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inkyblinkyarts · 22 hours ago
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Since my screenshot redraws of Aizawa as Howl were really well received and I really enjoy making them, I made some more! With a clear spike in quality since the last time I did these lmao
Since I couldn't figure out who calcifer would be (other then bakugou but the ages wouldn't match up) I decided that calcifer is now a cloud and its shirakumo! he like... cloud-freezes stuff I guess?? somehow he can cook like calcifer can idk man
I spent roughly an hour on the first one and like 15-20 minutes on the last one so it looks a bit crummy by comparison- but the textures hide most of the choppy-ness. 
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lotsoffandomimagines · a day ago
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aizawa shouta + prompt number 57 for anonymous
pairing: aizawa shouta x reader
warnings: smut, caught in the act 😭
prompt: “you were supposed to do the dishes, not each other!”
fandom: my hero academia
Right after graduating from U.A you moved into a modest apartment with your best friends from school, Mic and Shouta. All of you were young heroes only just starting your careers so it made sense to be roommates until things took off for all of you.
Things started off just fine. You all got along well. The only annoying thing was that Mic sometimes played music. Eventually another problem developed… the sexual tension between you and Aizawa.
Truthfully, the whole time you were in school together you’ve had a little crush on him. You tried ignoring it so your friendship wasn’t ruined but now that you were living so close to each other it was hard to push away your feelings. You were starting to get the feeling Aizawa was starting to feel something too. You caught him checking you out as you walked around the apartment several times.
Regardless, neither of you acted on anything until it was yours and Shouta’s turn to do the dishes. You weren’t sure when you stopped washing plates or when Aizawa lifted you up onto the counter and started taking off your clothes. All you knew was that he was now pounding so hard into you that you were starting to see stars.
Both of you thought that Mic had left to buy groceries but as it turns out he came home much earlier than either of you thought. The two of you became aware of Mic’d presents with the bag of food he was holding fell to the floor when he caught you fucking on HIS kitchen counter.
Quickly Aizawa tries to cover you up with a dish rag but it’s a little too late for that. Mic has already seen A LOT. “You were supposed to do the dishes, not each other!” Mic groans, sounding like he’s in pain. “Now I have to go buy new eggs,” Mic complains as he points toward the broken shells on the floor. “Next time you want to complain about my music remember that you two did this to ME”.
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ouhyuhgetitiguess · 2 days ago
Hitoshi spending his breaks in the teacher’s lounge, nursing a cup of coffee. Hizashi walks into the room, starting to fix a cup for Aizawa. “Toshi-“ He says, and before he can continue, he notices two heads whip around to look at him; Hitoshi and Toshinori.
Needless to say, the entire U.A. staff is calling him ‘little Toshi’ by the end of the week.
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cloudgeal · a day ago
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decidedly not how you are supposed get the attention of someone taller than you are :v
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sexyzawas · 20 hours ago
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Since the three dumbigos can't be together in canon I can at least put them together in My Hero One's Justice 2's photo mode :,)
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drabbledealer · 2 days ago
Night to remember
Tumblr media
Yandere Event Day 5: Aizawa x gender neutral reader
Prompt: "Sshhh don't worry I'm just taking you somewhere where only we can be together."
Link to Yandere Event Masterlist
Trigger warnings: drugging, yandere themes, delusional thinking, kidnapping
Tumblr media
You were busy preparing food and cleaning up your house as you waited for Shouta. You didn't prepare much in case he brings something, just some finger food and snacks to eat while watching movies. While fluffing up the couch pillows the ding of your doorbell rang and you knew he was there. Excitedly you opened to the door to greet him with a hug which he returned.
Tonight you and he were having a sleepover. Unlike most sleepovers, where people end up not sleeping despite sleep being in the name, your sleepovers with him always ended up with sleeping. For some reason, you could always sleep well whenever he was there. Usually, you'd be kept awake by the excitement of the next day or you'd have so many thoughts plaguing your mind but whenever he was there it was different.
Like an off button was pressed on your head. He took his shoes off and entered you, now neat, house. "Did some last minute cleaning before I arrived?" he asked teasingly. You hit his arm lightly at the comment and went to sit on the couch. "Here sit next to me, I have some snacks if you want and some sandwiches in case you want those."
