contac · 24 days ago
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eastern-lights · a month ago
Something has occured to me that I think is quite beautiful.
When you look at long time aikido practitioners, they have really strong backs, shoulders and triceps. Because those are the muscles you use when you push yourself up from lying face-down.
They didn't get those by punching people, or lifting heavy weights, but by falling and getting back up every single time.
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kkdas · a month ago
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traveleorzea · 14 days ago
“Your spirit is the true shield.”
― Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace
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system-of-a-feather · 2 months ago
Man I accidentally stole the front to look at the Wing Chun tag but while I am here, I really do strongly recommend picking up a combat sport or martial art for those with trauma who can afford it / are physically able
It is really good exercise, plus the self confidence and security knowing how to fight and defend yourself bare handed can and has really made the difference. Also picking it up had actually cut most forms of dysphoria drastically.
Like if you want further opinions and stuff on shit, we have a year of karate, over a year of boxxing and muay thai kickboxxing, 3 months of aikido, 3 months of kendo, and have 3 weeks of Wing Chun Kung Fu. We've also done some Brazilian Ju Jitsu, but nothing worth commenting on since we only did 3 sessions due to our schedule not working.
You'll get different answers to the best / preferred martial art depending on who you ask, but as the number one combat nerd AND a host, I'd like to say everyone else in this system is wrong and I was right when telling everyone Wing Chun is where its at. Just saying.
Anyhow, Ill save the 500 page dissertation as to why westerner fighting / boxxing is stupid as shit and all the parts in our system that like it are also stupid as shit /affectionate
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treedogs · 2 months ago
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myself-85 · 19 days ago
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The first thing I learned was Aikido!
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learnselfdefense · 4 months ago
Self defense women 👊😍
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stoicbreviary · a month ago
The Art of Peace 84
Seeing me before him,  The enemy attacks,  But by that time  I am already standing  Safely behind him. 
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poetbudo · 5 months ago
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anshin-zen · a year ago
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Obstacles don’t block the path,
They are the path.
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theblindninja · 7 months ago
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My recents posts have been getting lots of questions on how effective aikido is for fighting.
Over the course of almost 3 decades;
Well, you see I first started learning aikido for self-defense
After some time i sought to make my locks and throws as effective and practical in taking someone down.
After more time, I was imparting practical aikido self-defense as an instructor for Singapore Armed forces (SAF).
There after, I was more Interested in feeling and connecting with my opponent to understand myself and him better rather than mindlessly taking him down.
There after, on how best to groom and nature my students to a better individual and the benefits the lifestyle brings internally and externally.
Now.. I train in hopes of being of some use to my surroundings and not about fighting. The principles of Aiki- the way of harmony is applied daily and is highly effective. Just in a different manner, and not for senseless fighting.
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themsleeves · 11 months ago
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Smart way to use kata techniques… And it’s variations… Yoseikan Budo tries to find the glue between boxing and grappling… not as easy as it looks ;)
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lysershine · a year ago
You’re in her DMs and I’m apologizing for playing with her eyes. We are not the same.
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segan004 · 7 months ago
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dhx-drats · 7 months ago
Icons do Kano, personagem da franquia do jogo eletrônico Mortal Kombat.
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thewickedking-s · 2 months ago
lmao Kai's Aikido student flirting with him at lifting up her skirt while Kai was awkwardly not looking at her, like: "I can stop by. Just really quick." Alone? While I'm in there...alone?
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eastern-lights · 5 months ago
You know the lockdown was too long when your reaction to getting your arse kicked at the dojo basically amounts to
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stoicbreviary · 4 days ago
The Art of Peace 86
Your spirit is the true shield. 
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poetbudo · 10 months ago
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