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Happiness, and How to Recognize It
by Myrtle03

The path to healing is a long and winded one, and deciding to take it is really only just its begining…

Shouto learns this the hard way, when he notices that therapy may not be exactly what he’d expected. But he also learns along the way that he’s got people to walk down that road with him.

It only takes a trip to the mall, and a few heart-to-hearts to realize it.

OR Shouto learns to recognize friendship, happiness, and the importance of cheesecakes.

Words: 7646, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of How to Recognize It

Read Here:

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Soy el ser más sensual del mundo✨ #

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[The stigma over mental illness is something that I really hope goes away one day! I’m a pretty secretive person, but one thing I don’t mind sharing is my own mental struggles because I do want to try to help erase that stigma (Also with working in the mental health field I do feel pressured not to talk about my own faults.) Anyway, I hope to write more about readers being comforted by their S/O’s, and here’s the start of that!]

Preface: Why did you lack talent? Who would really care if you just disappeared? Does anyone even truly care about you? Some days you just felt so worthless, but even the slightest genuine act from someone can really help soothe that feeling.

(Izuku, Hawks, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Aizawa.)


You just had to head home early from work, so you did. With a sigh, mentally telling yourself that this feeling would pass and it would be alright, you cuddled up on the sofa, barely paying attention to the TV that was currently on. You hated having these thoughts in your head and the emotions they brought. You didn’t think anything would help you push them away.

The sound of the doorknob turning, was able to get a slight reaction from you as you eyed it curiously. Not before long, Izuku made his way in the room, holding a pink box. “I’m home,” he smiled brightly once he saw your face. “I hope it’s not too late for doughnuts! I passed by your favorite pastry spot on my patrol and I couldn’t help but to think of you…” He flushed a bit, eyes looking at you lovingly.

Honestly, you couldn’t help but to smile. “No, it’s not too late!”


You didn’t want to get out of bed, and every time you tried, you ended up falling back down onto it. You missed your alarm-No, not your work alarm, but rather the alarm for taking your depression medication. You thought it would be fine, but then unwanted thoughts started to make their way into your head, even at the slightest trigger. So now, you couldn’t get up.


The soft yet unmissable sound caught your attention. You looked out your window at your balcony to see Keigo standing there, rubbing at his forehead…Did…Did he fly into the glass door? You quickly stifled some laughter as he played the whole thing off, while he came into the room.

“What are you doing back so early?” you asked. Keigo smiled, walking over to the bed and plopping down right next to you.

“I decided to come here for my break, because I just can’t stop thinking about you~.” He then pulled you into an embrace, kissing all over your face as you giggled happily.


You just wanted to get the day over with. Feeling tired for no real physical reason, you sat at your desk with you head resting on your hand. It was a slow day, and you had already finished up your patrol, but you were grateful for that. With how you were feeling, you didn’t want to move at all. You just wanted to crawl in a hole where no one from society could find you.

“Hey.” Bakugo’s voice was easily recognizable, and you looked up to see him standing there. “You finished all your work?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“Come with me to my office then,” he told you. You then noticed that his cheeks were starting to turn a bit pink as he turned away, “So we can…spend some time together.” Oh, he was so adorable when he let his guard down.


You were forcing yourself to finish up your day. Everything had been fine, but then all of these negative thoughts started to set in, and that was it. You tried your hardest to convince yourself that it would be alright, but your usual coping mechanisms were failing you. With a tired sigh, you tried to finish up the dishes. After this, you would hopefully just be able to fall back in bed and stay there.

“Ah, let me handle that!” Todoroki hurried over to you, gently taking the dish you were holding from your hand, “I mean you cooked, so I want to at least properly contribute.” The two of you had recently just moved in together, and you could tell that he grew up with practically no chores. To think someone as great as Shouto possessed flaws in areas that came naturally to most people. It was cute.

“Okay…If you want to,” you said. He smiled as he took over with the cleaning.

“I hope I’m doing my fair share of the housework and being a good partner,” he mused. You couldn’t help but to mimic his smile and nod.


Shouta could tell right away that something was off with you. You managed to get all of the important duties you had for that day out of the way before you got back into bed and curled up. Why couldn’t you just be better? You felt so hopeless…

“You okay?” It didn’t take long for Aizawa to come into the room and sit on the bed.

“I’m fine…,” was all you said. Aizawa let out a sigh, leaning back on his hands.

“Why don’t we just order a bunch of junk food and stay in bed for the rest of the day?” he offered. That easily got your attention.


“I promise.”

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Aizawa: If want to be a heroes, you’re going to have to learn to not break the rules and use your power wisely.

Class 1A: No ❤

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Title: In Heroes We Trust

Chapter 11: Will You Sing for Me?

Summary: The truth comes out.

