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Note: my British accent got severely stronger writing this, so you’ll see me progressively flipping my shit in Bri’ish
SAINT, YOU MAKE ME SO CONFLICTED OMFG. As a fellow author, I totally get wanting to make your readers feel indecisive, heartbroken, and depressed. BUT OH LORD. Since I’ve gone through similar toxic bs with my ex (first relationship), I’ve learned how VITAL communication can be. Sure, everyone can just mindlessly say that communication is important BUT we need to remember that Y/N is incredibly inexperienced in the love department. Quite literally, Satoru took a lot of her firsts. So, Saint, you’ve cleverly came up with a way to ensure that we cannot actually blame Y/N whatsoever because she doesn’t know that communication is essential. HOWEVER, Gojo literally shut off communication so that’s also his fault. But dear lord, he needs to work on that shit, too. Darling, you have no excuses when you were in a past relationship. BUT YOU ALSO DO because he’s likely NEVER been allowed to communicate in his WHOLE. LIFE. Dadjo? Made that illegal. S*ra? Wouldn’t listen because she likes the sound of her own nasally voice. So, he’s had to LISTEN to understand what he’s doing wrong - albeit, sometimes it’s whether or not he wants to follow it - but it shows that Gojo and Y/N have different ways of communicating. Basically, Saint has used the lack of communication so brilliantly that I can’t actually be mad. PLENTY of writers fail to properly execute this but ahhhh, Saint does this so well 🤧. LIKE MATE, I CANNOT BE MAD BUT I AM MAD BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO GOOD AT THIS GAME.
Anyways, onto my next thoughts. S*ra is an absolutely entitled, paranoid, narcissistic, self-preserving, and psychotic bitch. I surely hope that karma works wonders because wow - I haven’t felt this much hatred for a character since before I spoiled myself for RE (aka that skank, Trashta). She assumes the worst in people, such as Meredith, before even giving them a chance. Meredith probably pitied her BECAUSE she was being used by Naoya. Girlfriend, she asked? More like next victim. Quite honestly, I do not mind. This leads us to the savior, Naoya, a clever bastard that I somewhat love for now but also, based on RE I feel like I understand his role hehe. I see you 👀 Hehe I think that I understand where this is ultimately leading to, I just don’t know how you’re going to do it - most likely by throwing a grenade at your fan base. As for Toji... gosh darn it, you really had to do this? I’ve been hoping that Gojo and Y/N were endgame but these little similarities with RE and SN are PLAYING WITH MY HEART. HOW COULD YOU. (But also, the fact that S*ra was comparing Toji to Gojo broke my heart. YOU DO NOT LOVE GOJO, LET HIM GO YOU BLOODY VULTURE). And the protagonist’s dad... you can tell the thoughts that must’ve been running through his head: how could I let this happen? You two were so happy as children. Has he been treating you poorly? A scary dad that protects his children is someone we shall all stan. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t discover what has been going down... but since Gojo was yelling after Y/N, the murder has been held off for now.
OMG SPEAKING OF WHICH - ISTG IF Y/N IS PREGNANT. ‘But she’s been using contraceptives-‘ OKAY AND? Ever heard of “I didn’t know I was pregnant” or whatever that show was called? It happens! The nausea? Sure, it may be from the excessive crying but ummmm. And then the lemon bars? Oh no, the cravings. Oh god, then the emotions? She has the right to feel these ways but also- PREGGO? PREGANTE?! Mate, I will scream if I see that she’s pregnant. S*ra holding a child? She wishes. IT IS ACTUALLY Y/N AND SHE GETS THE FAMILY SHE WANTED BECAUSE S*RA DOESN’T DESERVE IT. BUT DUDE - if Y/N is pregnant, then all that stress is not good for the baby. I honestly wish this outlandish, minuscule hope isn’t wrong because I think Y/N would be an outstanding mum. We all know she’d be excellent at raising a child by herself. Maybe if Gojo gets his shit together, they can raise the child together. Frankly, this would be a drastic wild card to throw into the story but imagine the DRAMA
Okay, have a great day, love. Hope you feel better and please keep breaking our hearts with your brilliant writing <3
you are so attentive to my writing, i’m honestly speechless 😭 and am very honored. thank u sm <33 i’m glad to know that you appreciate how those themes and details were executed into the fic although it was a bit of a struggle to pull off haha
communication is the main concern on this chapter but also yes to sooo many RE parallels i am living for them as i write. it makes me happy when people can recognize those parallels very well :’) thank u for leaving this message, i appreciate it uwu
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ahhhh she’s finally done!! now i can rest my weary soul. thank you to my lover @bfharry​ for putting this lovely event together, and i’m sorry this late, i’m a mess.
7k pining, fluff and smut
friends to lovers college au // trigger warning - mentions of illness, family death and childhood trauma, mentions of alcohol use.
Tumblr media
She was reaching as high as she could, desperately trying to get to the book on the shelf that was much too high for her to reach. She turns to Harry, who’s smirking down at her with crossed arms.
“Need a lift, sprout?”
She gives him a look of eloquence. “Please.” 
She giggles as he dips down, wrapping his arms around her legs and lifting her up. Now, she’s happily at eye level with the desired shelf. 
Her fingers skimming over the spines of all the hardbacks sitting comfortably on the wood surface. E...F...G...H...
“Found it!”
Once her eyes lock on the title, she pulls the book out as fast as she could.
“Okay, let me down.” 
“Sure? Don’t like the view from up there? Know you’re not used to it-”
“No, now let me down before I bruise you like the peach that you are.”
“Ouch.” he snickered, setting you back down onto the ground beneath. “S’harsh.”
“Deserved it.” she teased before he sticks out his tongue in a playful response. 
“What d’ya need the book for?”
“It’s for that analysis we have to do for poetry class.”
He blinks at her once, eyes widening slightly. “What analysis?”
She giggles at his expression. “You didn’t read your emails, did you?”
“Fuck!” he exclaims, voice slightly above a whisper, but it was enough to agitate the other students in the library who are trying to either study or get their own work done.
“Sorry, sorry.” he apologizes to the people around them before Y/N puts a hand on his bicep and he leans into her to hear her whispering words.
“You just have to pick a poetry book, analyze it, make a conclusion, all that stuff.”
“So it’s like an essay?”
“Kind of.” she follows Harry as he starts to examine the shelves for a book himself. “You know how Greene is, he’s super chill. He wants it to be more of a review, what you think of the book and the author.”
“So, like a review.”
She blinks at him. “That’s what I just said.”
“M’tired, gimme a break.” he sighs. “He never challenges us in that class.”
“I guess not.” she shrugs. “Easy grade, right?”
“Sounds like it.” he gives a casual nod. “When’s it due?”
“Sweet.” he nods, eyes skimmed across the shelves before landing on a cornflower blue hardback. Harry chose books by their cover a lot. Not metaphorically, just literally.
He nods again. “Yeah, let’s go.”
Once they’d both gotten their book signed out, they started down the path across the patch of grass, making their way to their next class that they had together. 
“So you really didn’t check your phone all weekend?”
He shakes his head. “No, my phone was off ‘cos Gem was visiting over the weekend, remember?” he taps on the side of her head with one finger. “Helloooo, earth to Y/N, you were there.”
“Quit it!” she scolds, swatting his hand away. “Yeah, I think I remember her. She’s the least annoying Styles’ sibling, right?”
Harry unexpectedly clutches his chest, wincing in pain. “Ouch, ow!”
Panic rushed through her, the first thing popping into her mind was that he was having an asthma attack. “Haz, are you okay?” she drops her bag onto the ground so that she can help him. “You’re scaring me, do you need your inhaler?”
He leans over, eyes squeezed closed. One hand is resting on his knee, the other still grasping at his sternum. 
“My ego...it hurts.”
As soon as the words registered, anger washed over her, jaw rippling before punching him in the bicep.
“You’re such a little shit.” 
“Oi, tha’ hurt!” he laughs, which makes her even more angry, whisking her bag off the ground and walking away from him as quickly as possible. 
He lets out a lighthearted sigh before starting to jog up to her. “C’mon, wait up.”
“Go away.” she grumbles, quickening the pace of her steps towards the building that their next class was in. Her hand was less than a foot away from reaching the door, about to push it open but she was no match for his longer legs as he jogged to catch up with her.
“Hey, hey.” he manages to get her hand in his grasp. She turns around in his grip, eyes fiery with vex. 
“C’mon, don’t be like that.” he frowns, moving so that he’s holding both of her hands in his as he stood in front of her. “Please? M’sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”
She crossed her arms over her chest, leaning against the brick wall behind her. “Yes you did.”
“Let me make it up to you?” he offers, resting his palm on the rough surface above her head. 
“Whatever you want.”
The pounding heartbeat in her ears is deafening, but the prank that he’d just pulled wasn’t quickly forgotten.
“I’ll let you know when I think of something.” Pushing herself off the wall, she turns and pushes the door open to the classroom, leaving a sad Harry behind. He trudged along behind her, silently moping before sitting next to her. Not even a minute after they sat down, Harry was leaning over to her, trying to get her attention. 
“Y/N, please.” he whines, laying his head on her shoulder. “M’sorry.”
The butterflies in her stomach were crumbling her resolve, and she lays her cheek on top of his curls. “It’s okay.” he can hear the smile in her quiet voice. He peers up at her, an endearing smile beaming back at her.
“Not mad at me anymore?” he clarifies, voice filled with hope.
“How long have we been best friends?” she laughs. “Y’know I can never stay mad at you.”
“We were babies, don’t you remember?” he snickers. “Like, actual babies.”
Neither of them really remember. 
Harry and Y/N’s parents had been neighbors and friends for years before either of them were born, and when Harry was almost two, they’d given birth to a beautiful baby girl.
“Harry, look.” Anne coos to her son as he sits on her lap. “See the baby?”
He stops playing with his teddy, toddling over to the sound of his mummy’s voice and he’s so fascinated, probably because he’s never seen a real baby before. 
“I hold her?”
The new mum says “of course” before she gives her baby to Anne, now holding her in Harry’s lap. 
“I pet?”
He carefully lifts a chubby hand, places it on her tummy and pats gently at the pale lavender onesie. 
“My sweet boy.” Anne kisses the top of his head, smoothing out his blonde bangs.
Harry leans down and pushes a soft kiss onto her cheek, and it’s safe to say both mums melt at the sight. 
“They’ll be best friends for sure.” 
He looks up at the baby’s mum. “She seepin’?”
She nods with a smile. “Yeah, she's sleepin’.”
He gives her another kiss on her cheek before speaking again, this time in a hushed voice. 
“Night Night, baby.” 
“Our mums are never gonna let us forget that day.” he groans, twisting open the cap of the drink in his hands.
“Or that you had a crush on me.” 
He nearly chokes on his juice, making her split into a fit of giggles.
“Maybe I did.” he admits, leaning his elbows onto the desk. “So what?” 
“You definitely did, remember when you kissed me?”
His cheeks heat up at her teasing, arms crossing on top of the desk before laying his head down in embarrassment. He cracks one eye open at her laughing. “y/nnnn.”
When Harry was five and Y/N was four, he asked if he could kiss her, at school.
“You’re the prettiest girl in the whole world.” Harry tells her as his fingers draw in the dirt.
“That’s what my mummy and daddy tells me!” she cheers, and he may only be five years old but he knows that no other girl on the playground would happily sit in the dirt with him like she would. Her cheeks are resting against her hands and Harry thinks that they’re the cutest cheeks he’s ever seen.
“Can we kiss now?” 
She thinks for a moment before speaking.
“You can’t tell your mummy, because she might tell my mummy and we’ll be in trouble.” 
“Won’t tell anyone, not even Niall.”
Her eyes go wide with a gasp. Niall was his best friend, he must really mean business.
“Promise.” he holds out his pinky for her to squeeze.
Unfortunately for them, while Y/N was over next door at Harry’s for a playdate Anne caught them kissing in the back garden and they were both forced into the friend zone. Y/N was super sad, and Harry didn’t like that one bit, so he tried to make her feel better. 
“Don’t cry, someday when we’re grown ups we can kiss and hold hands anytime we want! We can be best friends ‘til then, okay?”
“The start of an epic friendship.” he reminisces, flashing her a wink. 
“Good times and bad.” she nods, and the mood drifts to sad silence.
“We’ve really been there through everything, huh?” he acknowledges, meeting her gaze. 
When Harry was twelve and Y/N was eleven, Harry’s dad left. Left his family with nothing and Harry was devastated.
“How could he? This isn’t fair to any of you.”
Y/N was standing in Anne’s kitchen listening to her painstakingly tell her what had just happened. He’d left while Anne was working and Gemma and Harry were at school, leaving the remainder of the family devastated. 
“I know darling, but we’ll get through this. I’m worried about Harry, he ran off. He was so upset. Do you know where he could be?”
“I’ll find him.”
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
Her mind and legs worked together to pedal faster than she ever had before through the park behind their street. As soon as she crosses the bridge she sees him. He’s sitting under their favorite oak tree, knees dew up to his chest.
She throws her bike down and sprints to him, falling next to him.
He looks up, releases the grip on his hair and reaches out, grasping her hands and she quickly pulls him into a hug and she’d never held anyone so tight in her entire life. Her own hot tears started to fall from her face at the sound of his heartbreaking cries and she doesn’t know how long they stayed there like that, slowly moving her fingers through his curls as she held him. He let out a whimper when she forced his face out of her neck, cradling his cheeks in her hands. He looked so defeated and she had to use every ounce of strength in her body not to sit there and cuddle him against this tree all night. His mum and sister needed him, and he needed them. Her fingers brushed across his wet cheeks and he leaned into her touch as she repeated the action. 
“I’m so sorry, Haz.” another sob escapes him at her words. “You don’t have to talk about it. You can cry, scream and yell, whatever you want...but we gotta get home., it’s getting dark.”
“Don’t wanna go back there.” he shakes his head and tightens his hold on your shirt. 
“H, your mum and sister need you, and you need them.”
“I need you.” 
Y/N’s heart flutters and she’s not sure why, but she’s sure Harry can feel it because he’s still fisting her shirt. 
“I’ll stay the night at yours, my mum won’t care.”
“What about your dad?”
“He’ll get over it.”
Understandably, of course her father wasn’t too fond of the idea of his daughter sleeping over at her best friend’s house, because he was a boy. But she reassured her dad countless times that “boys were gross” so he begrudgingly allowed it.
They’d cuddled countless times, that night was no different. She held him, stroking his hair some more as they talked. The mood is lightened after awhile. Even though the healing process hasn’t even really begun yet. Harry was gonna be okay, because he had Y/N. 
“Gemma gets so jealous because she can’t have boys in her room.” he jokes, making her giggle. 
“She’s also fifteen and has a boyfriend.” she reasons. “We’re just best friends.”
Comfortable silence engulfed Harry’s room for a few moments, the vibe was mellow from each other’s presence before Y/N spoke again.
“It’s gonna be okay.” her voice was barely above a whisper, brushing the stray hairs away from his forehead. 
“You don’t know that.” he whispers, peering up at her. The moonlight shining through the window is enough to illuminate their faces while they talk.
“Yeah I do.” she argues softly. “It’s bad right now, but it’ll be okay someday. Promise.”
When Y/N was seventeen, her world came crashing down.
“Harry, can you come down please?”
He quickly put down his phone, shoving it into his pocket when he heard the urgency in his mum’s voice coming from downstairs. Ever since his dad left he’d grown closer to his mum and sister, more protective.
He rushes downstairs, finding her in the kitchen. 
“Mum? What's wrong?”
“I need you to go next door and check on Y/N, alright?”
His face fills with confusion and fear but Anne doesn’t give him any time to respond. 
“I just got off the phone with Rachelle, she and Will had gone out to dinner and he started to have some terrible pain. They’re at the hospital now, they did some tests…they found something and they think it might be cancer.”
Harry’s face falls.
“Oh God, Mum—”
“I know, baby, I know.”
“Does she know? She had to work after school today, does she know?”
“Her mum said she was going to call her once she’d gotten home from work.”
“She gets off at eight thirty,” he pulls out his phone and sees that it’s nine fifteen. “She should be home by now.” He briskly walks over to the window that faces Y/N’s house. 
“Her car’s there.” he reveals. “M’goin’ over there. I’ll be back.”
She agrees and without another word Harry’s at her front door. 
“Shit, shit, shit.” he mutters to himself before remembering the spare key under the flower pot by the door. Once it’s retrieved, his trembling hands fumble with the piece of metal before successfully unlocking the door and pushing it open. As soon as he’s inside, he hears muffled crying from upstairs and it’s all he needs to hear before he’s rushing upstairs and down the hall to her bedroom. Normally he would never just walk in her room uninvited, but when he saw the white wooden door decorated with silver stars all over, he wasn’t going to stop until he got to her. As soon as he pushes her bedroom door open, the sight alone is enough to make him cry. He watches her yank her desk chair out, screaming as she throws it as hard as she could across the floor.
He rushes to her, pulling her in the most protective hug he’s ever given. Her arms retreated to frightfully gripping the front of his shirt, knees buckling. They ended up crumpled on the floor, backs against the wall as he held her. Her gut wrenching cries were hushed by Harry’s embrace.
“Hey, hey—shhh. M’here, look at me, okay? Deep breaths, breathe with me, okay?” 
“I can’t, it’s too much. This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.” her cries made his heart ache, all he wanted to do was make it better, but he just couldn’t.
Needless to say, they’ve been there for each other through everything. Y/N’s dad passed away later that year, leaving everyone devastated. Harry waited a year to go to college to be there for Y/N and her mum.
“Are you excited for NYU?”
She tried to sound happy for him, but her voice was laced with sadness. His back was facing her so she couldn’t see his face as he glanced at the sunset out her window.
“M’not going.” he admits, voice small and her jaw goes slack.
“What? What d’you mean you’re not going?” 
“Can’t leave you two here like this.” he turns around and tears are brimming his waterline. “Already talked it over with mum, and the bakery’s not really willin’ t’let me go yet.” 
“Harry.” she warns.
“Hey,” it’s alright.” he pulls her into a protective hug. “We’ll get everything sorted out, okay? It’ll be nice to take a year off from school anyway.”
His lighthearted tone isn’t enough to soothe her anxiety. “You don’t have to put your life on hold for me.”
“I’m not.” he promises. “We’ve been there for each other through everything, yeah?” he pulls away slightly, giving her a warm smile. “That doesn’t just stop because we aren’t kids anymore.”
“We make a good team.”
Her words warm his heart and he turns to her, nodding with a sweet smile.
“Yeah, we do, don’t we?”
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
Admire her.
Tell her how the crinkles in her eyes are like crescent moons, glowing when she smiles. 
Watch how she giggles at your jokes that aren’t funny, and how coy she gets when you’re sweet with her. 
She couldn’t help but get lost in books like this. Somehow they managed to capture everything she’s ever been through, and everything she’s struggling with now. It was torture, really, being in love with her best friend, seeing him everyday, hiding her feelings from him in fear of their friendship being ruined forever. She couldn’t even fathom if that horror were to become her reality, she surely wouldn’t survive the heartbreak.
Touch her. 
Tell her that the stretch marks that paint her skin are magnificent, and that her body is just one dazzling part of who she is.
Snuggle her with tender touches and soft fingertips, love on every curve of her body.
She found herself daydreaming at times like this—the midday sun beaming down on her through the window of the library as she sat in one of the lounge chairs, reading one of her favorite poetry books. She would think about how Harry would touch her if she were his. How he would caress her skin, what his lips could do, where his hands would go.
Adore her.
Cherish her. 
Her reading was quickly interrupted, her vision obstructed by a pair of hands covering her eyes followed by a familiar voice.
“Guess who.”
“Heeeey.” he protests, moving to sit in the lounge chair next to hers. “S’mean.”
She giggles at his pouting, squeezing one of his cheeks. “Poor baby.”
“Ouch.” he brought his hand up to his face to rub the sore skin. “Like beatin’ up on me, do yeh?”
“Just a little.” she winks. 
“Yeah, yeah.” he playfully rolls his eyes before turning his attention to the book in his best friend’s hands. “Whatcha readin’?”
Her heartbeat quickened as she realised that she had been caught, swiftly shutting the book and tucking it into her bag. “Nothing.”
“Nooo, lemme see!”
He didn’t give her another chance to respond, knowing her all too well. She shied away from his words, cheeks splashing with pink.
“C’mon, pleeease?” he frowns, nudging her arm with his elbow. He notices her apprehension, not wanting to push her.
“S’just me.” 
His voice is softer, giving her a fluttering feeling as he leans in closer. “Y’trust me, right?”
The close proximity made her heart thump in her chest. She gives him a slight nod before quietly replying. “Yeah.”
He gently bites down on his lower lip, his eyes flickering from her eyes, down to her lips.
Were they going to kiss?
“Why won’t you tell me what you were readin’?” he quirks with a small smile, tilting his head slightly. You can see the wheels turning. “S’it naughty?”
“No!” she gives him a look, as if to say stooooop, Haz.
He chuckles at her nervousness, patiently waiting as she keeps fumbling over her words, avoiding his captivating eyes. “No...no, no, it’s a...it’s just a book.”
“Obviously.” he blinks. “What kind of book.”
“Just poetry.” she mumbles, hoping he would drop the subject quickly.
“S’it for your poetry analysis thing? What kind of—”
“Harryyyyy.” she whines, hiding her face in her hands. 
“M’not doin’ anything! Can’t I be interested in what you’re readin’?” he defends, resting his cheek in his hand, elbow leaning on the arm of the chair. 
“M’only teasing.” he swipes his fingers across her heated cheeks as he speaks softly to her. “You’re bein’ so shy.”
It’s so adorable, he thinks to himself. 
“You don’t have to show me if you don’t want to.” he reassures. “M’starving. Did you still wanna go to lunch?”
She perked up at his question, the book in her bag eventually forgotten, just as she wished. “Please, I’m so hungry.”
“Can we get—”
“Chinese?” his face lights up. “Please please please?”
“We had that last weekend.” 
“So? S’the best food ever, and since when do you turn down chinese food?” he rests his head on the table. “I’ll help you with French Lit.”
“Compelling argument, I didn’t know you were taking a debate class.”
“So funny.” he rolls his eyes. “C’mon, please?”
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
“I love chow mein so much.” 
Y/N’s words barely register in his ears, let alone his brain as he admired the sight of her, eyes closed in bliss as she slurps another noodle.
She’s just so fucking cute.
“I love you so much.”
He’s sure his heart had just dropped into his stomach and his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He hadn’t even realised he’d said it out loud! 
“Didn’t say anything.” he mumbles, mentally cursing himself after feeling the heat radiating off his cheeks. He avoids her gaze as he shoves another spoonful of hot and sour soup into his mouth.
“So how’s your story for creative writing going?” she wonders, twirling some noodles with her fork, because no, she didn’t know how to use chopsticks, and yes, Harry never missed an opportunity to tease her about it.
“Awful.” he pouts, to which she mirrors his expression. 
“You stuck?”
“Very.” he groans. “Just can’t seem to get the words out, y’know?”
“I’ve been there.” she nods. “Do you want some help?”
“Please.” he begged, giving her puppy eyes. “S’due next friday, been workin’ on it every night and still can’t get a single word out.”
“I think you just need to take a break, babes.” she offers. “Let’s have a sleepover this weekend and I’ll help you.”
He gives a sigh of relief, making her laugh. “You’re a gem. What would I do without you?” 
“Your life would definitely be less exciting.” she notes, taking another bite.
He was silent for a moment, probably thinking of a comeba—
“At least I know how to use chopsticks.” 
“You won’t teach me!” she pouts at his teasing. “Quit being mean.”
“Want me to teach you?” he perks, peering up at her.
“Yes.” she lets out a breathless giggle while nodding. 
He playfully huffs, slightly rolling his eyes as he moves to sit behind her on her bed. 
“Okay, so you hold them like this…”
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
Friday, October 12
Dear Diary, 
I feel like I’m going crazy. I keep trying to finish this story for my creative writing class but I keep getting distracted...all I can think about is him. I can’t help it, he’s all I ever think about. How am I supposed to write a romance fiction piece when all I can think about is how I’m in love with my best friend? Harry is charming and sweet and funny and genuine, any girl would be lucky to be his. How did I get myself into this mess? Harry would never like me like that, ever. My heart hurts if I think about it too much. Sometimes I feel like I should just tell him, bite the bullet, rip off the band aid and hope to God that our friendship isn’t ruined forever. In a perfect world,
Y/N drops her pen at the vibration of her phone.
Harry is calling…
“We’ve known each other for how long and you still answer with hello?”
She lets out a breathless laugh. “Are you having a bad day or are you just making fun of me for shits and giggles?”
“Lil bit of both, yeah?” she can hear the cheekiness in his voice. “We still havin’ a sleepover this weekend? Might have to do it at yours, Niall’s havin’ a party and I doubt we’ll get anything done.”
She could hear the sheepish tone in his voice. “Oh no, if you wanna be at the party we can totally reschedule.” she offers.
Harry scrunches up his nose. “Need to get this paper done, m’never gonna finish it with all the noise.” he’s lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.
“Besides, I’d rather spend the weekend with you.”
She feels her heart flutter at his admission, cheeks tingling with heat.
“ Okay...can you bring some snacks?”
There were no two humans on earth that loved fruit more than Harry and Y/N. so around fifteen minutes later, when Harry showed up to Y/N’s door with two smoothies, she melted like sugar. 
“Berry for you.” he hands you the icy purple smoothie in his left hand. “Strawberry banana for me.”
“Awh, thank you!” she gently pinches one of his cheeks. “You’re so sweet.”
“Oi, worse than my mum, aren’t you?” he rubs at the newly pink cheek. 
“No.” she defends. “C’mon, I’ll help you with your story so you don’t drag it out all weekend.”
“I resent that.” he mutters, sitting beside her on her bed as he flips open his laptop. 
“Do you have an idea of what you wanna write?”
“I have a little bit finished, now, about five thousand words. Wanna have a look?”
Y/N reads it over and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece so far. How can he be so pretty and talented at the same time?
“This is beautiful,” she gapes, turning to look up at him. “This is so good, H.”
“Oh, stop.” He sheepishly brushes off her praise. “Don’t think it’s bad so far, just need to come up with a conflict.”
“Just figure out what breaks your characters, what makes them the most vulnerable, what would completely crush them?”
“Losing each other.”
“More specific?” she tries, staring at the screen in front of her. “It’ll help with the details.”
“Rory’s afraid to tell Daisy that he’s in love with her.” he says. “He’s afraid that, if she finds out, it’ll ruin their friendship.”
Y/N’s lungs felt empty, like all the air had been sucked out by Harry’s words.
“Okay, um,” she gulps, trying to collect her thoughts. “So...write about that, and see where the story takes you.”
Three hours later
“Can we take a break?” he groans, laying back on the pillows of her bed. “M’starving.”
“Me too.” she pouts, fiddling with her hands. “Whatcha hungry for?”
“Mmm,” Harry thinks for a few moments before speaking up. “A veggie grill just opened up downtown, we should go there!”
“You’re making me crave nachos.” 
“You always crave nachos.”
“Why do you always have to call me out?” she whines, giving him a bashful glance.
“S’fun, innit?” he smirks, nudging her shoulder with his bicep.
“No.” she giggles, lying down next to him. “I’m gonna go get a shower then we can go.”
An endearing smile adorned his face as she snuggled slightly into the soft pillows. Her eyes leisurely blink at him, falling closed after a few seconds.
“Thought you wanted a shower?” he hummed. Although, he wouldn’t mind staying here all night. “You can stay here, I’ll go pick up some food.”
“No, it’s okay.” she yawns, pushing herself up off the bed. “I’ll be quick.”
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
Harry gets bored easily, although his best friends room was much more lovely than his. He thinks his room is pretty basic; but Y/N’s room was much more charming. The walls were painted a pale ivory, decorated with fairy lights above her bed, which was dressed with a crisp white comforter and matching pillows. The knitted plum blanket that Harry had gotten her ages ago for Christmas was at the end of her bed. He vividly remembers when he had given it to her.
Her eyes were sparkling with joy as she pulled the blanket out of the box.
“Your mum helped me make it.” he mentions with a sheepish smile. “She was so patient, even though I had no idea what I was doing.”
“It’s beautiful.” she beams, pulling it close to her heart before looking up at him as they sat on the floor of Harry’s living room. “I love it.”
He gives her a soft smile, but he feels melancholic energy surrounding him. He keeps telling himself that he didn’t have a reason to be sad, because they weren’t together...but all he wanted was for her to be his. She was so cute, beanie snug on her head under the glow of the Christmas tree.
“Can I ask you somethin’?” 
To which she nods. “Of course.”
“Do you think,” his lips are pressed together in thought for a moment. “Do you think that fate is real?”
“Like kismet?” she cocks her head with a smile and he nods, breaking into a laugh.
“Yeah. Yeah, like kismet.”
“I think,” she takes a moment, fumbling with her hands before looking up at him. “Yeah, I think it’s real.”
Ten thousand words. Harry has to write ten thousand words by next Friday and he doesn’t have a single word typed out. Creative writing was supposed to be fun, and he had to write a romance fiction piece? Harry didn’t exactly thrive when it came to love. In fact, his love life was bone dry, to put it lightly. Other girls were...boring, compared to Y/N. Harry was charming and romantic and sweet and loving—but he didn’t want some random girl, he wanted Y/N to be his girl. Pining over her was his full time job, always has been.
