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#aj makes stuff
micer2012 · 3 days ago
hey, while we're waiting on matpat to make his statement . i would like to direct everyone to both mine and my good friends art that we've done :>
my friends deserve a lot of the credit for making such amazing fanworks and HELPING theorize, a lot of the stuff i realized when bouncing back discussion with them. and i dont want their work or art to go unnoticed while i get all the attention here : > 🤍🤍🤍
(my art, tw blood, 3l/ll spoilers, and others on the posts themselves)
(all fanwork (and my own theories) related to EXIAVOJTMMC (Evil Xisuma is a Victim of Jeff the Minion's Midas Curse))
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heinzrat · 2 months ago
cass and aj assuming sam and bucky are in a relationship since they moved in together and because they act like that
when sarah finds out she explains to them that theyre just friends, but cass and aj disagree and decide to trick them into going on a date parent trap style
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ramavatarama · 5 months ago
I really vibe with the headcanon that in the future Bucky goes off the grid and the Winter Soldier becomes more of a legend, an appendix into the history of Captain America and Hydra, and years later Sam's spouse name get's revealed to the public and it's "James Wilson" and his occupation as "stay at home husband" and since Sam is a private person, it takes a damn while for the press to make the connection.
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spacedlexi · a month ago
violet is the biggest softie and I love her so much
and don't get me wrong I love love love Louis too with all my heart but,,,,,, violet's just so alone in the beginning of the game and I literally cannot stomach romancing him bc it means she stays alone!!! :(
i knooooowww 😭😭 i agree with you 10000% anon 🥺
like....shes so alone and sad and hurting and as clem you can change all of that and help her open up and trust and openly care for people again 🥺💕 help her have real confidence again. she may be confident in her skills but not her relationships
i love her arc seeing her begrudgingly take on the role of leader (her "since no one else stepped the fuck up" line annihilates me every time UGH) and trying so so hard to not care so she wont get hurt again if she loses anyone 🥺🥺 but she cares so much underneath it all 😭 and is trying to keep these kids safe even tho shes just as afraid and lost 😭😭 tenn said clem made them all feel safe and that includes vi 🥺😭
clem being the only one who "came back" to her 🥺😭 shes desperately looking for someone to care for her the way she cares for others and has been burned so many times that she just hides herself from everyone
so i cant NOT romance her and i can also never never ever let her get taken VIOLEEEEETTT I LOVE YOU 😭😭💕💕💕 (sorry im SORRY LOUIS but i cant 😭😭😭) shes incredible
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goldenpixel · 10 months ago
I’m hard of hearing and wear hearing aids, and I see almost no representation in anything, and I just saw something that made me think. So...
Being that close to the explosion of L’manberg, there’s no way that Philza walked away from that with all of his hearing intact
For several days afterwards, there was a constant ringing. But after about a week, it was just, nothing
He could hear loud things, like Tommy slamming the door and shouting hello as he walked into his house, and Techno’s surprised yelps (squeals) when Tommy and Tubbo snuck up on him, but mostly, there was nothing
Sometimes when he was laying in bed at night, Philza could swear that he hears Techno fiddling with something in the kitchen, and Tommy and Tubbo snoring from where they had passed out in the living room, Tubbo curled up on the couch and Tommy slumped against it, head resting against Tubbo’s leg
Someone offers to fashion him some sort of hearing aids, but he declines
Philza would rather not be able to hear anything at all, because the alternative is hearing everything but Wilbur
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chuckhansen · 3 months ago
the “merc” (especially when it was people from camp who had escaped or stolen from her) work that tucker would send terry on was always far, far easier for him than the recovery jobs ... because at least if tucker wanted nothing more than a token of their’s to show that they had parted with it unwillingly it was easy for him to threaten them into staying out of the hot springs territory and letting them go instead of ya know .... living up to this tall tale he has surrounding him and killing them.
it was the recovery ones that really got to him. if tucker told him to bring them back alive because they needed the extra hands and couldn’t afford to lose WORKERS there was no way he could let them go (once or twice he could but she’d find out if her best suddenly stopped doing a job well done too often). he knows he has it better in that place than most of them bc he’s been in their shoes before, but hearing them beg him to let them go or even kill them (because it would be a kinder fate than working themselves to death) all the way from where he’d pick them up to hot springs really, really took a toll on him.
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alwayseddietrash · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5x04 -> 4x05 || 4x14:  you don’t know her like I know you
⤷You know me
@archerincombat​​ @ethicalconflictdiaz​​ @eddiesbuckaroo​​ @vampirebuckley​​ lmk if you would like to be added or removed from my tag list :) 
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windowhateswildworks · 5 months ago
thinking about making some kind of rp themed sanctuary in feral. like how in animal jam people would make like houses and stuff for baby roleplays. or those pet adoption roleplays. except i was thinking like a haunted manor kind of thing tbh
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On the one hand, I'm really irritated by Grian stealing center stage again, distracting everyone from literally everyone else, but on the other hand... Actually I can't think of anything positive about this. Everyone is having fun I guess?
I'm going to come at this from the angle of hermits as content creators
I think grian/charles is just the sort of person who is Good at captivating and maintaining an audience, as both a content creator and among the hermits - people tend to orient themselves around what he's doing.
Whatever he does, people are going to pay attention, so I think that creating storylines that included lots of different hermits is a good thing for him to do
I can understand why that might be frustrating to see - especially if you think other hermits deserve more attention - but ultimately there's pretty much nothing people like grian and mumbo could do that wouldn't have disproportion audience and wouldn't, in someway, incentivies the other hermits to pay attention. Paying attention to then as content creators makes sense, because they have a Lot of away over a Large audience. People can choose to not participate (zedaph comes to mind for the last few arcs) but it is a smart to participate, it's content that comes with eyes to watch.
