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hauntedscreams · a day ago
Tumblr media
introducing marlene stella mckinnon
Name: Marlene Stella McKinnon Meaning: Marlene meaning star of the sea. Stella meaning star. Nickname(s): Mar, Marls, McKinnon Birthday: November 20th Age: 21 Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Gay af Siblings: Emmett & Theodore McKinnon Parents: Elliott (deceased) & Abigail McKinnon Languages: English, German
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Brave, Spontaneous Negative Traits: Abrasive, Reactionary Zodiac: Scorpio (Resourceful, Brave, Passionate, Distrusting, Violent) MBTI:  ENFP (Campaigner) Alignment: Chaotic Good Theme song: Do It Like A Dude by Jessie J
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Occupation: Part-time Bookkeeper at Obscurus Books & Part-time bartender at the Three Broomsticks  Pet: Oakley - Goldendoodle Blood Status: Halfblood Patronus: Sparrow Boggart: Seeing all of her friends die in front of her and her not being able to help. Amortentia Scent: Bubblegum, cherry lollipops, chocolate cake Wand type: Cypress Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair, 11 3/4 inches Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix  
loves going bowling and playing in arcades
actually bought a muggle television and video game system
loves listening to music and dancing
here to steal all the girls
can’t keep her mouth shut, even when it would be in her best interest. very opinionated.
can act like an annoying little sister at times
the vixens and the marauders are her life and she would literally die for them.
her and dorcas constantly get thrown behind bars for a night at a time for fighting or starting a ruckus. sorry, mary and lily who are constantly having to come get them.
doesn’t believe she will make it out of this war alive, so does whatever she feels like.
has no impulse control.
oakley is her baby.
bruised knuckles and scraped knees.
smokes a pack a day.
Marlene was the baby of the family, the last kid that Elliott and Abigail would have. She had been a surprise, they hadn’t exactly been trying and she came into the world during a storm. It fit. She was a handful as a child, always climbing trees and getting pulled out of daycare for shoving other kids that were being mean to her friends. She was a fighter, through and through.
Her father passed away when Marlene was only five, giving her an early lesson in loss. She tried to be strong for her mom, even at the young age, she could see the effect it had on her. When her father died, leaving her mother alone with three children (three wizards, at that), her mum had to start picking up a lot of shifts, leaving her in the care of her older brothers.
She idolized her brothers, wanting to be just like them. It was constant rough-housing (with love). Emmett took on the role of the father, becoming more stoic. It wasn’t until she was older that she realized the sacrifices he made, basically giving up his open childhood to become a surrogate parent for her and Theo.
Hogwarts was thrilling and she fit right in. Well, fit in with the people she wanted to. She made fast friends with the vixens and then, the marauders. They became huge parts of her life, people she loved more than anything in the world and would do anything to keep them safe. That meant getting a lot of detentions in school for fighting. She made no excuses for who she was and had no problem letting everyone know her beliefs.
After Hogwarts, Marlene quickly joined the Order. She wasn’t a leader, she was a fighter. She wanted to be out on the front lines making a difference, which sometimes led to her butting heads with the planners. She was quick to action, too quick at times. She has paid for it with several visits to St. Mungo’s. Still, she will continue to do everything she can to protect the people she cares about. She knows her chances of making it out of the war alive are alim, but she’s fine with that so long as it means the people she loves will survive.
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savagekxds · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
basics ~
name: brenna deidamia latimer age: 23 birthday: may 24 pronouns: she/her sexuality: bisexual blood status: pureblood species: human affiliation: death eaters family: elenwen latimer (neé arashiro) (mother), magnus latimer (father) faceclaim: reina hardesty
wizard stuff ~
former school & house: hogwarts, ravenclaw boggart: herself with no face patronus: wood mouse current residence: apartment in knockturn alley hometown: cobham, surrey occupation: private investigator
biography ~
Latimer, a name of old French origin, meaning interpreter. And the members of the pureblooded Latimer family have spent years living up to their name. Many of them became linguists or translators, serving in courts and ministries of powerful men and women for hundreds of years. They were never at the pinnacle of power, they were always in the background, trusted advisers and scholars to the people they served. And they took great pride in their place in pureblood society for many years. A highly adaptable family, they would attach themselves to more powerful families than themselves, often securing lucrative marriages and partnerships through their many connections.
Magnus Latimer was the lucky groom in one of these lucrative, arrainged marriages. He married Elenwen Arashiro, the oldest daughter of an influencial wizard that the Latimer family had been working with for years. They settled in England and Magnus took up a correspondence job with the Ministry, and Elenwen fit perfectly into the role of socialite housewife. Of course, as Voldemort rose to power it didn’t take long for the Latimer’s to align themselves with him. They had a knack for seeking out powerful people and making themselves useful to them.
Within the first year of marriage they had their first child, a son and heir, much to Magnus’ joy. They would go on to have one more son before Brenna was born. With two older brothers and as the only girl in the family, Brenna spent much of her time in the background. This only worsened when her younger brother was born. Now she was the middle child, her older brothers were adored, groomed for greatness and praised for their ambition. They were to be the new generation of Latimer’s, that would launch them higher in pureblood society than they had ever been before, and her little brother was doted on, the apple of her mother’s eye. 
Brenna was left to her own devices, but like some of the greatest Latimer’s, she was adaptable, and clever. She picked up hobbies and interests to keep herself entertained. She developed an intense interest in the muggle world, she would find and read muggle books and learn all she could about that world. Her parents disapproved of her fascination, but with three brothers in the spotlight she would usually manage to slip by unscathed. When it came time around for her to attend Hogwarts she was sorted into Ravenclaw, possessing none of the ambition that her brothers did. Even so, her parents weren’t disapproving of the house, Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin was still better than the other two options.
She got by in school much in the way she did at home, slipping by largely unnoticed, hidden in crowds and tucked away in corners. And the more time she spent there, the more she learned to use it to her advantage. People didn’t notice her, not even when they were whispering their darkest secrets to their friends, or hiding away things they want to keep hidden. Brenna learned to use this knowledge to her advantage, and decided that if her brothers were to be the shining light of the Latimer family, she would be the shadow. 