He walks over to her desk, admiring the pictures that graced the wall just above. One of the photos that catches his eye is Y/N, probably about three or four, and her dad is reading her a bedtime story, her mum most likely being the one taking the photo. Sorrow washes over him, because it never gets easier, does it?
His eyes float to a few photos of Harry and Y/N laying  next to each other on their friend Jess’s parents house on the terrace. It was the first time they’d ever gotten drunk and they were trashed. The first photo is them attempting to sit up for a picture.
“You guys are so drunk.”
“M’not drunk.” Harry glances at Millie and Jess, who were behind the camera. “M’Harry! Who’s drunk?”
Harry’s rebuttal left both of them bursting into a fit of giggles.
“Haz, Jess wants a picture of us, pleeeeaaaase?”
Harry holds himself up by leaning back with one hand on the ground, the other arm slung around Y/N’s shoulder. He then turns to nuzzle his nose into her hair.
“Y’so pretty.” he murmurs drunkenly into her ear.
“Shut up, you’re drunk.”
“M’not, m’serious.”
 The last one from that night was them cuddling on the sofa at the end of their night, Harry’s face nuzzled into her shoulder as they slept soundly well into the afternoon.
His fingertips brushed across his favorite photo of them. They were working together at the bakery, and Harry had just traced his flour dipped fingertips in a line across Y/N’s cheek before she retaliated by sweeping some icing across the bridge of his nose. He grins from ear to ear at the memory.
“Hey Y/N, guess what?”
She turned around to face him when he abruptly drew a line with his flour dipped fingertips across her cheek.
Her jaw went slack at his bold action before icing was swiped across the bridge of his nose.
“Now we’re even.” that is, until she flicks some of the remaining blue icing from her fingers onto his face. 
“Aw, c’mon!” he wipes his face with his apron before narrowing his eyes. “Really?”
“You started it.” she pointed out and Harry gave her a shrug.
“I am so gonna get you back the next time we bake at my house.”
His eyes fall down to her desk, and he promises he didn’t mean to see it. It was his name, in her handwriting, written in purple gel pen inside an open book. Was it a journal?
Friday, October 12
Dear Diary, 
He looked away for a moment, lip caught between his teeth. Should he read it? No, but he couldn’t help himself. 
I feel like I’m going crazy. I keep trying to finish this story for my creative writing class but I keep getting distracted...all I can think about is him. 
Him? Who’s she talking about? Does she like someone? The empty feeling in his chest isn’t a good feeling by any means. 
I can’t help it, he’s all I ever think about. How am I supposed to write a romance fiction piece when all I can think about is how I’m in love with my best friend?
All the color drains from Harry’s face. 
“Is she talking about me?” he murmurs.
Harry is charming and sweet and funny and genuine, any girl would be lucky to be his. 
His heart flutters at the mention of his name, aching at the next line. 
How did I get myself into this mess? Harry would never like me like that, ever. My heart hurts if I think about it too much. 
He felt like he was going to cry. How could this girl not know how much of a sucker he is for her? His heart thumped inside his chest and he could feel the heat radiating off his flushed cheeks.
Okay, don’t panic. Just calm down, don’t freak out.
He ran a hand through his hair, trying to process what he had just read whilst trying to decide what to do. Does he just tell her? Show her the page? No, she’ll be so angry that he read her diary, who does that? 
In that moment, he chooses to do the only thing that makes sense.
He listens to his heart.
* 。˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。 * 。 • ˚  ˛ 。* 。• ° 。* 。 • ˚
She’d just hopped out of the shower when she heard a knock on her bathroom door.
“Hey, s’just me.” Harry’s voice clarifies through the wood. “Already ordered some food, m’gonna go and pick it up, I’ll be back.”
“I can go with you if you want-”
“No, s’okay! Be back in fifteen.”
And he’s gone.
After exiting her bathroom, she changes into some comfy clothes before deciding to read something from her book collection until Harry gets back. WHen she turns to go over to her bookshelves, she sees it.
A familiar lavender book, her diary, was lying open on her desk, and her heart sinks. Had he read what she’d written earlier? That must be why he was in such a hurry to leave! She probably scared him off. Y/N’s heart was racing as she stepped closer and realised that the page the diary was open to wasn’t written in her handwriting.
It was Harry’s handwriting.
Hi lovie, it’s Harry. 
I was too nervous to tell you this to your face, so I’m gonna write out my feelings. 
You’re my best friend in the whole world, and I absolutely adore everything about you. 
I love how you talk in your sleep, and yes, you do talk in your sleep. I know how much you love to snuggle when you’re sleepy or sad or you just want a cuddle...and how you still sleep with a night light on like when we were small. You always tell me it’s so you can see in case you need to get up and have a wee in the middle of the night, but I know it’s because you’re still scared of the dark.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. Was she dreaming?
I love how you crinkle your nose when you laugh, and how your smile glows like moonlight and how you play with your hands when you don’t know what to say. I love your love for books, and how much better your taste in music is than me. I love how you love to snuggle, especially when you’re...inebriated.
She giggles silently to herself, because he was so right. Not that he was any better.
I could go on forever, but I don’t wanna get caught writing this.
I am so in love with you, Y/N.
Love, H. x 
Y/N didn’t know how to feel. Her heart was warm, but she was so nervous. What does this mean for them? How will this affect their friendship? Hundreds of questions run through her brain until she hears a knock on the door.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” she whispers. “Okay, just... be chill, please be chill.”
Trying to calm herself down in a matter of seconds was pointless. Walking over to the door, she took a deep breath in before opening the door.
“Hi.” he blinks at her, letting out a light laugh before setting down the two paper bags in his hands. “M’back. They didn’t have the-”
“I read it.”
He avoids her gaze and he feels frozen by her words, digging his vans into the carpet.
“Harry.” she breathes. “Say something.”
His eyes flicker to meet hers, taking a step forward.
“I...I love you.”
Y/N feels like a weight has been lifted off her chest, like she just came for air after being kept under water for too long. 
“If this makes things weird, I’m sorry. I’m so fuckin’ sorry, but I love you to pieces and I-”
“I love you too.” 
His smile is pure joy before he takes her hand in his, pulling her closer to him.
“Can I kiss you?” he begs, almost breathless. “Please.”
She nods, and he cradles her cheeks in his hands, pressing a sweet kiss to her lips.  
His lips were so soft, moving with hers like they were made for each other.
Harry was sitting on the edge of her bed, her thighs straddling his hips and she sat across his lap. Her hands were in his hair, the fluttery tendrils twirled around her fingers. His hands are settled on her waist, slowly moving to her thighs.
“Is this okay?” he murmurs the serious question against her lips and she nods quickly. “Yeah.”
“Okay.” he breathes. “M’just checkin’.” 
“It’s okay.” she laughs breathlessly against his lips. “Everything's okay.”
Reluctantly, he pulls back slightly to look at her, searching for any sort of doubt, but there was none.
“Don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, okay?”
His voice is cautious. “M’not goin’ anywhere, ever. Don’t have to rush anything.”
“Just go with the flow, H.” she murmurs, sliding her hands up his clothed biceps.
“Sorry, who are you?” he raises his eyebrows, a baffled expression on his face. “Since when do you ever go with the flow?”
“A lot of things have changed today.” she confesses, hands resting on his shoulders. “Why not?”
They’d always felt so safe with each other, so now was no different. 
They both dived back into the kiss. Harry’s tongue swiped across her bottom lip, testing the waters before lips and tongue worked together to deepen the kiss.
“Wanna ride my thigh?” he wonders, mumbling against her lips. “Don’t have to if-”
“Yeah. yes.” she gulps, moving to slide her shorts down while he shuffles out of his jeans. Once they were both without pants, they didn’t waste anymore time.
“C’mere, darlin’.” he flicked his fingers, encouraging her back onto his lap.
“Just feel my touch.”
The tone of his voice was unbelievably hot, raspy and low as their lips continuously brushed. His hands grip her hips, guiding her movements.
“Feel good?” he suckles on her bottom lip, drawing a whimper past her lips. She’s rocking against his bare thigh, coarse hair stimulating her even closer to the edge.
“Feels so good, Harry.” 
Her moans are nothing short of melodic, chasing her orgasm through the lace. He pushes her t-shirt up, kisses are decorated down her neck until his mouth is on one of her breasts. She tilts her head back at the suckling sensation with another moan, and it’s so fucking intoxicating to Harry. His tongue flicks her nipple a few more times before lifting his head.
“Like that?” he hums, moving to cup her breasts. She nods and his thumbs start to tweak her nipples and she arches her back at the feeling.
“Harry.” she whimpers, gripping the material of his shirt in her fists. “Please.”
“Whatcha need, tell me darlin’.”
“M’gonna come, m’gonna come.”
He gives a thick moan, hands moving to hold her backside. “Know you are. C’mon angel, you can let go.”
His sweet words coax her through her orgasm as she’s coming down, and she feels like she’s floating.
“Did you like that?”
“Mhm.” she nods, her eyes fluttering closed as Harry’s hand brushes some baby hairs off her forehead. “Wanna keep going.”
“Jeez, at least let me take you out to dinner first.”
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obxmxybxnk · a year ago
unplanned masterlist
word count: 1.5k
description: you and JJ despised each other, getting into arguments whenever you bumped heads in the street. you were a kook, he was a pogue. what would happen if a baby came between you?
warnings: PART EIGHT, jj x reader, teen pregnancy, swearing, mentions of john b, kiara, rafe, pope, sexual innuendo kind of
a/n: this is so cute ahhhh pls give me feedback on it 🥺🥺
parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
Tumblr media
6 months pregnant
the bedsheets were soft, silky and cold, contrasting from the warm beams of sun that were causing the swarm of sweat beads to glisten against your tan, sticky skin. your happy eyes looked down at your overwhelming belly, the size of it sending your insecurities into over drive.
jj, who was laid beside you, placed his hand onto your bulging belly button, softly caressing the stretched skin.
"you look beautiful, y/n."
you and jj had become quite close over the past month, after the incident. neither of you had left kiaras house since you got let out from the hospital (apart from outings with pogues.)
you still stayed living in kiaras spare bedroom, and jj refused to see his dad after what happened. on numerous counts you had to pull jj back to you so he didn't literally put a gun to his own dads head.
"hey jj?" you asked quietly,
"yeah?" his blue, curious eyes moved from your stomach to your own glazed eyes.
"why did you hate me?" jj's breath caught in his throat, a small, croaky cough escaping his gaping lips. abruptly, he sat up and removed his hand from your belly and his eyes turned dark.
"do you really not know?" he muttered, causing you to become even more confused than ever.
"i never hated you, y/n. you just.. i can't believe you dont remember." he scoffed.
your brain whirled as the cogs turned. you thought back to the day you first met.
he stood infront of you, blocking the sun.
"hello?" you asked, feeling quite annoyed by the strangers broad shoulders that put a pause on your upcoming tan.
the strange blond teenager winked at you and tilted his eyes down at your cleavage, causing you to roll your eyes in exasperation.
his expression changed when he saw your face turn cold and snappy, he stopped his cocky ways and kicked a pile of sand onto your relaxed body, you gasped in annoyance.
"whoops, sorry kook." he snorted, his voice laced with hatred and disgust.
"you are the one who shifted moods as soon as you realised i was a kook!" you sat up as well, now glaring at the boy. his eyes rolled and he shook his head, a sarcastic expression on his features.
"that wasn't the first time we met." before you could ask any more questions, the boy jumped off the bed and pulled on his boots.
"just..leave it, y/n. forget it." with that, jj left the spare room. you really hoped he wasn't planning on going to his house, not knowing what he might do when he sees his father again.
you curled your knees up as far as they could go (your stomach making it slightly difficult and uncomfortable) and tried to wrack your brain for when you could have possibly met jj.
you were a kook, he was a pogue. the social divide meant that you didn't really cross paths much, until you got closer with kiara.
if they were surfing or going on adventures, you were having dinner parties with the Cameron's.
if they were having dinner at the wreck, you were eating at some fancy, expensive restaurant on the mainland.
if they were in pogue school, you were in kook academy.
it just wouldn't make sense, how could you have met jj before the uncomfortable meeting on the beach?
your bedroom door was suddenly burst open by kie, stood in just her white bikini, complimenting her brown skin gorgeously.
"why is rafe banging on my front door?" she asked incredulously, her mouth agape. you just shrugged, not even being surprised by the mess of events that seemed to be around every corner you turned recently.
you carefully stood up, assuring kie that you would be okay. as you walked closer to the front door; being strangely shocked when you couldnt hear thumps on the door or rafes angry voice yelling for you.
hesitantly, you opened the door and jolted in shock.
tears escaped your elated eyes, thrilled at the surprise. stood in front of you were all the pogues (minus jj), kiaras parents and even popes parents.
"what is all this for?" you blubbered, slightly unsure why they all seemed so excited and overjoyed.
kiaras dad just held up a pair of apartment keys, making your eyes blow wide open.
"we all put some money together and we've managed to find an affordable apartment down on the cut." john b grinned at you, feeling so happy for you and your child.
"and, i would like you offer you a full time job at the wreck after your labour, just while you finish school so that you have a stable wage." kiaras dad beamed at you, watching as sobs escaped your body, feeling utterly submerged in support and love.
kiara, pope and john b pulled you into a tight embrace while you spewed continuous words of gratitude and appreciation, in return for their out of the world kindness and their tender-hearted actions.
"hey, let's drive you there." pope offered, wanting to show you your new place. you nodded excitedly, finally you were cut loose from your overbearing, abusive parents completely. you relied on them for absolutely nothing anymore.
you all piled into the van after you hugged all the parents and thanked them religiously.
"i really don't know how to thank you enough." you chucked awkwardly, feeling as if you were leaning on them for help all the time.
"its absolutely fine! you're one of us, y/n. no pogue is left behind." kiara smiled softly at you, knowing that you were thinking about a certain pogue who seemed happy to leave you behind.
only minutes went by before you pulled up outside a small block of apartments. it seemed slightly run down but the building was surrounded by towering, green trees and lush, vibrant flowers warming your heart. you really think you could fit in here.
the walk up to the top floor was exhausting, but you finally made it to room 35 and unlocked the black door.
immediately you walked into an open space living room, that was connected to a cute kitchen. the sofa was white with a wooden coffee table between the comfortable furniture and the little tv propped on the wall. also, there were a couple doors which you assumed to be a bathroom and a spare bedroom (which would soon become the childs room) there were a small, winding staircase that lead to a compact area of floor that held a double bed with a cot beside it. you stared in awe at the miniature apartment that somehow was beautiful and astonishing, fitting everything in such a small space.
(mildly based of this picture)
Tumblr media
"we put all your clothes in the wardrobe up there and some of the ornaments and shit are scattered around here. we tried to decorate it how you would've liked." popes lips turned upwards, reaching the crinkles besides his brown eyes.
"it's literally perfect!"
"well we're gonna head off, let you enjoy your first night here." john b spoke as the pogues stood up from their seats on the couch. they had stayed with you for hours, letting you gush about how you and the child will love it here.
you collapsed onto your bed once the front door shut, locking it behind them (they all had a spare key).
as much as you wish you could just stay in your happy frame of mind, now that you were all alone, you couldn't get the thought of jj out of your mind.
a knock interrupted you. did the pogues forget something?
you unlocked the door and opened it, revealing jj maybank stood with puffy, red eyes and tear stains down his flush cheeks. there were indigo bruises and red cuts decorating his face, indicating he had been to his dads house, making you frown at the thought.
before you could question why he was here, he started to speak.
"we met at a pogue party on the boneyard. we were both really drunk but clearly, you more than me. we sat on the beach all night and i opened up about my dad and my mum to you, and you opened up about how you hated being a kook. we flirted and i told you how i've had a crush on you since 2nd grade, when i watched you climb out your dads boat. i thought you were so pretty back then and even prettier now. you told me that you would never forget that night and that it was the only time you've ever felt free and happy. and then we kissed. when i walked up to you at the beach a week later, i was flirty with you and you just glared at me as if you had no idea who i was. and that hurt me. you broke my heart because i thought the feelings were reciprocated-"
your lips connected with his, twisting your arms behind his neck while his grasped your hips. moments passed, feeling like an eternity, your mouths pulling away from each other.
"i like you too, jj. i may of forgotten that night, and i'm sorry. i wish i could remember it. but i saw you too, the day i was getting off my fathers boat, and i thought you were the cutest boy i'd ever laid eyes on." jj beamed at you, tears pooling in the corners of his eyes, glazed over.
maybe, just maybe, your baby will grow up with a father.
a/n: ahhh pls tell me if you liked this chapter :)) you finally found out why jj 'hated' herrr🧚✨
taglist: TAGLIST CLOSED!!!
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shytaylorauthor · a year ago
i just thought about tom and reader having a backyard quarantine wedding and i got soft 🥺🤧
Tom Holland x Reader One-shot 
Tumblr media
Note: THIS WAS SUPER CUTE AND IM TURNING THIS INTO A ONE SHOT FOR MY EVENT LIKE IM SORRY BUT THIS JUST HAD TO BE WRITTEN THIS IS SUPER CUTE AHHHH 💖💖💕 no joke I legit cried while writing this so please listen to the song too while you read the Vows because I CRIED LIKE A BABY I HAD TO GO HUG MY BOYFRIEND (I worked really hard on this edit please give credit if you use it!)
(Listen durning the vows and CRY)
Half Way There Event🌼
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Fluff! really damn fluff, bring tissues, lest all cry, super sweet, maybe one swear word, FLUFF 
Pov: Tom
I Do - Tom Holland x Reader
“Just one final touch and then we can head outside”
Harrison said to me, he patted down my suit and attached a gold little pin. Originally I had gotten this suit for our wedding that was going to be in France but everything got cancelled because of this damn lock down, all the flights had to be refunded and the location had to be called up to say that we couldn’t go. We decided to just go with the wedding anyways because of course a big fancy place is lovely but if you truly love someone then it doesn’t matter where it is.
“Why does it have to be so hot in here— I feel like a million degrees”
I exclaim, fanning my face with one hand then trying to pull my shirt collar to the side a bit. It’s been the hottest it’s been all week here in London, even though its almost sun set the humidity was suffocating me, of course nice weather is always great for a little garden wedding but also not great for me because i’m sweating like a dog.
“I see someone’s a little nervous”
“Only marrying the love of my life today in about— 10 minutes”
When those words left my lips I felt my heart go funny, this was actually happening. I had seen y/n this morning only a little glimpse of her then she ran away to one of the spare rooms, I felt a bit awful as she didn’t have you little bridesmaid group with her and only had my mum to help her. Not only that but not even her own family could come and visit as they lived too far away to come to London during these times, of course understandable but this was y/n’s big day, i wish I could have made this exactly how she wanted it to be.
“H-Harrison I— I feel a bit shaky a-and I can’t really believe this is happening”
Harrison looked to me and walked over, placing both of his hands firmly on my shoulders
“Tom... best friend talk right now ok?”
“Y-Yeah— ok”
I gulped trying to calm my own nerves down
“You are going to walk out there and wait at the end of our make shift little isle ok? And within a few minutes your going to lay eyes on the most beautiful girl in the world, she loves you with more love than anything remember that”
I took a deep breath in and let Harrison's words calm me down, I had this.
“I’m gonna marry her...”
“Yes mate! Yes!”
“I’m gonna marry her!”
Harrison hyped me up and I could feel the blood rush through my body giving a rush of adrenaline, in the midst of our little hype I heard the door click open and in walked Harry.
“Are you all done? Mum said that she’s almost done with y/n”
Though being hyped up helped me, the reality of it all hit me hard again and it felt like all the air had been taken out of my lungs
I croaked
“Oh great Harry, look what you’ve gone and done”
I started breathing heavily and more rapidly, I couldn’t get any air in. I didn’t have any second thoughts of course I didn’t I loved y/n more than anything in the world, I guess the nerves just got to me and it made me think about how nervous she was in the other room. What if this wedding wouldn’t make her happy, I promised her the wedding of her dreams but I ended up giving her a lock down wedding in the back garden
“W-What what if she doesn’t like it? Haz I-I was meant to marry her in a lovely château in France b-but I”
I turned my attention away from Harrison and looked to Harry, who seemed a bit uneasy at my sudden panic.
“Harry! Please tell me it’s ok out there? I just-”
“Tom Tom calm down ok... just take a deep breath in, everything’s done up nicely in the garden and i’m sure y/n will love it ok, now come on before you walk down the isle instead”
With a gentle chuckle and touch, Harry patted one of my shoulders and waited for me to move along with him. I tried my best to take in air into my lungs and walked out with him to garden. My eyes scanned the lay out of the garden, it was almost magical to put it simply. Only a few rows of chairs on each side down the isle, the isle itself was made from light pieces of faded white lace which also hung from each chair to tie everything together.The arbor was stunning, I don’t know how the boys did it but it was made from what seemed to be old tough tree branches with fairy lights woven in between giving it a lovely glow as the sun started to set. My ears picked up on the faintest instrumental music that was coming from a speaker set up in the back of the garden somewhere; With no sudden warning I felt another pair of hands go to my shoulders.
“Tomo! what do you think of the little arrangement?”
My head looked to the voice that matched and it was Sam, his face a little flushed.
“It’s amazing! h-how did you managed to pull this off?”
“A lot of nagging but besides that, we wanted to give you guys the best home wedding in London”
Said Harrison from behind us, Harry had walked off to go back to the house to get the last bits ready. Sam gave a light chuckle and a thumbs up before taking a seat right in front. I stood under the arbor slightly shaking with nerves trying to remember the vow I had written.
“Turn your nerves into excitement tom come on”
I said under my breath, my mind going over the little script of loving words I had written for y/n but I knew I couldn't follow that, I had to speak from the heart.
“You go this Tom, just relax ok. Focus on y/n when she walks down”
Harrison gave me a warming smile and I let his words simmer in my thoughts, I looked around me and I saw everyone taking their places. Paddy sat behind Sam and my dad chose a seat in front of the other side with a big smile on his face. My eyes quickly went to the door from inside opening and I saw Harry giving me two thumbs up as he walked quickly to the speaker changing the song that was on there. Once he changed it he ran back inside and I knew at any moment I would be seeing y/n walk down our little isle. I danced a little in my place, shaking my nerves away and letting out some air all while taking some deep breaths in, it was only for one second that I looked away that my eyes saw the white figure coming from the corner. There was no explanation, everyone's heads turned to look at her.
I was barely audible, y/n had taken my breath away no even more, took every ounce of oxygen out from my body. My eyelashes fluttered as I couldn't take my eyes off of her, I was fixated on the beauty that was walking towards me. Her dress draped her frame, it wasn't some puffy ball gown but this lovely white ivory lace wedding dress I didn't know how to describe it, she knew it a lot better than I did I remember she’d explain exactly how she wanted her dress to be giving me all these little intricate detailed names of fabrics but I just had no idea what she was on about but I knew something now... this girl was going to my wife and as she’s walking towards me I don’t think i’ve ever been more in love with her. Her face glowed, she had a subtle look and her hair was pinned back slightly but still loose, She looked remarkable and I could already feel light tears fill my eyes
“She does look beautiful...”
“She does... doesn't she”
Me and Harrison exchanged a few whispers between each other, my eyes still looking at y/n taking small steps. Walking down the isle with her was my mother by her side who was already crying softly and giving a lovely smile. y/n’s eyes looked to me and she smiled at me, it was a smile that I could feel and all I wanted to do was kiss her right there and then but I had to wait just a little bit longer. In the background I saw Harry with his camera taking pictures of this lovely ceremony. Y/n inched closer with each step and it didn't take her long till she stood in front of me under the arbor.
She spoke in a giggly tone, I knew she was nervous, it’s what she always did when she was nervous
“You look so beautiful”
I was still in a trance that I didn't hear my mother speak, starting the speech. She was the one to marry us my mother was beyond happy at the idea. The music faded and I could hear the breeze cut through the garden a little making y/n’s hair move with it slightly. With a few words from my mother which in all honesty I tried so hard to concentrate on that I ended up not actually hearing what she had to say till I heard the words “vows”.
“Tom... do you want to go first?”
Asked my mum, care in her voice. I nodded and took a deep breath in before speaking, this was it.
“I- I had a whole thing prepared for this but now that I actually have to speak it just doesn't sound enough so i’m just going to speak from my heart...”
My voice was shaky so I swallowed hard before continuing just trying to get my thoughts straight.
“Y/n, i’m looking at you now... and I still see that girl I bumped into for a jog down reagents park, even then when I laid eyes on you I had fallen in love. I remember about a month after that I tried to surprise you with a gift in your old apartment and you ended up screaming because I had scared you... great gift right?” 
both y/n and I chuckled at our little memory and so did everyone else.
“I remember saying I love you for the first time, you made me feel like I could breathe... I mean really breathe for the first time. You make me feel safe and you are my home... I-I wouldn't know what to do without you. You’re my best friend... my other half... my soul mate. Baby I love you so much and you’re making me the happiest person by being my wife”
I could barely finish my sentence without cry and as my eyes looked to y/n I could see she was tearing up with tears already falling down from her cheeks. I held her hands in mind and kissed them gently, looking around the garden I saw everyone had watery eyes and heard them sniff.
“Fuck mate really making us cry now”
I heard Harrison's whisper and I couldn't help but chuckle, he did the same. My mum wiped away her tears and continued, I listened to y/n’s vow and soaked them all up. She was definitely way better at this than I was but hearing her speak those lovely words had be falling in love with her all over again. In the midst of the rest of our words, my mum had called to Tessa who came running down the isle as happy as can be with a little pillow attached to her. Y/n let out a lovely giggle at the sight and I bent down the take the little rings that she had brought with her
“Good girl Tess”
I give her a pat and she runs off to Paddy.
“So Y/n... do you take Tom to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
This was it... the last few words and the love of my life would be my wife
“I do”
Y/n’s soft voice sent flutters through my body, taking one of my hands she out the ring on my finger and then it was my turn next, I held her hand nervously but with excitement. I could barely wait any longer.
“And Tom... do you take y/n to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
I took a moment to admire y/n in this moment, all the memories of us together had flashed before me and I felt a smile creep to my lips.
“I do...”
“Then I now pronounce you... husband and wi-”
I couldn't wait, before my mum fully finished her sentence I pulled y/n into me and placed my lips to hers. My hands moved to cup her cheeks and we shared a sweet kiss that had a salty taste from the tears. I couldn't have been happier in this moment... I had made this girl my wife.
- - - - - - - -
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heavenlyethan · 9 months ago
A Fortnight Away From The Madness
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x Casey Valentine (F!MC)
Rating: 18+, NS*FW (includes smut)
Word Count: 9.4K
Tags: @sophxwithers @deansmyapplepie @schnitzelbutterfingers @mm2305 @itsjustamesshonestly @imrookieramsey @charisworld  
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It had been months since Amari’s first visit to Edenbrook where he surprised Casey by even being there. And it had felt like it had been just as long since he was discharged. Casey remembered that day fondly with a smile upon her face as she packed her suitcases into the trunk of her car, which she would use for personal things, she didn’t see the point in driving to work because the parking lot was always so full, so she took the tube instead and on days where she felt like it, walked there and back home to the apartment.
The night of the day Amari was discharged from hospital, Casey had planned to go to the gym to work off some energy but when she got there it was locked so she decided on going to the park to run a few laps around the pond. Whilst doing so however, she didn’t think she would bump into her favourite attending.
He waved to her and she ran over to him asking him to join her, not stopping until he sighed deeply and agreed. She grinned at him and started running back towards the pond to continue her laps but stopped when hers were the only footsteps she could hear. Upon turning around she saw Ethan stripping from his shirt and jacket, after that it’s safe to say that no more running was done that night, and they woke up the next morning under a tree. That was still a secret they kept to themselves, they even made it into an inside joke between them somehow. Casey chuckled to herself as she closed the trunk of her car and headed back upstairs to say goodbye to her roommates.
“Okay guys, I’m all packed and ready to go. I’ll see you in two weeks” she smiled as her roommates came over to hug her goodbye.
“We’ll miss you so much Casey!” Sienna pouted,
“Nah.. we can easily replace her for the fortnight. Lahela’s kinda fun” Jackie teased.
“I can’t wait till you get back. I’m missing my baseball buddy already.” Elijah commented. With a chuckle and a few more hugs and goodbyes, Casey opened the front door.
“Tell Aurora I said goodbye for me?” she questioned, her roommates nodded at her and with a wave she left. Starting the engine she put her car into drive and rolled out onto the streets of Boston, heading to the diner she told Ethan to meet her at. She parked and walked inside, glancing around, she found him sitting at the back, with his bags, in a booth that was illuminated by a very dull light. She smiled and waved at him as she walked over, taking a seat opposite him. He returned her smile and them frowned, noting she had no bags with her.
“Either you left your bags at your apartment or you travel extremely light.” He teased with raised eyebrows as he lifted his drink to his mouth to take a sip.
“Oh no. travelling light isn’t my thing, but let me take care of your bags, and then we’ll grab a bite to eat before leaving.” She smiled widely as she took Ethan’s bags and rolled them outside, he watched her leave the diner and then return with a confused look on his face.
“So, what’re we eating?” she asked excitedly as she flipped through a menu. In a confused daze Ethan ordered their meals and they ate in a somewhat comfortable silence before Casey paid for the bill and they headed outside.
“Why are we out here now? The coach doesn’t leave for another...”