"How sweet," he murmured patting you head in appreciation. Clicking the remote he let the first movie play. It was rather dull but as long as you enjoyed it he didn't mind. Especially with the way you smiled and laughed at the movie, it was so nice seeing you like that. It was also such a shame other people get to see it. After the movie ended he got up to make some drinks leaving you to pick the next one.
The drugs worked really well, every time they slipped them in your drink it'd dissolve easily and had no aftertaste either meaning you'd never think anything was off. Every time you gulped down your drink and thanked them for preparing it they had a knowing smirk as if there was a joke you didn't get.
After cleaning up and getting ready to sleep he closed his eyes pretended to be asleep. After a few minutes he opened them again and saw your sleeping face. You looked so beautiful asleep, it was just you and him, no one else.
He liked seeing you sleep, it was sort of a play on power. Seeing you so defenseless was amusing yet aggravating at the same time. He liked seeing you asleep with your face free from thoughts and problems, just an occasional smile from a sweet dream. But what aggravated him was what if it wasn't him with you right now, what if you had a different lover who wasn't him.
It was so dangerous, someone else could do unspeakable horrors to you and he were grateful you chose him. With how trusting you were letting him in your home, letting him prepare your drink without knowing something could be easily slipped in. That's why he was doing this, why he had to do it, he thought as he carried you to his car.
He drove off into the distance for hours, meanwhile as dawn broke the drugs wore off too. You groggily awoke to the sound and vibration of a moving car. "What's -what's happening?" you ask confused. He smiled looking at you from the mirror. "Sshhh don't worry I'm just taking you somewhere aizwhere only we can be together."
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madamenyxillustrations · a day ago
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My Hero Academia, enjoying the music. EraserMic. And some more fanfiction fanart! This time with vampire!Shouta and bard!Hizashi - if you’re into fantasy AUs then I highly recommend this one <3 Story: Chasing Nightfall (Songs Beneath a Crescent Moon) By: the_obsessed_dragon + Little_Moth Link: https://archiveofourown.org/series/2479141
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aan0201 · a day ago
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Nice cat claws
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 2 days ago
How would Shouta help his gf who is insecure as fuck because of a massive scarring on their body? Like always insists on lights being off when the two start getting touchy. The area is harsh to the touch and absolutely burns when mishandled. Usually hides her sobs of pain and discomfort as whines of pleasure. The light being off helps. (This is a reason why it takes her so long to get off)
Hmmmmm ok i have some thoughts, idk if you'll like em but HERE WE GO:
Tumblr media
I personally can't see things going very far with Aizawa if you are not upfront with your feelings. The two of you will NEVER get to the point where you are having sex regularly in the dark and he is not aware of how your body reacts. Aizawa is very attentive and observant, if the slightest thing seems off he is stopping everything and questioning how you feel in that moment. There's no way he would ever confuse a pleasurable moan with one of pain and discomfort.
So, to put it mildly, yall are never going to fuck in the dark. In fact, yall barely make out before he realizes that you always turn the lights off when things start to get heavy and suddenly he's pulling away, flicking the light back on and asking "what's wrong? Does this not feel good? What do you want me to do?" He doesn't want to make you uncomfortable, but he needs you to be honest about your insecurities. He needs to know that he's not the one making you feel this way; he's insecure enough already and thinking that he's making you feel bad would just kill him.
It would take time, he's sure, but he's willing to wait until you're comfortable showing your body to him in the light. He wants to see every part of you bc it makes you you, and he loves everything about you, even the parts that you consider flaws.
So he waits until you're ready, his heart pounding in his ears once you finally expose yourself to him. He knows you're uncomfortable with the situation, but he's so grateful that you trust him enough to show yourself to him entirely. He stays put, telling you to put his hands wherever you want. He lets you grab his wrists tenderly and place them on the parts of you that are sensitive in a pleasing way. He's gentle, cautious as he lets you guide his hands wherever you please. He only squeezes and fondles you when you beg for it, and even then he's so tender with his touches that his hands barely graze you. You're his most valued treasure and he's terrified of the possibility of breaking you.
You want to stop? That's alright dear, he's fine with that, the two of you can get a snack and watch a movie. You want to continue? He'll get in whatever position you want and let you take the lead, using him to please yourself. That's all he really wants at the end of the day: to make you feel so divine that you forget your scars even hurt. He doesn't care if it takes minutes or hours or days. He's determined to please you and he will do whatever it takes to help you reach that blissful high.
