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hewwwwkayyyy · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Stargate Atlantis | Common Ground 3x07 …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
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butterfrogmantis · 8 days ago
Sometimes I wish the Smurf fandom was bigger because I like talking to people!! But then I realise if it was a mainstream fandom they’d be ship wars and and then they’d probably be people violently bashing on people that liked Brainy Smurf and people infantilising and gatekeeping Clumsy and probably a small group of people unironically dedicated to shipping Papa and Smurfette that we’d all have to pretend didn’t exist and I’d scroll through tumblr and see a badly drawn piece of Jokey gore fanart that would give me PTSD for days and my inbox would be full of death threats for voicing an opinion™️ on season 9 episodes.
So then I think yeah maybe a small fandom is better cause at least everyone I actively talk to is nice :)
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elinaline · 11 days ago
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zeeroweenies · 3 months ago
Need baji’s nut on my face.
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haas-been · 4 months ago
did you know that you can talk about your favourite driver without talking shit about someone else on the grid??? shocking, I know. 
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em-plosion · a month ago
I'm gonna have to delete Twitter because I CANT STAND THE MY HERO SPOILERS ANYMORE! like fuck I can't even enjoy watching the show now because I know basically what's gonna happen
FYI I do have filters on here so this isn't aimed at anyone for posting here!
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lobotomizedgf · 5 months ago
Love doing my skincare routine and getting a shitload of water in my hair
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maxsix · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pyrodigy · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
    diluc’s biggest fear is water. oceans as far as the eye can see or that you cant see the bottom of are terrifying to him. rivers and lakes are the bane of his existence. he has nightmares of tidal waves crashing down on him and strong currents pulling him under. he obviously knows how to swim and he will dive in when absolutely necessary, but nothing makes him more uneasy than being submerged.
     and for that reason he is also instinctively more wary around hydro wielders.
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dilftarossideho · 2 months ago
It feels so unreal that Stone Ocean is coming in like 2 weeks.
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clearbluewaters · 3 months ago
I don’t like to gatekeep, and people can enjoy or feel spoken to by anything and anyone in fiction, and portrayals and interpretations can differ. but it seems to me that for some of you out there, it’s less that you actually like that character and more that you’ve pulled most or all of their actual experiences and personality out and left behind an empty outline for you to project your own desires onto. an outline completely divorced from the actual character. from the source material entirely, in some cases. and fandom is transformative by nature, yes, but this does beg the question: what are you actually a fan of?
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musicallygt · 3 months ago
I wonder what the Steel Samurai show is like in a world with tinies and giants? Is the Steel Samurai a tiny? Or are he and the Evil Magistrate kaijus that level cities? (also the fact that Edgeworth likes that show is my FAVOURITE piece of Ace Attorney lore fhkdlddhk)
ALSO YEAH DHDHDHJDDJDJJDJD AND I DIDNT REALIZE THAT IT WOULD ACTUALLY BE CANON TO THE GAMES bc like i read somewhere that its canon in the AA manga or smth and then recently i started playing Investigations bc im Impatient w how slow my sibling and i are going in Apollo Justice and then Edgeworth straight up infodumps abt Steel Samurai just in the first part of the game???? I was freaking out djdhdhdhdhdhdhhdhddhdh
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starstruck-sheikah · a year ago
(continuing to do sidlink week! somehow!)
(day 2, I’m doing jewelry because i could not think of anything for cultural mishaps...)
(Link runs into Sidon again, when he’s taking a break exploring the Faron region.)
Link turned the hunk of topaz over in his hands, lost in thought.
But not unaware of his surroundings at all, of course.
The river water parted around his legs, where he’d taken off his boots and rolled up his pants to enjoy the slightly cooler water within this humid, life-filled forest.
The Faron region was an unexpected treat after the ice of the Hebra mountains—warm and lively and colorful. Just as dangerous (perhaps even more so), and yet Link found he was in the mood to prefer these rainforests to the cold wastes of the mountains.
The rainforests offered other incentives, however: mainly the sheer amount of treasure that was somehow everywhere. In the water, underground, behind and over and inside the shrines.
Like the topaz he held now.
It provided resistance to electricity, according to the Slate. Something he needed: he’d heard the desert was full of electrically-inclined lizalfos. (And a little something to keep him protected if he wanted to help the Domain out wouldn’t hurt, either).
And yet...
A splash, in the water.
His ears twitched, involuntarily, drawn to the noise.
He swung his legs back up onto the bridge; were there any bass in these waters? Probably not, right? Actually, bass didn’t even bite in the first place. (Right?)
A bubbling gurgle, the sound of something rushing—Link spotted it, a clump of color wavering beneath the surface—brown, no, purple, no, it was red—red?
Is that...Sidon?!?
Immediately as the thought came, he dismissed it—too unlikely—and yet, as the water parted around a shark-shaped head, adorned with silver-and-luminous-stone jewelry, Link realized he had been right.
“Oh!!!” Sidon’s eyes widened as he saw Link, tail swishing side to side. “Link! My friend, what are you doing here?!”
Link couldn’t help but grin at the Prince’s unexpected appearance. He extended an arm, and Sidon waded through the waters to clasp Link’s own forearm. The metal of his bracelet was cool against Link’s palm, wet from Sidon’s swim.
Link drew back to sign, “I’m looking for shrines.”
Sidon nodded, understanding.