“E. We aren’t getting the bus.”
“What.. Cassie where are you-?”
He had panic in his tone as he followed her. A soft smile naturally painted his face when he saw her again in the parking lot of the diner.
“You didn’t tell me you could drive.” He commented walking over to her.
“One of my many secrets. Now get in.” She grinned as she opened the door and got into the driver’s seat.
Checking that Ethan was comfortable she smiled as she started the engine, their two-week holiday was starting in this moment and she loved it. As they neared her hometown, she cranked up the radio as she rolled her window down bopping her head along to the music, shouting out lyrics to songs she loved. Ethan watched her, a smile on his face as he discreetly took a short video of her enjoying herself.
“You know, this was my favourite part about my childhood.”
“You mean.. music?”
“That. But also riding in the back of my mom’s pick-up truck as we headed home with vegetables and other goods from the local market.”
“Did little Cassie have a straw hat and dungarees?”
Casey looked over at him with a smirk and chuckled shaking her head in amusement, Ethan was getting free in the ways he teased her, though she wasn’t going to complain because she liked seeing him asking silly questions and being so carefree, it was refreshing from seeing the person he was at work. They pulled up in the driveway on the family farm just as Amari came round the corner with their mom, carrying some packages.
“Mom!” Casey exclaimed as she slammed her door shut and ran over, giving her mom just enough time to put the packages on a nearby table
“My little Cassie has come home to visit at last!” her mum exclaimed back with some sort of relief as she embraced her daughter, the two jumped apart as a car horn sounded. Casey chuckled as Ethan waved to them from inside the car.
 “ooo. Who’s that?” Casey’s mom teased as she nudged her side with an elbow. 
“Her lover.” Amari commented with a sly smirk, mischief filling his eyes before he headed inside.
“I should go and help him, we’re preparing dinner.” Her mom smiled. Casey nodded and let her mum go inside, heading back to her car, starting to get the bags out of the car.
“You can get out you know Ethan.” She chuckled as she closed the back door of the car and opened up the trunk to get her own bags out. As she closed the trunk and Ethan shut his door another car pulled onto the property, an elderly man stepping out and smiling at Casey.
“Casey! You’ve finally found time to come say hello to us all!” he teased as he hugged her, pulling away he noticed Ethan,
“And who is this young man?” He asked, causing Ethan to freeze up.
“Dad... this is Ethan. Ethan, this is my step-dad, Henry.” Casey smiled, introducing the two men who shook hands with a brief hello.
“Well let’s not stand around here all day, let me help you two with your bags!” Henry beamed, taking two of Casey’s and wheeling them towards the house. Smiling Casey Grabbed her last one, slinging it over her shoulder as Ethan done the same, pulling his suitcase behind him. As they walked forward they naturally held hands and smiled at each other.
“Casey? Are you comi-“ her mom came to the door just as they reached it and smiled at them both brightly.
“Mom this is Ethan. Ethan, my mom.. Helena.” she smiled. Smiling back Helena moved from the door telling them to come inside. Just as Casey closed the door her dad came back down the stairs.
“Let me take that upstairs for you son, you should sit down and get comfortable in our surroundings.” Henry smiled at Ethan and took his suitcase upstairs, Casey led him through to the living room and took a seat on the couch.
“This place is cosy. I can see why you enjoyed it here as a kid.”
“Yeah. It’s peaceful, we never caused trouble for nobody and whenever I need to relax.. I always had the livestock to keep me company.”
“I can’t imagine you tending to animals.”
“Really? It’s what inspired me to be a doctor for humans. When I was only 10 years old I delivered a little lamb.”
“No way!”
Their conversation halted as someone entered the room. 
“Mom told me to bring tea and cake. She also told me to stay out of her way so if you need me I’ll be with the cows.” Amari smiled at his sister and Ethan fondly.
“Thank you Ami.” Casey grinned,
“Yes, uh.. Thank you Mr. Valentine.” Ethan nodded briefly. Amari rolled his eyes at Ethan’s formality and left the room, making his way to the cows.
Some time later the family plus Ethan sat around the dinner table, having just finished dessert.
“So Ethan. What is it you do for a living” Henry asked, finishing off his beer. Casey looked at Ethan when he didn’t respond and saw that he was nervous the second their gazes met.
“Why don’t we discuss that in a little while dad. Right now I would appreciate it if Ethan and I could be excused to unpack some things from our bags.” Casey smiled softly turning back to face her parents, her mother nodding and giving them permission to leave the dining room.
Casey took Ethan’s hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom and happily plopped down onto her bed.
“Ahhhh. Still as comfy as I remember.” She sighed with contentment taking in the comfort for a moment before sitting up and seeing Ethan still lingering near the door. She sat up with a frown and small pout on her lips.
“Are you okay E? Your uncharacteristically nervous”
“Are you okay?”
But he just gave a slight nod to her question. Wanting to be there for him and help him feel more comfortable she walked over and wrapped her arms round his neck, looking up at him. He looked down into her gaze as his arms wrapped loosely around her waist and he gave a gentle smile.
“Why are you so nice to me Cassie?”
“What do you mean?”
“It doesn’t matter how many times I yell at you, try and push you away, purposely try to avoid you so I can build my walls back up. You’re always just there when I’m at my worst and you cheer me up every time. Why? Everyone else but Naveen and my father gave up long ago.”
“I do it because I-“
“Casey! Ethan! There’s more chocolate cake down here if you want it later!”
“Okay! Thanks mom! ... Ethan, I do it because I-“
“Oh and if you’re thinking about having sex remember to use protection. I know you have that contraceptive implant Casey Valentine, but that doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe!”
Groaning and turning red from embarrassment, Casey pulled away from Ethan and buried her head under her pillow.
Ethan stood and chuckled.
“Are all mothers like that?” Ethan asked sitting on the edge of her bed, but he just got a muffled response he couldn’t understand which led to him letting out a rich belly laugh.
She hadn’t heard him laugh so deeply before, pulling her head out from under the pillow she turned her body to look at him with a smile.
“what?” he questioned, biting his lip a little but still smiling.
“I’ve never heard you sound so genuinely amused by something. .. Do you wanna just cuddle for a while?” she asked back after giving her answer to his question.
“Sure. You know I love cuddling with you Casey.” He smiled but it faded when she gave him a stern look, he thought for a moment then chuckled, “It’s a name. get over it, cinnamon roll.”
Laughing, Casey let Ethan get comfortable next to her before lying comfortably on his chest, and pulling the covers over them. From her bedroom window there was a perfect view of the horses in the field, and Casey gasped as she saw her favourite horse come into view.
“It’s bluebell moonbeam!” she flew up and to the window to look out at the horse, she let out another gasp, this time Ethan frowned.
“Cassie? What is it?” he asked curiously but Casey just flung her door open and ran downstairs.
“Mom! Mom, is bluebell moonbeam pregnant?!” she exclaimed as she found her mother in the living room watching TV. She turned to Casey with a smile,
“Yes dear. She is. I was going to tell you, but I wanted to see if you would notice first.” 
Casey beamed brightly at her mother before running back up to her room and pulling her wardrobe open.
“Old denim. My favourite jumper Aaaaand... a-ha! My boots!” she muttered to herself excitedly, she quickly changed clothes before running outside, leaving a very confused Ethan behind on her bed.
Deciding he couldn’t do much else because he wasn’t familiar with where he was, Ethan started looking around Casey’s room to get more of a feel and understanding for the type of person she was before she moved to Boston. As he looked around the room, he took in the bulletin board with fairy lights and polaroids pinned to it, and let out a small chuckle when he saw her old school schedule pinned in the corner, he stepped closer to look at one photo in particular. In it there was a young Casey and she was smiling happily crouched beside a baby lamb, he smiled fondly as he recalled her telling him about the time she delivered a baby lamb a few hours earlier.
“That was one of her proudest moments. She couldn’t wait to tell her father, Len, when he got home from town. She was over the moon.”
Ethan startled at the voice that came from behind him, twisting round he was met with the friendly smile of Helena who was holding a plate wrapped in foil. He smiled back as he tried to stop the blood from rushing to his cheeks in embarrassment. A silence lingered for a moment before they both turned to the window hearing Casey’s laughter filling the night air. “Bluebell Moonbeam! Stooppp.” she laughed as the horse licked her hand and nuzzled her with affection.
“She named that horse you know.”
“Yeah. She was walking the fields one afternoon during spring break and found her tangled in some wire fencing by a bush of bluebells. Later as she was going to bed, she watched her laying in our field and a moonbeam shone over her. That’s how the name bluebell moonbeam was born. The two have been attached ever since. Whenever Casey isn’t here, she’s the saddest a horse can ever be.”
“I... I can see they have a, uh, deep connection.”
“I’ll never understand what it is between them, but the bond is magical. But why are you up here, young man? Why don’t you go and join them?”
“Oh no. I wouldn’t want to intrude on them.”
“Nonsense. I know my little girl, she only brings people home she cares about, and I’ve seen the way she looks at you. It would mean everything to her if you were to bond with her favourite mare.”
“Maybe tomorrow, Mrs. Helena. I’m feeling a little tired right now.”
“... Okay, if you insist. But if she isn’t in soon just give a gentle tap on her window there, motion for her to come in. she’ll need her sleep too. I’ll leave this over here.”
Lifting the plate in the air, she moved and placed it on Casey’s desk before smiling at Ethan with a small nod and leaving the room, closing the door behind her. Ethan went back to looking around Casey’s room when he spied an open book on her desk where her mother had just left the plate, he browsed the page with the intent to look away but when he saw his name on the page he sat in her chair, picking the book up to read and see why his name was there.
Dear Journal,
Today is the day! I’m finally moving to Boston and starting my internship at one of the best hospitals in the world!! I hope that I don’t mess up and get kicked out, being a doctor is everything I’ve ever wanted and worked towards since delivering that lamb. I hope to learn a lot from everyone there, my fellow interns and other peers. But most of all, I hope that I get to see Dr. Ethan Ramsey at some point during my first year there, so I can thank him for further inspiring me to keep going with this route, and further fueling my passion for medicine. I hope he knows that he’s a great man, regardless of what his life away from the hospital is like, I can just tell there’s a kindness there. And a trust in people. But trust always has to be earned. I wonder if I can earn his trust in me as a doctor?! That would be pretty cool. Anyway, I have to go now! My mom’s calling saying that my car is finally packed and ready to go! Edenbrook Hospital here I come!! :D
See You Soon
Casey x
He put the journal back on the desk and sat back in the chair, gently closing his eyes just as the door to Casey’s bedroom opened again.
“E? Are you..”
“No, I’m just resting my eyes.”
“You know you could have gone to sleep without me right?”
“I know but, you’re my comfort away from home right now. I would be tossing and turning if you weren’t here.”
“Ethan.. I still need to grab a shower. I’m not going to be-”
“Could I... Could I join you? I-It’s okay for you to say no.. I wouldn’t want to invade-”
“No. It’s okay, you can join me. I’ll just grab an extra towel.”
They showered together and then settled in bed, they spoke quietly between themselves for a little while before turning off the lights and getting comfy. Falling asleep with their backs to each other. When he woke up the next morning Ethan smiled softly as he thought he felt Casey’s smaller frame hugging his larger one, carefully shifting to face her.
“Good Morning.”
“Morning Cassie. Sleep okay?”
“Yeah fine.”
Flinching at the sound of banging he opened his eyes, and saw that Casey wasn’t in bed beside him like he thought, rather she was tidying her desk up and banging books as she put them into neater piles.
“What’s wrong Cass?”
“Don’t Cass me Ethan. You don’t have those privileges. In fact don’t even call me Cassie anymore. I’m revoking your rights to using that name too.”
“What? Why? Casey.. what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Nothing at all. I‘m totally fine, like I said”
“I know you by now. You are not fine.”
“Well, then maybe you don’t know me as well as you thought Ethan.”
“Casey can you just tell me wh-”
“Nothing is wrong. I’m going to help my parents with the animals.”
“See. This is exactly why I had shut women out from my life. Stopped letting them so close. You’re nothing but confusing and.. and STUPID!”
Casey glared at him from the doorway before walking round her brother and down the stairs. Amari looked in at Ethan, who looked back at him tired and just as confused at her outburst. Later that morning Ethan was up and dressed, sitting on Casey’s bed, watching her work with her parents on the farm and let out a small sigh as a knock sounded on the door frame
“Hey.. Ethan...?”
He turned around to see who it was but just turned back to the window, not letting his sadness show through as he steadied his voice to speak.
“Mr. Valentine.”
“Please. I told you, it’s Amari.”
“I’ve always been a straight forward kinda guy. What happened earlier?”
“I wish I had an answer.”
“She can’t have just blown up like that for no reason.”
“You think I don’t know that. She’s gentle and caring and has never once shut me out Amari! Don’t imply that I don’t know my Cassie!”
He froze as he registered the words that just came from his mouth. Well, the cat was out of the bag now.. He had let Casey’s brother know how he truly felt.
“YOUR Cassie?! Are you kidding me? You don’t own her!”
“I never said I did!”
“Then why call her yours if you know she isn’t your property!”
“If you loved her you wouldn’t have let her walk out this morning!”
“Do you seriously think I wanted to let her go?! Do you? No, I didn’t. But I done it because she needed to cool off or else we would still be in a screaming match right now!”
Amari was about to respond when a voice sounded from behind them.
“Ahem. ... Amari, dad needs your help with the machines.”
He looked at Casey and nodded before turning back to Ethan, glaring at him.
“This discussion isn’t over.”
And with that he stalked out the room, chest still puffed out to assert dominance. Ethan caught Casey’s gaze for a moment and went to speak but she just shook her head, disappointment in her eyes as she turned and walked back downstairs. Ethan sighed and ran his hands through his hair before punching the air in frustration, sitting back on the bed as his mind wandered back to thinking about what he possibly could have done, everything was fine when they went to sleep. When it was lunchtime Casey sat round the table with her family and took a bite out of her sandwich.
“Where’s your friend Casey? I haven’t seen him all morning.”
“Probably upstairs. But if he wants to eat, he knows where the dining room is.”
“I’d personally prefer it if he stayed up there. Lessens the chances of me punching him in the face.”
“CASEY JANE AND AMARI AKITAIO VALENTINE! YOUR MOTHER DID NOT RAISE YOU TO BE SO RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL! Go to your rooms. You can come and finish your lunch when you’ve thought about your behaviour.”
Angrily, the two stomped upstairs, opening their doors and slamming them, Casey kicking hers for added effect. Ethan glanced up from his book but thought it best not to speak, so he just went back to reading, Casey sat at her desk fuming as she ripped a piece of paper into tiny shreds. She was determined to ignore Ethan so with every question he asked, she gazed harder at the wall in front of her.
“... Look Casey, are you going to talk to me and tell me what I done, or am I going to have to keep guessing?!”
She threw a book to the ground as she screamed in frustration, tears pooling in her eyes, but she blinked them back, not letting them fall. Ethan put his book away and curled in a ball, in an attempt to draw his physical self as far away from Casey as possible, but then he hardened his resolve. He wasn’t a little boy anymore, he wasn’t going to allow himself to be spoken to in such a manner anymore.
“You know what Casey, if you were going to act like such a bitch towards me on this trip why did you even invite me?! I hate this!”
“A... A bitch?! I’m acting like a bitch? Really Ethan because the last time I recalled the meaning of what a bitch is, is the complete opposite of somebody being sad over hearing the man they love say he loves someone else in his sleep!”
“I don’t love anyone else! What are you on about?”
“I will quote you here shall I?! Harper.. I know and I.. I love you too. it’s just-”
Feeling too pained to carry on she turned and ran outside to get some air. When she was away from the house, she collapsed in the grass in a heap, sobbing from how hurt she felt alongside the other overwhelming emotions she was feeling in that moment.
“Casey! Casey where did you go?! Come on, we can talk about this!”
“Just leave me alone Ethan! I don’t want to talk to you!”
She got up and ran towards the stables. If there was one person who was going to comfort her right now it was going to be bluebell moonbeam. Ignoring Ethan’s shouts she entered the stables and shut the door behind her. She turned around and walked towards her favourite horse, who immediately sensed her sadness.
Bluebell put her head towards Casey.
“Hey girl, how you doing?” she whispered as she nuzzled closely to the mare, feeling somewhat calmed. Bluebell looked at her in a way that was almost as if she was asking what was wrong. Chuckling sourly and shaking her head Casey started talking to the horse.
“Men are such confusing people. I mean... I probably shouldn’t have run away from him should I? It’s not his fault. Is it? What do you think bluebell? Is it his fault that he spoke about loving someone else in his sleep, or should I just let it go. It’s not like he was awake and conscious when he said it right?” she looked at the horse, stroking her face as if looking for answers in her eyes but she was met with nothing but love looking back at her. “At least I’ll always have you, hey sweetie?” Casey cooed and hugged the horse, the feeling was short lived as the stable doors flew open and Casey’s mom stood there looking panicked.
“Mom?! What is it? What’s wrong?!!”
“Amari! Ethan! Fight!”
“What?! I’ll see you later bluebell moonbeam. Keep shining okay?”
Casey pushed past her mother, telling her to rest there and catch her breath as she raced back towards the house. As she stepped inside all she could hear was shouting.
Casey watched in panic for a moment as the two men fought around their father landing blows to each-other’s faces and torsos before her blood boiled again and this time her lid blew off. This was the last straw.
She shouted loud and deeply, everything in the room freezing for a moment in time. Henry looked at her gratefully, and she helped him to a chair in the living room, Helena following to sit her with husband. Once she was sure they were going to be okay and had apologized for the fight about 10 times she stormed back to Ethan and Amari.
“What the fuck you two?!”
“He hurt you Cass. He promised not to, and he did! I’m not just going to let that slide!”
“How many damn times. It wasn’t intentional!”
The two men growled and launched at each other again. It was clear Casey was going to have to take this a step further. She removed her boots and kicked Ethan in the groin, after Amari had straightened up and started looking smug, she slapped him round the face. Hard.
“You two are being so... stupid! Amari, I appreciate you looking out for me but I’m an adult. If I needed you I would have come to you. And Ethan.. I think it’s better if you take the couch tonight. I need my own space. I suggest you go and apologize to mom and dad Amari, and then when you’ve gone to your room, Ethan you can apologize as well. I’d expect better from you.”
Her tone was strained with anger as she addressed the two men, making sure Amari had gone to the living room before heading upstairs to her room and plopping herself down on the bed with a sigh. She felt lost and alone. Her brother needed to speak to their parents and Ethan was writhing in pain on the floor downstairs. Not that she really wanted to talk with him at the moment anyway. 
Sighing she grabbed her phone and dialled the landline number for her apartment back in Boston, hoping someone would pick it up but she sighed and left a message when it went to the answering machine. She then tucked her phone away and put her boots back on before heading back outside. She stayed out until it was dark, tending to the sheep and chickens before taking bluebell for a walk around the field. Talking some more about her stress, even if bluebell couldn’t talk back, she always knew how to comfort Casey just fine. They were about to head back to the stable when Bluebell started acting weird.
“Blue, honey what’s wrong?”
Casey tried to calm her down but then she realized. It was night-time and these actions were consistent with a horse going into labor. Casey knew she needed to alert her mom, but she couldn’t leave bluebell and her shouts wouldn’t be heard from where they were in the field. Knowing she had to do this alone, Casey took all dangers out of Bluebells way and gave her space to foal. She would try to get her back to the stables, but this baby was coming, and it was coming now. About 5 hours later Casey was still outside, the foal was half way out but Bluebell was getting tired. Casey was trying her best to keep the mare calm and alert, but it just wasn’t working as well as it could do. She too started to panic and looked around to see if she could see anyone, but her attention was taken by bluebell.
“It’s going to be okay sweetie. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you or your baby. You’re almost there. Alright.”
After a couple more hours, the foal had been delivered and Casey had successfully got both mom and baby to the stables in the warmth, making sure they were comfortable before heading back to the house to clean up. When she walked in the dining room, everyone turned to look at her and gasped when they noticed the blood covering her.
“Casey!” they shouted collectively.
Ethan rushed over, moving to start checking her over but she gestured for him to stop.
“Guys relax! I’ve only helped bluebell with her foal. I’m not hurt.” she shrugged and moved to go to the sink so she could use the automatic taps to wash her hands and arms at least before grabbing a shower, so she didn’t bloody everything she touched. Smiling, she looked out in the direction of the stables for a while before turning to address the rest of the room.
“I’m going to go and clean up the placenta and stuff from the field and then clean up before going to bed. Nobody needs to wait up for me.” She smiled as she left to complete her task.
Her family made their way to their rooms, but Ethan lingered behind in the kitchen, waiting for Casey to come back. He needed to talk to her before bed otherwise he knew he wasn’t going to sleep tonight.
About an hour later the front door opened and closed, it was followed by footsteps that went upstairs. Ethan made his way to Casey’s room to wait for her, he knew waiting outside the bathroom would be too much and super creepy. As he waited he anxiously bit at his nails. A bad habit of his which he knew needed to stop but he just couldn’t help it. Casey walked into her room, holding the towel round her, stopping when she clocked Ethan on her bed.
“Oh. Hey...”
“I uh. I need to get dressed. Could you..” She asked, pointing to the door.
Ethan nodded with a sadness in his eyes and walked into the hallway, closing the door behind him. Casey sighed quietly to herself and looked through her clothes, picking out a cute plaid pyjama set and some cream fluffy socks before finding her hairbrush and dryer. She opened the door a little to let Ethan know she was decent, and he could come in if he wanted to. He slowly pushes the door open and pokes his head in.
“Can I... come in?”
Casey sat at her desk in front of her mirror, starting to brush through her hair as Ethan took a seat at the bottom of her bed, looking at his feet, shyness overtaking his demeanour. A silence hung in the air, only the sound of Casey brushing her hair interrupting it.
“So... you delivered a foal huh?”
“I did. Well I more assisted with getting them into the stable.”
“Thank you.”
More tension filled the air as they each waited for the other to bring up the subject and address the elephant in the room. Sighing and placing her brush on the desk, Casey turned to Ethan. He looked at her and felt awful at the depth of sadness and tiredness that her eyes held in them.
“Casey.... I don’t love Harper you know. I could never love her... we were intimate at some point in our lives but... I never felt attached to her. Every time I said those words to her... they felt hollow. Not worth anything. In retrospect, I should have just told her no and invested in a fleshlight back then.. but I was still kind of young and a little stupid. Extremely naïve and yes.. I was still a little obsessed with having a real vagina to pound my frustrations out on.”
His last sentence made her giggle as she looked at him. He smiled back weakly.
“You’d pound because you were frustrated huh? Guess you learnt to control your friend down there then, huh? He was as soft as a slug when I kicked him earlier.”
Ethan’s jaw hung open for a minute as they looked at each other before bursting out in a fit of giggles and deep belly laughter.
“I’m quite offended by that, Valentine.”
“Awww. Did I hurt your heart?”
“Maybe a little bit. ... I mean really? A slug?!”
Casey burst out laughing again as she took in his defensive posture as he frowned down at his crotch area.
“Oh no. please do not start talking to your penis. Amari used to do that.”
“HEY!” Amari shouted from his room
“Don’t worry. I won’t tell him what you used to say!”
Ethan watched with amusement on his face. Quickly the mood calmed down and things became serious again.
“No, but seriously.. Casey. I don’t love Harper. Whatever I was mumbling in my sleep was nonsense and we should work past it because the only woman I love is you.”
Casey froze at the plug outlet on the wall as his confession hit her ears.
“You heard me Casey. I love you. Nobody else. Just you. I’ve been catching feelings for you since day one. It’s clear to me now that my feelings are that of love. And yes that fucking terrifies the shit out of me, Casey. It truly does. I’ve not really experienced this feeling before and I would hate to upset you, but I need to tell you how I feel. Every kiss, every tease, every meal we’ve ever shared together. Even every intimate moment in my room back home in Boston. It’s meant so much more to me than... than anything else ever has. I’m in love with you Casey Jane, and I don’t think that’s ever going to change, because no matter how much space I put between us. No matter how many boundaries I try to put in place. I always seem to come back to... to you. Because it will always be you. Never Harper. Never any of my ex-girlfriends from high school and college. You. Okay? You are the one who brings everything together to make sense for me. I wouldn’t be becoming who I am today without you.”
He looked at her with tears welling in his eyes as he waited for her response, but she was stunned into silence as she sat in her chair looking at him. He felt like he had just fucked up big time by saying all of what he just did, and was getting ready to go, and sleep on the couch when Casey grabbed his wrist to stop him from leaving.
“Ethan stop. .. Do you mean that? Really?... Every word?”
“Casey... of course I do. I never say something with that much emotion if I don’t mean it. You know I’m not one to pour my emotions out like that. Ever.”
Casey nodded and slowly let go of his wrist turning back to her mirror. Ethan let out a heavy sigh and looked at the ceiling.
“You don’t believe me. Do you?” He said as his voice cracked. “I just laid everything out to you, and you don’t believe me because of what I said in my sl-“ He ranted not caring that tears were now falling from his eyes, but his incessant rambling got on Casey’s nerves. She stood from her chair and attacked his lips with her own. The kiss was tender and sweet, despite the taste of Ethan’s salty tears that stained his cheeks as they fell, a few slipping down between their lips. When she pulled away Ethan sniffled and looked down at her with curiosity in his eyes. Casey rolled her eyes.
“For God’s sake Ethan, I love you too! You giant goofball.”
He couldn’t help the childlike grin that crept on his features as Casey playfully shoved his chest and their eyes locked. They shared a smile in that moment that was so tender and pure that some may have said you could hear a choir of angels singing from above.
“So... am I still?” he asked, pointing to the door.
Casey chuckled slightly and shook her head.
“Get into bed, you idiot.” She said motioning to it and she sat and finished sorting out her hair which had almost completely air dried by now.
After tying it in a bun, she slid into bed next to a now shirtless Ethan and laid her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
“Hey, Casey?”
“Can I call you Cassie again?”
“What about Cass?”
“That too.”
“Okay. Goodnight then, Cass.”
“Goodnight, my beautiful giant.”
And with small chuckles they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Over the next week, everything was hands on at the farm, even Ethan had borrowed a pair of boots from Casey’s brother and helped out with feeding the animals, letting them out to graze in the fields. Each day, he and Casey grew closer to each other. Casey snapping glances of him moving hay bales shirtless, biting her lip as she watched his muscles contract with each lift.
One night they were taking a walk outside after dinner when the mood suddenly shifted. It wasn’t tense, but it was filled with lust. As Casey stopped and looked up at Ethan it was clear in his eyes, he wanted the same thing she did. In the next moments, their lips had crashed together in a fiery passionate kiss, hands tangling in each other’s hair and moans that grew louder by the second filled the air around them.
“Mmm, Cassie” Ethan moaned as she kissed his neck, sucking at the skin leaving purplish bruises covering one side.
“Shhh.” Casey demanded as she pulled him behind a barn, out of sight before moving her hands to undo his belt.
Soon their clothes were strewn in the grass around them, and Casey had Ethan backed against the barn moaning pleasurably as she worked on his throbbing member.
“Sh-shiit. Cassie.”
She bobbed her head, occasionally moaning as his tip hit the back of her throat, causing small hissing of pleasure to emanate from Ethan along with his moans. Stopping abruptly she stood up, Ethan not able to hide the pout that his mouth instantly formed into.
“Why’d you st-“
“Lay down.” Casey demanded, and he obeyed. Once he was flat on his back Casey knelt over him backing up, so they were in the 69 position, and she took Ethan back in her mouth humming in pleasure from the work his tongue was doing to her, as she continued her actions. 
She stopped to let out a few moans and catch her breath.
“Yes.... ah! Ri-right the-ther-ahhhh!”
“mmmmmmmmm” Ethan said as he sucked and licked her clit, making her stop all movements on him as she pushed her hands into the ground, eyes rolling back in pleasure.
“Shhhiiiii-ah!” she giggled as she rode out the climax before Ethan pulled away, giving her a chance to turn around and position him at her entrance.
“You okay with this?”
The two whispered to each other before their faces melted to pure pleasure as Casey slowly lowered herself onto Ethan. Staying still for a moment to get used to his size, the two shared kisses and passionate whispers of “I love you.” As Casey started rocking her hips gently, Ethan gripped her ass in his hands, squeezing to lift her a little so he could thrust. As he done so Casey’s moans came out a little louder than intended, but they were far enough from the house that nobody would hear. Four rounds later, Casey moaned as Ethan thrusted deeply, rubbing her bud with his calloused thumb.
“Oh, sh- I’m close, Ethan! don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. pleeeaaassseee, AH!”
She continued quieter moans as she climaxed with Ethan, tangling her fingers in his hair to pull him close and kiss him tenderly as they came down from their highs.
“You’re so beautiful.” Ethan whispered, moving to nuzzle and kiss gently behind her ear.
Casey, unable to speak, gently stroked Ethan’s hair with a soft smile on her face. Ethan returned his gaze to Casey’s eyes, she could see the lust had been replaced by love. Smiling at him gently and cupping his face in her hand she whispered,
“We should get dressed and go to bed..”
“But you’re so beautiful right now, Cassie.”
“You are too, but my parents will be out soon and-”
“Let’s go then.”
