastise you. How could you do that to Midoriya? He’s the perfect guy.
“You think he loves you?” Bakugou scoffed, “Don’t be fuckin’ stupid.”
“He does-” The words left your lips, but even you weren’t sure if they were true.
“Yeah right. You jumped at the chance when I text you, Princess. Betcha didn’t even do it on purpose, didn’t you?” Bakugou tugged his shirt on back over his messy blond locks, running a hand through them messily as he adjusted his clothing, “You wanted that excitement back in your life.”
“I told you it was an accident-”
“When’s the last time shitty Deku made you feel like that, hah?” Bakugou gripped your jaw between his thumb and forefinger, angling your face up to stare into his eyes, “Answer me.”
You bit the inside of your cheek hard, replaying his words in your mind. You didn’t know the answer.
“You need to go, Bakugou. Please-”
This was a terrible mistake. Things with Midoriya would get better, wouldn’t they? He’d already come home today to apologise for taking you for granted and wanting to make it up to you. You’d been selfish to try and look for love in other places, even if it had felt different with Bakugou. Your body already yearning to feel his body against you once more, to be entirely blanketed in his scent, his touch, him.
“Fine.” He snarled, brushing past you in the kitchen as he made his way through the door frame. Your feet following behind him as you heard the sound of the shower turn off, fear bubbling inside you, “You spend the rest of your life with shitty fuckin’ Deku. See if I fuckin’ care-”
“Please don’t be like that.” You murmured, already feeling your chest ache at his harsh words.
“You need to decide what you really want to do with your life, Princess.” Bakugou muttered huskily as he lingered at your front door, “Start thinking about what you want.”
You stood in the empty hallway for a moment as you stared at the spot Bakugou once occupied, your chest longing for him to be back here with you. Wishing that you hadn’t told him to leave, that you didn’t have to sneak around like this. Making your way towards the bedroom so you could get changed into the dress Midoriya wanted to see you in, glancing into the mirror to try and soothe your messy hair down in an attempt to make yourself look more presentable.
“Oh, you’re not changed yet, babe?” Midoriya walked into the room with a towel slung low around his waist, another rubbing his messy locks dry as he took in the sight of you in the same outfit, “I thought you were desperate for me to take you out.”
“I am,” You murmured, smiling at him through your reflection in the vanity.
“Well, come on then.” He tugged a grey shirt out from his side of the wardrobe, “I didn’t take a day off for nothing-”
You were distracted by Midoriya’s words as you heard the vibrations from your cell phone rumble against the wood of your vanity, your heart pounding against your ribcage as you raised the phone to read the text. A new incoming message from Bakugou.
Bakugou: You’re going to stay with him forever, aren’t you?
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amisdalas · a year ago
just wanted to say how pretty and clean and nice this is!!!! it looks incredible <3 /post/629330371338764288/got-meme-66-relationships-daenerys-targaryen
ahh omggg thank you so so sooo much for sending this!!! you’ve literally made my day and put such a big smile on my face 💕🥺🥰
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buckymylove · 26 days ago
Movie Night - B.B.
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky invites the new, shy team member to family movie night.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of traumatic pasts?, awful comedy - like really bad, and a truck load of fluff.
Word count : 3,100
A/n: AHHH this is so much fluff, this is only my third fic so lemme know if you guys like it and send me an ask or private message if you have any ideas or requests for future fics! Xx
Please do not translate on steal any of my works! Reblogs and likes are welcome and much appreciated if you would like! X
"Ok movie night" Tony announced dramatically as he entered the kitchen, arms thrown in the air with a swagger in his step.
Bucky rolled his eyes at Tony's usual theatrics.
"Alright take it down a notch Gatsby, theres no paparazzi in here" Nat grumbled with a bored expression as she walked past him to put the orange juice back in the fridge. Sam snorted and Tony simply brushed past her comment waltzing over to the booze cabinet.
"Meet back here in 20 minutes with snacks and blankets, I'll handle the drinks" he said lifting up a bottle of vodka.
"All I heard was drinks" Nat shrugged grabbing a bag of skittles and heading straight over to the couch, where she not-so-graciously flopped down onto a cushion.
"I'll bring the pop tarts!" Thor boomed.
Sam made a beeline for the cabinet that they keep specifically stocked for nights like this. "SAM NO! The oreos are mine!" Clint yelled as he made a mad dash for said cabinet knocking over a barstool on the way. Bruce looked at them, then to the barstool that lay on the kitchen floor, and with a defeated sigh turned and left to join Nat on the couch.
"Hey Steve" Bucky said quietly to his best friend. "Where's y/n?"
"Uh probably in her room, why?" He replied
"Uh- well, it's just she never really joins us for any team thing, and, i don't know, maybe she feels left out.. or something, m-maybe one of us should go get her?"
He asked sheepishly, worrying that Steve would catch on to his very obvious crush that he definitely didn't have on you.
Steve smiled, "that's really sweet Buck, I mean i assumed she just wasn't really a people person but, maybe she's just shy? It's worth asking"
"Ya think? What if she just hates us, what if she feels awkward saying no"
"Buck i'm sure she doesn't hate us, she's been through a lot, you understand that better than anyone, she's probably just shy, plus she's only been here two weeks, she might feel awkward joining in on our team things, she just needs someone to let her know that she's more than welcome"
Bucky contemplates Steve's words before nodding his head and turning to head to your room.
You had come to the compound a couple weeks ago after the team rescued you from a Hydra base in Russia. The team had all been very nice to you, but you hadn't seen much of them as you weren't a fan of coming out of your room all that much. You weren't really used to normal human interaction, since you were taken by Hydra at such a young age. The team figured they'd give you a settling period, let you get used to your surroundings so you felt more comfortable before they started bombarding you, after all, when Bucky first arrived at the compound he basically didn't talk to anyone that wasn't Steve.
However, Bucky also knew how lonely that time had been, he knows now that team didn't talk to him so much because they didn't want to make him uncomfortable but he didn't know then and he always felt it would've been nice if someone had just offered. So, he figured, if you said no then that was fine but it would be nice to at least offer.
He made his way nervously to your room. He waited outside for a moment going over what he would say, then, hesitantly knocked on your door. He heard soft foot steps on the other side of the door but as soon as the door opened, everything he planned on saying went out of his head. You were wearing a cozy outfit, joggers and a t-shirt that appeared to have some sort of constellation on the front, along with a pair of fuzzy grey socks. Bucky couldn't help but think about how it would feel to snuggle up next to you in your adorable - seemingly tired - state.
You both stared wide-eyed at each other for a moment. Him not knowing what to say, and you shocked to see someone at your door.
"Uh hey" Bucky said quietly after a moment of awkward silence.
"Hi" you said, so quietly he probably would have missed it if it weren't for his super soldier hearing.
It was the first time Bucky had heard you speak, and after just one word he knew he wanted to hear more. He took a second to compose himself, deciding it was best to start explaining why he had randomly shown up at your door after never having had an actual conversation, besides what he said to you the day he carried you out of the hydra base, barely still breathing.
"I uh, I was w-wondering if you wanted to.. join us for team movie night? It's totally fine if you don't want to or if you just don't feel comfortable yet, I completely get it, I just thought I would ask in case you thought you weren't welcome or something, there's like snacks n stuff and you can bring a blanket if you- well, I mean that's if you decide to come but you don't have to.. if you.. don't want to" He trailed off at the end suddenly aware of his mindless rambling. He didn't want to scare you away before you'd even agreed to join them.
You looked at him, still in shock, although thinking it was really nice of him to go out of his way to come find you and ask if you wanted to come.
"Um y-yeah, that'd be nice, uh o-only if everyones ok with it, i d-don't wanna intrude or anything..." you mumbled, barely audible and looking everywhere but directly into his eyes.
"No no of course not, no it would be great, we'd love you to join us!" He was quick to make sure you knew you were welcome but cringed at the sound of him seeming way to enthusiastic. "Uh you can come now with me, or- or you could make your way down in like 10 minutes for when we start".
It was then that you finally let yourself meet his eye only to see the most beautiful crystal blue orbs staring back at you. You blinked a couple times trying to break out of your daze.
"Is- uh can i go with you?" You asked terrified. Bucky almost thought he saw tears in your eyes, which immediately left him feeling guilty, was he making you uncomfortable?
"Of course you can doll, uh shall we go"
You nod, shyly, and start to shuffle out of your room as Bucky turns to make his way back to the common area, checking every few seconds to make sure you're still behind him.
You hesitate once you reach the entrance of the common area and see the rest of the team, hustling around. Tony mixing up drinks, Steve trying to calm down Clint and Sam who were still fighting over a packet of oreos, Nat, Bruce and Vision carrying a casual conversation over on the couches, Thor was sat on a bean bag on the floor surrounded by blankets, a box of strawberry pop tarts in hand, already happily munching away, Wanda launching a pillow and Nat's head as she watches her try to slip into her usual spot on the smaller couch to the right of the big screen.
They clearly had a family dynamic - I mean chaotic as hell, but still family and you felt bad intruding on that, plus the fact that just being around people after so long scared you quite a bit.
Bucky sensed your hesitation, and knowing how you felt after his own experience thought it would be best to just be supportive as he eased you in.
He offered his hand to you as a symbol of reassurance rather than giving you a lecture about how everyone is very welcoming. He knew from previous experience, that those talks often didn't help. He also knew very well that Steve was just trying his best when he'd give Bucky one of 'those talks' but it's easier said than done when your walking into a long time family.
He gave you a soft smile, and you gently took his hand, surprising both him and yourself. You knew a little about Bucky's past and you guessed you just found comfort in him knowing he had a very similar experience. Bucky took it as a victory that you trusted him enough to let him lead you into the chaotic common area hand in hand.
He first brought you to the kitchen which was less crowded now that Steve had finally got Sam and Clint to compromise and just 'share the goddamn cookies'. Now only Steve and Tony stood in the kitchen.
You hid yourself slightly behind Bucky as you approached the counter.
"Oh hey kid, glad you made it" he smiled at you then continued on to the living room area, drink in hand. You felt yourself relax slightly, you were very grateful that he didn't make a huge deal out of it, and seemed very welcoming.
You softly and timidly returned his smile.
Steve brought his head out of the cabinet he was rummaging through to see Bucky and a very scared looking you, just behind him, holding his hand. He was surprised, first to see that Bucky had actually gone through with asking you and that you had agreed to come, and also at the fact that you were holding hands, but he decided to brush past that for now, clearly taking note of your discomfort.
"Hey y/n, your here for movie night I assume"
You nodded your head with a timid smile.
"That's great, well then welcome to your first of many" he said with a warm smile. "Thanks" you said quietly. He nodded with a beaming smile then wandered of to join the rest of the team.
Bucky let go of your hand as he went over to the snack cabinet. "You want anything to eat or drink?"
"Oh uh no that's ok, thanks though" you replied quietly.
Bucky just smiled while reaching up to grab a bag of popcorn, he poured some into a bowl before walking over to you, and with a comforting hand resting gently on your lower back you made your way over to the team. Bucky, once again sensing your discomfort, sat down on the large L shaped couch that took up the majority of the space, he sat in the corner of the couch since less people seemed to be crowded there and gently tapped the space next to him. You immediately followed happy to be able to sit by Bucky where you felt more comfortable. He smiled as you sat down.
The team acknowledged your presence with a simple, but pleasant chorus of "hey"'s and "glad you could make it"'s. They all seemed to pick up on your nervous demeanour and acted accordingly which you really appreciated you were not up for a whole lot of attention right now. Well all but Thor, bless him, who didn't seem to quite pick up on your fear as he boomed, "Welcome lady y/n, how pleasant that you are here for your first movie night"
If looks could kill, Thor would be six feet under, as Bucky glared literal daggers at him. He'd made progress with you and desperately didn't want to scare you off now. There were a few eye rolls and a definite face palm from Clint.
