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lovesickeros · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
— 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔰, 𝔲𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔩 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔢𝔫𝔡
✦ notes ; The Tsaritsa, Childe, Scaramouche, La Signora | Imposter / Villain AU
✦ warnings ; none
You are healing, at last.
The scars will remain, but it doesn’t hurt to see them anymore. Not when Ajax presses kisses to the scars around your wrists, memories of Liyue haunting you like a shadow, fading in time. He is a light, shining brighter then the sun, where no shadows can follow.
Not when Scaramouche has shown you the beauty in electro, in the storms, now that the snow has eased — in the gentle patter of rain against a window, as you sit together in a comforting silence. The sting and panic when lightning snaps across the sky, too, fades.
Signora, who has shown you that fire can be more then pain, more then destruction. It can be the light to guide your way, or the warmth that washes over you when you realize that you are loved, despite it all.
The Tsaritsa, who has shown you Snezhnaya, let you see that not all nations have forsaken you, have betrayed you. That Snezhnaya is yours, and it’s people will protect you, even if they must face the Gods themselves. Snezhnaya is your home, now, the people are your home, and you love them just as they love you — with every part of themselves, they love, and so do you.
And you are safe, here.
Safe in Ajax’s arms, as he shows you his home, his family. When he holds you close, during the nights when your nightmares do not let go. Ajax is home, too, in a way, and you love him. The weapon, seeking battle, and the boy who gets pelted with snowballs by his siblings, tells fantastical stories to them as they look with stars in their eyes.
Safe with the Tsaritsa, who would tear the Gods apart and gift you their heads if only you asked, who holds your hand like you would disappear if she let go. She does not say a word when you come to her at night, shaking and pale, and crawl into her arms. She will not let them harm you, not again, she swears it. You love her, too, and you can see the adoration in her eyes, too.
You would protect Snezhnaya and its people with your life, and they would do the same — a love so consuming it blinds you, like watching a star burn out.
You would not trade it for the world.
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rubikor · a day ago
Tumblr media
just a child escaping the abyss
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dreamsuvivor · a day ago
Did Ikaris commit an actual murder? Yes. Will I forgive every atrocity he’s ever commit because he’s played by Richard Madden who has eyes bluer than summer sky in a small Italian coastal town and sexy scottish accent. Also yes.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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erosnoia · 2 days ago
"with empty arms"
Tumblr media
prompt ;; he sees his s/o in a dream, the other side of the bed is still cold. coming to terms that they will not be returning. !gn character
warnings ;; heavy death mention, kaeya's backstory, diluc's backstory, childe's backstory, crying, hurt, hardly any fluff
genre ;; heavy angst // headcanons -- drabbles
characters ;; kaeya, diluc, childe
Tumblr media
kaeya's head was like a labyrinthine. the sharp turns and hollow edges were something no person could see through. something no one dared to explore. too afraid they'll get lost within the deep walls of his sentiment, that they'd get sucked in with him. you weren't like that.
he had a charm that no one ignore. just another playboy, nothing more. someone who,, no matter what,, would always return to an empty bed. after every long day, and another glass, to engulf the affair of being alone. it's just how it was, right?
but it wasn't. you gave him a reason to return home at the end of the day. to put down the bottle and instead get drunk on the love you had so painlessly offered to him. painless. though he never would have imagine the ache when he was told you weren't coming home that night. he would never forgive himself.
to close his eyes without you by his side. coming home was no longer painless, he'd rather work on his documents for decades if it means it'll distract him from how painful it was. some people can't get any work done after losing a loved one, but he's just the opposite. he needs to get away from it, to run away from these emotions like he always did. some things never change.
but when he finally had fallen asleep with his head on his hand, too tired to go on with whatever he may have been absentmindedly writing before, it wasn't painful anymore.
the smell. that was the first thing he noticed when he had slipped into slumber. it was the smell of you running behind him quickly after getting too caught up looking at the flowers, gently placing one in his hair.
the smell of you after a late shower when he wrapped his arms around your waist and whispered little nothings in your ear.
the smell of when your lips finally collided with his, hands traveling all over each others bodies.
the smell of when you were walking down the isle, a bouquet in those delicate hands of yours, the hands he loved so badly. the hands he wished would caress his cheek every night as he lay awake like you two always did.
and then, he woke.
he saw you, he really did. he smelled you, he almost even got to touch you again. gods, what he would give to touch you again.
chest rising and falling as he looks back down at the scattered papers on his desk. vision blurring, droplets falling onto the documents. the ink smudged with the sudden moisture, and kaeya, he was so ashamed. to be welled up in tears because of this again.
he'd lost so much, he thought he'd be used to it by now. but hey, he got to see you again. he got to experience your presence again even if it's the last time. the universe had listened to his prayers. maybe he'll sleep more often.
Tumblr media
in no way shape or form would this be handled well. i'm not kidding, he would actually go crazy. whatever it may be that had taken you away from him, anything to do with it, he would destroy it. it burns his eyes to look at it, and he hates it.
he would lose track of everything. falling behind profusely. it got in the way of his job in every negative way it could, but for the first time, he almost didn't care.
from someone who had to learn to survive from day 1, yet have to love and care for his family, emotions came easily to him. and it's not that he was afraid to express them, he just didn't feel it was necessary around others. but the second he gets home, his hands grip his hair and he falls to his knees. it couldn't get much worse than this.
probably just completely disappears for a good while. it was no ones business anyways. the only thing he needed right now, was revenge. to whatever may have gotten to you before he could protect you, to take you while you were vulnerable.
and if you have family (that you openly showed positive reinforcement to) he would try to connect to them as closely as he could. would even mindlessly give them mora they may need to pay for whatever cost it would take to make you a proper funeral.
and by the time he'd finally done all that, the revenge being over, talking and discussing with countless people about you, he would rest. not easily, but to give himself a break. he thought that maybe sleeping away his worries would be best for him, and for this moment, he was right.