He pushed himself up and Casey took his outstretched hand, pulling herself up, starting to look around for her clothes. Ethan done the same and then picked up the discarded condoms and the wrappers from the floor. They intertwined their fingers and made their way back inside. They didn’t expect to but did run into Amari getting out of a car in the driveway. “You two alri- ahhhh.” He said as he noted the condoms in Ethan’s hand and their flushed cheeks with a smirk before heading inside. Ethan and Casey shared a giddy giggle, like school children caught doing something they shouldn’t have been before going up to Casey’s room and throwing the condom’s away. Stripping and getting into bed, falling asleep cuddled up with ease.
After that, the last day at her parents house rolled around all too quickly. They sat at the family table enjoying breakfast. Well, all were apart from Casey who was pushing her bacon around her plate, looking glum. 
“What’s wrong sugar plum? Are you not hungry?” Helena asked, but Casey just shook her head.
“What is it then darling?” Henry asked. 
Casey shrugged and Ethan shared a worried glance with Amari, as they both set their cutlery down.
“Did you sleep okay last night?” Amari asked. But still Casey didn’t speak.
“She slept fine. She was asleep before me. Really happy too when she fell asleep. Cassie...” Ethan said as he rubbed her back soothingly.
But she really didn’t want to talk. Shrugging Ethan’s hands off of her, she left the table and ran upstairs closing her door firmly and locking it so nobody could come in. As she let a few tears fall she grabbed a pen and her journal, making a new entry.
Dear Journal,
It’s been a while, huh? I didn’t think my next entry would be one of sadness. But I don’t want to go home to Boston. I want to stay here with my family and... and Ethan. He’s come to mean so much to me and I’m considering asking him to officially be my boyfriend. But I can’t... He’s my mentor back at Edenbrook and people have only just started to stop frowning at our friendship. If we went back a couple.. we’d be in serious trouble. Why does my heart have to want the man who it’s complicated to be with. Why do I myself, have to be so complicated? The fayre is still in town and I want to take Ethan there today. Maybe buy some local produce to take back home to Boston so I feel at ease when we leave tomorrow morning. Oh journal.. when did my life become one of constant complications? Out here, me and Ethan have been so free together. We’ve been able to interact the way we want to in Boston but can’t because the consequences would be too great. I can’t be the reason he loses his position as director, or his job completely as a matter of fact. He’s outside my door as I’m writing this, with Amari. They’re trying to get me to open my door, but I can’t let either of them see me in the state I currently am. What do I do? I don’t want him to be my secret boyfriend. I want to be able to shout about my love for him from the rooftops. Take him on dorky mall dates, and share fast food in the food court without fear of being caught when I want to kiss him, or tell him he’s amazing or beautiful. I could leave the hospital of my own accord I guess. Transfer somewhere else! Would that work? Oh who am I kidding that would just raise gossip about how I only left so I could date him. UGH! I hate this! I guess I should let him in now. I’m so upset and confused. I need his hugs and to breathe in his mountain air like scent.
See You Soon,
Casey x
Putting her pen down, she grabbed a tissue and wiped away her tears, taking a couple of moments to compose herself before unlocking the door and opening it a little, sitting on her bed and looking out of the window at the cows grazing.
“Hey, you ran quite fast there. What’s the matter?”
Ethan sat next to her, taking her into his embrace as Amari sat in her chair next to her desk. He caught sight of her journal as he did so. Skimming over the fresh ink and tears on the page he tried not to cry himself. When he looked up, Ethan was looking at him with a curious frown. Amari scooted closer and held the journal for Ethan to read. When he finished his heart ached even though he had a small smile on his face from reading how much the woman in his arms truly loved him. He knew nothing else needed to be said right now. Amari gestured to the door, letting Ethan know he was going to leave them alone for a while. Ethan nodded gratefully, and held her closer.
“Why don’t we snuggle under the blankets for a while hey?” he suggested softly, Casey nodded and shifted so they could get comfortable.
Tiredness overtook her body from the crying she had done, and she fell asleep on his chest as he gently stroked her hair. Knowing her plans from reading her journal, he woke her up about an hour later with a tender kiss to her forehead.
Once she was awake properly they grabbed a shower and got ready to head to the fayre in town. The excitement radiated off of her as she looked out of the window, watching the clouds in the sky go by. Ethan reached out and took her hand in his smiling at her kindly as Henry drove them to the fayre.
“If you kiddo’s need a ride home earlier than what’s already arranged, just give me a call okay?”
“Okay Dad. Thank you for the lift here!” Casey said as she kissed Henry’s cheek.
“Yes. Thank you, Henry.” Ethan smiled as he shut his car door and walked round to take Casey’s hand.
They waved goodbye to Henry and then smiled at each other.
“So... what’s first?” Ethan asked and Casey looked around.
“How about hook a duck?!” she exclaimed happily.
“Anything you want, beautiful.” He chuckled as she led them to the stand where the game was set up. They played games and wondered about the fayre until the sun started setting, that’s when they made their way to a food stall.
“I’m going to find a toilet whilst we wait for our food okay?” Ethan whispered to Casey as he bent down to peck her cheek.
“Okay.” She nodded, returning his peck with a smile then he walked off.
As he left the porta-potty, he looked around and spotted a giant, but extremely cute fox plushie hanging by one of the stands, he made his way over.
“How much a go?” he asked the man,
“$5 for five hits. If you hit the bell in one swing, you win the main prize, anything more wins a little one.”
The man explained and Ethan eagerly handed over a $5 bill and took the hammer from the man, once it was okay to swing Ethan gave it everything he had, hoping he could hit the bell in one. He really wanted to get this fox plushie for Casey. The mental image of happiness on her face pushed him to swing with all he had, and he waited as he watched the little metal thing soar up towards the bell, letting out a deep exhale when the bell rang out loudly over the fayre ground.
Ethan smiled and thanked the man as he passed the fox to him, turning away and making his way back to the food stands, where he spotted Casey sitting at a table watching the people around her as she waited for him to return.
“Ahem.” he said, clearing his throat.
“Oh, hey you’re - ” she started to say, but stopped eyes going wide at the toy he held in his arms. He smiled feeling victorious and had a spur of the moment idea as he got down on one knee.
“Casey Jane Valentine. My favourite pita... These past two weeks have been absolutely amazing. I’ve never felt so happy and free before. You’re the best friend I could have ever asked for but... I don’t want just a friendship with you anymore either. Casey... Will you be my girlfriend?”
Overcome with emotion, Casey sat back in her chair, covering her mouth as tears misted her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. Ethan Ramsey, on one knee, with a toy fox asking her to be his girlfriend. The doubt about what this would mean when they got back to Boston started to creep in, but she pushed that aside and swallowed, blinking away the tears. The initial shock having now passed which allowed her to sit up properly.
“Are you serious?” she cried happily,
“Deadly so.” he replied.
She gasped again at his answer and started to nod.
“O-of course I will. Yes! I’ll be your girlfriend!” she exclaimed, happily jumping a little as he got up from the ground, before rushing forward to close the little gap between them, looking up at him and kissing him lovingly, not able to keep the smile from her face. She looked into his eyes, the same amount of happiness that she felt stared right back at her as people around them cheered and clapped for them.
Just as they were about to sit and eat their food, Casey’s phone pinged.
“It’s my dad. He’s here to take us back to the farm”
“But the food!”
“We can take it with us. Come on!”
Casey picked up her bag with the smaller prizes in, putting it on her back before picking up the trays of food and heading towards the entrance with Ethan, who carried the fox. When they got home, they transferred their food to plates and heated it up in the microwave before taking it to Casey’s room. Normally they would have to sit at the table, but Helena had made an exception since the table had already been cleaned over from everyone else eating earlier.
When they finished their food, Ethan took the plates to the kitchen and washed them up. The rest of the evening went smoothly as they all gathered in the living room to play a few board games before heading to bed exhausted from the day.
The next morning as Ethan was checking they’d packed everything into the car, Casey went to say goodbye to Bluebell Moonbeam and her baby.
“Goodbye, Bluebell Moonbeam. I love you and I’ll come back to visit soon okay? And you little one. I’ll come back to see you too.” She smiled as she stroked their manes.
“Cass? Car’s all packed.. It’s time to go.” Ethan spoke softly as he entered the stables.
“I’ll be there in a minute.” She replied.
“... Does he have a name yet?”
“H-how about.. J-Jonah?”
Casey turned her head and looked at Ethan beside her who looked at the foal lovingly.
“But that’s your.. middle name.”
“So... I think it quite suits the little guy.”
Casey looked at the horse and chuckled, nodding as she let out a small yawn.
“Jonah it is then.”
They smiled at each other before getting up and saying a final goodbye to Bluebell and Jonah, leaving the stables and closing the door behind them.
When they reached the drive way the rest of Casey’s family was there to wave them goodbye and Casey told her mom about the foal’s name. After some tears and bittersweet goodbyes, Casey got in the driver’s seat and started up the engine.
“Ready to go back to chaos central, honey?”
“Not really. I’d rather spend another week off with my beautiful baby girl but... I guess duty calls”
“That it does, that it does.”
And with that they set off back to Boston feeling refreshed and ready to crack more medical cases than ever. They agreed that date’s would be held at their apartments and the only people who would know about them being a couple would be Casey’s friends.
They joked about being the unstoppable medical duo, and sang along to the radio stations until they reached Ethan’s apartment.  When Casey stopped the car he smiled over at her.
“You could always come upstairs and have something to eat with me.” Ethan stated hopefully and Casey stared at the apartment buildings main door.
“And what would happen when I didn’t leave, and had no clothes appropriate for work tomorrow?” she asked back, but Ethan just shrugged,
“Your plaid pyjamas would be a good look” he teased with a smirk.
Casey chuckled and shoved him playfully.
“No but seriously Cassie. I don’t want to leave you yet. Could we just cuddle on the couch and watch TV for one more night? please?” he pleaded as he held her hand over the center console.
Sighing and going against her better judgement, she smiled at him. “Okay. I’ll park the car and come upstairs.” she sighed in mock defeat as she circled the block and pulled into an empty parking spot.
Once they were upstairs, they ordered take out and got comfy on the couch with a random TV show on low in the background as they enjoyed their own company. After they had eaten their food, they showered and climbed into Ethan’s bed, cuddling close and rubbing their noses together, happiness overtaking them both. They shared a kiss before settling down completely uttering,
“Goodnight Cassie, sweetheart.”
“Goodnight, handsome.”
And with that they fell asleep. Readying themselves to go back to work tomorrow, figuring out how they were going to keep their new found relationship a secret at work to avoid getting in trouble. But most importantly they knew whatever cases they received tomorrow, they were going to knock them out of the park.
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Wake Up - Episode One, Part Two
DISCLAIMER - I don’t any of these characters except for Liv Patterson. Also please don’t take credit for something that you didn’t write. The songs mentioned here will be linked down below. Please stay safe ya’ll. Love you guys and just be kind.
Los Angeles, 2020 - Los Feliz High School
Teenagers walk out of their classrooms heading towards their lockers and next periods. A teenage girl clearly avoiding all human beings walks amidst the crowds towards her locker opening it.
“Hey Underachiever”
The girl looks towards the friend standing beside her, smiling, “Hey disappointment, hey good-for-nothing”
“Hey you guys” Lia smirks leaning against the lockers.
“Okay,” Flynn says, “I know you don’t want me to ask you this but have you figured out whatcha gonna do today?”
“I’ll know in the moment” Julie shrugs off.
“Seriously girl?” Lia asks, “That really all you're giving us?”
“You know what Ms. Harrison said right… this is your last chance,” Flynn says
“I know” Julie replies looking at the other girls, “I was there.”
“See you at the rally,” The girls turn to find Carrie walking around handing out flyers.
“Ugh, what is she handing out?” Flynn asks.
“Umm desperation” Julie says.
Carrie walks up towards the trio, “Here you go” she says passing them all flyers, “My groups performing at the spirit rally tomorrow! I’m sure you guys have nothing better to do.”
“Huh, nothings way better than having to watching you Carrie.” Lia snarks
Flynn, quickly adds on, “OMG Carrie thanks.”
“Oh My God Malia, Flynn,” Carrie retorts, playing with her necklace, “Don’t bother coming!”
Carrie sashays away. Flynn crumples up the flyers, while Lia sticks her tongue out behind Carrie. Julie smiles watching Nick lean against a pole.
“Nick?” Flynn asks exasperated, “Still girl, you KNOW they’re gonna get married and have a bunch of unholy babies.”
“Yeah but Nick’s a sweetheart”
“Huh” Lia scoffs, “A sweetheart dating a demon. How ironic.”
“And you’d actually have to talk to him to know that… and remember…” Flynn says, “only one of them have to be a demon to have a demon baby… DEMON” Flynn yells towards Carrie.
“Yes girl!” Lia laughs high-fiving Flynn as the girls quickly look away from Carrie.
“Now there’s that smile,” Flynn says to Julie, “Let’s go prove everybody wrong.”
The girls leave the lockers and enter their music class, taking a seat next to each other
“Nice job Nick,” Ms Harrison tells him as he finishes up his guitar solo, “Almost as good as your game against Glendale. Okay we have one last performance, Julie?”
Julie slowly gets up from her seat and makes her way towards the grand piano.
“Yass Julie! Let’s go my Queen” Lia yells from her chair as Flynn smiles towards Julie giving her an encouraging look. Ms. Harrison spares Lia a look making her sulk down her chair smirking. Julie slowly sits down.
“Take your time” Ms. Harrison tells her.
Julie’s hands hover above the keys for a moment, and slowly stands up. Lia and Flynn share a look and stand up too, “I’m sorry…”
“Is this when we clap?” Carrie says.
Julie runs out and Liv and Flynn are right on her toes, Lia bumping into Carrie on her way out, “Watch it Carrie.”
Julie’s home - after school 
“Oh good you’re home,” Julie’s dad walks down the stairs towards Julie and Lia as they study together, “I was about to go watch your brother’s game, Hi Lia.”
“Hi Mr. Molina! How you doing?”
“I’ve had photoshoots all day. Didn’t even get a chance to eat, but I got a phone call today.”
Julie looks over at Lia across the table and back towards her dad, “Yeah I figured as much.”
“Yeah, well it was my realtor friend…”
“Oh!” Julie smiles towards Lia, and glances back at her dad, “That.”
“Yeah and she says if we’re serious about selling the house then she wants me to take some pictures, for the websites. Which means we have to do a lot of cleaning and get rid of some stuff… and maybe you can… tackle mum’s studio?”
Lia watches Julie’s face fall and catches eye contact with Mr. Molina, “You’re the expert… your brother and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It’s okay honey if your not ready I can…”
“No,” Julie looks up at Lia then at her dad, “It’s alright. Maybe i’ll try tonight.”
“Yeah,” Mr. Molina gets up, “yeah awesome yeah, thank you and don’t forget the loft. You know those old instruments that were there when we moved in? They need a new home.” Mr. Molina gets up.
“Mum would like that.”
“Yeah she would… Oh god I’m gonna be late,” he starts reaching in his pockets trying to find his keys.
“Under the mail”
“Your a life saver”
“Bye Mr. Molina”
“Bye Lia”
Later at night, Julie and Lia walk down to the studio
“You’re sure you’re up for this, we can turn back right now,” Lia asks standing at the door with her hand on the handle.
“Yeah… I think I need to”
“Alright,” Lia slowly opens the doors, “After you ma’am.”
Julie walks over to the light switch, flipping it. She slowly makes her way towards the grand piano and sits down. Lia slowly puts a hand on her shoulder.
“I’m so sorry mum,” Julie starts, looking up, “That I haven’t been in here…”
After a moment of silence, Lia breaks the moment up, “C’mon Jules, lets go check the loft.”
Julie climbs to the top while Lia spots her from the bottom. “Hey look at this,” Julie makes her way back down, “It’s some sort of CD?”
“C’mon lets play it”
The girls take a seat, bopping along to the 90’s rock song.
1, 2, 3!
Take off, last stop
Countdown till we blast open the top
Face first, full charge
Electric hammer to the heart…
“What the hell is,” Lia turns from looking at Jules to in front of her, “That…”
Three boys literally fall out of the sky, like literally. Julie and Lia stand up and look at each other.
Groans and other pain-filled noises
The boys slowly start to get up, all out of breath but still looking fly. “Ohhh… woah! How did we get back here,” the cute middle one says.
Julie and Lia look at each other and back at the boys, “AHHHHHHHHHHA”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” the boys all huddle together, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”
Lia grabs Julie’s hand as everybody continues screaming and drags her towards the house . They run into Carlos and Mr. Molina in the driveway.
“Woah wait slow down guys,” Mr. Molina grabs onto Julie, “You’ve look like you’ve seen a ghost”
“We did!”
“Cool!” Carlos chimes.
“Not cool”
Julie runs away pulling Lia behind her, dragging her up the stairs and into her bedroom shutting the door all while screaming, “AHHHHHHHHH”
“Omg girl please stop screaming,” Lia begs, as Julie texts Flynn 9-1-1 on their group chat.
“C’mon Flynn, 9-1-1 means 9-1-1!” Julie cries.
“Okay lets all just take a breath, ghosts don’t exist right, those were just three boys who like broke into the studio, yeah they broke into a studio by… popping outta nowhere, Oh my god I’m going crazy I…” Lia rambles on as Mr. Molina knows on Julie’s bedroom door, poking his head into the room, “Hey”
“Ah… dad”
“Hey just wanted to make sure you’re okay”
“And that’s my cue to leave, I’ll be downstairs” Lia says, walking out.
“You don’t believe me do you dad?”
“Honey, of course I do I see your mum all the time”
“This isn’t like that”
“I know it’s different for all of us”
“Dad… you’re not listening to me… I SAW something out there,” Julie grabs onto her dad pointing towards the shed.
“Alright, okay okay,” He takes a seat, “I’m listening.”
“Tell me what you saw, it’s just you and me here”
“You sound just like Dr. Turner”
“Well maybe seeing Dr. Turner again isn’t such a bad idea”
“DAD,” Julie takes a pause, “Can we just drop it?”
‘Alright, dropped,” he slowly gets up sticking out his finger, “We good?”
“Yeah,” Julie smiles, crossing her finger with his “We’re good.”
As soon as he leaves Julie slowly creeps towards the window as Lia rushes back into the room. Lia peers over Julie's shoulder, “We’re going back aren’t we?”
“Okay fine,” Lia rolls her eyes, “We clearly need to watch more horror movies, but this time,” Lia looks towards the wall, “We go in prepared.”
Back at the garage
Julie walks in first with a cross in front of her as Lia slowly makes her way beside her, looking for, well three ghosts.
“Are you still here?” Julie questions as Lia glances around, “Whatever you are…”
They look around the room and when they don’t find anything, Julie drops her hands to her sides.
“See, nothing,” Lia says walking towards the middle of the room, “we clearly just imagined that whole thing”
“No, I know I’m not crazy!”
“Well we’re all a little crazy”
Julie and Lia turn to face each other, “Ahhhh,” Julie sticks the cross in front of them.
“OH My…” The pink sweater ghost pleads, “Please stop screaming!”
Lia slowly puts her arms around Julie pulling her back “Well who are you?”
“YEAH,” Julie continues, “And what are you doing in my mum’s studio?”
“Your mum’s studio?” The boy with the very Zac Efron haircut asks, walking around the girls as they follow him with their eyes, “This is OUR studio,” he protests as he slides across the grand piano, “Okay trust me fine, yes the grand piano is new and, and… and… MY COUCH!” The boy jumps onto the leather couch sitting against the wall. Lia slowly pulls Julie closer to her.
“But that is definitely not my six string…” he looks around and slowly backs up back to his friends, “Can you give me just one second? Just give me a second. Thank you.”
Lia and Julie slowly separate as the boys huddle in front of them.
“What is going on?” He whispers, “How did they get their stuff in here so fast?”
“Maybe… just maybe,” the boy in the leather jacket inputs, “Maybe they are witches. There’s chairs floating in the ceiling.”
“Okay there is no such thing as witches,” The dude in the pink sweater retorts while the Zac Efron doppelgänger looks around.
“You sure? Because I used to think there was no such thing as ghosts!” “Huh that’s fair”
“Okay so,” Efron says, “We’re going with witch?”
“No we are not going with witch. They are not witches. Look they’re just scared.”
Lia and Julie look at each other very, very confused. The pink sweater guy slowly walks up to them, “Why are you in out studio!”
Julie goes to punch the dude with her cross but her hand goes through the boy. “Okay c’mon,” Lia slowly pulls Julie away, “How did you do that!”
“Okay clearly they don’t understand what’s going on,” the boy murmurs, “Okay look…” he starts, “We’re ghosts… alright we’re just three ghosts and we’re really happy to be home,” Lia gives Julie a side glance, “Soo… thank you for the flowers, they really brighten up the room.”
“We’re actually in a band called Sunset Curve,” the Efron boy starts.
“Tell your friends,” Leather boy smirks.
“Last night was supposed to be a really big night for us. It was gonna change our lives.”
“Umm I’m,” The sweater boy says, “I’m pretty sure it did.”
“This is freaking me out!” Julie pulls out her phone, Lia slowly pulls Julie closer to her, and pulls Julie’s cross back in front of them.
“Umm what is that,” Efron boy asks, pointing at Julie’s phone while the boys look kinda confused, “Uh what are you doin.”
“It’s her phone,” Lia says.
“Stop talking to them Lia,” Julie interrupts, “They aren’t real. There's no such thing as cute ghosts.”
“Oh so,” the leather boy steps up, smirking, “You think we’re cute?”
“Seriously dude!” Lia exclaims.
“Soo…” Pink sweater leans over, “Who you calling.”
“I’m googling sunset swerve.”
“SUNSET CURVE!” The boys say synchronized.
Lia rolls her eyes, as she looks over Julie’s shoulder.
“Whoa there is a sunset curve,” Julie looks from Lia to the boys, “You did die… but not last night… 25 years ago?”
Lia grabs onto Julie’s shoulder tighter as the boys protest, “25 years ago? No. No. No. That’s impossible,” Leather boy starts, “After we floated out of the ambulance all we did was go to that weird dark room where Alex,” He points to sweater dude, “Cried.”
“WELLL,” Alex squeals, “I don’t think I… I think we were all pretty upset… okay”
“But that was just for like an hour,” Efron boy starts, “We just showed up here.”
“Look,” Julie shows them her phone, “I’m just telling you what my phone says. See, you died in 1995,” Julie glances back at Lia, “When you were seventeen - it’s now 2020.”
“So we’re in the future?” Leather dude asks.
“Wait so,” Alex asks, “It has been 25 years? I have been CRYING for 25 years? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!”
“Well you’re a very emotional person,” Leather boy starts.
“I am not!” Alex protests.
“Thought you were afraid to come out here?” Carlos walks in, “Talking to your ghost friend? How does he look? Is he hideous?”
“Huh he can see you,” Alex says to leather boy.
“No” Lia interrupts, “No he can’t”
“Ahh what do you want Carlos?” Julie asks.
“A normal sister for starters, dad’s calling you for dinner. He said you could stay too if you wanted to Malia. Stop being weird and come eat.”
“He couldn’t see you…” Julie starts, glancing back at Lia.
“I mean yeah that’s… ” Alex starts, “Usually how ghosts work?”
“Look…” Julie starts, dragging Lia behind her and towards the doors, “I’m very sorry about what happened to you guys but you have to leave.”
“But wait we,” the Efron boy starts, “We didn’t get your guy’s names.”
“I’m Lia,” Lia says, “She’s Julie.”
“Cool, I’m Luke… ” Efron Boy starts, coming closer. Julie pulls out the cross again and Lia grips onto her, “by the way… and this is…”
“Reggie,” leather boy says, “Reggie. I’m Reggie, hey.”
“And Alex, how’s it going.”
“Ba dah”
“I… I need to leave, I’ll see you tomorrow Jules… I just. I have to go home,” Lia stutters as she runs out of the shed.
“Lia!” Julie says as the boys look on curiously, “Okay?”
Julie walks out leaving the boys behind.
“They seem nice,” Reggie says.
“Did you miss the part where Julie kicked us out…” Alex asks, “Yeah? Ok.”
Lia’s Perspective - After walking out
I’m so confused like what is happening. Mum and dad don’t talk about him much but it has to be him right? In a rock band. Died in 1995 - when he was seventeen. I’m so confused. It would make sense right? Being able to see my brother and his band mates. But he doesn’t know who I am. Or that I even exist! And how could Julie see them too, but Carlos couldn’t. My entire life had been hindered by someone I had never met and today I met him.
“Ugh this is so frustrating!”
Come on Malia Patterson, pull it together.
Once I get home I say hi to mum and dad and head straight upstairs. Instead of heading back into my room, I walk down the hall towards the bedroom that was always closed. A room that held many memories, many I will never know and some that I created.
Dad wasn’t home yet and I had been playing with my small guitar in my room. It wasn’t very good but I was only six. I had been writing a song and I wanted to show my mum. I wandered out of my bedroom and called out for her.
“Momma! MOMMA?”
I saw the door that was always closed open. Mommy always told me to not go in there alone. I slowly crept up towards the door and found momma sitting on the bed with tears falling down her face.
“Momma? Momma why are you sad?”
“Ohh… my sweetie, come here.”
Slowly I walked in and looked around. Walls covered with posters and a worn out acoustic guitar on the wall. Slowly I crawled onto the bed and touched my momma’s face.
“Momma why are you sad? Why are you crying?”
“Ohh I just miss your brother.”
“Momma why did he go away. Why can’t he come home?”
“Oh baby. Your brother is somewhere else. Somewhere happy. We want him to be happy right?”
“Yes momma. But I want you to be happy to!”
“Mommy I wrote a song, do you want to hear it? Maybe it can make you happy. And maybe Luke can listen to it and be happy too!”
My mum gently brought me onto her lap.
“Oh sweetheart, I don’t know.”
“What’s going on here?”
He came and sat with us on the bed.
“Malia was just going to play something”
“Yeah mommy, are you ready”
I jumped off her lap and started playing the song I wrote. That moment is one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. My high pitched screech going along with the untuned music from my guitar. The regret and remorse on my mother and the wet tears against my dad's eyes. I tried so hard to make them smile and I promised that one day I’ll make them happy no matter what it took - I promised to bring Luke back to them.
I chuckle to myself. I slowly open the door and walk in, closing the door behind me and flipping on the light switch. That moment was 10 years ago. After Luke’s death they had never come into this room until i was born and became curious about why this door was always closed. They never let me listen to rock music or listen to Luke’s music. Literally they’ve blocked the work rock from all my devices. Still, I would come hear and just take in the rock posters and listen to the few tapes left behind. I slowly reach for the guitar that I used to sneak into the room to play with. After I hit a certain age, mum took away my tiny guitar and would not let me play any “rock” instruments. Unfortunately for her I took after my big brother a little too much. She always used to say she couldn’t take the idea of losing another child. Sitting on the bed I quickly tune it and strum the worn out strings. Slowly I started playing that song I made all those years ago.
I’m sorry I can't be who
You’ve wanted me to be
I always tried to make you smile
But I’ll never be
Able to make you feel like he did
I’ll try my best to make you smile
And never cry again
But if you ever get sad
I promise to
Come and sing this song to you
Cause every time your tears fall
My heart breaks a bit
Cause I will never be able to
Make you smile like he did
I smile to myself, a little chuckle coming out as I gently place the guitar on the bed beside me, and lay down on my back. Is it possible that If I could see him, mum and dad could too? This whole thing is so confusing. And surreal. I met my brother. My big brother. My big brother who doesn’t even know I exist. I wonder what he’s like. Dad always said I reminded them of him so much, it hurt. I wonder how alike we really are. As my thoughts overrun my brain, I slowly close my eyes, thinking about how I could finally bring Luke back home to mum and dad and make them smile again.
The Next Morning - The Molina Household
Julie headed to the studio before Lia would pick her up to head for school. Yesterday had been a hard day for Julie but it must have been confusing as hell for Lia too. Julie wished her mum was around right now to talk to. She would have known what to do.
“Guys?” Julie asks, looking around the studio, “Guys?”
She slowly walks towards the grand piano, touching the words her mum had written. Julie lays them out in front of her and hovers her hand above the keys. Her hand slowly trembles as she starts to play.
Here's one thing I want you to know
You got some place to go
Life's a test, yes, but you go toe-to-toe
You don't give up, no, you grow
And you use your pain
'Cause it makes you you
Though I wish I could hold you through it
I know it's not the same
You got living to do
And I just want you to do it
So get up, get out relight that spark
You know the rest by heart
Wake up, wake up if it's all you do
Look down, look inside of you
It's not what you lost
It's what you'll gain raising your voice to the rain
The sunlight slowly streams through the window, almost as if Julie’s mum was hugging her
Wake up your dream and make it true
Look out, look inside of you
It's not what you lost
Relight that spark time to come out of the dark
Wake up, wake up
Mr. Molina smiles, hearing his daughter sing again for the first time in a year
Better wake those demons
Just look them in the eye
No reason not to try
Life can be a mess
I won't let it cloud my mind
I'll let my fingers fly
And I use the pain 'cause it's part of me
And I'm ready to power through it
Gonna find the strength, find the melody
'Cause you showed me how to do it
Lia makes her way towards the shed and pauses at the sound of Julie as a tear falls from her eye
Get up, get out relight that spark
You know the rest by heart
Wake up, wake up if it's all you do
Look down, look inside of you
It's not what you lost
It's what you'll gain raising your voice to the rain
Wake up your dream and make it true
Look out, look inside of you
It's not what you lost
Relight that spark time to come out of the dark
Wake up, wake up
Carlos stands outside, smiling, happy that he’s got his sister back
So, wake that spirit, spirit
I wanna hear it, hear it
No need to fear it you're not alone
You're gonna find your way, oh
Julie stands up, feeling the music and passion running through her veins as she sings her heart out
Wake up, wake up if it's all you do
Look down, look inside of you
It's not what you lost
It's what you'll gain raising your voice to the rain
Luke, Alex and Reggie whoosh in behind Julie and look on with admiration, empathy and betrayal
Wake up your dream and make it true
Look out, look inside of you
When you feel lost
Relight that spark time to come out of the dark
Wake up, mm, wake up
Julie slowly sits down, releasing a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding onto. She reaches for the sheet music to see her mum had written, ‘Julie you can do it, Love Mum” She holds onto it as tears fall from her face as she looks up to the sky. The boys whoosh outside just as Lia comes in. She see’s Julie, takes a seat beside her and just holds onto her.
