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#aizawa x reader
deartouya · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. dabi, bakugou katsuki, aizawa shota, keigo takami + todoroki shoto.
warnings: none.
note: if you can’t tell i’m very touch starved, but i’m pretty sure i make it very obvious lmaooo </3
Tumblr media
✞ DABI he’d gotten back home pretty late after a mission and you hear him sigh before he enters the bedroom, eyes noticeably heavy with exhaustion but they look a little brighter when they meet yours as you lay in bed, the side of his lips upturning softly. he freezes when you shoot him a soft smile, opening up the blanket that was previously wrapped around you before motioning for him to climb in when he raises a brow in response— following it up quickly with a raspy laugh before he shrugs off his coat, allowing himself to climb in next to you, almost lifting you onto his chest. “miss me, doll?” dabi drawls, a lazy smirk on his lips as he narrows his eyes at you teasingly, a more lighthearted chuckle leaving his lips when you roll your eyes at him in response, but you relax when you feel his fingers begin to trace their way up your sides soothingly. feeling him place an almost uncharacteristically gentle peck against your temple when you feel yourself dozing off against the warmth of his chest, his next words a reassuring whisper against your skin “good. i’m not going anywhere, those bastards can’t kill me that easily.”
✞ BAKUGOU you could tell he’d had a bad day when you heard the door close, the sound of his bag hitting the floor before he trudged into the room where you were cuddled up on the couch with a blanket. his brows are furrowed, eyes flickering to you momentarily and the sight alone has his features softening slightly “katsuki?” you call for him, but he only offers a low grunt in response as he scratches at his head tiredly, mumbling something about “fucking nerds, can’t do shit right—“ but his rant is cut off when he notices you open up the blanket for him, looking at him softly. bakugou tsks as his lips form a small pout before he approaches you on the couch, climbing in beside you and pulling you into his arms immediately— burying his face into the crook of your neck with a sigh. he immediately relaxes when you move to run your fingers through his hair, a weakness that only you knew as you feel him grumble out something like “dumbass” against your skin, but when he follows it with a soft kiss you know he means to tell you he loves you, and you allow yourself to melt into his embrace when you hear his breathing soften as he dozes off.
✞ AIZAWA he’d been busy grading papers all day at the tablet while you sat on the couch across the room wrapped in a blanket, watching the way he tiredly rubbed at his eyes, his hair pulled back into a messy ponytail before he gets up to make another cup of coffee. but you decide to cut his journey short when you call him instead, before making a show out of opening the blanket, patting the space next to you. you watch him blink lazily at you as he processes how inviting being cuddled up with you looked right now— maybe he deserved a break. “i suppose i am tired.” he hums, padding over to you with a soft smile on his face before he all but falls in beside you— his eyes closing briefly as he sighs, looking at you after with another gentle grin when you cuddle into his side. “you did this, you have to get me up after. i mean it.” shota groans, pulling you closer to him when you only offer a giggle in return to his words, the sound alone immediately helping him to finally relax.
✞ HAWKS “babe? i’m baaack” hawks calls as he returns home, expecting you to be waiting for him at the door but he raises a brow when you’re not there, immediately making his way deeper into the house until he finds you curled up in bed with a grin. “what? no welcome home kiss? you’re killing me, baby.” keigo asks, feigning hurt as he clutches his chest but the handsome smirk on his lips only highlights his teasing tone before he chuckles airily. his eyes widen when you don’t reply, only opening up the blanket with a laugh of your own— and you watch him soften immediately. “that’s more like it.” he breathes, wiggling a brow before crawling into bed with you— but instead of laying next to you he chooses to lean over you instead, propping himself up with his forearms “come on, babe. you still owe me a welcome home kiss.” you’d have rolled your eyes if he didn’t look so handsome when his features were laced with sleep— his golden eyes narrowing before focusing on your lips, eventually leaning down to meet them with his own “there we go, birdie. was that so hard?” “you’re so annoying.” “heh, yeah—but you love me, right?” he giggles, yes you do.
✞ TODOROKI “i’m home, fuyumi gave me leftovers.” todoroki calls softly, as he makes his way into the living room to see you watching a movie, the sight alone causing a small smile to creep onto his face. “did you have a good time?” you ask, sitting up slowly as shoto approaches you, sitting on the other side of the couch before resting his hand on your calf over the blankets next to him as he nods “i wish you could’ve came.” the smooth tone of his voice has you melting before you open up the blanket to try and guide him in, giving him a knowing smile— only to be met with a little blank look in return as he stands again “are you hot? i can open the window.” he’s trying his best okay. you giggle a little as he gazes at you, waiting for your response and still a little confused while you shake the blanket “no, sho! get in.” you say giddily, watching him rub the back of his neck before gently sliding in next to you, being careful to make sure he doesn’t crush you in the process “you could’ve just asked normally.” “yeah i know but you’re too cute.” and your sudden compliment has him pulling you a little closer, a blush dusting his features. 
Tumblr media
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classyrbf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
aizawa x fem reader
warnings: 18+ minors dni, shower sex, praise, breeding, not proofread
coming home from work to find your boyfriend showering after a long day
Tumblr media
The day was finally over. The night was falling upon you, the sun going down and fading away while the moon rose into the dark and starry sky. Your back was sore and your head was pounding and last thing you want to do was get home and take a nice hot shower.
Stepping out of your car, you shut the door behind and you let out a tired sigh as you stepped up to the door. You took your keys from your pocket, unlocking the door and quickly stepping inside, you became eager to take your shoes off and run to the bed room to get your clothes ready. “Shota, I’m home!” You shouted, throwing your keys onto a small table by the door. There was no response from him. “Shota?” You called out, walking down the hall towards the bedroom.
Opening up the door, you looked around the room, your eyes landing on the bathroom door. You heard the shower running and saw his fresh clothes on the bed. “Of course he got in there before me.” You whispered to yourself, throwing your jack off and hanging it up behind the door. A part of you wanted to wait for him so you can have some time to yourself, but lately he’s been so busy and you barely have time with each other anymore, you wanted to be around him every second you got.
You quietly stepped towards the bathroom door, opening it slowly. Walking inside, you could make out Shota’s naked figure behind the foggy glass door of the shower. “Sweetheart?” He called to you. “Yeah, it’s me. I just came back home from work.” You spoke, your hands reaching for the bottom of your shirt before pulling it over your head and tossing it to the floor. Carefully unclasping your bra, you also tossed it to the floor, Shota completely unaware of what you were doing.
“How was work?” He asked, the water running down his body and falling from his hair, splashing on the tub floor. “It was okay, my body is a little sore. How about you? I see you came home early.” You shrugged, pulling down your pants and underwear. Aizawa let out a sigh, “yeah, they let me. I actually have the day off tomorrow.” He spoke. You smiled to yourself, finally happy that the both of you would be able to spend some time together. Taking off your socks, you finally were completely bare.
You slid open the shower door, Shota turning around as he felt a draft of cool air hit his warm skin. His eyes landed on you, fixated on your body as you stepped into the shower with him. “What are you doing?” He asked, blinking multiple times as he attempted to pull his eyes away from you. Closing the shower door, you smiled at him and shrugged, “thought we spend some time together.”
A smirk tugged at his lips, his arms wrapping around your waist and his wet body touching yours. “Hi.” You smiled, letting out a small giggle. “It’s been a minute since I seen you like this. I’ve always been so busy and—fuck you look good.” He breathed, his eyes locked onto you like a predators eyes would be locked onto their prey. Your hands wandered down his chest, water droplets falling down his torso and leading down to his happy trail. Your fingers traced his skin just right below his belly button.
“It has been a while, hasn’t it?” You looked at him, your bottom lip tucked between your teeth. Aizawa could feel his heart rate start to rise and his dick start to harden the more you stared at him like that. His breath was caught in his throat as your hand reached down and ghosted over his cock, not completely touching it, but touching it just enough to tease him. “I missed you.” He spoke, slowly leaning in and attaching his lips to yours. He kissed you passionately, his hands moving down to your hands and griping the plump flesh as hard as he could.
You moaned into the kiss, Shota’s tongue moving in sync with yours. You bit down on his bottom lip, pulling away slightly before letting go. “I missed you too.” You smiled at him. His dick throbbed against your thigh, his tip flushed red and his balls heavy. Filthy images plagued his mind, his dick doing the thinking for him as he looked at you, his hands roaming all over.
Your hand ran down his chest, fingertips touching his chest hair as you looked at his. “Something on your mind?” You questioned, bringing your hand up to cup his face. The scruff of his beard brushed against your palm. You knew what Shota was thinking, of course you knew. His dick was already completely hard for you, leaking pre-cum that ran down his tip.
His eyes were filled with lust and desperation the longer you stared at him. You leaned in towards the crook of his neck, his throbbing cock pressed up against your stomach, “you wanna fuck me, don’t you?” You whispered in his ear. Shota immediately pushed you up against the cold tile wall. With your chest pressed up against his, he let out a throaty groan, his calloused hand grabbing ahold of your leg and lifting it to his waist.
His lips pressed against your neck, sucking and licking at your warm skin. The water flowed down your bodies, Shota moving in closer as he marked your skin. You let out a small laugh, Aizawa smirking against your skin as he held you close to him. He lifted his head, his eyes saying every word that was on his mind. He didn’t even have to speak to let you know that he wanted you right now. You simply nodded, Aizawa looking down.
He slowly aligned himself with your entrance. He could hear his heart beat in his ears, his blood rushing through his veins as he entered inside of you. Aizawa let out a blissful sigh, his hips pushing into yours as he carefully held onto you. You clenched your eyes shut, trying to adjust to his size. Each time he pushed further in, it felt like he was stretching you more and more. Aizawa bucked his hips into you, fully entering you. “You already feel so good.”
Your hands intertwined the wet, black strands of his hair, gripping it tightly as you pulled him in for a kiss. You let out a small gasp as he began to move his hips into yours. His cock dragged along your walls, reaching every part of you that needed him most. Aizawa couldn’t help himself, you felt so good around him, the way you gripped his cock, but also the way he was easily able to slide in and out of you, he loved it.
“I missed this pussy.” His fingernails dug into the skin of your leg as he rutted into you, your back touching the tile wall as your arms wrapped around him. “Right there, Shota.” You whimpered, your hands pawing at his back. He let out a low grunt, the movement of his hips speeding up, almost too fast for you to keep up with. Your toes curled and your eyes rolled to the back of your head, his dick perfectly hitting that spot you loved so much.
Aizawa held you tightly against the wall, practically abusing your cunt as he slammed into you. Water soaked your skin, outline Aizawa’s muscles as he used his strength to keep you up. “Keep making those pretty sounds, baby.” Aizawa encouraged. He watched as his dick disappeared into you, your pussy taking all of him as he slammed into you. It was mesmerizing watching you coat his cock with your juices. It only made him want to fuck you until your couldn’t think straight.
“Fuck! Keep going, please!” You begged, your moans uncontrollable, spilling from your mouth. Aizawa smirked, your walls clenching around him. “Already close to cumming, baby? You were more needy than me.” He teased. Goosebumps littered your skin, the pleasure building up to the point where you couldn’t handle it. You held him tightly, your legs shaking and growing weak as you came around him. Aizawa held you up, your knees almost buckling. “I’m sorry.” You faintly whispered.