eyes having been shut for a while now, eyebrows furrowed with this torn expression on his face, he finally drifted off to sleep. features softening, a bit of relief as he finally felt something other than pure agony.
his eyes opened, the relief his face may have expressed was now gone. you,, were standing there. a light smile on your face as you looked down on him. "everything is okay."
he was awoken by the sudden wetness of the pillow, blinking the moisture away from his eyes. everything is okay? it is? he wiped his eyes, in disbelief. a part of him wanted to convince him that it was real, but the other part knew it wasn't. he took a minute to settle down his thoughts.
your honeyed voice, like the gleaming sun on a slow morning. gently calling for him to wake up so you two could go to the bakery early today.
your voice, that always hummed him to sleep when he wasn't feeling well. gently cupping his face and swaying him back and fourth.
your voice, your laugh, your cry, everything about you. he wanted to hear you more. desperation was the only thing he could grasp onto right now. the only word that could really describe his distress.
he would be sleeping on a soggy pillow that night, trying to go back to that dream just a little longer.
Tumblr media
he would never love again. platonically, romantically, doesn't matter. it was supposed to end with his father, and all the other people after him. and maybe, he'd be able to stand another loss of a nobody, but you? never.
it wasn't supposed to end like this. you two were supposed to live happily together, for you to continue being not only his partner, but his friend. to be by his side regardless of the circumstance, to never judge or belittle him. forever being his ally.
and this was it, he would finally shut down. he would never let another back into his life. if the universe wants to take the people he loves away from him so easily, he simply would not love again. you were his last hope, and it's been shattered. broken into the pieces he would never pick up again. never trying again.
he was not open to showing much emotion, from when he was a kid to even when you were alive. and he most certainly would not be changing that, in fact, it would only increase.
his eyes won't widen when something catches him by surprise anymore, his eyebrows wont furrow when he see's kaeya walk through the door (despite him being the last person he wants to see,) and that sparkle in his eye would disappear from every time the clock stroke 12, knowing that was the time you'd always give him a quick visit.
he would stare blankly, at everything. nothing seemed to matter enough as it once did. he's lost his passion, his hopes, his dreams.
to be able to see your eyes again, the eyes he always got lost in. the eyes he would stare into for a lifetime if his duties would allow him to.
to feel your eyes watching him as you admired him from the bar at angel's share. for him to look at you and quickly turn his head, a pink tinge painting his cheeks.
and his own eyes, that saw you again in a dream. for him to be able to look at you, and for you to look at him back. to be each others company, that was enough for him.
and to wake up, finding relief. finally being able to see you again, instead of tossing and turning every night because of the change in temperature next to him. he was used to the warm embrace you two shared whilst you slept next to each other, but it was empty.
to wake up in the middle of the night, staring desperately at that photo he always kept besides his bed. how could the gods be so cruel as to take you away from him, only leaving your ghost.
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azempyrea · 8 hours ago
hell-o!! can i ask for a small iced tea (fluff) with topping number 15, with childe? please and thank you <3
-- a regular (headcannons) + iced tea :: relations (bonds with darling) + "and to what do I owe the pleasure?" for Childe !!
I wasn’t sure if you wanted the fatui!Au specifically, so i tried to make it as ambiguous as possible !! (still failed though aha-)
Hope you enjoy the product, anon !!
Tumblr media
As a harbinger, Childe is surely a busy man. Especially considering as he's sent away from Snezhnaya on a near weekly basis, there wouldn't be much time for you to spend with him.
This was the case if of course, the Tsaritsa hadn't realized how much you seemed to favor him. Honestly, It was a given since he was also the first to recognize and save you from the clutches of the outside world (And this fact, he took with pride).
Now that he doesn’t need to spend as much time traveling around, he spends a majority of his time clinging to your side. It keeps the both of you safe (you from the lingering fear and him from the insatiation of Foul Legacy) and the both of you happily busy.
His company is a handful yes, but a welcome one at that. He’s willingly by your side at all times, ready to do anything at your will.
If perhaps, you choose to get revenge on the archons, he’ll keep himself by your side as both your sword and shield. It’s below you to get rid of these… pesky heretics, and supposed he should do it for you. Being useful is the least he could do for all you’ve given him…
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genshimper · 13 hours ago
My Prize Catch
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
pairing: childe/tartaglia X fem!reader
synopsis: you and Tartaglia meet at a festival night in Liyue, not knowing if it's the alcohol or simply the boy's charms you two end up getting deeply involved. Your relationship starts with a one night stand, but it evolves fast, until you discover the boy's secrets.
warnings: smut (minors dni); canon typical violence; mentions of blood and injuries; alcohol ingestion.
check out the previous chapters: Chapter 1.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1.
Liyue's Lantern Rite Festival is one of Teyvat's biggest events. Many travelers from all over the map come to see the main attraction, the lanterns floating in the dark are indeed beautiful, but the best thing about this festival is what happens afterwards. It is when families return to their homes with the children and only the young people are left on the street. The bars stay open all night, there is music, drinks, shouting and fun.
You love how the city comes alive, there are lots of new faces and you can't wait to make some drinking buddies.
The street is so crowded it's hard to move and even though it's quite late, there's a lot of noise. You have to squeeze through the crowd to find somewhere nice to sit and enjoy your drink. You find an empty space on the stairs of a closed establishment, among the many people who are also sitting there.
This is the only night of the year that it is acceptable to be out on the streets so late consuming alcoholic beverages in public. For some it is the opportunity to find a romantic partner, whether to spend the night together or to find someone for life.
Here and there you can see couples kissing, if you're not careful and you end up slipping into an alley, you might see worse.
Sitting right here beside you is a beautiful girl, so beautiful that she attracts the attention of many men and women, including foreigners. Despite this, she seems to pay no attention to anyone, and just stares at a certain point in the crowd like she's waiting for someone.