Tumblr media
*this GIF is not mine cause I literally do not know how to make GIFS... it is however made by @juliecurve​ so thank you for that
Now or Never. Performed by Sunset Curve
Wake Up. Performed by Maddison Reyes
*the other song is just made up of lyrics I actually wrote when I was eight like I legit found it in my notebook so I apologize I might change it in the future but for now these lyrics are important to our character Liv and they MIGHT give an insight to who she is as a human being
ALSO lemme know if you want me to write all the parts in the show (like scenes that don’t involve Lia - like would you have liked me to write Julie talking to the boys about her mum even though Lia wasn’t there - you can just message me about this or write it down below if you wanna see me do that) 
Again love y’all. Stay safe, be kind. Oh and tell your friends 😉 
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sircarolyn · a year ago
zurich thoughts: (got so long so under a cut)
man i remember in 2014 listening with everyone live. losing our minds over this. i screamed aloud multiple times. it still makes me cry uncontrollably. i love you fandot, let’s go
the rerecording of arthur to be not gwagon fwooty any more is so funny
carolyn’s breathless little ‘martin’ </3
douglas being so nosy and affronted about the ‘’joke’’ skskskjdk and then martin fucking lying to them this is such a stupid snap decision and everyone seeing right through martin’s idiocy 
theresaaaaa <3 love that she barely notices that everyone else is there
‘am i the only one that gets skip’s amazing jokes’
sparring partner shaisjsksjksjskskks
‘actually i a little bit am’ poor theresa must go through so much
carolyn firing them both hhhhhhh 
now is it just me or is the way douglas says hercules the same way carolyn says it in ottery... vaguely flirty.... (herclas rights)
the van <3
carolyn’s everything is fine voice </3
carolyn + theresa best friends only!!!!
everyone pretending they don’t know anything about the jungle book when literally later douglas is like ‘no one can be baloo’
waaaaaa ‘oh herc’ ahhshshhsjhdahjdhdj ‘oh my darling’ this is killing me oh my godddddd ‘i like you’ christ!! and then she calls him a pillock and he just.... holds her............... loves her...........
and she admits it’s a special occasion because she wants him to say it!!! she wants to be loved!!! she wants to say it back!!! oh fuck this is going to kill me i’m already sobbing
douglas’ interview flight </3 god this hurts so much too he just wants to be the captain or at least respected ouch! ouch! ouch! 
carolyn still flogging things to the gang <3 love that she knows fuck all about planes <3
oh my god douglas saying sorry.... . . . .. .. . 
ohhh h hhhfhfhfhffh martin having a brilliant time at swiss air
oh the van <3 the chimes <3 the evil cursed goofy <3 the strawberry lollies <3
‘what do people like more than moving house’ my love no one likes moving house 
god everything about this just hurts so damn much, the break pads and the ice cream and douglas’ bad interview and martin’s guilt and sjjsjsjsjksajsjkjska but like always..... it’s going to save the day......
theresaaaaa <3 coming over specially for gerti’s last flight hng because she’s fully part of the mjn family now <3 and martin worrying about them all
‘i had an idea in bed last night’ ‘i remember’ theresa flirt with me challenge
i love her i love how cool and brilliant she is like. nothing fazes her. she and herc must be such a team. absolutely unflappable in any circumstance
oh carl i love that guy too love that they give him a wing waggle 
waaaaaaa carolyn bringing them coffee and deliberately not letting arthur come with 
‘herc’s picking me up in his mercedes’ the way she says herc. the way she‘s calling it the mercedes. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
god the panic in this episode distresses me so much. martin’s panicking about the job. carolyn’s panicking about the plane. everyone is panicking about martin. arthur and gordon </3 like i can’t find this funny because it’s agony it hurts so much
FUCKING gordon >:( i wanna smack him so bad
douglas obeying carolyn, as per, but her wild panic is just... heartbreaking 
oh arthur owowowowowowo the way he thanks her for not selling gerti, ‘yes i know darling’ christ i cannot even articulate why i hate this so much
 ‘my way saves time’ queen
‘eccentric, yes... a lovely boy, but he lives in a fantasy world’ 
carolyn code redding arthur and martin <3
ouCHY douglas ‘’dealing’’ with gordon because he knows how gordon thinks. because he thinks that at his worst, he’s like that. AHHHHH 
‘men like gordon don’t get back at their wives by giving them £1/4mil’ a line that’s been in my ‘lines to extrapolate for agony’ list for years. because douglas knows this because he thinks he is a man like that. he thinks he’s that vindictive and low but he’s not, my god he’s not because he loves his family so much which gordon never could
arthur and tiffy <3
the way he sounds so breathless at his exciting story 
‘it began when mum and herc’ I WANT TO KNOW i want to know how arthur would tell the story of carolyn + herc
theresa’s not even flapped by the van she’s so cool she just goes in the back! she’s so unfazed i love herrrrrrrr
and then she thinks of something douglas didn’t <3 
the great.... wall..... of china..... i’m gone again ‘what you’ve done there arthur, is taken a fact that’s famously wrong and got it wrong’ 
‘the fuel tank. is full. of fuel’
‘a thousand strawberry lollies and the princess of liechtenstein!’
carolyn and her timeblindness <3
the aeroplane graveyard </3
douglas as gordon it’s agony because he’s arthur’s best dad and arthur just going along with it because it’s a Douglas Scheme and douglas is Always Right
and arthur.... calling him dad..... and saving the day by breaking the code red and doing the accent.... fuck
‘look at you bruce’ fucking SAVAGE arthur douglas really has rubbed off on him
and martin as douglas which is both hilarious and OUCH because he too just goes along with it but actually is so smart and solves the problem and..... if i weren’t already lying down i’d have to 
‘i, douglas richardson, have been bested yet again. what i loser i am’ 
the awkward laughing skakklsaks
martin sacrificing his van </3 guess there’s some letting go metaphor in there somewhere
herc doubting douglas sksksks i’m saying it again, lovers to enemies
‘don’t say because i love you’ 
‘i shall think it rather quite loudly’ i say that so much
‘i don’t hate it so much, any more’ AHHHH hh h h hh h h h hh h h hhhhh h
carolyn being so tenative because she needs to trust him but she just doesn’t know how and this is it!!!!! FUCK
‘what a novel way you’ve chosen to end our relationship’ i scREAMED at that the first time
i just... he loves that she pretends not to love him....... fuck!!!!!!!! 
‘no one decides to marry me, i decide to marry them’ FUCK O JDJDJHSHSHsJJ because she says yes oh my fgpdodoodososo i jsuy 
arthur being so excited at saving the day <3
‘douglas always saves us’ o h hhh hh hh hh hgg gg g h 
douglas giving martin a genuine compliment waaaaaa because he believes that martin can do it waaaaaaaaaa
carl <3
arthur suggesting places to look <3 and douglas being snappy because he’s starting to worry </3
gordon >:( god arthur’s panic kills me, the way he calls himself silly and stupid
and the venom with which gordon says no, i fucking hate this guy how fucking dare he try to suggest that carolyn might turn on his mjn family
terrapins tickle me </3
and gordon’s just fucking lying! and arthur wants to bad to believe him because that’s his dad! that’s his dad and it’s not nice to not be able to stand your parents! you want to forgive them! arthur god i love you 
and then arthur calling for his real dad douglas help i’ m sobbing again
what is douglas implying by ‘the son’, like you can read into that so much... is it a judgement? on gordon or himself? verity stans stand up
douglas being so gently supportive of arthur’s daft metaphor <3 that’s his DAD
‘is she indeed’ what is carolyn thinking right there 
martin realising that he’s not a shit pilot <3
and like. what’s herc thinking. just stood there. seeing gordon. hhhhh
‘every time i brought you coffee there was gold in the plane!’
waaaaaa ‘there shall be buns for tea’  
and martin leaving because it’s right. i know loads of people don’t like this but it’s right. it is 
waaaaaaaaaaaaa herc literally would do anything for her
waaaaaa captain otter </3 martain du creff </3
herc and douglas doing word games shssjkjkakaka 
carolyn bringing them COFFEE 
destination Addis Ababa .... ... . .. . . .
‘i hate flying into the sunset’ 
waaa travelling lemon
god djdjskjaaskask i want to have something nice to say but i’m sobbing my eyes out and i miss them and it hurts in such a good way and it’s the most beautiful ending ever and that was cabin pressure hurts so much and there is a reason why i only ever listen to this one once a year and it’s beacuse i can’t bear it at any other time than when i’m fucking trapped at my mum’s and i need my fictional parents to be MARRIED ACTUALLY MARRIED and i’m not doing hot today and this is both helping and not helping gOD 
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aqua-myosotis · a year ago
The PB to my J
Read on AO3 here
Chapter 29
How do you fancy dinner at ours
this eve?
I am well up for that
Remus was going to make us have leftovers
I don’t like to waste food!
Don’t worry your pretty little head Moony
Wormy is currently hoovering them up
for his lunch
well in that case
Yes please!
We see your Mexican night
and raise you
Spanish Night
Tapas and Sangria????
Tapas and Sangria
I am all over this
we can celebrate our clean bills of sexual health
with tapas and sangria!
Whatever you say dear
did your GUM clinic letters come?
As glad as I am
that you’re both STD free
Is here really the place??
Yes Prongs
they came
now can you please stop
yelling things at us
through the door?
Be honest
Is the main reason you got tested
So James can’t yell his many safe sex slogans
at you anymore
It did heavily
influence our decision yes
I promise nothing
And I don’t yell
I quietly advise and remind
Last night you yelled
‘Don’t be a joker, cover your poker’
For no reason at ALL
But I could hear you getting busy??
I was on the phone
to my mum
Sirius wasn’t even home!!
Sorry Hope
Lucky I’m her favourite
I think you’ll find
that I’M her favourite
You’re both wrong
She likes Pete best
I’m a winner
My heart
As her future son-in-law
I’ve got the rest of my life
to change her mind
Shall we say 7?
Castanets optional
Works for us
What can we bring?
If we sort food
You sort Sangria stuff?
Pete you bringing Mary?
Just so we know numbers wise for food
Yeh I’ll ask
No problemo
So Sangria for 10 please
Franks bringing fruit and stuff for it
No Sev Lils?
Well I for one
Can’t wait to stuff my chlamydia free face
with tiny Spanish food
You’re a lucky, lucky man Rem
             My Support Bras
Can’t wait for tonight
Feel crappy
Oh no!
Period pain still bad?
I think my hot water bottle is under my desk
if not its in the bathroom
Cheers doll
Its not too bad
I think the approx. 100 bars of chocolate
I ate yesterday helped
You felt SO sick
before you went to bed
Crappy as in I feel gross
or crappy as in somethings making me feel crappy?
Bit of both I think
The bloat is real
but also
I think I’m gonna end things with Sev
How come?
I don’t know
at first he said he didn’t like going out
because hes not very outgoing
and I don’t have a prob with that at all
I’m fine with staying in and watching tele and all that
but that’s not true
he doesn’t like going out
unless its with his friends not mine
who tbh aren’t actually very nice
they don’t talk to me
which means he doesn’t talk to me
so I sit there like a lemon all night
Babes ☹
I guess I’m just sick of everything
always being on his terms
I’m not surprised
I couldn’t cope
If Frank suddenly wouldn’t hang out with you guys
It has to go both ways
Yeh I know
I want someone
who actually wants to get to know my friends
and tells me I look hot in my sequin mini and pink top
rather than slutty
I am SO glad you said that
that wasn’t good
and I’m not saying this to be a bitch Lils
but he was beginning to be really controlling
he basically guilt tripped you in to going over last week
I know
and whats so stupid is that I could see he was doing it! I don’t know why I went along with it!
What’s done is done
And we’re all here for you
Absolutely agree
When do you think you’ll talk to him?
Probably the weekend
I can’t be arsed to have him ruin Halloween
because I know hes going to be difficult
and its not like he was going to come anyway
so I can just enjoy the night
It’ll be a cracking night
remember how good it was last year?
All I remember is Sirius getting off with that girl
with all the fake blood round her mouth
and his face was stained red for DAYS afterwards
that was fucking hilarious!
They’ll be none of that this year
How times change
And on that note
Bets on how long it’ll take tonight
before one of them does/says something
not PG?
I’m going to go with Sirius
at about half an hour in
just enough time for him to have had
a couple of sangrias
I reckon after the sexting fiasco
hes going to be watching it
im gonna say Rem
after a couple of hours
Oh I was going to say that!
I’ll go for in each other’s laps
By 8 o clock
Snogging riotously by 9
I’m going out on a limb
Quids in they disappear for an unspecified amount of time
and when they come back one or both of them
has a noticeably new hickey
Its on ladies!
           Not Fast, Just Furious
You did NOT here this from me
but tell your Prongs
to be on his best behaviour tonight
But ok
Lilys breaking up with Sev
She said today she’s thinking about it
But I know that means she’s already made her mind up
And I also know that shes been talking to James recently
Although she won’t admit it
I think hes growing on her
What do I do?
I can’t tell him
It’ll freak him out
He was just beginning to act like a normal person around her
He doesn’t another reason to act
Like a total dunderhead
I don’t know
Just tell him that I’ve told you
that she said she enjoys talking to him
or something
Ok good idea
I’m so excited Marly!
We don’t even know that anything
is going to happen
when she does break up with him
I know I know
but this time
Lily is single
and her and James are actually on good terms
They’d make such a good couple
I know
We’ve been telling her that
every since James said he was interested
Time will tell
Don’t tell Sirius
What do you mean don’t tell Sirius??
I strongly object
Hi Sirius
Rem’s in the shower
He wouldn’t let me in though
Said we didn’t have time
Even though I really wanted to try something
Hells no
I’m out
See you later!
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wanderingchocolateeclair · 10 months ago
Can you tell me more about Tsuganu's twin sister? And their parents? I wanna knowwww~ (specifically so I can finally match a name to the face and maybe write Tsuganu's sister and family in my stuff)
Ahhhh!!! Of course, thank you so much for asking about them!! You know how happy this makes me to be able to ramble about my characters!! Tsunagu’s family is one that I actually have some more set info on them because they were some of my first proper family ocs that I made.
I dunno whether you saw my post from earlier with all the family photos, but if not I do recommend doing so since they have their designs and everything!! They give a rough idea to what Tsunagu’s sister, mum, dad, niece +nephew look like!! And eventually I plan on making another one of those little character info posts for her like I did with Hana, Mao and Yuna. But for now imma ramble and give you some headcanons and basic info on his family! :)
His twin sister is called Ai!!(Which I’ve mentioned before in some of my writing)
She has twins! One daughter, one son!
They are quite the rich family and they do fancy things.
They come from a family that has roots to an ancestry of psychic based quirks? (A long long time ago) So like, manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, etc. (This links into some stuff with their quirks and some other stuff, like if you remember one of my headcanons about jeanists gut feelings? Yeah, that was a while ago)
This is their dads side of the family, their dad has a manipulation based quirk which allows him to manipulation and control the things that he touches (not majorly, but enough to make quite a difference, and it undoes itself as soon as he lets go)
Their mum is quite the lovely gentle lady.
Her quirk allows her to create different fabrics from the fiber and sugars that she consumes (it works quite similarly to Momo’s quirk I guess?) however overusing this over the years has caused her to be physically quite fragile, weak and easily ill.
She is an absolute bundle of sunshine though! Unlike his dad, which may or may not be obvious in that drawing ahaha
Ai has a basic telekinesis quirk, just able to move rather small things normally, but in a stressful situation can move a lot heavier things.
Activating her quirk alongside Tsunagu’s could be absolutely catastrophic. But it’s also kinda funny. Watching as everything is flying everywhere and just chaos it’s great.
Ai’s husband works as a rescue hero? Like, he helps to find people who are stuck in rubble and stuff like that. His quirk is basically like echolocation, he can produce a sound and use it to pinpoint where objects are.
Ai works in support. She loves making things and just inventing little things in general.
Their mum used to (still sometimes does) work in fashion due to her quirk.
Their dad used to be a hero, but then an accident happened that caused him to lose his sight in one eye and he had to retire. But he did get (somehow?) roped into working with the police for quite a while and is now retired....and constantly grumpy.
The twin kids are meant to have streaky brown hair but I forgot to change it in my drawing so sorry bout that.
Ai is very cheeky and mischievous. She gets along very well with Hana in terms of teasing their brothers like crazy.
Goodness me. They all love Shinya. They know about his past as well, and this actually made Tsunagu’s dad tear up when he heard it. His mum had already been crying but they immediately accepted him as part of the family.
They’re always respectful towards his own respect to his family, though, and are quite overprotective of him to others.
The first conversation Tsunagu had with his mum after introducing him just went like:
“Hm, you are my son now. Tsunagu get out of here. I’ve replaced you, he is an angel!” “Wh- you’ve replaced me with my own boyfriend?” “Oh? Do you hear something? Nevermind, dear, let’s get you some tea.” “Mother!” *polite snickering*
Shinya finds it incredibly sweet.
Oh, by the way, ectoloadersnipe are family friends. They went to UA with Tsunagu’s cousin and were close friends so that’s how they know each other.
Ai is best mates with PL. Like, come on, they just spend the whole time tinkering while their husbands politely chat over tea!
The twins love “uncle Shinya” and the first time they called him this, both him and Tsunagu almost had a heart attack out of shock.
Some info that’s actually really important to know for some of my posts actually, which I think I’ve mentioned very briefly before (and will come up in ‘A Frayed Thread of Hope’👀):
Due to dormant psychic-based quirk genes that have been passed down over generations, they have this danger sense that is basically just an incredibly strong gut feeling when something bad is about to happen. This feeling gets worse as it gets closer to the time of said bad thing. However, if they manage to guess roughly what is going to happen (not in full detail, just like ‘oh something is gonna happen to so-and-so) it clicks and though the feeling doesn’t go away, it’s more like a confirmation of what’s going to happen.
Also, these things happen. It’s not some sort of gut feeling that may be right or wrong, they’ve never been wrong. That’s what the difference is. And that’s why they always have to follow it.
Another thing from these dormant quirk genes and them being twins in this case, is that Tsunagu and Ai have a connected sense of physical pain and a couple of other things of the sort. Not fully, but slightly, and they are aware of it. So when Tsunagu gets injured in work, Ai feels a much smaller version of this pain and it’s a very sure way of knowing if the other is in trouble.
Though, it is rather funny when Ai was pregnant, or when it’s that time of month...because wow Tsunagu is such a weak little noodle when it comes to handling those things and he wishes that Ai didn’t have to feel that much pain....in a slightly sympathetic but also definitely self-pitying way 😂
(There are a lot of funny opportunities here.....but also plenty of angst that may or may not be already planned out...)
And there we go!! Sorry it’s rambly but I also ran out of things to say for tonight...I know for a fact that I have plenty more, but they’re probably too specific and I’d have to actually have them pointed out first so I can remember them aha
@ohpleaseiwillendyou thank you so so much for asking! These are my characters who I have spent so much time on designing and coming up with, so when people ask about them it really makes me happy and brings me confidence about them :)
~Eclair ❤️
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muzaktomyears · 9 months ago
ultimate beatlemaniac tag game
So, I found this somewhere on tumblr, and it’s super old, and I haven’t been tagged in it, but I thought it would be a good intro-ish thing, if anyone wants that for some reason (warning: some of these these answers get long, and again, please check my pinned post):
How long have you been a fan?:
Since I can remember listening to music. My parents are children/teenagers of the ‘60s (my mum saw The Beatles in concert in ’64, with the stress on the ‘saw’ because yes, she heard nothing but screaming) and I fully absorbed and internalised their music taste as a child, and I still have pretty much the same taste now (though I did eventually manage to broaden out into later stuff and even some modern stuff omg get me). So, I was a general fan since forever, just of the sound, but when I was about 7? 8? my best friend in primary school was a mega fan and she got me to roleplay The Beatles in the playground with her during break. I’m really not surprised that other people didn’t talk to us much lmao… Anyway, it was essentially a John&Paul roleplay (with George as their child, I think?? oh what a dynamic), and John was her fave so I was Paul. This continued when I went on holiday that year to France and we wrote postcards to each other from the POV of John and Paul. This was waaay before any of us knew what fanfiction was, and it was mid-‘90s, so largely pre-internet, which is hilarious, looking back at it. So, in ways it is inevitable that I would end up here. But I’d never been in the livejournal/tumblr fandom, really. I would read a few fics, years ago, but I’d never written anything, and certainly not published it. And then, a month or so ago, I just randomly deep-dived and this is what happened.
Favorite Beatle:
Oh no. THE QUESTION. They have all been my favourite, over the years. I started with Ringo because I had a book on people who were born in July (my birth month) that he was in, so I felt a connection lmao. I obviously went through a teenage John stan phase, like most people do, but then my sister is still the worst kind of John stan and I reacted to that and started liking Paul just to be different. And then I was like, a depressed socially-anxious 20-year-old, so George was very comforting. Ultimately, I don’t have a favourite, as they are all my favourite, at different times and in different ways, and I know that’s a shit non-answer but it’s true. I do have special soft spots for Ringo & Paul though, because my dad is so anti-them and pro the others (hence my almost total ignorance of their post-Beatles music career, which I am rapidly rectifying), so I spend a lot of time defending them (though irl, with friends, I spend most of my time taking the piss out of Paul in particular because he deserves it <3). But really, they’re all amazing and terrible.
Favorite era for music:
THESE QUESTIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE, god. Again, I’ve gone through phases. As a child, I loved the Help! era a lot, and then I moved on to Sgt. Pepper and later stuff. I honestly like it all. At the moment I’m very into the early-to-mid stuff, again mainly because I feel it often gets neglected, at least among people who I talk to. (When we went as a family to see The Bootleg Beatles, my sister confessed she doesn’t much like the early stuff.) But I LOVE IT ALL, because ultimately I have no taste esp re: music and will like anything, given time and exposure.
Favorite era for lewks:
Yeah, I shouldn’t be asked ‘favourite’ questions tbh, because again my gut reaction is to say ‘every era’. Fuck. I do like the late ’66 onwards psychedelia stuff the most I think… it is very pretty. I have a special appreciation for the Teddy boy era at the moment though because I wasn’t all that aware of it before I became reacquainted and it’s largely what I’m writing atm.
Favorite song:
OH MY GOD. Umm. My parents asked me recently which one I’d take on Desert Island Discs, and I think I came up with ‘All You Need Is Love’. Which I do like a lot. Or, ‘A Day in the Life’, for its mix of Lennon & McCartney.
Favorite album:
omg I’m so glad this is the last ‘favourite’ question!! Sorry. Uh… Sgt. Pepper. The very first album I ever owned (on CD), at age 8, because I’m supercool and obviously was very popular at school.
Unpopular/Controversial Beatles opinion:
lmao I’m not sure if I have a truly unpopular one, I’ve seen so many random opinions in my time. Maybe that I’ve listened to the Decca audition tape and I truly don’t get what’s so off about Pete Best’s drumming? I think it sounds fine. I am a musical idiot who tried for years as a child to learn guitar and couldn't (classical Spanish, not normal/cool, so I don't even really know how chord is formed tbh).
A song everyone loves but you dislike:
‘Eleanor Rigby’. There is a reason for this – I watched the Yellow Submarine film so much as a child and the animation sequence for this song triggered the fuck out of me for some reason, it’s so effing creepy! So, I couldn’t listen to the song for literally 15 years. I used to walk out of shops if it came on. I’ve since managed to listen to it and not die, and it is a good song, there’s nothing wrong with it, it just sets off my existential angst like nothing else on earth! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE ALONE. Fuck you, Paul, you caused my depression and my anxiety both.
A song everyone dislikes but you love:
I mean I don’t think people truly dislike it, they just dismiss it, but ‘Octopus’s Garden’. It was my fave as a child, and I remember telling my dad that I loved The Beatles because they didn’t just sing about boring things like love all the time but also fun things like octopuses. lmao. And now I’m sat here crying over all their love songs, especially the ones written to each other. Child me was superior.
Your fantasy involving The Beatles:
Oh god I don’t want to meet them. I want to be a literal fly on the wall when they’re all stuck in a hotel bathroom together because the whole world wants to talk to them, but they only want to talk to each other. That would be perfect.
Tell us about the moment you knew you were a fan:
Probably age 8 when my mum (who, as mentioned above, saw them in concert) asked whether every conversation I had had to involve them and could we please talk about something else, hahahaha. Cannot believe she identified a hyperfixation before modern fandom even existed.
Did you ever have a genuine ‘The Beatles suck!’ phase before becoming a fan?:
Absolutely not. I totally swallowed the Kool Aid force-fed to me lmao. I’ve had, like, ‘I don’t like him as much as him’ or whatever phases, but I have now reached a happy equilibrium. They’re all awful. <3
Favorite Beatles book:
I have literally never read one. I don’t think? I have a loooooong list of bookmarked Amazon pages for a few months from now when I should be free for a bit and can spend ridiculous amounts on them. I will become that meme asking for help feeding my family. The first one I'm buying is that 'The Day John Met Paul' book because I need that stupid level of detail in my life and the bits I've seen of it are shippier and more purple prose than any fanfic.
Thoughts on the old generation of fans:
Ahhhh. I mean, they are my main experience of the fandom, or were until like a month ago. They have their faults, definitely, and a lot of their views need massive reassessment, but they’re so passionate and have done so much work and are so happy to teach and share, generally. Boomer men in particular are annoying, yes, and I vehemently disagree with most of my dad’s opinions, which are like the boomeriest opinions ever, but I also wouldn’t be here without him, so. (Also, old generation Dylan fans can be so much worse. I'm on a Dylan Facebook group and hahahahaha no.)
If Hollywood were to make a high budget Beatles biopic, what is one thing you desperately hope they include?:
This is one of my nightmares. Um. Probably the Bob Dylan cannabis incident? Because Bob is my one true love and I need it, and also would be a good counterpoint to the brief scene in I’m Not There. Otherwise, pls include Ringo’s sad backstory! Why did I not know of it until a month ago??
Do you read/write fanfic?:
Not in the past (though I read some, occasionally), but yes, now I read and write it. That is all I do now. That is my life. And sometimes I sleep.
Are you the only one in your family/friend group to enjoy them?:
Not in my family, we all do, but have different opinions that we argue about. (My mum was obvs a Paul fan (who wasn’t?) and wanted to call me Paul before I was born… lol.) Friend group, no, most people are at least casual fans (who I start talking to and then get disappointed that they’ve never heard of The Cavern Club or something), though a very few of my friends are all ‘I hate The Beatles and have never heard a single song’ which is hilarious. For some reason they don’t annoy me as anti-Dylan people, who I always try to convert.
Are you a shipper?:
I ship everything ever. Mainly John/Paul, obviously, which is what I’ve written so far, but I will read anything, pretty much, and will be convinced by it. When I was writing the Bob & George fic, I thought, do I ship George with Paul? Do I really think George had an (un)requited(?) crush on Paul? And I thought no, probably not, but I’ve since reassessed and realised that yes, I do, and I have a further one planned that will sort-of address that. I do also love George/Ringo and I only discovered ‘Oh Ringo’ the other day, which murdered me. But yeah, I ship them all with each other and with other people, in infinite combinations, tbh.
Favorite movie starring/made by them?:
I haven’t rewatched the films since I became obsessed again, so that will be interesting. I have particularly fond memories of A Hard Day’s Night. In terms of films about them… Backbeat and Nowhere Boy (sorry, Paul!).
Do you believe in McLennon?:
1000%. It’s kind of the worst, because it’s like those ‘here’s some clues we’re going to scatter throughout that point to what’s really happening!’ fandom things that people seem convinced showrunners are doing but they probably aren’t, only about ten million times more obvious, and that is catnip to me. It’s just endless. I am trapped, and this was inevitable. I'm a historian by training so I'm primed for this shit.
General opinions on McLennon?:
lmao, just read my fic, especially the Paris-and-after ones, which is my attempt at what I really think happened. There’s more coming of that series and the dynamic will become clearer, though I think it changes through time and hopefully I can write some later stuff too.
If you got to change ONE thing about their history, what would it be and why?:
Hmmm. I feel I should say something about how it ended etc., but then unfortunately I love angst and drama tbh, so even though it tears me apart I couldn’t really do that, and it created some great songs too. I’d probably not have George get hit in the eye with a boiled sweet because that’s just mean. :( Why would anyone do that?? (It was probably one of the others, wasn’t it… Probably John, let's be honest.)
What song has the best vocals?:
It is clearly ‘If I Fell’, especially because Paul’s voice cracks on the high note in that recording. HATE IT.
