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I’ve discovered so many new #bands but also old bands too. I always loved her style but her #music is amazing too. 💚#StevieNicks #StephanieLynnNicks #singer
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Imagine Jude catching you pleasuring yourself.


Jude’s name was on your lips as you touched yourself. She was all you ever thought about. Maybe it was wrong, hell, you knew it was, but you couldn’t help yourself. Something, however, and it was not your morality, made you pause.

“I was wondering how long it was going to take before you realized you weren’t alone,” Jude said. You’d recognize her voice anywhere. “Don’t worry, I didn’t come to stop you,” she went on.

You were alone in this part of Briarcliff, so you’d have little to no fear of being caught by anyone else. “Touch yourself again for me,” she instructed. You didn’t dare disobey.

For @fandomshipper1128 (Just reposting from the discontinued smut blog to this one.)

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Imagine James assuring that you will stay with him in the Cortez forever.


Originally posted by spideyownsmyass

You’d spent a lovely night with James, but you did not expect to wake up to him above you, wielding a knife. “Don’t make this difficult for me, darling,” he warned, and you were pretty much frozen in place, so you didn’t expect that was going to be a problem. You shut your eyes, knowing your fate, but not wanting to see it coming. That’s when James plunged the blade into your chest. It was quick, the pain faded as quickly as it came, and you felt…fine.

When you opened your eyes, James was no longer on top of you. You sat up freely and got out of bed. That’s when you looked down in horror to see your body still lying on the bed. “What have you done,” you exclaimed.

“I killed you. Now we may remain together forever, my dear,” James informed you.

For @psychobitchtess

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Requested by anon: hihi, i see u write for american horror story? could u write xavier and u cuddling all fluff and cute but he says some dumb but cute idiot shit that ruins the softness? thx

Pairing: Pre Camp!Xavier Plympton x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, tiny bit o mature humor?, short story (sorry!)

Note: This is my first Xavier fic! I thought what he says fit his character well, so after asking a friend, I decided to include it, I hope you like it! 😂


Originally posted by josiesblake

Taglist: @matth1w​, @redspaceace

Masterlist | (being posted after more Cody fics are posted) Cody Fern Masterlist

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Originally posted by ahs-gif-imagines


One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;

so many things seem filled with the intent

to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster

of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.

The art of losing isn’t hard to master.

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,

some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.

I miss them, but it wasn’t a disaster.

- Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture

I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident

the art of losing’s not too hard to master

though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster. 

When My Soul Findeth Wings by Libbie C. Baer

Like roses the bright dream did pass,
   On swift, noiseless footsteps away;
Like glistening dew on the grass,
   Dissolving beneath the sun’s ray. 

Like voice of the lark that doth soar,
   Through the golden haze of the dawn;
You hear it and bend to adore,
   Just hear it and then it is gone. 

My memory holds images fair,
  Of all these beautiful things;
Which I will be seeking somewhere,
  When my soul, as lark, findeth wings.

Yesterday and To-morrow by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Yesterday I held your hand,
Reverently I pressed it,
And its gentle yieldingness
From my soul I blessed it.

But to-day I sit alone,
Sad and sore repining;
Must our gold forever know
Flames for the refining?

Let me once retrace my steps,
From these roads unpleasant,
Let my heart and mind and soul
All ignore the present.

Yesterday the iron seared
And to-day means sorrow.
Pause, my soul, arise, arise,
Look where gleams the morrow.

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Introduction {Part 1}

Cordelia’s POV

She was going about her business doing her normal morning ritual. She always awoke before the other witches so she had time to shower and eat in peace. She was finished showering, she sat at her bedside table in a towel brushing her hair and she shivered. But it didn’t feel like a normal shiver, it felt like something was going to happen ‘Maybe I’ll get a vision’ she thought To herself. But no vision happened. She sat in a kind of disappointed state of mind. She continued to get dressed and head downstairs to make some breakfast.

She traced her fingers along the banister as she walked down the stairs. The headed towards the kitchen grabbing herself a bagel to warm up. While it was warming in the toaster she got a slight headache “Dammit” she mumbled.

