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#ain't vibing sir
kindahoping4forever · 10 months ago
i,,, i don't think he's handling quarantine well- the full send on the vibe (sir????), chaotic buffet, r/deep, weed, etc,,,, i don't think sir is okay maam should we call 911-
FULL. SEND. ON. THE. VIBE. I thought "here's my silly ole head" was the tipping point but I was very wrong.
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deexchanel · 24 days ago
Word Count:
Pairing: Chris Hemsworth x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Teasing, Fluff.
Summary: Chris spots Loni (Lon-E) in the club, completely fucked up. He spends the night protecting her and making sure she has the most fun.
A/N: Thanks @kajjaka & @brandleb for putting a name!! Enjoy plsss! I JUST SPENT 30 MINUTES TRYING FIND A OUTFIT. YALL BETTER LIKE THIS POST😂😂
Tumblr media
Loni knew the alcohol was kicking in when the music start to zoned out. "Kylaa?" She called for her best friend but Kyla was gone. 'Just my luck' She thought but a song quickly caught her attention.
"What's this song? Oh I know! Oh, how many ways can I say that I need you? Baby, it's true I think I might die without you." Loni went up the bar getting two more drinks. The first one went down with ease which completely fucked her up.
Sitting her second cup down, she turned around from the bar bumping into a hard chest. "Oof I am so sorry ma'am -" Completely out of it, Loni cut him off by running her hands up his shirt, singing the lyrics.
"Feeling all over my body. You know how I like it, ain't gotta tell you what to do."
Chris enjoyed every bit of it,"I'm Chris and you are?"
Loni's bright smile, drew him in. "Loni!"
"Are you drunk?"
"Yes! And you sir are one fine piece of meat."
Chris looked behind her seeing someone spiking her drink so he pulled her closer then decided to say something. "Oi! What do you think you're doing mate?"
The guy turned around with a smirk . "I know her 'mate'. " He mocked,"I'm just watching out her drink. You know how ladies is."
That pissed Chris off,"No I don't know how ladies are. You need to go find you something safe to do." He leaned down to Loni's height. "Do you know him?"
She took her face off his chest, looking at the random man with a frown. "No."
Chris nodded knowing exactly what to. He leaned forward grabbing the drink, splashing it the mans face. "Next time I catch you spiking a women's drink, I won't hesitate to beat your ass." Being completely protective of Loni, Chris grabbed her waist.
"Let's go Loni."
"Okay baby!"
She giggled, putting her weight on him. Chris shook his head at how cute she was acting. "Loni, you're not going to be able to remember none of this in the morning. You're fucked up and it's just 11:52 p.m."
"What did you say- oohhh my godd I know this song!" She yelled when Need to Know came through the speakers. Her attention span is really short, which made him laugh.
"Sing it to me then!" He encouraged her and sung her heart out.
"Wanna know what it's like. Baby, show me what it's like. I don't really got no type, I just wanna fuck all night." She winked at him, vibing with the music. Chris being from Australia, he really didn't know these songs. He was only there with the cast just to have a good night out.
He bent down to her height,"Let me bring you to my mates!" Still dancing to the music, Loni nodded her head excitedly.
Chris took her hand bringing her to the private lounge that the cast rented. The lounge was nice and had the 6 in there.
"Aye mates this is Loni. Loni this is RDJ, Evans, Scarlett, Ruffalo, and Renner."
Loni gave her best drunk smile ."Heeyyyy guys!"
RDJ face gave amusement,"Oh shit Hemsworth, she's drunk already?"
"She's a pretty one too." Renner being his usual flirty self. Chris narrowed his eyes at him.
"Watch it Renner and RDJ I didn't get her drunk, actually she ran into me like this."
"Calm down tiger, we know you have dibs on her." Scarlett laughed passing Loni a shot. "Welcome to the group Loni!"
"Thank you!"
"Chris I'm surprised you were able to get her with you know with the ugly face and all." Evans joked making Chris flip him off playfully.
The guys were in random conversations keeping close eyes on the girls. Chris let Loni drink as much as she wanted since she was in close proximity. After a couple of songs played, she got bored. Wobbling over to Chris.
"I'm bored.." She whine sitting in his lap placing her face on his chest. Chris wrapped his arm around her waist. "You ready to go home my love?"
'Real hot girl shit'
That gave Loni energy, completely ignoring Chris. "This my shit!" She got up, squatting on top of his lap and started shaking her ass.
'Uh, his friends and his dad hate me (yeah)
I broke his lil' heart, he a crybaby (wah-wah-wah)
If I ain't let him hit the pussy by now'
The cast and more hyped Loni on while she twerked. Some people even recorded her. Chris felt like the man, smacking her ass and gripping it when he could. He loved the fact that it all belongs to him. Well he think it do.
Soon they were back on the dance floor.
'Take me for a ride, boy
Show me your wild side, boy
Know it's been a while, boy'
Chris hands never left Loni's waist as she grinded against him. Loni could feel his friend get hard under her.
"When I get my chance, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." Chris growled in Loni ear. That shit turned her on all the way.
"Yes daddy." She teased as his lips attached against neck. Chris wasn't going to take advantage of her,obviously she's drunk still. (Consent people!) Everyone need to know that she belongs to him.
Loni placed her lips onto his. "You are so beautiful." She mumbled between every kiss.
Chris let his hands guide down to her ass, squeezing it. "I should be saying that ma'am." He kept pecking her lips because he wanted to feel her soft lips against his every second.
They just swayed in the crowd, enjoying each other company. The night was coming to a end and the dj was starting to play Love Songs to end the night.
"I love this song!" Loni spoke loud enough for Chris to hear. He grabbed her waist pulling Loni backwards into his arms.
"Is that so darling?"
"Must be love on the brain that's got me feeling this way.It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good." Loni made hand gestures like the song was hitting the right mood. She intertwined her hands with his, Chris watched her every move.
The way she sung the lyrics, told him that it was really hitting home. "And I can't get enough. Must be love on the brain and it keeps cursing my name. No matter what I do, I'm no good without you."
Tears fell down her cheeks. "Are you okay my love?" Chris asked, wiping away her tears. She shook her head, and he pulled her into his chest. "I'm so sorry for whatever happened to you. I will make it up to you and whatever pain you have, I promise I will take it away."
Chris just held her,"Are you ready to go my love?" Loni nodded, sleep now taking over. He picked her up and she took a quick nap on the way to his car.
As Chris placed Loni in the front seat, he saw her chest start to light up. It was her phone and someone was calling.
"Hello? Loni???"
"Yeah but technically no, I have her with me. She's in safe hands, I promise."
"Who is this?"
"Chris who? Omg are you Chris Woods?"
"Oh anyway please take good care of my best friend. I'll come get her if you need me too. I'll will come her in the morning."
"That's fine, I'll drop her off."
"Okay keep in touch with me please."
Loni got a burst of energy from just sitting in the car. "Take me for a ride boooyyyy. Show me what's outside boyyyy."
"That's not the how the lyrics go Loni." Chris laughed, cranking up the car. She laid on his shoulder, still repeating the lyrics.
"We can't just keep talkin' about it. Show me what's outside boyyyy."
And went on for the next five minutes.
"Loniiii?" Chris imitated back, pulling in the driveway.
"I'm sleepy."
"I know darling let's get you to bed."
Tonight was a roller coaster for him.
Loni wakes up in the bed slowly gaining aware of where she was.
"shit! shit! ah! " She yelled frantically looking around after falling out the bed. She looked on the night stand for her phone but it wasn't there . what the fuck?
Loni got up from the floor to fast, giving her a headache. She sart back down in the bed, holding her head then proceeds slowly getting back up again. Loni looking around the room for her phone and clothes .
"Omg, Kyla is going to kill me!" Loni muttered when it was no luck to finding her things. She froze hearing footsteps coming to the room. The door open to see Chris holding a glass of water and pills.
"Loni, are you okay?"
Her eyes widened. "Where is Kyla? Where the fuck am I ? Did w-we? What the hell going on?" She asked a holding a hanger that was on the floor towards him.
"Kyla is with her boyfriend, you're at my house, No we didn't do anything and you got completely drunk last night."He explained holding a cup to her. She shook her head not taking it, moving slowly to the nearest door.
Chris starts laughing at Loni because she has a plastic hanger as her defense weapon, with nothing on but his shirt that stops at her thighs.  She raises her eyebrow at him " What's funny blue eyes?".
" You , if you was in grave danger out of all things you pick as a weapon was a hanger " He snickers before fully laughing. Loni tries to hold a straight face but ends up laughing with him.
"Oh my gosh that's not funny blue eyes." She laughs putting down the hanger placing her hand on her face. Luke gives her the aspirin that she happily takes now knowing that he wasn't going to kill her.
"So um.." She trailed off trying to remember his name. She could remember most things they did together. "Chris." He finished the sentence.
"You stayed by my side the whole night?"
"Yes I did, especially when I saw that man spiking your drink. So I splashed it in his face."
"Are you serious?" Loni was shocked but very thankful that he did that. "Thank you so much for everything. I was drinking then next thing I know I was drunk and Kyla disappeared. Something could've happened to me if you didn't stay around."
"It's no problem Loni, I really enjoyed you last night. You are entertaining when you're drunk."
Loni giggled, messing with the hem of his shirt. He made her so nervous."That's embarrassing. How can I pay you back from the horribe events of last night?"
"It wasn't horrible but maybe you can pay me back with tea and breakfast this morning." He smiled, coming closer to Loni. "And a date this afternoon."
Loni filled in the gap between them. " I would love too." The memory of them kissing played in her mind as she placed her lips onto his.
And that's what started a beautiful relationship.
Y'all I didn't know where tf I was going with this. But I semi love it!
The songs I used to make the club scenes.
Cry Baby- Meghan thee stallion ft Dababy.
Wild Side- Normani, Cardi B.
Love on the brain- Rihanna.
Need to know- Doja Cat.
Boo'd up- Ella Mai.
Stay slutty my friends!!!
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badass-at-fandoming · 2 months ago
Just Little Malkavian Things ~
Malkavians these days can do nothing but de-conceptualize, Dement, eat hot chip, and lie.
Since people seemed to enjoy the #JustLittleVentrueThings VTMB adventure, here's a matching Malkavian one. Though I'm gonna be real with ya here, I had less fun D:
I finally figured out why I have such trouble wrapping my head around depictions of Malkavians in VTM media. Books, Storytellers, and fans say it's like having a mental illness and being linked to a massive group chat. But, listen, I've lived around and with mental illness all my life. I've been in massive group chats. Being Malkavian ain't like that.
It IS like being an early-twenties English major in the midst of an existential crisis, over-worked and cross-faded outta your skull and watching horror movies to Cope(TM)
So it's like drugs. It's like you had too much weed and too much wine and are let loose on Los Angeles. Which. My friends and I have and we, coincidentally, also "fought" a stop sign. The Malkavian PC never really seemed like a character to me: she's like a collection of cliches and dude-bros doing blunts while watching slasher movies. I named her Liotta after the Psychic Shop owner, and I'm sad Liotta didn't really get to be a person.
I wasn't surprised by any of the dialog. It's a pattern. Alliteration, allusion, animal joke. Alliteration, allusion, animal joke. It lost its charm.