After finishing school she set about setting herself apart from her family, by making herself useful to the cause in her own way. Her knowledge of the muggle world and her ability to disappear into a crowd meant it was easier for her to fit in there than it may have been for her peers, and this proved more useful than she could have ever foreseen. As the war progressed, many people who opposed the cause would disappear into the muggle world, and hide there, believing the Death Eaters to be too set in their ways to be able to navigate it. Brenna was the one sent to find them.
physical appearance ~
height: 5′4 hair colour: dark brown eye colour: black distinguishing features: brenna makes a point of having no real distinguishing features, no noticable scars, nothing that might draw attention to her while she’s trying to blend in. fashion style: practical, neutral coloured clothes, in a simple, minimalist style.
traits ~
positive: persistent, intuitive negative: overly-cautious, irritable
☢ – — more info
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txlkalcts · a month ago
Lucinda Talkalot - Intro
Tumblr media
Name: Lucinda Beatriz Talkalot  Meaning: Lucinda, meaning light. Beatriz, meaning one who brings happiness. Nickname(s): Lucy, or Lu. Cindy is a nickname exclusively used by family. Birthday: February 11th Age: 20 Pronouns: She/Her  Sexuality: Bisexual Parents: Michael & Vitoria (nee Ferreira) Talkalot Other Family: Two older sisters, three older brothers.  Languages: English and Portuguese Current Residence: one bedroom flat in London.
Positive Traits: dedicated, loyal Negative Traits: secretive, aggressive Zodiac: Aquarius MBTI: ENTP  Alignment: True Neutral Theme song: Spellbound by Siouxie and the Banshees.
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Occupation: Chaser for the Appleby Arrows Blood Status: Muggleborn Halfblood Patronus: non-corporeal, would be a cat. Boggart: The Death Eaters turning on her, killing her family  Amortentia Scent: Grass, vanilla, cigarette smoke and custard. Wand type: Elm, Dragon Heartstring, 10 2/3 inches Affiliation: Death Eaters
Lucinda Talkalot was the youngest child to a working-class family in Birmingham. The runt of the litter, fighting just to be seen, to be appreciated by her parents. School was no different. Overcrowded, adults who did not care. People had certain ideas about the kids that came from Lucinda’s end of town, and what else could she do but fulfill them. Little Lucinda was well on her way to becoming a juvenile delinquent when a stern-faced woman with a Scottish accent appeared on her doorstep, and for the first time in her life, Lucinda was special. Not her brothers, not anyone else, just her.
Cunning and ambitious, the hat didn’t take long at all to sort Lucinda into Slytherin, but the sorting came with a whole set of rules that she didn’t know existed. People asking about her family name, about her blood. Her parents weren’t magic, no one in her family was, and if was her new dormmates said was true, coming from that sort of family was bad. And so she lied. Spun a tale of a witch mother and a normal (muggle, she learned) father. It was still less than desirable for some, but most people began to look past it, especially as Lucinda began to prove herself on the quidditch field. She was a natural, people couldn’t believe she’d only begun playing recently. And in a world where magic didn’t make her distinct anymore, quidditch was the thing that made her special, and she could make a career out of it. She wouldn’t have to go back home, to her dirty little neighbourhood, or live in the shadow of her richer, smarter classmates. She made team captain in her seventh year, and was accepted to play by the Appleby Arrows before graduation.
But life after school wasn’t everything Lucinda had ever dreamed of. The war that had been slowly brewing during her years at Hogwarts was in full swing, and everyone was expected to pick a side. The Death Eaters were violent in a way that scared Lucinda, but as she watched how they treated those they opposed, especially muggleborns, she knew she had no other choice. There was no other way she was going to ensure her own safety, to ensure that her secret never made it out, to ensure that the family she left behind was protected.
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hauntedscreams · a day ago
Tumblr media
introducing damon apollo ward 
Name: Damon Apollo Ward Meaning: Damon meaning to overpower. Apollo meaning destroyer. Birthday: April 24th Age: 30 Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Heterosexual Species: Half-Vampire Parents: Colin Ward & Piper Keaton Languages: English, Romanian, Hungarian
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Persuasive, Assertive Negative Traits: Monstrous, Treacherous Zodiac: Taurus (Practical, Devoted, Uncompromising, Possessive, Stubborn) MBTI:  ISTP (Virtuoso) Alignment: Chaotic Evil Theme song: This Life by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Occupation: Bounty Hunter Blood Status: Halfblood Patronus: Wild Boar Boggart: Himself dying. Amortentia Scent: Blood, lemons, fresh snow Wand type: Hawthorn Wood, Horned Serpent Horn, 11 1/2 inches Affiliation: Neutral (death eater aligned)
was raised by his father in the coven
trying to integrate himself more into society 
doesn’t care about the war, but likes the death eater way of doing things
really enjoys the snow (might be the only time you could goad him into doing ‘fun’ things like a snowball fight)
will kill someone without a second thought
Damon never got the chance to be human, never got the chance to be a normal child. His father, Colin had taken him from his mother right after he was born and raised him within the coven. He was taught no morals, no sense of the preservation of life. He was trained to kill, to harm, to hurt. He hadn’t even reached the age of ten before he took his first life, much to his father’s pleasure.
At first, he had no plans to go to Hogwarts after receiving his letter, but his father told him he needed to go. After all, his father didn’t want to be the one stuck teaching a child basic skills. No, leave that for the teachers. It was a difficult adjustment, as he had been trained to destroy at such a young age and was now being told not to harm anyone within the confines of the castle. He adjusted, barely. His distancing from people caused him to come off as arrogant and aloof and he adapted to the personality well.
He made a few friends, or rather allies. Damon was perceptive, so he did learn that contacts might be useful later on in life. Plus, the people he had grown closer with were really no better than him. The only difference was instead of having a coven to kill for, they had a ‘lord’. It gave him common ground with people in his own house, even letting a very few know what he was. A vampire.
He returned to the coven after graduating, knowing that he would need a job to support himself. Becoming a bounty hunter made sense, especially due to his impeccable sense of smell. Plus, if he killed a few along the way, who was really watching?
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auxrorkind · 16 days ago
bonnie blake: an introduction
Tumblr media
HELLO it’s me again at it with another bad introduction, this time with miss bonnie! once again i’ll be editing this later on into a proper intro, but here’s a lil base level introduction for plotting/writing/getting to know her purposes!! 
