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Arashi in We Are One a Global Film Festival

We Are One is a charity project COVID-19, Arashi take part in it as a special Music Performance where they play some of their performance that they have done in their concert. The video is taken from their concert DVD

The Song Line up are :

  1. Sugar - Untitled
  2. Hope in The Darkness - Digitalian
  3. Love So Sweet - Arafes 2012

Looking from the choosen performance, I think they choose the one with unique performance.

  • Sugar with the 360 camera and the lighting (I hope they play the part from the begining where they play with the pen light of the audience too)
  • Hope in The Darkness with that muscle sensor. I’m always amazed and speechless no matter how many times I see this one.. it’s just amazing seriously. One can enjoy that one even without knowing the song
  • Love So Sweet with the fireworks, that is just beautiful. If I saw it live I think I would really cry..

You can watch it on youtube here

Also this is the part of the opening talk where they speak english, I cut that part only here

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“In spring, summer, autumn, and winter,

I’m running, running, running, running

What’s certain is that this is the road I’ve made 

That alone won’t change” - Boku ga Boku no Subete (by Arashi)

English translation credit to Yakuzinero LJ.

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It’s Monday again and Aiba has come to brighten it up again 💚✨


Even though the training ball looks super hard, he has really improved in such a little time 😮

And the jumping rope part was so funny~~~~ It could only happen to Aiba 🤣

Mondays aren’t gloomy anymore, now they have the best sunshine 💚💚

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I red in 2013, 2014 or 2015 a fanfic in English about Arashi in ww2 but I can’t find it anymore. I remember it was on LiveJournal. It had a lot of chapters (16? or 20? I don’t remember) and a main image to represent the story.

They were interned because they were Japanese-Americans. Later on, Ohno became a pilot? (he couldn’t denied a request from his superiors) and Nino was pissed off because he found it reading one of his letters. There were also Aiba, Jun and Sho (I don’t remember if there is also a Sakuraiba or Sakumoto). Nino became a music teacher for children during the internment.

I don’t remember if it was Ohno’s family that had a house in the countryside and they give it to an other family to not be deported (I think they were found and died?). All Arashi boys were alive at the end of the war.

Even if I don’t follow Arashi that often like in the past, this fic was interesting for it’s historical references that I didn’t know. It’s sad I can’t find it anymore. I don’t remember if the author was a Jaide, Ohmiya or an other person. If you read this post, please please, answer to this post. I want to reread it.


Edit: find it! It’s called Poston and was posted in 2014.

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