This is when a red-haired boy approaches, he is clearly a foreigner, his clothes are very different from Liyue's clothes and his appearance also stands out. He's very handsome.
Handsome plus a little dumb. The girl is clearly not interested in him, she must be waiting for someone in the crowd, even drunk you can see that.
"Hey girlie, mind if I join you?" he says to the girl, but she just huffs and ignores him, still looking directly at that same spot in the crowd.
He chuckles "I didn't think you'd be so cold, you should come with me and I'll teach you how to have fun, alright?" she keeps ignoring him. "Come on, I'll buy you a drink, as many as you want."
She gets up and walks towards the man who has just stepped out of the crowd.
"Honey, that strange man was bothering me, do something." she says to him, pointing at the red-haired boy who sat there in disbelief.
Poetic justice.
The red-haired boy may be tall but he's not even close to the size of the girl's boyfriend. He looks like a giant, in every way, he has those huge arms that could easily crush the skinny guy on your side.
The big man walked towards the redhead "Why the hell were you bothering my girl, do you want me to teach you a lesson?"
As interesting as the scene is, you decide to interrupt. You don't want to see the boy being torn apart here on the street. It's supposed to be a fun night out, not a tragic one.
"Hey, hey, calm down. There are two Millelith guards over there in the corner and they are looking at you. It's not worth it." you say that as you stand up and put yourself between the two.
He looks at you and then at the guards.
"You won't be so lucky next time I see you." he says to the boy behind you before taking the girl's hand and walking away.
You turn to look at him.
"Are you alright? You didn't say anything, you must have been scared."
He laughs a little too loudly. "Scared? I've fought much bigger things in my life."
You laugh too "Sure, if you say so."
You return to your seat.
"Anyway, thanks for taking my side." he says.
"I didn't take your side. I just didn't feel like watching a fight, I just want to enjoy my drink in peace." you shrug. "Although you deserved it, she clearly wasn't into you."
"And I clearly don't have a very good eye for these things, I hadn't noticed the guards either, you were very smart."
"Thank you. I also noticed that you had your hand on your belt at that time, if you were thinking of fighting back with some kind of weapon you shouldn't. The rules in Liyue are pretty strict, you could get in trouble for a jerk like him." you take the last sip and empty your bottle. "Like I said before, it's not worth it."
"I know it's going to sound really silly for me to say this now, but how about you join me for a few drinks?"
"If you pay, I don't see why not." and that's how the night starts for you.
You follow the redhead and go to one of the busiest restaurants, the line outside the place is so huge that you wouldn't have gotten a seat that night if it weren't for the boy handing the waiter some extra mora.
You found the best drinking partner you could. He seems to be quite rich, he doesn't even look at the prices before ordering something. He orders several dishes and different types of drinks, even the most expensive ones, and you don't have to pay a single mora.
It's amazing how well you guys got along in such a short time. You start by talking about silly subjects like Liyue's tourist spots he should visit, and after a while, when you guys are pretty drunk, you just talk about the people around you, playing games like who is the better looking person in the room, who is pretending to be drunk, who is actually drunk and who is the drunkest. You're having so much fun.
You know when you smile so much your cheeks start to hurt, you feel like that, but you just can't stop laughing. He feels the same, he has never been so drunk and so loud in his life.
After so many drinks and so much loud talking the waitress decides to kick you both out.
It turns out that when you leave the establishment you can see a few drops of rain falling from the sky. Most people start leaving before the rain gets heavier, no one wants to be in the crowd when the water actually comes down.
From under the roof cover you reach out to catch a few drops in your hand. The boy next to you watches the scene, amazed by you, and goes towards the rain, pulling you with him.
He takes you in his arms in a funny hug, preventing you from losing your balance.
"Let's enjoy the rain for a few minutes." he says.
The kiss that followed was an initiative on both sides, he leaned in as you tried to rise up on your tiptoes, and it just happened.
You really enjoy that moment.
Despite being drunk, he is a good kisser. It's the kind of kiss that makes you feel something, as if you've known each other for a long time and you just realized you're madly in love with each other.
The rain starts to get heavier and then you say "How about if we go to my room, it's close to here."
He smiles like a kid and nods, waiting for you to take him there. You walk hand in hand towards your destination, supporting each other so that no one falls.
The room you rent is really close, just walk a few streets, find the oldest building and go up to the second floor. You arrive at the door and you open the lock putting you both inside as quickly as possible to escape the rain.
You provide clean towels and start drying his hair first. He also helps you dry yours, and in the middle of this you end up kissing again. Now without the rain, without the people around, the kiss feels much more intimate.
He dictates the rhythm of the kiss and your lips just follow his pace. It starts slowly and increases in intensity as your hands begin to explore each other's bodies.
He's really tall and you have to put your arms around his neck for support. He holds you by the waist and leads you to the bed laying you on it and leaning over to not break the kiss. He keeps exploring your body with his hands, your hips, your waist and up, until his hands finds your breats.
He takes his time and you can say you're really enjoying the feeling.
"Call me Ajax." he says.
"Ajax. I like it." he can't help but kiss you one more time when you say his name. He removes his own shirt and yours too, throwing it to the side.
Ajax has a really nice body, but you notice how many scars there are. He must have gone through a tough time, now you know why he said he had fight big things in his life, he wasn't lying only so he could impress you, he was telling you the truth.
You run your hands through them, touching him gently.
He presses you down on the matress, increasing the friction between your bodies.
You can feel the bulge forming in his pants, but he stops you before you can touch it. "You first." he removes your skirt and undergarments in one quick motion, and before you can feel embaressed to be exposed he kisses you again, sliding his tongue inside your mouth, eagerly tasting each other.
He removes his gloves so you can feel his slender fingers directly touching your skin, tracing every inch of your naked body. He pinches your nipples hard and make you gasp. He likes that, he really likes your sounds.
You can't help but moan when he suddenly touches your exposed cunt, it feels warm and wet, and he places his fingers on your most sensitive spots, like a professional, exploring your folds, spreding the wetness all over.