“Don’t be sorry, pretty.” He kissed your lips as he slowed down his pace. Aizawa could feel himself getting close, the sight of you cumming nearly sent him over the edge. His thrusts became sloppy, your walls pulling him in. “Fuck, baby,” He groaned as his dick twitched inside of you. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck!”
“Cum in me, Shota.” You whispered into his ear and that’s all he needed to hear. He pushed his hips against yours one last time, a series of groan and grunts leaving him, spurts of cum coating your walls. He looked at you, his eyes low as he tried to catch his breath. “You did so good. You felt so good.” He slowly pulled out of you, his cum dripping from your pussy. “I haven’t came that hard in a minute.” You chuckled, kissing his lips.
“Me too.”
Tumblr media
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bitter-ritter · 2 days ago
Control - Aizawa x Reader
M/M, Word Count: 545
Smut, Top Reader, Bottom Aizawa
Hope You Enjoy! Minors DNI
please consider giving me a Tip!
Fingers dug into the already disheveled sheets, pulling at them desperately as their owner grunted and bucked his hips. The dark haired man beneath you couldn't help it, he was already a sloppy mess, drool leaking from his mouth and his legs and sheets stained with his previous two orgasms.
"Please...Oh god, please...I need it, I need it so bad- aah!-"
Aizawa made a strangled noise as you bottomed out inside him again, your balls pressed flush against the swell of his cheeks, pink with your handprints staining them. Your fingers lightly combed through his mess of hair, before gripping near the scalp and giving the locks a playful tug. The teacher groaned a bit, still murmuring his pleas as you pulled out before pounding back into his twitching hole.
"Geez, you're so needy tonight. My big, handsome man, all wound up and ready to just burst, hm?"
Aizawa's head sagged, black tresses falling like a curtain and hiding his scruffy face from view as you started to pick up your pace and started rocking into his ass more and more frequently. He may have hid from your view, but you could hear the needy whines and grunts as you continued driving your thick cock into him. You shifted your position, pressing a hand on his scratched up back as you changed footing. You easily pushed him down, making the teacher gasp as his face was shoved into the pillows.
His chest heaved as he tried to slow his breathing, but all Shota could think of was how your mouth felt sucking on his pecs and how your fat dick was stretching him wide. He practically sobbed when you slammed into his g spot, making him kick his leg some at the shocking surge of ecstasy.
"Oh, FUCK. Right there, oh God right there-"
Aizawa had to admit, when you both started seeing each other, he thought he was going to solely be on top all the time. It's what he was comfortable with, what he knew. What was expected. Especially since you had started out so shy and easy to fluster.
But now, as you jackhammered into him, balls slapping against his ass as you drove him insane and rocketed him towards his third release tonight, the lazy hero had to admit that you were a QUICK learner. You picked up everything he taught you so fast, the two of you were celebrating your six month anniversary with him giving over complete control.
You had been all too happy to oblige.
You were dead on target with each long, powerful thrust, aiming right for the bundle of nerves that had him seeing stars and singing your praises. If the other times had washed over him, this release was an undertow, pulling him under and crashing wave after wave of his pleasure through his body as he shook and wailed. His spent dick throbbed as it came again, covering the sheets in his seed as you worked him through.
Finally, with panting, exhausted breath, Aizawa let you know he was finished. You easily cleaned up your mess, got him some water and offered to rub his sore shoulders. He declined, but only because he would have to let you go and stop cuddling you.
[Want more smut? Consider comissioning me!]
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catacomb231 · a day ago
Injury & Broken|MHA Boys x Injured! Reader
Tumblr media
The MHA Boys Reacting to a break I and you injured from it!
TW:Angst to fluff
A/N:All UA kids are aged up to being pro heroes and I will do a separate one with the villains.
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya/Deku
The poor boy didn't even know that someone planned a break in to his house! He just kissed you goodbye and the little bump housing the bun in the oven, and headed off to work for the day. He wasn't getting back til late that night so the villain had the time.
Apparently he had been stalking Deku for a while and really wanted to get to him! He knew this was the right course of action!
So while you were happily cooking dinner as Deku was going to come home in about an hour, you hummed while stirring the pot of soup, only stopping once in a while to rub your baby bump.
"I get it. You're excited to eat but it's not ready yet! And we can't eat until dad is home!" You tell them before a loud crash from the living room gets your attention.
Deku pulls up into the driveway of his house and turns off the car, getting out. He excitedly headed towards the house but his smile faded and he stopped once he saw the front window broken.
Panic started rising in his body as he rushed inside, almost swinging the door off it's hinges. The horror that displayed in front of him made his heart drop.
The house was COMPLETELY wrecked. Living room trashed, sofa slashed, TV broken, the soup spilled on the kitchen floor, pictures broken, etc. "Y/N!" He shouts as he frantically looked around the house for you. He eventually came to the baby's room and tears pricked his eyes once he saw you laying on the pastel pink floor bleeding.
Deku quickly ran over to you and called the ambulance.
When you awoke again, Deku was happy to know you would recover and that your child was unharmed. You also told him everything that happened which he then told the police.
"Don't worry baby, I won't let him or anyone hurt you ever again. I swear it."
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou/Dynamight
Oh if someone ever get the guts to attack the person Bakugou loves more than life, then heaven help you once he goes home to see you hurt.
Fans can go to extreme measures when they end up loving someone too much. And that was the case with this one woman who was a fan of the pro hero Dynamight, who happened to be your boyfriend.
She believes he should love HER not YOU! So she planned on sending a message.
You were playing with your puppy in the living room until you heard a loud banging on your front door.
Bakugou arrives back at your shared apartment and goes to unlock the door when he found it was already open. He walked inside and his eyes widen when he sees the whole place completely trashed.
That's when he saw your dog dash out from underneath the table whimpering and barking at Bakugou. "Dai! Where is Y/N?!" Bakugou asks panicked. Almost as if he understood him, Dai led Bakugou to the bedroom and he found you lying on the bed in a pool of your own blood from your legs, arms, and side.
He immediately ran over to you and called the ambulance.
He was happy to hear that you would recover an was even happier when you opened your eyes, finally waking up to look at his worried yet angered crimson eyes.
"I will murder whoever did this to you. I don't care if I'm a hero! No one does to you! NO ONE!"
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki
This man made a promise when he married you, was that he would always protect you and never hurt you like his father did to HIS mother.
But the one day he couldn't be with you was the one where that promise was broken.
He had ran out to the pharmacy to pick up his daughter's medicine. You two have twin daughters, a red haired and white haired baby girls. However the red haired one Ren was sick.
You were at home right now making some soup, having help from your white haired daughter Rei. She was placing the already cut up carrots into the pot you were stirring.
But then a loud set of footsteps get both of your attention.
Todoroki drove home as fast as he could as he finally found the medicine he needed.
Once he arrives, he stares at disbelief and confusion at the open door leading to the house. And the worry only escalated once he ran into the house to see it completely trashed.
"Daddy! Daddy!" He hears Ren calls out as she ran out of the hall closet and towards him, tears streaming down her face.
"Ren! What happened?! Where's Rei and mother??" He asks worriedly. "Momma protected Rei and me, but now she's hurt! She needs help!" Ren explains and he quickly follows Ren to the kitchen where you layed there, a knife sticking out of your gut.
You had passed out from the pain and you kept the knife in otherwise you'd bleed out faster. Todoroki quickly kneels down to you before looking at his daughter.
"Ren! Go call the police and then go to your bedroom!" He tells her and she nods, running off.
Your husband and daughters were happy to know you would recover and visited you in the hospital after you woke up.
"I promise I'll make up for this! I don't want to lose you!"
Tumblr media
Ejiro Kirishima/Red
He was so heartbroken when he had to leave you while you were still recovering. You recently got back from a mission where you got pretty hurt.
You were discharged from the hospital but was told to rest up for another day or so to be sure. Unfortunately Kirishima could be there to help you out but you reassured him you would be okay.
So reluctantly, he went off to work. But he kept checking up on you every hour to be sure you were okay.
You were sitting on the bed reading a book with your pet rabbit Cream next to you.
However, both you and Creme are alerted when a thud came from the kitchen downstairs, followed by a hushed, "Crap!"
Kirishima finally got home, having gotten off early, and walked into the house only to find the whole place trashed.
"No.. no no Y/N! WHERE ARE YOU?!" He yells as he dashed upstairs to see you sitting up against the wall with phone in hand, having called the police as you bled out. Creme kept sniffing you to make sure you were okay.
It pained him to see you back in the hospital bed, despite how the doctors told him you'd be fine. "Her recovery will just take a little longer now." He repeated in his mind.
By the time you woke up, he was already in tears.
"Don't worry Y/N. I promise I'll take work off to protect you and help you! I swear my life on it!"
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami/Hawks
Poor bird boy has already been so worried about you cuz he's been forced to leave you alone for weeks after he had to go on 2 missions, so he hated leaving you just for a patrol!
But you tell him he has to and that you'll be fine so he eventually agrees and goes to work.
While he was gone you decided to go and take a shower so you do so.
After you were done, you had a towel wrapped around your hair and around your body as you walked over to the closet to get changed.
That is until you felt a heavy impact on the back of your head before everything went black.
Hawks was so happy to finally spend the weekend with you! He even got a bucket of KFC chicken to share on his way home.
He happily lands on the balcony with he bucket in hand and slides open the glass door. "I'm back Dove! And I got us some chicken-" He calls out only to stop talking and drop the bucket when he sees your state.
You're lying on the ground with blood trickling out of your head and your white towels stained with red blood.
He ran over to you and shouted your name before dialing the ambulance.
He cries tears of joy once he hears you'll recover and he holds your hand tightly once you wake up in the bed all bandaged up.
"I swear I won't leave you alone like that ever again! I swear, Dove!"
Tumblr media
Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead
Aizawa always did whatever he could to keep you out of the media so you won't get hurt.
But unfortunately villains have ways to figure out who people are, and one in particular paid a hacker to figure out who you are. Once he learned you were dating Eraserhead, he knew exactly what do to!
So he waited til Aizawa was gone at UA, then made his move to his house which he also found from the hacker.
Meanwhile you were sitting on your knees on the living room floor as you played with your guy's cat Sushi and his cat toys!
"Aw you're so cute Sushi! Yes you are!" You said while petting him, having him leans into your touch and purr.
But both of you jump when you heard the front door suddenly slam open.
Aizawa was driving home from UA now, ready to see you and Sushi as he headed his students' papers before heading out for the evening patrol! But all of his happiness disappeared once he saw your guy's house door missing, having been kicked down on the floor inside.
He ran inside to see the rest of the house in a even worse state!
Suddenly he heard wailing and he ran to the kitchen to see Sushi hiding under the counter wailing. He ran over and picked him up, petting him comfortingly. But then a thought passes his mind.
"Where's Y/N??" He asks looking around frantically. Almost as if Sushi read his mind, he hopped out of Aizawa's arms and lead him to the bathroom.
His eyes widen in horror as he sees you lying in the bathtub bleeding out while on the wall was written "Watch your back, hero" in blood which he hope wasn't yours.
He quickly pulled out his phone and called the police and ambulance.
He sighs of relief once the nurse tells him you'll recover to full health in a couple of days and that the police found the villain who had broken in and hurt you.