Often, I didn't know what the FUCK I was saying. Which is the Malkavian Experience(TM), according to Rosa.
Nonsense time
Most characters have an extra paragraph of dialog to Acknowledge That You Are A Malkavian. Some get an extra conversation branch. For example, there's lots of new Bertie dialog and he was all impressed Liotta knows about Gehenna and Thin-bloods <3. The Anarchs characters, especially Skelter, get a lot more. Skelter, Ash, and Liotta totally vibe.
If you sneak around the Santa Monica drug house, they talk about Mercurio?? Hello?? Mercurio, you bent Masquerade by not getting beat up real good.
Zero pretense about Voerman. Yes, I have DID; yes, I am making it your problem.
When Liotta talked to Beckett, he said the DID was "something to look forward to." Goddamnit, Beckett. That's not how the Bane or mental illness works! >:-(
I've never sneaked before!!! Did you know that the Tong AND the American gang downtown have fakes in their suitcases??? Like, Full On, "it's just stuffed with newspapers, brah." They were going to kill each other over newspapers. For some reason the Tong brought the REAL suitcase along too, but I'm so past having VTM make any sort of sense. It's fine.
Accidentally pissed off Nines. I meant farmer (affectionate) and Nines thought I meant farmer (derogatory). :(
The Dementation powers are (a) pretty purple loop-de-loops, (b) not as effective as Dominate (reaaaallyyy missed a good AOE attack), and (c) oddly enough, gave more compassionate dialog choices. I mean. In the pen-and-paper version, Dementation isn't conflict-focused, so the devs had to jigger it to use as attacks. But I was touched when Liotta made Hannah believe she was Paul, so Hannah got to say goodbye. Making Samantha believe Liotta was a pet turtle was funny and spared her the pain of her friend vanishing a second time. Heather thinks her entire experience was a dream and returns to her life, more or less unscathed.
Boris?? Asked Liotta to kill Venus for him???? DUDE, WHAT. I didn't know he could counter-offer!! What happens if you take up his offer? Who controls Confession? Does it close down??
Pro Tip: don't trust the pale woman in a cowboy stripper outfit who comes out of your vent and tells you everything's fine.
I went through an ENTIRE Ventrue playthrough without puking and Liotta ate one (1) unhoused person and blew chunks. I didn't realize Diseased Blood was a threat. What happens if you skip the Plague-bearer quest? Should you just never chomp on the Downtown unhoused community?
Strauss called Liotta "young one" and I was like, sir. You're not Beckett, you can't trick me.
A rat dances in the Downtown sewers and tells Liotta that the grass is greener in someone else's asshole.
And also will take you places.
Do you know what it's like for a Capri Sun to suddenly start speaking and offer taxi services.
LaCroix: how did Bach find me??? also LaCroix: [names his company after himself] [lives in Ventrue Tower]
Liotta told Beckett that Kindred are a joke and I got extra EXP for being so sneaky.
DMP produced snuff films even before Andrei???!!!! I thought all the blood was from the lil geo-dudes.
Liotta agreed with Andrei that Caine is here and boot-scooting around in his lil Angst Mobile. :D
As bad as Liotta was in group fights, she repeatedly made bosses cower and stand quietly while she beat them to death. Andrei had a full on lay-on-the-floor temper tantrum in his war form and Liotta just. Smacked him until he exploded. She didn't even take damage!
Imalia's computer password is ALSO "cleopatra." Just like Tawni's! Dual reference to the Embrace type
IDK why I never asked this before, but, um, who does Mitnick share the bunk bed with? Barabus..?
I went back to the Empire Hotel Penthouse suite to fetch the educational book and the Russian mob dudes were still there?? Hello, sirs, your leader is dead. You can leave now.
Liotta heard the real thoughts of the Red Dragon hostess...and also some debate about the Dark Father's presence in LA, heehee.
I thought it was fun that one of the "take me away, Cabbie!" taxi replies mentioned riding in a car like father and child. :D
"Why is the Mandarin giggling at me" is a sentence that came out of my face.
With the different dialog options, sometimes it's impossible to be polite to NPCs. For example: Liotta could only call VV "dolly/doll/toy doll" instead of her preferred names; the Chinatown gun seller felt frightened, thinking we were Police or Immigration.
Some great fourth wall breaks in the dialog: "I don't want to get involved either, but tell that to whoever is playing me!" to Beckett after the Giovanni Mansion.
"You can't spell success without whatever the hell my name is."
"If I cannot win with effort, I will cheat my way to victory. I am gone." Funnily enough, this was my first run where I didn't hack in to boost stats.
"I just want it to end. I feel like I've been playing forever."
Some nice wider lore references: "I devour knowledge like the great worm devours the corpse of society" could refer to how Salout, in tapeworm form, is devouring Tremere's body and destabilizing the Clan and/or Kindred night society.
"They should have a channel devoted to you in my head" to Beckett. In his Diary, Beckett witnesses Malkavians devouring Malkav and may or may not join the Cobweb (PS check out this great fanfic where he does).
This made me stare into space for a minute and question my life choices. During the Sabbat massacre, Liotta didn't snack on any of the blood doll ghouls (ya know, the ones with the eyes gouged out). She had such high Inspection + Finance that she had $4k in her wallet and could buy blood. I wanted to test a rumor that if you don't feed on the blood dolls, you get extra EXP. You do. BUT anywAY, right before the Tremere miniboss, Liotta was sword-fighting some goons and the blood doll...attacked him for her? Like. He moved on his own. When the goon was dead, the blood doll asked if Liotta was all right. This might have been a glitch but...the horrific implications that those men are still conscious, still willful, still feeling. ACK. I hope they got out the next morning.
RIP Ming Xiao. Flamethrower right to the tiddies.
I stole @ryttu3k's idea and noclipped through the werewolf section. Liotta still killed the Garou, but I didn't want the stress.
Caine is very Caine. "Don't you get it? We've already been judged!"
Liotta went Anarch because what little backstory I came up for her was she considered Smiling Jack her sire. Nines complimented her ability to murder.
Sheriff got sooooo dizzy that he fell over right onto Liotta's sword 27 times.
Dancing werewolf ending! Seemed fitting. :D
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starlesscne · a month ago
I think Fedyor could vibe with Jesper because they are both such flirts, but Jesper almost killed Ivan TWICE, the boy is on thin ice.
If they meet under normal circumstances I feel like they would be great friends! But Jes not only tried to kill Ivan, he also flirted with him, which Fedyor cannot forgive. No sir. You FLIRT with husband??? You flirt and then you YEET him out of a SKIFF? Jail for Jesper. Jail for Jesper for one thousand years.
Jes, you better sleep with one eye open from now on... Fedyor looks like such a sweet guy but he definitely ain't gonna forgive that!
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sillyrabbit81 · 6 months ago
Syverson & Vixen
Tumblr media
Summary: Captain Syverson retires from the Army and takes an extended vacation. He wasn't planning on falling in love. Then he meets Vix, an unlucky in love tattoo artist at a party. Do they have what it takes to make it?
Pairing: Syverson x OFC
Word Count: approx 2.4k
Warnings: Smut (oral f receiving, male receiving), swearing,
Authors Note: I hope you enjoy my version of Syverson. Thanks for reading.
Part 7 Part 9
Part 8
I stayed with Vix until Jess got home. Jess and Vix asked me to stay for dinner, but I'd been in the same clothes for 36 hours, and I wanted to shower and change.
Vix drove me home, she had a Mini Cooper, and I had to pull my head down to my shoulders to fit in it. Vix laughed, though, and it was good to see her smile.
I was worried for a while there that she would feel different about me after what went down with her ex. That seeing me be violent, even mildly like that, would scare her off. It didn't seem to. I couldn't have left her alone even if I wasn't interested in her. I can't stand bullies, and Macca surely was one. He was the kind of guy I'd seen on deployment sometimes, all bark and no bite. He was a pussy when I got him alone, shaking and not even trying to get away. I couldn't stand pussy's like him.
It had been hard not to beat the shit out of him when Vix had left. That he had touched her like that without her permission made me burn inside. It made me burn even more that once upon a time, she had let him touch her like that. That's when I knew I had to call Softy. I didn't know if I could keep my rage in check.
Vix seemed happy for me to stay with her all day. We watched some of her favourite movies. I enjoyed Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? was a bit weird for my taste, though. But I'd watch paint dry just to have her snuggled into me like she did.
Vix wasn't as flirty as she had been. She didn't try to get me to fuck her all day. We hadn't even kissed again. I would have thought she didn't want me anymore if it hadn't been for the way she laced her fingers through mine as we snuggled. She brought out a protective instinct in me so deep it was almost part of my wiring. Even crying the night before, she didn't appear as vulnerable as she seemed while she hugged me and held my hand.
It didn't mean she wasn't still as sexy as hell. She was just one of those girls who was sexy no matter what she did. After one of the movies finished, she had stretched her whole body out after standing. Her arms raised above her head, her shirt lifted and just seeing the way her waist curved to her hip was enough to give me a boner.
When I got out of Vix's car, I went around to her side and leaned in to kiss her. "You still ok to go out tomorrow night?"
"Of course," she smiled, the smile I've come to think of as her naughty girl smile.
I reached into the car and held the back of her neck, and kissed her like I had wanted to all day. I let my tongue search out her piercing and, not for the first time, wondered what it would feel like to have her tongue on my dick. I reached into her car and under her t-shirt. She hadn't put a bra on, and I touched her tits for the first time that day. I let my fingers tug just slightly on her piercing, and she moaned into my mouth.
I pulled away with a wink and said, "See you at seven tomorrow, Victoria." I went inside before she could say anything.
I had a shower and made sure it was ice cold. It wasn't enough to cool my blood entirely, but it helped.
I had to work out where the hell I would take a girl like Vix out on a date. I want to do something she will like but damn, that girl is into weird shit. I figured she wouldn't be impressed by just any dinner and a movie. I searched until I finally find something I think she will like. I definitely needed to buy a car for it.
When Softy came home, I asked him about Mac. "He's out already. We set up an AVO, so he has to stay away from Vix, but its all we can do. He will go to court in a few months, but he'll probably get away with it. For a guy like him, he's got pretty clean skin, so I doubt he will serve time."
I nodded. Then I asked, "how about you and Jess and that girl Aylin?" It was a stab in the dark, but I was pretty sure he had fucked her or was fucking her.
"You aren't going to say anything about it to Vix, are ya mate?" Softy looked ashamed. "It was one time nearly a year ago... Fuck, I don't need to explain myself to you."
"I ain't fixing' to tell Vix," I told Softy. "Just a few things make sense now, is all. Like why you seem to avoid spendin' time alone with Jess. I don't care what you do, just don't involve me in your shit like that."
Softy nodded. He was just lucky that Vix was wrapped up in what was happening, not to notice the vibes between those two. Anyone with half a brain could see Aylin was in love with Softy.
I was slightly nervous, picking Vix up. I had that feeling in the guts you get when you're not sure if you want to shit or throw up. Not as bad as before a mission, but I still felt it. I rang the doorbell and waited, rocking on my heels like a 16-year-old. Fuck, this girl had me feeling more than I had anticipated.