"Calm down Thor, you're gonna freak her out" Wanda reprimanded him from her place behind him on the couch, although quietly.
Of course the poor guy was just trying to be sweet so was a bit confused at the reaction he got from the rest of the team.
"Hi Thor" you said, barely above a whisper and not looking up from your hands. In all honesty the team were a little shocked but they didn't want to make you even more uncomfortable so they just moved on, although Thor was beaming.
"Ok who turn is it to pick, ive lost track" Tony says, margarita in hand, diverting the teams attention back to the matter at hand.
"Why don't we let y/n pick?" Bucky speaks up.
Theres a chorus of approvals from the rest of the team and they all turn to look at you expectantly whilst you turn to Bucky with terrified wide eyes like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Oh no no thats ok i don't really know any" you replied, barely audible as you looked down at your hands in your lap.
Bucky sensed your discomfort but he was determined to make you feel welcome and a part of the family because he knows from personal experience how hard it can be, and at least he had Steve when he came to the compound, you had no one.
"That's ok, how about I scroll through some of these and you just point to one of the pictures you like the look of?" He replied quietly.
You looked up at him and hesitantly nodded your head. "Uh ok yeah"
Nat chucked the remote over to Bucky and he started slowly scrolling, waiting for you to point one out.
You had no idea where to start, you hadn't watched a movie since you probably only 4 years old. You were overwhelmed and worried that no one would like what you picked but also very wary that they were all looking at you, waiting for you to make a decision. You pointed to the very next one that came up which happened to be a picture of a girl in a pink dress, but what caught your attention was the small dog standing next to her in a... pink sweater? Why was there a dog wearing clothes? You'd never seen that before.
Bucky stopped scrolling when he saw you pointing at the screen. He looked to where you pointed and read the title.
"Legally Blonde?"
He looked to you for confirmation.
"Uh, yeah i guess, i-if everyones ok with that we can choose som-"
"Hell no, I love this movie!" Sam yelled excitedly. "Great choice y/n" he smiled at you.
You stared at him wide eyed for a second, and once you got over the shock, sheepishly smiled back at him.
"YES! I was going to pick this next week" Wanda squealed, getting comfortable in her spot on the couch.
You turned to Bucky with a soft, grateful smile on your face, that he then returned.
Bucky started the movie, then held his bowl of popcorn out towards you. You weren't exactly hungry but he was being so good to you, and you felt bad refusing his offer.
You took a handful with a small smile and turned you attention back to the screen that had started blaring a loud, cheerful tune.
Just a few minutes later you felt your self shiver as you'd left your room forgetting a blanket and without your sweater. Bucky immediately took notice of this and was quick to find a way to make you comfortable again, not that you would ever mention you were cold, but that just gave Bucky more reason to help you. He reached over to Wanda and swiftly snatched her blanket that was loosely draped over her legs. She was about to protest but Bucky stopped her with a glare that shifted to pleading eyes when he nodded his head towards you, who was still paying full attention to the screen and hadn't noticed the blanket war behind you. Wanda still looked pretty pissed, but also understood that Bucky was just trying to be sweet to you, even if it was at the expense of her warmth, so she let it go and turned her attention back to the movie.
Bucky got to work, carefully tucking the blanket around you. You jumped for second but relaxed and gave Bucky a soft smile in thanks to what he was so kindly doing. Wanda looked over at the rustling, witnessing the very adorable scene, of Bucky with his tongue sticking out in concentration, making sure the blanket was perfectly placed around you and that you were no longer cold. She just smiled and turned back to the movie, suddenly not so mad about her blanket being viciously ripped away from her.
It was about half way through the movie when you started to feel your eyes grow heavy. You hadn't been sleeping well since arriving at the compound, understandably after what you went through with Hydra. You fought it off for a while not wanting to seem rude but one look down at Thor snoring with his mouth hanging open, half eaten pop tart in his open palm, you let your eyes stayed closed longer each time you blinked until eventually you fell into a deep sleep.
Bucky hadn't even noticed until he felt your head drop against his shoulder. It startled him at first, thinking it was you trying to get his attention, wanting to leave, but immediately relaxed as he saw the peaceful look on you face as you slept. He smiled down at you. He knew if you slept like that your neck would be agony by the time you woke up so he adjusted your position on the couch, moving his arm around you and ever so carefully and gently moved your head to rest on his chest, he manoeuvred the blanket so that it now wrapped around you both. He checked to make sure you were still asleep before turning his attention back to the movie. Only this didn't last long as he found himself staring down at you adoringly and eventually, he too felt himself slip into a dreamless sleep.
As the end credits rolled the team, or those that were still awake anyway- started to move about. Wanda gently woke up Thor whilst Nat not-so-gently woke up Clint, with a splash of water to his face. Clint woke with a start about to have a hissy fit but Nat stopped him by shoving a pillow over his face.
"SHUSH you'll wake them up" she smirked, knowing that she'd got away with her little stunt.
Clint moved the pillow from his face giving Nat a glare before turning his head to see who she was referring to.
Over in the corner of the couch you and Bucky laid, tangled together, both in a peaceful sleep.
The rest of the team looked over, there was a wonderful silence for a moment as they took in the adorable scene in front of them, only for that moment to be ruined as they here the loud unmistakeable 'click' of a phone camera. All heads turn to Steve with a mix of pissed off and disappointed expressions as they watch the mighty Captain America, get into a pathetic wrestling match with his phone as he madly scrambles to cover the noise and turn his phone off. His phone ends up dropping into a bowl of popcorn on the table in front of him, and he freezes with a sheepish look on his face.
"Oh For god sake old man, would it kill you to just be quiet and stop being all proud best friend for one fucking second!" Tony whisper shouted to an apologetic looking Steve.
"Should we wake them?" Bruce whispered.
"Nah leave them, it's sweet" Nat whispered back.
They all started to quietly leave and just as Steve turned to go, Sam came from behind him and slapped him on the shoulder. "Don't worry old man, I got the photo" Sam whispered with a smug smirk as he strolled past Steve and off to his room.
Steve took one last look at the two of you curled up together on the sofa. He was happy for you both, after everything you both went through with Hydra, he was glad you'd found each other.
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rocketrhap3000 · 20 days ago
freckle confessions
requested : ahhh! could you pls write a fic where Chris and the reader have been together for a while now but they haven’t said I love you yet, and Chris feels ready but reader doesn’t, so she writes it in a note that he accidentally finds or like she says it to him while he’s sleeping or something subtle where she doesn’t think he’ll actually hear it, kinda to hype herself up? but he does find out and its all just so sweet and soft? just needing some fluff today 😭 thank you so so much in advance!
a/n: no because this is the sweetest thing i think i’ve ever written and i hope it’s how you imagined it!! partially inspired by a post i saw (and then lost) on pinterest of a close up of chris’ arm/shoulder freckles and kept thinking about how much i’d love to kiss them lol. kept this short because i wrote this while on my break at work lol. thank you for requesting!
warnings: this is literally all fluff!!! (to be safe, i guess i’ll say there’s implied smut at beginning tho!)
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
Tumblr media
Warm bodies are tangled together under the sheets while the birds chirp peacefully outside. A lovely, golden-pink sunlight floods through the bedroom windows and past the curtains which ripple gently from the late summer, early morning breeze outside. Chris is laying on his back beside you in all his glory, his broad chest covered in dusty hair, the countless patterns of ink on his skin, and a silver chain adorning the space around his neck.
Laying on your side with your face just inches from Chris’ solid frame, you drag a single finger from freckle to freckle, moving in a randomized route over the teeny specks littering the top of his shoulder and on the back of his arm. You smile, just to yourself, looking up at the man beside you and contemplating just how lucky you are.  
“What’re you doing?” Chris finally speaks up, feeling the soft sensation of your fingertips and wondering what your wandering finger’s goal is as his cobalt eyes bore into yours from above.
“Doing… connect-the-dots,” you murmur honestly, yet avoid his gaze.
“With my freckles?” he laughs, leaning down and over to kiss the side of your head.
“Mhm,” you admit before gently pushing him up by the shoulder so that he turns over to lay on his side with his back to you. 
From contingent doodles, you instead begin tracing the words I love you on his back, invisibly connecting the little brown dots he has there, too. You copy those three words over and over and over again, seemingly lighter each time in fear he might catch on. 
You write the phrase in all caps, all lowercase, slanted, in cursive, any way you can. It’s what some would consider a risky game, but for now, it’s the bravest you’ll be and the closest you’ll get to saying the words out loud. 
“What’re the dots makin’, Sweetheart?” Chris coos, his voice slightly muffled now that he’s not facing you.
“You get three guesses,” you say quietly, hoping he guesses wrong and this all gets swept under the carpet until you can actually voice the real words to him.
“Is it a dog?” he inaccurately predicts.
“No,” you peep back.
“A cat?”
“Shoot, I don’t know,” he says with a small laugh. “Draw it again?” he pleads, so you trace the words lightly and quickly again for him. “A flower?” comes his next speculation.
“Nope. But I guess… well I should tell you: it’s not really a picture. It’s letters,” you explain, writing the confession over his back in mixed capital and lowercase letters this time.
“You’re spelling something out?”
“Tricky,” he teases. “Alright. Gimme three more guesses?” 
“Go for it.”
“S’it my name?”
“Nope,” you state, then write it out a final time. And this time, it’s slow and deliberate; you accept knowing that he might get it right. 
“Your name?” he guesses wrong again.
“Mm mm,” you hum in denial with a small sigh, now spreading out all your fingers over his back, almost to ‘erase’ your workspace. 
“Dang. Well, I still have a final guess,” he says, then slowly turns around to face you. 
His smile is so comforting and his eyes display nothing but a deep passion for you. Your heart does a flip as he grabs the hand you had been writing on him with and kisses it before speaking up again. 
“I love you, too,” he whispers, letting go of your hand and instead cupping your face to place a sweet, soft, and slow kiss to your lips. Then, “did I guess right?” he asks, his pink, plush lips lingering just inches from yours.
“You’re good at connect-the-dots,” you speak bashfully, warmth flushing in your cheeks and butterflies dancing in your stomach as he leans in to kiss you once more. 
