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airbornegoldenboy liked your post “Like for a starter from Gary. Theme will probably be sinday related…”

The music can be heard from outside the VIP room, door closed behind him, round booth behind Sonny. A light nodding as he pretends to listen to Sonny’s rumble word words while hands work to undo the front of those trousers. As the other’s legs touch the table’s rim he turned him around and pin him down to it, to lay over with his chest. Gary’s hands pulled down trousers and underwear revealing a great sight of a butt and a butthole to go with it. Hands on his pockets he pulls out a tube of lubricant and squeezing its content on two of his fingers, he brushed them against the pucker to start working him up for his already excited cock. “Go on, continue using your beautiful boy’s voice to tell more things about the music.” Or whatever was he talking about, he thought as his finger pressed into him in a gentle, soft, touch.


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airbornegoldenboy : Pen emoji and Craig / Send me a 🖋 and a character you’d like to see me write, and I’ll give it my best shot!

“Hey, bro!” 

There was a soft babble from the toddler strapped to his chest to accompany his words. Craig seemed as cheerful as ever as he jogged up to the other. It was his afternoon run - He had dropped the twins off with one of the softball mom’s for a sleepover and was happy to have some alone time. Despite the fact that ‘alone time’ still featured River and his schedule didn’t really change. Once he was home, he would play with River for a little bit then make them both dinner. He would try to watch a movie or something after putting River down for bed and end up falling asleep before he got halfway through the movie. As boring as that was, he actually seemed to enjoy it even if he craved spending time with someone above the ages of eighteen. 

“Long time no see, dude. How have you been?”

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{ @airbornegoldenboy​ liked to enter the bookstore! }


  if ollie wasn’t totally hungover.

he had wasted two bottles of good wine last night
trying to get to sleep and he just couldn’t. it had
been a rough night. anxiety was gnawing at him
a bit - he had been doing well, why backslide now?

the bell dinged and ollie groaned, raising his head.
the chagrined look disappeared into a smile seeing who
it was.

  “SONNY, thank goodness its you.”

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@airbornegoldenboy​ said: Sonny’s not one to make self-degrading comments, but Reyes would overhear the blond muttering to himself in the back of a cruiser, “You’re a simp for a man in a skull mask, Skies, what are you coming to?”


Reyes simply pats the other on the back, a sincere smile covering his broken features. “Being a Simp is not that bad, trust me. Especially the person you’re simping on clearly likes it.”

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[ @airbornegoldenboy : additction] 


 “yeah i-i-i know it’s almost n-noon.
    that’s why i’m GOING to class. i g-gotta go you’re making me late.”

he’s annoyed for real now, it’s not a big deal.
he doesn’t stutter as much or is a nervous when he’s DRINKING
so as far as ollie is concerned? this is helping.

      i mean when he crashes its hard but why does sonny even care?

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for @airbornegoldenboy


“You should check the list again. I always have a table reserved for two here. It’s under Crestmen. David Crestmen. If you can’t find it, I could just call the owner. I’m sure he’d be able to clear this up…” As soon as he repeated his name, the hostess quickly apologized and hurried off to prepare a table for them. With an amused smile, David wrapped his arm around his younger lover’s waist. “I don’t usually rely on my name like that,” he commented as he pressed a soft kiss to the side of the boy’s forehead, “but they do have the best steak in the city, and what my boy wants he gets.”

“The question is,” he mused as he worked his hand down under the waist of Sonny’s pants. Pushing underneath the boy’s underwear, he let his rough palm settle against the soft curve of his boy’s rounded cheeks before gripping his fingers into the mound to pull him flush against his side. “How badly do you want it? If you make a scene we’ll likely be kicked out.” As he whispered, his lips still brushing against the side of the boy’s forehead, he let his index finger sneak between the boys cheeks; pushing up against his tight entrance. “–you know how embarrassed I would be if we get kicked out of this restaurant so you’ll be a good boy, won’t you?” Pressing into him, David let his finger sink into his boy as he leaned away from him with an almost wicked smirk. “–because you want that steak, don’t you sweetheart?”

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late nights // accepting.