What song do you feel had no effort put into it?:
‘I Don't Know (Oh Johnny, Johnny)’. lmao, very low effort, because it’s just a jam, but still perfect.
What is a well talked about moment in Beatles history you genuinely believe to be false?:
6th July 1957. I am a bit tinhat for the theory that John & Paul met earlier in some fashion and that for whatever reason they just fixed on that as a convenient time and place to tell the world. A future fic may address this further.
What is something you KNOW to be true, but often gets erased in their history?:
They're all funny, but George is actually the funniest. His quiet savagery knows no bounds and should never be underestimated.
Least favorite look from a Beatle(s):
Literally none because I love facial hair, so I am immune to most of the worst ones. Apart from maybe that one of Paul (with no facial hair) that I saw on here the other day, from the ‘80s, with short hair and it was awful. The ‘80s were a hellscape, may they never return.
Favorite look from a Beatle(s):
This specific picture, for all of them, goodbye:
Tumblr media
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maybebrilliant · a year ago
My birthday gifts
I would like to start this off by saying how much I love all of you that made me moodboards, wrote fics, and sent me sweet, beautiful messages. Really, you brightened up my day so insanely much, and I’m so grateful to all of you. 
You’re all such lovely, amazing, special people, and I’m so glad and honoured to have met you all. You’re the best friends/siblings/mums/family anyone could ever ask for, and I wouldn’t swap you for the WORLD. I do not deserve all this, but WOW I am SO HONOURED!!
You all deserve hugs and love and millions of kudos, for taking the time and energy to make me things, and such lovely ones as well!!! I feel so special, and it’s all thanks to you wonderful humans 💙
Then, last thing before I start, I am FREAKING OUT and AMAZED at the amount of things I recieved! I’ll put them all in a list below, but seriously, how am I this lucky? I’m used to being the shy girl, but somehow I’ve made a load of incredible friends, and they’ve all created INCREDIBLE content for me. 
So, without further rambling on my part, here’s everything I recieved for my birthday! (It’s such a long list I’m C R Y I N G from happiness, you all. Like. LOOK AT THIS. I am the luckiest person in the whole fucking world.)
 The emperor but Melinda May by @fentasticallyconfuddled. Fen, this is absolutely gorgeous! I stared at it for a full five minutes before reblogging, I’ll have you know. Your digital are has become seriously good, and this one is for ME 😍
Skimmons + Enemies to Lovers + Musician AU moodboard by @acetoshikosato. Ah Dani, this is just fantastic! I love it so so so much, I can just see how that would work and let me tell you, it’s fantastic!!!
Jemma Simmons, green + white moodboard by @missinglittlebritishfriend. Oh gosh, Val, this is incredible! One of my favourite girls, and such gorgeous colours!!!
Huntingbird + white moodboard by @2minutes2midnight. Zuza!!! Your moodboards are always amazing, but this one is special and I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH
Staticquake + first apartment moodboard by @springmagpies. Aaah, Maggie, a lovely moodboard for a lovely ship! And what a moodboard, though 😍🥰
Beautiful Irises by @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire. Di, what an incredible thing! And I’m so touched, because you REMEMBERED that these are my favourite flowers, and honestly that just means so much. 💙
like it could be love by @leahnonsense. OMG SIS, WHAT THE *Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist* ?!?!? YOU? Writing FICS again? And, sjdlkjsk, such an INCREDIBLE one, omg. Like, BennyBeth? Spies AU? And a freaking multichap? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
take your breath away by @daisylincs. Aaaaah, Lily!!!! This is just so perfect and incredible and, omg, I love it with my whole heart! All 11k of it dksjdlksjksj. I can’t stop ranting about it, ask Le lmao, and I will read it every time I’m sad to cheer me up😍💙💜
the things we say in the dark by @besidemethewholedamntime. Oh gosh, Rebecca, I am HERE for soft Huntingbird, and that’s exactly what you gave me!! I can just read it over and over again, honestly. GORGEOUS.
i can’t stop you putting roots in my dreamland  by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly. Ahhhh, another fic that lives in my heart rent free! Based on the most hilarious Tumblr meme, this made me laugh and awwww so much. Aubrey, ilsym!!
brave face, talk so lightly (hide the truth) by @the-9muses. Q. Q!!! Beautiful, amazing Skimmons angst, and SO WELL WRITTEN as always. Honestly, perfect!!!
the greatest loves of all time are over now by @sad-tunes. MORE SKIMMONS ANGST!! I am SO HERE FOR IT. Vi, this is just so lovely, (even though it was written in an hour lmao) LOVE IT. 
small wonder why we love them so by @nazezdha321. SKIMMONS. ADOPTING. A. KITTEN!!!!! Z, honestly ilsymm and this is just WONDERFUL. Pixie lives in my heart rent-free 🥺
(not so) fake dating by @browneyedgenius. MY LITTLE STATICQUAKE BBYS FAKE DATING!!!. M, you know me so well lmao. The BEST!
Science Nerds by @eowima. FITZ AND PETER!!!!! Like, when was there ever a more perfect combination to nerd out about science? Dksjdkjds I LOVE IT :D. 
Asphodel: chapter 14 by @aleksandrachaev. For me and @the-9muses KAT IT UPDATED AND IT’S FOR ME AND Q THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN LIFE. sldjsldjslkjsk. OK, Q, we gotta go read this!! This fic is the BESTTTTT. 
Then there are all the people who sent me birthday asks, and honestly they brightened my day so, so much, so thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!!!! You all are the BEST. PEOPLE. ON. EARTH, and I would die for you all 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙 💙💙💙💙💙
(I’m leaving this up until the end of the month, because 😍)
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noya-senpai-imagines · a year ago
Hello! May I request headcanons for Nishinoya with a little sister who idolizes him and wants to be just like him, so she copies everything she does? No pressure if you're already swamped with requests :) Love your writing!
Tumblr media
Being Nishinoya’s little sister!
these two requests were so similar i’m combining them!! ALSO YES!! i don’t have any siblings and like noya is such a comfort character for me and imagining him as my older brother?!?!!! i’m sobbing man i need this in my life like right now.
Tumblr media
nishinoya is the most protective older brother in the world and you can’t tell me otherwise.
i mean you’ve seen how protective this boy is of kiyoko. now imagine that but on steroids.
i mean you’re his baby sister!! he has to protect you it’s his duty as your nii-san!!!
‘y/n where do you think you’re going dressed like that’
‘i’m wearing JEANS yū JEANS!!!’
‘you still didn’t answer my question...’
‘i’m just going to the library to study for my test next week; jesus yū calm down’
but he only does it with the best intentions. he knows just how perverted teenage boys can be. especially around a really cute girl like yourself.
you two have a really solid relationship. noya is a very passionate and caring guy by nature so there’s no way you two aren’t close.
you are practically glued to each other. always chatting and wrecking general havoc. and more often than not you’d sleep in his room, even as you got older, he just made you feel so safe and loved.
you really admired all of his hard work and determination. so much so that you decided you wanted to start learning how to play volleyball yourself around age 7.
he was actually the one who taught you how to play volleyball. you’d spend hour after hour in your back garden just passing to each other and perfecting your control over the ball.
‘nii-san i wanna join a volleyball team as a libero just like you!!!’
noya remembers this moment so clearly it’s kind of freaky...i mean he’s always loved being called nii-san but the fact you wanted to be like him?!?!! he felt so proud and special. and from that moment on he swore he was not only gonna play for himself, but for you too.
and so after school he’d go over everything he did in practise that day with you. as well as watching games on tv with you and taking you to watch his matches.
he was so proud of you when you finally made the chidoriyama team!! he took you out for ice-cream to celebrate that night!!
you two would always stay behind after practise and do drills together.
it always ended up turning into some kind of challenge or game...
‘first to finish their suicide runs gets shotgun next time we’re out with mum!!’
‘oi yū stop cheating!!! you got a head start!!’
you two were always practising together. in the hallways between lessons. at lunch. on the way to and from school. constantly.
and it sure as hell paid off...
soon enough everyone was talking about the ‘nishinoya siblings’ and their ‘insane receiving skills’
you’d always try to go to each other’s games, however when you both were in middle school the games often clashed.
so you’d taken to wearing each other’s socks during a game. it sounds really childish but having a piece of you brother with you during a game really helped-because even if he couldn’t cheer for your during that game you knew he was always 100% behind you.
he even kept this practise up into high school and so did you, even though tanaka (and later tsukishima) made fun of him for it. especially since you didn’t end up going to karasuno.
in your third year you had been scouted shiratorizawa’s girls team.
you were originally planning on going to karasuno up until then but you couldn’t turn down such an amazing offer. and considering karasuno’s girls team is more a small time one going to shiratorizawa would allow you to continue to chase your dream.
the only problem was shiratorizawa was a boarding school. even if you lived in the area all students were expected to board there was no way around it.
and you were honestly terrified, the longest you’ve ever been away from your brother was only a few days.
he was your best friend and you didn’t know how you were gonna cope. it was bad enough not going to the same school as him but also not being able to see him for weeks at a time???
he may of not wanted you to do but noya definitely pushed you towards accepting their offer. even though it hurt him just as much as it hurt you, he didn’t want you to turn down such a good opportunity for his sake.
it’s hard not living together but he constantly calls and texts you. even sneaking into your dorms every friday night to watch movies together like you used to when you were still at home.
you’d go cheer in the karasuno stands for your brother whenever you weren’t playing. him doing the same.
some of team were a bit confused at first by it. wondering why noya would always run off if they weren’t playing.
‘y/n is playing!! i have to go cheer my baby sister on!!’
anddddd suddenly the entirety of karasuno is in the stands, even coach ukai was interested.
and when they saw you perfectly return a spike with a flying receive they realised you must’ve been the y/n he was talking about!!
‘AHHHH noya senpai why didn’t you say your sister was so cool!!’
‘i see where she gets her talent from’
‘oh that’s why y/n isn’t living with you..’
‘is she wearing your socks?!?!?’
‘yeah why do you guys wear each other’s socks that really weird’
‘it’s for luck goddammit!! like it reminds us we have each other’s backs during a game, especially if we can’t cheer each other on!’
‘...that’s quite cute’
‘ahahaha who knew noya was such a softie’
‘watch it!’
you came running into gym, legs aching from the day prior. five sets of constant digging really took it out of you but it was worth it. you’d managed to qualify for nationals and now it was your brothers turn...
by some miracle you managed to get to the stands and pushed your way to the front standing next to this blonde guy that vaguely recognised... but you weren’t sure from where..??
‘oi! who are you?’
‘who are you?’
‘hey! i asked first!!’
‘im akiteru im kei’s older brother’
‘AH! that’s why you looked sort of familiar!! i’m yū’s little sister!! y/n!’
‘oh i should’ve noticed..’ he said nodding towards a big poster you were holding...
‘i believe in YŪ’
just before the game started you sat up ontop of the barrier holding your sign (and giving akiteru an absoulete heart attack as he quickly grabbed onto you to make sure you didn’t fall).
it was now match point to karasuno. both you and akiteru had ended up clinging onto each other out of anxiousness.
come on yū... you’ve got this... i believe in you... come on nii-san...let’s go to nationals together...
the ball fell on shiratorizawa’s side ... karasuno had won ...
you were both going to nationals.... YOU WERE BOTH GOING TO NATIONALS!!!!!!
you bolted down the stairs and onto the court, straight into noya’s arms, tears streaming down your face.
he spun you round in his arms, giddy from victory...
and smirking he said...
‘have i ever broken my promises to you before y/n?’
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l4ndoodie · a year ago
First. - Alex Albon
Tumblr media
London was grey and cold for a july day and Alex wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer towards him as I started shivering. I grin up at him and he grins down to me even wider which got me to giggle. We walk down the street until we finally reach our hotel. The girl behind the reception smiles as she spots us and I give her a small smile back before we walk over towards the elevator. I'm tired due to us spending the whole day in the city so far. Doing sightseeing things, trying out different street food and smiling for pictures with or from each other then and there. I lean against Alex as the elevator takes us a few many floors up. And when the door opens he pulls me with him towards our room. He unlocks the door with our card and I sigh out as we enter the room and I fall down on the bed immediately.
I hear Alex laugh out and feel him grab for my one feet as he helped me out of my shoes, before walking around and helping me out of my jacket as well. He then climbs in bed beside me and pulls me towards him again. I smile as I nuzzle my head in his neck and sigh out contently.
We took naps like this almost everyday whenever we found the time and I'm off to sleep in seconds.
When we wake up again it's around dinner time and we get dressed in sneakers and our jacket but leave the hotel again in joggers. We walk down a few streets until we found a pizzeria that looked good enough. And then we took the pizza back to our room and shared slices of pizza in the hotel bed, between the sheets. I loved our date nights.
Our next morning begins early as Alex alarm wakes us up and a groan leaves my lips. Alex stirs awake faster than I do and he gives my body a squeeze and he presses a kiss to my forehead before he crawls out of bed and walks to the bathroom to take a shower. It takes me a little longer before I get out of bed as well and start packing our suitcases back together. Our sweet and short little getaway to London has come to an end and it was time for us to move on again. As Alex is done and we were done in getting ready and getting everything together we left our hotel room and got breakfast before leaving the hotel behind.
Alex drives the Aston Martin towards Silverstone where the next race would take place in. We spend the car ride singing along to tunes we knew by heart and laughing until my stomach hurt. We get our stuff to the hotel and then Alex is off to do more press work and start the weekend. And he comes back late and is tired and exhausted and a little nervous as well. I knew press meetings weren't the easiest task for him nowadays, with the press only pointing out the negative stuff of him. Which made me all the more impressed and proud of how he always continued to push through. We have dinner in the hotel restaurant and sit down with a few team members before calling it a night.
And Friday doesn't start any later than the day before and we get dressed and ready before driving towards the track. It still doesn't feel anything but normal being at a track when barely any people were around. Alex smiles and kisses me before he's off doing what he loves most. And I sit in the garage and watch him drive out of the garage and then my eyes look on the screen to see him race.
Friday is a mixture of everything, it's not raining and Alex is struggling a bit but manages to do better in the second free practice. We cuddle up in bed and talk about everything that's on his mind and his forehead leans against mine as he tells me how much he loves me.
Saturday's third free practice is rainy and therefore not many people drive out. I knew how much people loved rain races but I was always glad when the conditions seemed to be less harmful and he got back safely. Qualifying goes good for Alex, he manages to get P4 which feels like a massive success for him. And even though Max still does better, he still smiles wide when he gets out of his car and takes off his helmet and then walks over to me. He picks me up and whirls me around for a short moment before pressing a kiss to my lips.
Sunday starts early, and Alex nearly jumps out of bed and leaves me behind. He leans in to press a kiss to my face though before he's out of the door. And then I go back to sleep again before waking up later in the morning and having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I go towards the track on my own and make it over to Alex room immediately. He's in the middle of doing an exercise as he looks up and spots me. His eyes go a bit wider and sparkle as he grins at me. I only shortly wave as I sit down on the couch and watch him and his trainer do some more exercises. Alex has around half an hour as a break afterwards before he would speak to his team some more and then having lunch before everything would get started. We have his break to ourselves and I try to calm him down and distract him the best way possible as we talk about something that didn't include 4 wheels. We talk about spending time with his family again and finally visiting mine when things have calmed down and turned out better.
And then it's time for him to go for some more talking and we see each other again at lunch. Which is short and then everything gets serious and I'm in the garage and my fingers are already crossed before he's even in the car. He comes over towards me just in time and I give him a good luck kiss and tell him to be careful before he puts his helmet on and gets into the car.
And then the race starts and Alex manages to keep his place as the cars start to drive. The race seemed rather boring as there was barely anything happening until the rain started sooner than expected. Alex is lucky that his team put up a strategy that put him up first. My eyes are wide and don't go any smaller for the remaining laps either. The mercedes are strong and even though the rain surprised them they manage to fight back. I'm scared, to say the least as I anxiously watch Alex fighting his first position. Both Lewis and Valterri are so close to him. And under normal circumstances they would probably passed him but today didn't seem to be normal because Alex actually manages to stay up front and pass the finish line as the first car in the row.
I can't believe this is actually happening and one of his team mates hugs me and we start jumping around as tears well up in my eyes. I hear his voice through the head speakers as he thanks the whole team. I smile to myself as I realize what has just happened. And then I'm even allowed to say something towards him and I tell him how proud I am of him.
The first three park the car in front of the podium and the team, including me, stands around them. Alex gets out of the car and jumps down while doing a celebration. He takes his helmet off and then stands in front of his team and thanking them for doing this once more. And then he turns towards me and then he holds in for a moment unsure of what to do before he quickly steps over and pulls me in a hug and I grin as I rub his back. He presses a quick kiss to my lips before he's off to weight.
The celebration up on the podium is getting me emotional as I take a few videos and a few photos to remember this moment.
It still feels surreal as I went back to his room to wait up for him there. I knew it would take him a while but I didn't mind. He just won his first formula one grand prix and after everything he went through the last couple of days, or rather weeks he deserved this more than anyone.  
I'm exhausted as I lay on the couch just as he walks in. Alex smiles as he spots me and plops down on the space beside me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me close and I giggle slightly as I ruffle his hair.
"Hey there champ," I smile.
"Hey love," he smiles.
"I'm so proud of you," I add and he squeezes me as a reply.
"I'm so happy," he says. "Tired but happy."
"I already send the pictures I took to your mum," I tell him and he pulls out to look at me better.
"You took pictures?" he smiles and I nod eagerly.
"I gotta have photos to look at when I'll show our grandchildren," I reply and he chuckles as he continues grinning and looking at me from his side.
"Show me," he says and I smile as I pull out my phone and went to the photo app. I show him the photos I took and a few of them that I already posted.
"And what did my mum say?" he asks. "I had no chance to talk to her."
"She was freaking out like I was," I tell him and he smiles. "Our conversation literally just went "ahhhh" "ahhhh i know" "ahhhh""
Alex laughs out as he squeezes me again. "Should we go back to the hotel room and get something to eat before watching a movie?"
"If you wanna celebrate your first win like this, then that's what we'll do," I tell him with a smile.
"I don't really care about where we celebrate as long as you'll be with me," he grins and I giggle as I lean in and press another kiss to his lips.
First of many.
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kyunsies · 5 months ago
madch madch <3 hello love!
how are you my love :D YAY I'M SO HAPPY YOUR COLD IS GONE OMG!! Do you feel properly better now? the sleep nose cloggs is the worst, i'm super glad it's gone for you.
YES for a whole month - like it makes me miss summer holidays when i was a kid and you could take the time off like that. do you ever feel like you didn't appreciate that stuff like when you were a kid? like being able to have long sleeps and stuff or just running about the mall with no consequence? we really do have the same situation going on! i just want to be able to buy my mum a better house and a better car and nicer holidays and stuff? like that small stuff which sounds a bit boring but like, idk that means more to me than the overly flashy stuff? like i'd love to be a mum one day but seeing how much my mum does sometimes i'm like... IDK if I could hack it you know?
ah wow ok! my school i really get what you say about catholic guilt as it's super similar from my cultural influences as well? YES like, it's bad to think too well of yourself, or just that you shouldn't do it? or you're gonna end up inviting bad things if you do think too much of yourself? i get really confused about it sometimes. like - almost like there's a difference between self love and thinking too well of yourself? and i can appreciate myself without ever thinking i'm too good at something etc? does that make sense? idk i'm worried about self love it if means it makes my ego bad and over arrogant and all that stuff? I GET YOU tho - it is that line between contentment and like feeling yourself to the point it's ... ick? it's hard isn't it?
THAT FACT STEALING TOILET PAPER WAS YOU USING BAD LANGUAGE omg do you see what i mean you are just so so so so pure of heart and sweet and thank you for being so kind <3 are you looking forward to going back to uni in some ways? or is it all general *internal screaming*? remember you're mega and amazing <3
omg we literally had a HUGE HEARTWAVE to the point where I have so many bites everywhere - i'm glad you've had a bunch of sun but YAY TINY TINY SQUAD!!!!!!! I AM 5'1" so yay to us being tiny together <3 I am always the tiny one too! i used to hate it but i like my height more now - and like the fact i can fit into kids stuff on sale? or like shoe sizes not being a problem? but then sometimes the sizing is a bit weird like you said before! YOU GET IT WITH THE BF JEANS. It is a neverending quest RN. I've figured out the size I can really get for them but so few stores make it :/ we will see how this saga unfolds. do you lampshade a lot with clothes? i find i always end up doing that even if i don't mean to haha XD
OKAY SO JO MALONE I like the smell of pomegrante noir but IDK if I'd wear it but the lime and basil is another fave of mine. I just really really don't like musky smells I'm with you with the citrus! like, stuff that reminds me of summer and fresh stuff? musk makes me feel like i'm walking into like a noughties teen clothing store i just can't hasjdakshd. like i hate lynx smells? WHY DO BOYS WEAR IT?
AHHHH OMG ok mutual blue moon love YES HELLO <3 <3 <3 I ADORE lofi jazz garage I honestly die/simp for that sound. like they dabbled a bit more with those vibes in OOAK and that's why I loved the new album so much I guess? just so so so beautiful. i just wanna drown in like the sounds of moonlight and suggestions of other things by candlelight or long city drives? does that make sense? ugh LOVE IT. getting up in my feels here hahahajsdkhasda
YAY HI TO YOUR MOM <3 I hope she's having a beautiful beautiful day too and that's getting rest as well! never worry about getting back to me late, I know you're so busy and that's always okay, love you lots and lots <3 <3 <3
MY BEST PAL <33 hello my sweet, how have u been doing these days? i know i must sound like a record on repeat, but i miss you all the days that i don't hear from you, i'm always thinking about how you are doing ;____;
but YES after like ,,,,,,2 and a half weeks of being sick with the cold i am FINALLY over it :') it's not so much the stuffy nose during the daytime that annoys me it was the freaking clogged nose at night for the love of GOD i hate breathing with my mouth open it's so gross ;___; and sore throats ......... honestly i wouldn't wish a sore throat on my worst enemy lol like i'd rather have the flu for 2 days than a sore throat for a whole week ldkfjsdkf i'm such a baby <3
about being on holiday as a kid LOL IT WAS !!!!! the absolute best time !!! i know at some point we need to be functioning human beings in society lol but honestly at the age of like 13 where ur too young to work but u can't drive yourself anywhere ?? it's the best time (besides the driving part lol) bc you literally do not have one ounce of responsibility it's so great ;____; it's good to work and help ppl but i miss that too ....... and about our experiences with our single moms !!! pls this is all i want for her lol ; like u said nothing overly flashy but once i'm established i would like for her to live comfortably without being at the hands of someone else so i wouldn't mind like buying her a nice apartment ;____; when she was younger she traveled all the time and once i was born she coudn't do that with me bc she simply didn't have the money so she's always telling me after i graduate we should take a little trip to europe or go out west :( i think that would be so great :(((
OH GOOD OLD CATHOLIC GUILT LOL listen ..... there are a lot of things that the catholic church has done in the past that i don't agree with at all and stuff but ;____; i'm still grateful in some aspects bc my moral compass is like . a super big part of my life and it guides me to lead me away from decisions that aren't the best for me lol and i'm really grateful again for my mom for sending me to catholic school all these years :') and i think it's good to have this sense of humbleness (i hate ppl that are so boastful about themselves like truly no one cares sdjfslkf) but i do agree that catholic guilt can sometimes be a hinderance like i keep on saying i wish i had at least one ounce of self dignity SDLKFJ idk like u said it's a fine line between being humble and having no self worth :') i guess at the end of the day u need ppl surrounding u who make u feel like u are worth something and that it's okay to think positively about urself <3
honestly babe no ,,,,,, i'm not looking forward to going back to my final year of uni at all ;____; i don't know when i got like this but nursing school has literally scarred me to the point where i'm so anxious to even finish this year :( the ICU, my preceptorship, exams, finding and landing a job successfully before i graduate ???? i want it to all be over with so quickly but i'm so nervous for the future ahead of me ;____; will i get to where i am meant to be ???? i'm going to sOB IM NOT READY FSKDJFDS .............................
YAY TINY SQUAD LOL SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS !!!!!!! everyone on here is like boo hoo i'm 5'3 and im like ?????? ur inching near normal height shut up ?? SDKFJ :') truly shopping is so hard literally u can kill pants every fitting u perfectly unless u hem them and omg ??? pls explain to me what lampshading is LOL I HAVE NEVER HEARD THAT TERM BEFORE ?? :o !!!!!!!!! but also yes almost all of my sneakers are kids shoes LOL JOKES ON TALL PPL WE CAN GET THEM FOR CHEAPER <3
and about jo malone !!!!!!!!!!! the lime and basil one i've had my eye on it omg !!!!!!! bc i love love the smell of basil :) i'm actually visiting my grandparents this weekend and we are going to the mall so i'm going to finally pick up a new scent !!! i've literally had the one i told u about for 2 years LOL but i also agree everyone loves musky scents for some reason but i don't lsdkfjs i feel like those heavy scents "weigh me down" ????? do u feel that way too? it's hard to explain :')
ALSO OMG OKAY you are my blue moon ride or die now <3 have never met a mbb yet who loves blue moon as much as i do LOL it's just *mwah* perfection ........... absolute perfection like it fits all moods its fresh its lowkey it's perfect and YES YES i felt heaven kinda had the same vibe ??? not so much the dark garage jazz sound but more of the light and airy garage jazz sound LKDFJS i know that sounds dumb but it's lighter and happier but has that same lofi sound i'm obsessed with <3
okay bubbie but YEAH mom and i are healthy now we are in good spirits and we are hanging in there !! again i'm sorry for getting back so late hun really i always want to respond right away but like i always say quality over any short answer hhhh <3 i hope u have a lovely rest of the week if i don't hear from u soon okay? always sending love and hugs xxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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pixie88 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 11 - Together - Adam & Ellie.
A/N: This chapter is from both M!MC & F!MC POV. I cried at this chapter, you would think for someone who’s given birth 4 times I shouldn’t have to Google what labour is like but my only “normal” labour was over 10 years ago now and the other 3 have been very very fast labours. It is a fast forward chapter sorry but I like doing this series like this but this is also why I haven’t added a DOB because of the fast forward timeline haha. I hope you like it! 😘
If you like it let me know or if you don’t still tell me why I won’t be offended!
I am only tagging those who have asked to be tagged in this series from now on as I don’t want to annoying people with tags. So Let me know if you would like to be tagged and if I missed anyone sorry just let  me know! 
Find previous chapters HERE under Together - Adam & Ellie.
Word count: 1803
WARNINGS: ⚠️ Fluffy fluff, Mild NSFW & adult language.
Pairings: Adam x Ellie.
Tumblr media
15 Weeks later.
"You can do this Ellie"
Tears are streaming down her face "I can't! It hurts..AHHHHHH!"
"Ellie, look at me, you can do this just breathe. You got this beautiful"
She takes deep breaths on the gas and air, "Now Ellie, I just need to check if we are there yet so after this contraction I'll see how we are doing" April the midwife tells her.
(Her water broke at half 7 this morning just as I got up for work. The contractions started lunch time. It's 2 days until Charlie's due date. I wish I could take the pain away)
I move out the way for April "Has that one gone?" she nods.
"Right, let's have a look" the midwife checks Ellie over "Well, good news you've hit 10 centimeters"
"Another one is com.....Ahhhh!"
I take her hand "Right, now Ellie. I need you to put all your energy into pushing. With your next contraction can you give me a small gentle push. Put your chin to your chest as you push"
She pants while she waits for the next contraction, it isn't long before it's here. Instead of screaming Ellie puts all her effort into pushing "Ellie, that is brilliant! Remember to breathe, small, gentle pushes"
Her grip on my hand tightens, she gasps "That one has gone. How much longer until he's here"
"I think with a few more pushes we'll have the head"
I kiss her knuckles "You're doing amazing beautiful"
"What? Even though I'm nearly breaking your hand?" she smiles.
"Break it! Squeeze as hard as you can if that's what you need"
"Here com..."
"That's it! That's it Ellie, small pushes. I can see the head"April tells her.
A few more pushes later "That's the head out Ellie" She started panting "Next contraction and he'll be here!"
"Oh god here it..." she starts pushing again.
"Here he is" April looks up at the clock "8:05 PM"
"Ellie, You did it, he's here!!" I well up.
"Would you like skin to skin contact?" Ellie nods tears streaming down her face as April places him against her chest under her hospital grown.
"Adam, he's here. He's really here!"
I kiss her forehead "He is!! I'm so proud of you beautiful"
"Would Daddy like to cut the cord?"
"Yeah, I'll give it ago" lifting the grown she turns Charlie (He's so tiny! He's sucking his fingers. He's gorgeous)
"Right, just cut here" the scissors cut through the cord.
Ellie's smiling at me, my heart has never felt so full.
A little while later, after Ellie delivers the afterbirth, vitamin K, stitches, April places Charlie on the weighing scales "Lets see how much you weigh you little beaut.....7lbs 7oz. Now let's give you daddy, so he can dress you, then is mummy breast feeding?"
"I think I'm going to do a bit of both?"
"Great while daddy is getting him dressed why don't you grab a shower or bath and I'll grab you a hot drink and some toast"
Later we are taken up to the neonatal unit where, I get up onto the bed with her, I pull her to me, kiss the top of her head "Ellie, Thank you" I whisper.