Name: bernadette “bonnie” blake
Birthday: april 2nd, 1956
Age: 24
Pronouns: she/her
Sexuality: bisexual
Siblings: birdie blake (older sister)
Parents: camilla blake (mother), joshua blake (father, deceased)
Other Family: what IS family, am i right
Languages: english,
Current Residence: hogsmeade
Hometown: tbd
positive traits: confident, steadfast, good-humored
negative traits: dishonest, bossy, stubborn
Quick facts/headcanons:
bonnie is co-owner of honeydukes with her (slightly) older sister, birdie. she loves the shop with all her soul and so help you if you’re a teenager trying to vandalize the place because boy howdy will she go off
was a gryffindor at good ol hoggy hogwarts
pureblood, and publicly she’s aligned herself with the death eaters to keep herself, her family, and her business safe, but anyone who’s close to her knows that it’s just entirely appearances and she doesn’t actually vibe with the death eater shit lol
despite working at a candy shop day and night she actually doesn’t like sweets that much, she prefers hearty comfort foods 
if hogsmeade had an HOA she would absolutely be on the board, she often visits other shops just to see how they’re doing, she’ll sometimes suggest ideas for how to make their storefronts more “presentable,” just wants hogsmeade to pop off especially with how it has been, uh, Not popping off lately
we don’t trust men in this household
she wears her heart on her sleeve and will not be afraid to tell you how she’s feeling (but also isn’t an idiot and won’t, like, cause unnecessary troubles for herself by speaking her truth lmao)
loves her sister very very very much and despite being the younger of the two she feels insanely protective over birdie, almost to the point of being a bit Too Much, Babe
just lives to VIBE okay 
girlboss, gaslight, gatekeep xoxo
this is her pinterest board it is small at the moment but it is mighty
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hauntedscreams · a day ago
Tumblr media
introducing henry vincent masterson
Name: Henry Vincent Masterson Meaning: Henry meaning house ruler. Vincent meaning to conquer. Birthday: September 15th Age: 30 Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Heterosexual Parents: Daphne & Grant Masterson Other Family: Niamh Wood (wife), Oliver Wood (son), Charlie Wood (brother-in-law) Languages: English, Malay, French
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Considerate, Perceptive Negative Traits: Blunt, Opinionated Zodiac: Virgo (Loyal, Analytical, Hardworking, Worrisome, Overly Critical) MBTI:  ENTP (Debater) Alignment: Lawful Good Theme song: The Parting Glass by The High Kings
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Occupation: Head of the Muggle Liaison Office  Blood Status: Pureblood Patronus: Stallion Boggart: Something bad happening to Ollie and Naimh. Amortentia Scent: Fresh ink, drying paint, vanilla Wand type: Alder Wood, Kelpie Hair, 13 3/4 inches Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix  
loves his wife and son more than anything
fears that the threats he has been getting will bring his family harm
can’t make himself stop doing the work he is because he wants a better and more tolerant world for his son to grow up in
loves feeding the ducks at the pond
naimh was his hogwarts sweetheart
enjoys his work, believes he is making a difference
has a great sense of humor 
is a major planner, loves a good itinerary
A life in plans. Even when the plans go awry, you just plan more.
Step One – Be a good child.
           Henry was raised in a loving home with good parents that brought him up with values and morals. He was smart, he was eager to make them proud. ‘Do your best and your best will always be good enough.’ That was what his parents had instilled in him at a young age. It was something he still lived by to this day. Treating people with respect was the most important thing one could do. They had taught him that with magic, comes responsibility.
Step Two – Study hard.
           Hogwarts came as no surprise to Henry. It was where his parents had learned to hone in their magic, it was where he would learn, too. Getting good marks was important to him. He always wondered if the sorting hat had been able to tell that when it had so quickly put him in Ravenclaw. The was the house he was meant to be in, finding other like-minded souls. He found some great friends, people to study with, people who pushed him to be at the top of his class.
Step Three – Play hard.
           Once he had a good grasp on his studies, he decided he wanted to join in some clubs to excel himself even farther. Quidditch, chess club, and gobstones club were all things he found he rather enjoyed. Though, as much as he loved them (chess club being his favorite), his studies always came first. That sacrifice put him as a good, but not great player at all three. That was fine with him, he could have his fun and he knew he didn’t need to be the best at everything. So long as he was having fun, that was the goal.
Step Four – Fall in love.
           This step hadn’t exactly been planned, not at first. Meeting Niamh, becoming best friends with her and falling in love with her had been completely out of his control. But, once Henry realized that it was happening, he knew he had to be amazing at that, too. He wanted to make Niamh feel like the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world because she was. It was probably the easiest life step he had.
Step Five – Get a good job.
           Henry believed in a lot of things, including one of the things his parents had taught him so early on. Treat people with respect. He didn’t like the war that was brewing, it screamed wrong and prejudice. He wanted to do something to make a difference. Something that would show what side he was on, what side he supported. He joined the muggle liaison office once he had graduated. There was a lot of work to be done, especially when others were working so hard to destroy any progress that was being made. Maybe, that was why he became so passionate about it. Before he knew it, he had worked his way up to become the Head of the Muggle Liaison Office. He was doing good work, but good work came with a price. Enemies were made as he drew a line in the sand. He would continue his work, despite the threats. It was important, it needed to be done.
Step Six – Join the Order.
           When you believe in something, you have to put your money where your mouth is. He couldn’t just do his work and go home and call it a day. No, he needed to join more efforts to protect muggles, muggleborns, and halfbloods. Their lives were important and he wasn’t going to sit idly by and not help. He joined the Order in an effort to help as much as he could. He knew that meant more danger, but he had to do what he believed in otherwise he wouldn’t be being true to himself.
Step Seven – Oliver.
           This was another unplanned step, but one he couldn’t be more grateful for. Oliver had come as a surprise, a very happy one. Being a father meant more to Henry than he ever could have imagined. He fell more in love with Niamh if that was even possible, but watching her be a mother to their boy was astoundingly beautiful. He wanted to be as good a father as his own had been. He wanted to raise Henry with the same values he had been raised. If there was anything that almost pulled him away from his work and from the Order, it was Ollie and getting to be a father. He wanted his son to be safe. But, he also wanted to teach him to be the change you wanted to see. So, that is why he continues his work, trying his best to keep his family safe in this war.