Now you saw him beside your hospital bed as you woke up.
"Don't ever scare me like that ever again! I love you to much!"
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinso
He never liked leaving you alone, especially after hearing that a villain in the neighborhood had been breaking into houses!
But you told him you'd be fine, being a pro hero yourself, so he went to work.
But one night, you couldn't defend yourself.
You decided to have gone to be early, since Shinso wouldn't be getting home til really late, so you climb into bed.
Only until you hear shuffling from under the bed did your eyes shoot open wide.
It was around 12 in the morning did he get home and park the car in the apartment complex parking lot. Afterwards he walks up and walks into the door. But his eyes widen when he sees the place trashed, and to see you bloody and bruised on the couch.
"Y/N!!! No!" He yells as he ran over and shook you shouting your name before calling the ambulance.
He let out a sigh of relief when you woke up. The nurses told you that you'd recover by tomorrow, so he wouldn't need to worry. But when you looked up at his eyes, you couldn't help but see worry in his eyes.
"You're coming to work with me from now on when you're off work! I can't afford to see that again!"
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alani-r · a day ago
What if Aizawa met a reader who has LOTS of cats back at home, and darling when I say a lot I am not talking about some 7 or 8 NA-AH... I telling you that reader literally adopts ever stray kitten and just owns it, oof and the thought that reader specifies one HOUR just to take care of them one by one makes her sound obsessed (it's just because she feels lonely all the time)
Tumblr media
TW: implied yandere, kidnapping and breeding (maybe forced)
Shouta wanted to rescue the stray kittens, but he didn't do it as thoroughly as you. This established your angelic image in his heart.
He is quite proud of everything you do, which is why he wants to help you. It takes money to raise so many kittens. Although he did not build a reputation, the government gave him a lot of bonuses. He can be used to establish an adoption center for you. Or, if you feel too stressed, he will take on the responsibility of raising you and a lot of kittens.
He would buy a villa, prepare a large area for the kittens, and "invite" you to move here (you know the consequences of rejection). The kittens are meowing in the villa all day, hugging the legs of their "parents" tightly. You two must feed them and bathe them. This is quite a sweet annoyance🥰💗
And... once he knows that you have adopted so many kittens because of loneliness, he will find a way to get you enough attention. From hugging all day to filling your life with praise, to spending a few hours slowly fucking you. He would hold your face and tell you how sweet, innocent and cute you are.
And he came up with an idea while you were taking care of the kittens...
Maybe he can bring a new "sibling" to the kittens.
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shigarakisbabyy · a day ago
Sero, Denki, and Kirishima with a Stimming!Adhd!Reader
This was a request I got, which I am more than happy to fulfill!!!! Reader is gender neutral :) Some stims that were requested were mouth popping and fidgeting with hands/ hair or drawing patterns into skin, which is super cool!!
Warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Hanta Sero
Honestly just thinks it’s adorable and is glad you have a way to fidget and cope
Will gladly let you play with his hair and do whatever you want to it, he thinks it’s relaxing
He goes still as a statue whenever you start fidgeting with his hands because he doesn’t wanna annoy you or mess you up
His hands are YOURS
Sometimes sneaks videos of you whenever you’re mouth popping cause he thinks its cute
Whenever you mouth pop for a while he’ll do it back to you and then you’ll get into a fight of whoever can do it the loudest
Would gladly buy you fidget toys if you asked for them
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari 
You cannot tell me this man doesn’t also have adhd and is constantly stimming
After a while of being together you both develop the same stims
You both with each others hands and trace each other’s knuckles and lines
He gladly lets you play with his hair because it helps calm him down whenever he short circuits and he just loves it honestly
You both try and mouth pop out tunes to songs
You both have so many fidget toys it’s unreal.
You’ll lull him to sleep by drawing patterns in his skin, he almost purrs like a cat whenever you do it
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima
If anyone makes fun of you for stimming he will have WORDS. And maybe fists.
Thinks the sounds of you mouth popping are hella relaxing
Loves whenever you play with his hair and style it for him
He’ll harden his hands so you have more lines/things to trace whenever you’re messing with his hands
Is more than glad to let you trace patterns into his skin, sometimes he’ll give you markers and let you go wild
Aaaaand I’m throwing in an extra character because I’ve been having brain rot of him and I think it’d be adorable:
Tumblr media
Shota Aizawa
You’d expect him to be annoyed by it but no, he thinks it’s just a really cool aspect of you and isn’t bothered by it at all
This man probably loves having his hair played with, he’d purr like a goddamn cat every time you do, and then probably fall asleep
Absolutely falls asleep whenever you’re tracing patterns into his skin
*sometimes* mouth pops back to you
Gladly will buy you fidget toys if you ask for them
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bmanga · 2 days ago
Aizawa x reader
Tumblr media
Name: Fight or flight 18+
warning: smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, kitten kink, masturbation, all fours, (Do not interact if under age) 18+
summary: Fight or flight. You are happy you picked what you picked
You are now walking to aizawas dorm room to hand him some papers nezu told you to give him. You knock on his door a few times and no one answered so you walk in and see that aizawa was not their. so you was going to put the papers on his desk but your curiosity got the best of you and decided to snoop. Not soon after you hear footsteps and panicked. your fight or flight instincts kicked in. You picked flight and saw his closet so the best idea was to hide in their. So now here we are with you in aizawas closet like a pervert while he walks in with only a towel on around his waist with damp hair falling to his broad shoulders. You follow his abs to his v line and then down towered his Di-----. Wait a minute why are you thinking about your coworker like this and why are you still hiding and watching. You had your so head so far in the clouds that you didn't even notice him set down and ditch his towel on the grown. He was now jerking his now very hard cock. You watched him for 10 minutes jerking him self off while groaning. “What are you doing y/n” is what you whisper to yourself while you rub your clit. I meant you are touching your self while you watch your very handsome coworker masturbate. You came a few seconds after aizawa. what mainly made you climax was seeing him shoot his load all in his hand. You even saw some of it fall on the ground. While you was coming down from your high. He finally spoke “You can come out now y/n” You squeak and crawl out “y-you knew” “yes of course i knew. You should really learn to be quite when you go through other peoples stuff” You looked shocked “S-so then why didn't you say anything if you knew i was in here” he pauses and looks at your cum stained fingers and smirked “ Well if you really wanted something to look at then i could give you something to look at” You blush “Oh and what's this i can see you enjoyed yourself too kitty” He can see you rubbing your legs together and smirks a shit eating grin and continues “hey kitten how about you come help daddy” You look down and see he is hard again so you nod and start crawling and say “C-can i milk D-daddys cock” you look at him with begging eyes . “only if you clean up this mess on my hand “ you look down to see the cum that is still in his hand and start to lick it up. When you are done he says “good kitten, Now help daddy with this problem” You follow his eyes to his rock hard dick. you say “Y-yes D-daddy” You go to grab his dick but he says “no touching only use your mouth” So you put your hands behind your back and start lick up and down his shaft then start kissing his tip before slowly pushing him into your mouth. You start slow and then pick up the speed and take him deeper into your mouth. That's when he grabs your hair and starts to buck his hips “G-good kitty” Hes a groaning mess and when he cums he cums deep in your thought. He looks down at your tear stained eyes then you look up at him and say “thank you for your c-cum daddy” That lights another fire deep down in him. He stands up abruptly and takes your arm throwing you onto his bed. he climes on top of you and enters two fingers onto your cunt. He notices how wet you are and says “your so wet for daddy” You smile and say “J-just for you d-daddy” he smiles and starts pick up the speed with his fingers adding a third finger and leaning down sucking on your breasts. That is what made you go over the edge. Your orgasm hits you hard but that didn't stop him he went faster and harder. helping you through it. And it had you cuming around his fingers. You are breathing hard and cant think straight he looks at you and asks if you Had another one in you” You nod and say “y-yes please i want your c-cock in me daddy” that has him lining his cock up with your entrance. He slowly pushes his tip in and then he starts to pick up the past then he was slamming into you hitting your g spot and that has you seeing stars. He leans in and whispers into your ear “Your doing grate for me kitten just a little longer” he thrusts a few more times with had you crying tears of bliss and he whispers “cum with me y/n” witch sent you over the edge. he had you cuming all over his dick screaming his name and then he follows a few seconds later and your milking him for all hes worth. He looks down at your fucked out state and said “you did so good for me kitten” You look at him smile and say “t-thank you d-daddy” before cleaning you both up and then lying down next to him and him kissing your forehead and saying your goodnights.
Hope you enjoyed ;)
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haikyutiehoe · 19 hours ago
it’s sensai simp hours - oop
aizawa feels quite vulnerable without his quirk-enabled scarf casually wound around his shoulders and neck. still, you would never know with how loudly the lazy male was moaning about how tightly and warmly you were creaming on his tongue, legs arranged around his neck. “god you’re so pretty kitten, always keeping me warm - mmh,” cum oozed over his tongue, he hums against your abused hole. the milky texture glides over the muscle, overwhelming the pro hero’s coordination; whipped for you, shouta suckles tighter, twists his tongue more harshly, drawing out the sluttiest, filthiest sounds he can from your cold, frosty lips as the snowy atmosphere renders everything above your waist, freezing. your whines comforting his insatiable need for you, the eraser-quirked male glances up to catch your eyes rolling back behind your fluttering lids as another trembling pleasure claims you. “that’s it, pretty, keep me warm and happy with your cute lil body and sweet little achy sounds. how desperate you are to satisfy yourself on my tongue ... it’s adorable.”
any underrated characters i should write drabbles for? send me an idea <3
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whattheheckmidoriya · 2 days ago
To be published:
Listed in order in which they'll be published! Links to each fic will be added to this post once they have been uploaded!
Kiss it Better (Bakugo x Reader) : Katsuki is as stubborn as they come— there's no way in hell he'd ever admit how he feels about you. That doesn't mean he doesn't have his own ways of showing he cares, though, so when you show up at 3a.m. knocking on his door broken, bruised and tipping over the edge of unconsciousness, his instincts scream for him to come to your aid.
Wait for you (Captain Rex x Jedi!Reader) : would it be alright if we had our beloved Mr Captain Rex saying “I’ve always loved you.” (possible to a jedi reader….?) please💞💞
Hold me for a bit longer (Aizawa x Reader) : Being the wife of a pro hero is no easy feat— being the pregnant wife of a pro hero makes things much harder. With a baby belly so big you can only waddle as you walk, Shota decides to take some of the weight into his own hands in hopes of providing some relief.
Unsteady (Aizawa x Reader) : Shota doesn't scare easily. He's level headed and rational in even the most hectic situations, but nothing has ever devastated him as much as the sight of you collapsing over puddles of crimson.
Stuck with Me (Aizawa x Reader) : Hello 🌸. Hope you are having a great day. Can I make a request with the prompt: “Ew. Get away from me. No– not you. You stay.” when the reader has the same attitude as Aizawa, where they don't like to be around people and the only person they tolerate is Aizawa. And whey they are together they are super sweet. The opposite of what they reflect.
The Way You Are (Bakugo x Reader) : i was wondering if you could do Bakugou x Chubby reader? Maybe comfort after a day of being teased? (if you could do kirishima i would be very happy, but Bakugou is great-) Thank you !!!!!