Vix answered the door, and she took my breath away. She wore a white tight halter dress that went to just above her knee with red heels, skin coloured stockings and a red belt. She had her red hair in two rolls on the top of her head, and the rest fell down her back.
I whistled at Vix and motioned for her to turn around. "Very nice, Darlin'," I said to her. "You're cuter than a bug's ear."
"Why, thank you, sir. Ain't you sweet." Vix said, mimicking my accent.
I laughed and pointed to my cheek. "Give me some sugar, lil girl." She leaned and gave me a peck on the cheek. She smiled, then wiped my cheek with her thumb.
"Sorry, I got lipstick on you. I uh, I made you something." Vix seemed nervous. She pulled out from behind her back a framed picture. Inside was a drawing of a guy dressed in a 1950s greaser style.
"Wow, Vix," I said, "you're real good." I looked at the picture again. "Is this me?"
Vix's pretty cheeks went a little pink, and she said, "I drew this a few days ago. It's you, but a little different. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for looking out for me. You didn't have to."
I put my arms around her slim waist and kissed her. "Thank you, Darlin' you didn't have to do that." She was cute when she went shy. I imagine shy isn't a feeling Vix is familiar with.
"I wanted to." She said, and she put her arms around me too. "So, where are you taking me?"
"I thought we could go to the drive-in? How does that sound, Peaches?"
Vix's eyes lit up, "What are we seeing?"
"A double feature of Grease and Rocky Horror Picture Show."
"Sy!" Vix's face lit up. "That's perfect!"
I beamed at her, "well, shake a leg, and let's get."
The drive-in was done up in a retro 1950s style, and even the servers wore old-school uniforms. We had burgers and milkshakes before the movie.
Vix held my hand while we watched the movie. She seemed to know every line of Grease. A few times, I watched her as she appeared to mouth the words to every scene. I asked her how many times she had seen it. She laughed and said she had no idea, but she would watch it nearly every week when she was a kid. She told me she loved Sandy because she was Australian, but her favourite was Rizzo. I laughed and said, I could see that. She playfully smacked my hand.
During Rocky Horror I sat in the passenger seat, and Vix sat on my lap, her back leaning against the door and her legs across mine. She weighed next to nothing, but her weight was distracting. I leaned my head against her chest, and her nails scratched at my head, sending shivers down my spine.
I ran my hand up her thigh and could feel those thin silky stockings. As my hand went higher, I felt that suspenders held up her stockings. I lifted her tight dress up her thigh, and as it raised, I saw the white ribbon hiding the clasp. I followed it up and saw her pretty white belt and sheer underwear. They hid nothing, and I could see that little triangle of hair and her bare lips hiding her centre. Pulling her dress back down, I looked at Vix. She was watching me and almost wasn't breathing.
"Those are real pretty, Victoria. You wear that for me?"
Vix nodded. A small smile on her lips. "Surprise." Her voice was barely above a whisper.
I put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her down to me. "I like this surprise."
I kissed her, and her lips were soft and open. Her legs opened too, and I couldn't stop myself. I moved my hand up the inside of her thigh until I reached her underwear. They were so thin I could feel how wet she was through the fabric. I found her clit and grazed my finger over it. Vix moaned.
I put my finger under her chin and guided her face towards the movie screen. "Watch the movie Victoria," I said and started to pull her panties to the side.
"Sy!" She looked back at me. Her cheeks flushed with desire.
I gently took her throat in my hand and said, "if you're a good girl, I'll make you cum again. Watch the movie Victoria."
Vix bit her lip and watched the movie. I slid her panties aside and ran my finger along her slit. This time I didn't stop myself. I put my finger in my mouth and tasted her. Her sweet taste rocked me to my sex. I heard myself groan, and Vix squirmed on my lap.
"You taste like cherries, lil kitten."
"Do you like cherries?" Vix asked. Her voice was ragged, but her eyes stayed on the movie.
"I could eat cherries all day," I replied with a grin. Vix's eyes closed for a moment. I could see her breathing getting quicker. I pressed the button to make my seat go back as far as it could go. The footwell was big but probably not big enough for me. Fuck. I wanted to put my face between her legs. Fucking drive-ins. I shouldn't have looked up her dress. "God damn it."
Vix watched the movie, but she had a massive smile on her face. She said teasingly, "what's wrong, Sy?" She wriggled on my lap. My dick throbbed in my pants, no way she couldn't feel it.
I lifted her, sat her on the centre consul, and pushed her legs apart. In one of the most challenging manoeuvres of my life, I twisted my body into the too-small footwell and leaned against the seat until I could get my face to where it needed to be.
Vix's panties were still pushed to the side, and I opened her legs wider, and my lips grazed her centre. She felt so soft and smooth. My tongue came out to find her core, wanting to be inside her. I found it and forced my tongue in tasting her sweetness.
I licked my tongue up higher, finding her clit, and I lapped at it like a dog. I sucked on her letting my tongue lick at her while I did. Vix held my head to her as I licked, her nails digging into my scalp. I felt her getting wetter, she was soaking my beard, and I wanted more. I pushed her dress up high over her ass. I looked up at her. Her face was turned to the movie, but her eyes were closed. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her closer, and growled. Vix had me so turned on that I didn't care if I sounded like an animal.
"Sy," She cried, her hands left my head, and she braced herself against the roof, her body trembling. She still didn't look at me. "Fuck, Sy. Please don't stop. Please." She pleaded with me, and I kept going, hungry for her to cum. She didn't move for a moment and tensed before she cried out, and she went over the edge. She bit her hand to try to muffle her shout, and I didn't let go of her clit until she let go of her hand.
Vix looked at me, her eyes desperate still. She tried to pull me up by my shirt, and I chuckled at her and let myself be lead up to her mouth. Her greedy mouth sucked herself off my lips and my beard. I couldn't wait anymore. My hands went to my jeans, and I opened them, pulling my cock out. I sat on the passenger seat and put her on the floor in front of me. Her eyes went wide when she saw my dick in my hand, and I moved my hand up the shaft over the head and back. She licked her lips. "Do you want this, Victoria?" I asked.
She nodded and opened her mouth, and took me in all the way to the base. Her pretty red lips were stretched wide around me, and the visual alone made my balls rise in my sack. Her eyes twinkled as she moves her mouth, and I felt her tongue and that little metal ball slide over the head of my cock.
I couldn't take my eyes off her as she moved back down my shaft and repeated the movements.
Vix's phone rang. We both ignored it. I was so close. It rang again, and I was distracted, and I tried to block it out. The third time it rang, the moment was over. "Fuck!" I said, frustrated as hell.
"Sorry, it's Jess. I have to take it." She answered the phone, and the way her face fell told me our date was over. "Hey, Jess, Jess, what's wrong? Pete? What? Fucking Prick! I'll be there in 20."
When she hung up, she said, "sorry, Sy, I've got to go home."
Part 9
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theunderneath · a month ago
Yandere zoro punishing a reader please! He strikes me as the kinda guy to spank his darling regardless of gender
I read this while drinking a soba and when I got to spanking I just-
Tumblr media
I choked. I don’t have a spanking kink, at least I don’t think so but fuck man. It fits him so well, just the overall sir/master vibe he gives off. Honestly fits him more then I think anyone else in one piece, maybe Law or Doffy. But I see them more as a bondage (Doffy) and knifes (Law) kinda guys.
Tumblr media
“You’ve been vary bad. I think their is some punishment in order.”
- SPANKING IS A DEFINITE! But I feel like he would do that if he was in a playful/horny move. If he was genuinely mad there would be no playful tone or sexual stares to be seen/heard. He'd probably sternly say your name under his breath at you.
"(Name)... "
- At that point give up man, don't even try acting playful or sexual. He ain't having it. Probably locks you up in a room all alone for awhile. Starves and beats you a few times. Just roll over and take it, be obedient. Or something worse might happen.
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flooftyfizzlebeans · 4 months ago
BTW, I have a new child I have been thinking about potential like hooded snek grumpus since I originally thought of like loose mane hood that go voop and like new child new oc I will eventually draw him, and like I ain't complaining thinking about giving him lil tusks then inside his mouth he has two fangs just vibing in there like a snek and a forked tongue that wiggle (Wednesday ay) and I'm just having a great time imagining this boi
Also snek is in love with Filbo (who isn't tbh he's great he gets kisses on the forehead from me and my ocs) and like,, affectionately 'bullies' Floofty, I imagine he's a dumb lil plant expert maybe(? Not fully fleshed out there oops) cause like some of these snaxs have plant attributes like that's a literal strawberry, and when Floofty is gonna chop their head off he's like I'm not going to volunteer but I will make come and watch and make notes of what happens because that's what makes it science, otherwise they're just grumping around. And like Floofty will know this sir stop loosely implying they're messing around be nice and probably also be like can I eat your leg while Floofty just,,, no?? That's mine to eat??? Just snek having fun but he has no problem with Floofty unless they were to make one in which case he will bite and he won't hesitate (plot twist Floofty was tricking him into giving a venom sample because they weren't just gonna ask normally because,, extra?)
Tumblr media
Took a while to respond here have a doodle. UR snek seems cool.
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k11tty · 4 months ago
Hullo it's that hard dom minnie anon again :D so this is just a continuation of that: (warning, mpreg, overstim, dacryphilia, dumbification AND a little bit of cumplay) yeah we all nasty here ✌️
So like, if you guys remember during side effects/district 9 era, seungmo has this hairstyle which is like- his hair being gelled back to the side and revealing his forehead. And if I'm not wrong, there's also this era- probably levanter where he reveals his forehead, uses eye makeup that makes his eyes doesn't look very cute but more mature— and a coat (holy shit sir rail me).
So bcs I'm a nasty hoe and I'm also a bratty bitch, let's picture that minnie having a high position at an office shall we? Like he's the ceo's assistant or sumn bcs he's very well organized. And then when you're both at home, he got a call + you being horny so you sucked him off and mr. Kim got MAD MAD and just goes like "dumb little baby can't think of anything else but cock, huh?" Before stripping you and throwing you on the bed, spreading ur legs and just dives in, devouring you. not stopping even if you came already and always goes like
"stupid little mutt, always so sensitive whenever i eat them out"
"mmm? What is this? You're shaking already? You probably should have known this will come if you teased me- oh wait you don't have a brain"
I rarely see minnie eating someone out in a fic and even tho that man's lips ain't as thicc as others you can imagine the extra moans and slurping sounds he makes (vocalists, amirite)
And on top of all- the way this man might have breeding kink hsksksjdkd
"brainless slut, my cumdump. You're nothing but a set of holes. Maybe i should cum inside and make you useful for once huh? What do you think about little me and yous running around the house?" He'd ask with a smirk before slapping your ass, ofc you won't be able to answer bcs you'd be drooling all over the sheets.
"can't think straight? Are you drunk off my dick? So cute— ngh gonna cum in you" he'd probably be like that before releasing inside, making you scream bcs seungmo is a very clean and well organized person, so releasing inside of you must be very rare.
And for the cumplay part he'd be like "don't waste a drop of my semen sweetheart" while chuckling and harshly shoving them inside you once again, and for the ones that's too far to be shoved in— he'd spread those creamy,warm substance all over your ass and inner thighs, chuckling when he sees you cringing from overstimulation, tears dwelling your eyes and mouth wide open with drool running from the side of your mouth.
