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swaggy-jam-animal · 8 months ago
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travellvogue · 22 days ago
Fluff Alphabet- Anthony Joshua
Tumblr media
A= ATTRACTIVE, well it’s pretty obvious that you were attracted to him straight away (look at him), but AJ can hand-on-heart say that the second he saw you he knew that you were different, it’s like his heart was telling him you’re the girl he’s going to spend the rest of his life with
B= BABYGIRL, he’s not really one to use all the soppy cringy nicknames, but he likes the way you get all giggly and shy when he calls you ‘baby girl’ every now and then
C= CUDDLE, he can effortlessly give the best cuddles, his large frame and strong arms making him your own little climbing frame to get comfy and snuggle in to 
D= DATES, you’re quite regular with the dates, whether it’s just a candlelit dinner at home together or something fun like crazy golf or the arcade 
E= EVERYTHING,even the ‘annoying’ things you do- like leaving mugs in the sink too long so they stain around the bottom, hanging your towel wrong so it doesn’t dry properly- none of it matters to him, if anything they make you even more lovable, he truly loves everything about you
F= FAMILY, family means absolutely everything to him so he’s beyond thankful that you fit into the family so well, his mum absolutely adoring you and always wanting to be around you
G= GENTLE, despite the sheer size of the man, he’s the most gentle human being when it comes to you, he’ll always make sure to be super soft with you as he’s aware that putting an arm around you could feel like a bag of bricks resting on your shoulder
H= HUMOUR, you’re always laughing together, he loves that you’re not afraid to give it as good as you get. never getting offended by his dry sense of humour and you’ll both happily tease each other without the fear of the other getting moody about it
I= I MISS YOU, it’s not often that you’re away from each other for long periods of time, but when you are you definitely struggle without having him by your side so you’re always on the phone to each other or texting just to make the distance feel a little smaller
J= JEALOUSY, both of you will very rarely get jealous, you have enough trust in each other to know you’d never even have a reason to feel an ounce of jealousy
K= KISS, you’d never known addiction like it, you just want to kiss him all the time, every time you look at him or every second he’s in the room you just want to have him close and snog his little face off
L= LOVE, the two of you fell in love with each other very quickly, to the point where you didn’t even ask one another if you were ‘official’ or exclusive’ you literally just became boyfriend and girlfriend without even discussing it 
M= MEMORIES, watching him in any boxing match has to be your favourite memories, just the pure sense of pride you feel watching him do what he loves is unmatched
N= NICKEL (buying things), that’s his love language, even though he knows you hate it when he spends money on you, he loves buying you little things or ordering you something cos he remembers you saying you liked it, or a ‘just because’ gift
O= OBSESSIONS, you’re obsessed with his smile, your heart just melts every time he smiles, unable to stop yourself from smiling along with him P= PET NAMES, he’s not one to use pet names, but his favourite is calling you ‘love’ or ‘lover’ 
Q= QUEEN, you really are one of the most important people in his life, he treats you like your royalty and he knows that will never change
R= RELATIONSHIP, for him, he knows this is it, you’re the only person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he knows he could never love anyone the way he loves you
S= SAD, sometimes he’s not that good with emotions, but when you’re sad he knows you feel safe in his arms, listening to his heartbeat and sharing his warmth
T= TOUCHY, never in public, but when the two of you are at home your hands are constantly on each other, whether it’s his hand on your thigh or your fingers tracing patterns along his arms
U= UNCONDITIONAL, the word ‘unconditional’ had so much more meaning when he fell in love with you, through it all- the good and the bad- he knows you’ll always have each other
V= VOICE, his voice can turn you on, make you laugh, send you to sleep- and he knows that, he knows that you find comfort in his words whether their filthy or comforting, either way you use it to your advantage
W= WEDDING, a ‘typical’ wedding isn’t necessarily something you care about, as long as you get to call him your husband neither of you care how you actually tie the knot
X= XYLOPHONE (your song)- Eye of the Tiger, you’d first started playing it through your phone as a joke every time you’d join him at training, but now it’s become the song he listens to when he misses you, before a fight, when he wants to make you smile
Y= YOU, you know every part of him, every emotion, every expression, every secret, every good and every bad. And because of that he knows you’ll stick by his side no matter what
Z= Zzz, sleep next to him is like having your own pregnancy pillow to snuggle up to every night, he’s your own personal giant teddy bear
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spacephrasing · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"and then, mommy jumped into the sleigh, and saved me, for real!"
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burningbridgeswrites · 3 months ago
She saw him every time that she stepped into this place. Sometime the memories were like whiskey, smooth and warming. Other nights it was like an elixir; bitter and left you feeling like shit. It was all just memories, and she thought for sure that it was one now. But the image was a little too real now and Andie wished more now that she had something stronger than a glass of wine. “Um, can I pay my tab,” she hurried to get her card out trying to get out of there before he saw her.
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thehollywoodfameshow · 27 days ago
What couple(s) do you think will get engaged next?
Sarah and Jessica? Jin and Sunmi? Danny and Olivia? Tom and Natalia? Jordan and Billie? They all give me ‘next step’ vibes so time will only tell. Who do you think, anon?
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paigefleur · 5 months ago
Random den item #001 - Bioluminescent Coral
An underrated den item from Animal Jam,a prize from In Too Deep.
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franklongbooty · 2 months ago
When: 24th July 1980 Where: Fralice housewarming <3 Who: @aruncorn​​
Frank held up the brightly coloured drink. “It’s called a Woo Woo.”
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vanya-love-bot · a year ago
me when i see that five is breaking carmichael out of his bowl expecting him to swallowTM:
Tumblr media
me when carmichael becomes a prop for the next remaining episodes before being eaten by the handler instead of five:
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