You bite him in order to stop you moans, you bite his neck and shoulders as he proceeds to masturbate you. The thing is that he wants you to be loud, so he momorizes all your sweet spots to tease you. You give up holding you moans when he inserts a finger in your cunt, and then two.
He loves seeing you like that, coming undone with just his fingers, but he won't let you have your climax just yet. He waits until you're close and stops touching you, leaving you whimpering in frustration.
Ajax remove his belt and pants, exponsing himself to you. And it's a lot. He looks at you to see you're ready for him, when he's sure you're fine he penetrates you.
That's how it goes, you had sex with a stranger on a festival night, the only thing you know is his first name, and you call him over and over again, saying Ajax everytime you feel good. He is also really loud, he moans when he puts himself inside you, with every movement, and also when you scratch his back, he loves the pain. The marks you put on each other tonight will probably stay for a while.
It all feels a little clumsy, after all you are both drunk, but it is still amazing. He is a little rougher than you'd expect but he knows how to make you feel good. At some point you get so exhausted that you just fall asleep with you head resting on his chest, and he holds you tight like you're his precious teddy bear, falling asleep together.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Image credits
Hi reader!!! What did you think of this fic?
I tried something different this time, it's my first time writing smut so please don't judge too hard. I got this idea and shared on my feed, and some beautiful anon encouraged me to write it, so I'm sorry I don't know your name, but I dedicate this piece to you!
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poseidons-trident · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Circe x Sersi
Circe was a goddess of sorcery who was especially skilled in the magic of transmutation and would transform her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals.
Sersi has similar powers, wielding the power of matter transmutation, changing the makeup of any non-sentient material she touches.
Tumblr media
Ikaros x Ikaris
Ikaros was the son of Daedalus with whom he attempted to escape from Crete by means of wings that Daedalus constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus though flies too close to the sun, causing the wax in his wings to melt. He tumbles out of the sky, falls into the sea, and drowns.
Ikaris is the only one of the Eternals with the ability of flight and he is able to project powerful cosmic energy beams from his eyes (which is rather unrelated to Ikaros). He also died by flying into the sun which is quiet similar to the way Ikaros died.
Tumblr media
Athena x Thena
Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war and was regarded as the patron and protectress of various cities across Greece, particularly the city of Athens.
Thena wields the power to manifest any handheld weapon she can imagine with pure cosmic energy. Like Athena her weapons of choice are most of the time a spear and a shield. She is even referred to as 'goddess of war' by her teammates since in this universe the greek goddess Athena is based on her.
Tumblr media
Ajax x Ajak
Ajax was a great hero, who plays an important role in the Trojan war and is portrayed as a towering figure and a warrior of great courage in Homer's Iliad .
Ajak has, besides being a leader, not much in common with the Greek Ajax (in the comics on the other hand, where she is potrayed as a male, it is stated that she/he fought in the Trojan war). She was able to use her cosmic energy to heal humans and Eternals alike from injuries and illnesses.
Tumblr media
Hermes x Makkari
Hermes is considered the herald of the gods and able to move quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and the divine, aided by his winged sandals.
Makarri uses her cosmically powered super-speed to scout planets for the Eternals, and as the only Deaf Eternal, the sonic boom that accompanies her cosmic running does not affect her. In the comics she is sometimes referred to as Mercury, the Roman version of Hermes.
Tumblr media
Hephaistos x Phastos
Hephaistos was the god of fire, smiths, craftsmen and metalworking. He made all the weapons and armour of the gods in Olympus and served as their blacksmith.
Phastos is a technopath, able to create any invention or weapon, powered by cosmic energy. He is often seen as the blacksmith and weapons-maker of the Eternals.
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grumpdumpz · 20 days ago
Forgetting about you:
Warnings: Angst/comfort.
Overview: Dumb boyfriend says some dumb shit.
Characters: Kaeya, Childe, Thoma, (mentions of traveler).
Gender: No specified pronouns <3
- Anyone who told you dating the cavalry captain would be easy, was obviously lying to you.
- This mf got drunk and missed a date you both had planned together, leaving you alone sitting in the middle of the restaurant like an idiot.
- (You better backhand him for that).
"I swear to the archons if I walk through this door and he's sitting there I'm gonna rip his dumb head off of his dumb body." You mumbled to yourself as you approached Angels Share.
You had waited over 2 hours for him to show up, but he never did. So obviously you were beyond livid at this point, and the only place he could be besides home was passed out on the tavern floor.
You turned the doorknob and slammed the door open, catching the attention of everyone in the tavern. Your eyes landed on a familiar blue-haired man and the anger inside you started to bubble over.
Everyone in the Tavern shivered at your cold gaze, falling silent as they watched the scene unfold. Diluc sighed, knowing exactly what was about to happen.
"Greetings Y/N, you look lovely tonight." Diluc said nonchalantly, nudging his brother's arm. Kaeya furrowed his brows before turning around on his stool, meeting your harsh glare.
"Darling~!" He slurred out, his body wobbling side to side as he steadied himself on the counter. Rosaria who was sitting next to him looked at you with confusion.
"Why are you so dressed up? You look hot." She was just as drunk as Kaeya was, but in one single moment, she sobered up almost immediately.
"Oi, didn't you have that date tonight?" The nun nudged Kaeya, watching his eyes widen in panic as he flicked his gaze back to you. Your eyes were filling up with frustrated tears as you practically stomped towards your boyfriend.
"Y/N I'm so sorry my love-" He tried to apologize but instead was greeted with a hard slap to the side of his face. You let angry tears fall down your face, holding back violent sobs as you held your cold gaze with your lover.
"I don't want you in the house tonight, find somewhere else to stay." You didn't mean to be so cruel, but you were hurt. The dinner you had both been planning meant the world to you. You had barely seen Kaeya ever since the Stormterror incident, so tonight was the first night in a while you were able to spend time together.
