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happyheidi · a month ago
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formula-what · a year ago
have you seen the Mustang Mach-E GT? she’s a beautyyyy
ahhh shes so classy!! Look at those curves!! And fully electric!!
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she’s rich and fancy but down to earth. wears converse under designer dresses and leaves the gala early to grab a maccies
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sevenforeverbulletproof · a year ago
Ahhh I almost forgot that it is Sunday already 😱 but the new chapter is gooooood. Fake dating is one of my fav tropes so I can't wait to see how this evolves. And Namjoonieee.... what will happen with him, he deserves everything 🥺 ... oh and I wanted to write you earlier but as I go, I ask here : how do you like the comeback so far? ☺️ I looooove everything so much 💜
Ah thank you 🥺 well I worked on it long enough 😂 haha I'm already ahead with the writing so I know what will happen to all of them and I just hope you're not gonna rip off my head 😂😂😂
I knooooow! I love everything as well 🥺 blue and Grey is my favorite but the whole album in general is so comforting and the mv has me so emotional 😭 but also that physical album is SUCH A BEAUTYYYY
theyve done such a great job with everything
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jxharaa · 2 years ago
Love your blog and your beautyyyy ahhh ♥️♥️
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