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#aizawa x hizashi

“Oi Yamada… How the hell did we get here?!”

Soooo.. I had this idea a loooong time ago and I finally made it! Breaking Bad is one of my favourite series and My Hero Academia my No. 1 anime. Why not combine both? 😄

I had so much fun drawing! I hope ya like it too!

PS: Saarländer könnten ein easter egg im Bild finden 🤣

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Summary: The Prime Alpha had always been a giant dick, even at the very beginning of his leadership. Hizashi just wants out, and Aizawa wants to help.

Pairing: Eraserhead x Present Mic (+background pairings)

Series Warnings: Violence, Cursing, Mentions of depression, Mentions of anxiety, Mentions of self harm, Eventual Smut, Eventual Deaf Present Mic

A/N: Just a nice EraserMic mermaid A.U Read it on Ao3 here


Originally posted by sweat-er

Hizashi was never one for staying in one place for more than a couple minutes. He despised staying still more than the Prime Alpha despised the two-legged. He couldn’t resist the temptation of breaking through the water and gazing at the vast ocean, the sky was less blue than he had expected, maybe that was just the water.

The surface seemed so strange, the air smelt salty but fresh, and the sounds of the waves breaking near the beach line were peaceful as a small smile spread over Hizashi’s lips. It was so bright.
Hizashi had lived further down the ocean floor for as long as he could remember, So he never really saw how bright the Merfolk who lived a bit closer to shore lived, they were from a different pack, but he was from much further down.

Two-legged walked along the land, grainy sand sticking to their… Tails? Hizashi was unsure of what the two-legged were actually called, he was always kicked out of education pods for being loud. The Cetacean Sirenia were known for their loud ways of communication, but that frequency could usually only be heard by other Cetacean Sirenia, trained ears, the two-legged, or their mates. Hizashi was often heard by everyone however.

He looked at the land, where the two-legged paced, some were sat in the ocean, cupping the salty water in their hands and tossing it up. Hizashi stared in wonder at the sight, some were smaller, like the pups he often dealt with at home. Others were bigger, but none compared in length to the height of any Mer. An average Mer’s tail alone was often times over six feet tall, and Hizashi was a whale Mer, his tail was long, drawn out and grey, a single fin on the back of it. He didn’t have scales, instead, his tail felt slippery and smooth, it faded into his torso, speckles of the rubbery skin plastered on his elbows, shoulders, and his back muscles.

None of the two-legged seemed to pay him any mind, granted he was pretty far from the shore line and hiding under a shrub of seaweed, but they were all preoccupied by themselves, smiling, laughing, talking. They didn’t seem as dangerous as the Prime Alpha made them out to be, they held no weapons, they weren’t glaring or searching for him, they were just there…

He felt the water shift from under him, looking down, he was met with the sight of a friend, Nemuri. She looked as radiant as ever, dark black tail glistening in the light of the water as she got closer. Her tail is much different from his, he’s a Cetacean Sirenia, and she’s an Octopoda Sirenia. She had eight long black tentacles with a pale red underside in place of a tail like Hizashi’s.

She hesitated to break above the water, sure she had a few times, but there was a reason the King used her as an example of just how cruel humans could be. One tentacle, chopped off. It looked to be growing back just fine, but it was much paler than the rest of her tentacles.

“Zash… What the hell are you doing? If you get caught you’re dead!”

“Ah, you know I hate listening to the Prime Alpha. I just wanted to see the two-legged again, they don’t seem as bad as everyone makes them out to be…”

Nemuri’s eyes were just barely above the water, darting back and forth between The whale like Mer with long blond hair, draping gently over his his face, and the two-legged who walked on the land and splashed around like idiots.

“Hizashi! You can’t be serious! They only seem that way because the haven’t seen you yet! They get vicious. They’ll cut you apart slowly, until you can’t breathe and die! Just get back down! Prime Alpha Enji Is waiting for you so we can review! You’re lucky I was sent and not a Beta.”

With one last glance of the two-legged creatures and an accompanied sigh, Hizashi sunk under the water, swimming off with Nemuri at a fast speed.

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kozumeizuku’s boku no hero academia masterlist

katsuki bakugo

✖︎ (none)

izuku midoriya

✖︎ (none)

eijiro kirishima

✖︎ (none)

denki kaminari

✖︎ (none)

shouta aizawa

✖︎ (none)

hizashi yamada

✖︎ (none)

kai chisaki

✖︎ (none)

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Shinsou snuck out and snuck back in from a party or going out with Denki. There, sitting in recliners and robes are Shouta and Hizashi. Turning around one at a time to see him. Like:

Shouta: Do you have any idea what time it is?

Hizashi: *In full green face mask, and those rollers or curlers you use for your hair with hands on hips* SHINSOU HITOSHI YAMADA AIZAWA, DO you know the PAIN WE’RE IN?! WHY ARE YOU OUT SO LATE!!?

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¡Hola! Hoy les quiero dejar por acá la tercera parte de este fanfic de nuestro profesor favorito. Espero lo disfruten.

Pareja: Aizawa Shota (Ereaserhead) x fem!reader

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

Soulmate AU/Almas gemelas UA

Advertencias/Warnings: sangre, mención de muertes, lenguaje fuerte, peleas, heridas, ¿tristeza?, ¿traición?, smut (no por el momento)

I / II / III


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