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auxrorkind · a month ago
fabian prewett: an introduction
Tumblr media
hi it’s me i’m back with this lil bitch uhhh pls keep in mind that some of this is subject to change dependent on various plotting of the past present and/or future that is soon 2 come 
Name: fabian jasper prewett Pronunciation: fay-bee-an Meaning: great question  Birthday: august 24th, 1957 Age: 23 Pronouns: he/him Sexuality: bisexual Siblings: gideon prewett (twin), molly prewett (younger sister) Parents: peter prewett & melody prewett (nee macmillan) Other Family: the macmillan’s, most purebloods lets be honest lmao Languages: english, irish Current Residence: tbd stay tuned :)  Hometown: uhhhh also stay tuned :)
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw Year of Graduation: math is hard someone else who has a 23 year old figure it out and get back to me thanks Occupation: auror Pet: a PAINFULLY old owl named The Bard, old classmates will recognize him as the owl he had at school who was old as shit then, so honestly how the hell is he still kicking?? we don’t know Blood Status: pureblood Species: wizard Patronus: bloodhound Boggart: molly & gideon’s dead bodies teehee Amortentia: lavender, wet grass, fresh wood, cinnamon Wand type: red oak wood, core of dragon heartstring, 12″ Affiliation: order of the phoenix 
Height: 6′1 Hair Color: brunette Eye Color: brown Typical Hair Style: messy and a little too long Fashion Style: here’s his fashion pinterest board for this very reason: Distinguishing Features: he has a shocking amount of scars and honestly 90% of them are from dumb shit, not order or auror shit. potions accidents, miscast spells, quidditch crashes, tripping on his own feet, getting into dumb fights, you name it. 
Positive Traits: passionate, clever, creative, sociable Negative Traits: hotheaded, immature, conceited,  
Quick Facts/Headcanons:
he’s the older twin by a few minutes and therefore he is the eldest of the prewetts and he does make a point to bring that up in conversation with them whenever possible
has invented various potions throughout his illustrious side-gig as a potion maker (it’s a hobby), all of varying degrees of purpose and success, though his favorite is what is essentially an extremely overpowered redbull 
fab is a full member of the order and is - and always will be - still fully dedicated to them. he’s taking this whole “losing” thing pretty hard lmao, “laying low” isn’t a part of his vocabulary so lil faby waby is adjusting 
was captain of the ravenclaw quidditch team at hogwarts and still holds a large passion for the sport, he used to play on the local recreation team in the summer but he doesn’t have the time anymore. he DOES take the world cup very seriously though, go puddlemere!!!!
loves both of his siblings very very much don’t touch them don’t look at them weird don’t even tell them they’re stinky only HE can say they’re stinky
he's a very smart lad who will be serious and brainy when he truly needs to be but boy howdy does also do a lot of dumb shit 
he’s throwing himself into his work at the moment to keep busy, taking double shifts and volunteering for every opportunity that comes his way and doing a loooot of paperwork.
fitness junkie masochist who goes on frickin like 4am/5am runs before work
he’s a big sweetie who loves to love people and he gives great hugs BUT he also holds massive grudges and will happily straight up fight anyone who is a dickwad
ummmm that’s all i have for now i am speepy but i am very excited to be back and writing with yall and cant wait to plottttt
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xavecamour · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Name: Thorfinn Rowle Meaning: Norse Fish God (we made it up @lupineloon​ ) Birthday: 30th October  Age: 29 Pronouns: He/Him  Sexuality: Heterosexual Siblings: Victor and Eustace Parents: Julian and Eliana Other Family: N/A (open to offers) Languages: English, French, a little German Current Residence: When he’s back in the UK; Edinburgh or London. On the road hunting, whichever hotel is cheapest. Hometown: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin (although the sorting hat debated between Slytherin and Gryffindor) Year of Graduation: 1969 Occupation: Bounty Hunter (and occasional employee at the Office of Misinformation, to keep his father off of his back) Pet: Checkers, a Barn Owl Blood Status: Pureblood Species: Wizard, Human Patronus: A bat Boggart: ( tw: gore ) Being stabbed in the eyes Amortentia: Burning Wood, Dark Chocolate, Kerosene Wand type: Maple, Dragon-Heartstring core, just shy of nine inches. Affiliation: Deatheaters
Height: 5″ 9′ Hair Colour: Jet Black Eye Colour: Brown Typical Hair Style: Short, pushed over to the side Fashion Style: Depends on what activity he is doing. If he is tracking a target, he blends in to wherever they may be headed. Loose and comfortable clothing are good for this. Other times he usually wears a smart/casual pants and shirt combination. Distinguishing Features: He has three scars where he has been stabbed - shoulder, stomach and thigh. He has slight flecks of green in his brown eyes. 
Positive Traits: Precise, Sociable, Loyal Negative Traits: Selfish, Arrogant, Reckless
Theme song: L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale
Some people wear their history like a map on their face,
And Joey was an artist just living out a case But his best work was his letters home Extended works of fiction about imaginary success
The girls in neon were his closest things to friends But to a writer, the truth is no big deal And from the hard time living to the sleepless nights
And the black and blue body from the weekend fights He'd say L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. You've got more than money and cents, my friend You've got heart, and you're going your own way L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
What you don't have now will come back again You've got heart, and you're going your own way On my last night on earth, I won't look to the sky
Just breathe in the air and blink in the light On my last night on earth, I'll pay a high price To have no regrets and be done with my life
Thorfinn is covered in scars. Despite being a wizard with duelling skill, he often finds himself enjoying a physical fight more. He has wrestled many of his bounties into submission and on more than one occasion, been stabbed for his efforts.
Thorfinn is a talented liar and has assumed many identities over the years in order to track people down without causing suspicion.
He can be bribed into doing almost anything with a slice of pepperoni pizza from a muggle restaurant called ‘Frank Pizzeria’, but good luck finding it.
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nott-amused · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
introducing :: dmitry morozov-nott
age: 29 born in: oxfordshire, england hometown: moscow, russia former school: koldovstoretz blood status: pureblood occupation: lawyer affiliation: neutral
A-Okay - Mars Argo. Dmitry’s father married a much younger woman, Larisa Morozov, in what a number of speculated was a mail-order-bride situation. His father divorced his mother less than five years later.
You Were Bored - Loyal Lobos. Dmitry’s father immediately remarried and had another child, Amity Launier. Dmitry’s mother went back to Russia. Dmitry’s grandparents sued for custody in British court and won, but had no way to force Larisa to bring the child back to England. Larisa never told her child about his father.
Unconditional - Matt Maeson. Larisa died in a freak train accident at barely 30 years old. She had no will. Dmitry, then 10 years old, went to live with Larisa’s parents, than an aunt, then state custody, then another aunt, and eventually fell out of the system at age 15.