She looks up at me, she looks absolutely shattered "Thank you? For what?" she whispers back.
"For giving me a baby. Making me a dad"
She lets out small laugh "I think you'll find you gave me him first. So, thank you!"
I laugh, "True, but you grew him and did the hardest part"
"And I couldn't have done it without you! Adam, we're parents!!"
We both drift off.
1:38 AM
I hear Charlie stirring I pick him up out of the cot bed, I look over to Ellie who is still asleep.
"Hey little man, we need to be quiet. Mummy needs her rest" not wanting to wake her, I give Charlie a bottle, burp him and change his nappy.
Luckily April helped me do it downstairs "Right, we need to remember, we wipe what we see. That's what she told us, isn't it?" after I've changed him, place him on my chest he soon asleep again, I place him in his cot again.
4:23 AM
"Such a good boy! Well done!" I hear Ellie whisper. I wake to see her breastfeeding Charlie, she spots me "Hey, go back to sleep. We have this don't we!"
"I didn't hear him stir"
She smiles "I got up to use the toilet when I came back, he was just starting to wake. His nappy isn't full. It's weird!"
I laugh, sit up to kiss her cheek "Weird!" I pull out my phone.
*9 New Messages*
The first one is from Mum.
11:47 PM
[Oh, Adam he's beautiful. My first grandchild 😍 Congratulations to you both and well done to that superstar daughter inlaw. We are at the airport our flight leaves in 20 minutes. We'll see you when you all get home. Well done Adam! We are proud of you both. We love you x]
The next is from Mel.
11:48 PM
[Congratulations!! He is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait for cuddles with my new grandson 🥰 Well done both of you. Saving that photo as my screen saver. I can't believe I'm a nanna. Thank you so much for sending that. Tell Ellie I've been shopping for you guys all packed and put away. See you guys soon 😊]
11:49 PM
[Well done El's and well done Adam....do you have an x-ray booked to make sure she hasn't broken any bones in your hand! Haha. Seriously I'm so happy for you two! Congratulations. My nephew is going to be a little heart breaker that's for sure. Can't wait to meet him]
11:50 PM
[How much does he look like you as a baby Adam. He's beautiful. Congratulations mummy and daddy and well done mummy! I saw Mel at yours earlier so I popped in a lasagna in the fridge for you both. You just need to heat it in the oven. I've also done a few batch meals and stuck them in the freezer, there is chilli which Mel got a couple of packets of that ping rice for. There is also bolognese in there you will have to cook the spaghetti and there's a few other bits all labelled for you. So no need cook for a while. Xxx]
There is a few more from other friends.
"Are you ready beautiful?"
I look up at him "This is it! We get to go home"
"As a family of 3" he places a soft kiss on my lips.
I go to pick up my bag "Don't even think about it Ellie," I hear Adam over my shoulder, I roll my eyes.
"OK, hulk but you can't carry Charlie in his car seat and this bag"
He takes it off me "I can! Now let's get you two home"
We walk down to the car Adam clips Charlie's seat onto the Isofix, I get into the passengers seat.
20 Minutes later we pull up to the house once inside Adam ushers me upstairs to have a bath. I hear Charlie and my breast start to leak "Adam! I'll be down in a second" I quickly brush my hair and head down.
In the living room Adam is on the sofa with Charlie, he passes him over, but Charlie doesn't want to latch on. "Here I got one of the formula ready made bottles out for him" Adam hands me a bottle.
I look at the coffee table and spot them, there are flowers and chocolates on the table. "Who's that from?"
I look at him confused "have a look," he smirks.
He picks up the card out of the flowers. The front of the card reads BEAUTIFUL!
"They are from you!" I melt.
"I got Lisa to make them up for me and Nan to bring them round early this morning"
"They are beautiful! Thank you"
He leans in, his lips brush against mine "No! Thank you!" Adam kisses the top of Charlies head "I love his smell"
"New baby smell"
"I had a text from Mum and your mum they wanted to come round today, but I've told them maybe it best to leave it until tomorrow"
"Give us a chance to settle in first" I smile.
"Yeah, that and I wanted my little family to myself a little while longer" he grins.
The next day
Mum, Tom, Nina, Al and Elaine are over for lunch.
Elaine made a platter of sandwiches and snacky bits, "He has your nose Ellie" Nina is cuddling Charlie.
"I hope his eyes change to Adams" Adam squeezes my hand.
"They can change up to a year old" mum says.
"How did he sleep last night?" Tom asks.
"He only woke once!"
I hear a low chuckle coming from Adam, I turn, and he's smiling "Twice actually"
"He did? Why didn't you wake me?"
He smiles, "You looked so peace sleeping. Plus that's what I'm here for"
"Adam & Ellie, your dad and I got something for Charlie. Al go and grab it" Al gets up and walks to the hallway before bringing in a big box.
"I know you have a cot and a moses basket but Sophie's daughter had one for her little boy and swears by it"
"What is it?" Adam asks.
"Next to you crib"
"Oh, wow thank you both" I smile.
4 Weeks later I've finished Charlies night feed and put him back down.
I slip back into bed Adams arms come around me, pulling me tight against him "Did someone have a naughty dream?" I whisper as I feel his hard member against the curves of my arse.
"Maybe...its torture not doing anything about it"
I laugh "Just because we can't do that doesn't mean I can't do anything!"
I feel his body tease up "What?" he whispers against my neck.
I turn to face him "There are other ways I can help you scratch a certain itch" I start kissing his neck and push him onto his back.
I trail down his chest until I reach his inner thigh "Ellie, you don't have to"
I smile against him "I want to," I pull down his boxer springing him free, he gasps as I wet the tip.
"Shhh! You'll wake Charlie!"
The next morning "Ellie, your mum is here!" Adam calls up from downstairs.
"OK, I'll be down in a bit" I make my way downstairs, Adam is at the bottom.
"She in the living room cuddling up to Charlie. Are you excited?"
"Aww, bless her! Super excited!" I smile.
"I find it funny you own a bridal shop but you're going to another to get your wedding dress!"
Continue reading this story here - Chapter 12.
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suckerfordylansstuff · 2 years ago
New Journey (S.H) Chapter 4 Season 2
Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader!henderson
Summary: Y/N Henderson joins her brother's little adventure and makes a new friend on the way
Warnings: swearing
Notes: I just realized that my summary is trash.. Well anyway, I got a little bit carried away with this chapter, but I took a while to post so I wanted to be back on track.Enjoy!💕
Not requested
 Chapter 3 << New Journey Masterlist >> Chapter 5 
Tumblr media
You were walking slowly, not wanting to disturb anyone or anything. You had no clue what Steve was doing here, but it shouldn't be good. You could hear mumbled voices from the back of the house so you headed that way.
When you turned the corner you saw them both looking at the basement- 'Wait.. IT'S OPEN'
" Hey!" you whispered yelled at them. They both let a scream out as they saw you rushing to them "What are you doing? You tryna let him out?" you went to close the basement again but Steve put a hand on yours to stop your movements. You looked up at him and immediately backed away.
" Let.. Let out.. Dustin's bird! Yeah.. He got an owl.. We found an injured owl and we kept him here, because mum would freak out and-" you started rumbling without any idea of what you were saying until Dustin stopped you.
" Y/N... Y/N!" he yelled till your eyes met his "He knows about Dart. That's why I brought him here." he said and to calm you down.
You looked at Steve again and he gave you a small smile " Oh.. Oh OK.. And why exactly did you bring him here? I thought we had everything under control?" you said mostly to Dustin, not wanting Steve to hear.
" I thought we could use some muscle in case anything happened." he simply answered.
" Hey. I'm more than just muscle OK? I'm also part of the brain." Steve interrupted. You and Dustin looked at him for a second like he was talking nonsense then you spoke up again.
" And why exactly did you open the basement? Dart could get out!" you felt like you were lecturing them, like what your mum was doing quite often nowadays.
" I just wanted Steve to look at him.. Maybe it's one of the things he had to fight last year." Dustin explained and then turned to Steve " Come on now. Go downstairs and see Dart."
Steve looked quite scared now and gave you a worried look. 'Oh, you have no idea what you're getting into' you thought.
Dustin beside you was getting impatient " C'mon Steve, don't be a pussy and go deal with Dart!"
" Hey! Why don't you go downstairs? You're the one that brought this mess!" Steve yelled too having enough with your brother's attitude.
" Hey!" you screamed "Both of you, stop! Dustin language." you pointed at your brother who was now looking down "And Steve if you're too scared to face Dart, don't worry about it. You can leave right now. You have a way out of this mess and we won't judged you. I'm going in."
" Uh.. Uh no, Y/N" Steve what shocked and didn't know how to form any sort of sentence. He had never seen you this angry ever before and didn't know how to react.
You didn't care what he was saying and started walking down the stairs. When you reached the floor you stepped on a slimey thing.
" What the-" you started but before you could a scream came from behind you.
" AHHHH!" Steve ran and stopped in front of you, his bat with nails in his hands.
" Uh... What are you doing?" you asked eyeing him strangely
" I'm protecting you from.. From.. Where is that thing that's dangerous?" he asked you and then looked down at his feet " Ew.. What is that?" he said picking it up with his bat. He gave it a close look and then looked at you in shock " You don't think it's.. " he trailed off
" Dustin!" you called out
" Yeah?" he answered
" Come here, please." Dustin walked to the two of you cautiously, buy stopped in his tracks when he saw what Steve was holding.
" No way!" Dustin rushed to look at what you had expected to be, Dart's old skin.
" What does that mean?" Steve asked
" It means his growing much faster than we would like to." Dustin replied.
" Then were is he?" Steve questioned
" Uh.. Guys?" you asked looking at something at the wall. They both turned and you pointed the hole with the flashlight.
" Well fuck" Steve sighed and Dustin groaned
" We're in deep shit." you pointed out.
" So Steve, do you mind sleeping on the couch?" you asked after you had tacked Dustin to sleep. You all had decided to search for Dart tomorrow since it was too dark outside to even see anything outside.
" Yeah, that's fine by me." he said, awkwardly looking around.
" Great, you want something to eat?" you asked walking to the kitchen.
" Um.. No, after everything I've kinda lost my appetite." he chuckled and followed you. You nodded and made a green tea to calm your nerves.
" So.... Where did you find that thing, ahh.." Steve started sitting beside you in the counter.
" Dart."
" Yeah him.. How did you find it?"
" Remember when you brought me here after the.. The party" you hesitated. You had forgotten what had happened at the party.
" Yeah.. Yeah, I remember." he said softly.
" Well after you dropped me off, I found Dustin looking at the garbage can and that was when we found him." you sipped your tea and burned your tongue but didn't really care.
" Do you really think that he it could be.. One of them?" he whispered the last part, as if he was scared that thing would hear him.
" I.. I don't know.. Maybe.. It's so confusing.." you sighed. You had know idea what Dart really was, but you all knew that he was dangerous.
Without noticing it, you started shaking. Steve saw you and decided to change the subject to relax you a little bit.
" I don't know about you but that basement is a terrible place for an owl."
" What?" you looked at him like he was a crazy person.
" Um.. You know, that excuse you had when you thought I didn't know about Dart. Having an owl in the basement? I mean, what? You tryna kill the owl?" he said and started laughing.
" Hey! Stop! I know it was a terrible excuse but it was the first thing I thought of." you smiled and punched his arm.
" I mean an owl? In the basement? Remind me to never get you any type of animal." he continued laughing and after a second you started laughing with him.
You turned to look at him and stopped. Your eyes locked. You gazed into his eyes while his drifted to your lips for a second and then back up.
' I never realized how pretty his eyes were- Wait what? What am I thinking?' you broke the gaze and got up.
" It's late. We should get some sleep. Long day tomorrow." you said leaving the tea by the sink and walking out fast.
" Yeah.. Yeah! You're right." he got up to and scratched the back of his neck "Goodnight!" he called after you.
" Night!" you answered, quickly went to your room and closed the door.
" What was that?" you told yourself while your heart was pounding.
" Alright guys come on! Time to go!" you told Dustin and Steve after walking out of the house with all the supplies you thought were necessary for your little adventure.
It's now morning and the boys were outside getting the meat into Steve's. Well Steve was. Dustin was taking to his walkie talkie.
" Finally managed to get a respond?" you asked Steve and got the last bucket of meat into the car.
" Yeah.. Let's see if he'll be any help" Steve responded and closed the truck.
" Oh, trust me. Dustin's friends are the best help anyone could ask for." you said and got into the car.
" Come on kid, we're leaving" Steve called out and sat on the driver's seat. After a few seconds Dustin got in too.
" Who did you find?" you asked Dustin while he was buckling up.
" Lucas. I told him to meet us at the junkyard. And Steve?"
" Yeah?"
" You should get rid of those flowers. They're already dying."
" Wha- what flowers?" you asked looking behind you.
" The flowers he got for Nanc-"
" Dude!" Steve yelled.
" You got flowers for Nancy?" your full attention was on Steve now.
" Yeah.." he answered quietly
" And can I ask why exactly?" you started getting impatient.
" To.. To apologize.."
" For what?"
" I.. I don't know! I just thought that if I said I'm sorry she would get me back."
" Steve! You shouldn't be the one saying sorry! She messed up! And if she doesn't recognize that, then.. Then she's no good for you!" you tried talking some sense into him
" Yeah Y/N, but I love her! And I'd sacrifice anything for her!" he protested and for some reason it hurt hearing him say that, but you shook that feeling off.
" Yeah.. And when she breaks your heart once again don't come running to me." you turned your back to him
" Trust me, you'd be the last person I would turn to for something like that." he said just as irritated as you.
Even if you weren't such great friends. Hell! You hardly were friends! But hearing him say that formed tears in your eyes. You couldn't let him see that though. You weren't gonna let him see you in this state, so you blinked fastly to stop the tears from falling.
You were in the forest walking on some old train lines. You were way ahead of them not feeling like talking, to Steve especially.
You threw meat on the ground and trying to focus on the sounds of the forest rather then the sound of Steve's annoying voice as he was trying to understand what Dustin was telling him.
You weren't paying attention, but then something Steve said caught you off track "... You kept something you knew was probably dangerous in order to impress a girl who.. Who you just met?"
" All right, that's grossly oversimplifying things." Dustin defended himself.
"Wait what?" you said and turned your head to look at them "You showed Dart to somebody else except us?" you confronted Dustin.
" I may or may not have.. Taken Dart to school and showed the guys.." Dustin looked on the ground.
" I cannot believe you! The only thing I told you was to not let Dart out. And what did you do? You brought him with you to school!" you gave him the mother look, the one he knew he was in big trouble. But he looked genuinely sad so you decided to brush it off and talk to him about when this mess would be over.
You continued walking, this time much closer to them.
" I don't understand, why would a girl even like some nasty slug anyway?" Steve asked not understanding that you didn't want to talk about that anymore.
" I.. I don't know.. Y/N liked it so I thought that Max would like it too.." Dustin answered.
" Yeah, but Y/N is not like normal girls, she's.." Steve started but immediately stopped hene you looked at him.
" I'm what Steve?" you questioned angrily.
" You're different.."
" Different?" you asked again not understanding where he was going with this.
" Yeah.. You're not like most girls, you're more.. How do I phrase it without making you mad?" he snapped his fingers trying to form what he was thinking and you crossed your hands on your chest " Ah! You're more boyish."
" Really?" you raised an eyebrow.
" Yeah. You're not like a girl. I mean you are a girl, just not a girly girl." he finished and you rolled your eyes not wanting to start a fight with him right now.
" Anyway, what I was gonna say is that you're trying was too hard." Steve told Dustin
" Well not everyone can have your perfect hair, all right?" Dustin said to him and you scoffed.
Steve gave you a look and then turned to Dustin "It's not about the hair, man. The key with girls is just.. Just acting like you don't care."
" Oh God.." you said under your breath.
" Even if you do?" Dustin asked
" Yeah, exactly. It drives them nuts."
" Don't listen to him Dustin. He doesn't know what he's talking about." you said chuckling to yourself.
" Don't come into this, Y/N. This is boys talk." Steve answered you
" Boys talk? This is shit talk. The key to girls, Dustin is listening. We say a lot of things to someone we're interested in and we always leave small details for them to notice. Details truly important to us and when the boy actually remembers them it makes us feel special and we start caring for that boy even more." you corrected him.
" Don't- don't listen to her. I'm the expert here." Steve pointed to himself.
" If you are an expert on girls, then why did Nancy leave you, huh?" you said trying to act smart, but regretted it when you saw his frown appearing " Uh.. I'm sorry.." you whispered and started walking faster again.
" Fuck" you told yourself under your breath and continued throwing meat on the ground. After that you were trying to ignore their 'boys talk', but couldn't when they started talking about Nancy..
' Why does it bother me so much?' you asked yourself. Everytime you heard her name now you got irritated, but you didn't now why. Maybe it's cause o-
" Farrah Fawcett spray?" Dustin's giggling stopped your train of thoughts. " That's what Y/N uses too."
" What?" you asked them turning around.
" Don't-" Steve went to stop Dustin form telling you, but he didn't listen at all.
" Steve's hair secret is using the Farrah Fawcett spray!" he said all excited.
" You use Farrah Fawcett spray?" you told Steve and started giggling as well.
" Yeah yeah, laugh all you want, but I'm the one with the great hair here." he tried sounding mad but your guys laughter couldn't stop the grin that formed on his lips.
" I cannot believe I use the same product as Steve 'the Hair' Harrington!" you laughed along with Dustin making you miss the way Steve looked at you.
' What am I doing?' Steve thought and shook his head' You were mad at her just a few seconds ago. Stop feeling like that! You love Nancy.' he tried to tell himself and ignore your cute smile and sparkling eyes.
" Okay, okay!" Steve said loudly to make the laughing stop " If you tell anyone I just told you that and your asses are grass. You're dead, Hendersons. You understand?"
" Yup" you both said nodding, but not managing to hide your smiles.
" Okay.. Come on, we have no time to waste." he told you and you all continued heading to your destination.
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bow-woahh · a year ago
She-Ra season 5 thoughts
A chaotic summary of my feelings/ reactions of each episode! Spoilers. Obviously. 
Episode 1 — Horde Prime
- First of...Adora stop throwing yourself into battle challenge - "You're not She-Ra anymore" — TELL HER SIS - The way Catra was so smug but Glimmer was not having any of it "You're just as alone as I am" if that ain't the truth idk what is - Catra wanting the climb up the ranks? Sis I don't think so let's see how long that lasts - The DINNER pissed me the fuck OFF - Oh yeah here's my obligatory SW FUCK OFF CHALLENGE - Micah, King, glare at her!! Yes!! - The way Scorpia said "Catra thought my singing was annoying" honey - That clone was SO annoying stfu about Prime being omniscient and omnipresent and shit like ugH idC - Bow and Adora are the BROTP - Scorpia stinging Adora to keep her safe - and that's on friendship - The way Prime INSTANTLY called Catra out "Adora means something to you" listen I hate the gay but damn he's smart. He saw right through her act. - "Adora chose her side and I chose mine" that doesn't mean you don't still care Catraaa - Also that was REALLL quick lmaoo the way five seconds she was like "imma climb up the ranks" then in about two secs HP was like "sis I have no use for you" - "What are you going to do to me?" IM CRYING - Adora and those weird flashback PTSD things -- are u okay sis?? - This was the first episode and I already want to cry so....wow
Episode 2 — Launch
- Adora omg she's so fatigued girl S L E E P - Bow getting pissed at everyone for not letting her rest...what a king - Catra disobeying HP and talking back to that clone but then HP took its form...fuck man that shit scary - STOP CALLING HER  LITTLE SISTER CHALLENGE JESUS FUCK - Everyone hates Entrapta wow ouch - Literally Entrapta being horny over robots is hilarious lmaoo - Mermista is a great leader and they worked so well together ahhh! I'm loving Scorpia and Frosta's friendship - Entrapta got the signal!! I'm proud -  Adora stop following holograms and illusions challenge -  Adora being all like "I don't know my destiny anymore but I know I need to save my friend." LIKE YES HONEY -  Glimmer is sO volatile like honey,, did you need to break HP's crystal ball thingy?? DID U?? -  also she knows her dad is alive now and that H U R T S ++ I bet she doesn't know the sword is broken so fuckkl -  Micah as She-Ra?? something I never knew I needed -  SW not being in this episode at all? love that for us - "I reinstate my horray" I LOVE YOU SCORPIA - "Can you stay?" MY FUCKING HEART GLITRA FRIENDSHIP HERE WE COME
Every episode I just feel immense f E AR
Episode 3 — Corridors
- THIS STARTS W BABY CATRA AND ADORA?? NOELLE WHY ARE TRYNA KILL US?? - Catra and Glimmer talking about sleepovers and Adora...damn my heart - Adora and her stupid ponytail 💀 - "I'll never say sorry!" - THE WAY YOUNG CATRA WAS SO JEALOUS EYE— - "There's no one in the entire universe who cares about me." - "Im sorry! For everything." IM SO UPSET WTF -  CATRA IS FUCKED BUT SHE SAVED GLIMMER -  HP GTFO CHALLENGE -  I'm so proud of my baby tho wow... -  What the fuck we gone do now? -  so much happened in this episode so this is a lot shorter because my brain is numb. Catra is gonna get brainwashed?? isn't she?? -  "I want to do that one good thing in my life." IM CRYING Y'ALL
Episode 4 —Stranded
- Adora is like "Catra, Catra?? saved you?? wtaf?” Lmaoo - Bow and Glimmer fighting is hurting my HEART - KYLE HAS A CRUSH ON ROGELIO?? SCORPIA DONE EXPOSED IT AHHH - Swifty tryna contact Adora?? kinda cute - him impersonating everyone was onbrand and kinda funny ngl - The way Adora is like "it's complicated" lmaoo girl everything is w you - I live the star siblings omg yeS - "I have to save someone. Someone I—" omFG ADORA - Adora is S T R O N K - she GLOWED OMFG SHE RA?? IS THAT U?? - BOW AND GLIMMER BEING OKAY?? MAYBE - Etherians really are wilding out here - YESSS THEY JOINING THE REBELLION - "Maybe we'll never be friends like we used to be."  Glimmer...I love her sm - "I can't just leave her there. I have to try." Adora actually cares so much about her!! and I love Glimmer being supportive wow we love a queen! - THE BEST FRIEND SQUAD IS BACK TOGETHER!! LETS GOO - "She-Ra is back." Swift Wind is annoying but thank you. thank you for saying that horse.
I literally threw my hoodie across the room and forgot that I did that wow lmao
Episode 5 — Save the Cat
- My friend who's ahead me said wait for episode 5 now I'm fucking S H OO K - this episode name has me shook I can't - its WRITTEN BY NOELLE?? WE'RE FUCKED - I love Wrong Hordak SM what an idiot - Catradora really is gonna be canon wow - WTAF IS THAT SHE IS NOT MY CATRA SHE IS A CLONE her hair tho?? kinda nice - the way HP said "your Catra." like low-key he said gay rights - "You broke my heart. And he has made me whole again." - "We both know I don't matter"  and "you're and idiot" "I know" THESE TWO ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER - SHE JUMPED OFF A CLIFF FOR HER - the way she's holding her?? so soft - SHE RA IS LOOKING FLY -- and is she taller?? - "You miscalculated" YES QUEEN I LOVE HER. THAT WHOLE FIGHT SCENE WAS AMAZING - FuCK HORDEP PRIME - Darla is the best Light Hope SUX - the "Hey, Adora" was SO SOFT IM SO HAPPY
That episode really hiT different Catradora is DEFINITELY canon EVERYONE SAY THANK YOU NOELLE
Episode 6 - Taking Control
- Adora. Chill. - Catra's trauma...wow - honestly I have SO MUCH TO SAY and so little at all. - The ending w Catra joining was so cute and all the Catradora interactions are SENDING ME this is the development I need - "Adora. Stay." MY HEART - thank fuck that chip is gone YAY - Entrapta and Catra making up? Catra saying "Thank you and I'm sorry" her least favourite words -- characters DEVELOPMENT - The way Catra blushed when Adora transformed GIRL YOURE GAY - SHERAS POWER IS TOO MUCH SLAY GIRL - Horde Prime FucK off challenge I hate him - Micah tryna be a father figure? cute - the endING FUCK WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT SPINNERALLA??? POOR NETOSSA
okay but where tf is DT, KYLE, LONNIE AND ROGELIO??
my mum is so tired of me screaming lmaoo
Episode 7 — Perils Of Peekabloo
- Catra just SAT on Adora's lap the PDA is unmatched - We love a filler wow - we literally can't trust anyone this shit sucks - SCORFUMA STANS STAY WINNING - Mermista and Seahawk kinda cute tho (the  heart eyes) - DT I KNEW IT   - CASH KITTEN? EYE—JUST SAY SUGAR MOMMA AND GO - NETOSSA DOESN'T DESERVE THIS - MERMISTA TO - EVERYONE is chipped WTF - DT is a theatre gay through and through   - THEY'RE FUCKED WE'RE FUCKED - NOOOO SCORPIA 😭😭😭 - "I'm the muscle, remember?" - SCORPIA'S POWER, HER REACH, IT'S AMAZING - everything is going downhill FAST - "Happy Anniversary" EYE—😭😭😭😭😭
well that sucked What the fuck we gone do now?
Episode 8 - Shot in the Dark
- The soft smile Catra gave Adora while teasing? love that - loving this new squad - the wAY HER TAIL FLUFFED UP SHES SO SCARED MAN - Wrong Hordak is my main g - the LAUGHING!! THE BLUSHING!! EVERYONE CAN SMELL THE GAY TENSION - omg Catra being the brains of the operation?? yes please - "Catra's first mission" THEY'RE SO OBNOXIOUS I LOVE THEM - "I'm going to kill your friends." "Please don't." we are ASCENDING - Casta? Strike her down anyway please 🙏 - Adora is SO WHIPPED the way she blushed at Catra making the door - "It's such a cute sneeze" BOW KNOWS IT CATRA IS CUTE AND THATS THE TEA - literallyyyy I hate SW GTFO CHALLENGE get OFF my screen 😡 - CATRA WHY DID YOU LUNGE AT THAT THING?? - OMFG MAGICAT?? (Nope dumb bitch) - "I'm coming!" "Hurry." - "I'm sorry. I got angry. It's something I'm working on" ADORA GLOWED AND SAID "You are?" WE LOVE SELF GROWTH AHH - It was Catra's hand OMFG IN THE TRAILER - Adora and cat thing being magic? we love it - MELOG IS SO CUTE and Catra can talk to it?? wowow - they love taking strays lmao - Wrong Hordak's character arc is the best one in the show - CATRA HAS AN IDEA?? YES - Preach Casta shut Weaver up - "That about sums it up, yes." I love them as a team - the hand holding? so cutee Catra don't pretend you're not whipped - oml Glimmer kissing Catra before Adora? EYE— Glitra shippers gonna be so happy at that one moment lmaoo - THEY'RE HOMEEEE
ahhh we're getting close to the end nooo
Episode 9 —An ill Wind
- oh god oh god - Catra is so badass with Melog i LOVE HER EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL  - having to fight your own wife? that shit sucks - Erelandia? it's free - omg HP is angry asfff - FROSTA CHILL SHE PUNCHED HER HARD - Adora and Catra are soft 🥺 that's all I have to say
Episode 10 — Return to the Fright Zone
- omg are we gonna see Kyle?? Lonnie? Rogelio?? (also nope, stupid hoe) - okay but Netossa getting screentime? YES PLEASE - I love the intro sm ahhhh - also her knowing everyone's weakness? love that shit - ouch Perfuma ouch didn’t have to go so hard on Catra and YET - omg I forgot Bow's dads existed - "Mostly bad memories" 😔😔😔 - competitive gfs for the win - Catra FLEW tho WOW Scorpia is STRONK - the dad jokes are immaculate - "I'm working is being a better friend. That has to count for something right?" - "We don't throw tanks at our friends" sis you don't give flowers to your them at this current time either - "why did I get stuck with the water Princess?" Catra...baby I love you - omg there's a fail safe THANK FUCK I was legit speechless - "There's real power in love and friendship" preACH IT GIRLIE - SCORPIA FIGHT IT YESSS - legit forgot Spinny and Netossa were fighting lmao oof - FINALLY ANGST OVER THE WIVES ARE BACK - omg THE PAN TO ADORA ABOUT BEING VULNERABLE AHHHH - Perfuma is Catra's therapist that's my headcanon - OMFG I FORGOT ABOUT SW FUCK SHIT CATRA BABY IM SORRY
damn I'm stressed out
Episode 11 — Failsafe
- Weaver STFU challenge - them taking about their abuse? we love to see - "We— I could really use your help" KILL ME NOW THEY'RE TOO MUCH - "Not because I like you" she says SMILING - Melog is Catra's affectionate side prove me wrong - Stan Entrapta for clear skin - SW doesn't deserve rights (as per usual) - DONT TOUCH HER BITCH LITERALLYYYY WHYYY - and now She Ra is glitching?? fuck - Catra is so jumpy eye— "Trust Me" MY HEART SBSBDB - Weaver really called her a DISTURBANCE STFU 💀💀💀 - Entrapta and bird horse ftw what a tag team - OMG NO BE CAREFUL - "Did you just jump in fire to save me?" SHE WAS SO SMUG - can SW burn like... now? - "It's none of your business" LITERALLY BUTT OUT  - "Catra, she distracts you, confuses you." WEAVER I FUCKING HATE YOU SM I FUCKING I WILL PUNCH MY SCREEN - Entrapdak being a thing? I do not know how to feel - "Your imperfections are beautiful."  I am.... conflicted - SW doesn't deserve screen time - Catra is an i no cap (I genuinely have no clue what I meant so sorry about that) - i think the fuck not - this episode is so stressful - Catra saving Adora >>>>>>>>> - what an awful reunion for Glimmer damn - "It doesn't always have to be you!" IKR IT SHOULD BE WEAVER - fuck dark magic fuck it all - Catra's upset?? no my baby 🥺 - this whole episode is just traumatising - Adora's heart do be glowing - Catra's LEAVING?? why?? - "What do you want Adora?" - MY HEART BEEN BROKE SO MANY TIMES I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE 😭😭 - omg this time instead of Adora leaving it's Catra (you are a dumbass DUH) - that H U R T S - ADORA TELL HER YEs QUEEN
Episode 12 — Heart Part 1
- I am not prepared for this - Adora...baby I'm so sorry - Glimbow moment with a banjo?? that was cute - Adora really is a party popper - "Adora doesn't want me. Not like I want her." AND THAT'S ON LESBIANISM BUT ALSO FUCKING OUCH  - but really Catra...do you really think Adora doesn't want you? girl are youb B L I N D?? - Wrong Hordak is MY GUY - Stan the rebellion for clear skin - NOOO WHAT THE FUCK MY HEART DON'TPLAY WITH ME LIKE THAT THEY NEARLY KISSED AND IT WAS A FUCKING SIMULATION - real Catra be CAREFUL - "We have to warn Adora" YES SIS WARN YOUR GF  - "I thought I could make my own destiny" U STILL CAN SIS - I'm scared I'm fucking scared - my HEART IS BEATINGG FASTT - I really hate Horde Prime uhhhhhhhgg - for once in your sorry life do something good Weaver jfc - "I can't leave her behind again" - BEST FRIEND SQUAD + MELOG YES - "Bow, I love you." GLIMBOW IS BACK ON AHHH - BUT AT WHAT COST??? (literally what am I saying??) - "You deserve love too." AND THAT'S ON PERIODT - Glimmer coming in clutch!! - Mermista and Seahawk do be cute tho - Micah is actually the worst rn wow - "Goodbye, my oldest enemy" CATRA COME QUICK AHH
the last episode....I'm not ready to say goodbye
Episode 13 — Heart Part 2
- ofc this is written by Noelle - "Hey, Adora" MY HEART - "I'll catch up okay? Get to the heart." - SW ACTUALLY DIED?? THANK YOU MY GIRLS CAN HEAL NOW
andd that's as far as I got before freaking the fuck out with everything that was happening onscreen but THE CATRADORA KISS WAS EVERYTHING and the ending was perfect 🥺💖
Thank you Crew-Ra, Noelle for making such a beautiful and heartwarming show, this will be remembered for years to come because what this show did was incredible and unlike anything I've ever watched.
