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Loki is legitimately the easiest character for me to write. I love him with all of my heart and soul. (Even though redheads don’t have souls, but it’s fine cause my hair is blue right now). 

Feel free to send me some Loki asks. I love my snake, baby blue icicle boy. 

Concept: Reader is what the palace calls a “floater” which means that they go wherever they’re needed. They’ve been working in the palace for five years. Reader is sent to inspect the prison and decides to pay Loki a visit. 


“The prison is the same as it was last time you came (Y/n),” the guard said as he led you through the long hallway. 

Lining the halls were multiple prison cells, separating you from the prisoners was an orange barrier. Behind the electric like field, criminals stared you down but you did your best to ignore them. However, you couldn’t deny the slight fear you felt. They were all very dangerous. 

A dank smell filled your nose and your face reflexively scrunched up. You scribbled something down about incense or candles. Something to get rid of that stench. 

“You know it’s routine. I’m just doing my job,” you responded.

The guard stopped walking and faced you, “I know,” he chuckled.

You glanced around the prison, looking for any damage. But the guard was right, it was just the same bleak, boring, and dull place as always. You noticed that it did feel a little cold, so you wrote something about getting a heating source down there. 

“Any problems with cells recently? Doors not working, anything like that?” you asked

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[Alex has been separated from 1x, likely done so remotely by his book being reunited with Dueskkar and writing the voided god out of existence. Currently, Alex is unconscious on the throne, and the vast majority of the void around him has suddenly vanished. AJ’s restraints have weakened to the point in which he could break free, though AJ has remained put. Well, to be fair, AJ is sleeping…]

[Numerous of the controlled victims are freed, likely confused by the sudden shift in scenery.]

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[Due to his capture once more, AJ has been forced into his true form by Alex and chained up with anti-magic, void crystals reinforcing the chains. He’s been placed within the altar room, with noone allowed to enter the room itself unless it’s Alex or a very trusted advisor. AJ is curled up, staring at the door, seemingly waiting for some miracle to happen since he can’t escape.. He looks like he’s been crying as well…]

[Alex has begun destroying the world, the landscape burning up into ashes that fly in the wind as those unlucky enough are thrown into Paper Nil. It requires his entire focus, however, so he has not moved from the throne it quite a long time. Oddly, it does look like Alex has cried recently… Some of the void is vanishing and revealing pale yellow skin once again, but is covered up soon after with more void.]

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