*bows* how did i do? I should really be in my lecture rn but my period said "no we going horny hours" hhh
seungmin gives me very much rude ass mean ass dom vibes. ion trust mfs who see him as a sub. but holy shit u should start writing if u haven’t. you’d do so well in writing dark ass prompts and im here for it <33 .
the things this man would do to u for any small thing. he probably has a whole ass stash of toys and maybe lingerie that’s meant for pet play bcs u are seungmo’s mutt tf 🙄🙄.
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pyroweasel · 9 days ago
It's fun when a character/AU goes 'hey think of this scenario!' then makes you cry about it.
Like, you know, usually WIP vibes are applicable to the day. When I'm sad or having a bad day, I kinda wanna do WIPs that are also sad or violent or w/e.
But sometimes it's just like.
I'm not sad?? So why are you sad?? These vibes ain't MATCH, sir!
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boop-le-snoot · 3 months ago
my (absolutely unasked for) opinion on...
how long would I date the MCU characters
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff
Probably a few months at best. I think both of us need lots of alone time & that would either lead to a mutual ghosting or we'd devolve into friends with benefits.
Wanda Maximoff
I see Wanda as more of a baby sister to be honest, but... If we'd get together, it would probably last a couple of years and be very ✨ codependent ✨.
Pietro Maximoff
We would not. This is a manchild. Or, a child-child. We'd probably bicker 24/7 and the only topic worthy of agreement would be looking out for Wanda.
Tony Stark
Ride or Die, this is ✨it✨. The whole self-sacrifice thing Tony has got going on would be a challenge for me, and I don't claim to be the CEO of "Save a Sad White Boy" but... I think acceptance goes a long way. And I'd definitely accept all his shenanigans - Steve, watch out!
Bruce Banner
A couple of years. I'm not the kind of person who likes a love triangle between me, them and self-loathing. That last thing has to go.
Stephen Strange
It would be a short (few months), passionate and tumultuous romance before we both realize we're honestly too focused on ourselves. Someone's gotta give in the relationship and it ain't either of us stubborn bitches. We'd probably fuck around still on occasion and not be bitter about it (me; Stephen would kinda be salty).
Sam Wilson
6 months. This is an honest man that asks for commitment, I feel like he'd want a family and I'm... Not keen on either. I feel like he'd scare me away with talks about all that.
Steve Rogers
Is hatefucking a relationship? We'd be toxic as fuck to each other. Two or three-time deal after which we'd roll our eyes at each other if in the same room. Tension, but not the sexy kind.
Bucky Barnes
About four months. He strikes me as the indecisive, "I'll have what she's having" sort of type and that is just my pet peeve. I mean, it's not bad, just not really my thing. We'd probably stay friends afterwards.
Helmut Zemo
This man strikes me as a simp but in the best way. Second ✨ride-or-die✨ on this list, I feel like he'd be in agreement with my shenanigans and I definitely rock with his sense of loyalty.
Scott Lang
That's my father. I think.
Post-Ragnarok Loki would be a FWB stringing on for years, with the too-long cuddle sessions and random 'hey, let's go to the carnival today' outings that are not quite dates. Then I'd get old and die.
Pre-Ragnarok Loki is a no from me, sir. I can't handle all that angst.
Ride-or-die, my beloved. Do I really need to explain this?
Ma'am, that's my emotional support himbo.
I feel like we wouldn't vibe together at all. I'd be awkward as hell, and even though he is an amazing, graceful person, my Slavic ass from the slums is just a little too... Ehh for him. He deserves better.
Clint Barton
This is my best friend. We probably have thought about fucking, and been drunk enough to seriously consider it at least once, and maybe something has happened but that is my best friend. So...
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emothirst · 9 days ago
Me, My Gf, and my F/os as vines to celebrate me seeing her in person tomorrow
Ilysm <3
Me: I love you bitch
Ravenpoe: oh my god
Me: imma never stop loving you....bitch
Ethan: if you're here, speak to us
Senpai: sir this is a crime scene
Me: *sees new f/o*
Me: *tries not to get*
Me: *runs home to my gf* LOOK WHAT I GOT
Ravenpoe: you either buckle down and do your work or you'll end up at McDonald's
Pico: we going to McDonald's if I don't do my work?
Ravenpoe: N O
Ft.Freddy: don't tell your mother
Jack Walten: kiss one another
Jack Walten: *violently stumbles back*
Guzma: you have the exact same vibes as a 100 gecs song and I dunno if that's a good or bad thing
Ft.Freddy: I like to think it's both
Alucard: the doctor said you need potassium, just eat yogurt-
Springtrap: yogurt is just fruit sperm, and I'm not gay
Me: *startled*
Ravenpoe: *wakes up behind me* the fuck man?
Tomie: OH HO HO!
Pico: *recording Austin and Eteled in a hot tub* Two bros chillin in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they're not gay
*Finally gets infusions*
Me: aaa
*Gets 2 shinies in the span of two days without trying*
Me: aaaaaaaaaaa
*realizes that I get to see my gf in person tomorrow*
Aaravos: I really like guys
Viren: *panik*
Aaravos: -sers! Geysers! They're one of earth's natural beauties
Viren: *kalm*
Aaravos: I also really like dudes
Viren: *violently coughs in bisexual fear*
Tomie: hey I'm lesbian
Caleb: I thought you were Japanese
Garcello: you may now kiss the the bride
Gabriel: *nuzzles & kisses*
Me: XD
Garcello: *shake it by metro station confusion*
Ravenpoe: *does anything*
Me: wow
Guzma: I'm JON CENA! *Golispod comes in playing 2 plastic flutes*
Ravenpoe: Hey, what's wrong?
Me: my men ain't shit
Ravenpoe: why you won't leave him?
Me: cuz bitch, dick too bomb
*Cue Eteled and Senpai dancing in the back*
Pico: caleb I got one question for you
Caleb: ?
Pico: *points to his boots* WHAT ARE THOSE?!
Jack Walten: an avocado! Thanks!
Nightmare Bonnie: hi welcome to chili's
Springtrap: you're stupid *slips and falls*
Gabriel: *Badum tiss*
Alucard: good evening
Ethan: my name is Ethan with a b, and I've been afraid of insects my entire-
Mickey: stop, stop, stop, where?
Ethan: hm?
Mickey: where's the bee?
Ethan: THERE'S A BEE?!
Garcello: we actually have the chip reader now
Glitchtrap: oh yeah? *pulls out dorito*
Garcello: oh that's not gonna wor-
*transaction completed*
Garcello: *vaporwave confusion*
Senpai: psst
Me: *groggy* what?
Austin: hey guys, today Eteled pushed me so I'm starting a kickstarter to put him into the electric chair
Austin: the benefits of killing him would be I would get pushed way less
Viren: I brought you frankincense.
Heisenberg: thank you
???: and I brought you murr
Heisenberg: thank you
???: *reveals himself to be Otis*
Otis: mur-der!
Heisenberg: *gasp* Otis! No!
Austin: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to T-t-t-Target!
*Ft. Freddy plays airhorns in the background*
Tord: there is only one thing worse than a rapist
*pulls sticky note of whiteboard to reveal 'child'
Springtrap: *gasp* a child
Tord: N O
Ravenpoe: Hey! Hey!
Ethan: shh! Rose is sleeping!
Ravenpoe: *softly* ok
Ethan: what's up?
Ravenpoe: there's a fire
Pico: *screams*
Mickey: AAAA! Stop, I coulda dropped my croissant!
Pico: *laughs*
Caleb: I spilled gun polish in your Valentino bag
*Senpai's drunk off his ass*
Me: do the people!
*Senpai falls on his face*
Ravenpoe: somebody oh!
Otis: oh hi, thanks for checking in, I'm still a piece of garbage~
Me: *trips and stumbles in the dark until I make it to the door*
Me: I got new shoes *said shoes are glow in the dark checkered converse*
Springtrap: everytime you yell at your kids put a quarter in your 'no yelling' sock and soon you'll have a weapon to be-
Heisenberg: hey look it's the good kush
Eteled: this is the dollar store how good can it be?
Tomie: so I am confusion.
*pulls up picture of all the us states*
Tomie: why is this one Kansas, but this one is not Ar-Kansas?! AMERICA EXPLAIN!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS ARKANSAS?!
Me: my gut has decided to rebel
Ft.Freddy: whatcha gonna do?
Me: murder
Otis: THAT'S MY KID! >:D
Glitchtrap: *singing*
Gabriel: SHUT UP!
Glitchtrap: yes
Garcello: *imitating batman* Where's the catnip?!
My cat: merow! I don't know!
*Him and pico start laughing their asses off*
Nightmare Bonnie: hold up, hold up, there's a bird in here it knows what's good. I'm telling ya I just heard it inside
Random bird: hello motherfucker
Nightmare Bonnie: AAAAAAAA
Austin: caleb, ask me what kind of tree I have
Caleb: no
Austin: caleb ask me what tree I have
Caleb: no
Austin: just-just ask me what kind of tree I have
Caleb: what kind
Austin: it's a Chris pine
Jack Walten: did you wash the dishes?
Mickey: I wanted to do that
Jack Walten: ha ha ha, you were wrong
Senpai: hi I'm Senpai, and I'm your freestyle dance teacher
*proceeds to dance horrendously*
Me: hey guys I'm really sad
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biskywrites · 2 months ago
Hucow Kaeya would be the type to absolutely CRUSH shows, and I'm not gonna lie a whole lotta cows got the hots for him. He's just more interested in fucking his handler- Lower virtue than most of the bulls on the farm and will openly hump your leg out in the open if you tease him enough. This bull is extra AF when it comes to milking. You're not getting away till he's thoroughly stuffed you with whatever cum he's got left over. Only does Diluc know and hate the fact that Kaeya is clearly hypersexualizing himself because of past trauma to help himself cope (toootally not self projecting). Step on his tail? There's hell to pay. That shit HURRTS.
He's chill most of the time, but sometimes he's hard to read. He can open anyone else up like a book, but when it comes to him, it's hard to know when certain needs need to be met, cause he's good at subconsciously hiding them. This bull will cuddle all on you one minute, the next he'll cold shoulder you and scold you when you ask what's wrong, as if you should obviously know. You're his handler, for Christ's sakes. One would THINK you'd know how to do your job. Maybe he expected too much of you.
Diluc is quieter, gets his work done with no fuss, and is respectful to nearly everyone except Kaeya. Mainly for his promiscuity. And he knows it's not fully Kaeya's fault. The gap between them has been wedged too far, though.. They've got so many unresolved feelings and problems, Diluc's taken his concern for his brother and is now directing it at everyone else as HATRED for sex, and how sex ADDICTED everyone on the farm is.
Now he's fucked with high virtue. You ain't gonna get sex out of him at first no way. If you try anything, you'll most likely ruin his trust and end up with a chip of horn in your lower abdomen. He is NOT afraid to get aggressive when someone pushes his boundaries. It makes milking a nightmare if you go about it all "dirty" and "lewd". Like you're expecting sex- Then again, he assumes that of everyone so he kinda has a weird "You're all filthy fucking animals" vibe to him. He's nice otherwise...! :,]
"Im not a toy. Go find another bull to throw yourself at."