So no, he won't fuck you silly in the dark. He'll kiss you tenderly in the light, holding your hands as you come undone with him, your body trembling in the most fantastic way. He wouldn't have it any differently.
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nartothelar · 2 hours ago
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ohlookanotherbnhablog · 2 days ago
Aizawa, introducing 1-A to a new teacher: This is Class 1-A.
Kaminari: We should come with a warning.
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trashcanniballecter · 2 days ago
Mic: what do ducks say?
Eri: Quack! Quack!
Mic: Yeah! what do doggies say?
Eri: Bark! Bark!
Mic: Good job! what do kitty cats say?
Eri: dammit, kitty cat, dammit!
Mic: SHOU!
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starrybunnyarchive · 2 days ago
you: *staring Shouta's lips thinking about that night when he grabbed you by your thighs, lifting you up with your legs around his waist and put you against the wall, giving marks all over your neck*
Shouta: “and when i thought i would finally get some rest, i was told that Midoriya and Bakugou was fiGHTING OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!”
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stresspizza · 2 days ago
Thinking bout being Aizawa's teacher assistant ... 😩 Late nights, deep conversations, discussing combat techniques, grading homework ....
.... sitting in his lap 🤪, running your hands through his hair, kissing his chapped lips ever so gently ("sharing" chapstick LOL), seeing his pupils dilate 🥴, intimacy....I just want him to have some damn intimacy
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yatoraliv · 2 days ago
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smooth as a volcano 🌱 >﹏< ? 🍚 おぬひ 𝗮𝗶𝘇𝗮𝘄𝗮 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗮!
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bnhastanning · 2 days ago
Everything Stays
Relationships: Aizawa Shouta||Eraserhead & Shirakumo Oboro||Kurogiri, Shirakumo Oboro||Kurogiri & Kayama Nemuri||Midnight
Tags: Angst, Hurt No Comfort, Grief, Sadness, BNHA Manga Spoilers
Fic Summary: Aizawa and Kurogiri finally talk about Kayama a month after she’s gone.
“You didn’t tell her about me.” It’s a statement more than a question when Kurogiri says it.
Aizawa turned away, looking towards the distance. What he might have been looking for, well Kurogiri didn’t know. “No, we didn’t.” He replied.
Kurogiri’s hands curled tighter around the picture frame. This was the one they used for her memorial, the memorial that Kurogiri was not allowed to attend. “Why?” He croaked out, desperately trying to bury the lump in his throat. He already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from Aizawa.
“We didn’t know enough about your situation yet. We weren’t at liberty to share.”
Of course. That’s...fair, he supposed. But that didn’t make it hurt any less. “Do you think she would’ve...believed I’m who you say I am?” Truth be told, Kurogiri wasn’t even entirely sold on the whole idea, but he was getting there.
When Kurogiri looked up, he saw the smallest hints of a smile on Aizawa’s face. “She probably would’ve thought we were all crazy at first, but once she saw the evidence, I think she would have believed.”
Kurogiri hummed in acknowledgement. It’s consolation thought at best.
“I’m sorry. We should have told her. It’s one of the things I regret most about our relationship.” Aizawa continued. “I know with our jobs, it’s always a gamble whether or not we’ll come back, but...it always felt like we’d have more time, especially with her.”
He could understand that. Kurogiri could understand that more than anyone. “She just seemed to lively to die.”
“Something like that.”
An ugly sob wretched it’s way through Kurogiri’s throat, too fast for him to muffle it. “Do you know what the worse part about this is?” Kurogiri asked. “If you hadn’t told me who she was, I wouldn’t have...I wouldn’t have known who the person in this picture is.”
Aizawa raised a singular eyebrow. “What do you mean?”
Another sniffle and a rub of the nose, then Kurogiri continued. “I didn’t recognized her picture. Not this one,” he raised the picture in the frame, the one taken just a few months prior to her death. “And not one of her highschool ones either. The ones I should have recognized. I couldn’t recognize her.”
“But you remember her?” Aizawa questioned gently.
“I...I don’t think so.” Kurogiri tried his best to at least muffle the coming sob, he no longer felt he had a right to cry for her. “So why...why does my heart still feel broken?”
“You lost a friend” was Aizawa’s simple, yet confusing answer.
“I don’t even remember her.” Because that was true. He could imagine it, perhaps even feel it, but that’s not a memory. That’s a feeling. They’re different, aren’t they?