Chlorine - Twenty One Pilots. It was easy for a wizard, even a young one, to avoid muggle police. Dmitry proved very good at vanishing the second cops showed up. He sold drugs mostly, but was quickly gaining a reputation among muggles for an almost supernatural ability to get things from point A to point B without leaving a trace. 
Escape Artist - The Zolas. Dmitry was lucky that he was seventeen when he was caught by the magical police-- not an adult, and only sent to a reform school for two years. He was even luckier that his court-appointed lawyer liked him, maybe too much. The lawyer encouraged him to finish his education and took him on as an apprentice when his sentence was over.
Black and White - Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Hard work pays off, at least sometimes. Dmitry was a quick learner and a good lawyer. He was hired by the same lawyer he’d apprenticed with, put in the hours, and eventually ended up with his name attached to an important case. It even got in the newspaper-- not just the Russian ones, but a law journal back in England. A lawyer for his British grandparents saw it and on a whim decided to check if Dmitry Morozov was Larisa Morozov’s son. He was. 
Savior Complex - Phoebe Bridgers. Dmitry’s grandparents wrote letters. He wrote back. Within two years, they offered to set him up with his own law firm if he moved to England and qualified as a lawyer there. He didn’t know if he wanted to go, but the lawyer he’d been working for since he got out of reform school reminded him that it was a better opportunity than he was ever likely to get in Russia. 
Ruins - First Aid Kit. Dmitry did it. He qualified in England at 27. He got his own law firm at 28. He turned 29 still wondering if he should have stayed in Russia. It seemed like there was no one around him that he could trust, nowhere to turn in a culture entirely unfamiliar. 
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hauntedscreams · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
introducing bellatrix violetta black
Name: Bellatrix Violetta Black Meaning: Bellatrix meaning female warrior. Violetta meaning purple. Nickname(s): Bella, Trix Birthday: March 26th Age: 25 Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Bisexual Parents: Cygnus & Druella Black Siblings: Andromeda & Narcissa Other Family: Sirius & Regulus Black (cousins) Languages: English, French, Italian, some Latin
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Dedicated, Resilient Negative Traits: Vicious, Irrational Zodiac: Aries (Passionate, Motivated, Confident, Impatient, Aggressive) MBTI:  ISTP (Virtuoso) Alignment: Chaotic Evil Theme song: Power by Little Mix
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Occupation: Floo Network Authority Employee & Socialite  Pet: Esmeralda - ball python Blood Status: Pureblood Patronus: King Cobra Boggart: The dark lord telling her she is nothing more than a mudblood. Amortentia Scent: Blood, vodka, peaches Wand type: Walnut Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 12 3/4 inches Affiliation: Death Eaters 
enjoys ice skating
has a strange sense of what it is to love someone
does not enjoy being married
was constantly lectured by her parents due to her lashing out, this did not help and seems to have made it worse
her sisters are two of the only people that can talk sense into her
takes on a lot of lovers
prefers to torture people before she kills them because she likes breaking people’s minds more than their bodies
her snake esmeralda can change outer appearance
skilled at occlumency and non-verbal magic
Bellatrix is the eldest daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black. Like most of her family, she was named after the stars. Her family’s fascination with astrology is what sparked her own interest, rivaling with her love of dark arts. Despite truly loving her family, Bella has always found emotions to be difficult. She doesn’t emote the way she sees other people doing, always wondering if there is some gene she is missing. The more time goes on, the more she feels she is losing herself to some darker side of her. The only problem is, she has no intentions of trying to stop whatever darkness is pulling her in.
During her time at Hogwarts, Bella thrived in Defense Against the Dark Arts. It wasn’t that she particularly cared about the defense tactics, but rather finding ways to get around them. She had been taught by her father that the only way to truly be able to give herself power was to learn the ways others would try to stop her. She used to test her theories on other students, hurting them just enough that they were too afraid to say it was her. However, that didn’t mean she never got herself into trouble. Her temper often made her lash out and had it not been for the Black family’s pull, she likely would have been expelled from Hogwarts on numerous occasions.
Her work with the Dark Lord, whom she considers to be her own personal savior, has taken over her life. She would do anything to prove herself, anything to make sure that Voldemort’s visions of cleansing the world of filth come true. She truly believes in his cause and uses her madness to her advantage. Her desire to show her value has put her in close personal workings with Voldemort, as he teaches her some of his secrets. Working alongside him has taught her impeccable skills though she specializes in occlumency, non-verbal magic, and the use of dark arts and curses. She is determined to continue her work for her lord, even if it is becoming an obsession.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Basic Information
Full Name: Nikolai Ivanov
Nickname(s): Kolya, Kol
Age: 24
Date of Birth: August 22nd
Hometown: Arkhangelsk, Russia
Current Location: London, England
Gender: currently identifies as Cis Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Orientation: pansexual, homoromantic
Affiliation: Order
Occupation: Apprentice Tailor
Living Arrangements: Flatmates with Izzy
Language(s) Spoken: Russian, Spanish, English
Accent: Russian
Former School & House: Koldovstoretz 1st-5th year, Ravenclaw at Hogwarts 6th-7th year
Positive Traits: Creative, Empathetic
Negative Traits: Conceited, Outspoken
Physical Appearance
Face Claim: Arón Piper
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Height: 5′11
Tattoos: small sunflower on his right wrist, ruler along his left pointer finger
Piercings: one ear
Full Bio
Kolya never knew his father. Other than a few curious questions when he was a child, for the most part he never really wanted to know the man either. His mother had never been inclined to go into detail about him; the fact of the matter was, he wasn’t around and he simply never would be. It didn’t matter much. Clio had been young when she’d had him, no older than twenty, and growing up he’d had the sort of relationship with her where she wasn’t just his mother but his best friend to boot. They were a complete family, the two of them, and they didn’t need or want anybody else.
Rather than going through the typical teenage phase of ‘my mom is so uncool,’ Kolya remained fiercely protective and adoring of his mother, and in return she did her best to support his predisposition towards what is perhaps considered an unconventional interest for a young boy in modern society.
Kolya was just about born with a sketchbook in hand; if one wasn’t available to him that would lead to lipstick or paint on the walls, any medium would do. The older he grew the more his drawings gravitated towards one central theme: clothes. Jackets, cloaks, and dresses as his favorite extravagant subject. By the time he was fourteen he was secretly making his first clumsy attempts at tailoring, and by the time he was sixteen his entire life was coming to a screeching halt.
