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#aizawa x hizashi

Ship: Toshinori x Aizawa x Hizashi (poly)
Warnings: None
Prompt: Person 1 hurts their hand and can’t wash their hair so Person 2 offers to do it for them.
Original date written: Aug 1st 2018
Notes: I cleaned this up just a tidbit other wise it’s all the same as when I originally wrote it - this was part of a 30 day writing thing I had tried (and failed)


After the events taking place at the USJ, Aizawa was turned into a temporary mummy after being released from the hospital. Reason? Yamada Hizashi, one of his boyfriends. While Aizawa loved him to death, the man’s need for bandaging parts of him that weren’t even injured was overkill.

With his arms out of commission for a short period of time, Aizawa had no option but to rely on his boyfriend’s help when doing things at school or at home. When Hizashi wasn’t around to help, Toshinori was there for him, even if he was fairly injured himself.

With school closed for the time being, when they weren’t busy attending meetings the three of them were given a few off days. Despite his arguments Toshinori was set on rest along with Aizawa, Hizashi made sure of it.

“C’mon this gives us the perfect chance to finally have a date night with all three of us!” The loud blonde argued, still clad in his hero uniform after a long day of meetings.

“I won’t say no to resting.” The raven mumbled, making his way to the shared bedroom.

The two blondes followed suit so Hizashi could help them both undress. “I suppose I could leave it up to the others..” Toshinori mumbled to himself.

Toshinori had more ease with changing out of his clothes unlike Aizawa who needed full on help. “Alright arms as far back as you can get them.” The blonde turned his head to watch Hizashi begin to remove their boyfriend’s top half of his costume. “Hold on your dumb scarf is in the way.”

Hizashi hoisted the heavy wraps over his boyfriends head before cringing when his hands came in contact with his hair. “Ew!!”

Toshinori covered his ear at the thankfully not quirk activated cry. “Ouch ‘Zashi my ears..”

“Sorry! But oh my god babe when the hell did you last wash your hair?!” Hizashi paled and frantically rubbed his hands on his pants as if that would do something.

“I dunno, been awhile I guess..” the raven mumbled.

“Been awhile!? Like a few days or weeks?!” Toshinori cringed at that, he knew all too well how lazy Aizawa could be about his hair, it was usually left to them to wash it when they wrangled him in the shower with one of them.

“I must agree, I don’t believe that’s very healthy Aizawa.” Hizashi snapped his fingers and stuck his hip out. “See! Even Toshi agrees!”

Aizawa stared up at the two blonde giants before wagging his bandaged arms in a self washing motion. “Yeah let me get right on that, oh wait..” he retorted dryly.

The two paused and looked at one another then to Aizawa, right. “Here I’ll do it for you, Mr Smartypants.” The loud blonde offered. “I don’t care how but by god let me wash your friggin’ hair babe.”

Aizawa made a noise of agreement and Hizashi set out to continue removing his clothes before he removed his own into something casual, a tank top and his underwear.

The two made their way to the bathroom with a quiet Toshinori shuffling after them. “I’d help but..”

Hizashi raised his hand to stop him before grinning. “Its okay babe, you just sit and relax!” Toshinori did just that and sat carefully on the toilet, out of the way but still within the room to watch his partners.

Hizashi filled the tub and eased Aizawa into it so that his arms could rest comfortably on the edge of the tub while he sat himself on the ledge behind his boyfriend. “Try not to fall asleep this time, your not exactly lightweight sweetie.”

Aizawa hummed before closing his eyes. “No promises.”

The loud blonde went to work washing his boyfriends hair, eventually leading to washing his body for him as well. He filled most the event with conversation about various topics, Toshinori and Aizawa listening, occasionally replying to urge their love to ramble further.

By the time he finished washing up Aizawa, Hizashi had quickly done a wash through of the product in his hair, Toshinori had left to fix the three something light for dinner. With Aizawa’s hair now freshly cleaned and fluffy, tummy’s filled, the three set out to head to bed early.

With Hizashi proudly in the middle he kissed both his boyfriends good night before flopping on his back to snuggle up. Once the light was out Aizawa leaned to his boyfriend and mumbled a soft “thanks” before joining the two in sleep.

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If you don’t wake up at 6:30 am and start creating a full fledged #erasermic au where one (mic) is part of a species of a basically immortal semi-human-eating monster-demon bitches and the other is given a deal to not *ff himself because of a really fucked up turn on he has so that the curious-outcast human-loving monster creature can study him and eventually fall in love with him then what are u doing with ur life???? Wtf????

I already have art sketches for it n everything stfu.

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The fall 5

Days leading to his trial where rough on Hizashi, the guards definently did not like him and the fellow prisoners where brutal. They are always trying to start something. Now he can’t even use his quirk to fend them off.

Guards will even comment on him having visitors, which Hizashi declined. The day of the trial they gave him a new collar, this one blocking his use of his quirk but allowing him to talk, no more gags.

His lawyer was a plain man, looking tired as he defended him. Hizashi pled guilty in conspiracy and abiding the league of villains. In his trial there was many pros in the crowd to his relief his parents or students where not in the crowd. Sho was there though, Hizashi tried to make sure to look away and not make eye contact. He hated to see the hurt, and betrayal on Sho’s eyes.