Sidon had carried Link to Vah Ruta, to the Wetlands inn, all the way to Korok Forest; Link had navigated the two of them all the way to the Deku Tree.
And yet, he had been forced to leave the forest empty-handed.
“How many have you found?”
Sidon leaned over the Slate as Link pulled it out, and found the map. The Prince studied the map for a long moment, and then nodded.
“You seem to be getting along well. Look at this! When I saw you last, you only had these three, and that one, and those over there...I think you’ll be able to retrieve your blade in no time at all!”
Sidon’s grin was infectious; his good-humored logic, even more so. When he put it that way....it was true that only a couple of weeks ago, Link hadn’t even entered the Faron region yet. Hadn’t even found the tower there yet.
Link put the Slate away, and then asked, “What are you doing here?”
“I came to visit!” Sidon grinned. “There’s a place here that I’ve wanted to see...but....” he sighed.
The rush of water and the chatter of insects filled in the silence between them.
Link tilted his head questioningly.
The Prince changed the subject. “What’s this?” He tapped a claw that clinked against Link’s topaz.
Link grabbed his hand (scales rasping against his skin) and deposited the stone; Sidon held it up to the light and watched it sparkle.
“How beautiful...like molten sunlight, perhaps.”
Privately, Link couldn’t help but disagree; compared to Sidon’s eyes, the stone, and the light, were pale imitations.
When Sidon looked down at him again, Link had pulled out the Slate and found the entry on topaz.
“How interesting! Electric resistant, isn’t it!” He sighed again.
“What’s wrong?”
Sidon took Link’s free hand gently, and placed the topaz in it. “There’s a place my sister used to talk about, that she wanted to see. Her stories about it were always delightful...I do not quite know where it is. But even if I did...I would be unable to visit.”
Link blinked up at him.
Sidon tapped a claw against the topaz again. “There is a dragon that appears within the Faron region, occasionally. But it is gilded with lightning, and I fear that if I were to approach it, I could be in danger. And yet, I have not often seen these...these topazes...”
Link nodded, and glanced at the topaz as well. He hadn’t run across them that often, either. But maybe....if he stayed just a bit longer in the Faron region...
He put the rock to the side, and grabbed Sidon’s wrists (the Prince made a noise somewhere between a gasp and a squeak, but Link ignored it). His hands barely encircled Sidon’s wrists, and were laughably small against Sidon’s forearms, but if Link just kept in mind approximately how much of a stretch it was for his hands...
Sidon watched, bemused, as Link stood up and compared their wrists, their forearms, their hands. When Link tapped against his bracelet, thinking, Sidon unclasped it and handed it over.
The jewelry was heavy in his hands; with a bit of a stretch, it could fit around Link’s neck.
Link compared it to his arm.
“I’m afraid that wouldn’t fit,” Sidon chuckled at him, and Link grinned back.
Well, he more or less had an idea of about how big Sidon’s bracelets were, now.
“Thank you,” Sidon said, amused, as Link pushed the bracelet back at him. He watched Link’s hands attentively as Link began to sign again.
“If you’re willing to wait for...some weeks...maybe I could solve that electricity problem of yours...?”
“Really?! I mean...you don’t have to—surely you have more important things to do—”
Link stomped the ground to interrupt him, and then signed again. “Although...there is a place nearby that might be safer to see the dragon from, if you’re willing to take a swim...”
“Is that so?”
Link nodded. “Want to go now?”
“Why...if you’re willing to lead the way, of course I do!”
Sidon waited, tail wagging with impatience or excitement, as Link gathered up his boots and stuffed them away, shoved the topaz in a pocket, secured his Slate to his belt for good.
And then they were off, Link clinging to Sidon’s shoulders once again, the temperate water making way for the two of them, myth-seeking Prince and wandering Hero.
Soon, the chatter and warble of the rainforest behind them was replaced by the hush of the water up ahead...
Link sighed, leaned into Sidon’s back, happy to be showing the sights of Hyrule to someone he considered a friend.
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dawnsdarkside · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
     i’m not sure i’ve ever said so explicitly on here so here goes ! diluc’s biggest fear is water. oceans as far as the eye can see or that you cant see the bottom of are terrifying to him. rivers and lakes are the bane of his existence. he has nightmares of tidal waves crashing down on him and strong currents pulling him under. he obviously knows how to swim and he will dive in when absolutely necessary, but nothing makes him more uneasy than being submerged.
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tsfennec · 9 months ago
Does no one actually know the difference between "mortified" and "horrified" anymore? And why is it that it's "mortified" that people almost always go for when it's almost never the one that they actually mean???
(Psst, unless you mean "embarrassed/ashamed", mortified is probably not the word you're looking for. If you're trying to say someone was shocked/dismayed/disgusted, you probably want horrified.)
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ohhihandsome · 7 months ago
People have even edited the already professionally edited wine images of Pedro omfg (not creative editing, ‘removing flaws’ editing that gets rid of pores and skin bumps) like seriously people it’s time to admit that you don’t actually find him attractive at this point if you’re doing this. The images are so smooth he looks unreal, it’s really insulting, and creepy looking. Accept people for who they are already.
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imgladyourehereholdme · 11 months ago
ok i hate my job
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starlumi · a year ago
yes i will listen to the future on repeat and think of an angsty fwt story
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totiredtowrite · 3 months ago
everyone 😟?
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aimainachan · 3 months ago
i wanna try doing music and remixes i don't care if it turns out shit
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