Tags: Pining, Mutual Pining, erasermic, Fluff and Angst, Fluff, Angst, Dark, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Alcohol, Drinking, Light BDSM, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Blood and Injury, Blood and Violence, Blood Kink, Villain Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Blow Jobs, Self-Harm (in chapter 6), angst with a happy ending

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All works containing Aizawa Shouta from BNHA

- New Hero (You’re a confident, annoying new hero. Aizawa wants to put you in your place)

- Soul Pt 2 (Aizawa with a villain soulmate)

- Family bonding (Shinsou isn’t afraid if his father walks in. Aizawa can just join the fun, it’ll be family bonding)

- Introductions (How Aizawa introduces you to his husband, Hizashi)

- Lovingly (How Aizawa and Hizashi take your virginity)

- Shower (Aizawa likes to shower with you)

- Sad (Daddyzawa doesn’t know how to make you less sad)

- Father figure pt4 (Daddyzawa punishes you)

- Father figure pt3 (Daddyzawa won’t let you leave)

- Father figure pt2 (Daddyzawa only lets you be with him)

- Father figure pt1 (Daddyzawa can’t hold himself back)

- Soul pt 1 (You’re a villain, and also Aizawa’s soulmate.

- First (Aizawa takes your virginity)

- Making out (How Aizawa likes to kiss you)

- Asleep (He gives you sleeping pills)

- Tired (Aizawa’s tired of waiting)

- You’ll learn to love me back (Aizawa kidnaps you and you let him)

- Rating (Dick rating)

- Stress response (How Aizawa responds to your involuntary stress response)

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So lately I’ve been reading a lot of Dadzawa fics so I thought I’d share them with you. I shortened down the summaries of some of the longer ones- I didn’t put them in my own words of course, but I just used the shortened snippets that authors sometimes put at the end of their own longer summaries. They’re in no particular order of greatness, and I tried to get a good blend of popular and less popular ones so here u go.

1) i. shaky hands- rexcorvidae

midoriya has chronic pain, and tries to hide it. aizawa deals with this, and learns something surprising along the way.

One-Shot. Honestly their whole whumptober collection is amazing I would totally read them all if you have the time, they’re pretty much all loaded with great Dadzawa content

2) Not all exits are made Equal- LunaLucrea

When a raid goes wrong, and Aizawa gets taken, he’s hardly expecting to be found. He’s a professional Underground Hero. He’s seen situations like this play out before, and knows how the cards usually fall.

He’s got people he’ll miss of course, and he feels terrible about what this is going to do to Hizashi and Eri, but these are the types of risks he agreed to when he signed on the dotted line all those years ago. He’s ready to accept his fate.

Too bad for him his former students are tenacious little shits.

Three chapters. I love seeing how Aizawa interacts with older Midoriya in the first chapter and how he thinks of all of his former students now that they’re pro heroes, he’s such a proud dad but he’s also so self-deprecating and he needs some love and class 1-A will force it on him. Wholesome, 10/10, but also warning for whump! on Aizawa’s part.

3) To the people we admire- The_ crownless_ queen

Eri learns about autographs, and how they’re a way for fans to show they like their heroes. Naturally, she wants all of them — and especially Eraserhead’s.

One-Shot. I don’t read many Eri fics but my god, this one is adorable. Eri learns about autographs and wants Aizawa’s but his students know that Aizawa doesn’t really give autographs so they devise a plan to get one out of him- basically by making him jealous of Eri getting autographs from every hero but him. It’s wholesome, Dadzawa is like ‘wtf Eri’, I love it.

4) Inhibitions- Thealmostrhetoricalquestion

Todoroki gets zapped by a Quirk that effectively lowers someone’s inhibitions, and Aizawa deals with the strange, humorous, heart-breaking fallout.

The train ride back is something of a nightmare. Not because it goes badly, or because something awful happens, but because Aizawa can’t get rid of this feeling in his chest every time he sees Todoroki’s unusual, carefree smile. He looks like nothing has ever hurt him.

One-Shot. Lol, this one’s funny- Todoroki acts all loopy and carefree and Aizawa is frantically scrambling after him trying to make sure he doesn’t get himself into trouble, all while finding out more than he’d ever thought he’d learn about his student. Good shit, good comedy, good angst.

5) I consider myself lucky- alightintheshadows

For some of us, our teachers are the greatest role models we’ll ever have.

One-Shot. Ugh, this is so sappy and kinda cheesy but I love it! Izuku gives his dads All Might and Aizawa gifts because he loves is grateful to them. WHOLESOME SHIT

6) Not in the Job Description- IidaRei98

A collection of drabbles revolving around the Dadazawa and Class 1A. Mostly fluff with some hurt/comfort - whatever pops into my head really!