“What happened?” A soft voice spoke from behind the blonde witch.

“Good morning Zoe” she spoke without turning around

“You stealing CoCo’s powers now? Huh? Can you sense how many calories are in that bagel?” She laughed lightly

“Very funny, no I just got a headache that’s all” she said whilst rubbing her temple, her thoughts drifted slightly. She felt nauseous and light headed 'what is happening?’ She thought to herself. She was snapped back to reality.

“CORDELIA!” Zoe shouted to gain Cordelias attention. It seemed that while Delia was lost in thought, Zoe saw something in the garden something shifty.

“Someone’s in the garden” Zoe spoke

“What?” Cordelia spoke and looked out of the window to see someone or something rustling in the bushes. She and Zoe headed out of the back door to found out what was going on “Hello? Is someone there” Delia spoke.

Alma’s POV

She had been wandering for a while now, all night it seemed. She escaped her grandfathers evil clutches and she had been wandering aimlessly until she saw a New Orleans sign and she felt energy vibrate through her, she curled over in a ball as her eyes rolled back into her head she saw a black and white image. Her vision followed a path to a huge White House that read 'Miss Robichaux Academy’. She gasped loudly falling to the floor. She had only a few visions in her life but this felt different. She stood up looking around wondering how she would get there. “Help me” she whispered she often spoke to herself and her grandfather never allowed her to speak to others. She squirted her eyes and said to follow her instincts she followed her gut and after walking for hours she found herself outside the academy. She could feel herself being pulled to it or well to the back of the academy for some reason.

She slipped through the back gate into the garden running her hand across the the leaves and walls seeing if she could feel or see anything. She edged herself a towards a greenhouse heading inside until she felt someone watching her, she freaked and hid in the tree lines and bushes, she then heard a distant voice say “Hello” she froze on the spot. Whenever she made contact with new people they would hurt her and she wouldn’t make the same mistake again. She ran out of the tees and into the greenhouse trying to hide under the wooden table in the centre of the room “idiot, you’re in the middle of the room” she spoke to herself but before she could move she greenhouse door opened and she heard footsteps heading towards her.

Cordelia and Zoe heading into the green house looking confused as they saw somebody trying to hide under the table. Zoe looked at Cordelia who put her hand in front of Zoe signalling her to stay there while she went ahead.

“Hello? Are you okay?” The blonde witch spoke softly slowing leaning under the table

Alma froze at the sight of the witch and started crawling backwards under another table looking around trying to find a way to escape.

Cordelia looked at the girl she was wearing a baggy black top with black leggings, she had dirt smeared over her face like she had been crawling through dry mud, her head was shaven and she had fear in her eyes. Her breath was ragged

“Are you okay? Are you lost?” She said with a soft approach and genuine concern.

The girl froze in fear trembling under the table her tattered top against the cold bare brick wall.

“Can you speak? … I don’t think she can Delia” Zoe said while looking at Cordelia.

Cordelia looked into the girls eyes she felt a connection to her she felt … familiar.

“She’s what I was like when my mother dropped me off here, lost and lonely” Cordelia sighed.

“Come with us dear, we’ll take care of you” she smiled holding out her hand. Alma flinched at her hand. Cordelia froze in shock at the way this young girl reacted

“It’s okay sweetheart we won’t hurt you”

Alma slowly came out from under the table and followed Cordelia and Zoe back into the house. Zoe ushered her to a seat at the kitchen table while Cordelia got her some food. Zoe met Cordelia at the kitchen top.

“What’s happened to her? Can you see anything, y'know vision wise?” Zoe whispered to the older witch.

“I can’t see anything when it comes to her I don’t know why but I feel … pain and coldness it’s scares me Zoe. I don’t know what’s happened to her but I wanna help her”

“ I trust you Cordelia so what you say .. goes”

Zoe smiles looking back at the frightened girl in the seat. She was wide eyed trying to figure out who they were and what they wanted and why the hell was she drawn to this place.