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cutie-booboo · a year ago
2 | Don't Judge
Series: Misunderstood
Word count: 2.1k
Warnings: None
"You're here early." I smile walking up to Hermione and she eyes me, "Oh don't tell, you're one of those like everyone else who is going to judge me because I was put into Slytherin." I cross my arms eyeing her. "Well I don't know you personally so maybe yes." I chuckle at her words, "I'm sure the main reason I was put in this house was because I'm ambitious and shrewd. Also I'm resourceful, driven, and influence to get what needs to be done. Not to mention my dad was in Slytherin but don't worry, my mum was a muggle. So I'm not a pure blood and I don't care about anyone's background from where they came. I don't judge someone based on what house they're in or who is your family. I judge people for who they are as an individual." I smile as she's lost for words and walk into the class.
Other students start to show up and Crabbe takes a seat next to me while Draco and Goyle sit with each other. As we start class Harry and Ron wasn't here yet and Professor McGonagall was a cat sitting on her desk. Soon they rush in, "Whew, amazing, can you imagine the look on old McGonagall's face if we were late?" I shake my head as the cat jumps off the desk and turns back into herself making the two boys amazed. "That was bloody brilliant." Ron says. "Thank you for that assessment, Mr. Weasley. Maybe if I were to transfigure Mr. Potter and yourself into a pocket watch, maybe one of you would be on time. "We got lost." Harry tells her. "Then perhaps a map? I trust you don't need one to find your seats." She looks at the only empty desk.
When class ended we all head to our next class, "Ron, was mommy not there to wake you up?" I joke with him as we walk. "I woke up early, we just got lost." He glares at me. "I'm not that surprised really, I mean you both are on the seventh floor. I'm sorta lucky that I'm in the Dungeons so it's close." I say making Harry say I'm close I have a shorter walk. In Potions I sat with another Slytherin girl who was quite. "I'm Madeline." I introduced myself to her. "Evelyn." She shakes my hand. "We actually share the same room. My bed is a cross from yours." She says with a smile. "Question, the look on your face when the hat put you in Slytherin you didn't look happy." She whispers. "Part of me didn't want to. My aunt, uncle, cousin, and friends are and were in other houses." I say and she tills her head, "What about your parents?" I let out a sigh, "My dad was a Slytherin and my mom was a Muggle." She nods her head, "I'm a Muggle born that a pureblood family adopted. My actual parents died a few years back and my now family, who were also Slytherins, didn't want me alone." She smiles, "Hopefully we can become great friends." I smile with her as the Professor comes in.
"There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to enjoy the subtle science and exact art that is potion making. However, for those select few." He looks at Draco, who smiles then looks at me. "Who possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death. I see Professor Snape look at Harry, so I turn back to see him writing not paying attention. "Then again, maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough to not...pay...attention." Hermione nudges Harry in the ribs. He looks up.
Tumblr media
"Mr. Potter. Our...new...celebrity. Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" Hermione's hand skyrockets and Harry shrugs. "You don't know? Well, let's try again. Where, Mr. Potter, would you look if I asked you to find me a bezoar?" He asks and Hermione's hand shoots up again. "I don't know, Sir." Harry tells him. "And what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?" He asks him another question. "I don't know, Sir." Harry says again. "Pity. Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it, Mr. Potter?" He says before Harry snaps back making him mad as everyone chuckles. "Silence." I look down sighing. I feel like if people knew he was my dad they would hate me.
"Snape scares me a little. With that monotone voice like he's just done with everything." Evelyn says looking over her Potions notes. "Doesn't scare me. I think he's just misunderstood because of how he shows himself." I say making her look at me funny. "You're weird Madeline." I just roll my eyes as Draco agrees with her. "You really are. You weren't exactly happy to be put into Slytherin." He takes a bite of his apple. "Well it wasn't my first choice Malfoy." I turn to smile at him. "Why not?" He asks. "Because some of my family members before me were in the other house." I take an apple from the table. "You're parents weren't in Slytherin? Funny seeing you here then." Him and the boys laugh. "My father was a Slytherin for your information." He nods his head. "And you're mother?" He tilts his head. "She was a Muggle, before you think about being rude making fun of me or her, she died when I was a baby. My aunt who is, a muggle born, took me in with her half blood husband. Whenever my father, who is half blood, isn't busy I stay with him."
"Even though I favor PureBloods over everyone else... You and some other Half Bloods in Slytherin, still share the same house as me so you aren't as bad as everyone outside the house." He bites his apple. "You do know some Muggle born are in this house too right? I'm one but then again I live two a pure blood family that were in Slytherin." Evenly speaks up. "I despise Mudbloods but you're a Slytherin so I guess you are alright. Still aren't as better than half bloods or pure bloods." He says as a cup explodes making laughter amongst all the students. Soon an owl comes in dropping a letter off for me. "Who's it from?" Evelyn asks me. "A family friend." I tell her opening Remus's letter.
"Heard you got sorted into Slytherin. Just know I still see you as the little Maddy I love and care about. Remember everything I told you about all the traits you have. Don't think badly of yourself. You're going to be just fine."
Outside, was flying practice. All of us students are lined up in two rows with brooms by our sides. "Good afternoon, class." Madam Hooch shows up. "Good afternoon, Madam Hooch." We all say together. "Welcome to your first flying lesson. Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone step up to the left side of their broomstick. Come on now, hurry up. Stick your right hand over the broom and say, up!" She tells us what to do. "Up!" We all start to say and both me and Harry's broom flies into our hands at the same time. "Whoa." We both say and I see Hermione stares then Draco looks at me before his broomstick flies up and he smugly grins. "With feeling!" Madam Hooch says. "Up!!" Ron's broom flies up and conks him on the nose. "Ow!" Harry and me laugh, "Shut up, Harry, Maddy."
"Now, once you've got hold of your broom, I want you to mount it. And grip it tight, you don't want to be sliding off the end." We all mount the broom. "When I blow my whistle, I want each of you to kick off from the ground, hard. Keep your broom steady, hover for a moment, and then lean forward slightly and touch back down. On my whistle...3...2..." Neville immediately lifts off. He looks quite frightened. "Mr. Longbottom. M-M-Mr. Longbottom Mr. Longbottom! Mr. Longbottom!" She calls his name. "Down! Down! Ahhhh!" Neville soars away. "Neville!" I start shouting. "Help!!!" He calls out. "Come back down this instant!" Hooch calls him as he yells. "He can't, Can't you see. He doesn't know how!" I tell her as Neville soars through the sky and hits a wall, conking along it and then swooping off. All the while, he is screaming. He begins to zoom back towards us group of students. Hooch holds out her wand to stop him. "Help!" He yells.
"Mr. Longbottom!" She says as Neville approaches and we all scatter and Hooch dives out of the way. Neville goes through the scatter and up a tower zooming past a statue of a man with a sharp spear. Neville's cloak catches on it. He is flipped off the broom and hangs there. "Oh. Ah...help!" He wavers, then the cloak rips, and he falls, catching on a torch, but then slipping out and falling to the ground. "NEVILLE!" I cover my mouth. "Everyone out of the way!" Hooch runs through the group, and we scatter. "Come on, get up. Oh, oh, oh, oh dear. It's a broken wrist. Tch, tch, tch. Good boy, come on now, up you get. Hooch begins to lead Neville away with her, "Everyone's to keep their feet firmly on the ground while I take Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing. Understand? If I see a single broom in the air, the one riding it will find themselves out of Hogwarts before they can say, Quidditch."
"Did you see his face? Maybe if the fat lump had given this a squeeze, he'd have remembered to fall on his fat ass." Draco laughs making me glare at him. "Give it here, Malfoy." Harry steps up to him. "No. I think I'll leave it somewhere for Longbottom to find." Draco hops on broom and soars around the group, then through. "How 'bout up on the roof?" He soars off and hovers high in the sky. "What's the matter, Potter? Bit beyond your reach?" Draco says making Harry grab his broom and runs to get on it. Hermione stops him, "Harry, no! You heard what Madam Hooch said! Besides, you don't even know how to fly." Harry flies off, "What an idiot." She says and I tell her yep. Harry is now in the air, across from Draco. Harry makes a dash for him, but Draco twirls around his broom in a 360 and throws the Remembrall into the air. Harry zooms after the ball, speeding towards a tower. Just as he is about to hit a window he catches it, and then heads back to the group. And we all cheer and run to see him. "Harry Potter? Follow me." Professor McGonagall shows ups and Harry sullenly follows her.
"Madeline, Professor Snape needs you in his office." The Slytherin perfect tells me walking into the common room. "What did you do?" Evenly asks me as I get up from the table. "Nothing." I leave her going to his office. "You asked for me?" I poke my head into his office. "Yes, come in and shut the door." He waves his hand as I come in. "What did you want or need to tell me dad?" I ask walking up to his desk. "Wanted to see how you are doing so far." He asks as I take a seat next to him. "Okay, made a new friend who's a Slytherin." I give him a small smile. "I know you didn't want to be a Slytherin. It's okay to tell me that." I shake my head, "Well yes but it's not all bad, I get to see you a lot more." He gets a small smile which he hardly ever does. "I'm happy to hear that." He turns to look at his work. "Dad, why didn't I get your last name?" I ask him tilting my head. "Your mother wanted you to have my name but your aunt and uncle talked her out of it. Something about how you'd be better off after she passed away." He says not looking at me and before I could ask more he told me to go back to the common room for bed.
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A Gillvony Story - The Text That Changed Everything (Ch, 2)
The X-Files RPF (Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny)
Rating; Explicit
Chapter 2 of ?
Tagging; @skullsmuldon
A03;  link
Chapter 2: A Voice
He was still deep inside her when they heard Piper's voice. They soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs. 
“Shit David” and she pushed him off and he slipped out of her and fell off the bed with a thump. 
Gillian quickly wrapped her dressing down around herself and opened and closed the bedroom door behind her. 
“Hi, Piper what are you doing home so early from work?” 
“I was feeling sick why?” she looked at her mother with questioning eyes. 
“No reason” Gillian answered defensively.
“Mum, what's going on?” 
“Nothing,”  she said clipently. 
“So why are you standing in front of your bedroom door?” Piper walked over to her mother's door pushing past her and opening it. 
“Shit” Gilian muttered under her breath. 
There David stood in just his boxers, his hair all over the place his skin still flush, the smell of sex heavy in the air all he could come up with was, “Hi Piper.”
“Fuck,” Gillian said again.  
Piper closed the door and faced her mother. “Mum you said that this wouldn’t happen again, you promised even.” it wasn’t anger radiating through her daughter's voice it was disappointment. “You’re happy why would you sabotage that?” 
While that was going on David grabbed the rest of his clothes putting them on including his shoes and placed them on his feet waiting for the mother daughter to exchange to be over. He soon heard Piper's door slam shut before exiting Gillians' bedroom. 
“I should go” he looked at her and could see she was on the verge of tears. He was going to say something else but thought better of it. He walked to her wrapping his arms around her. “I’m sorry,” he said truthfully.
“I know” she replied simply back. She didn’t know when David grabbed his clothes but she was glad. 
With her still wrapped up in his arms he let her go smoothly and grabbed her hand, “We will talk ok if you want or … we can … it’s up to you Gill.”
“Yes” she let go of his hand and he disappeared down her stairs and out the front door. Her legs dropped to the floor and she wept. They had really done it this time hadn’t they. Not only ruining her relationship but his as well. Just because there was always more than an attraction between them. 
A few hours later Piper came out of her room to find Gillian still in the same place. 
“Mom come on get up let’s go make some tea.”
“I.. err..”
“Come on” she grabbed her lightly under the arm and took her down the stairs and putting the kettle on getting two cups out of the cupboard placing them on the counter placing the earl grey tea bag inside.
“Mum are u ok?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Talk to me please” Piper pleaded.
“I don’t know how it happened” Gillian whispered. 
The kettle boiled and Piper poured the water then took the cups and sat next to her mother at the breakfast table.  
“You love him mum, and you never quite got over that.” 
“But I’m happy with Peter”
“But does he gives you that spark the one that ignites you and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach, and want to melt into a puddle around your feet.
“No, but I love him, I'm not getting any younger. I’m happy I'm content.”
“Sometimes that’s not enough”  she took a sip of her drink.
“But nothing mum.”
“When did you get so wise?”
“My mum taught me well” she laughed trying to pick up the mood.
“That she did” she laughed back and they sat in contemplation drinking their tea. 
He had really screwed up this time, hadn’t he. Not only his relationship with Monique but Gillian’s relationship with Peter as he stood there in the pouring rain waiting for his taxi to arrive to take him to his hotel room. He realized he had left his jacket in Gillian's house but dare not go back. 
The taxi arrived and he was soon back at his hotel room, he looked outside at the sky grey and cloudy as well as muggy and horrid. He stared out at the scene in front of him watching the rain pitter patter against the window he didn’t even turn on the lights. He could still smell her on his skin and clothes could still feel her mouth on his. He could still feel him inside her and he instantly got hard again, she never even realized what she did to him even from a thought.
He took off his soaking wet shirt and as sad as it was, placing it to his nostrils and with the other he palmed his erection through his jeans. He groaned at the sensation he was causing himself. His mind filled with thoughts of her and moments in between filming back when they were young and unaffected by their worries. This one moment had stuck to him like glue, especially with the rain outside. 
  They had just filmed a scene for one of their episodes called The Rain King and in this scene, they got soaked to the bone over and over again for the best camera angle. When   Kim Manners called cut both they had ran to her trailer their clothes sticking to their skin. It was all innocent at first he stripped off his clothes and grabbed a towel from her bathroom. When he turned around there was a look in Gillian’s eye that he had become all too familiar with.
She stood in front of him in just a bra and panties, they were lace and she knew they were his favourite she raked her nails down his toned chest, his skin flushed in a row of goosebumps he was immediately standing at attention. He looked down at her, her eyes dark lustful and full of naked desire. This was one of the times she didn't want to be kissed it was purely to relive a need, an itch as they say. 
He unbuttoned his jeans and stepped out of them, next to go was his boxers he lay down on the hotel bed his shirt next to his head her smell still invading his nose as he carried on the memory. 
She kissed his neck and worked down his abdomen laying little kisses and suckles leaving little red blotches in her wake. He tried to reach out to run his fingers down her body or through her hair but she simply moved his had away and shook her head. With just a towel covering his lower half she undid the knot letting the towel hit the floor and she took all of him in her mouth. No warning and no ifs ands or buts,  the sight of Gillian, red hair bobbing up and down on his cock was something he could never get used to.   
His hand wrapped around his cock pumping slowly remembering the rhythm she took and matching it with his own hand.
She swirled her tongue around his girth back and forth up and down. He could feel the back of her throat with his tip. He was always impressed when she deep throated him. She brought her hand up to play with his balls caressing and squashing and letting go making him mad with desire over and over again he was so close but he didn’t want to cum without her not this time she liked her rules so did he. 
His pace with his hand quickened but still going steady as the memory continued playing in his mind. 
He stepped back and she looked at him confused, he took her hands and turned her around bending her over the small kitchen table in full view of the trailer window so if anyone were to peer in they would see what they were doing. He pushed her down undoing her bra and throwing into one side before pushing her panties to the side before running his tongue through her dripping wet folds. 
“Christ Dav…”
He placed two fingers in her tunnel pumping rough hard and unforgiving, now it was his time to play. 
She threw her head back in pleasure as he felt her climax come to her scream emanated beyond the walls of her trailer. He didn’t give her time to recover or time to come back down reality he grabbed his member and shoving it into her, his hands either side of her hands their fingers interlocked as he thrust his body into hers as he kissed her neck. 
“Shit….. Ahhhh.”
He knew she was close and so was he.
Hia hand pumping faster and faster there was no need for lube he was leaking precum and he used that spreading that around his girth and his hand glided across his skin. 
He untethered his hand and reached down to her clit rubbing circling gliding his legs pumping harder and harder. 
“Look outside they all know what we're doing but no one will say a word. You so fucking hot Gill you make me feel alive.” He kept rambling in her ear and it didn’t matter “you laugh when you say my name and how I grab your hip so mean.”
She screamed his name as he pumped inside her and she became undone her body convulsing and clutching around him he pumped inside her a few times before he himself came undone inside her screaming her name to match.
He lay there on the hotel bed his legs spread his cock full his climax hit him he screamed her name into an empty room his cum flowing out of him in hot sticky sprouts covering not only his hand but his stomach and the bedsheets as well. 
He came out of his haze when he heard the familiar chirk of his ringtone. He stood grabbing some tissue from his nightstand he looked at his phone and realized it was Monique and answered. 
“Hi Dave how's London treating you?” she said in her chipper way, how he loathed when she said his name like that. 
“Fine thank you, Monique, I’m just tired from the meeting. ”
“Ahh I see, did you see her then?” she said angrily. 
“No, why would you say that she is in a relationship and has been for years” he bit back in response. 
“Never stopped you before has it?”
He couldn’t deal with her childishness at the moment, "Well guess what? I don't give a shit what you think" and hung up. 
He threw his phone on the bed not giving a second thought about his girlfriend. He really should break up with her it's not like he actually cared for her anymore his thoughts were always full of Gillian and that would never change. 
He found his suitcase and changed into a clean pair of boxers and got into bed and fell asleep tomorrow is another day and problem. 
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(Some of) My Favourite Quotes from the How To Train Your Dragon movies
“This is Berk.”
“There’s Fishlegs, Snotlout, the Twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and...*voice crack* Astrid. *cue heart eyes*”
"You sir, are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much raw... Viking-ness... contained?! THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!" // “I’ll take my chances.”
"Well, between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding, don't you think?"
“Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you’ve brought me the wrong offspring - I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side! This here? This is a talking fish bone!”
"It's not so much what you look like, it's what's inside that he can't stand."
“You need to stop all...this.” // “You just pointed to all of me.” // “Yes, that’s it! Stop being all of you.”
"Oh, the gods hate me. Some people lose their knife, or their mug. No, not me. I manage to lose an ENTIRE DRAGON?!"
"Oh, man! I should've gone first! 'Cause I was thinking, you know, we have a surplus of dragon-fighting Vikings, but do we have enough... Bread-making Vikings? Or small-home-repair Vikings?"
"Yeah, it's only fun if you get a scar out of it."
“Yeah, no kidding, right? Pain, love it."
“What’s the first thing you’re going to need?” // “A doctor?!?”
“Get back to bed, ya overgrown sausage!”
"Toothless? I could've sworn you had... teeth."
“Ha! It’s like the size of my- AHHHH!”
"Everything we know about you guys is wrong."
"Uh, you're right, you're right, you're right. I'm through with the lies. I've been making... outfits. So, you got me. It's time everyone knew. Drag me back. Go ahead. Here we go."
"OW! Why would you DO that?!"
"That's for the lies! And that's... [Drops the butt of her axe on Hiccup's groin]... for everything else!"
“Da-da-da, we’re dead!”
“And now the spinning. Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.”
[Punches Hiccup] "That's for kidnapping me... [Kisses him on the cheek] That's for everything else."
“They’ve killed hundreds of us-!” // “And we’ve killed thousands of them!”
“You’re not a Viking. You’re not my son.”
“Three hundred years and I’m the first Viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon.” // “...First to ride one though.”
“I wouldn’t kill him because he looked as frightened as I was...I looked at him, and I saw myself.”
“So? What are you gonna do?”
“I knew it. I’m dead.”
“That’s for scaring me!” // “What, is it always going to be this way, this-?!” // *kisses him* // “I...could get used to it.”
"Oh, what? You want an apology? Is that why you're pouting, big baby-poo?"
"Well try this on! [hugs him, tries to wrestle with him] Oh, you feeling it yet? Huh? Picking up on all of my heartfelt remorse?"
“He's down! Oh, and it's ugly! Dragons and Vikings, enemies again! Locked in combat to the bitter--[Toothless pins Hiccup] --AAHHHhhhh..."
[After Toothless licks him] "You KNOW that doesn't wash out!"
"So, what should we name it?" [Toothless scratches his armpit] "Itchy Armpit it is."
“Son, we need to talk!-“ // “Not now, dad, I’ve got a whole day of goofing off to get started.”
“What you’re searching for isn’t out there, Hiccup - it’s in here. Maybe you just don’t see it yet.”
(Slow motion) “Oh my 😏 me likey... take me...!”
"I don't know. It's kind of hard to wrap my head around, to be frank. It's not everyday you find out your mother is some kind of... crazy, feral, vigilante dragon lady." // “Well...at least I’m not boring!”
“...he got me back. Right, bud? You couldn't save all of me, could you? You just had to make it even. So,..peg leg!”
"Never take a toy from a dragon. Don't you know anything?"
“This is why I never married - this, and one other reason.”
“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”
"That's your mother?" // “Well, now you see where I get my dramatic flair!"
“May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin's great battlefield. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we might hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla and know that you've taken your rightful place at the table of kings. For a great man has fallen: A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.
“He always said you’d become the strongest of them all - and he was right.”
“You have the heart of a Chief and the soul of a dragon”
“A Chief protects his own.”
“It wasn’t your fault, bud...they made you do it...please, you’re my best friend...my best friend.”
"Yeah! Take 'em down, babe!"
“Now do you get it? This is what it is to earn a dragons loyalty!”
“He’s challenging the Alpha!” // “To protect you!”
“See..I told you it was in here.” (Punches his suit, making his wings sprout up)
“The Chief has come home!”
"This is Berk. A bit trampled and busted and covered in ice, but it's home. It's our home. Those who attacked us, are relentless, and crazy. But those who stopped them, oh, even more so! We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pin against us. We are the voice of peace, and bit by bit, we will change this world. You see, we have something they don't. Oh, sure, they have armies, and they have armadas. But we... we have... OUR DRAGONS!”
“Ohhh I know you’re a demon, no human legs are that skinny!”
“That’s really just a nitwit who forgot to fire proof his butt.”
“Astrid, I had him right where I wanted him.” // “And now he’s right where I wanted him.”
“I thought this was supposed to be a stealth mission?” // “Yeah, they always start that way.”
“Mmm, gorg-e-ousss...Watch the hair!”
“Hang up those saddles and get married.” // Tuffnut: “The M word.” // Ruffnut: “Gross. Unless it’s me.”
“Marry him, please. You’re the only one with any sense around here. With you wearing the pants, there’s still hope.” “Wow, Gobber! Not awkward at all!”
“Hiccup...this is Berk, son. It’s our home.”
“Even Night Furies?” // “Especially Night Furies.” // “Those are scary!”
“Well, we could just take Gobber’s advice and tie the knot. That should fix everything! But hey, if you’re having doubts about yours truly, I’m sure Snotlout is still available.” // “He only has eyes for your mom.” // “OH, playing dirty now, huh?” // “You asked for it...looks like there might be a wedding after all...”
“Okay okay; you win! You always win!” // “You knew what you were getting into.” // “Uh-huh, right.”
“It’s more like a Bright Fury-.” // “A Light Fury!” // “...Yeah, yours is better, probably...”
“Bud, what’s gotten into you? What is all this slobbering and panting?” // “Isn’t it obvious? He’s in love!” // “Trust me, relationships are nothing but pain and misery. (*Astrid lightly hits him*) Ow... What did I just say?!”
“Show these nay sayers, of which there are many, that you are more than just a malnourished runt with bad hair, strange teeth and a twig for a neck.” // “You're-you're really bad at pep talks.”
“I'll give him a piece of my mind. And by mind, I mean fist!”
“Did you miss the part where we almost died? Have you seen my house?”
“Look, I know this is our home - my father left me to protect it. But Berk is more than this place. WE are Berk! The people, the dragons! I say Berk is wherever we go!”
“We have to fight for their freedom.”
“Furies mate for life, you see.”
“Ah don’t mind him - it’s not your fault you have the body of a Norse God. I myself have that same problem.” (Tries to flex, back cracks painfully)
“Who died and made you Chief?” (*everyone groans/Gothi hits him*)
“Can we lose the whole honking goose thing? It’s hard to imagine wedded bliss with that going off every minute.”
“I’ll go with you, for protection-.” // “(quickly) NO...(pause)...you’re far too important here.”
“Oh, now you can draw!”
“Save it for your girlfriend! Go on, get out of here!”
“About that leg...lose the limp, no ones gonna marry that.” // “I have a prosthetic leg!” // “Yeah, and I have a parasitic twin but you don’t see me limping around about it!”
“I feel like how Ruffnut feels every day: dumb.”
“Odin be spanked!”
“I try to avoid looking at her because she gives me acid reflux.”
“If they’re stuck with Ruffnut, I’m more worried about them.”
“I know what you're thinking. You've never had a prisoner this hot.”
“Oops, you let the dragons out! They’re gonna get you, no this ones gonna get you...!”
“Now that’s a king.”
“Dad? Are you gonna get us a new mom?” // “I don’t want another. Your mum was the only woman for me. She was the love of my life. But with love comes loss, son. It’s part of the deal. Sometimes it hurts, but in the end, it’s all worth it. There’s no greater gift than love.”
“Well, you’re right. You’re back to where you started. But I was the first to believe in you, and I have watched you doubt whether you’re worthy ever since. I am the person I am today because of you. I never told you that but it’s true. You’re the bravest, most stubborn, determined knucklehead I know. Toothless didn’t give you that, Hiccup. He just made it...” // “Easier.”
“So what are you gonna do about it?” // “Probably something stupid.” // “That’s the Hiccup I know.”
“You’re right, bud. It’s time. I was so busy fighting for a world that I wanted, I didn’t think about what you needed. You’ve looked after us for long enough. Time to look after yourselves.”
“Oh, Stormfly...my good girl.”
“So long...you big ugly beast. I’ll miss you.”
“Go on, bud. Lead them to the Hidden World. You’ll be safe there. Safer than you could ever be with me. It’s okay. I love you too. And I want you to be free. Our world doesn’t deserve you. Yet.”
“Go, Toothless...Go.”
“There were dragons when I was a boy. Ah, there were great, grim sky dragons that nested on the clifftops like gigantic, scary birds. Little, brown, scuttly dragons that hunted down the mice and rats in well-organized packs. Preposterously huge sea dragons that were twenty times as big as the big blue whale. Some say they crawled back into the sea, leaving not a bone nor a fang for men to remember them by. Others say they were nothing but folktales to begin with. I’m okay with that.”
“He’s not going to eat your father!”
“Legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it’s the dragons, letting us know they’re still here, waiting for us to figure out how to get along. Yes, the world believes the dragons are gone, if they ever existed at all. But we Berkians, we know otherwise. And we’ll guard this secret until the time comes when dragons can return in peace.”
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