Kolya was the one to find his mother’s body in their garden one June evening after she’d failed to pick him up from the station for his summer holiday after fifth year. Clio was mangled almost beyond recognition, and everything after that felt like one agonizing blur. You’ll be moving, he was told. For your protection, they said. Nobody bothered to ask him what he wanted, not that it would have made a difference if they had; all he wanted was his mother back. All he wanted was for things to go back the way they were. But they never would. They couldn’t.
Kolya didn’t care for the family who’d agreed to foster him and he didn’t care for this new school Hogwarts. He became a very bitter, bristly child, as much of a hermit as one could be that first year; by the next, although his anger had numbed, he’d more or less successfully cemented a status quo of isolation. He made no effort to change that and he left to return to Russia the day he graduated from Hogwarts, hoping to find some scrap of the idealized life he’d built up in his head.
It wasn’t there.
It was cathartic, though, to return to the place he’d been born, to seek out some semblance of closure and to visit his mothers grave. To say goodbye in a way he’d been incapable of allowing himself to do before. He may not have found the mystical, elusive place he belonged but he did find some bits and pieces of himself, or at least, learned to put them together. It wasn’t quite as shocking to return to Russia as it had been to leave it, but some dissonance was there; a lack of belonging, a lack of the feeling he associated with home. Despite himself, he’d grown rather fond of England and some of the people it contained, so at twenty- four, making the decision to move to London was a relatively easy one. His timing might have left something to be desired, with the world seemingly at a boiling point. Given his own lineage of an absentee human father and a witch mother with questionable heritage herself, Kolya’s support of The Order was a no- brainer. Although peace is a rather unfamiliar concept to Kolya, he is somewhat reluctant to dive into the thick of things and get his hands dirty- all he really wants right now is to put down roots find a place he belongs and build a life that he can love.
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Tumblr media
introducing alexander barak zabini
Name: Alexander Barak Zabini Meaning: Alexander meaning defender. Barak meaning lightening. Nickname(s): Alex Birthday: July 18th Age: 23 Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Heterosexual Parents: William & Mia Zabini Siblings: Thomas (deceased) & Elianna Zabini Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Discreet, Intuitive Negative Traits: Greedy, Opportunistic Zodiac: Cancer (Tenacious, Loyal, Persuasive, Suspicious, Manipulative) MBTI:  INTJ (Architect) Alignment: Lawful Evil Theme song: Every Breath You Take by The Police
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin Occupation: Owner of The White Wyvern Animagus: Panther Blood Status: Pureblood Patronus: Panther Boggart: Losing his memory and all of the information he has. Amortentia Scent: pine scented cleaner, ocean water, vanilla Wand type: Fir Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair, 11 3/4 inches Affiliation: Death Eaters  
enjoys learning people’s secrets so he can use them later
does not take money as payment for information, instead wants more intel or favors
never loved blackberries until he met emma
there are only a few people he trusts and only one fully
doesn’t actually care about the pureblood movement but joined the death eaters out of obligation and to see what he could get from it
he might not share it, but he does have an opinion on most things
spends most of his time with emma or at his tavern
What are parents? As far as Alex knew, parents were people that brought you into the world and then disappeared to let the nannies raise you. After all, he wasn’t the heir and neither was his younger sister. What did they need them for? Nothing more than a backup plan in case anything happened to their golden boy. Alex didn’t hate or envy his older brother, though, if anything he pitied him. To him it seemed his brother had to live a very structed, very sad life.
That didn’t mean Alexander didn’t want to make a name for himself. No, he craved power, even at an early age. He learned quickly that money wasn’t the only way to have power. Secrets. Secrets held a lot of power, secrets could get you almost anything you wanted. Like learning of his father’s affair with a muggleborn. Oh, what a riot his dear mum would have if she found out. That was how he got what he wanted, leverage.
Slytherin was the right fit for him, after all most of his friends were there, too. He learned a lot of secrets there, too. Hogwarts was like a playground full of them. Secrets weren’t meant to be shared. No, they were meant to be bargaining chips. Alex made friends easily enough. He was quite charismatic when he wanted to be. Most of his so-called friends though, were there to serve a purpose. He could learn about them, use them when he needed to. It wasn’t as if it was unheard of among their group to blackmail one another. A few people, though he couldn’t do it to. There were some people that Alex didn’t want to use secrets against. Not many, but a few.
He found it easy to sail through classes when he had multiple students doing his assignments for him. He only needed to learn just enough to pass exams, that was easy enough. Plus, it allowed him time to focus on the only subject he seemed to enjoy. Transfiguration. There was a reason Alex was so focused on the subject. He had a goal. Becoming an animagus. He wanted to have another way to find out secrets. By the time he had graduated Hogwarts, he had achieved this goal. At first, though, he hadn’t been excited about the form he had taken. A panther? How was that going to help him? But, he learned how to use it. A lot of nefarious deeds took place in the dark and in the dark, no one noticed a silent black cat, even if it was a rather large one.
He hadn’t been sure what he wanted to do after Hogwarts, other than joining the death eaters. It wasn’t that blood purity was his focus, he could care less. But, the power that the death eaters held was something he craved. His brother was a death eater, he would show him the ropes, get him in with the right people. What Alex hadn’t counted on was his brother being killed during a mission. He had never been particularly close with him, but he was still family.
His parents wasted no time, their first son barely in the ground, before suddenly becoming interested in Alex’s life. Now, it seemed he was the heir. If they wanted him to play the role his brother had once done, the parties, the galas, they were going to have to pay up. He already knew what he wanted. The shady bar that was located in Knockturn Alley. What better way than to overhear even more secrets that might come in handy than running a bar used as a criminal meeting place?
Now, Alex is trying to work his way up the ranks in the death eaters while trying to balance his newfound roles of being the living male heir. He’s not worried, after all , everyone has a secret to share.