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luvbub · 6 months ago
Ahhh, I love the post-argument pampering one!!! Can I request that for atsumu and akaashi too?
pampering you after an argument part two
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Akaashi, Iwaizumi
♡ part one
Tumblr media
as soon as the two of you reach some sort of agreement, Atsumu goes to your shared bedroom- wanting to cool down from the high tensions
you’re left alone in the living room, and while you know everything’s fine, you can’t help but feel like things are still tense
Atsumu lays on the bed, messaging his brother how he’s relieved that everything is okay now and how he’s no longer upset
he thinks back on the argument, wondering why the two of you weren’t able to reach a consensus earlier- and that’s when he recalls his words to you
“yer the reason why I want to be alone sometimes” he said to you.. in an argument about him not being around often
Atsumu immediately sits up and runs back out to the living room
he feels like an absolute fool. you two just had an argument over this and made up, and the first thing he does is go off and be alone
you’re still on the couch, scrolling through your phone silently
from the corner of your eyes, you see Atsumu plop down next to you, looking at you expectantly
when you turn to acknowledge him, he has you pulled in for a hug
“I- ‘Tsumu-” but your words are instantly cut off by a string of apologies
“hi baby, I need ya to know that I love ya a lot and that I always want to be with ya forever. I know I’m an idiot who says things he shouldn’t but really, I love ya so much and I’d never want to be apart from ya” he rambles, hugging you tighter
it takes you a second to process his words but you look back at him
“I love you too ‘Tsumu” you say, and those words are enough to grant him some relief in his anxiety
he continues to shower you with reaffirming words, confessing his love to you for the millionth time
because in all honesty, he doesn’t want to ever believe what he said in an argument was true and he doesn’t want you to ever leave him
it’s honestly quite adorable to see him worried over nothing, but it shows how absolutely earnest he is
once his little love babbles are over, he’s throwing a million questions at you, asking what you want to do, eat, etc.
and while you find him to be a bit over the top, you know that deep down he’s just trying to make you feel better
please let him drown you in his affections or he’ll never forgive himself
Akaashi is already super gentle around you on a daily basis- but after today’s argument? oh boy
he is now treating you like you’re fragile. not in a way where he feels like he needs to walk on eggshells around you, but he’s being way more caring and attentive towards you
normally there was no need to do so, but that’s because if you did get into a normal argument, they were resolved quickly and more like ‘disagreements’ than ‘disputes’
but today was particularly nasty, and Akaashi wanted to make sure you were alright
all because in the back of his mind, he’s remembering the words he said to you
“for once can you just shut the hell up Y/n” and the face you made after that haunts him
so even after the two of you quickly came to a resolution, even after he apologized countlessly for what he said, Akaashi was resolute on making things better
he quickly comes to your side, speaking softly towards you
“hey.. how’re you feeling?” he asks, afraid to even hug you just in case you were still upset with him
you look at him with somber eyes- a look that makes him wince on the inside- but you muster up a small grin to give him some reassurance
“I’m fine Keiji, just a bit....” you struggle to find the right words but Akaashi nods, understanding you anyways
he presses a kiss to your forehead
“do you want to do anything today?” he asks, and you shake your head
you pull him down for cuddles, “I’m tired. I just want to lay here” you sigh and Akaashi feels extremely relieved
everything is mostly silent for the rest of the day- for the most part the two of you just lay there in each other’s comfort
and that’s exactly what you two needed, after all the words thrown around directed at one another, it was reassuring to just know that you didn’t need words in this moment
eventually, Akaashi would bring up how sorry he is (again) and how much he absolutely adores and loves you
but for now, he had his peace of mind knowing that things were okay
the moment the two of you come to an agreement and apologize, Iwaizumi immediately has you swept off your feet and carries you to bed
he gently places you down and holds you close to him
“Hajime, what are you doing” you ask, not that you’re opposed to his affection- it just seemed out of place given that you two were yelling at one another earlier
“trying to make up for the fact that I said some things I didn’t mean earlier” he murmurs
you think back to when he had rolled his eyes at you, calling you ‘an annoying bitch’ under his breath
you were quiet for longer than you intended, causing Iwaizumi to speak up again
“for the record, I don’t think you’re an.. you know. it was something I said in the heat of the moment and I don’t mean it at all. and I'm sorry”
you nod, and he places a kiss on your forehead before you allow yourself to drift off to sleep in his arms
when you wake up again, your boyfriend is gone, but in front of you is a note
“went to the store- be back soon” and by coincidence, Iwaizumi walks through the door, a bag of snacks in one hand, his laptop in the other
“you’re awake, nice. I thought we could have a nice and cozy movie night” he says, sitting on the bed next to you and setting everything up for you
“babe you don’t have to do this you know” you mumble, resting your head on his shoulder
“oh I absolutely do. even if you say it’s alright- and I’m sure it is, I’d like to have today be filled with more happy memories than sad ones, okay?”
and he meant it. he didn’t want to look back on today and think of it as the day you two got into some giant fight- he didn’t want to have that bad memory, so why not repaint it into the day where the two of you managed to get closer to one another?
the rest of the night is spent cuddling in bed and having a movie marathon
every time you need something, Iwaizumi is already up on his feet to get it for you
holds you close throughout the night, occasionally glancing at you to make sure you’re alright
while he doesn’t beat himself up for accidentally hurting you, he definitely knows that he never wants to cross that line again
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megumisbimbo · 5 months ago
Please No More
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gojo satoru x fem!reader
pushy gojo senpai
this contains DARK CONTENT minors do not interact please !
warnings: noncon, coercion, senpai kink, corruption, unprotected sex
taglist: @txzierbaby @mitsuluv @izukine @rintarouss @tobios-housewife @innrsoul @fiaficsxo @xenihime @kirsteiiins
Tumblr media
Class was over, and you were finally able to pack up all your things and head home. The leftovers from last night’s dinner sitting in the fridge waiting for you to come home and indulge in it. Your thoughts, consumed by the homework you had to do tonight and the daily chores that needed to get done was rudely interrupted by the shrill voice of your senpai.
“Y/n-chan! You look absolutely breathtaking today.” Gojo said, a smile laced with ulterior motive decorating his blindfolded face.
“Thank you Gojo-senpai, I can’t talk right now so I’m just gonna get goin-“
“Not so fast pretty girl. What’s the rush? I know for a fact you don’t have practice, or after school club today.”
You give him a puzzled look. How on earth would he know when your practices and club meetings were? And why on earth was he holding your arm so tightly?
“Um..Gojo-senpai..could you um..please let go of my arm?”
“And why would I want to do that?” He responds, the grip on your arm tightening to an almost painful point. His blindfold was lifted by a single nimble finger, his piercing blue eyes exposed to the golden sun. They were gorgeous, absolutely enthralling, but you knew better, you knew what he was trying to do and you’d be damned if you were to be known as Gojo’s latest conquest.
“I really should be going I have-“
“Y/n-chan, come here.” He says, his voice quiet yet demanding.
You obey, the fear of what he would do if you were to ignore him taking over the part of your brain that was earnestly telling you to run away.
“Pretty girl, you know I like you right? I’ve made it pretty damn obvious.” He whispers, his chest pressed up against your back, his lips lightly grazing over the shell of your ear.
“You like me back don’t you? With the amount of eye contact and sexual tension we’ve built up, I wouldn’t believe you if you said you didn’t have feelings for me. You’re just too damn obvious baby.”
Obvious? The glares and eye rolls were an obvious show of affection? In what fucking universe?
“Gojo-senpai, I don’t know what gave you the idea that I had feelings for you, and honestly, I don’t care if you believe me or not. But would you please just leave me alone?”
“Leave you alone? No can do’re just too fucking sexy in your tiny little skirts and v-neck shirts. What I would give to be able to stuff my fat cock in the tight little cunt of yours. As a matter of fact..I think I will.”
Before you could even process what he said or what was happening, you were dragged down the hall and pressed against the door of the storage closet. His lips attach to your neck at a lighting speed, his hands roaming your waist and lightly fondling the plush of your breast.
“God feel so good pressed against me.”
You were frozen. Half in shock and half in disgust. How dare he place his hands on you, and how dare he make you feel so damn good.
Your hands search for the back of his head, fingers burying themselves in his white locks. You didn’t like the way he made you feel, you didn’t like the way he claimed your body as if it was his to begin with. And you definitely didn’t like how much you enjoyed it.
“Gojo-senpai...please...please stop.” You plead.
“Shhh baby it’s ok just let me take care of you. Let me make you feel good.”
All that leaves your mouth is a pathetic whimper, as Gojo’s hand leaves your waist and turns the handle of the supply closet you were leaning against. He pushes you in, your hands clinging to his bicep in hopes of not falling flat on your ass. His bittersweet lips press to yours. He nips and sucks at your lips, moans spilling from his mouth and echoing through the tiny room. His hand slowly trails down your waist to your thigh squeezing the flesh, eliciting a moan from your fear filled body. First your mind betrays you, now your body? How much more of Gojo’s ministrations could you take? The hand that was once on your thigh was now pushing up the thin fabric of your skirt. His thumb moving in slow circles as he teases you. Your hips involuntary press against him, craving more friction.
“You like that pretty girl? You want this fat cock to split you open?”
“No-no I don’t want it Gojo-senpai please.”
“Your mouth is saying one thing but your body wanna fuck me so bad don’t you?”
“Thought so.”
His belt falls to the floor with a muffled crash, his button and zipper undone in a matter of seconds. The fabric of your panties was now sitting around your ankles. Gojo’s fingers pumping in and out at a painfully slow pace.
“Gojo-senpai please...I need it bad.”
“Yeah baby I know, but I gotta prep you first. I’ll give it to you right now as long as you behave for me ok. You gonna be a good girl for me?”
“...yes senpai...”
His hardened cock is released from the painful restraint of his black boxers. He lines himself up with your entrance, running his tip up and down your slit gathering your juices. He pushes himself into you, his large cock practically splitting you open.
“Ahhh’re so big-fuck.”
“Yeah baby take my cock like a good girl. Who’s my good girl? Hm?”
“Please hurts-.”
“Are you a virgin my pretty baby?”
Your voice catches in the back of your throat. You want to scream, to cry. You beg the universe to send to someone, someone who would save you from this nightmare.
“I asked you a question pretty.” He says grabbing your jaw, forcing you to stare into his six eyes.
“Answer me.”
“That’s my good baby. So fucking tight. Gonna claim this pussy as my own-fuck you’re milking my cock so well baby girl.”
You had given up, and given in. His powerful countenance and demanding grip persuading you to fall deep under his spell. His hands slide up and down your body, one clutching onto your tit as the other trails down to massage your neglected clit. You fall apart in his arms your moans getting louder and louder by the minute.
“Shhhh baby girl, don’t want anyone to hear us do we?”
“No...senpai-ahhh...’m coming please nghhh.”
“Come for me pretty girl, come all over my cock.”
Shivers run through your body as your coil snaps for the first time. Your knees give out, your hands gripping tightly onto Gojo’s forearms. Your heart races as Gojo holds you up placing sugar coated kisses across your face.
“That’s my good girl. Can you finish me off baby?”
He guides your hand to his cock as he slowly helps you pump back and forth, your release lubricating your palm.
“Yeah just like that baby-fuck.”
A few more strokes and Gojo’s release paints your hand and stomach. He swipes two of his long fingers across your stomach, gathering his cum and presses them against your lips. Reluctantly you open your mouth, his slick covered fingers pressing down on your tongue. Your tongue surrounds his digits as your hand clasps around his wrist. Gojo’s eyes are shaded with lust as he stares down at you.
“Such a pretty baby...and she’s all mine.”
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reawritesthings · a month ago
the comfort of a lover’s touch | tom holland
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: yourself and tom decide to use the time you have to add a new addition to your life.
words: 2.8k
warnings: 18+ so minors please don’t interact. | breeding kink, slight sub!tom. vaginal fingering, nipple play, sex, female receiving. soft smut. (if i’ve left anything pls let me know)
a/n: AHHH. a rather interesting fic that i have created. it’s not as hard core as other breeding kinks are but i really hope you enjoy it. | thanks to everyone who replied to my post about dialogue in smut and special thanks to @hollandsmushroom for being an amazing beta and @scarletspideyy @subspider for helping out
Tumblr media
From the window, a land of conserved beauty lay a lake of the brightest blue. A mirror on the wall, oval and flat, as the surface was eternity guarded against winds by the crown of verdant hills. At the edge of the lake met the foundation of an antique brick house that sprung a cordial of light, inviting you every morning to soak in the essence of beauty that lay peacefully. 
You cautiously laid your body back down onto the closing sheets, letting the softness trap you solid. You turned slightly to reach for your book, carefully caressing the page. Every so often, you would check up on Tom to see if he was awake. As much as you would love to watch the sunrise linger over your bare bodies, Tom needed to rest. 
An blissful hour went by, and you found yourself trapped in the beauty of the author's choice of words of love. A rather secluded but powerful word that was beautifully summed. It made you glance at Tom who lazily made his way to caress your waist, squinting up to see your face so mesmerised by the book. 
An blissful hour went by, and you found yourself trapped in the beauty of the author's choice of words of love. A rather secluded but powerful word that was beautifully summed. It made you glance at Tom who lazily made his way to caress your waist, squinting up to see your face so mesmerised by the book. 
Tom let out a huff, trying to get the attention he craved after four long weeks without you. He missed the beauty of your bare face in the mornings, and the way you allowed him to rest his head on your chest, as you gently combed through his loose locks. 
