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#air hostess
calamitys-child · 3 days ago
Thinking about Eliot having canonically slept with lots of people but almost always being gender neutral about it and identifying them by their skills or job - things like "chef" are gender neutral terms, also "flight attendant" rather than the admittedly also just outdated as well as gendered "air hostess" or "stewardess" - and just the casual bi rights of it all
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blanketbarnes · 23 days ago
One Flight Down | Bucky Barnes
summary: after back to back flights, you and bucky finally have some time to yourselves
pairing: pilot!Bucky x air hostess!Reader
warnings: smut, MINORS DNI. kissing, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), oral (f receiving), fingering, creampie, multiple orgasms, fluff.
wc: 1.2k
a/n: pilot bucky came to me in a dream and now I cant stop thinking about him send help!!!!!! Also this is my first time writing smut so pls excuse any mistakes. not beta read. enjoy!!!!!!
Tumblr media
The clattering of the plane wheels rang in your ears and your head was heavy. Nothing you weren't used to but it excited you nonetheless. But it also tired the fuck out of you. You'd been to over six countries in the course of the past three days alone. But your crew made it completely worth it.
Your best friend, Natasha and Wanda were your fellow air hostesses and Steve was the co-pilot. And Bucky. The world knew him as captain Barnes but to you, he was Bucky. Your Bucky. He was always so calm and collected, filled with passion. He absolutely loved what he did and you were so proud of him. He was funny, often cracking jokes over the mic to ease passengers through turbulence. it was one of the many, many things you loved about the man.
The plane suddenly jerked to a stop and the 'we've landed thank you for flying with us announcement' blared through the speakers. And before you knew it, impatient passengers were scrambling to get their luggage out of the overhead bins.
Paris, you thought. It was your fifth time here and it was always just as magical. What made it better was that it was your first time here with Bucky. The two of you hadn't had much time to yourselves lately and you were looking forward to spending a week in the city of love.
You unfastened your seatbelt and walked towards the door to see the passengers off. Your mouth hurt from smiling so much but you kept it up. Finally, after the last passenger disembarked, you made your way back to the tiny kitchen and you saw Nat pouring glasses of champagne.
"Finally," she huffed as she handed you and Wanda glasses. "So, ladies any plans?"
"I don't know really, maybe I'll go shopping. There isn't really much to do in Paris when you're single. Oh, maybe I'll eat a fuckton of croissants," Wanda answered.
"Oh, maybe you'll find someone while we're here," you tell her with a wink.
"Oh please!" Wanda yells. "That's easy for you to say, not everyone's lucky enough to have a captain blue-eyes on their arm,"
"fair enough," you say as you gulped down your drink.
"So," Nat asks with a smirk. "You and Barnes got any plans?"
"I don't know, really. We didn't plan anything in advance, so yeah, we'll see."
"Oh shut it, you guys are probably gonna do it the second you reach the hotel," Wanda said exasperatedly.
"Maybe we will."
Just then Steve walks in and Nat pours him a glass.
"Ladies," he says with a sarcastic bow.
"Captain Rogers," you all say in unison, giggling.
"Ah yes, y/n, Bucky's looking for you. He's downstairs at the bar."
Everyone knew what you were going to do so neither questioned you and began chattering loudly as you made your way down to the first-class lounge the plane offered.
"Hello hello captain," you made your way to Bucky and hugged him from behind.
"Hey," he said huskily as he kissed your hand making you giggle.
He turned around and cupped your face, you hugging his waist tightly.
"I missed you, doll."
"Mmm so did I, it's been so long since we've had any time to ourselves,"
"I know, baby, but now we're here. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and dipped his head to whisper in your ear. "And we're alone."
"So what are you gonna do about it, captain?" you asked teasingly.
He wasted no time in pressing his lips to yours hungrily. You snaked a hand to the back of his neck and the other entangled in his hair. He brought his hand around your waist and brought it down to your ass, kneading the soft, clothed flesh roughly. His tongue traced over your bottom lip asking for entrance. You parted your lips and he stroked his tongue over yours as your mouths clashed in heated passion.
He quickly pulled away to mumble "jump" as he picked you up and carried you to the bathroom, mouths finding each other again in a heated kiss, all teeth and tongue.
He set you down on the counter as he locked the door of the rather large first-class bathroom, all marble-y and posh. He quickly came back to you as you fumbled with the buttons of his uniform while he undid his belt.
He bent down, at level with your clothed cunt and you lifted your hips to help him pull down your pencil skirt.
"mmm baby, I can smell you, how long you been this wet?" he asked.
"The entire fucking flight, you know what your uniform does to me," you say seductively.
"Oh yeah, I'm gonna fucking ruin you, baby,"
"Please," you moan.
He makes quick work of your skirt and just as he's about to rip away your panties, you stop him. "You better not rip these, I got 'em off the duty-free catalogue and those things are EXPENSIVE."
He chuckles darkly before he pulls them off and stuffs them into his pocket, his face now dangerously close to your soaked heat.
You moan loudly as he licks a fat stripe up your pussy and continues to lick and suck, the sounds obscene. You moan loudly and tug at his dark locks as he continues to bring you pleasure with his mouth alone. he inserts two fingers into you and begins pumping at a crazy pace, hitting all right spots.
"Ah, Bucky, I'm close, ah,"
"Let go for me, hun,"
And you did, all over his mouth and fingers, waves of euphoria crashing over you one after another body spasming with the continual thrusts of his thick fingers.
He makes his way up to you, you still coming down from your high. He brushes your sweaty hair out of your face and places a chaste kiss on your lips before making quick work of both of your shirts and his boxers.
His length stood tall and proud almost begging to be inside of you. you grabbed his neck with one hand and began pumping his cock with the other. He moaned into your mouth and pushed inside of you in one, swift stroke. You both cried out loudly at the feeling.
He wasted no time before pulling out and slamming into you, his hands hooked underneath your thighs. He dipped his head to suck on your nipple making you moan almost pornographically.
He slammed into you relentlessly, one of your hands on his ass to push him deeper into you, his balls slapping against your ass. He brought one of his hands down to rub your clit and you felt the pressure forming inside your belly, ready to explode at any moment.
"Ah, ah Buck, oh my g-go-" you couldn't even finish your sentence before you shuddered, body jerking forward as you came around his cock.
He kept pounding into you and you suddenly felt his thrusts getting irregular. You kissed his stubble-covered jaw that was buried in your neck as an encouraged him.
"Cum for me, Buck," you said as he released inside you, painting your still-clenching pussy in hot ropes of white.
You both stayed there for a moment before he pulled out of you and got a towel to clean the both of you up.
"Doll, that was-"
"Amazing, I know," you finished his sentence for him. "Now, let's get to that fancy hotel so I can return the favour," you said with a sultry smirk.
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superdames · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
If “air hostess vs. alligator” isn’t a reason to love comics, I don’t know what is.
—Banner Comics #3 (1941)
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specialcar · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Southwest Airlines air hostess, 1968
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checkinpeach · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The crew just checked in...
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