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Tumblr media
introducing paloma elena rosenfield
Name: Paloma Elena Rosenfield Meaning: Paloma meaning dove. Elena meaning shining light. Nickname(s): Lo Birthday: June 17th Age: 25 Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Bisexual  Parents: Martina & Carter Rosenfield Languages: English, Spanish
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Considerate, Spontaneous Negative Traits: Intrusive, Reckless  Zodiac: Gemini (Gentle, Affectionate, Curious, Inconsistent, Indecisive) MBTI:  ISFP (Adventurer) Alignment: Neutral Theme song: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Occupation: Photographer & Motorcycle Mechanic Pet: Evie - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Blood Status: Muggleborn Patronus: Ocicat Boggart: Being stuck in a room with now way out. Amortentia Scent: Engine oil, raindrops, rose petals Wand type: Pine Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches Affiliation: Neutral  
cannot sit still, always likes to be on the move
her dog, evie is with her almost all of the time (especially during shoots)
truly loves doing photo shoots for people, watching them smile on happy occasions brings joy to her heart 
is a bit claustrophobic 
loves being outdoors and on her bike
her bike was a gift from her parents for graduating and she treasures it
so curious that sometimes it gets her in trouble as it comes off as nosy
she is a sweetheart and is trying not to get involved in the war
Paloma was her parent’s dream come true and a nightmare all at once. Dream come true because she was sweet and kind, constantly worrying about everyone else. Nightmare because she tended to just disappear for hours at a time, nearly giving her parents heart attacks every time they couldn’t find their little girl. It wasn’t that she would go anywhere epical either, she just liked to wander off, let her feet take her away. Then came the next thing to give them all a bit of a fright, her magic. Her parents were very accepting of it, but it was hard for them to wrap their heads around.
Her letter from Hogwarts came with some relief, she would finally get answers to understand what was happening to her. She would get the chance to control her magic. But, going somewhere unknown without knowing anyone was frightening. She let her curious nature overtake her fears, though. She wanted to learn, to understand. Hufflepuff was a good fit for her, but she hated having a target on her back. Being a muggleborn that came across as rather nosy at times definitely had its setbacks.
 Bullying and tormenting from other students is what made her decide to start taking different forms of self-defense outside of magic. Martial arts and krav maga served her well in learning how to handle herself. But, she always hoped she would never have to use it because deep down, she was a lover not a fighter.
 As Hogwarts came to an end, Lo realized she wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do with her life other than travel. So, she took the money her parents had given her from graduation and bought a camera and a motorcycle. It has served her well, as she learned how to fix her own bike and then learned to fix others. Plus, getting paid to take pictures when she loved doing it anyways? Easy peasy. Now, she is trying to navigate through the war. She doesn’t exactly want to join the order, but fears she may have to if things keep getting worse.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
001. full name. regulus arcturus black
002. name meaning.          regulus ( latin ): the brightest star in the leo constellation and one of the brightest stars in the galaxy; prince, little king.          arcturus ( greek ): the brightest star in the boötes constellation and the fourth brightest star in the night sky; guardian of the bear.
003. nicknames. his family has been known to call him reg or reggie but he hates nicknames of any sort. calling him a nickname is a surefire way to end up with a knife to the gut or a wand to the throat.
004. gender + pronouns. cismale; he/him.
005. age. eighteen, born october 19, 1961.
006. blood status. pureblood.
007. sexual orientation. homosexual ( closeted )
001. zodiac. libra.
002. mbti. intj-a
003. enneagram. type six, the skeptic.
004. moral alignment. chaotic neutral.
005. temperament: melancholic.
006. archetype. the wild card.
007. element. water.
008. personality traits.          positive. polite, scrupulous, calculating, insightful.          neutral: shrewd, old-fashioned, unpredictable, ambitious.          negative: zealous, haughty, naïve, jealous.
001. parents.          walburga black          orion black
002. siblings.          sirius black ( estranged )
003. extended family.          bellatrix lestrange, andromeda tonks, narcissa black ( cousins )          alphard black ( uncle )          various members of the house of black
004. relationship status. single.
005. allegiance. death eaters.
006. pets. a black turkish angora kitten named midnight.
magical stats.
001. wand.          silver lime wood.          10 and ¾ inches.          dragon heartstring.          unyielding.
002. boggart. sirius dying by his hand.
003. patronus. non-corporeal.
004. amortentia. the pages of an old book, kerosene, black tea and honey, and the smell after a thunderstorm.
character tropes.
001. hidden heart of gold.
002. break the haughty.
003. affably evil.
004. wake up call.
005. while rome burns.
006. wouldn’t hit a girl.
007. motive decay.
008. beware the polite ones.
009. green-eyed monster.
key information.
001. he’s hardly had a conversation with his brother in years and often forgets how easy it is for them to get under each others skin.
002. he cares nothing for his cat, midnight. she was a gift from his uncle alphard for his birthday to teach him responsibility as the future heir but he overheard alphard tell walburga that he was too detached from emotion and needed something to care for.
003. he was almost a hat stall, with the sorting hat taking four minutes and thirty-seven seconds to sort him. anytime he thought about being separated from sirius, he panicked but anytime the sorting hat tried to put him in a house that wasn’t slytherin, he panicked more out of fear for what his mother may say or do. in the end, he chose slytherin to make her proud.
004. he tried to befriend the marauders for the first few years, but eventually grew to seeing them as the people who stole his brother. out of the entire group, he hates james the most.
005. he refuses to hurt sirius, but he has no qualms about hurting the people close to sirius to cause him pain that way.
006. he plays violin and piano and often writes his own music.
007. he joined the death eaters after sirius ran away, because he figured this was the best he had to a family who wouldn’t abandon him.
008. oftentimes, he’ll cause strife just for the hell of it and can’t always pull himself away from the edge, though he does consider himself more sane than some of his fellow death eaters.
009. he’s never been kissed and hasn’t come to terms with being gay yet.
010. hospitals freak him out though he’ll never admit to it, because having fear is a weakness.
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Tumblr media
introducing rosalyn waverly greyback
Name: Rosalyn Waverly Greyback Meaning: Rosalyn meaning rose. Waverly meaning meadow of quivering aspens. Nickname(s): Roz, Ma (emma), Momma (only by younger wolves) Birthday: January 1st Age: 35 Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Bisexual Species: Werewolf Parents: Unknown Other Family: Fenrir Greyback (husband), Emma Vanity (adopted daughter), pack children
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Resourceful, Appreciative Negative Traits: Conceited, Vicious Zodiac: Capricorn (Responsible, Motivated, Unforgiving, Ambitious, Stubborn) MBTI:  ISFJ (Defender) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Theme song: Something Strange in the Night by Coyle Girelli
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (dropped out after fifth year) Occupation: Random jobs Blood Status: Halfblood Patronus: Black Swan Boggart: Her pack being hunted. Amortentia Scent: Metal, Apples, Clove Wand type: Cedar Wood, Thunderbird Tail Feather, 10 3/4 inches Affiliation: Loyalty to the pack. Deatheater aligned.  
enjoys climbing trees.
spends most of her time in the forest.
unless you are a part of her pack, it would be wise not to trust her.
she would do anything to protect her family.
she really, really likes chipmunks for some reason.
has yet to actually “turn” anyone, but probably will eventually.
never wants any child in her pack to feel as alone as she did when she was a kid.
she sees very well in the dark.
loves reading poetry.