Incomplete, 56/? Chapters. Solid collection of dadzawa drabbles. I didn’t finish reading them all because I get easily distracted away from long fics, but since it doesn’t follow a plot it’s easy to put down and pick back up when you wanna get your dadzawa fix.

7) passing through fire- achievingelysium

“What happened? A villain?”

“Ye- yeah,” Midoriya croaks. Shouta starts walking.

“I was there,” Shouta says, feeling through the words before he speaks, “but I don’t remember?”

Midoriya closes his eyes.

“No,” he agrees, “you wouldn’t. But- but you… were there. With… me.”

Aizawa finds himself in a street with little memory of how he got there. Then he discovers Midoriya, beaten and bruised, who claims Aizawa protected him—but as Aizawa regains pieces of his memory he realizes Midoriya may be lying, and he’s the one who’s done his own student harm.

One-Shot. OOH, OUCH, FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE! God I love the Dadzawa ANGST in this! I haven’t seen a dadzawa fic with a plot like this before, so I highly recommend checking this one out, especially if you like ANGST! Love it!

8) a penny for your thoughts- cassiopeia721

While visiting Eri at the hospital following her rescue from the Shie Hassaikai, Izuku and Aizawa-sensei both run into a nurse with a telepathy based quirk, and Izuku finds himself in a telepathic bond with his teacher. This is… somewhat worrying, considering how many secrets Izuku needs to keep.

Six chapters. Yet another Dadzawa fic with a unique concept that I have never come across before. Very good, much angst! My only complaint is I wish Izuku could’ve heard a bit more of Aizawa’s angsty thoughts, the whole thought-hearing did feel a bit one-sided at times, but overall it was a very good fic. The angst of Izuku struggling to keep his many secrets from Aizawa for a whole week was *chef’s kiss* Good dad-son bonding.

9) Geyser- spineless

Izuku faints during class when weeks of sleeping and eating poorly catch up with him. Aizawa, All Might, and his friends, remind him that no matter what he’s going through, he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Three Chapters. Good Dadzawa being all disapproving of his son Izuku pushing himself too hard and not taking care of himself like he can fucking talk lol. But also some angst cuz Izuku is a tormented boi who has been through too much and is Not OkayTM and his dads are there to help him.

10) The World on His Shoulders- baggytshirtsandtiredeyes

During their second year, Aizawa decides to take some of the students on patrol to give them a taste of the underground hero life. But of course, nothing goes as planned when UA’s resident Problem Child is involved.

One-Shot. Izuku is a BAMF and Aizawa is like O.O. I can’t say anything more. This fic deserves more attention.


Okie dokie, that’s enough for now. If you guys like my recommendations, maybe I’ll make another list in the future! 

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For the Aizawa Shouta Lovers~

“You look so good like this kitty, I think I’d like to see this more often~” Aizawa hummed from behind you, his hands on your pert ass that was raised high for him to see, your upper body nestled into the sheets below you, a blindfold blocking your gaze and your hands tied behind your back, the red rope decorating you in intricate patterns and knots that extended from your back to your front.

All in all a beautiful sight that Aizawa just couldn’t get enough of, you looked so damn tantalizing.

You could only whimper around the gag that was placed in your mouth, you could feel his fingers spread you wide open, fingers grazing the rim of your ass, gently prodding but never quite entering you, the whine that left your lips made him tremble in excitement.

“What am I going to do to you? So many options~ I could fuck you, tease you, torture you, drain you of every orgasm until you have nothing left, make you cry and whimper for more, make you sob for me to stop. Mmmh~ There’s just so much to do to you~” He growled into your ear, you were quivering and he loved seeing you this helpless and needy for him.

He pushed a solitary finger in, you whined and bucked your hips but he pulled the digit out.

“No~ Bad kitty.” He hissed, smacking your ass with his open palm, his fingers gripping the plump flesh in a tight grip, your cry filling the room when he landed another spank on your ripened flesh.

“Bad kitties like you get punished.”

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It seems a lot of people stumbled across my blog from that post😅 Also… binging my page😳 didn’t think I was that interesting 😌

I couldn’t possibly do ALL of Class A in one post but I can do a few + Aizawa for you!

(Let me know if these characters weren’t the ones you were looking for and I’ll make one specifically for that characters if you want)


MHA boys + Aizawa reacting to hurting you with their quirk

Denki Kaminari ⚡


Originally posted by hanaweiss13

  • This. This would not a good thing.
  • He already feels inadequate as a hero, still not being able to fully control his quirk. He’d genuinely break inside to be honest.
  • It was a training exercise at Ground Gamma. You were supposed to race Denki across a short distance filled with obstacles but you two didn’t know was there were a few loose wires around. Kami got caught in them, they surprised him and set off his quirk. You were just a few feet away and some of his sparks hit you.
  • Denki’s heart dropped into his stomach when he saw you fall. You were fine, just in shock but the thought of hurting badly nagged at the back of Denki’s mind so he took you straight to Recovery Girl.
  • The whole time he was trying his best not to cry in front of you.
  • He ended up burying his face into your neck to hide his tears while you comforted him.
  • Just comfort him please? He really needs it ಥ_ಥ💕

“Hey…babe am I a good hero?”