Aizawa looked at him with his now singular, sad eye. “Your mind doesn’t remember her, but your heart still does.”
That one phrase is the final crack that breaks the damn. The feelings slip through his fingers like water and no matter how hard he grabs onto it, he can never keep hold. It felt like drowning and being to deep to swim back up.
A comforting hand landed on his shoulder, the only thing keeping him afloat amongst a sea of sadness and uncertainty. “She was right here. She was still at UA. I could’ve...I was so close...why...”
“Its okay. You can be sad about her.” Aizawa squeezed his shoulder. “You have every right to be.”
“I’m so sick of feeling sad,” Kurogiri huffed in frustration. “15 years, Aizawa. I survived for 15 years, and I missed Kayama by a month. It’s not fair.”
“I know. It’s not fair.”
Author Note: I found this in my notes while I was going through my phone and realized I never posted it. Yeah it was named after that adventure time song. That song slaps.
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rivarsstudio · 2 days ago
Ice king AU
Part 6
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lotus-duckies · a day ago
rooftop squad flavors of neurodivergance
shouta: doesn't say anything, blunt, (1) special interest everything else is meaningless, no sense of fashion because Practicality and Logic are the only things that matters, wears the same thing everyday, how does one express Feelings, uses sarcasm but doesn't pick up when other people are sarcastic/make hints and eunnendos, doesn't like some fabrics or things Touching Him, what is self care but holding a cat (no)
hizashi: no volume control, can't read social cues, way too much energy, light is TERRIBLE but loud music is GREAT, overexaggerates tone and facial expressions, very touchy, tries to make friends but no one likes him for some reason, gifts friends mix tapes of songs that make him think of them, weird way of talking, IMPULSE, Emotions TM, laughs as a response to Anything good or bad, oooo look at that, wait there's that other thing over there now there's a thing in front of me have you seen this nice floor oh a duck, when you pick up 20 different hobbies because Dopamine, wHAT DID YOU SAY? proceeds to hear the ice cream truck coming down the street
oboro: Does Socially Unacceptable Things And Doesn't Understand Why It's Weird, doesn't understand social things in general, trips and falls over everything and gets right back up like nothing happened, poor interoception sensory and motor skills, probably carried around a stuffed animal, chewy, IMPULSIVE, not good at school or smarts, empathetic, needs to do very specific things like eating on top of elevated surface, probably has no self preservation, also probably very touchy and high energy
nemuri: seemingly normal. but not quite. weird way of talking, tends to refer everything back to Special Interest, The Kid Who Walked On The Tip Of Their Toes, ridiculously hypersexual it is The Best Sensory, impulsive and does stupid stuff, probably hated writing and tried to write in diaries as a child and just ended up drawing in them instead, hears people talk about something and she just goes "Oh they care about this thing! i should continue to show them this thing and everything related to it!" (can be misinterpretted), utterly shameless
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erasermicsupremacysstuff · 18 hours ago
Yamada : *smile*
Aizawa : *blush and slams his hand on the table* that's it, I'm gonna kill them
Kayama : Or you can ask them out ????
Aizawa : k-killing is e-easier..
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butterfly-selfships · 18 hours ago
am i the only one who finds it a little odd and upsetting the way the fandom treats Shouta?
I mean hear me out. he's a successful man that works two jobs, has never been absent or tardy a day in his life (that is canon), is clearly a good enough employee and teacher that Nezu not only granted him special permission to expel and re-enroll ENTIRE CLASSES, but has kept him around long enough to insinuate that he's worth keeping around. he's a pro-hero, and only not well known BY CHOICE. shouta is a very successful man. he has his life together pretty well.
I don't like that, just because he exhibits signs of depression (disinterest, sleeping all the time, generally negative mood), we're making jokes about him stinking, not showering, being homeless, etc? he's not canonically depressed but he's certainly not a typical happy dude, like, it really rubs me the wrong way that the fandom has taken clear signs of mental illness as some "hehe doesn't shower smelly boy" joke. that makes me wonder what some of yall think of REAL depressed people when we have terrible episodes and don't shower for days or weeks at a time, or we're always tired and sleeping because that's a symptom, or because we can't sleep at night, or when we don't want to interact with/be around people because it's draining. I know most of it is joking but it REALLY rubs me the wrong way.
as usual, please be respectful about your opinions or move on, I will not tolerate disrespect on my blog.
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