We're dating? (Aizawa x Reader) : " mornin', sleepyhead. if any of the nurses ask, i'm your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner. they wouldn't let me in otherwise, even when i said i saved your ass. " would be interesting and funny.
Masterpiece (Aizawa x Reader) : i was wondering if you could please write some headcanons for aizawa with an s/o that has piercings and tattoos?
Just like Me (Poe Dameron x Reader) : If I could please request Poe Dameron and soulmate au that would be wonderful.
Who are you hurting for? (Aizawa x Reader) : Hanahaki disease can be provoked by two things: the explicit declaration of unrequited love or the strong belief of such— million dollar question is, which one applies to you when you suddenly can't breathe and bloody flowers begin to bloom from within you?
Scream therapy (Bakugo x Reader) : To say you and your lover were overwhelmed would be an understatement— you were way past your limits. Hero work has been a huge pain lately and too much is resting on your shoulders, but leave it to the great Katsuki Bakugo to suggest screaming into the open as a way of releasing your frustrations.
Lay Me Down (Aizawa x Reader) : If there's anything Shota wanted more than to go back home, it would be to go back home to you. And sleep. With you, in his arms. Lucky for him, you also seemed to be in need of sleep under the warmth of his embrace.
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bnhafanfiction · a day ago
Know who would be fucking phenomenal at eating pussy?
Shouta Aizawa
Yeah. That's it. That's the tweet.
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strobimilk · 2 months ago
— bnha boys when you bite them
ft. bakugo, midoriya, todoroki, aizawa. (they’re the only ones i cld say i have a bit of a handle on when it comes to characterization. dont yell at me.)
MIDORIYA turns to look at you with both fear and surprise in his eyes, and you almost feel bad for him. the poor guy was just watching some TV on one of his rare down days, and he has to deal with your playful aggression.
“a-are you okay? are you mad at me?” he whispers, hand coming up to cover the part of his arm you just bit.
you laugh, waving him off. “no, no. it’s not that.” you scoot closer to him, wrapping your arms around his. “i just—”
“just…?” he prods, green eyes inquisitive and waiting as he turns over so you could lay on his stomach instead of just his side. he probably doesn’t even realize it, but his hands are now running up and down your back as he waits for your answer.
he’s always like this—kind, reassuring even when he doesn’t mean to be. always making you feel safe and wanted. a constant strong and comforting presence.
“…love you. just love you,” you whisper.
his eyes soften, smiling gently as a hand comes up to cup your face. “i love you, too.”
you give him an equally soft smile back, crawling further up to nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck.
“but maybe next time…you can just t-tell me, or something…” he stutters out after a few moments of silence, eliciting another laugh from you. “that kinda really hurt.”
TODOROKI blinks in perplexity, staying quiet as he slurps his noodles, waiting for you to explain why you did what you just did. there's no annoyance in his eyes, just plain confusion.
you’ve always noticed his cheeks and how round they get especially when he’s eating even prior to dating, and all the pent-up cute aggression you had seemed to just boil over on this day.
“sorry, sho.” you grin sheepishly, reaching over to pat his cheek lightly. “you’re just so cute.”
“oh,” is his sole reply. he swallows, putting his bowl down, eyes downcast as he seems to mull over what you just told him.
you start to worry that you may have gone overboard, but then he looks up to you again, the tips of his ears red, eyes gleaming and the tiniest smile on his lips. “i am?”
you practically beam, heart bubbling with warmth as you take his face in between your hands. “very.”
his smile widens, leaning onto your touch. you stay like that for a few seconds before you decided to push your luck again.
“can i do it one more time?”
and to your surprise, shoto only nods, eyes squeezing shut when you sink your teeth into his cheek once again, never losing their childlike gleam even when he opens them after you’re done.
BAKUGO yelps, far too engrossed in the act of cutting up the ingredients for the dinner he’s preparing to have full control over his reaction, add the fact that a mere few seconds ago, you were just innocently hugging him from behind, peering over his shoulder at what he’s doing. he’d been too relaxed.
the sound he let out makes a laugh bubble up from your throat, and he all but snarls, raising his arm to sling over the back of your head and turning his torso to the side to lock you in the crook of his elbow. “y’think you’re so funny, huh?” he grunts.
you only giggle, leaning over once again to take a mouthful of his pec that’s just sitting right there, making him let out an ‘ow!’ before he’s manhandling you to sit on top of the counter, standing in between your legs.
his hand come up to squeeze your face. “looks like we gotta put a muzzle over this pretty mouth, yeah?”
you grin. “that’s what you get for wearing your slutty little tank tops around.” which is true. those tank tops showcase his arms, shoulders, and back so well. and the little shit isn’t even aware of it.
amusement briefly breaks through his annoyed expression. “my what little tank tops?”
“your slutty little t—” your sentence is interrupted by boisterous laughter when his fingers come up to poke at your sides.
“now you’re mouthin’ off on me just right after bitin’ me, like that’s not gonna get you punished.” he nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, the tip of this nose tickling you.
“i’m sorry!” you yell in between laughter, pushing his hands and face away from you.
“what if i bite you, hm?” and the petty fucker that he is, he does. leans over to your cheek and sinks his teeth in it, and now it’s your turn to yelp.
“mine was out of love!” you defend, pushing his face away once again. his tickling has stopped, but now you’re thinking you prefer that over the stinging on your cheek.
“love my fuckin’ ass. y’couldn’t have shown that love by, i don’t know, kisses or hugs, like a normal person? hm?!” he pulls your closer to him, brows still furrowed in irritation like he didn’t already get even with you.
a smile creeps up your lips, and before he could think something else of it, you’re leaning in to give him a quick kiss. “like that?”
his expression softens, but he stays quiet. you lean in once again to give him another, more lingering this time.
“yeah,” he grumbles reluctantly, “like that.”
AIZAWA has been side-eyeing you for the past five minutes, all too aware of your less than covert glances and the way you’ve been inching closer and closer towards him ever since he agreed to finish his paperwork on the bed like you’d asked.
“don’t even think about it,” he deadpans, and you freeze just as you’re about to bite down on his arm.
you groan, bumping your forehead on his arm instead. “i was so close! you couldn’t have just let me do it?!”
“what do you even get out of it? what are you, a teething baby?” he counters, eyes still on the screen of his damned computer.
“i may not be teething, but i’m still your baby,” you whine, laying on your side dejectedly, playing with the hem of the blanket like an apprehended child.
he only rolls his eyes, not even dignifying what you said with a response. you pout, turning your back onto him dramatically, rustling the covers and making the bed creak as you do. there’s only silence save for the sound of his keyboard as he types for a few minutes before he’s letting out a deep sigh.
you’re sitting up in flash, wrapping your arms around his neck as you bite and nip at his shoulder, the side of his neck, his jaw, and even his cheek.
“are you done?” he asks once you stop, fully content on just resting your head on his chest.
you land one last bite on his clothed pec before looking up at him and pressing a kiss to his chin. “love you, shouta.”
his eyes that had been on the screen until now shifts to you, softening as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “don’t think i don’t see you trying to push my laptop away with your foot, i still have to finish this.”
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figaraki · 8 months ago
— nsfw // f. reader + various characters 
— dick prints + hand jobs + lap sitting + more
ft. deku, kirishima, shinso, aizawa, hawks, dabi, and shigaraki. 
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
deku can’t resist playing with you when he realizes how much you want his cock. having caught you staring one too many times, he tugs you into his lap eagerly and holds you close, so close that you can feel his breath on your lips, a whisper away from a kiss. he asks you what you need, wants to hear you say every dirty detail until you’re squirming, shy and undone while sitting atop his thighs. 
his kiss is fervent, a fevered prayer as his hands guide your body in his direction. he holds your hips in place nudging your legs open a little further with his knees until he can grind against you, feeling your warm cunt through your panties, already slick against his cock. he chastises you for being such a silly girl; would you have let just any man toy with you like this? don’t you know whose cunt this is?
he’s rough on your clit, finding it quickly and attacking it with practiced fingers, proud at how quickly you’re reduced to little more than a slick, precious mess. he is unforgiving, cruel to your sensitive cunt, but he treats the rest of your body with care, as if you were a doll, holding you close and cooing honeyed words into your ear between each kiss and nibble down your neck, contradictory to each slap of his hips against your parted, trembling thighs.
“that’s my girl... tell me how you want it. you know how to ask, don’t you?”
kirishima isn’t shy when he realizes you’re staring. he laughs good-naturedly, baring sharp teeth in a sweet grin, and pulls you into a warm, playful kiss. he asks if you really want it, or you just like the view. do you wanna touch it, pretty girl? 
gently, he envelopes your hand in his. he guides your palm between your legs, lifting it to meet the bulge in his pants and curling your fingers surely around his half-swollen cock. adoration softens his features, drawing color to his cheeks, and he sucks in a shaky breath, pressing his forehead to yours.
“feel that, baby? that’s for you.”
shinso likes to compromise; you get to wear his hoodie, and he wears the sweatpants - that’s all. it’s good grounds for snuggling, a solid excuse, and nothing beats the sight of your pretty thighs peeking out of his sweatshirt. it‘s not his fault that his sweet little girlfriend needs his hoodie more than he does.
you pad into the bedroom after a sower, clad in little more than that while you towel-dry your hair, to find him lounging on the bed, bare-chested and lazily splayed out on top of your duvet. your eyes follow every curve and plane of his form, down to the cut v at his hips and the dark hair beneath his belly button, trailing lower and lower still, stopped only by the waistband of his sweats, settled dangerously low on his torso.
“see somethin’ you like, honey?”
aizawa finds himself hunched over his desk far too often, loses himself in the paperwork and grading he has to get done, even with you sitting so close. it’s hard to focus with your hand crawling up his leg, grazing his thighs every so often while your curious eyes wander over his lithe, powerful body until he heaves a sigh. 
his shirt rides up as he stretches, pushing away from his desk, baring toned muscle with the slightest motion; he sees you peering up at him, so innocent, sitting cross legged on the floor, and his breath all but catches in his throat when he realizes why your hands start to tremble. 
he doesn’t have to be hard for you to see just how big he really is, and you wait for him to open his arms to you, cooing out an invitation to his lap and promises of a reward for being so perfectly patient for him. 
“c’mere, baby... you want some of this?”
hawks is sure his heart skips a beat once his gaze leaves the book cradled in one single, sure palm, watching you crawl towards him, as ravenous as a starved predator seeking the satisfaction of sinking fangs into the hide of untold prey; the sway of your hips and the curve of your back catch his eye as you cross the bed, lighting an unspeakable hunger inside him. in one fluid motion, he preens, running a hand through his hair, still damp from the shower, and spreads his legs a little wider as you crawl his way, closer and closer still. 
“hey, pretty thing... i see you. ‘s hard for you - come ‘n get it.”
dabi watches you nibble on your lower lip as he checks himself out in the mirror. he’s no longer invested in his own vanity, and instead, peers back at you. your eyes do not meet, and you admire him from behind, sure that if you were to look directly at him your face might be lit aflame in embarrassment.
he is agonizingly irresistible, taking the time to trace a finger over the hard lines of muscle, the jagged scars and the staples that follow his flesh, and when you finally tear your gaze away from him, he turns to you.
clutching his fabric-clad cock loosely, he makes a show of adjusting to the size of it; he wants you to watch.