Attention is a 2 way street, sure grian does things that garner attention, but other people have to decide to look and stay and join in. Which the hermits and audience often do.
It can be hard to watch if you think someone is trying to overshadow someone's hard work, especially if that person often gets overshadowed, but the fact of the matter is, grian has a big shadow no matter what he does. He's going to draw attention to things, he's going to become a central character, even if he tried to take a back seat.
I think the way he spins stories is really well done, especially because he tries to involve as many other people as possible because the more people participating the more smaller channels will get more views. It can be frustrating if you don't like the plotlines or you don't like grians content, or it's not what you want to see from the hermits, but I think framing it as grian deliberately taking center stage isnt helpful
So it might be easier to see this upcoming hermitcraft plotline, as less grian trying to steal attention but grian already having attention and trying to channel it productively. He will have power no matter what he does, hes just trying to make interesting plotlines with lots of hermits involved.
The way I've avoided these sentiments festering is just, not watching grian. Honestly, he makes great things but he's not for me and I've found it much easier to feel okay now that I watch a different circle of hermits. There are people who don't involve themselves with his stuff directly. Zedaph, xB, hypno, tfc, etho, ECT ECT they may get a bit involved later down the line but there will be people who aren't that interested, and you can seek solace in them. That's what I did with Zedaph during demise and now look at me!
If you wanna talk more anon feel free to message me and we can chat, it's hard to explain in a monologue rather than a dialogue
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purple-ace-queen · 3 months ago
many thoughts head buzzing (yet empty)
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animaljaminal · 11 months ago
I finally pick up aj classic again and the first thing I am forcefully reminded of is that I can jag anyone and anyone can jag me but I can't write my own jags
in other words I can legally receive anon hate but cannot reply to it with my super witty and hilarious comebacks
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cin-dy-moon · a year ago
What did you think of the last LITG episode? (I love reading your opinions lol 😭) I still feel like it was OOC and didn’t make any sense for our li to act so flustered around the new houseguests when they were still loyal to us, but what do I know lolll
Oh-hooooo let me sit down, cause this is gonna be another essay.
First, I should say that I’m not mad at the actual plot point. I think that we needed a reason to build trust with our LIs and this was one way it could happen. I think that freaking us and our MCs out is a good thing. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that Fusebox (clownbox) executed this well at all.
1) The way our MCs could not talk to our LIs was bullshit. As soon as our LIs were like “ummmm...” when it came to our MC’s name, I would’ve pulled them over like “what the f*ck was that?”. Especially when they could have s*x in the shower that morning. It made no sense. There are other ways to show that someone’s head is being turned than to have them forget your MC’s name. What could they have done instead? I don’t know. I haven’t taken the time to think about that. Why? Cause that’s not my job. LOL I’m not about to do the heavy lifting for free. Not in this pandemic, not in this economy. I think that having a conversation with our LI should have been a top priority while writing this plot point.
2) The timing of this is also dumb. I think that if we were to have something like this happen, there would need to be five more days instead of three. This should have been the mid-point climax. It’s so weird that the sequence was an argument being overheard to this.... it just doesn’t make sense. I don’t even think that it would’ve made sense to move everything to earlier in the season, because when else would it have happened? I mean there was two whole weeks of NOTHING happening, not an ounce of drama. So perhaps deleting one of those days between day 2-4 so that all of the drama could have a better flow could be an option, but I think that we really just need more time towards the end at this point.
3) I can understand why people find that these past two days seem OOC, but again, I’m not mad that this happened, but I only like it in theory. The execution is where I had the brunt of my issues. Perhaps if they had more time, they could’ve really made sure that each LI had dialogue and actions that better suited each of them while still having it be like “will your LI’s head be turned?” Also, I don’t think that having Lily/Rafi interact flirtatiously with your LI and for your LI to “indulge” is necessarily a bad thing. It’s Love Island. Your LI will be grafted on by old and new islanders. Honestly, I think that I could see our LIs just trying to be polite or even actually indulging in it a little bit. But AGAIN, not being able to talk about it other than a “oh my gosh that was so close, I don’t wanna lose you” surface-level bullsh*t convo... that’s a mistake. It’s bad writing. Also, because it’s Love Island, I think it’s actually kinda understandable that a new person could come in and your LI can be like “oh shit, they’re hot” but AGAIN, not being able to communicate is making me go absolutely insane (especially when my Venus is in Taurus... bitch I was going crazzzyyyy).
I just wanna know which writer at clownbox needs to love themselves better. You deserve better!!! You don’t need to let yourself be treated this way. LMAO let me stop. But yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think that this season is just crippled by BAD writing. Like stinks so bad you can smell it from across the street.
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goldenpixel · 9 months ago
Alright so I’m really new to the more than one set of pronouns and actually accepting my gender crisis so someone help me out here, what the heck am I feeling right now? Is there a word for it?
Basically the closest thing I think I can describe it as is gender envy, but like, at myself?? I look in the mirror and I’m like “oh I look like a soft 15 year old boy today” and am really really happy, but then I get sad cuz everything about my look today is perfectly boy-y, but then I had to deal with my period and so every time I’m like “oh yay I look like a soft boy” my brain goes “but you’re not though. You’re really really close, but you never will be”
I guess I describe it as gender envy towards myself cuz everything is perfect except for that last bit?
Idk guys, what the heck is this? I’m trying to accept myself but now I’ve gotta deal with all these feelings that I was shoving away and it’s really difficult
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bootleggreeky · 6 months ago
thinkin bout how i have 0 motivation 2 post to my main blog anymore and am jus interested in this blog </3 aj consumes me and all else is irrelevant
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