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Hi so this is just a little intro about the characters and just to see if anyone will be interested in this story or not

So this is kinda an alternate storyline of Cordelia Goode and Hank Foxx. In this story Cordelia did manage to get pregnant via Hank but the child was conceived during the magic ritual which from the show ended up being an evil magic ritual. The baby has dark powers and grows at an alarming rate, at 2 months the baby is fully grown and ready to be born. The pregnant has made Cordelia weak and sick. She couldn’t eat any food, her fellow witches had to make her potions filled with nutrients and vitamins to keep her going.

One night Delia has an awful nightmare she dreams that the baby is born with red skin and black eyes like the devil. She is awoken in the morning by Hank. She looks around rather startled by how he is looking at her But then she feels a sharp pain in her stomach as she looks down to touch her stomach she sees the bedsheets are filled with blood. Cordelia drifts in and out of consciousness and hears her baby cries briefly before blacking out.

She awakes in hospital and is informed by Zoe and the doctors that her baby girl died. Cordelia is inconsolable for months, also matters with Hank don’t help. Like I’m Coven she finds out he had been cheating, she lost her sight, she gained her sight, gone again then back one final time. She decides to dedicate herself to being a good Supreme but never forgets her little angel.

Her daughter is called Alma Foxx.

Cordelia, Zoe, Queenie, Myrtle, Bubbles, Mallory and CoCo are all in this story. Other character such as Michael, Venable, Ms Meade etc are not going to be in this story, I might change my mind who knows? I may have Alma bring back Misty Day in this story instead if Michael.

The story will start as Alma Foxx as a new witch to the Coven slowing sharing her story with the other witches and eventually figuring out that Cordelia is her mother. WARNING flashbacks will be included in dreams and such.

I will be writing soon I hope you will enjoy

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Times are hard right now, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way for us to come together, talk, laugh, and possibly have some watch parties via Netflix Party at some point. So! I have created a discord server called The Horror Channel
I am looking for moderators and possibly another admin to help out. I am not very well versed in using discord, let alone being the owner and runner of a server. 

This server is or AHS stans, Sarah Paulson stans, Lily Rabe Stans, Cate Blanchett stans, horror stans, and possibly true crime stans. Since I have been apart of most of these fandoms for years, I wanted to create my own space for my friends and mutuals to come together in a time where it’s hard to do that. It’s for distractions, relaxation, and as I said before watch parties. We would be watching AHS, horror movies, and movies and shows which our favs star in. 

There are a few catches though. To become a member, you need to be over 18, I’m sorry to anyone who that inconveniences, but given that AHS is MA, and some movies we will watch are rated R, I do not want to subject anyone to things that could be triggering, sexual, and/or harsh on them. Next, you will have to message me here or on twitter (same handle) for the server link. Below are some pictures of what we have going on so far. 

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Amy’s Power Stats (At The Beginning)

Don’t be fooled… she’s very smart XD She’ll never ever be as book-smart as Momo or be at the top of the class when it comes to test-taking, but unlike Momo, Amy’s very street-smart. She looks and acts like a doofus, but beware the silly ones, she knows how people think, analyzes their weaknesses and questions society constantly too.  

Often times the smartest ones are the most batshit insane I mean look at Harley Quinn and Deadpool.

Those are the kind of heroes Amy is very much like, she’s very smart, just completely fucked up and insane and she never, EVER shuts up either…  

Her power only gets stronger during UA, while her telekinesis was her strongest ability, overtime her powers become even more destructive upon manifesting Sentio Compassios… she also becomes faster too, especially when it comes to teleportation.

But she’s got a problem with cooperativeness, and then the fact that she thought that the UA students were below her and witches (American Horror Story) in general and would rather rely on herself than anyone else and doesn’t really listen to anyone else either.

She straight-up told Bakugo AND Todoroki at the Sports festival that they’re “both weak” and that it’s her that they should have been afraid of. And with her magic giving her so many abilities she’s a “if you want it done right, do it yourself” kind of girl. 

As for technique… girl knows how to use her magic, EXTREMELY well as a matter of fact, knows her weaknesses and uses it to her advantage in battle. 

“What can I say except I’m Amy~” 

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