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to say the squad mates in andromeda are boring is rly the same kind of dry baseless shit that y’all tried to pull with trilogy characters like Jacob & ashley. im really sorry ur cognitive thinking skills are so basic you need characters to fall out of something astronomical and supersonic and have a world shattering backstory and be the sort of anime level one dimensional to find them interesting but I’m different

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another hot take: andromeda was a beautiful and interesting game with polarizing choices, realistic dispositions when it came to characters and romances, and the funnest combat system in any BioWare game to date and u guys only hate on it bc u expected it to be mass effect 4 with a bunch of callbacks to the trilogy

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Update to the sequel for In My Head:

I had planned for the first part of this to be 7k max. I have a really important scene (I guess will be at least 1k) that needs to be in this and I haven’t even started it despite passing 7k 😐 exasperated with Timmy because HE FEELS SO MUCH BOY STOP

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I rushed to clean the kitchen and brush my teeth only to miss Waffle Crew but I make it in time to see a child singer? Come on

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Oka,y Pro Shinsou hairstyle is way WAY more fluffy (I need to get the refs down one day..still struggle with the long hair) but..i found this chara and omg, it be such a good faceclaim but im not sure..??

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