“Lemme just finish this page and I’m all yours, pretty boy.” You tenderly whisper at him, eyes locking with him as you gingerly gave his nose a kiss. 
Your voice sent Tom into a haze of pureness. His eyes were glued to your body, eyes mesmerising how your skin reacted beautifully to the streaks of light. 
“Baby…” He whimpered, tugging onto the bricked book. His strong exterior mixed with his touch deprived features caused you to pause the declaration of a soldier declaring his love to a nurse, and witness your pretty boy staring lovingly at your chest. 
“I’m all yours, Tommy.” Your gentle tone hitched his neediness, and awoke his lower half. He twitched at the sight of your body completely bare, just a thin periwinkle sheet keeping him from admiring your naked body. 
“So beautiful.” He praised, propping up on his elbows as he carefully with his teeth, let the sheet drop from your chest to reveal such elegant beauty of your naked self. 
“I’ve missed these.” He murmurs, straddling you down as his position from a needy boy shifted into a righteous man who needed to show his love how she deserved praise for being so patient with him. 
Tom’s stare ignited you with lust that was urching to be acted upon. The secluded area made Tom’s excitement grow, as he had full exposure to you. He wanted to take his time with you so he can admire every single inch of your body that he craved whilst he was away. 
He saw the shiver in your arms when Tom brushed his thin lips across your chest. His bug eyed look was the sight of hunger, something that would be mistaken for his neediness. You looked down at him in admiration, curling your hands in his locks as Tom gave a slobbery kiss to your breasts. He had such an infatuation with them, desperately always wanting to be near them and as much as he loved the comfort of his pillow, the intimacy he held when his face laid perfectly on your boobs was a whole new side of comfort. 
“M’thinking about how huge your tits will be when I put a baby in you.” Tom purred against your nipple, taking a sudden bite. The racing of your heart began to pound as Tom whirled his tongue around your nipples, lightly tugging on the sensitivity of your nipple. “Gonna put a baby in you, sweet girl. Gonna fill you up, and we definitely aren’t going home until you're knocked up.” 
“T-Tommy.” You whimper at the sudden possession of Tom. You knew he always wanted a child and timing was never on both your sides but, as Tom traced his tongue down to your belly, continuing to massage your breasts, timing seemed to be an ally. 
“You’re going to look so fuckin gorgeous with a swollen belly.” Tom whispered on your stomach, getting an automatic vision of you walking around naked with your bump on display. “Gonna be full of me, so full of my cum. Not going to let a single drop out.” 
As your eyes glazed over Tom’s position, you granted his request with a slight nod. Tom licked his lips with glee as he pulled himself up, biceps resting on either side of you as he tenderly kissed your lips. 
“You are going to look so beautiful, carrying our child.” His deep baritone would soothe in your ears, as his finger grazes on your lower stomach. He began to create small circles, smirking at the twitch in your legs. “Gonna make you feel real good, mummy.” 
The nickname alone made your cheeks flush with excitement, you unknowingly let out a low gasp as you felt Tom’s hot breath blow onto your clit. Tom seemingly knew that if he took his nibbled fingers to your exposed bud, he would find you already wet from just words of praise. The dark toned of his whisken eyes drew to your expression when Tom teasingly licked a strip of your cunt, moaning at the salty taste. “Look at you, so incredibly wet for me.” Tom loved the effect he had on you, the way a simple touch, word or hum would arouse you almost immediately. “You’re making this much easier for me, sweet girl.”
“B-Baby,” your breath hitched at the sight of Tom’s tongue slobbered over your wet folds, granting him the access to do all things necessary to get you pregnant. The whimpered sound on your breath as you words secluded to baby made Tom’s erratic shaft rise in awe as your brain was also fixated on breeding. 
“I bet you are desperate for me to fill you with my cum.” Tom drips out, stimulating a circular motion on your clit. The tight lipped grin he plastered on his face sent you to tug on his curls. The desperate need of Tom’s cock inside you was becoming clear to him, as his finger wandered around with a light tease to your entrance. A rather keen cry rolled off your tongue as Tom pumped a single finger inside your wet folds, feeling around your bud to see if he could get you cumming rapidly. 
Much to his pleasure, you were spaced out on the mattress, tangling your hands with the fitted sheets as Tom willingly explored you. You were impressed with Tom’s technique of knowing exactly the spots to hit, but you were also slightly scared of what Tom is capable of doing. 
Whilst Tom was fondling playing with your sweet bud, the tender look on your face as Tom inserted another thrilled his cock with just a melodical moan that beautifully echoed through the room. He reached over to tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear. A glance of your eyes feeding him with need, sped up his motion letting the moan connect with his lips. The quick peck resulted in Tom hungrily biting down on your neck, grinning stupidly at how your hips thrusted against his digits. You started to hitch a breath, as Tom eagerly thrusted in and out, whilst his thumb rubbed your bud. 
“F-Feels good.” You mewled, squirming for Tom to add more momentum. He happily obliged, and rode you through your first high. Your toes curled at the edge of the bed, hands gripped tightly on the sheets as Tom vigorously let you cum openly this once. 
“This is the only time you are cumming, pretty girl. Need to make sure that there’s enough for my cock.” Tom’s derelict voice beckoned over your neck, kissing the noticeable bruise on the side of your neck. “Gonna make you so large, pretty girl.” 
Tom allowed you to come down from your high, brushing the little hairs away from your face as you panted. His glance went back to your breast, giving them a little twist. “Got any milk?” 
Tom’s exact words of letting you imagine yourself, feeding your baby as Tom watched in awe. Tom would sneak in just to see you expose yourself, he would feel rather frustrated that he couldn’t have as much time with your breasts as your baby would but, the sight of him seeing you with his child was enough for him to drawn away from his desire until, he was fucking another baby in you. 
“Please put a baby in me, Tommy. I wanna be filled up.” You clench your folds, indicating to Tom that you were suddenly in a spontaneous heat. 
“Mhm. I’m never going to not put a baby in you.” He growled, pulling down on his boxers as he smirked as his cock bounced up. Tom glanced over at his throbbing cock, stroking himself at the sight of your breasts and the way he had a full view of your spread thighs, showing your glistening cunt in full view. 
Your fingers detached from the sheets, and placed them above your head. Tom moaned at the sight of you being fully exposed as it gave Tom the space to nut inside you. As he felt his cum come to the surface, he gently kissed your lips letting your mind focus on the softness as he fully buried his cock inside you. The cry that left your lips gave him a inkling that he needed to start slower. He was taking control on not forcing the orgasm to come through until he heard repeated moans of begging come from your lips. As much as the thrill of him filling you up for hours, he did miss moments like this to be close to you. 
“You good, baby? You feeling okay?” Tom’s high of possession and lust faded, and branched his free hand to wipe some of the sweat on your forehead. “M’gonna make sure you are taken care of, darling. Never leaving you again.” 
“Mhm, just want you to fill me up.” You whimpered, throwing your head back into the board as Tom thrust with more momentum. The sound of your skin slapping together, made Tom hover his hand down on your belly making sure you felt every thrust. His eyes rolled back as your folds clenched around his veiny dick, grunting that you were having another orgasm. Tom watched your face brighten, as he rode you high giving him the chance to loosen his body as you were starting to squirm. 
“My pretty girl, look at you.” Tom smothers his voice in your breasts, glancing up at the awe of your face as Tom drastically sends another thrust inside you. He sent tender kisses to your chest, as you mewled under him. “Pretty little thing.” 
Tom’s compliments were something you loved about him, regardless of how possessive he gets, he always praises you. He made sure that his rhythm was at a steady pace, enough to satisfy his thoughts of him hungrily nutting in you. He wanted nothing more than to hear your sweet moans override the sounds of the seagulls crying for food. He would love nothing more than to fill you up each minute, hearing the desperation for him to cum inside you.  
However, as his daze of watching you fall apart under him he was taken back at the sudden whining of you wanting more. He wasn’t quite sure if he should complete your requests as baby making was something meaningful. 
From the slight tug of his head bringing his focus to your face, he gripped harder on your waist and started to move his shaft faster inside you. Your eyes stayed focused on his cock, moaning as you watched his dick disappear every blink you made. You curve your back, wanting every inch of him inside you, you want your sweet bud to swallow his cock every time he pulls out. You weren’t sure how this desperation came about, it was something so mesmerizing having his cock inside you. 
“Oh, Tommy.” Your voice comes in a kneed, one that signaled another orgasm coming. Tom cock started to twitch inside you as sweat dripped with every movement he pounded into you. He sent one last thrust, letting your climax flow down all at once. His hot cum followed quickly with yours, and he made sure that your hole was covered. He wasn’t going to risk a single drop. Your body began to shake, but soon slowed as you felt his juices inside you, giving that closeness you both craved. 
A string of drool dribbled from your lips, eyes swollen shut as you took a moment to come down from your high. Tom took this chance to stay buried deep inside you, still fully erect as he pressed peppering kisses over your belly. “Gonna stay like this for a while, baby.” 
You couldn’t find the words to reply back, and hummed softly at the determination to make you fall pregnant. Tom even fiddles with the covers, letting one of the abdomen pillows slide under your hips to help the cum stay inside you. He lovingly watched as your eyes began to rest. Mesmerized by the quietness of your snores as he just overlooked the view of the lake, not really taking a sight when he got here. Tom now, exhausted from handling your three orgasm, rested his head in the haven of your breasts, arms wrapped around your waist, as he kissed your belly one last time before drifting off to the sweet sound of the birds chirping. 
The velvet sky and the bright friends of the moon caused Tom to wake, heavenly enjoying his slumber he turned to see you still spaced out. He wasn’t sure how long they slept but judging from the slight change in bird, they slept through the day. Tom was still deep inside you, grunting at how he couldn’t move as he didn’t want to wake you. He just rested his chin on your belly, and watched the way your eyelashes coasted your cheeks. 
Tom noticed a bright light come from his phone, and reached over to see who it was. Tom lightly laughed at the texts his paranoid brothers spammed him with. He quickly gave them a thumbs up emoji, and quickly pulled up on a conversation with his mother. 
Since his mother gave him three other brothers, he was curious to see if he had a chance to breed twins. As much as he loved having one child, the excitement he would feel would be an understatement as your belly would be huge, and your breasts will be filled with milk. 
After trying to worm his way without telling his mum that he was partially buried deep inside you, he heard a quiet yawn escape his lips as you lazily looked down at him. 
“Hey baby.” You groggily smiled, as you let your fingers comb through his hair. 
“How are you feeling?” 
“Full.” You giggled, watching as Tom chucked his phone away. You instantly knew that from the sight of your body awaking that he would cheekily send a sloppy kiss to your breasts. 
“I don’t suppose you are up for round two?” 
You just let your eye roll, and let Tom arouse you as much as he wanted. You never had felt this close to him before, and you loved how eager he was to become a dad. “I know you’ll be a wonderful father, Tommy.” 
“As you would be a mother of five beautiful kids.” 
“Five?” You gasped, shaking your head at the vision of five babies coming out of you. “Tommy, I’m not a baby machine.” 
“Well. It’s a slight chance that you might have twins.” He smirked, watching your face fuss with surprise. “M’going to have to get you to change your mind, pretty girl.” 
“Let’s focus on this one first, okay? I want to take my time.” You gently whispered, as you traced the bridge of his nose. “I’ll give you your babies, Tommy.” 
“I know.” His cockiness drove you to furrow your eyebrow at his rather certainty. 
“After all, I’m spiderman.” 
Tumblr media
feedback would be much appreciated <3
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skylessnights · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ buddie + halloween (2/?)
A series celebrating the days leading up to Halloween by creating spooky/fantastical themed AUs centred around Buck and Eddie.
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lonelyhe4rts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marauders Era x reader ft. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Regulus Black, Marlene Mckinnon and Lily Evans
Warnings: one suggestive comment depending on how you look at it, mentions of Black household abuse, mentions of bad self esteem, however apart from that it’s just fluff, but as always please lmk if there’s any i’ve missed!