“… you’re my 1# hero Denki,”

Sero Hanta 📼

  • He’d curse himself the entire time.
  • He sometimes feels like he just isn’t enough and seeing you hurt by him even if it was accidental he would kill himself over it.
  • It was a save-the-dummy exercise and the building you two were in wasn’t completely stable. That being said as soon as you went on the second floor, it gave out and you both fell.
  • Sero tried to catch you but the sheer force of you falling, ripped his tape and you fell onto the bottom floor.
  • He immediately jumped down to your side and took you off to the nurse’s office.
  • He tried to keep his smile up but it was so hard whenever you’d flinch or groan in pain. He’d crack jokes the entire time, never at your expense though.
  • Reassure him please he’s trying his best ಥ‿ಥ♥️

“Hope my stupidity is helping you a little princesa,”

“While I don’t think my boyfriend is stupid, your jokes are helping Hanta,"😊

Shinsou Hitoshi🗣️


Originally posted by spearbeans

  • Shinsou rarely ever uses his quirk on you. You accept him and his quirk so he had no intention of ruining your trust.
  • This was more of an emotional hurt than a physical hurt.
  • You two were having a very rare fight. He doesn’t even remember what it was about but you two were really riled up.
  • He yelled at you to shut up and activated his quirk. He realised he had used his quirk when he didn’t hear you reply. Your face was blank but he could feel your emotions and the slight tinge of fear in your heart.
  • He immediately shut off his quirk and refused to look you in the eye. He felt so ashamed that the one thing he promised he’d never do, he ended up doing it to the person he cares about more than anything.
  • You wrapped him up in hug and refused to let go even if he didn’t hug you back at first. But slowly he did hug you back, not as tightly, just enough that you knew he wouldn’t let go.
  • Nothing was said, you just stood there together in eachother’s embrace.

Aizawa Shouta 💤


Originally posted by aizawa-spam

  • Another person who really can’t harm you with their quirk. Not impossible but not likely.
  • You were in a battle when you got hurt actually. He was using his quirk alongside yours in a three Vs two fight. He heard your grunts of pain and took a glance at you just to make sure you were alright. What he didn’t do was shut off his quirk in time. He erased your quirk, the villain got leverage over you and slammed you into the wall behind you.
  • Shouta’s heart sank at your pained face and immediately grabbed you and ran off. He kept talking to you to keep you conscious but soon you passed out from the pain and exhaustion.
  • You woke up in the hospital to see Shouta at your bedside, concern written all over his tired face. His eyes met yours and he shot up out of his chair in surprise and relief at your open eyes. You gave a small, tired smile and he gave a rare shaky one back.
  • The two of you spent the rest of the day in comfortable silence as well as napping. No words had to be said that day. Maybe once you were out of the hospital but right now being in eachother’s presence was enough.

Felt a bit better so I decided to finish this up and get it out there. Revel in the angst children.

also I forgot Kirishima like a freaking dumbass-

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For the Aizawa Shouta Lovers~

“Are you watching Kitty? Wish it was your hands touching me but this is your punishment.” Shouta sighed, his hand working his cock slowly, thumb running over the head and smearing the precum over the slit.

You could only watch in agony from where you were tied up, arms behind your back and legs spread so that Shouta could see just how aroused you were getting from just watching him.

You whimpered, your sex aching at the sight of his swollen cock, you wanted to wrap your lips around it, tongue the thick vein on the underside, play with the heavy set of balls below and drink up all the milk he could give you.

But you were a bad kitty, so you were getting punished.

“Mmmh~ Feels so good… Really want it to be that sweet mouth though, wrapped around the tip, tongue flicking at the slit.” Shouta purred, tilting his head back as his imagination ran wild, your eyes blazing as you stared at the mess that was starting to pool by his thighs, his little sighs of bliss becoming moans as he got closer to the edge.

He stopped, looking you right in the eyes with a wicked smirk on his lips.

“I bet my kitty wants some milk~ That’s too bad.” He smiled, stroking his cock faster, his panting picking up until he was cumming all over his hand with your helpless whine filling the air.

You were squirming as he walked over to you, presenting you his cum slicked fingers as your lips wrapped around them, your tongue swiping up your little present and you hummed in delight.

“Good kitty~ Maybe I’ll give you a little more, open that mouth and take this cock.”

You obliged with a soft mewl of his name.

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