The jury found him guilty, the judge sentenced him 20 years in prison, the room soon erupted in mix voices.

As he was led away by the guards he briefly met eyes with sho,


-traitor, liar!!!

Aizawa’s voice was lost between the shouts and jeers from everyone else.

Hizashi looked away, he can fake it, lie, sell the performance to anyone, anyone except Sho.

As he was led back to his cell he was informed of his immediate transfer to a high risk prison for dangerous individuals.


Surprisingly prison life was quite boring, Hizashi was quick to adapt. Other inmates would always try some thing but guards will always be near by to stop anything. But it didn’t really stop the beatings. The first days he got beat up, nothing to bad but still he was left sore.

Didn’t help that Hizashi would talk back or said something that pissed off another inmate. Hizashi also never allowed visitors, he knew Sho has been trying to see him but he kept declining the visitors.

It was the third week he has been locked up when a group of five inmates tried to jump him. It could have been really bad for him if it wasn’t for a new guard that stopped them.

The young guard helped him to get medical help from the prisons doctor. The doctor bandaged his arm and patch up his other smaller injuries.

Since that day, Hizashi noticed other inmates has been attacking him less. The young guard whose name is Ryan, has been keeping an eye out for him. Ryan was average built, short brown hair, and blue eyes. Ryan was also quiet, he was also nice, compared to the other prison guards.

But as the days past Hizashi felt weird, like someone was staring at him, at first he thought that the league of villains sent someone to keep an eye on him but the more time past the more uneasy he became. When he was taking a shower he felt eyes on him, as Hizashi looked around he noticed Ryan nearby.

Since then Hizashi saw Ryan everywhere he went, he felt the stare more and more. He decided to approach the guard.

-hey there mister guard, I couldn’t help but notice the stares, was there something you needed?

Ryan just stared at him for a long time, Hizashi began to get uncomfortable.

-no, its almost time for everyone to head to eat.

Hizashi nodded and left, as he left he knew that the guard Ryan was staring him as he left.


Hizashi wasn’t sure what woke him up that night, he put on his glasses. He looked around his cell but saw nothing. A few nights past and the same feeling came over, he would wake up in the middle of the night. Around the fifth time Hizashi could have sworn he saw Ryan outside his cell.

Did the league sent Ryan to keep their eyes on him?

The next time Hizashi woke up, it was still dark he couldn’t see anything but he felt someone near him, the ghostly feeling of something touching his hair. Hizashi stayed still and he breathed slowly. Fear, he was feeling scared, the ghostly sensation lasted for a couple of seconds before it stopped.

Hizashi didn’t go back to sleep, the following nights Hizashi stayed up. After the fourth day Hizashi knocked out, when he woke up the next day he felt off.

Deciding not to repeat the knock out sleep, Hizashi would take naps when he could. Hizashi will see the news in the common area where there was an old tv. The news would talk about him, and how UA is handling the traitor situation. A reporter tried to get Eraserhead’s comment about Present Mic fall from grace but only got a glare and and no comment.

Seeing Sho on tv made Hizashi miss him, their home, their silly arguments or their happier times. That night Hizashi woke up, there was someone standing over him, before he could say anything the dark figure covered his mouth.


The dark figure petted his hair, then he left. Hizashi didn’t go back to sleep.

Hizashi thought about going to the warden, but will they even believe him.

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Here is a gift for everyone who wishes erasermic was canon!

I tried my best to mimic the style from the anime so we can pretend it’s real.

Eraser couldn’t help but give his husband a smooch in between classes.

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BNHA Couple Poses Meme~

Finally finished this mountain of a task. There’s a mix of my own ships and ones that friends had suggested to me, god is it great to be a multi shipper ☆

✿ More closeups under the cut ✿

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Despite what one might think, Hizashi is not a good singer. He’s not bad. Je’s just not good. It’s not something that bothers him, or something he feels ashamed of. He still sings all the time. It’s how he expresses his emotions when they are just too strong to keep them bottled up any longer.

Aizawa, however, sings like a fucking angel.

I imagine his singing voice being the voice equivalent of an oboe, it’s beautiful, but sounds like an instrument from another planet and is absolutely haunting to listen to.

I know it’s most popular in erasermic fics and art for them to be a love/pinning at first sight scenario. but imagine: Hizashi doesn’t like Aizawa at first. He holds a lot of value to sharing your emotions and thoughts with those around you and from what Hizashi can tell, Aizawa either hides everything from everyone, or he straight up doesn’t have many emotions to begin with.

One day he stays late after school for one reason or another, and overhears the most otherwordly yet breathtaking singing coming from the locker room. Aizawa is getting showered after an after school training session and upon hearing him sing, Hizashi finally feels all those emotions and he feels them viscerally. They are So Strong and make him feel like he really knows who Aizawa is. Or, if he doesn’t, that he wants to. From there he starts putting in the effort to understand Aizawa, and he starts noticing how he does wear his emotions on his body, it’s just a different language than he is used to picking up on. It becomes easy to read and understand him, but he still can’t forget the sound of his voice.

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