He'll call you a whore to your face. Real Jotaro vibes-
Zhongli is an older bull nd one of the biggest (him, childe, Diluc, and Kaeya are the biggest bulls). You'll most likely find him coddled up in a nice soft patch of grass sleeping his afternoons away. He's older, but not an old man, don't get it twisted. He'll fucking skewer you if you call him an elder. And funny enough, he likes being called sir. Similar to Jotaro. He's also ANOTHER bull that's not that interested in sex!
He's a retired show bull so he spends most of his days in retirement & peace. If he's trying to have a full on conversation with you (whether you, or he starts it)-... Please don't try and fuck him. That'll destroy his mood. There's a time and place to ask for it. And if you wanted to fuck him in the first place, why not just ask? He'd still be upset and annoyed since he's SUPPOSED to be at peace and not used for anyone's selfish pleasure, but it's better than posing a fake conversation just to get some.. Sex drive just ain't kicking as much ig-
He's chill with being milked, though. Probably the only time he'd actually be content with railing you into the floor
Childe is particularly fond of rowdy younger livestock, but he enjoys the presence of human children quite a bit more! Theres always a group of children walking home from school for the day, and he LOVES when they come by to talk to him and pet him. He thinks they're like puppies and treats them as such. His favorite thing to do is run along the fence with them on the other side and laugh. He likes playing action figures, dolls, and cards with them, so if you make sure to get some for him to introduce to his kid friends, he'll smother you with love ("Look! I have some toys, too! :D"). He gets a bit sad when summer and winter comes, since they don't come around as often.
He conceals his horniness a lot of the time and tends to hide his perverted fantasies like you being mysteriously knocked unconscious and waking up tied to the water gutter. He's probably the only one to push YOUR boundaries, and doesn't care if it happens vise versa. Milking makes him ECSTATIC because of this.. Try any shit around the children, though, and he won't hesitate to shove you away. Disrespectfully.
These bulls don't ONLY want sex. You gotta work for it, you whores🖕🏽😌 at least that's what I hc- I WANT SOME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT FOR THESE BITCHES
all of this but ALSO: Zhongli will let you curl up with him for a nap, just don't move too much it irritates him.
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jade-marie · 5 months ago
Yup. I felt that.
Tumblr media
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mcclain-to-go-writes · 6 months ago
The Concept Artist
Chapter 1
It had all started with a letter. A seemingly unimportant, unsuspecting letter to one Lon Boraz and the Animaniacs. 
The Warners were filming their newest film, "Wakko's Wish," when they heard Sandra, their ever friendly mail carrier, trying to get through the sea of crew to deliver a letter to the three. "I need to get this letter to them! Please, I can never get the letters up the tower, I just need to hand them to the Warners, and then I'll leave."
"Sandra, they're in the middle of filming, if you would just--" 
"It's okay, Ron, I think we're done anyways," the director told him. "Come on in, Sandra."
Ron shot Sandra a dirty look before letting her pass. "Here you go, kids. Sorry to interrupt filming," Sandra handed them the letter before turning to exit.
"Thank you, Sandra!" The Warner siblings called before haphazardly tearing the letter open.
"What does it say, Yakko?" Dot asked.
"Oh, please tell us!" Wakko chimed in.
"Alright, alright, hold your horses," Yakko laughed. "Ahem, 'Lon, I've missed you my dearest friend. We've missed you. I know we've had our differences in the past, but I would love to see you again. Come visit the old studio again, and bring those Warners of yours with you, I'm sure they'd love to see how it all began. -Fredrick.'"
"Lon?" Dot asked. "Like Lon Borax? I thought he retired... and went nuts."
"He did. Old Freddy here must not be too close with Lon," Yakko muttered.
"Well, why don't we ask him to take us?" Yakko froze.
"I-I don't think that's such a great plan Wak. Lon isn't the most stable guy."
"Come on, Yakko. He created us! And we could at least ask for the address to the studio!" Dot chimed in.
"I don't even know if we should go to the studio, Dot. Something feels off with all thi-- hey!"
Before Yakko could even finish his sentence, his siblings were taking off to find Lon. Yakko sighed. "I guess there isn't any talking them out of it now."
Lon Borax lived on the outskirts of Burbank in the Home For Retired Animators (Who Went Insane). Yakko never much liked the place. It always gave off odd vibes, smelled old and musty and the bars that had adorned each window always reminded him of his own imprisonment in the water tower. He shook his head, as if to rid himself of the thoughts. He wouldn't be there long, all they had to be there for was talking to Lon, getting the address, and then dealing with his siblings.
As they approached, Yakko could make out the figure of a slender woman sitting at a desk near the front, the secretary, he assumed. If Yakko hadn't liked the building from the outside, he liked the inside even less. The faded yellow paint peeled at the corners and looked scratched in the middle, as if someone had tried to rip it from the walls. The air conditioning was deafening and made the room entirely too cold. How someone could work, let alone live here, Yakko would never know.
"Excuse me ma'am," Wakko asked as they approached the woman's desk. "We're here to see Lon Borax."
"And who should I say is here," the woman asked them.
"We're the Warner brothers!"
"And the Warner sister!"
The woman, Stacy, Yakko deduced from her name tag, typed at her laptop before looking up at them. "You three are the Warners?"
"Yep, that's us," Dot said, batting her eyes for effect.
"I'm afraid Mr. Borax isn't taking any visitors. Sorry kids, I'll tell him you stopped by."
"Oh, don't worry," Wakko waved his hand dismissively. "We won't be long."
"Maybe I wasn't making myself clear enough the first time. Mr. Borax won't see anybody. Now, I'm very sorry, but I have to ask you to leave," Stacy told them, shooing them out the door. 
"But we came all this way!" Dot cried.
"I know, and I'm sorry but--"
"What's all that racket?" A male voice from inside called.
"Nothing, Mr. James!" Stacy called back, trying to push the three outside, but they just dug their heels in.
"We want to see Mr. Borax!" Dot cried once again.
"For the love of God, Stacy, just let them in already!" The man... Mr. James hollered.
"But sir--"
"Let them in!"
Finally, Stacy stopped pushing them, letting them pass her by.
"Borax is in room 258," Mr. James said, not even glancing up from his newspaper.
"Thank you!" The Warners laughed as they planted a big, sloppy kiss on the man's face.
"Bah! You kids better hurry before I change my mind!"
The Warners just laughed as they ran down the hall in search of room 258. Soon, the air smelled mustier than before, if that were possible. The pit in Yakko's stomach grew heavier as he saw they were coming up on Lon's room. He never had much trust with the man. He knew that Lon was here for a reason, and was highly capable of violence if he wanted to be. His siblings, however, had always looked up to him in a way. It made sense he supposed, he had created them after all. But from Yakko's minimal knowledge of the man, there was one thing he knew for certain, Lon Borax hated the Warners, and wanted nothing more than to be rid of them for good.
Before Yakko realized it, there it was. room 258. 
"Sibs," Yakko started, stopping them from turning the handle of the old oak door. "Lon may not be thrilled to see us..."
"What do you mean by that, Yakko?" Dot asked.
"I-Lon... just... don't get your hopes us about him, okay?"
Dot and Wakko nodded hesitantly, before turning the handle to open the creaking wooden door.
"Nurse, for the last time, I don't want your crap JELLO!" Lon screamed when he heard the door squeak open. Dot and Wakko flinched, not anticipating such a forceful greeting. Yakko, however, stood perfectly still, as if he had known this was coming, As his siblings stood frozen in the entryway, Yakko walked into the room, his face calm and collected, but his hands subtly trembling by his sides.
"Lon Borax?" he asked.
"The f*ck do you want?" Any other time, Yakko would have made a witty remark about how even on the outskirts of the studio, the censoring was still there, but he was too nervous for that. Lon's face was burried under blankets, but Yakko could could see he was eerily thin and deathly pale.
"It's Yakko Warner. We need to talk."
Lon whipped around to face him, and his siblings who had hesitantly been looking in from the doorframe. "You," he spat. "You're the miserable freaks of nature that got me stuck here."
Yakko flinched, "I'm not thrilled to see you either, Lon. So let's make this as quick as possible, yeah?" Lon grunted. "Great. We got a letter. It's addressed to you, but it concerns us as well, so we got it first," Yakko handed him the letter.
"First you steal my career, now my mail," Yakko heard him growl under his breath. He read the letter, eyes widening. Finally, he finished, throwing the letter at Yakko. "I ain't taking you kids, if that's what you think is happening here."
Yakko swallowed, "I didn't think you would. Could you tell us the address of the studio?"
"There's a return address, moron. It's the studio address. Now get out of my room."
Yakko stared at the envelope, and sure enough, a return address was penciled in at the top left hand corner. Yakko felt a small pit of anger bubble in his stomach as he realized he could have avoided this whole encounter, kept Wakko and Dot's image of the man untainted. 
"Are you f*cking deaf? I said get out of my room!" Lon howled, throwing a glass at Yakko. It landed about a foot from Yakko's feet, but it shattered on impact, sending shards of glass hurtling at Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Luckily, none of the shards hit them, but when Yakko heard Dot start to cry, Yakko realized this man was not against throwing something else, potentially more dangerous, so Yakko hurriedly ran to his siblings, being quick to get them from the foul smelling building, to the damp grass outside. Dot was crying quite heavily, and Wakko was shaking like a leaf.
"Are you two okay?" Yakko asked. "He didn't hit either of you, did he?"
Wakko and Dot shook their heads. 
"Why was he so mean?" Wakko asked finally. "I thought-I thought he'd like us."
Yakko brought them both in for a hug. "Some people are just mean," Yakko whispered. "And need someone to blame their troubles on."
Though neither sibling was willing to bring it up, they could feel Yakko shaking as he said it. Whether from anger, fear, or both, they couldn't tell. And they weren't sure they were willing to find out.
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personatrain · 11 days ago
Von Schiene zu Schiene I Chapter 11
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ohoho there will be a special guest :)
22.07.2021 (10:00) (Cologne main station)
Tuner was rushing through the line, he would then get back onto his A4, he was seeing the others just going, they soon saw a station, he looked around seeing they were in cologne, he was laughing slightly.
"Guy's we are coming closer to the main station of cologne meaning we can check the ICE's there, I am not sure which line Marvin is on but hey it will be worth the search!". Tuner said, he uncoupled his A4 before taking the lead, he would then stop a bit.
Soon the group came to a stop, they saw a few ICE's chilling around the place. An ICE 3 was mostly sticking out with their tail, it was eating a bowl of dog treats. Tuner was narrowing his eyes before walking towards them.
"Excuse me?". Tuner asked in a very curious voice, he would still try to stay calm.
"hm? Yeah? Sorry no...This ICE ain't going anywhere right now! Sorry sir!". The ICE 3 replied, it was then peeking up to see the steam engine standing there, they were a bit nervous.
"I don't need an ICE to get me through Germany, doing to do that on my own accord, anyway we search an ICE called Marvin...Any idea where to find him?". Tuner asked, he would that give the ICE a very dark look, he didn't like this, he expected more elegance from a train like that.