“you just gonna stand there ‘n drool, or are you gonna put that mouth to good use, doll?”
shigaraki clutches his controller, and his eyes hardly leave his console’s screen despite the familiar sink of the couch under your weight, shuffling as you crawl towards him, watching his gaze intently. deep reds shifting to violet in the cool, unforgiving blue light that casts upon his face, highlighting the shadows of his features. with every swerve and expert maneuver, the muscles in his back flex, rippling towards his biceps, and he knows you’re watching. 
warmth creeps up his neck at the feeling of your stare. he’s played this level enough times to know what’s coming next - he isn’t worried about losing, but he doesn’t expect you to touch him so soon, running soft fingertips over the rough, scarred skin of his shoulders; it doesn’t tear him away from the game, and he ignores the way his cock twitches to life, rearing at the subtlest graze of your hands on his body.
your lips tip up in a small, coy grin, and you lean in, daring him to look away from the screen while your fingers creep up his thigh, whispering a sweet promise to behave on the condition that he doesn’t let you distract him.
he curses, working his lower lip between his teeth when he catches you slinking to the floor, falling to your knees and finally settling your warm hand over his cock, practically throbbing at the first hint of attention.
as much as he wants it, he warns you:
“you shouldn’t start something you don’t intend to finish, dirty girl.”
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deartouya · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. bakugou katsuki, dabi, aizawa shota, todoroki shoto + keigo takami.
warnings: none except maybe a little suggestiveness and teasing in hawks + dabi’s.
note: pretty much that old tiktok trend and i just cant stop thinking about how warm and comfy dabi’s lap would be :/ 
Tumblr media
✞ BAKUGOU was sat on the couch, scribbling down some random new costume ideas and signing some papers before bed. but you felt a little touch starved, missing the natural warmth that came with being wrapped in your boyfriend. “’suki?” you drawl, the soft tone of your voice catching his attention immediately as he raises a curious brow, grunting in response. but you dont say anything else, instead you just slide yourself onto his lap, tracing your fingers up his biceps in the process, grinning when you watch him immediately freeze up- cheeks tinting pink. “what are you doing, dumbass?” bakugou groans, shuffling under you slightly with a sigh but he still doesn't tell you to get off, allowing you to get comfortable before you feel the natural heat of his palm rest against your lower back- his chin resting on your shoulder with a tsk and a few grumbles, hoping you dont notice the way his blush has now spread to the tips of his ears as he pouts down at the papers infront of him. “fine, ju-just sit still would ya?” bakugou huffs, holding you close while he traces his fingers soothingly along your back.
✞ DABI you’d decided to do it during one of the league meetings, hoping you'd be able to get some sort of reaction out of your boyfriend. dabi’s eyes are on you immediately when you enter the room, re-adjusting himself on the old couch to make room for you beside him. you try to suppress the grin on your lips when you approach him instead, sliding your way between his legs before climbing onto his lap- his face remains unphased apart from the slight raise of his brow but you’re surprised when his arms reach for you anyway, hands resting on your hips as if this had been planned all along, almost making you pout at the smug expression on his face while he leans in closer. “yeah? infront of the league, doll?” dabi almost groans, words a drawl while his gaze locks on yours, pulling your hips flush against his own “aren’t you bold.” you’re only jolted from the haze of your mind when you hear shigaraki bark at you both to “get a room” with a disgusted scowl on his face, causing dabi to flick him off with a cocky grin before his hand returns to playfully smack at your ass, shooting you a smirk and a wink after “oh, we will.”
✞ AIZAWA he was grading papers while he sat at the desk in the spare bedroom of your home, hair tied back out of his face as he ran an exhausted hand over his face - head slowly turning to face you while you approached him in the doorway, watching his features soften immediately. “you okay?” shota hums, sleep evident in his tone. you only offer him a nod in reply before nudging at his arm slightly, and you're surprised when he raises it, pushing his chair out from under the desk to allow you to crawl into his lap smoothly. “almost done.” he sighs while you allow yourself to get comfortable, feeling him pull himself closer to the desk again before one of his hands rest on the back of your head, guiding you to nuzzle into the crook of his neck. suddenly finding yourself feeling tired yourself while surrounded by his warmth, the scribbling of his pen and your soft breathing filling the room- feeling him place a gentle kiss against your shoulder before you drift off in his hold.
✞ TODOROKI you were a little nervous to try it with him honestly, not being too sure how he would react or if he even would. so you had waited until he was sitting on his bed, smiling softly at you before gently patting the space next to him. so you approach, a little hesitantly at first but eventually you decide to just do it - smoothly sliding into his lap and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. shoto freezes, momentarily- arms still by his side as he looks at you with wide eyes and parted lips, a little confused. “are you cold or something?” it makes your heart bloom at the innocence of the question, deciding to just nod and try to play it off as just that. but you dont expect to feel his arms lightly wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him while he rests his face in the crook of your neck- breathing softly before he eventually speaks “is this better?” he breathes and you hold him a little tighter when you notice the faint tint of red on the tips of his ears, “its perfect.” 
✞ HAWKS was always looking for ways to fluster you, so you thought you’d try take this as an opportunity to do the same to him. waiting until he was lying in bed after a long day of patrols, amber eyes heavy with sleep but still focused on you when the bed dips under your weight. “oho~ what’s this? how can i help you, angel?” his words are laced in a teasing tone, his lips stretching into a handsome smirk as his hands immediately reach for your figure- pulling you even closer against him until you're almost lying completely on top of him. his fingers tilting your chin up in favour of his lips ghosting your own. “come on, baby. what now?” you want to roll your eyes at the sickly sweet tone and the playful glint in his eyes, realising that he probably figured you out before you even started- but when you feel his palm smooth along your hips and pull you closer, raising a brow at you before his lips finally press against your own- you realise you dont really care anyway.
Tumblr media
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alani-r · 17 hours ago
For your event can I plz have Aizawa, dabi and Shigaraki plz and if it’s ok reader is fine with them being yandere
I look similar to this
Tumblr media
My pronouns are she/her and I’m a 20 year old autistic Latina. My hobbies include sewing, reading, sleeping, customizing MH/EAH dolls, eating, organizing, I used to take archery and horse riding lessons, I speak English, my Spanish is rusty and a tiny bit of French .
I’m near sighted ,I can still see without my glasses except everything’s kind of blurry and not detailed. 
My favorite colors are black,purple and silver .
I have a high pain tolerance , I love horror and adore the dark and macabre.
Tumblr media
#2 Yandere Soulmates: Aizawa, Dabi and Shigaraki x Reader
400 Followers Event - Yandere MHA Characters Soulmates AU
Note: Sorry I spent so much time, three soulmates are a bit difficult>.< If you like it please let me know!
TW: yandere, stalking, breeding, nsfw description, mentioned kidnapping and punishment
The form that connects the four of you
As long as you open your palm, you can see a small timer slowly emerge, but there are three times in it. Each is flowing with instability and different units of time. Even the doctor doesn't know what that means... three times? Doesn't it mean there are three?
Others say that you are fortunate. You will definitely meet them.
Others asked if there are really three, what do you do?
Tumblr media
Where did you meet your soulmates
At that time, he was hunting down a criminal, and you were immersed in your hobbies, thinking about what to do next.
At the same time, the glass in the restaurant was broken, and the villain's attack spread to the restaurant. The people screamed, and Erasure Hero caught all the glass shards and villains in time with the binding cloth.
Suddenly, your timer rang, and the melodious music was the same as the one by the hero.
He used at least 42 other people's Quirks to find you. His is not a countdown, but just a tiny mark. Such a desperate, slim possibility, but in the end, he still found you.
Oh, strictly speaking, when you two met for the first time, you were sleeping.
He has to find the perfect occasion to meet you, for example, when you are on the street.
He is not keen on the concept of soulmate or finding you or something. His dream and hatred point to an important goal: to destroy this hero society.
You are invited to have a drink in "an ordinary bar," and he recognizes you. You also held the time machine in your heart that showed 0 and looked at him in amazement.
Their first impression of you
He saw you while he was catching the villain. Such a helpless, poor civilian, this made his delusion immediately arise. He wants to know you more.
He didn't even know their appearance or gender before that. And now, he has met you. He has a rosy filter for you; it is lovely and beautiful no matter what you do.
He doesn't like soulmates, especially "his soulmate is also Shigaraki's soulmate." Why do you have two partners in the League of Villains... Wait, you have three?
He needs to calm down first.
How do you face each other
He has to deal with the follow-up of capturing the villain first, but he would make sure to get your phone number and contact you.
Only one day later, Aizawa asked you out for a "cup of coffee." You can find that he has tied up his hair deliberately and dressed up to make sure he is in the best condition when dating.
Fortunately, your sweet attitude gave him a sigh of relief.
You are already perfect, but you are not very familiar with him yet. It doesn't matter; he has prepared video games, topic lists, and flowers.
Oh, yes, he has studied you and can discuss your doll collection with you. Although he doesn't like your doll, he knows that they can't take you away, and he also has some figures, so it is unfair to accuse you of this point.
He has to spend more time dealing with the fact that "you are his soulmate."
In the beginning, he didn't want to interact with you directly but would wrap his hair with a hood, follow you, and monitor your every move. Gradually, he wants to understand you. You don't even know that you are being followed, but smile at him.
He doesn't understand; why are you so kind? Don't you know that a soulmate is a compulsive concept?
Will the soulmate choose to kidnap you? Or use other methods?
All three of them would try to kidnap you.
Aizawa is a sane person, but the other two soulmates who know you are also villains. He can no longer bear it but would try to take you away and point out that this ensures your safety. He has a separate safe house; it would be an excellent choice to put you there.
There is no doubt that his plan was hindered. Neither Shigaraki nor Dabi would let him get what he wanted. They don't mind using Kurogiri's power to take you away. Still, the government closely monitors and protects you (because they learned that your soulmate is the leader and member of the League of Villains and a Pro Hero).
The consequence is that none of them can kidnap you. Unless they provoked a dispute, this is not suitable for the current situation.
So, you can live your own daily life, but you may never know what happened behind your back.
What they think of other soulmates
Aizawa has already dealt with Shigaraki and Dabi. He clearly recognizes that they are dangerous and terrifying. They are people who threaten the entire country.
If you continue to meet with them, then you will definitely get hurt.
He might think Eraserhead is a bit cool, but he hates him. He is like the man in the most boring hero movies and comics.
Um, Dabi. If it is someone else, he will definitely kill him, but that is a member of his little family, so he tends to share you with him.
Aizawa is just the defender of this corrupt hero society, guarding those fragile and hypocritical faces. He doesn't particularly hate him, but he must be hostile to him.
As for the leader... he never mentions his trust in Shigaraki, but he trusts him.
Imagination of NSFW
No matter what happens, they won't do it together, so only talk about possible situations.
Aizawa is eager to kiss. If he could, he would kiss you all day long, groping with his big hands on you, exploring every sensitive area. He enjoys the softness buried between your legs, sucking your little spots. Licking more intently in your sweet and gentle moaning until your pelvis trembles and releases.
He is not in a hurry to get into your body, just like chasing prey in the dark, enjoying the pleasure of stepping forward.