Without another word you stormed back out of the tavern, slamming the door shut behind you as you made your way home. That night was cold, and although you did miss your lover, you were still upset.
The next day you tried searching for your lover. Sure, you had been a bit dramatic, but you were hurt. You were looking forward to spending time with him after so long, only to find out he ditched you to go get drunk at the tavern.
You looked in the headquarters, but nothing.
You asked Amber, but nothing.
You even asked Diluc, but still nothing.
No one had heard of your lover, so you finally asked Jean. You knew she was a busy woman so you wanted to avoid troubling her any further, but you had no choice at this point.
"He's gone on patrol? But it was his day off today, wasn't someone else supposed to take over for him?" You were beyond confused, had he come into work despite having taken the day off.
"Yes, but he insisted on doing patrols. He said he needed something to get his mind off of something. Did something happen?" Jean questioned. You could see the concern in her eyes as she leaned forward in her chair.
"No no, it's fine. I just need to talk to him about something, do you know which route he took?" Jean nodded at your words and gave you the directions, dismissing you kindly as you left the headquarters.
You were walking through Wolvendom, searching for the familiar tuft of blue hair amongst the greenery. Your eyes scanned the landscape before landing on the group of knights walking just ahead of you.
You started to pick up the pace but stopped in your tracks once you heard what they were talking about. Your heart dropped to your stomach and tears started to flood your eyes.
"Jeez! Seems like your little Y/N isn't as great as you thought!" One of them let out a hearty chuckle, smacking Kaeya on the back.
"Now now Y/N isn't that bad." You could hear the sarcasm in your lover's voice as the knights continued to laugh, mocking you.
"I just wish they weren't so clingy." He sighed, shaking his head and letting out another mocking laugh.
Tears were now falling freely as you stepped back, a stick cracking underneath the pressure of your foot. The group of knights looked back, their eyes widening at the sight of you.
"Darling? W-what are you doing here?" Kaeya chuckled nervously, taking quick steps towards you, hoping to reach you before you could run off.
But he was too slow.
In a moment of panic, you turned on your heel and sprinted as fast as you could away from the group. Shouts of your name echoed through the air as you attempted to wipe the tears from your eyes.
Throughout the day you managed to successfully avoid Kaeya, choosing to hide away at the statue in windrise. There were rarely any patrols here and you knew this was the last place he would check.
So when the sun fell and footsteps started to approach you, you knew there was no use in running anymore. You were sat down in front of the statue, leaning up against the stone and staring up at the stars.
"Good evening Love." His voice fell on deaf ears, you didn't feel like talking to him. He sighed, sitting on the steps just in front of the statue.
"You don't need to talk to me, but at least listen to what I have to say." He started, glancing back at you, only to receive a nod as you turned your gaze to the floor.
"I'm sorry, my love," He started, swallowing the lump in his throat before continuing, "I am genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, so sorry for what I've done. It was immature and selfish of me to not only miss a date we had planned but also talk about you behind your back." He let out a shaky sigh, his head hanging low in shame as he stared at the cement below him.
"I shouldn't have done what I did and I now realize how lonely you must have felt. I apologize for my and absence and for being a terrible partner." his voice was strained. He had to stop talking otherwise he would've broken down in front of you.
"If you would like to part ways, I will accept that, but I do hope you consider giving me a second chance to redeem myself." He fell silent once again, waiting for your response.
he was expecting the worse, for you to tell him you couldn't take it anymore, for you to tell him that you were tired. However, instead, he felt arms wrap themselves around his waist and warmth spread across his back.
"I would never leave you over such childish matters." You muttered, placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder blade before resting for head against his back.
"I love you too much to let you go over something as silly as this. Although I am still upset, I want you to know that I will love you regardless of the things you do. Even if you were to tear the ground open from under me, my heart will remain yours till the end of time." You felt him twist in your embrace as he turned around to pull you into his lap.
"As will mine." He whimpered out, burying his face in your shoulder as he let out quiet sobs.
He was not used to being loved like this, but he would pray to the gods every single day if it meant he could keep you in his arms forever.
- Long story short, he got carried away with the traveler and you almost died.
- Like literally.
- Just read and you'll find out.
You knew you should've just stayed home when the traveler had asked you for help. You knew you should've said no. However, when you found out your lover would also be joining her, you couldn't help yourself but be curious.
They had been together a lot recently, Childe saying he was simply helping Lumine with commissions and putting up posters for her brother. You didn't mind at first, knowing the blonde had pure intentions, but as the days of not seeing your lover stretched on and the late nights he would come home got later and later, you were getting more and more concerned.
So you joined them, however, it only made your gut feeling even worse as you struggled to keep up with the two. They were happily chatting away, walking ahead of you while you hung back by yourself.
You saw the bright smile plastered on his face as he told the Traveler all about his homeland and his family. He even promised to take them there one day.
He had promised you that as well.
You sighed, forcing back tears as you lagged further and further behind the two, eventually no longer seeing them in front of you. They hadn't even noticed you weren't there with them, which only made your heart hurt even more.
The sun was setting and you decided to just sit at the edge of a cliff and admire the beauty of Liyue. The golden plains lit up as the sun spread across the lands. You let yourself relax, taking in the view as all your worries faded away.
That was until you heard footsteps behind you and a sinister chuckle. You shot up, spinning around to be greeted by a large group of Fatui skirmishers. you took out your sword, gripping it in your hands as you glared at the men before you.
"Well well well, look who we have here." One of them smirked at your form before they all lunged at you.
Childe was happily chatting away with Lumine, happy to be able to share his troubles with the blonde. He hadn't even noticed your absence until Paimon spoke up.
"Hey, Paimon feels like we're missing something. Where did Y/N go?" She spoke out, whipping her around but not seeing you anywhere. Childe tensed up, his attention no longer on the blonde, but on finding you.