Summary: Documenting the many love languages from the Marauders Era Word Count: 2.5k (i’m so sorry for this) 
an: ahhh. finally some fluff after around four fics of smut i think? i really hope y’all enjoy this, it felt so sweet and wholesome to wrote. enjoy babies xx 
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quality time
Remus expresses his love for you through quality time together. He doesn’t mind if it’s a walk by the lake when the sun sets across the wide horizon, or curling up on the couch with you, books grasped in the palm of your hand. His lycanthropy makes him believe that he’s not worth anyone's time; anyones love; anyone’s care. However, through the simple act of spending time together with you, he felt his fears and insecurities melt away, the weight of his heart resting in your hand as he would bury his face in your hair, inhaling the sweet scent and feeling the tension lingering on his scarred figure fade away.  
You spotted the way the lanky male manoeuvred through the crowds in the hall, the floppy honey head of his hair peeking over the students in the corridor, meandering his way over to you. His hand clutched the strap of his shoulder bag to his body, preventing the bag full of books and quills from being brushed off by a large group of wizards and witches pushing past him. “Heya lovie,” he calls out, his long legs bringing him to you even quicker than you’d expected. He approaches your figure at the end of the hall, his large hand coming forward to card through your own, craning down to smear a sweet kiss across the crown of your head. You both turn towards the doors, walking out together towards the path leading to the lake, watching the way the sky bled into a smooth plethora of colours, hues of pink and orange blending into one. “Hey Remmy, how was your lesson?” you asked, your steps quicker than his to keep up with his brisk pace. “Was good sweetheart. How was my pretty girl’s day?”
“S’even better now that I’ve got you. James and Sirius are gonna have to wait till tomorrow t’see you. Want you to myself all night,” you responded, whispering the last part into the shell of his ear, watching the way his cheeks blushed with the slightly suggestive comment. 
He gulped before replying, “whatever you want my love. Just as long as I get time with my best girl all night.” 
physical touch
Throughout his childhood, affection towards Sirius was sparse and very few and far between. Except for the occasional hug from his brother Regulus, he grew up touch-starved, never knowing how the feeling of one’s arms wrapped affectionately around another’s could blossom a love so deep to nestle within his chest. You’d made sure that throughout your relationship, he’d never go touch-starved again. You’d fill his day with fleeting touches; brushes of your hand against his; soft kisses wherever you could imagine. His day consisted of his eyelids peeling back in the early morning, eyes watching the way you slumbered peacefully against the skin of his pectoral, your hand threaded through his own as his arm pulled you even tighter to him. He felt his cheeks flush with a twinge of pink as you’d brush your soft lips against his cheek; his jaw; his forehead, peppering his blushing face in your love. The weight of his day melted from him as you’d hold each other close in the shower, arms wrapped around each other tightly, heads buried in each other’s skin as the shower water poured over your bodies, drips and drops of water running down his long hair. 
He felt the way your breathing evened out, smiling softly as your eyelids fluttered open, cooing at the way you yawned ever so slightly, snuggling your tired face back into his smooth skin. His hand came up to brush through the tangled tresses of your hair, massaging your head as the dim light breaking through the curtains broke you from your slumber, your face nestling even further into Sirius’ torso, your breathing tickling the small tufts of hair sprouting from his chest. “Morning, dovie,” he whispers, his voice so soft and barely there, it felt as if he hadn’t even said it. It wasn’t a usual occurrence that people were ever witness to the soft side of Sirius, them rather observing his snarky and confident nature. You felt privileged to see the side of such a sweet boy, so dedicated to loving you. “Morning Siri,” you replied, the soft skin of your eyelids peeling back to gaze into the grey depths of his eyes, smiling tiredly as he leaned down to kiss your temple. “How was y’sleep?” He inquired, shuffling his body down the bed to be face to face with you, his breath tickling the skin of your cheek. “So good, y’know I sleep better when I have my best boy beside me.” You lean in ever so slightly, lightly brushing your lips over his, before he takes his own initiative, connecting your lips once more in a harder kiss, pouring his love and adoration for you into every fleeting moment of it. 
acts of service
Expressing his love through acts of service, was James Potter’s favourite way to evoke his deep and irrevocable adoration for you. They didn’t need to be big or expensive, fancy or rare - the thought and tenderness he put into each one, only helped in growing the deep pool of love you had for each other. He’d see something in a store at Hogsmeade, his face pressing up against the glass to watch the dainty ornament, lagging behind as his friends ran into Zonko’s. He’d see a flower beside the black lake, blossomed and contrasting beautifully against the dark water of the lake. His fingers would pluck the petaled-flower from the ground, twirling it between his fingertips before he’d place the flower behind your ear, tucking the pretty petals in the smooth strands of your hair with a dopey smile. It would never matter to you what it was, whatever James had plucked from wherever, would always be enough for him to express his love for you - love from the boy who was known to love so deeply. 
Your heart jumped at the way the bespectacled male burst through the room, his excitement and eagerness to see you pulsating from his body into the air around you. You laughed at the way he smiled after swinging the door open, your hand rising to clutch the skin about your heart, feeling the rapid beating beneath the palm. “God James, you scared me,” you laughed, eyes crinkling at his excitement. He clutched something in his palm, striding forward to sit adjacent to you on the burgundy bed. “What’s that you’ve got?” you asked, fingers brushing away the stray curls that fell over the arch of his eyebrow. His palm opened, the dainty petals of the flower he’d plucked from outside standing out proudly against the calluses on his hand. “S’a flower. Thought of you when I saw it.” Through his explanation, he never once stopped to dim the smile stretching across his face, his eyes twinkling with pride as he marvelled at the way the daisy tucked itself so perfectly behind the bend of your eye. “S pretty. Y’so pretty sweetheart.” 
words of affirmation
Akin to his brother, Regulus never grew up with much love. He’d grown up with etiquette lessons and crazy cousins, never knowing what it was like to have someone tell them they loved him. Of course he had his brother, but when the time came for Sirius to go to Hogwarts, the only love he’d ever known moved miles and miles away, not even turning back to wave as the train took off from the station. When the time came again for his brother to run away, he believed he would never experience even a smidge of love again, until you came into his life. His family believed they were doing him good, making him feel powerful with what they’d call ‘praise’. With the way they’d claim he’d ‘make the family great again’ and that ‘the dark lord will love him’. Their words didn’t feel like praise to him, they were reminders of his transgressions; reminders of the monster they were turning him into. Their words and phrases didn’t help him feel loved, they made him feel sick, unwanted, worthless, only the necessity of dark magic. Your words however, cast a light on him that outshone the dark. The way your lips would move as you’d casually compliment him, brushing the pad of your thumb over his plump lips, whispering about how pretty he looked. Lying in bed, your fingers twirling the dark ringlets of his hair, softly humming about how sweet he was; how much you cared for him; how much you loved him. The words you used and the gentle tone of your voice was more than enough to help him feel loved and even the dark shadow cast by his blood family could and would never be able to dim the light of your own words. 
You watched the way the shimmering light bled from his wand, beams of glittery light twisting and turning around the frosty sky, bleeding into the shape of an animal, gliding over your heads. The wings of the bird formed over your head, fluttering over your heads, as the both of your eyes followed the wondrous creation around the astronomy tower. You witnessed the way the entire body glistened into place - a head and legs and a body bleeding into place, your mouth gaping open with wonder and adoration at the raven flying over your head, giggling as it swarmed and dived over your amazed figure. “Oh my Merlin,” you breathed out, shaking your head slightly side to side, a wide smile stretching over the expanse of your face. You shifted your eyes away from the image, looking back to the dark-haired boy who had created it, almost chucking at the way his face was etched with disbelief, his eyes wide with amazement and wonder. “I can’t believe I just did that,” he said, the tone of his voice gaspy as he watched the way the bird dissolved back into the autumnal chill surrounding you. “Really? I had every faith in you, you’re so smart Reggie,” you gush, rushing forward to envelop the Slytherin boy between your arms, smearing soft, slow kisses onto the curvature of his jaw. “My smart boy.” 
physical touch
Similar to Sirius, feeling your fingers brush against hers only amplified Marlene’s love for you. She’d be enamoured in the way your fingertips would trace the detailed ink of her tattoos, following the dips and dives of the swirly ink embedded into her skin. Her eyelids would flutter closed as you’d kiss your way up her neck, ending the affection with a gentle snuggle there, ticking your nose against the curvature of her jaw, as you’d bury your face in it. The way you’d grip her thigh at the Gryffindor table, needing the creamy skin of the limb in your palm, as your head would lay against her shoulder, craning your neck to look up into hers, as she would look into yours. Marlene was ingrained with a sarcastic personality; snarky in nature, sexy in attitude. She’d tease and taunt others; decorate her body in tattoos and piercings; be tough against prejudiced Slytherins, but nothing would ever give her more satisfaction than the feeling of your skin against hers, tickling the surface as the weight of the world fell from her shoulders. 
Her features were etched in a sense of deep serenity and peace, as you brushed the face cloth over her face, gently washing away the layers of dark liner she decorated her lash line in. Her lips were puffy and glossy as you brushed the warm cloth over them, colour bleeding into the fabric from the day’s wear. You pulled the cloth away, observing how drops of water clung to her cupid's bow, making the small swell glisten in the candle lit light. You leant forwards, clinging her lips in a sweet kiss, sensual and sweet, as her hands pulled your hips towards her own, letting out small giggles enhanced with glee as she did so. The tips of her feathered eyelashes tickled the skin of your face, heightening the elation and sweetness of the situation, the experience of such a domesticated moment with Marlene causing an even greater love to blossom within your heart. When you parted, she threaded her hand through your own, rubbing her thumb across your knuckles, keeping your body close to your own, as she still sat atop the bathroom counter. “Let’s just stay here a bit longer, m’kay? Then we can snuggle,” she whispered, her eyes looking up into your own, desperate to keep your touch as close to her as possible. 
quality time
Picnics by the lake, library dates hidden away in the corner - it didn’t matter where or what you were doing with Lily, just as long as it was done together. The woman expressed her love in many ways - she was a born sweetheart, always kind and helpful, sweet and sultry, but spending time with you was her favourite way of showing it. It felt like each and every time she looked at you; spoke to you; kissed you, the love in her heart blossomed even further, bursting with adoration with you and the way she loved you. It was a love she’d never experienced before, not a love she’d ever want to forget. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing; however you looked like, she wanted to always spend time with you, no matter the occasion. 
You both giggled with delight as you ran through the halls, hair blowing back and air brushing over your face, in your rare moment of disobedience. The paintings stared down at you, as you huddled past, looking down at you in disdain. The two of you made your way up the stairs of the astronomy tower, hands clasped and smiles matching, as you took the long journey up to the open tower But you knew once Lily would see it that she’d love it. You turned back to look at her before opening the door, a wide smile stretched across your features as it swung open, the red head behind you gazing in wonder at the sight before her. “Oh dovie,” she gasped out, gripping your hand within her own and looking at you with the slightest sheen of tears in her emerald eyes. “For me? Y’did this for me?” The disbelief in her words made you chuckle, finding it funny that she’d think you’d ever do anything less for her. “Of course Lils, you’ve been so busy lately and I just wanted to spend time with m’best girl.” You’d never forget the way the small track of tears weighed down on her lash line, threatening to flow over with the weight of her love for you.
hp/marauders era taglist: @cupids-crystals @mirclealignr @slvt4fakerealities @barksexybark4u@demirunner @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleiggh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @larix999 @tasteofyourlight
if the tag didn’t show up, then i couldn’t tag you! 
the gif is not mine!
