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A/N: Hello anon! Thank you for your suggestion! I promise to get both of them written one day! So here’s the request for the stuffed animal! I hope it’s up to your expectations! 

Just a mini disclaimer: I know some of these may seem ‘out of character’ for the boys but it’s really just personal headcanons I have of them (don’t take it too seriously please)



Otoya: Otter. When Otoya was young, his aunt had told him that otters were animals that held hands when they slept so that they wouldn’t drift away from one another. Otoya found that to be really cute, and thus asked for an otter stuffed toy, which he has treasured it to this day. He hopes to be like the otter, holding his loved ones close to his side. 


Tokiya: Snowy Owl. Being a bookworm from a young age, Tokiya grew up loving the Harry Potter series. He loved the magic and fantasy portrayed in the novels, but above all, he took a liking to Hedwig, the snowy owl. He then diligently saved up his own money to get one and he displays it on his shelf next to all his books.


Natsuki: Piyo. This is of course, no surprise, knowing how much Natsuki loves the series. He finds the baby chick absolutely adorable and eventually got one from his parents. It’s his comfort toy and he hugs it to sleep every night. He also brings it around everywhere with him as much as possible. 


Masato: Crane. This doll was given to him by his mother as a child. A crane is referred to as the “bird of happiness”. It’s also a symbol of good fortune and longevity. Masato’s mother wished for him to grow up always doing the things he found joy in, and she wished him good luck and a long life by gifting him the doll. 

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Uta no Prince-Sama Voice Alarm Clock: Botanical Version Translation [Aijima Cecil]

Morning Alarms:

  • Good morning my princess! You are more beauty and shine bright than the sun.
  • Are you awake? Do you want to sleep in a little longer? I don’t want to be separated from you.

Good Night Alarm:

  • Let’s have our good night kiss. I believe that I will see you in my dreams…I love you.

Sweet Voice Alarm:

  • If only time would stop right now….I can’t help but hope for it come true.

Cheering Voice Alarm:

  • My princess, it’s time to head out. I love see you try your hardest.

Healing Voice Alarm:

  • Are you tired? Pleas entrust everything to me.  Even if it’s just a little bit, I want to support you. 
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I originally just wanted to make a simple little Cursed!Cecil edit (seen in back) for funsies because I still feel sick after eating a bad cut of salmon for dinner last night but I also made an edit of the cat ornament he holds in his Happy Holiday Choir card

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