"When did they leave? How could we not have noticed?" Lumine spoke up, worry laced in her voice as she hurriedly started jogging back in the direction they came.
"Paimon didn't even realize! Oh gosh, I hope they're okay..." Paimon flew beside the traveler as the three quickly made their way back. Childe stayed silent, his eyes flicking around for any sign of you, listening in for anything.
His worries worsened as he heard a loud scream echo off the golden mountains, his jogging now turning into a sprint as he made a b-line towards the sound.
The traveler tagged behind him, she too looked around for you, worried that something had happened. Childe prayed to the gods that the scream didn't come from you, he prayed on everything he had that you were okay.
That was when he saw you, gripping onto the side of the cliff for dear life as the skirmishers towered over you. They smirked down at you, watching you struggle to hang on.
"Bye-bye." One of them snickered out before stomping on your hands, causing you to let go and start to fall down onto the sharp rocks below you.
"Y/N!!" The three screamed out, Childe now speeding up.
He had to make it to you, he had to save you. He wouldn't forgive himself if you died due to his negligence. He used his vision to launch himself into the air, his arms reaching out to catch you before you landed.
You felt arms wrap around you, opening your eyes to see your worried lover. He landed onto a clearing, making sure your body didn't make an impact with the ground as he cushioned your fall.
He hurriedly observed your body and put pressure on your open wounds, tears filling his eyes as he watched you weakly reach up to cup his face.
"Ajax...? You're here." You smiled weakly, watching tears start to fall from his eyes.
"Yes I'm here, I'm here baby, it's okay, you're okay." he let out soft whimpers as he ripped apart your already torn jacket to wrap it around your wounds.
"What happened? Why did you leave?" He had so many questions, but his main concern was who had done this to you. He was going to make them pay with their blood for hurting his love.
"The men up there, the Fatui..." Childe's blood boiled as he glanced up to see the skirmishers looking down at him in shock and fear. He stood up, motioning for Lumine to come and tend to you while he took care of his "soldiers".
"I'll be back love, just hold on a bit longer." He shot you a smile before launching himself up to the top of the cliff. The only thing that filled the air was the screams and pleas of the Fatui, weapons clashing before silence fell.
Your lover returned to your side, gently lifting you up into his arms as he sprinted towards a nearby village. Lumine and Paimon tagged behind you both, looking out for any more trouble along the way.
You let your eyes fall shut as your body fell unconscious.
When you woke you were in an unfamiliar room, looking around to see your lover asleep on a chair next to you. You sat up slowly, wincing in pain as you leaned up against the wall behind you.
The door opened, revealing the Traveler and Paimon. Lumine had a tray of food in her hands. Her eyes widened as she hurriedly made her way to your side.
"Y/N you're awake!" She let out a relieved laugh as she placed the tray on the bedside table.
"Lumine? Where are we?" Your voice was strained, and the blonde passed you the glass of water that was on the tray.
"We are in Qingce village, a kind lady offered to aid you. We promised that once you woke up we would take you back to Liyue Harbor so Baizhu can take a look at you, but I think you and Childe need to have a talk," She started, laying the tray gently in your lap before continuing, "Paimon and I will go run a few errands before we leave. I'm so glad you're okay Y/N." She smiled brightly at you before exiting with Paimon tagging behind her.
You sighed, feeling guilty about being so jealous of the girl. She was kind and caring, no wonder your lover spent so much time with her. She only wanted the best for you, and all you could do was be jealous of her kindness.
You ate the food given to you before setting the tray to the side, turning your gaze out the window. It was daytime, meaning you had slept through the night. You sighed, leaning back and watching the birds fly around outside.
"Y/N...?"A raspy voice filled your ears as you turned to gently smile at your tired lover.
"Hi, Love." You reached a hand up to brush some of his be hair out of his face. His eyes widened as he practically threw himself at you, his arms latching around you tightly.
"I'm so sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." He continued to apologize as you brushed your fingers through his hair, shushing him gently to calm his shaken form.
"Don't apologize, love. It wasn't your fault." You lifted his head up, meeting his eyes as you started to place gentle kisses all over his face.
"Let's just get home okay? We'll talk once we're back." Your relationship was far from perfect, but you didn't want perfect.
You just wanted him.
- He didn't mean to I promise you.
- But working for the Kamisato clan can get kinda tough and he has to spend a lot of time running around. So he barely has time for you.
"Thoma? Are you free today?" You knew your attempt at asking was futile, but there was no pain in asking. Even though you knew he would most definitely decline, saying he had something else to do, saying he had an errand to run.
"Sorry Y/N, Miss Kamisato needs me for something. I promise I'll spend time with you later." He apologized, pulling you into a quick hug and pecking your lips before shooting off.
You sighed, your heart feeling heavy as you returned back to your room, shutting the door and deciding to just sleep the rest of the day away.
"Thoma? Do you think you could help me-" This time he cut you off.
"Sorry love, I have to shoot off right away. I promise I'll take you out tomorrow." He did his same routine of hugging you, kissing you, and then leaving.
Every day you asked him to spend at least a moment with you, but instead, you were met with empty promises that will never be filled and a broken heart.
You walked through the streets of Inazuma city, stopping in to browse at a few places before returning home and calling it a day.
This turned into a continuous pattern; you asking Thoma whether he could hang out or not, and then him saying no before shooting off again.
You had gotten too accustomed to not seeing him, you were shocked when he finally had some time to spare for you. To be honest, you almost forgot you had a lover.
"Love? Are you hungry? Do you wanna get some lunch with me?" He smiled at you, his hand resting on your hips, yours resting on his shoulders.
You stayed silent for a moment before letting a bright smile across your features. You were beyond happy to finally be able to spend some quality time with your lover.
You opened your mouth to accept his offer, only to be cut off by a knock at the door. Your smile dropped as you looked behind him and saw Ayaka standing at the doorway.