Shigaraki is eager to touch. He loves to hold you so much and put his head in your chest, implying that you should pat his head. You are happy to give him the comfort and intimacy he wants, but he always asks for so much and is always not enough. He would slap your wall so deeply and hard, making continuous loud slaps. When climbing the peak, he would have drawn you closer to him cautiously but frantically. He is afraid of turning you into dust accidentally, but he wants to destroy your existence.
He would make sure that all seeds could be pumped into your body. He wants not only his little family but also another family.
Dabi is eager to obey. He is not good at showing emotions, afraid that you can catch and break his disguise as long as that little bit. He only expects you to obey him with affection. He ordered you to spread your legs? Then you just do. He wants to punish you? Then you accept. That is his angel. His favorite position is that you have your back to him and butt rubs against him. He can control your happy rhythm at will.
Whenever he is released in your body, he does not have to worry about his expression being discovered by you.
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shigarakisbabyy · 20 hours ago
Aizawa, Endeavor, and All Might x an S/O with psychic powers
This is a request I got! Reader is gender neutral! Some psychic powers I used are telekineses, clairvoyance, and telepathy. I hope I fulfilled the request right!!!
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Shota Aizawa
For the love of god don’t use telepathy on him, this man will kill you. He hates people being in his head
He’ll bring you on missions to help out and so you can use your clairvoyance to see how it might turn out and what the heroes need to do to succeed
If he ever falls asleep anywhere you’ll probably just end up dragging him back home with telekineses lmfao
Fully understands if you don’t wanna be hero, but absolutely encourages it.
If you ever use your telekineses to joke with him and mess around he’ll pretend to be annoyed and aggravated but really he thinks it’s cute
Tumblr media
This man wants you to be a hero. Such potential. He doesn’t wanna fall back into his old habits, but he is very persistent with his encouragement
Like Aizawa, do not get in this man’s head. He will kill you. But if you get into the heads of other people and then report back to him… he wouldn’t mind that
Helps you analyze and break down what you see with clairvoyance and the best things to do going forward
If you ask him to help train you with your powers and make them stronger he will weep with joy
Hardly ever let’s you use your telekinesis to do things for him, he’d rather he do it himself
Tumblr media
All Might
Encourages the crap out of you to become a hero, you’d be able to help so many people.
Whenever he’s sick and Ill he’ll have you float stuff to him to help him out, or use your telekinesis on him so he has an easier time moving and isn’t hurting
He’ll help you train your powers so you have an easier time using them and do they’re more powerful
If he doesn’t feel like speaking he’ll have you telepathically talk to him lmfao
If your clairvoyance ever allows you to see anything, he’ll want to know what it is, who was involved, what happened, etc. immediately. It could be important
Honestly, he thinks you’re super cool and that you have a lot of potential to be a great hero. He’ll always encourage you to go above and beyond and succeed.
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sebbyzoldyck · 4 months ago
•Dear Sensei•
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is a part of my milestone event
Tumblr media
request: kakashi/aizawa/gojo + foursome / @bemylord
warnings: praising kink, degradation, foursome, double penetration, oral sex (m receiving), unprotected sex, choking, dom/sub dynamics, spitting, slapping, dumbificiation, aizawa calls you his kitty because why not?
taglist: @booksweet @noritoshiikamo @nanamishair @cursedmoonchild @deartoru @bemylord @chloe-nanami @angelofthorr
a/n: honorable mention, once again, @cursedmoonchild , for being there for me when i felt like shit and helping me writing this
Tumblr media
“She looks so cute!” Gojo yelled loudly, getting an uninterested hum from Kakashi and an annoyed Aizawa’s grunt in return. Her senseis apparently wanted to play a little dress up with her, asking her to wear that little skirt she used to wear at school, her loose cravat that rested on her chest they so loved...
Now she was right in front of them, her panties stuffed inside Gojo’s pocket, probably never getting them back, and her face flushed with the slight embarrassment. She was a bright student of their, even though she thought lowly of some of her teachers. That including Kakashi and Gojo too.
Her hands shook in excitement with these three men, holding her, touching and embracing her just as they wanted.
Simply recreating one of the scenes in Kakashi's infamous, all-time-favourite book, which she never approved and called him out for being a pervert. He didn’t bother to get his mask off even with this intense scene going on, only giving her kisses through the fabric.
But that was okay, she was closer to her sensei than anyone, especially when she was all spread out for him, resting on his lap as he teased her cunt with his fingertips. Even if she used to think that he was just a boring, old pervert, it didn’t change the fact that she was whimpering for him at that moment.
He tapped his fingers patiently on her thighs, holding her legs apart as he gave Aizawa a show, who was kneeling in front of her, facing her wet folds directly.
“Almost feels wrong to get my student into such state,” Aizawa sighed, feeling a pang of guilt growing inside him but it was soon all gone as he noticed the way she ground on Kakashi's thigh. That said, he was probably her favourite teacher, and assumably the only teacher she never acted like a bitch.
Her gaze rested on Aizawa's eyes much to his delight, biting her lip as she got him going with that seductive look on her face.
“Aizawa-sensei,” She said, leaving the long-haired male in such desperate state with that pretty voice. “I’m glad you’re here,” She reassured him, her juices wetting Kakashi's pants slowly whenever she moved her hips on his leg, trying to relieve the needy ache in between her legs.
Aizawa gave her a genuine smile as Kakashi's gloved hands brushed against her sensitive skin, making her wiggle right on top of him to avoid the tingling feeling. His bare fingertips caressed her clit, a needy moan left her lips as her eyes found Gojo’s. She was never really interested in him either, thinking he was a man-child, and an airhead.
Surprisingly, he wasn’t wearing his usual attire, that one blindfold he almost never took off. Maybe it was for to see her even better and take that delicious sight in, the first thing he did when she arrived was taking the clothing off of his face, letting his silky white hair fall to his forehead.
She saw Aizawa palming himself through his black pants, his dry eyes fully focused on her cunt, spasming and clenching around nothing desperately as Kakashi kept teasing her. "Sensei..." they heard her crying out, frustrated from this ongoing situation. Gojo took a step closer to her, kneeling right beside Aizawa, gaze staying on her face as he almost had a mocking expression on him.
"What is it, baby?" Gojo said with much fake-love in his voice, his thumb reaching out to caress her bottom lip. He smirked as she gave him a begging look, lips quivering and eyes filled with tears. "Sensei, please, w-want more..." She whispered, causing Kakashi to chuckle lightly.
This sight reminded Gojo of her schooldays, where she acted like she was the boss around the class, and how she’d always argue with them no matter what. She thought, no, she was smart, but it was no excuse to mock her teachers, but apparently she had no respect for them.
“Acting all smart every day, but takes the first opportunity to be filled with your teachers cum.” Gojo said, obviously making fun of her desperate situation as he tutted shamefully. “Almost makes me think that you were asking for this.”
Tears started to run down her cheeks in frustration, also thighs starting to hurt with this stretch Kakashi caused, never letting her go. He played with the hem of her skirt, not saying a word, being the reserved one compared to Gojo.
Aizawa's free hand caressed her thighs as he started to remove his pants, letting them fall on the ground with a slight tug. Her eyes widened to the sight of her sensei's cock she dreamed of so often, all swollen and wet with pre-cum, looking deliciously good in his fist. Aizawa smirked, sitting on the ground once again as soon as he got rid of his pants, leaning back until his back hit the dresser behind him, man-spreading, he kept stroking his cock lazily.
"She's dripping," Kakashi commented, realizing how she tried to grind on his muscular thighs, pretending it's Aizawa's dick under her cunt. She bit down on her lip as she felt Gojo's finger slipping into her entrance, effortlessly filling her tight insides. "Sensei!" she moaned out, arching her back until her head rested on Kakashi's shoulder. He gave her neck kisses through his mask, the fabric of it slightly making her giggle as she bucked her hips to meet Gojo's skillful finger.
She reached to Kakashi's hand that was holding her by her thigh, motioning it to her neck to kindly ask him to choke her, without even saying a word. Kakashi smiled slightly, his eyes closing as he kept circling his two fingers on her clit, Gojo messing with her insides at the same time.
Aizawa smiled as he realized her eyes never left his cock, not even for a second even though she had two hands playing with her needy pussy at that moment. It made him feel superior compared to those two men, but he also expected it to be this way, since he was probably the nicest one around.
He looked at her daringly, noticing how she moaned louder whenever Kakashi clenched his hand around her throat. "Are you enjoying yourself?" Aizawa asked with his tired, low voice she loved hearing.
She nodded quickly, giving him a smile as she bit on her bottom lip slightly, feeling too good with Gojo’s now second finger stretching her open. She felt Kakashi's clothed bulge poking her thigh, she tried to reposition herself to feel his length fully. Hearing his giggle, she turned her gaze away from Aizawa to meet Kakashi's mismatched eyes. "Kakashi-sensei..." She said, getting his attention on her lips.
He gulped down, feeling too hot in his clothing that covered almost his entire body, and the way she kept grinding herself on him didn't help, not even a single bit. "What is it?" He said, breathing out in his mask. He knew what she was craving for, but to hear her saying it out loud made it even better. "I- Can I have you inside me, s-sensei?" She asked kindly.
“Aren’t you too daring? As I recall,” He said, shifting in his seat, effortlessly moving her up on his lap with his strong legs. “You thought I was boring?”
She felt her mind going numb with the accusation, and the fact that it was true made her cry out even more. “I-I’m sorry, Kakashi-sensei...” She said, her hands squeezing the sides of his thighs. “I don’t think you’re boring.” She confessed, admitting that she was wrong about him.
She turned to her other sensei, Gojo, who was still in between her legs as she felt him pulling his fingers out of her. A cry escaped her lips, wiggling on top of Kakashi with the empty feeling surrounding her. "Aizawa-sensei!" She whined, getting the male’s attention who still stroked his cock, watching her twitching and shaking for more. He smirked, teasing his tip with his thumb. “Yes?” He asked, pretending to be uninterested.
She was frustrated, the fact that they were toying with her like she was a fuckdoll made her feel empty, and horny at the same time. They wouldn’t give her what she wanted, not if she didn’t do something about it.
She slowly got up from Kakashi’s lap, her skirt rolled up almost all the way up her legs, leaving little to imagination. Her hands found the buttons of her shirt, slowly undoing them as she walked towards Aizawa with her legs shaking in need, desperate to feel any kind of contact. Gojo turned to the side as she walked past him, giving her thighs a playful slap and causing her to giggle in between her sniffs.
She tossed her shirt to the side, kneeling in front of Aizawa, then got on all fours. He quickly reached for the headband on his wrist, tying his hair up in a man-bun to get rid of the sweat forming on his forehead, starting to feel nervous to see such a pretty face in between his lets. She licked her lips to the sight, he was already insanely handsome but with his face all bare open... It made her needier than ever.
“Need something, kitty?” He asked with his low voice, eyes barely staying on her face as he eyed the way her breasts rested on her bra. She giggled with the way Aizawa’s eyes widen, arching her back, getting Kakashi’s attention with the sight of her thigh-highs squeezing her soft thighs. “May I taste you, Aizawa-sensei?” she nearly purred, getting her face closer to his dick. It was her usual self, so respectful to Aizawa as ever, his pretty little kitty.
His breath hitched in his throat, but somehow he managed to keep his voice steady, probably due to being used to scolding his students any time he needed to. “Hm? Go ahead.” He said, being the man of few words like always. She leaned down, giving his tip kitten licks just like he liked, teasing him with the lack of sensation.