"Marvin....Marvin...That name is familiar...Hey Lukas...Did you hear of an ICE called Marvin? Because I feel like I do...". The Ice said before getting up a bit, he would then look over to one of his friends.
"Marvin T337?". Lukas said before opening his eyes to look at the group.
"Eww who the fuck would go to Stuttgart with a good mind...I swear if I wanna die I just gonna crack one of my wheels and cause an accident...Anyway yeah, we know him why do you need him? Did he do anything to cause a group to show up for him?". The ICE replied before standing up, he stretches his joints before doing some practice.
"Where is he right now?". Tuner said he was curious to see where his old friend would hang around, now that he is an ICE.
"Hmm...Stuttgart but can't be sure...We ICE's are constantly on the move but maybe I can help you find him...Since you want to recognize all of us...". The ICE replied he would offer some help for the steamers before giving them a sneak smirk.
"We are good on our own thank you... anyway is there a system we can view?". Tuner asked, he wanted to get this done and not count on the help of an ICE, after all, they already gave off a bad vibe.
"...". The ICE wouldn't speak much but soon realized that they were after that guy. The tail would peek up to have their tongue fling like the one of a snake. "Well...I just offer help because you cannot see the spirits directly...If you are sure you can read our numbering sure...". The ICE replied they were a little upset about their help being rejected.
"Well fine...I guess another addition to the group...Anyay...Who are you? Do you got a name or do you just go by ICE?". Tuner asked, he would then put down his engine to face towards the direction of Stuttgart.
"Friedrich...My name is Friedrich T332. I usually go anywhere as long as my plan does it...Well, anyway where are you guy's from? You seem like some random steamers from the german railway museum...You from there?". Friedrich asked, he would then go a bit already, he was pathing the way to Stuttgart.
"No...I am not a train really but these guys are...We also got a Jäger with us since Marvin has to explain a lot...But the smooth boys over there plus the apple green engine are from york England, we all came here because of that one ICE...". Tuner replied, he would follow the ICE, he knew that this was going to be chaos.
"Ah...England alright...Uh Jäger? Which...We got Frida the DR 10...She is a cutie!". Fridrich replied, he was curious about who the Jäger was and soon he looked to see the pine green engine coming to his side. He was swallowing before just lowering himself onto the train.
"Du kennst much du verdammter hund!" (You know me, you fucking dog!). Hans said, before grabbing the ICE to look into his soulless eyes.
"Ah hallo, Hans...Uhm...Bro hör zu digga...Es tut mir leid das ich mit deiner schwester geflirtet habe...Aber bro bitte...Es war damals...Ich stehe nicht mal mehr auf frauen!!" (Ah Hello Hans...Uhm...Bro please listen to me...I am sorry that I flirted with your sister...But please was back then...I am not into females anymore!). Friedrich replied he would then become a little anxious. His snake tail would look before nudging Hans a bit. It wanted to get Hans away.
Hans grabbed the tail before looking into its circular eyes, it was soon showing crosses and would play dead.
"Ist das so? Du stehst nicht mal mehr auf frauen? Aber was hat dich dazu gebracht zu sagen das sie süß ist?" (is that so? You are not even into women? Aber what has got you to say that she is cute?). Hans said, he would than let go of the primative tail and would look at it.
"Sie ist es halt aber ich habe echt keine gefühle für sie? Ich mag sie auf einer freundschaftlichen verstehst du bro? Ist nichts tiefes!" (She is just cute, but I have no real feelings for her? I just like her on a friendship basis, you know bro? Nothing deep). Friedrich replied, he would than look at his tail, he was giving his small friend pets before looking up at Hans.
"Achso...Na gut...Mach dich aber nie wieder an sie ran verstehst du? Sie mag keine jungs die nur ne show machen!". (Ah...Alright...Don't dare to flirt with her again? Do you understand, she doesn't like boys that only put on a show!). Hans said before just leaving Fridrich alone again, he just wanted the ICE's to leave his sister alone.
Mallard was listening but didn't understand a single word, he turned to Tuner to ask.
"What did they speak about?". Mallard asked curiously, he would then look over to Tuner.
"Apparently that ICE was flirting with his sister and Hans wasn't all so happy hah". Tuner replied he would then look to the front again, little did he know his track was going somewhere else, he would then chill before a tunnel came that was separating the group.
After a few minutes in the tunnel, Tuner found himself away from his group, he would then panic a bit before stopping, he found himself at an abandoned railway building, he was confused, he would then try to go back but found himself stranded with his A4 as something was behind him, he turned before seeing a strange ICE.
"Fridrich?". Tuner asked, he would then move to grab his sword, he was insecure about the ICE.
"Hahaha...Whoops did you get lost Tuner? Did you get lost like the day we picked you up from those A4's". The ICE said and soon Marbin came out of it.
"Ugh...You fucker, I knew you would be behind this!". Tuner replied, he would then get down from his A4 ready to fight him.
"I need someone to help me finish the plan and you wouldn't mind, would you?". Marvin asked, he was laughing slightly.
"You can easily suck my dick dude! Before I help you...You will have to kill me!". Tuner replied, he was then running towards the ICE to swing out his sword and break off a piece of the armor.
"Well, not into that personally but who knows". Marvin replied before his tail extends out, he was getting on all four, he was standing like a dog by now, he would then run towards the coaster pilot.
Tuner breaths heavily before turning to swing out the sword, trying to damage the ICE but soon he found himself coiled in a tail, he was losing his sword before trying to grab for it, he only felt Marvin hold his cheeks.
"Aww...That was easy if I knew how easy it was I would just coiled you up like a bacon string...Anyway let's go to my main station, I will see what else I do with you!". Marvin said before chuckling, he would sound very happy about the coaster being helpless in his grasp.
Tuner was growling, he didn't want Marvin to touch him nor do anything, soon a loud bang could be heard and a metal tub hit Marvin's face, the screen that was for the eyes broke. Anything delicate would follow and soon the ICE yells, their cameras exposed, they would then show a weird mixture from human eyes, there was flesh inside. Tuner was slightly disturbed by that small sneak to peek of what became the last remains of the once human. Tuner would then hear a loud whistle.
"You stupid bag of metal how about you sack off and quack those rails again?". A very rusty steam engine said before kicking the ICE away.
Tuner was confused, he was soon looking up again, he felt quite weak, he was slightly crushed from the strong force that his old friend had, he was then being dragged away by someone else, he couldn't see who because after that his vision went black and only the words of his old friend could be heard.
"We will see again Tuner, one day I get you, and you will just as I become a shell of their former self!". Marvin said, he was sounding angry, he was being fought off by a steam engine.
22.07.2021 (13:00) (Koblenz)
Mallard was worried. They have been searching for Tuner for 2 hours, they sigh, they would be worried that anything happens to him here, he would then have Friedrich talking to any ICE that might have seen the coaster but none of them knew.
"How could he have gotten away? I mean it wouldn't be wanted or?". Mallard said, he was feeling guilty for losing the coaster pilot, he thought it was some sort of problem in the tracks.
"Well maybe someone tempered with the crossing or something like that and he just hit the wrong track? I mean we could go back and check them all...Maybe we lost him when the tunnel came?". Friedrich said he was understanding the A4's were sacred, after all, they were dealing with a dangerous ICE.
"I think so...How long would it take to get back?". Mallard asked, he was curious about how long the drive would be.
"Well about an hour...So I assume we lost him somewhere...". Friedrich replied, he was then moving to get into position, he would be unsure if going around would be a good idea.
Mallard sighs, he was then turning his A4 around to steam off, he was taking shelter between the A4's, he didn't want any ICE to put eyes on him, he was not here to distract anyone. Merlin had slight panic since he didn't think this would turn into a hunt, he was soon trying to track the A4 but saw it wasn't active at all, maybe he was somewhere with a bad signal. Soon Mallard looked over to the slightly nervous A4, trying to give him hope that everything was going to be alright.
"Hey no worries, Tuner is probably fine, he just got lost? Maybe he just ended up somewhere..". Mallard said he was then giving Merlin a pet, he was glad that Merlin wouldn't break down totally like he used to.
Merlin nods, he still was trying to relax and think about good things, he sighs before just steaming along, he would kinda look down at Friedrich.
"Will he be okay?". Merlin asked nervously, he would then move on a bit before being beside the ICE.
"I am sure he will be ok...Don't worry". Friedrich only replied before speeding up waiting for the A4's to follow him.
Merlin only nods before following, he saw the other A4's behind him and he would check if Tuner drowned in them but nothing, there was nothing.
22.07.2021 (15:00) (Around cologne)
Tuner was sitting on a chair, he was not tied up, only bright light was shining on him and his A4. Tuner was still unconscious but soon his eyes opened and he was looking forward to seeing a Silver looking figure, he was then thinking that the A4's caught him, he was then speaking.
"S-Silver king is that you?". Tuner said in a weak voice, he coughs out a bit of ash and such, he would then see the figure stepping in and it was an A4? but they were somebody else.
"Get that rubbish name out of my ears! Ugh! I am Spencer! I was sent here after I heard there was a disturbance, I assume you have to do with it?". Spencer answered, he sounded pretty snarly, he seemed to be one of those serious engines.
Tuner was confused about who Spencer was? Maybe he was a far-off relative that got forgotten or was just like him, not an A4, after all the jacket and body would fit with everything.
"Ah...I am just lost...If you don't mind I got a group to be with at Koblenz!". Tuner replied before moving on, he was then standing up to grab his A4 and slightly steam off.
"Stay here else you are under arrest alright in the name of my platoon!". Spencer said loudly before holding his knife out before narrowing his eyes, he was pretty tense right now.
"Why? I am not causing any problems aight?". Tuner replied, he was confused about who Spencer even was really.
"No! How about you listen you are using a modded engine and you are out on tracks that do not allow it! So elaborate with who are you here?". Spencer asked, he would then look at Tuner's A4 before seeing it was fully modded, but something was off about it.
"I am with the A4's here, I can prove it if you would follow me to Koblenz or either cologne alright?". Tuner replied he was ready to show Spencer that he was honest.
Spencer was thinking for a while before he just nods, he would grab the coaster pilot before walking out.
"The engine stays here alright? I won't let you go further with it young man". Spencer said, he was then rushing Tuner out, he would still sound pretty angry.
Tuner was turning before holding out his virtual coaster device to take the A4 away. Spencer saw it and quickly had shock and confusion go over his face, he would soon get in a defensive position.
"You are not a spirited train! You are one of those other people, alright if you want to fight this way then sure!". Spencer said out loud before being kinda scared but he tried to not let his fear get the best of him, he was after all a 3-star commander and should know better about different species.
Tuner rolls his eyes before jumping up high, he changes his form before standing on an Intamin LSM, he would not bother with spencer at all, after all, he had better things to do, he soon would launch away and didn't think much, he would than look down at his arm computer questioning if he could reach the A4's but he was out of reach, he would than look around, he knew cologne but it has been ages since he was here. Soon he heard a loud whistle and it put his attention to where the sound came from. Soon the sunlight was blocked from a flying A4?! Tuner was having his eyes widen and the guy from before chased him. Spencer was peeking down before crossing his arms.