"I apologize for interrupting, but I must borrow Thoma for a moment. Only if that is alright with you..." She looked at you, shyly twisting her fingers as she got nervous under your intense stare.
"Sorry Miss Kamisato, but we-" You stopped talking when you felt Thomas's hands leave your waist as he turned his back to you and walked towards the door.
"It's fine! We'll only be a moment, stay right there my dear!" He shot you a quick smile before following Ayaka out the door. You saw her send you an apologetic smile before they both disappeared.
You sighed, feeling tears well up in your eyes as you collapsed onto the floor. You were beyond tired of this all. You just wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, only for him to abandon you when you need him most.
But still, you did as he said and waited.
More than 3 hours had passed and you hadn't seen nor heard of either of them. Your heart hurt even more now, finally deciding to just go outside and get some fresh air.
You stepped outside, observing the empty streets of Inazuma that were illuminated by the bright moonlight. You found yourself at the docks in Ritou, your favorite spot to relax when you were stressed or upset.
You stared out onto the water, watching as the moonlight bounced off of the dark ocean. You longed for your homeland, Liyue. Being stuck in Inazuma was fun at first, but as the days went by you became even more homesick.
You hadn't even noticed the tears that were falling down your face until you let out a quiet sob. They soon turned into violent cries as you hugged your knees up to your chest.
You were so, so tired.
"Y/N!" You heard a shout for your name as you turned around to be met by your lover running towards you, his eyes filled with worry as he crouched down in front of you and gently pulled you into his embrace.
"Are you okay sweetheart? Why did you run off? I'm sorry I left for so long, I was just-" You cut him off, your hands gripping his shirt, your knuckles turning white as you let out another sob.
"I can't do this anymore Thoma, I'm so tired." You cried into his chest. You felt his body tense up and his grip around you tighten.
"What do you mean Love?" He was nervous about what you had to say next, the thought of you leaving him made him nauseous. He loved you so much, his heart wouldn't be able to take it if you left with him.
"I think we need to take a break, Thoma." His worst fears came to life, tears welling up in his eyes as he hugged you tighter, burying his face in your shoulder.
"No! Please let's just- Just please don't leave me..." His voice shook as he let out silent sobs. You felt tears drip through the fabric of your shirt.
"I'm sorry Thoma, I can't do this anymore. You're never around and I can't-"
"Please let me explain!" He cried out, pulling you closer as if you were going to slip away from him.
You stayed silent, patiently waiting for him to calm himself down and lift his head up to meet your eyes. You watched him swallow the lump in his throat before speaking.
"With the vision hunt decree, I've been busy helping the Kamisato clan. Things have been insane and I've been busy dodging the decree and helping others. I'm sorry for not being around and for not making time for you, I promise to try harder and I promise I'll be better for you. Just please...please don't leave me..." He let out another sob, returning his face back to your shoulder.
You stayed silent, running your fingers through his hair as you both cried in each others arms. You could never bring yourself to hate him or stay mad, so instead you chose to silently comfort your lover.
You could talk more later anyway.
Note: This is unedited.
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opalesense · 7 months ago
oh my god Your 'a sight to behold' work was mhmfmmsmamzx, i love it. im sosososoossosoo curious as to what graphic details you have in mind 😏
lose control
Tumblr media
zhongli, childe, diluc, kaeya & f!reader (NSFW)
3.5k words • ~22 min. read
summary: a part two to this where the boys are unable to fight their urges when they see you helplessly stuck in a wall.
warnings: slight dubcon, choking, cunnilingus, facefucking, a bit of zhongli favoritism oops!
notes: omg hehehe thank youu i’m so glad you liked it <3 i wrote it at 2AM and was so surprised it turned out decently well for my fuzzy brain HAHA anyway as for the graphic details... i only left them out originally because i wasn’t sure if anon wanted straight up full nsfw or not >////< but since you asked you shall receive... <3
Tumblr media
 Zhongli effortlessly took the rocks off of you, waiting and watching your slight movements for a few moments before your eyes finally fluttered open. A throbbing pain in your temple sent one of your hands to gently massage it, making you wince quietly in pain. “Zhongli...”
 “This is the result of carelessness and insufficient planning,” he crossed his arms and studied your curves as he calmly scolded you. “Next time, let me take the lead.”
 As you laid there massaging your head, his eyes traced up and down your body, fixating on the way your legs were helplessly spread in front of him, parted in such a way that he knew he would fit perfectly if he sat between them. Following that train of thought, he uncrossed his arms and slowly climbed on the bed of rocks, letting his body hover over you and supporting his weight with a hand planted above your head.
 His free hand crept up your shirt, pulling it up in the process. The way he suddenly exposed your torso made you gasp and simultaneously wince again from the sudden movements. You weakly placed a hand on his forearm, initially in instinctual protest but then relaxing as you knew this was not just some stranger from the outside, but a man you trusted. “Z-Zhongli, what are you-“
 “Checking for injuries, of course,” he lied with a coy smile which made you softly giggle. His hand slowly caressed your bare hips and waist, noticing the way your skin formed goosebumps at his touch. You watched as his gloved fingers hovered over your bruises and scrapes, making their way up your torso then finally pulling your bra up to reveal your breasts. You swore you could hear the hunger in his low growl as his eyes were desperately fixated on your half naked body.
 “Zhongli, at least take me home first–“ you attempted to speak up but he interrupted you by wrapping his hand around your throat, applying pressure while his knee wedged itself in the empty spot between your legs. As you choked, you finally got a good look at his face. The amicable yet stoic expression Zhongli usually had was replaced with something more sinister, more lustful. With heavily breaths and shaky hands, you could sense he was getting needier by the second.