Just then, she felt a pair of hands caressing her hips, which belonged to Gojo. “Do you mind?” He asked with a grin plastered on his face, not even waiting for an answer as he slapped her ass. “Gojo-sensei!” She moaned, head falling on Aizawa’s bare lap as her face rested right next to his cock, tip dripping wet with pre-cum.
“Or forget it, I don’t mind even if you do.” He said. As Gojo kept teasing her hole, Kakashi left the room, talking about getting something real quick but her mind was too hazy to process anything at that moment. She hungrily watched Aizawa’s cock almost throbbing in need, kissing all the way from the base up to the tip, teasing him but she knew her teacher was not famous with his patience at all.
Aizawa grabbed her hair as he heard her moaning with the feeling of Gojo’s fingers barely going inside her, getting her closer to his needy member. Growing jealous that he made his kitty feel good, taking a deep breath to soothe his nerves.
She looked up at his red, tired-looking eyes almost glowing as they filled with satisfaction. He loved seeing his favourite student like that, all desperate, tongue rolled out and bent over right in front of him, practically begging to taste his cock.
She swirled her tongue around his tip, slowly letting him slide inside as he supported her with the push of his hand on her head. His other hand was busy stroking her cheek, his gaze didn’t shift to Gojo even if he talked, all focused on her and her pretty lips moving up and down on his dick.
“Do you want my cock, baby?” Gojo said, she could only hum with Aizawa’s impressive length almost choking her completely. He had to bite back a laugh with that choked sound coming from her. “Huh? What’s that? The cock in your mouth is too fat?” He teased, making her frown in annoyance.
Gojo grinned, pulling his fingers out to undo his pants, pulling them down to fall to his knees. He grabbed himself, stroking his tip to her puffy lips, causing her to moan around the cock inside her mouth.
Aizawa let out a loud grunt with the sensation of her moans that sent shivers down his spine. “Fuck, kitten...” He said, tugging on her hair as he pushed her head even more, feeling her tongue right under his dick. She felt every single vein of it, letting it get deeper into her mouth, almost gagging when it hit the back her throat.
“Such a good girl.” Aizawa praised her, getting her in the mood since he didn’t want her to get hurt because of Gojo.
She had to pull away for a second as Gojo pushed inside her, holding her by the waist, hips not-so-slowly moving. She moaned loudly with the full feeling, her entrance trying desperately to relax but it was no use, it kinda hurt due to his girth but her walls kept pulling him back inside whenever he tried to pull out. “Sensei!” She whined, trying to muffle her moans as she pressed her lips together.
“Oh, fucking-jesus!” Gojo groaned, slapping her thighs once more, so hard that it made her scream. She whimpered with the pleasure growing inside her belly, Gojo leaned down to play with her swollen clit to distract her. “What a tight fuckin’ cunt you have here... Should’ve told me sooner baby, I would fuck you every day like the good little slut you are.” He muttered under his breath.
Just then, Kakashi came back to the room with his usual relaxed walk, despite the rock-hard cock in his pants. He took a seat next to her, watching how she tried pathetically to stroke Aizawa at the same time as Gojo kept hitting into her from the back, causing her to jolt back and forth.
Aizawa held her by the chin, moving her to his cock once again as he pushed his hips up to ease the needy feeling inside him. She whimpered into his length, feeling too much with Gojo’s cock practically ripping her apart. She started to suck Aizawa again, her hands finding his thighs as she hungrily lapped his dick.
She kept struggling with two cocks invading her insides, Kakashi slightly got up from the floor just enough to remove his pants. Her lustful eyes found his cock on the bare open, jerking himself off to the sight of her so vulnerably moaning against Aizawa as Gojo rocked his hips right behind her.
“What’s that?” Kakashi asked, getting her attention to his face. “Are you that much of a cockslut that two of them are not enough for you?” He grinned. Gojo let out a giggle, pressing into her back even more as he kept pounding inside her wet cunt, the entire room filling with her gagging voice and the wet, sloppy sounds coming right from her pussy.
“She really is,” Gojo said, “I remember her being our lovely little student, who could’ve known?” He joked, almost humiliating her in front of the other two men, but that only caused her to tighten even more around him. Aizawa kept silent as he held her hair to prevent it from getting into her way.
“Tell us,” Kakashi said with his usual teasing voice, “Were you always a slut like this, all wet inside your panties, acting innocent?” He said, his fingers brushing against his tip she so wanted a taste. He smirked down at her, pointing to Aizawa, who was filling her entire mouth at that moment. “You love having your mouth stuffed with a cock so much, huh?” He grinned.
Every single one of them smiled at her state, Gojo started to feel himself getting closer to his release with every thrust, her walls spasming his cock hungrily. He let out a light moan, cursing under his breath as he smacked her ass. “She feels so fucking good-“ Gojo grunted, not wanting to cum so early but the way she kept tightening around him made it impossible to hold it in. He let himself go, filling her insides for the first time that night, but certainly not last.
Her eyes widened, but she didn’t pull away even if Aizawa got his hand off of her head, not pressuring her into it anymore. Just then, his gaze shifted to the lube resting on the floor next to Kakashi.
“Is that what you went to get?” He asked, turning to the grey-haired man. He grinned through his mask, passing the lube to Aizawa with a push of his hands. He took it with shaky hands, feeling sensitive due to the hot and wet mouth wrapped around his entire shaft, shamelessly taking him in. “Fuck-“ He moaned out.
Gojo didn't pull out of her as he finally caught his breath, leaning in to grab the bottle in Aizawa’s hands. Her legs started shaking with the thick cock still resting inside her.
He took the lube as he eyed her hips from the back, hands still roaming on them, giving her thighs slight slaps to keep her in place. She moaned with the feeling of his cock slipping out of her sensitive walls, finally taking a deep breath as she kept sucking her sensei's cock without caring what Gojo and Kakashi were talking about.
"I'd give it a shot." Gojo said, giggling like a child as he wet his thumb with the lube, slowly spreading it into her hole, careful to not hurt her in a way she doesn't want. “Take a deep breath darling, or it will hurt and believe it or not, I won’t do anything about it.”
She gasped as she felt the tip of his thumb slowly going inside her, an unfamiliar feeling spread through her entire body as she tried to relax her legs and take the finger going inside her slowly. She turned her focus back to her long, black haired sensei as she felt him twitch inside her mouth.
“I’m gonna cum, fuck...” He said with that raspy voice of his that made her cunt clench around nothing whenever she heard it. She leaned in, taking his entire length inside her and moaned at the same time with Gojo’s fingers inside, deep inside her ass. “What a pretty kitty...” He said, caressing her hair lovingly.
Aizawa spilled his cum down her throat, pressuring her head while doing so, preventing her from leaning away from his cock. He breathed out then, finally being able to relax after that overwhelming session of her mouth. She gulped down his white liquid, feeling it leaving a salty taste on her tongue.
She was pulled away by Gojo then, placing her on his lap as his digit remained inside her, he gave her a few reassuring kisses. “Open up darling, relax now...” He said, trying his best to not go feral with those cute little whimpers of hers. He pushed his finger a little more carefully, but had to stop with the yelping sound.
“Sensei, ‘s a little u-uncomfortable...” She managed to breath out in between her moans, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to adjust to his new sensation. She felt a presence near her, opening her eyes only to meet her silver-haired sensei, who seemed to finally got rid of his pants too.
Kakashi reached out for her hand, pressing kisses on her neck to distract her for a while, motioning her to his aching shaft. She wrapped her hand around his cock instantly, starting to slowly pump it, feeling the warmth on her palm.
“Eyes on me, kitty.” She heard Aizawa say, who crawled to her other side, caressing her cheek to turn her head to him. “Come here.” He whispered, leaning in to give her a slow, passionate kiss that made her insides burn in need.
Gojo slowly started to move his thumb inside her, going in and out carefully as he realized the two men kept her occupied enough to get her relax under their touch. Kakashi smiled, he heard her gasping into Aizawa’s mouth as he pressed his two fingers into her aching clit.
The kiss got hungrier and needier whenever she felt a certain finger going in and out of her ass, or another set of fingers playing and circling her sensitive nub. “Hold her still,” Gojo said to Kakashi, he pressed his free hand onto her waist to keep her in place as Gojo pushed another finger inside.
“Fuck!” She moaned out, starting to feel the painful stretch again but Aizawa was quick to press her into his lips, holding her by the nape to get her attention back to himself. She squeezed and pressed her thumb into Kakashi’s tip, barely hearing his breathy moans, her mind too hazy to process anything that was happening at that moment.
“How do you feel, brat?” Gojo asked, smirking as he watched her coming undone with his two digits inside her, all relaxed thanks to Kakashi’s fingers playing with her clit non-stop. She moaned as an approval, not wanting to lean away from Aizawa’s lips. She loved the way his slight beard caressing into her chin, one hand resting on his neck.
She started to squirm, feeling overwhelmed with Gojo’s fingers thrusting inside her ass, and it made her feel amazing all combined with the pressure on her clit. She pulled away from Aizawa, re-opening her eyes slowly as she moaned loudly, starting to move her hand faster on Kakashi’s cock.
“S-Sensei, gonna cum- fuck!” She screamed as she reached her high, her legs vibrating in pleasure. “Oh- shit, keep doing that, what a good little girl... So fuckin’ pretty....“ Kakashi breathed out as he spilled on her soft thighs, feeling a drop of sweat running inside the mask.
“Horny fucking bitch.” Gojo said, reaching out for the lube, stroking his cock with a handful. He held her by the back of her knees, pushing her up by her hips to line his cock to her ass. “Ready now?” He asked.
She got nervous even though she gave him an impatient nod, scared of the stretch that was about to come. “Wait-“ Aizawa said, moving in front of her to face her wide-open legs, eyeing the way her cunt dripping down with arousal. Gojo hummed as he watched Aizawa, positioning himself in between her legs, pushing the head of his cock slowly.
Kakashi got up, enjoying the show by standing right next to them, still stroking his cock as he came down from his high. He felt himself twitch with the sight of his cum still resting on her thighs, painting her body white. “Aizawa-sensei, more!” She moaned out, trying to push herself into the man before him.
“You’re so tight,” Aizawa grunted. She watched him struggling to thrust inside her, looking like he was about to explode any moment. He kept pushing himself in as Gojo held her still by her legs, not paying attention to the cries she let out. “I- I feel you so deep inside, s-sensei!” She babbled out, one hand moving into the slight bulge on her tummy.
Aizawa’s eyes widen with that sight, he buried himself inside her without even thinking, feeling the way her walls squeezing his cock invitingly. “You’re so good for me baby, yeah? You feel so fucking good.” He praised her. She tightened around him even more, whining in pleasure.
“Stop spoiling this slut-“ Gojo said, starting to push up into her ass, causing her to tear up. It felt full, so full with two cocks inside her, and it was overwhelming, she felt like she was about to pass out any moment. “Don’t you like it?” Gojo asked, moving his hand to play with her clit, her legs twitched as he kept caressing the still-sensitive nub.
“I-“ She tried to moan, screaming in pleasure. “I love it s-so fucking much!” She said, mouth hanging open as Gojo giggled at her needy attitude. Aizawa started to pull out until only his tip was inside, then thrusted inside her again. “You look so fucking pretty with two cocks buried inside you, baby.” Kakashi said, she tilted her head up at him to find him caressing himself.