Rosalyn Crane was special. She always knew she was destined for something bigger, a greater purpose in life. Even being raised in an orphanage with no memory of her parents, she knew there was something better for her just waiting. As far as she knew her parents were long gone, buried underneath the soil and if they weren’t, they were as good as dead to her for leaving her behind. It was a strange thing to wish that your parents were dead rather than face the horror of why they wouldn’t want her. If they were alive, it was their loss. She was special, she was going to be a part of something bigger than herself one day.
Magical powers had made her feel that sense of righteousness that she had been correct all along. She could do things the other children in the orphanage couldn’t. Roz enjoyed the attention she got, she thrived on it at first. But, before long, it became a burden. The rest of the kids grew scared of her, scared of what she could do to them if they wronged her. It was fine, she didn’t need them anyways. She was special.
Hogwarts didn’t make her feel special anymore. She was just one of many, there was nothing unique about her powers here. Roz felt isolated once again. Students fighting over things she didn’t think mattered, whose blood was more pure. They weren’t special, none of them. She made friends, if you could call them that, not many stuck around. She would be special again. She just had to be, she could feel it in her heart.
Roz didn’t have a place to go during the summers. The orphanage had made it clear after her fifth year that they didn’t want her back. That was fine, she didn’t need them, she could make it on her own. She stayed at places that others would consider unsavory, bars with rooms in the back. The owners would let her do some work for her boarding fees. During the days, she would creep out into the endless and vast forest. Something about it made her feel special again. She would go farther and farther, stay out later and later. That was when she met her, someone else that was as outstanding she knew she would be one day. Marcella.
Marcella was everything that Roz one day hoped to be. She was strong, she was independent, she was brave, she was motherly. Marcella saw something in Roz, a hunger to have a family that Roz had pretended like she never had. At first, Roz later found out, she was actually going to be a nice meal for Marcy because Marcy had a secret. Marcy was a werewolf, but she changed her mind, seeing that Roz was indeed special. Instead, she turned her, took her in, made her a part of a family. A real family, a special family.
Adjusting had been difficult at first, painful even. But, this was what she had been destined for, she would pull through. Roz didn’t return to Hogwarts. She didn’t need them anymore, she wasn’t special there. They wouldn’t understand her glorious purpose. She had a pack, now, a place to call home for the first time in her life. She wasn’t going to leave that behind to do tricks with a wand. She didn’t need anyone else, or so she thought. That was until she met Fenrir Greyback in her early 20’s.
Fenrir shared the same thoughts that she did. They were special, they were going to rule the world one day. There was nothing more beautiful than being a creature of the night. Falling in love hadn’t been something she had dreamed of, but it was something she realized she couldn’t stop, nor did she want to. She loved Fenrir, they were special.
Roz had thought she had fulfilled her destiny, but she was wrong. She hadn’t really, not yet. That was until she started taking in younger werewolves under her wing, making sure they knew they were special, too. There was nothing wrong with them, people were just jealous that they weren’t as remarkable.
Her family was taken under a siege of sorts, being commanded to do things for the death eaters. If it wasn’t for the survival of the pack, she wouldn’t have done it. Murdered people for others, done things that she wouldn’t normally do. But, what choice did she have? She was special, her pack was special. They would survive and one day, everyone would see exactly how special they were.
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Tumblr media
introducing jackson everett flint
Name: Jackson Everett Flint Meaning: Jackson meaning to follow after. Everett meaning strong as a wild boar. Nickname(s): Jax Birthday: February 14th Age: 24 Pronouns: He/Him Sexuality: Heterosexual Siblings: Maxine Flint (sister) Parents: Richard & Amilyn Flint Other Family: Seraphina Parkinson (chosen family), Cordelia Greengrass (chosen family) Languages: English, Italian Current Residence: Penthouse Apartment in London
Pinterest: Positive Traits: Intuitive, Realistic Negative Traits: Cynical, Possessive Zodiac: Aquarius (Bold, Original, Independent, Cold, Condescending) MBTI:  ESTJ (Executive) Alignment: Neutral Evil Theme song: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses
more information;
Wizard Fun:
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Occupation: Obliviator Blood Status: Pureblood Patronus: Hyena Boggart: Himself turning into his father. Amortentia Scent: Sweat, Money, Lemonade Wand type: Ebony Wood, Troll Whisker, 13 inches Affiliation: Death Eaters
Headcanons: (TW : emotional abuse)
thought being sorted into gryffindor was a cruel joke
rather enjoys pissing off his parents, just to watch them squirm
his father verbally abuses his mother and he never wants a marriage like that. it has turned her into a ghost of herself.
has decided that he won’t cheat on any future wife of his, even if it is an arranged marriage.
honestly might kill his dad one day.
he can be social (blame it on pureblood upbringing), but would throw almost anyone he needed to under the bus to save himself
despite being a cyncial asshole, he has made some very important friendships
it might be cliche, but he loves a glass of whiskey and a cigar
he enjoys a good fight. not a magic fight, either. a fight where he gets to use his hands. 
has a soft spot, especially for women.
had a betrothal recently fall through when the girl ran off with someone else.
Children were a routine policy for Richard and Amilyn, something perfect pureblood families did and nothing more. For the first few years of their lives, Jackson and Maxine thought the nannies were their parents. But, it didn’t matter because they had one another and that was the most important thing. The twins spent days working up secret codes that only the could understand.
Jackson was the male heir to the Flint fortune and his parents spent no time training him to act as such. That was probably why when he went to Hogwarts, his rebellious streak started. The first disappointment he had to tell his parents, mainly his father of, was bring sorted into Gryffindor. He never thought he would hear the end of that one. Joining quidditch instead of chess club was the next and the list only continued to grow over the years.
Potions is where Jackson’s true passion lies. He had always been intrigued and fascinated by the things he could create and had excelled in the course, but the future of a potioneer was one he knew not to dream of. As much as he would never admit it, his need for his father’s approval would see him listening to his family’s demands and getting a job at the ministry. Taking the dark mark had been another request from his family and he had pushed it off only to irk them. Only taking it when he decided it was time to suck it up and get it over with. He doesn’t fully believe in the Dark Lord’s cause, but he does enjoy power.
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