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nerdy-weeb-7120 · a month ago
Hello! I saw that requests are open and I was wondering if you could write a scenario for the OM boys(minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator (I recommend looking at videos if you don’t know what I mean). I feel like they would be confused on why cramps are such a big deal for people AFAB and the MC would buy this so they could experience what it’s like- If you could use They/Them pronouns for the MC that would be great(if you include the MC at all), as I don’t identify as a female but most MCs with periods do. Please take your time and feel free to skip if you feel uncomfortable :)
(P.S. I hope you have a wonderful day & I love your writing ^^)
Obey Me! Boys (minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator
omgomgomg I love this aoihfdslknhjcadfsa
It would just be so chaotic--
Also I just did the brothers and royal duo because I couldn’t come up with anything for Simeon and Solomon (also bc I wanted to get it posted ASAP)
Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!
Will not judge or compare period cramp pain at all, but might have pondered how badly those cramps feel occasionally
So when you come back one day, weird looking device in hand, he is certainly thinking your facial expression is...
Upon further inspection, he sees it is a remote with wires attached to pads(?)
sorry idk what the pads thing is called--
"MC.... what is that?"
He demands asks you to explain to him exactly what it is
When you tell him it's a period cramp simulator and start bugging him to try it, he'll probably refuse
But with some begging, you could convince him to do it
Will not do it in front of his brothers.
So now here you are, in his room, pads attached to his abdomen
and you?
You have Lucifer at your mercy, he just doesn't know it yet (okay maybe he does)
"Ready?" you ask him, and he nods
You'll start at a low level, progressively getting higher and higher but
He just doesn't??? React???
You are a little confused
"Is it not working? Do you feel anything?" you question
Lucifer, on the other hand, is wailing in pain on the inside
On the outside, he doesn't want to look weak
He's too prideful for that
"I feel a slight.. squeeze."
Studying him, you smile evilly upon noticing his hand gripping the sheets.
"I see.. How about now?"
You say, turning it up to the max to see his reaction
He lets out a strangled grunt before trying to cover it up with a grunt.
You smirk at him and he scoffs
"This.. feels as though, ahem, I'm just having pebbles thrown at me."
You don't miss that bead of sweat though
Once it's over and you leave the room, he sighs in relief
And you suddenly notice him being a little kinder than he already was to you during your periods.
“What’s a period--?”
After explaining to Mammon what a period was, he dismisses the matter
“Pshh, no way it hurts that bad. Lemme try this thing-a-majig.”
When you put the pads on him and ask him if he’s ready, he scoffs
“As if I need a warnin-- AHHH”
You smiled evilly at him after cutting him off by starting the simulator on the highest level
His body is just bending in pain and he’ll be clutching his stomach
Mammon will literally start crying
He might try to rip them off, it’s up to you if you want to stop him
When it’s over, he will be hicupping and sobbing, cradling himself on the floor
“You... Do you really go through *hic* this every month?” he’ll ask
When you confirm, adding that it’s sometimes worse for some people, his eyes widen in terror
May or may not demand cuddles from you as a “reward”
by the time he leaves he will be unusually quiet
And when your period comes around, he will be by your side a lot more, offering to carry you from time to time so your cramps aren’t as bad
Mammon would also do some research on periods and bring you a small heating pad
Basically, very helpful
But anytime you try to tease him about any “unprecedented kindness” he’ll deny everything and lovingly insult you 
He’ll do his best, so please give him a chance :’)
Has a general idea on what a period is, but not 100% educated on it
Might need some correcting on some aspects of periods (“The sticky part goes on the underwear, Levi, not the vagina—”)
If you ask him to wear the cramp simulator, he will be terrified
“No way! Period cramps are supposed to be like super painful, right? Why would I want to go through that?”
But because you’re his player 2, he would eventually give in
Will be mentally freaking out, a light sheen of sweat covering his body
“Okay, you ready?”
“Just get it over with, normie”
You turn it on at a mid level and boy istg
he is screeching
writhing in pain
Once it’s done, Levi is panting, and if you look closely you might spot him slightly shaking
“That… that felt like losing my entire inventory in that one video game where the heroine had to—“
And so, the comparisons begin
On your period, he will definitely linger around a bit more and invite you to video games to try and help get your mind off of the cramps
has a curious nature, and it applies to periods.
Satan will know exactly what a period is, how it works, the affects it has on the body, etc.
You might have to explain what a period cramp simulator is briefly, but he’ll def get the gist of it quickly
And will agree to trying it out almost immediately
Will be a tad bit hesitant as he knows just how bad cramps can be, but Satan has always wondered to what extent that pain could reach
and so, after asking him if he’s ready and getting the okay, you turn it on
Satan made this weird, pained, grunt
and it looked like he was constipated???
“Satan, are you oka—?”
“Yeah, I’m fiNE.”
“Do you want me to turn it up, or..?”
Satan looked extremely strained throughout the entire thing
and when you guys were done he said a brisk goodbye before going to play with some cats
that cramp simulator really did a number on him, huh?
Satan will give you some pain killers, amongst other things to help out with your period when it comes
also offers to do your schoolwork for you during those days so it’s less stressful
idk why but he is weirdly knowledgeable on periods
including yours???
you find out he actually is really good with picking up indicators for someone on their period
which makes him being strangely kind to you during those days make sense
Asmo has seen the period cramp simulator trend and wanted to hop in
although a little reluctant because he knows they hurt
Do it for the vine trend, I guess
“Oh honey I was born ready.”
You turn it on at the lowest setting
and, not surprisingly enough
he moans
but then it turns into this strangled noise?
it was honestly kinda chaotic
he was making all these weird noises, and you couldn’t tell at all if they were pleasured or pained ones
once you turn it off he will be panting
“Th.. That was certainly an experience.”
From then on, when your period comes around, you will be receiving bath bombs, fancy baths prepared for you, silky soft clothing
and an offer to bathe with him lmao
he has a general idea on what a period is
and he would be willing to try out the simulator thinking this would be a great way to workout (?)
when you turn it on, he’ll suck in a breath of air
his body will tense up
but the most reaction you will get is a scrunch of his eyebrows
when it’s done, he’ll grab you by the shoulders
“What you go through every month is tougher than any workout I have ever done. You are very strong, Y/n.”
pats you on the back
And during your period you’ll see Beel around because he’ll bring you lots of food
especially dark chocolate (after asking Satan what foods would make you feel better)
Oh, and a lot of praise!
because you’re tough, being able to go through that every month for days on end
lowkey admires you for it
Also has a general idea, but knows a bit more than Beel
Belphie will be more reluctant than his twin, but eventually agrees
he’ll do anything for you, after all
But you had to set it up and place the simulator on him
fell asleep during that process
“Okay, you ready?”
You get a half asleep, ‘mhm,’ so you go ahead and turn it on
Making him shoot forward
“What thE HELL”
he’ll definitely start cursing
but after a while, he tries to relax
and then he’ll start laughing???
“When you, heheh, relax it, ahhah, tickles!”
While the laughter seemed dismissive, by the end of it he’ll demand cuddles
And once your period comse by, he’ll start to cuddle and sleep with you a lot more
will be sure to bring a weighted blanket if they help you out
lots a pillows to make it comfier as well
While you may have been expecting him to be clueless
He’s actually really knowledgable on periods
Courtesy of Barbatos
but also because he wants to understand everyone as much as possible, including those with periods
Which is why he is quick to agree to trying out the simulator.
You turn it on,but he doesn’t react
like, at all
“Uh, are you feeling anything?”
“Yeah, it’s working. Why?”
“No reason.”
You amp it up gradually, but this man does. not. react.
You might think that the machine is broken, but he confirms several times throughout the experience that it’s on and working
Mans even went to a quick meeting with it on
all the way up
and he acted like everything was fine and dandy.
When you turned it off, he laughed and thanked you for giving him the opportunity to understand you further
He will also arrange for you to have a couple days off when you’re on your period so you can rest more
less school, more surviving the demonic cramps
Knows a lot about periods
Also knows about your cycles for some reason
When you ask him to try the simulator, he flat out refuses.
it takes you begging him to do it and him accepting after you promise to get him tea leaves
he’s a little skeptical but tea leaves are tea leaves
you’ll just get Lucifer to get you some later lmao
he places the pad thingys under his butler attire, calmly smiling
“You can start it whenever you’d like.”
so you do, and he does not show any reaction
“Can I turn it up?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
When you get to the top level, the most you’ll get out of him is a cough.
after taking the simulator off, he thanks you for the experience before excusing himeself
“If you’ll allow me, I must attend to my duties. I await the tea leaves.”
and you’re left there wondering what just happened
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lovekyoutani · 11 months ago
Ok, how about some more mha walking in on Y/n masturbating please, also I LOVE THIS MF BLOG!!! TAKE MY LOVE PLEASE 💖💕💞💓💓💗💘💘💘💞💗💗🤎💚💛🧡🖤💖💖🖤🖤❤️💛💗💞💕💕❣️💘💝💓💗💞💕❣️💖🖤🧡🧡💛🤍🤍💕🖤🧡❤️💜💜💜💕🤍💘💘💘💕💓💓💓💟💟💟
Denki, Shinsou and Sero catching their S/O masturbating to them
Note: Ahhh tyty!!! ILYY. also i wasn’t gonna write today but the i saw this and i just had to >U<
Denki Kaminari
Tumblr media
• It was 100% an accident
• Hears his name being called from in your room and decided to walk in
• Loses all of his confidence as soon as he sees you
• He’s frozen. Kind of just stands and stares at you in awe
• His face turns red and all the blood rushes to his dick
• You’ll have to snap him out of it cause he’s literally just there like 🧍
• “I-I want- Do you- um, Can I join you?”
• He’s so nervous but turned on at the same time
• He’ll start jerking off while looking at how you touch yourself
• “You’re such a dirty girl. Touching yourself, thinking about me. Tell me what you were thinking about, princess.”
• Wanna make him short circuit? Get on top and sloppily make out with him while you stroke his cock.
• Moan in his ear and he is a goner
Sero Hanta
Tumblr media
• Teasing mf
• He’s sort of proud of himself. I mean you think about him that much?
• “Enjoying yourself, princess?”
• “Oh, don’t mind me. Show me what you were doing.”
• He’ll sit across from you, eyes roaming your body
• You get off on his gaze. Literally looks like he wants to devour you
• Says he's ”enjoying the show”
• Gets really bossy
• ”Come on, you can do better than that. Do it faster.”
• As soon as he thinks you're gonna cum he’ll stop you
• ”You didn't think I was gonna make it that easy, did you? Now, why don't you come over here and show me why you deserve to cum.”
• Makes you choke on his dick
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
• A little offended ngl
• He’s your boyfriend shouldnt you come to him for things like this?
• Barges in the room, pissed
• “What do you think you’re doing having fun all by yourself, kitty?”
• He’s rougher than usual
• Pushes you down and gets on top of you
• Quickly replacing your fingers with his as he’s leaving marks down your neck
• Makes you apologize and beg for his touch and his cock
• “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t want anything other than my cock.”
• You end up covered in marks. Mans went kind of feral
• Ends up apologizing because he thinks he took it a little too far. You liked it tho 😳
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itsallyscorner · 2 months ago
“Move the plans”
Pairing: Florence Pugh x actress!reader (platonic)
Summary: Florence tells you to cancel your plans when she ends up in New York.
Warnings: Nothing really bad. Mentions lactose intolerance? Idk if that’s sensitive to people. Probably some spelling errors.
A/n: Hello darlings! I’m back from my unannounced break. I decided to write a platonic Florence fic because she’s a sweetheart and I loved her as Yelena! Also for those who follow me, don’t worry, I will be working on a sequel to my Tom Holland “Sour” fic!! But for now, please enjoy this fic!😚💕
Tumblr media
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
You stood backstage in front of a mirror, looking at your appearance and making sure there were no wrinkles on the dress you wore. Your hairstylist was behind you, fluffing your hair and managing the stray baby hairs on your head. You were currently at NBC Studios in New York City, about to do an interview with the infamous, Jimmy Fallon. Tingles buzzed through your skin as you heard the cheers and music from the stage. Jimmy’s voice can be heard faintly backstage, only adding to your growing excitement.