She grinned like the brat she is, opening her mouth fully as she showed him his tongue, looking hungry for more. “Fuck- You little tease.” He grunted, pushing himself inside her mouth, moaning at the way her lips wrap around his length.
“Still think that you’re so smart?” Gojo asked, landing a harsh smack on her ass unforgivingly, she yelped in surprise with the sudden burning feeling. Aizawa kept thrusting in and out of her, loving the way she spasmed around him whenever Gojo pounded a little too hard.
“You won’t be thinking of anything but cock after I’m done with you.” Gojo grinned, he couldn’t wait to find that know-it-all brat all desperate and fucked out. Her bottom lip quivered, legs slightly shaking with this overstimulation as she looked up into Kakashi with hazy eyes.
“Such a good girl,” Aizawa said, holding her by the waist as he thrust inside harshly, a moan escaping her lips into the cock inside her mouth whenever he hit her sweet spot. “You like having three cocks inside you? Taking it like a good girl...” He kept praising her and the way her pussy would squeeze the living life out of him.
“Of course she likes it,” Gojo said, grabbing her hips firmly to move her up and down on his length. She mewled whenever Gojo would stretch her more, giving her the pleasure she never knew that she needed. It felt full, like she was ready to explode but the more he played with her clit, the more she relaxed under his touch. “Would you look at her, she’s fucking drooling. You needed your senseis that much?”
Tears mixed with the drool running down her chin, wetting all her face as she tried her best to relax her throat, taking Kakashi deeper inside. “Fucking hell-“ He said, grunting and feeling his cock spasm inside her mouth. He grabbed her jaw, shoving himself inside her mouth, feeling his tip hitting the back of it caused a loud moan spill from his lips.
She felt her orgasm approaching once again, squirming and whining under her teacher. “Open up,” She heard Kakashi say, pulling out of her mouth slowly. She did as she was told, obeying like the good girl she is. “Y’want my cum? Beg for it.” He said.
Her eyes widened, the pressure inside her starting to become too much. “Please-“ She gasped out, tongue rolled out to taste the cum she so wanted on her tongue. “I need it so bad, sensei, I promise I’ll be good!” She cried out, voice cracking in need.
“Oh yeah?” Kakashi said, humming to her whines as he jerked himself off on her tongue. “I wonder, you still think I’m fucking boring? Or do you need me inside that pussy too?” He grinned even though she couldn’t see it. Fresh tears started to ran down her face, her nose now all red with that much crying.
“N-No, sensei...” She whined out, looking up at him so vulnerably, her body jerking up and down with each thrust up into her ass. “Take it like a good little whore.” Kakashi said, finally releasing into her tongue as he slapped her cheek with one hand, her mouth still open, his cum dripping down her jaw. “Don’t you dare swallow until I say so.” He said.
She nodded mindlessly, babbling about how good it feels to Aizawa with cum filling her mouth. Gojo growled whenever he felt her squeezing him even more, he pressed into her clit even more, making her scream. Kakashi grabbed her jaw again, turning her head to face him. She looked at him with those doe eyes he adored, looking like she’s begging to taste his spit right there and then, and who was he to deny herself from such thing?
He pulled his mask down for a few moments, letting her see his face. Her eyes widened with the realization, soon smiling as she swallowed on Kakashi’s command. “Good girl.” He said, pressing his thumb into her bottom lip. “Gojo-sensei!” She whined, feeling extremely close to his orgasm now, her toes curling with every sensation and Aizawa’s harsh thrusts up into her cunt made her moan every second. “‘m gonna cum-“ She babbled out, looking into her teacher’s eyes in need.
Aizawa’s free hand found her neck, giving it a light squeeze that drew a deep grunt from her. “Oh yeah?” He hummed, “Cum on my cock, baby, let go.” He reassured her, silently wiping the tears away from her face, giving her a kiss on her temples.
Her eyes rolled into her skull as she creamed all over Aizawa’s cock, spasming around him so hard that it pushed him into edge. “Shit- such a good fucking girl, take it, fucking take my cum.” He moaned out, spilling inside her messy cunt that was dripping all into Gojo’s lap, a white coloured, ring shaped arousal remaining on his dick.
“You fucking slut,” Gojo said, pounding inside her ass and at that point, he couldn’t even feel his brain, only focused on the way she moaned whenever he thrusted inside her tight hole. “That’s what you deserved all along, isn’t it? See, this is what you’re fuckin’ good for.” He said, not getting any reaction from the girl on his lap.
“Aw, what is it?” He mocked her, pushing his thumb inside her mouth, she started to suck without even thinking twice. “Have I fucked you that stupid? Can’t even talk? Poor baby.” He said, twitching deep inside her.
“Gonna cum in your ass, you hear me?” He asked with a loud voice, feeling he was about to burst any moment. “Y-yes...” She tried to talk with the finger occupying her mouth. “P-Please, sensei, fill me up,” She sniffed, needy for more no matter how much they give her.
Gojo let out cursed under his breath, soon cumming deep inside her, feeling her squeezing his cock like she’s milking him dry. “You little cockhungry bitch,” He exclaimed, catching his breath as he pulled out of her slowly, careful to not hurt her, not hurt her too bad, at least.
She collapsed into Gojo’s lap, her hands tangled in Aizawa’s hair. Kakashi soon got up from the floor, starting to get dressed. She whimpered as soon as her eyes landed on Kakashi, who was pulling his pants up his legs at that moment. “Sensei..?” She moaned out, getting his attention back to her. He raised an eyebrow as she smirked, biting on her thumb.
“So... That was it?” She asked with her bratty attitude coming back to herself after a long session of getting fucked dumb. “Oh, you little minx.” Gojo giggled, squeezing her thighs, “I don’t know about him, but I’m just getting started.”
Tumblr media
sebbyzoldyck / 2021 / do not modify or repost
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bemylord · 6 months ago
ʜᴏᴡ'ᴅ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴇᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜꜱꜱʏ
Tumblr media
characters: bakugou, deku, shouto, dabi, hawks, aizawa.
warnings: aged-up!boiz, eager pussy eater, fingering, face-sitting, spanking, nicknames, voyeurism [dabi], quirk mentioned.
remark: yeap, again to the mha guys bc i missed them. and wow. it is wow!
Tumblr media
ʙᴀᴋᴜɢᴏᴜ ᴋᴀᴛꜱᴜᴋɪ
eager pussy eater. you can't and shouldn't convince me otherwise.
lick from the clit to the ass. the one who'd be licking two holes, put a thumb on your clit to slightly drawing circles on the overstimulated bug.
degrade you whilst fingering you.
'ya like it when i'm fingering you in the office so everyone can hear how are you becoming a slut for me?'
'don't be shy now, slut, let 'em hear your pretty voice.'
likes to lick you as a punishment treatment thus your pussy would be melting under his tongue.
his favorite position is - when you're on all fours so he could lick you from pussy to the asshole.
if bakugou is eating your pussy, he'd be teasing your another hole with a finger and vice versa; if he's licking your ass, his two fingers would be stretching your walls.
he won't give you his dick until you squirt.
ᴍɪᴅᴏʀɪʏᴀ ɪᴢᴜᴋᴜ
the slow pace and slow movements.
i think izuku loves to wake you up with his mouth on your pussy as he's practically making out.
could destroy your morning by his nimble tongue on your clit, slowly guides to the slit, he might cause the ticklish sensation of having the tip of his tongue trying to enter your hole.
at first, he didn't know where to put a tongue and how to lick you appropriately to bring you a piece of the orgasm. give him time and deku would lick every last drop of your oozing hole, as you're lost in the paradise.
fingering and fingering which brings you to the new and new climax. i think if deku turns into the darker side of his personality, which is kinkier [more kinky], you'd be handcuffed as izuku can't get enough of your pussy.
in the midst of the heat, izuku puts you on all fours to eat your pussy and spank your ass.
'count my spankings and if you lose the count, i won't let you cum.'
ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴏ
actually, shouto is seemed to be a giver than a receiver.
he lives for the hours when you're lying on the back and his face between your quivering legs as you're reaching the orgasm.
always starts from nipples as his fingers find themselves on your slit, teasing the hole with the fingertip.
'you want my fingers inside while i'm playing with your nipples?'
i guess shou would be licking your pussy and play with nipples or explore your body with his pads, memorizing every curve, every inch of your body.
he likes praise how good you're giving your juices to taste him, how good your voice has broken over your groaning, whimpering of inexhaustible pleasure.
todoroki likes a slow, tantalizing movement of his tongue guides from the moisten entrance to do clitoris, without pausing the contact to make indecipherable strokes on the lump of nerves and back again.
he makes sure you moisten and wet enough to take his cock.
the man always makes you squirt. don't ask me how, dabi is good at it.
calling you princess as you're cumming, thus your mind will be be completely in his possession and you'll beg for more.
you can describe him as an unbearable pussy eater. why? the villian enjoys to give you an oral in the place you might get caught. but the feeling of getting caught is arousing you more.
he'd be eating you even more relentlessly if someone will caught you.
likes 69 position, thus you and him will both benefit - he pushes deep into your throat and feels how much you like it.
dabi loves to fuck you dumb and pliable as you have no more force to put a resistance. although, if you'd have the force, he'd break all your hints towards his attempts to turn you into his obedient slut.
do not try to be shy or innocent, you will have the corruption with this man. you're gonna tell him what to do, how and where you need his tongue, the rhythm and pace, trust me, you are the one dabi will do everything for.
face-sitting kink or position. give. him. that.
keigo enjoys starting from your ankles, kissing your legs to the place you need to be touched.
likes to hold your hand or rub your hips. he likes to have physical contact with you to feel as you're clutching his hand when you're gonna melt and give you cum to his tongue.
the toy? what for? baby, he can control his feathers. imagine him sitting in the chair across from you, playing with your swollen clit with a feather, pronouncing dirty phrases.
'i haven't touched your pussy with my fingers and you are already the drooling mess, my little bird.'
if keigo in the mood for the little game, as i mentioned above, he'd guide the feather when you're working in your office or patrolling the city, taking you spontaneously in a small alleyway, bringing you to ecstasy only with using his quirk.
ᴀɪᴢᴀᴡᴀ ꜱʜᴏᴜᴛᴀ
mixed one man. like, he enjoys licking you slowly, yet as you will bounce against his face to have more attention, he'd lick you ravenously, building the climax one by one.
mirror sex. he will command you to watch him lick your pussy and if you'll roll your eyes over the pleasure or you'd break the contact - well. girl. good luck.
he puts the vibrator inside your pussy as licking your clit. aizawa's ears must be in heaven as you're whimpering, begging to turn off the toy because it's too much for you.
he doesn't stop the torture. aizawa place two fingers in your mouth to quell your voice as you're reaching another orgasm, the count you don't remember. the tears are running over your cheeks, you arch your back, trying to dodge his tongue.
'it's too much, my little kitten, too much for you? give your daddy one more climax and you'll have my thick cock.'
using his quirk when you accidentally used your quirk when you've got your climax. aizawa likes to tie you up with his bandages [scarf] around your body so you can't move.
likes and reblogs are welcome <3
© all content belongs to bemylord. do not modify or repost without my permission.
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