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Airport Assistance 1

Do not ask that employee you see walking or standing near you where your flight is going….. if you are going to don’t be a douche and do so in these ways:

“Where is the flight to (insert city here)?” —— dingus there are x amount of flights to that location a day, stop playing games.

“Where is flight (flight number)?” —— let me log in, as I don’t know all over 500 flights we see a day on this concourse alone…..

Instead try this:

“Hello, I hope your day is going well, if you’re able could I see what gate my flight is going out of please?”

See common decency costs you nothing, and you are not the one we are mad at, just sadly the one snapped at more often because you seem weaker.

Aaaaaand for the loners, anxious, or those with general desire to know it….. a Google search of your airline’s 2 letters, and your flight number (example: AA####), your boarding pass has the letter code, other wise search airline name and then your flight number. Idk about other cities but mine, no I won’t tell you where, Google knows before the city and the city runs the screens with flight information….

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Justin Bacho at WestJet!

Blog#1 | October 1, 2019

And so there it is, found myself at the second largest airline in Canada, WestJet. This field placement is offered by Seneca College to FSO students as the institution always provide us with all the benefits and other related resources we need as we go through and excel in our program. And by that, I’m very thankful and would do my best to not let the FSO faculty down, and not just that but also to prove the WestJetters that they also got the person who fits the bill.

WestJet\'s Tie | WS IDs and cards #me #uniform #westjet

WestJet’s Tie | WS IDs and cards | IZZ ME

Two days of training was not that easy, but I’m telling you, it’s really satisfying to experience what’s in the WestJet world. You get to know their employees, their business, the workplace and the things that a GSA must do. It’s tiring maybe, but it’s also rewarding once you feel the vibe at WestJet. Needless to say, I am so grateful and blessed to be one of their Guest Service Ambassadors and would definitely grab all the opportunities within the workplace.

WestJet\'s Tie | WS IDs and cards #me #uniform #westjet

Kiosk Machines infront WestJet’s Customer Service Counters

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