The sound of heels clicking approached you, it took less than a second for you to feel the warm presence of Florence behind you. The both of you were starring in the upcoming Black Widow movie alongside Scarlett Johansson; after months of working together and spending days hanging out, you and Florence had become very close friends. She was, without a doubt, your favorite person in the world. Since the moment you met her, she had always been the most sweetest and caring person you’ve ever met—and you were proud to say you had her in your corner.
You met Flo’s eyes in the mirror and bright smiles were instantly on your faces. Turning around, you open your arms wide, and wrap them around her. Bear hugs were a must in your friendship with Flo, you both just loved receiving hugs from each other.
“Ahhh! I told you that dress would be perfect for tonight, you look stunning!” She squealed, tightening her arms around you. A day before Jimmy Fallon, you and Flo had been at your place with your stylist, picking out which dress you should wear for the interview. The dress was casual, but the color was so ever vibrant that it made the dress pop.
You pulled out the hug and looked at what she was wearing. Her gorgeous blonde hair was curled into loose locks and her dress was just as vibrant as yours. The pink of her dress and the orange (yellowish?) of yours complimented each other. Which coincidentally enough, was a parallel of your lovely friendship with Florence.
“Me? Flo, you look gorgeous! I’m so obsessed with this look!” You help her twirl, hyping her up as she showed off her outfit. After sneaking in a little mirror selfie and posting it onto Instagram, the two of you were given a five minute warning from one of the crew members. You and Flo were moved to stand behind the curtain, waiting for your cues to walk onto the stage.
While the two of you were getting mic’d up, Florence leaned closer to you.
“Can I be completely honest with you?” She mumbled, her stare remaining on the curtain before her. Your brow raises in curiosity as your head slightly turns to look at her.
“Of course, hun. What’s up?” You ask, your attention on her. She sighs and leans even closer so only you can hear her.
“I feel like I’m about to shit my pants.” She admits, swallowing nervously. Your mouth gapes, “Did you have iced coffee too?”
Flo’s face scrunches up in confusion, “N-no! That was me telling you I was nervous! Did you have iced coffee?” She fully turns to look at you and judging by the look of guilt plastered across your face, you did in fact have iced coffee.
“Maybe?” You answer, though it came out more like a question. Florence rolls her eyes at you.
“(Y/n), how many times do you have to be reminded that you’re lactose intolerant?” She scolded you.
You scoff, holding a hand up at her, “Trust me, I’m reminded every time I sit on a toilet.” You shake your head, trying to refocus the conversation.
“This isn’t about my poor digestive system—why are you nervous?”
She sighs, “I don’t know why I’m so nervous, I’m used to doing interviews and stuff. But I haven’t been on Jimmy Fallon, and there’s an audience out there and I don’t want to mess up or accidentally spoil the movie.”
You place a reassuring hand on her shoulder, “You may be British, but you’re not Tom Holland. You won’t spoil anything.” You start. She quickly shoots you a look that screams, “you’re not helping”. You make a gesture physically telling her that you’re getting to the point.
“You’re going to be fine! I mean you did Jimmy Kimmel right? This shouldn’t be that different, it’s the same thing—just different studios, in different states, and different Jimmy’s.” You point out. She nods along as you continue, “Plus, I’m gonna be up there with you. You won’t be alone.”
With the help of your reassurance and witty little comments, Florence felt her anxiousness simmer down. They weren’t completely gone but the fact that you were gonna be up there together made her relax more. Being part of Marvel had its pros and cons. Sure, the movies are spectacular and the actors are outstanding. Though when it comes to doing promo for said movies, it can be quite stressful. It’s a known fact that Marvel and it’s executives can be quite strict when it comes to interviews with anyone involved in the making of their films—their strictness made sense, although for first time MCU members, it took some getting used to.
Florence smiles at you, “Thank you.”
You playfully nudge her shoulder with yours, “Don’t worry about it.” You say with a kind smile.
The wholesome moment was interrupted by one of the stagehands telling you and Florence that the two of you were on in 15 seconds.
“Our guests tonight are making their big MCU debut in the new Black Widow film, please welcome (Y/n) (L/n) and Florence Pugh!”
“So in the movie, there’s three of you guys—where’s the other one?” Jimmy asked, motioning his hand to the small space between you and Flo.
“She’s at home I believe.” Florence answered, glancing at you. “She’s busy doing stuff, you know—adult things.” She added.
You took the opportunity to make a joke and said, “Yet here we are promoting her movie.” You roll your eyes playfully. The crowd bursts out laughing, along with Jimmy, who smacked his desk.
“You know, we deserve a raise for this.” Flo considers, going along with your joke. She slightly snorts and nudges your arm with her elbow. “We could take Scarlett’s check and just split it in half for ourselves.”
“Problem solved.” You shrugged, high fiving her.
Another round of laughs fill the room as Jimmy says, “So you’re both taking Scarlett’s money?”
Jokingly, you nod in approval, “By the end of this interview? Definitely.”
Dropping the bit, you shake your head with a grin on your face. “I’m kidding! I’m only joking, I wouldn’t do that to her, even if I were forced to.”
Jimmy moves on as a picture of you, Florence, and Scarlett pops up on the screen. The picture had been posted on your Instagram and was taken while the three of you were filming in between takes. You were taking the selfie while Scarlett and Florence were poking their heads out from behind you making funny faces.
“I can’t imagine how exciting it is to be on a Marvel set, and to even work with one of the first ever heroes in the MCU—that must be insane!” Jimmy exclaims, motioning to another picture of the three of you.
“It’s unbelievable. To work alongside Scarlett and to follow this kind of path that she’s paved in the MCU is an honor. She really was like our older sister behind the scenes, because she was always guiding us and taking care of everyone. She’s the best.” Florence responded while you nodded in agreement.
“I watched the movie last night and one of the things I enjoyed the most was the dynamic the three of you had. You guys were like actual siblings.” Jimmy mentioned, motioning between you and Flo.
Florence giggled before squeezing you into a tight hug, “Yeah, she’s my big sister.” You smiled beamingly, patting her cheek before she let go.
“No, really! She’s like my actual younger sister.” You tell the audience, who “awed” at the hug you both shared. “We spent months on this movie and we spent every single day with each other. By the middle of production, we were basically roommates.”
“Roommates?” Jimmy questioned, leaning his elbows on his desk.
“Because I was always at her house.” Florence answered in a ‘duh’ tone. “I’ve actually grown an attachment to (Y/n), she’s like my comfort blanket. So I need to have her with me at all times. If she’s not with me, I just won’t leave the house.”
“Speaking of your attachment to (Y/n), there’s this video of you that you apparently sent her?” Jimmy gestured at you, “And you posted it on your Instagram and now the whole internet is obsessed with it.”
“Yup, that’s the one.” You confirmed.
“I know there’s probably some people who haven’t seen it, so here’s the video.” The video of Florence popped up on the screen and began to play.
(This fic was based on this TikTok😭)
Jimmy looked at you and Florence in amusement, “Can we get some context?”
Florence waved her hand at the screen and said, “As you can all see, I’m very persistent.”
“This wasn’t your first time sending her these kinds of videos?” Jimmy asked. You shook your head, a feign look of annoyance on your face.
“No, she does this all the time.”
“In my defense, I was unexpectedly flying out to New York for a project. I knew I was gonna be in the city for a few days, so I decided to call (Y/n) and make the most of my trip.” Flo defended herself, slightly pouting.
You leaned your head on her shoulder, “To be fair, it was also our first time seeing each other since we wrapped Black Widow, and we really missed each other.”
“(Y/n), did you have to move any plans?” Jimmy turns to you. Florence does the same.
“You know what, you never told me if you had plans or not.” She squints her eyes at you. Your arms crossed while your body slowly sunk into the couch.
You pretend to fix your lipstick, quickly muttering, “I might’ve moved some plans around.”
Florence’s mouth gapes in shock, her entire body freezing. She grips onto your shoulder, “Wait, you actually moved plans for me?”
“I might’ve rescheduled a lunch with someone, but that doesn’t really matter.” You replied, trying to move on from the topic. Jimmy pointed at you, a giant grin on his face, “You actually moved plans for Florence!”
Florence’s mouth was still wide in shock, “I can’t believe you actually moved plans for me—(Y/n)!” She whined.
“I missed seeing you, so of course I had to move them.” You bashfully explained, the corners of your lips turning upwards. Florence pulled you into a hug.
“Gosh, you really do love me!” She exclaimed.
“I really do!” You said, your arms wrapping around her as well.
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dawbi · 2 months ago
bnha boys when they have a crush on you (gif reaction)
warnings - none !!
characters - midoriya, bakugou, todoroki, monoma, dabi, & hawks
Tumblr media
midoriya would be so blushy around you. but at the same time he'd wanna get close with you. although he’d probably have a hard time trying to start a conversation lol. would try learning about the things you like and talk to you about them. he’d fall for you even harder when he sees the light in your eyes when you talked about the things you're passionate about. will check up on you a lot and ask if you wanna study together. whenever you compliment him or do anything he thinks is cute (which is literally anything lol) he's not functioning properly. "aaaadfdg uh y-yeah..thanks y/n. m-me too. i mean you too !!" would always stand up for you and be your number one supporter omg cute. lots of daydreaming about you two, being flustered, and just falling for every little quirk hehe of yours 🥺
Tumblr media
ahhh it's your local tsundere boy bakugou. i mean that's all that really needs to be said lol. he'd treat you like everyone else, even a bit more of an asshole if you pulled at his heart strings. “h-hey fucking watch it!” if you ever accidentally brush his hand with yours. but secretly wants you to do it again 😂 his way of treating you differently would be in how observant he’d be. if you looked upset that day, “why are you making that stupid face? it’s annoying the hell outta me.” translation : “please tell me what’s bothering you. i hate seeing you upset.” i also feel like he’d be very defensive and protective if anyone tried talking down to you. lots of side glances, remembering things about you without being obvious about it, and lowkey trying to get your attention whenever he possibly can lol
Tumblr media
aw todoroki probably wouldn’t even realize he has crush on you. like he’d constantly want to be around you and find any chance he could to talk to you. also very attentive and always watching out for you. would probably confuse it as wanting to be really close friends with you. until he starts wondering what it’d be like to hold your hand or hold you. that’s when i feel like todoroki would ask midoriya for advice. “well i think you might like y/n. more than a friend.” “like best friends ?” “no todoroki...” 😂 midoriya would have to explain to him what he meant and finally shouto would turn his head and say “maybe...” i don’t know why but i picture him being a bit secretive about his crush on you, wants to treasure it a little ?? def very clumsy and awkward around you when he realized lol
Tumblr media
omg monoma would start by annoying you like everyone else lol. same amount of competitiveness and taunting directed at you. but i feel like when he’d develop feelings it would go like first phase - tease you more than everyone else to get a reaction out of you and get you to talk to him. second phase - actually wants to have a good image in front of you and tone it down a bit whenever you’d be near. that’s when you know he’s in deep lol. kendo would be the first one to notice and would help keep him in check. this boy wouldn’t know how to get close to you especially after his previous behavior. so monoma would be a secret admirer until he’d decide to confess. lots of secretly asking around about you, pausing his bully 1-a agenda whenever he sees you, and wishing you’d make the first move 😢
Tumblr media
does dabi have a crush ?? or does he not ? 🤔 you probably would have zero indications of it. this man is secretive af and might view it as weakness if he admitted it. but i feel like members of the lov would pick up on it no matter how much he denies it lol. all those times he would seek you out to only talk to you, his soft demeanor whenever he looks at you, always making sure no one ever lays a finger on you but doesn’t give two shits about anyone else ?? why is dabi lying lol. i think someone like mr. compress or kurogiri would question him seriously. “have you possibly taken a liking towards y/n ? there’s nothing wrong with that.” “why would you ask me such a stupid question ? don’t get in my fucking business.” never blatantly denies it tho, but he would restrict himself. you’d have to confess to him first 😰
Tumblr media
oh flirt king 100%. you cannot convince me otherwise. i feel like it’d also take keigo awhile to develop feelings. i think you’d have to be friends with him first, lowkey trust issues you know ? i think he’d realize his crush on you when someone else comes in the picture. “so, who was that loser ?” “keigo, that was my friend.” “seems weird lol.” he’s just jealous ahsggsjal. hawks would question why he cared and realize he actually has feelings for you. again lives to see you flustered and would flirt a lot omg. would love to hear you talk to him about anything and would silently watch you while smiling as he listens to you. definitely watch over you and seriously try to get you to fall for him. always would be greeting you with a hug. just any excuse to be close to you 😅
a/n - ahh again tysm for the support !! should i do an event when i reach 100 followers ??