"I know you would try to escape young man, but I am not a stupid engine you know?". Spencer said before steering the A4 down, he would try to crash into Tuner.
Tuner was smiling, he was chuckling, finally, this was more of his liking, soon the coaster pilot got the side before the A4 could even crash down onto him, he would then launch and tried to get to Cologne main station knowing he could hide from the A4, he soon was flying into a tunnel before looking back, the A4 was gone and he would just move on, letting his guard down slightly, soon the end of the tunnel was coming.
Tuner would speed up again and rush out but soon Spencer would come from the side and made him lose control over the virtual coaster, he would try to catch himself before seeing the A4 coming for another side sweep. Tuner growls before just touching the A4's side to jump up and kick Spencer away, he was having flashbacks to the night he stole the crystal and soon he heard the whistle of another A4 and someone yelling his name, they were back on the track between Cologne and Koblenz. Spencer was growling, he never saw so much force in any coaster before, he soon grabbed the coaster pilot before getting an uppercut from them. Tuner was falling down to the train tracks and hit them pretty hard, he was breathing out before seeing the A4 rush away above him, he would then hear Merlin's voice.
"Tuner are you alright of god, did this guy do anything to you?!?". Merlin asked, he was bowing down to look at Tuner, his tender tail up in the air, he was in fear.
"No...No worries, I am alright, I survived a lot, so a small fall won't do it...Anyway, we should hide this guy is pretty much on my tail for some reason!". Tuner said before seeing spencer go down don't the tracks, he was blocking the way to the station before holding out his knife.
Mallard came right out of the tunnel to watch what has been going on, he soon saw the faker, he then would see Tuner just laying on the tracks with bruises and such.
"Stop it, Spencer!". Mallard shouted before blocking any contact with Tuner, he was giving Spencer an angry face before knowing why he was here.
"Ugh! If it is isn't the record-breaker himself, tell me what in the lord's name are you doing here?!". Spencer replied he wanted to know what all of this was about.
"I am here for a mission and our friend here got lost, you seem to be after anything that is not in your demand or?". Mallard said before looking back at Tuner, he would help the pilot up before just being worried that anything serious has happened to him.
"Your friend here has a mod A4! I doubt the silvers will be happy to see him have that!". Spencer replied, his anger boiling up inside of him, soon he had a gush of wind behind him and his posture was frozen, he would slowly look behind himself.
Spencer soon yells in utter fear as he saw the Silver A4's stand there, he was shaking as his breath got less and less, he would nearly be out of his mind. Silver King narrows his eyes and snarls at the Fake Silver A4.
"Spencer you out to cause trouble in my family again? You want to be sent to the limbo or want to lose your stars for being a terrible excuse?". Silver King said, his voice was more than upset, it was thundering and echoing through the rails and engines,m he would walk towards Spencer to grab him before looking into his eyes.
"Hey....S-Silver king, how have you been...You look great...You wear that paint job very well...I...I am just...You see...There is this modder...I am just going after my job you see?". Spencer said in a very nervous voice, he was unsure of how to respond, he just wanted this to end well, else he would be cleaning the engines again.
"Modder? Do you mean that coaster that is supposed to be with us? I doubt this is your business Spencer, so how about you get back on you're pathetic excuse of a Silver A4 and do something useful for once!". Silver king replied, he would then stomp onto the ground and it was shaking a bit. His eyes glowing a bright white by now and he just wanted Spencer to get out of here.
"Heh...O-Okay...N-No need to be so angry...I...I am sorry for disturbing you whatever you were doing...Anyway have a great d-day and trip". Spencer said he was then quickly getting onto his A4. He was taking it onto a free track and would soon be seeing steaming off before taking off, he was then getting through a portal that would bring him back to wherever he came from.
Silver king just looked at the departing commander before growling.
"What a show-off, he comes and interrupts whatever we do just because he wants to prove he can be something better! I swear just because he has some rich owners doesn't mean he is anything better!". Silver king said, he would still be angry and soon looked at the coaster pilot, "And you, I told you to not mod at all, not on open tracks, do it in the museum and your shed but not out here, I understand you want to prove you can be a rebel against whatever we said but you get in problems with the platoon's of Sodor, I don't want anything to do with them really!". Silver king said to Tuner before moving back to vanish into thin air, he really was mad.
"You can fucking suck my dick dude if you want me to stop modding, the A4 came out like that naturally, so fuck you! I have better things to do right now instead of following rules, we got a lunatic trying to murder us!". Tuner replied, he would then stand up before changing into his A4 form again, he was holding his fists as he clenched them, he would not understand what was so wrong with it.
Mallard sighs before holding Tuner back from doing anything, he didn't want this to become worse, he sighs.
"Let him...I think it would be for the best if we just get back to Koblenz or do you want to return...I think it would be for the best?". Mallard said, he wasn't sure if they were going to find this Marvin guy at all, he sighs before looking at Merlin.
"I saw Marvin...He tried to kill me alright? Then this son of a bitch called Spencer came and tried to get me? What the fuck? Why are trains so pissy with me? I mean I don't care but if they want to be butthurt about a coaster being here sure, I could just return to my park I mean we are just 2 hours from it..." Tuner said the last words were hurting kinda, he knew he could just return to his park again.
Merlin was unsure of what to think, he was feeling bad that a bit, he didn't know that Tuner was not up for this, he sighs before steaming back a bit. Mallard sighs he was rubbing his nose bridge a bit.
"Alright...How about we just calm down and try to solve this peacefully?". Mallard said, he understood that Tuner was slightly frustrated with this, after all, it hasn't been a week since he was here and stuff was going down.
"Calm down? Do you think I calm down after all the shit I went through? First of all, how should I have known that one of my ex-friends turns out to be a lunatic once he got the job at the german railways, do you think I can stay calm? I was told to just make friendship...Now I need to solve a problem that is not even my fault?!". Tuner replied, he was upset at the words, he was then walking towards Mallard before speaking out his feelings.
"In the end, it is your fault for giving him the crystal and helping him young man!". Silver king said before appearing in between the two, he had enough of Tuner letting out his frustration.
"My fault? What the fuck, dude I had no idea what the fucking crystal was for alright? I mean if I would have known it I wouldn't have done it but this ICE fucker talked about it giving us a better life, do you think someone like me? Who went through so much shit in their life knew any better not to mention I was thrown in here without me even wanting!". Tuner replied, he was then becoming angrier and yelled at Silver king, he would breathe in and out before relaxing his posture a bit.
Everything was quiet for a minute before Mallard just stood there, he was at the loss of words, he wanted to say something. Merlin would just stand there in shock at what Tuner just said, he never see the coaster pilot like that. Silver king was just staring as he was also shocked but soon the shock was turning over into pure anger, he would clench his fist and give Tuner a strong punch into the face before making him fly back against his A4.
"You dare to speak like that? You worthless piece of metal, I was not surprised at you becoming a coaster, most of you degenerates would do that when they don't know good manners!". Silver King said before looking at the Coaster pilot. "You all are the fucking same, you are frustrated individuals who disrespect everyone around them, I wonder how Leap the dips could have let you become a Demigod, you are a disgrace for what you stand!". Silver king said before looking back at Mallard, he felt slightly bad for becoming violent like that.
Tuner just stood there before growling, he would then get up again, he was cleaning his nose before walking towards SIlver king quickly to punch him back. Mallard gasps, he would then feel scared, he didn't want the two to fight. Silver king flew against a pole, he would then slide down.
"Before you call me a fucking disgrace look at yourself, you are not getting shit fixed in your family, you end up as a frustrated being because you are fucking motionless since your own life has taken an abrupt end...I stand for my family at least and for my people without calling them deviant freaks...Your family trusts a coaster more than those who should actually protect them? Then you put all the responsibility onto mentally unstable engines and expect them to do your job? are you for fucking real?". Tuner said, he was breathing heavily, he would then growl before running towards the A4 to grab them and smash them against the pole multiple times.
Silver king was taking damage before another Silver A4 came and stopped Tuner. It was Silver link who couldn't watch this any longer, she would separate the two of them. Tuner soon slides back before holding out his army of B&M Inverted coasters, he didn't hesitate in letting them crus the pathetic Siller A4. Mallard gasps kinda before taking shelter with Merlin, he would never see anything like that before. Silver link just looked before seeing the rage in Tuner's eyes, she understood his words, she would then look back at her scared brother seeing he was in fear as the virtual coasters were hanging.
"You really don't hesitate to use force don't you?". Silver king said weakly kinda, he was coughing before seeing the two scared A4s hiding, he would push his sister to the side before getting out his blade.
"You used it first you pathetic maggot, you are scared and I can smell it...Feel it, we coasters might seem pathetic and tiny compared to you...But I hold way more force, you call yourself a demi good, all you do is vanish when your people need you, you vanish like Marvin when I needed him the most...You hold empty words of change but then ghost everyone...Trust me, I seem pathetic to you for what I caused but in the end, I try to make it better, even if it doesn't fit in your mindset. I am someone that is not to mess with! I wasn't stuck in some sort of darkroom only to come back and enforce rules that do not work anymore!". Tuner said before speaking out his mind, he sighs before being ready to send them out.
"You two...Please stop....It's not worth fighting...You two are different...". Silver Link said, she was soon hearing the voice of her girlfriend and she looked to see Dwight D Eisenhower coming out of the tunnel.
"What the hell is going on here...We were worried over in Koblenz?...Why is Tuner holding out weird-looking trains...". Dwight D Eisenhower asked, she was worried that something bad went down, she then looked to Silver king seeing him on the ground.
"Dwight...Please not now...". Silver king said, he was getting up before looking at the Coaster pilot. "They told you didn't they? They told you about everything?". Silver king said, he was upset that Merlin and the others would give Tuner this information, He looked over to Merlin before growling, "You pathetic whimper of an A4, how do you dare to give off such information!". Silver king shouted at Merlin, he couldn't believe that his family couldn't be trusted.
Merlin was starting to tear up a bit before clenching his fists a bit, he was then staying quiet and had to let these words run over him, he then just had to stand up for himself, he would get away from Mallard before walking to Tuner to shield him.
"Maybe because there is nothing to trust you about...If anyone is a pathetic whimper...It's you, Silver king...You held us down and called us Deviant in times where we needed you and counted on you...You always have let us down...Remember the time in the limbo where I needed you the most when that W1 was hurting me...You just ignored me because you wanted to find a solution on your own...When we could have helped...Now you question why we don't trust you at all...Maybe because you failed all those years Silver king...I don't trust any Silver A4...You are an excuse...Tuner is right...And it's sad to say but a coaster has cared more...". Merlin said, he was shivering as he let out every word, he finally got everything out before looking back at Tuner to see him quite shocked at what he heard.
Tuner would just look but soon he saw Silver king just run towards them with his blade, Tuner growls before protecting Merlin with his Inverted coasters and they would surround Silver king. Silver link gasps before seeing the inverters being slammed together like it was nothing. Tuner was just standing there holding his hand out, he would then have his eyes glow blue slightly. Merlin was shocked and looked over to Tuner, he never thought Tuner could do something like that.
"I-Is he alright...". Silver link asked worriedly. She ran towards the pile to see it disappear.