Afraid, huh?” It was an interesting sentiment, not to mention something that Syl felt he could relate to. The repression that had become his standard since he was a teenager, when he realised overemotional reactions could compromise everything, was one that was so often employed that it almost felt like instinct.

He turned slightly from where he was hovering, the staff’s glow dimmed as he tried to catch Power Boy’s gaze. They were both on patrol, both in the air with the twinkling stars and the dark night sky above them, and he hadn’t quite expected the conversation to turn so serious. “The way you say ‘some’ makes it sound like you have someone in mind.

“Not to sound like the prying old man I definitely am.”

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Manhandling Symbol Starters // accepting.
✂ - point sternly at a chair and tell my muse to sit down


No,” Syl said, his tone firm and his brows knit together, and without a lick of fear or hesitation his eyes were locked onto Sonny’s own. “You didn’t listen to me, and because of that, caused damage and casualties that could’ve been avoided. That’s all there fucking is to it, Power Boy.”

Seeing the young man open his mouth, Syl clicked his tongue at him, his hand lifting and quickly curling into a fist in the air to symbol that Sonny just shut his god damn mouth, for once.

That fist pointed at a nearby chair a second after, and this whole time, Syl’s eyes remained where they were, taking in every detail of Sonny’s expression. He didn’t care if he hated this. He didn’t care if he earned whatever Kryptonian wrath he did.

All there was was the grit of his teeth and the growl in his tone as he said, “Sit. Now. While I figure out what to do with you.”

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touch-starved starters // accepting.

A reunion hug had seemed like the best idea at the time– he’d been gone a while on the tracking mission the JSA had set him on, Sonny had looked so happy, and…

Well, Syl hadn’t thought twice about holding his arms out. Good thing, too, given how quickly Sonny had barrelled into him (accursed Kryptonian speeds!).


“Wait, seriously?” he asked just as Sonny said what he said. “I kind of figured with how bubbly you are all the time, the House of El was just like that.”

But hey, Sonny was still smiling now, right? And that was all that mattered. Syl gave him a little squeeze and pulled back enough to get a good look at him. He didn’t expect Sonny to have suddenly changed drastically in the months he’d been gone, but sometimes it was the sentiment that counted.

“Jeez, how’ve you been?” Both his hands clapped onto Sonny’s biceps, giving a firm squeeze. “Hawkman hasn’t been a crappy mentor in my absence, has he?”

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A quick and easy plotting guide

Send me ✔ and I will bold my preferences for your muse!

My muse(s): Jack serial killer

Do I know your muse(s): yes | no | a little | tell me about your muse

Setting: our verse | my verse | your verse | modern | alternate universe | other

Pre-established relationships? yes | no | depends on the relationship

Possible relationships: friends | classmate | co-worker | roommate | family, real or adopted | dating or blind date | married | friends with benefits | unrequited love | lending a hand | teacher - student | rivals | allies | partner-in-crime | enemies | protecter - guarded | business partners | spy - infiltrated | manipulator - manipulated | star-crossed | first meeting | other

I’m in the mood for: fluff | angst | horror | romance | humor | crime | hurt / comfort | action | supernatural | slice of life | crack | dark threads | light threads | any genre | multi-para | shorter para | one-line | any length | plotted threads | unplotted threads | other (all above)

Feel free to: message me ooc | message me ic | tell me your ideas | write a starter | answer one of my opens | send a meme | reblog this with your preferences - let’s find common  | other (all above)

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{ @airbornegoldenboy }

“OH-! ohmigosh sonny i-” 



dear lord he needed to find a speech therapist if sonny was gonna be his friend.


he was bright red and practically running out of the dorm.
nope, nope he wasn’t going to sleep for a week after this.

he was so embarrassed he might throw up. or need a shower.

               YEP. a shower.

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{ @airbornegoldenboy }



    “ w-why would i send you to a place with spiders?
        there are no spiders in there - really!”

a touch of nervous laughter would cover
up the fact that he didn’t know if there was
arachnids in there, right? okay he was still laughing.

 that was too much laughing. fuck. 

            “ uh, y-y-y-you wouldn’t really k-kill me, right?

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