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xiaosmoon · 3 months ago
hi!! I'm OBSESSED with the way you write, so if you could indulge me a little? :D diluc + kaeya + zhongli with an s/o who has to seduce an enemy to get important info—though they try their best to stay put, worry/jealousy gets the best of them, and they arrive at the scene just in the nick of time...
hopefully this doesn't overstep any of your blog rules :< tysm!!
seducing an enemy
Tumblr media
parings: diluc, kaeya, & zhongli x gn!reader (afab for zhongli)
summary: you get sent on an important mission to try to get information out of an enemy by seducing them, but worry/jealousy gets the best of them and they arrive just in time
warnings/content: seduction, angsty but with comfort, suggestive if you squint
a/n: ahhh thank you so much!!! i hope this did your request justice :)
Tumblr media
-> diluc
you really shouldn't be running this late. diluc was pacing back and fourth in main room of the winery. the maids tried to get him to calm down, but he just couldn't sit still. not when you were out on a mission at the risk of being hurt.
and on top of that, seducing someone. just the mere thought of it was enough to send diluc into a frenzy. of course he trusts you. he really does, but you were doing this to a dangerous enemy. the risk of it all was just too much not to stress over.
"i'm going out for a walk. please, do not wait up for me." was all diluc announced to his maids before grabbing his coat and running off.
it was a very cold night, and diluc suddenly remembers that pretty little lace you were wearing.
"it's all apart of the technique, diluc. i can't seduce a person if i'm covering every inch of my body."
obviously you were right, but diluc still wishes you weren't cozying up to a scumbag wearing little to nothing.
diluc hadn't realized how fast he had been walking because he was already at the destination. with claymore in hand, he wasted no time busting open the door. he found you with a knife to your neck, trying to pry the man off of you. your vision was tossed to the side, so you were utterly helpless.
all diluc could see was burning red. he didn't even get a good look at the guy holding you; he let his body do the talking and swung his claymore, not actually hitting the guy but causing him to lose balance and drop the knife.
while diluc was keeping him away, you drop down grabbing the fallen knife and stab the enemy's leg. before diluc could chop the guy in half with his fired up claymore, you quickly push him back with the rest of the strength you could muster.
"diluc, he's down! it's alright now!" diluc was breathing heavily, his eyes fixated on the person screaming in pain. once he feels your body hugging his, his demeanor quickly changes.
diluc drops his claymore and returns your embrace back, kissing the top of your head. "are you alright? are you hurt?" he pulls you off of him, holding your shoulders to examine your body for any injuries.
you put your hand on top of one of his and give him a soft smile. "i'm okay, i promise." you turn around to look at the man behind you on the floor. "he, however, isn't. i'll have to bring him to the knights for further interrogation."
you go and grab your vision before cuffing the man's hands. "y-you're crazy! i'm going to die because of you!" he nearly spat in your face.
diluc was quick to act, grabbing him by the collar and yanking the guy dangerously close to him. "call them crazy again and that claymore you saw earlier will  definitely kill you." if diluc's claymore won't kill him, the fight he felt definitely would.
after diluc accompanied you to take him to the knights, (he wouldn't stop talking about how incapable they were on the walk there. "this never would've happened to you if they knew how to do their job." some things will never change.) he sat you down on a nearby bench and once again examined you thoroughly, even though you told him you were fine for the nth time.
he carefully draped his coat over your shoulders. "i'm just so glad you're alright. good thing i came when i did." he would say. for the rest of the night, he held you tight and gave you many, many kisses while telling you that you're never doing something like that again. not because he was jealous or anything, of course not
Tumblr media
-> kaeya
kaeya knows you're an amazing and capable knight. you have amazing combat skills and are perfect at undercover missions. perfect person for the job.
so why was he so stressed?
imagining you throwing yourself all over that enemy in the short and tight dress you were wearing was eating at his mind. you had looked absolutely tempting in that getup that kaeya couldn't keep his hands to himself.
"oh? all this for me darling?" kaeya had walked up behind you and allowed his hands to run down your sides as you added earrings to your final look.
he kissed your neck, and before he could continue, you turned around placing a kiss on his lips. "this isn't for you, love. i have a mission..."
the wine glass that was resting in kaeya's hand had now been shattered to little pieces, littered all over the floor of angels share. he had came here to help keep his mind off of you, but it wasn't helping. at all.
kaeya quickly slammed mora down at the bar, scaring charles before heading off to you. he knew he could be potentially ruining your mission, and jean would have his head for it, but at this point in time he really could care less. you were more important to him than his job.
if only the grand master hadn't taken all of the horses with him, maybe kaeya would've gotten there faster. damn him.
as fast as his feet could carry him, he arrived at the goth grand hotel (did you really need a horse kaeya?) he pushed the fatui agent at the doorway trying to stop him and barged straight to the front desk.
"if you don't tell me what room y/n is staying in right now, i swear i will freeze hell over this place." the poor frightened desk lady handed kaeya the hotel key without protest. he swiped it from her and marched off.
"a42... a42... come on where are you?" kaeya walked down 2 hallways until he finally found it.
not even bothering to use the key, kaeya froze the knob before kicking the door open. much to his dismay, you were pinned down to the bed with the enemy right on top, ready to weald his weapon.
kaeya wasted no time to act. he shoved the guy off of you and drew his sword, keeping it pointed nicely at his neck so he couldn't move.
you jumped off the bed to retrieve your own. "i was handling it you know."
"if by handling you mean almost getting yourself killed, i would say you did a fine job." kaeya's voice was still seductive even when he was mad. maybe he should've gone on this mission instead.
you quickly cuff the fatui agent before kicking him out of the room, leaving him for the knights to deal with. "i'll get revenge for this! my superior, he won't like this. he'll deal with you!"
you sigh as the two knights grab him. "yeah, yeah, i've heard it all before. the day your superior comes for me is the day you'll see hellfire." was the last snarky comment you made before closing the door behind you, leaving only you and kaeya in the room.
"there were other knights here?" kaeya asked, approaching you. "only two. master jean planted them just in case."
kaeya pulled you to him for a very tight hug without warning. he buried his face into your neck and wrapped one arm around your shoulders while the other holding your waist. he kissed your neck, and then your jaw, cheek, forehead, your lips, ear, and finally whispered, "you're never doing this again."
you pull his face back so his eyes can meet yours and you cup your palm around his jaw. you tilt your head to the side and raise a brow. "why? because you were scared for me or because you were jealous?"
there are very few things that make kaeya aleberich blush. but him being called out by you is definitely one of them. "jealous? no, of course not. i was worried for you, love." he pulled back from you a bit and you became a laughing fit.
"hey, i was! you cant prove otherwise." he mumbled the last part and crossed his arms like an angry toddler.
you wiped a fake tear from your eyes and composed yourself. how cute, you thought to yourself. "but you did know i had it, right?" you asked.
kaeya looked back over to you, arms still crossed. "yes, i did dear. you're more than capable of holding your own. but what kind of boyfriend would i be if i wasn't to worry, hmm?" he walked back to you and brushed away any hair that was out of place.
"but," his teasing voice was back. "we do have this very nice hotel room to ourselves now. how about we make the most of it and-"
cue you throwing a pillow at him
Tumblr media
-> zhongli
he understood your line of work. he understood how dangerous it could be. but what you had told zhongli earlier that night still wandered at the back of his mind.
you were dressed beautifully in black. the outfit hugged your body in just the right places and zhongli thought you looked absolutely ravishing.
"going somewhere dear?" his eyes were drinking you up. you smile and plant a kiss on his cheek. "it's for the mission i told you about."
the mission sounded dangerous indeed. he had no doubt in your strength but this, this just seemed too much, even for you.
the man you were seducing is known to be very dangerous and zhongli's subconscious couldn't rest at that. mortals were quite fragile after all.
"mr.zhongli? did you hear me?" hu tao waved her hand in front of his face. he snapped out of his daydreams about you and redirected his attention to the young funeral director.
"apologizes miss hu tao, could i possibly take the rest of the night off?" zhongli felt terrible for asking this of her but he just had to go to you.
hu tao granted him his wish, believing that he was feeling ill. at first, zhongli was debating if he really should come to you. it really is their mission, i'm sure they can handle themself.
he was afraid his interference would mess with your mission, but ultimately his concern for you overpowered that thought.
he reached the location in no time. it was a small beach house right on yaoguang shoal. and right outside, 2 guards were posted.
such an important and powerful man obviously has security, zhongli thought to himself. zhongli closed his eyes. he tried to listen for the sound your voice; a sound he had learned to memorize. and he found it. your voice was muffled was full of distress. that was enough for zhongli to approach the guards, ready to break open the door.
"hey," one of the guards stuck his arm out blocking the door. "you can't be here. so lea-" before the guard could get out another word, zhongli send geo shards flying towards both of them, knocking them to the ground unconscious.
he sent a geo spear straight through the door, stabbing the enemy's arm on the other side and pinning him to the wall. you were limp on the floor, but the sight of the geo spear put you to ease. your dress was torn leaving you a bit exposed and you had broken your ankle while fighting the man, but the pain seemed to go away as soon as you saw zhongli walk in.
zhongli sent a few more geo shards to secure the guy on the wall before rushing over to you. "dear, are you alright?" he said squatting down beside you. zhongli took of his coat and draped it over your exposed body. he placed his hand gently on your shoulder, afraid to hurt you.
you smile in relief, raising a hand his arm. "i'm alright, just a broken ankle. could you help me get him to the milieth? they should be here in 10 minutes. i've gotten all the information i need."
"you, this- this isn't over! i'll come back for you. i swear it." the man slurred. your eyes widened at his arm. there was a lot blood was oozing from his wound.
"zhongli, he can't die." zhongli looked at you in confusion. "but he broke your ankle. he can perish."
laughing right now would be very inappropriate, so you had to retain yourself. "i know but the milieth still need him. very alive."
zhongli obeyed your wish and yanked the man off of the wall harshly. "i won't heal him, but he can be taken to bubu pharmacy." zhongli took the spear out and tied his arm tightly with a random cloth he found on the floor. he tossed the man outside for the milieth and rushed back to you. he helped you sit up and you rested your body against his chest.
"thank you, for coming. although i could've handled it myself you know." you look up at him and smile. he lets out a sigh and kissed your lips. "i know dear. but um-" his coat was slipping down your body, revealing a good amount of your cleavage. he turned his head away, blushing a bit. "you should wear my coat." you giggle at his words but put on his coat properly.
zhongli rests you against the wall and scoots to where your feet. he tears some of his shirt to wrap your ankle in. "this will hold it until we get you medical attention." without warning, he picks you up in bridal style. you quickly wrap your arms around his neck so you don't fall.
"w-what are you doing?" you ask, it came out more as a squeak. "the milieth are here," zhongli responds walking outside. "they can take care of that man. we need to get you back to liyue."
yes, he really did carry you all the way to liyue.
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