Silver king was curled up in fear that the trains would have hit him but soon he realized they didn't, he would just look, he was shocked to have seen that Tuner had no problems doing this, he would then move back a bit before getting up. Silver link held him and she was a little shocked. Merlin was relieved that Tuner didn't hurt him really. Tuner just stood there before narrowing his eyes, he was back in his coaster form looking up at Silver king.
"Do you get it now? Your own family despises you and now look, you fear a fucking coaster, I am small...You could easily kill me with that engine...For what cost...I come back because my coaster is alive and does well...Unlike you...You are just a former shell of what you used to be. You seek to be great and strong but in the end, you end up losing all your glory to the time and a dark room....". Tuner said while standing there, he was serious with every word he has spoken, he would then turn around to feel the strong presence of another coaster, he then heard the flapping of wings and he knew who it was.
Soon an interesting-looking coaster landed beside Tuner, they only wore red pants and wheel bots, they had a long feathery tail and feathery ears with neck fur. They heard everything, they would get down beside Tuner, being confused about what was going on here. Tuner looks before smiling a bit.
"Hey...sweetie...". Tuner said before looking down to what was his lover Untamed.
"Is...Everything alright?". Untamed asked in a worried voice, he had a thick Dutch accent.
"...Like you see not...Not going to lie about that anymore Untamed...". Tuner replied, he sighs before looking up at the engines.
Merlin was surprised to see that Tuner's boyfriend just showed up out of nowhere.
"...What happened...". Untamed asked before hugging Tuner tightly, he would then send out a signal to the other coasters around him.
"Words have been said you know...I understand why engines don't get along with coasters...They don't see life like we do...Nor do they think how good they can have it when some humans stuff them into museums...While we are out to die and be left to be treated like toys...". Tuner replied, he would then look up at the engines again. "You see Silver king...You escape from your own doom...That is something we coasters never will have...We are left out to die...I saw it all...You can't compare yourself...You can't compare yourself to someone like me...". Tuner said to Silver king before looking down at his boyfriend again, he would then get up, he held Untamed's hand.
Merlin would get down a bit to look at Untamed, he had never seen another coaster before, it was so interesting. Silver king was out of words, he sighs before just looking at the two coasters. The clouds were starting to take away the blue sky and it started to rain.
"I mean...There is no difference or?". Untamed said to Tuner, he would look up at him.
"No difference in what love?". Tuner replied, he was confused about what Untamed was saying, he would then tilt his head.
"I mean...Without the museums, these engines would also be left out to die...Isn't it similar to us? Only that we have parks we get hoarded into...I mean...You have seen it Tuner...You have seen Jazzland with your own eyes...". Untamed said, he would then be confused on how Tuner couldn't put the puzzle together.
"But I don't remember Jazzland nor the...Arrows...". Tuner replied, he soon understood what Untamed was saying, he would be shocked, the Arrows just acted like that when he first came.
"You see...The Arrows also acted like that...You should have known...After all....There is no difference...Humans left us out to what we choose...". Untamed said, he sighs before looking up at Merlin, he was curious about the A4 staring at him.
Tuner sighs before looking up at Silver king again, he would then get up, he stood there before looking down, his eyes not visible, he would show his teeth. Silver king was confused, he didn't understand what went into Tuner of all of a sudden.
"You know...Forget Silver king...". Tuner said, he sighs before looking up again, he would just have his ears go down. "Maybe we are not different...I just live differently...But don't let my words change you, let the words of your family change you...They don't need me to tell you that...". Tuner said, he would then look back at Untamed before hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
Silver link would soon look at Untamed before being surprised with what he has said.
"You seem to know how it must be to be different amongst your people or?". Silver link asked curiously, she has never seen a coaster understanding so much.
"Well...I am not a coaster...I was different throughout my entire life...I was born as an Ampha...A different species than I should have been...I never knew parents...But before coasters, I was around engines a lot...So it surprised me that they send Tuner...He's been around way more...But even if he has so much knowledge...He can make mistakes...He helped me back when the park just poked fun at me...He also got back a very good friend of ours...So him speaking the truth is something that hurts...But in the end, he has never been with engines but he been through many similar events". Untamed replied, he would be insecure speaking to the engine but he knew they would be kind if not yelled at.
"Is it true he has been traveling through the dimensions?". Silver king asked, he was curious, he didn't want to believe Tuner after all dimension traveling is something for real demigods.
"Yes...We been everywhere, even the queen of Noten knows him...But that's a fraction of what he really did...". Untamed replied before looking at Tuner again, he was happy that Tuner would not say much, usually, he would have spoken or interrupted him in fear.
"You said...How can leap the dips chosen me...Do you think he would have chosen any ordinary coaster? I mean after all...I have done my fair share of things...We might be different in our worlds but in the end we live on the same planet...We are different but seeing we come from the same dimension shows we have a history before this". Tuner said before he would get back into his engine form, his A4 appearing beside him, he would look down onto it. "Not to mention I have no idea about your species...Not even the idea of them being able to fly". Tuner said, he was calmer than before, something made him calm down, it was probably the calm aura of his boyfriend Untamed.
"...I am not sure on what to say really...I heard so much now...". Mallard said, he would then come back and give his words, he would look down at the coaster before seeing that there was more to Tuner than the eye meet.
"You heard much...But why can't I hear much...". Tuner said to Mallard before looking at him, he would be confused on why he had to give out so much information but when he had any, it was wrong.
"Maybe...We should return home? I mean...We can hunt that Marvin guy down another time...". Silver link said she knew the situation was too tense now for them to keep on searching for that guy.
"We cannot get home but we can get back to my park and take shelter there...Maybe it will help...". Tuner replied, he sighs before getting back onto the engine, he knew that Germany wasn't safe yet for them.
The others only nod and Silver king was letting the others know to come back to Cologne for a change of plan.
22.07.2021 (18:00) (Walibi Holland)
Tuner was walking into the park, he was feeling slightly better since he felt the strong energy of his coaster again, it was so weird after all. Soon the engines walked into the area before looking at the royal blue coaster that was standing there, they were confused and soon looked at Tuner.
"Say is that your coaster?". Merlin asked curiously, he had never seen a rollercoaster before, he only heard of them.
"Yeah...It is, I mean the colors match...". Tuner replied before walking to the grass area. "You guys can stay here until tomorrow then we take the course again...Germany is not safe enough for anyone". Tuner said before just jumping up the lift hill to sit down onto it, he saw the sun setting, and his coaster was covered in the golden light.
"Alright!". Merlin said, he would then sit down onto the grass before looking up at Tuner, he was mesmerized by how pretty these things could be when looked at the right way.
Tuner sighs, he would not know how to feel letting the A4's into his park, after all, it was the only safe spot for him, soon he felt something on his coaster and saw Merlin climbing up to it to get down beside him.
"How can this thing hold me?". Merlin asked confused, he would still be just perfect for the ride.
"You know...The same company that has built my coaster also built a coaster that is just the same height as smaller engines...Our rollercoasters get bigger...But it has been thing of the past kinda. I mean Kingda ka is the tallest coaster on earth right now...He is pretty big, and coasters hold a lot of forces if you think about that...I mean I am only 246cm...But still pretty impressive huh?". Tuner replied, he was chuckling a bit before looking down the lift hill to see gorge standing there.
"Seems like you brought your engines friends here too?". Gorge said before laughing slightly, he would be amused to see Tuner again but also not surprised.
"Well, not for long...Tomorrow I am gone again, I just had to stop here because the Euro tunnel has certain times where can pass through it...But happy to see you too bud...". Tuner replied, he would then look down at the other A4's that just piled up to sleep.
"Ah...Well has stuff been going good?". Gorge asked before looking at Tuner, he was wondering since Untamed didn't seem to have spoken so well about it.
"You see...Maybe there are things I really don't understand yet...I am a simple coaster on the outside but someone that seeks out the knowledge every day...". Tuner replied, he would then look up at Merlin again feeling bad that Silver king had to lash out at him like that.
"Well...I mean...You might have done all those things for coasters...But try to help another species and you end up at square one...I mean...That's what your life has been like...You started at square one to only make good things happen...I mean yeah...You had stuff that wouldn't have let you go...But see it that way...You learn new things again". Gorge said, he was chuckling at the thought of Tuner learning new things, after all, nobody is born smart.
"If I can handle coasters I can handle engines too...Maybe who knows give it 6 years and I will just be as a demigod as I am here...Who knows".l Tuner replied, he found the thought kinda amusing, he always found his ways to help people even if it ended up with tears of blood being spilled.
Gorge nods, he soon got down from the coaster to get back to the housing they had. Tuner didn't join since he wanted to spend the night on the coaster before leaving. Merlin was quite surprised to hear how long Tuner has been a coaster, he thought Tuner was older.
"Say...You really started out small once?". Merlin asked curiously and soon saw that Mallard came up to look at him.
Tuner was surprised to see Mallard come up, he would then lift an eyebrow confused.
"Can we join you up here?". Mallard asked curiously, he would then get beside Tuner.
"Sure...Try to not break my lift tho...Needs to be running tomorrow else Gorge is going to chop my head off!". Tuner replied he was fine with a few A4's coming up.
Soon Silver king came up and he was a little childish acting, he crossed his arms.
"I only come up because I want to enjoy the view". Silver king said before looking down at Tuner, he was confused on why he wouldn't be in his engine form.
"Pff...Whatever you say bud". Tuner replied, he would then look up at Merlin again. "Basically yeah...I started small. I think around the time we stole the crystal I was already starting to become who I am today...You see...I was never interested in coasters...I actually hated them but look at this...I got my own coaster and park that enjoys me...Imagine Rollercoasters hated me so much back then...It was a surprise that they accepted me and would soon let me work with them...After all, I hurt them much more than I should have...But in the end...It paid off with me understanding them and just embracing who I am...I am not flawless since I have a lingering past...". Tuner said, to Merlin, he would then chuckle, his life was a rollercoaster for sure.
"About the crystal? Did it impact your quality of working as a coaster?". Merlin asked curiously, he would then wonder if the crystal has done anything.
"Not sure...I never knew since I never had any powers that remarked it...I was just meant to be a coaster I think, not an engine...So maybe my coaster inside outweigh what should have been an engine since I was too far in the process already?". Tuner replied, he wasn't sure if the crystal had any effects at all.
"It won't...Only the first one to get injected will...I think your friend tried to see if it worked for everyone...But at the time you took it...The moon was already gone, if you have done it at the time of the moon shining and in the right place your future might have changed...". Silver king said before looking up at the sky, he knew a moon was about to give off its energy this night.
"Ah...So basically that explains why he was a train and not me?". Tuner replied, he was laughing slightly since he knew that Marvin's ideas would always backfire.
"I mean...Who knows maybe it is in there and you just can't see it...I mean I heard you had a painful transformation with your A4...So much so that you need to be modded". Silver king said, he sighs before not understanding what the crystal really did with Tuner.
"Well...The A4 I have is just a reflection you see...I mean look at me...I am a racing-themed coaster with bass...Maybe my A4 is just meant to represent that...I am different but not so different to know when something is representing you". Tuner replied he would wonder what happened if Merlin didn't have helped him when he got his A4 for the first time.
Silver kings just sigh before looking up...
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