 “Right now?” you managed to whisper as you stared into his glowing amber eyes. Unable to form coherent words now, all he could do was press his forehead against yours and let his lips quiver as he fought the thoughts that flooded his mind. He knew he shouldn’t do this. He knew he should help you get home and ensure that your wellbeing is secured. A war raged on inside his head, the logical side of him trying to fight his urges, but he knew he couldn’t uphold this for long. His body couldn’t help but latch onto yours, grinding against you in desperation. You two didn’t need to say much to each other to know when Zhongli was craving you like this. Looking down at his knee slowly rubbing against you, you already knew what was going to happen. From the sight of you so vulnerable under him, your legs spread out in a perfect position for him to take you, all he wanted to do in this moment was chase his release. And yes, he needed to do it now.
 You tilted your chin up to plant a sweet kiss on his lips, slightly catching him off guard. He let go of your throat as he gave you another short kiss back, letting out what sounded like a whimper once he pulled his face away. You sighed contently as you glanced down at his growing bulge. “Well, make it quick, okay? Then we can continue this at home–“
 Immediately after hearing your approval, Zhongli wasted no time to lean down and wrap his lips on one of your nipples, immediately biting and sucking, causing you to arch your back and gasp at the sensation. He simultaneously freed his already hardened cock from his pants, slowly pumping it with his hand and letting out a low groan, sending vibrations to your nipple. You whimpered in pleasure, instinctively trying to pin your knees together in an attempt at modesty which only squeezed him closer to you.
 He let go of your nipple and lifted himself up, now standing in front of you and slowly pumping his cock as he looked down at the sight of your lewd position. “Please tell me if this is too much,” he managed to tell you before he lifted one hand towards a boulder and crushed it into a peculiar shape with one swift movement.
 Before you could process why he was now hovering the large rock over your body, you felt the earth rumble below you and push you upwards, straightening your spine as if you were laying on a table. Your legs began to dangle off the edge of the newly made platform as he locked you in place with the boulder he had shaped, which you noticed had a space carved into it only large enough for your waist to be pinned down. It was all adding up now as he grabbed both of your legs and pulled you closer to him, ensuring that you couldn’t escape his cleverly built trap.
 Lifting your knees over his shoulders and pulling your underwear to the side, you felt his erection prod your slick entrance before he slowly pushed himself inside of your cunt, groaning in pleasure as he grabbed ahold of your thighs for stability. He began to rock his hips back and forth immediately, leaving you breathlessly moaning at the little time you had to adjust to his size.
 “Only you make me feel this way,” he muttered as his grip on your thighs tightened. He leaned forward to pound into you at a better angle, his hips slamming into yours with each powerful thrust. “Only you can make me lose control of myself so easily...”
Tumblr media
 “...I’m sure I can make all the pain go away and replace it with pleasure instead.”
Childe’s words echoed in your head as he yanked your underwear down and firmly gripped your ass, spreading your folds apart and making you shiver at the sudden exposure. You tried to wiggle your way out of the pile of rocks in protest, but that only pushed you further into his grasp, making him laugh at your pathetic attempt to escape. You didn’t want to admit that this was slowly turning you on, but looking down at the damp stain in your underwear, Childe knew regardless.
 “You make it so easy for me,” he traced a finger over your already wet folds, eliciting a whimper from your throat. “You make it so easy for me to conquer you and remind you that you’re mine to play with.”
 Even though you weren’t eager to get toyed around with, given the current circumstances of being completely locked in with nowhere to go, you weren’t completely opposed either. You couldn’t help but mewl at the feeling of Childe suddenly pushing one gloved finger inside of your trembling cunt, slowly curling his digit to massage your walls. “At least... take me home first...” you whined cutely, he thought.
 “Why should I when you’re already enjoying yourself here?” he pulled his finger out momentarily only to push back in with two fingers, “Look how wet you are when we’ve only just begun...”
 Childe could hardly contain himself either, but he didn’t want to verbally admit it. If only you could see how hard he was getting by the second just by staring at your vulnerable holes and the way your underwear hung around your knees, or the tiny squirming of your legs when he pushed the right spots inside you. If only you could see the way his eyebrows knitted together, breath stuttering as he fantasized about railing you into next year in this position, fucking you into the wall for hours until you cried for him to stop.
 But for now, he decided he’d show you some mercy and make it quick. As he used his free hand to unbuckle his pants and unsheath his cock, he was determined to hear your screams echo around the walls of the cavern first before letting you go. “Hold still for me, okay? It’s not like you can go anywhere, anyway,” he chuckled then pulled his fingers out to grip your ass and position himself behind you, “I’ll make you feel so good...”
 “Childe, wait–!” was all you could say before moaning in ecstacy as he began to drive his cock into your aching hole, each inch pushing apart your walls so deliciously that he couldn’t help but moan too. He stayed still for a moment, bottomed out inside of you, head pressed up against the rocks as he relished in the feeling of you clamping around his cock. But before you could relax and bask in the delightful feeling of being stuffed full, he squeezed your ass with both hands and began pounding into you with no second thought.
 Whatever pain you might have had before was surely gone by his penetration alone. He knew how good he was screwing you by the way you whimpered out his name in between moans, or the way you subtly pressed up against him with the limited movement you had, matching his rhythm. “You better pray that I don’t lose control and fuck you here until the sun rises,” he said with a dubious smirk that you wish you could’ve seen, “But I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?”
Tumblr media
 To say Diluc was nervous as his eyes were pinned on your thighs rubbing together was an understatement. He could feel himself getting more aroused by the second, staring at your underwear and noticing a subtle wet stain that had developed beforehand. Your words were completely drowned out in his mind. All he could focus on was resisting his urges and maintaining his composure like a true gentleman.
 But surely a gentleman could be a little self indulgent now and then, right? Especially since you were tempting him so badly wiggling around like that, he couldn’t help but wonder if you were doing this to him on purpose.
 He took a few steps closer to the wall and adjusted his gloves before reaching into his coat pocket for a hair tie. “Could you repeat that again for me, dear?” he tilted his head as he gathered his long strands into a ponytail, never taking his eyes off of your glistening skin.
 You happily obliged, listening to him kneel down behind you, assuming he was just picking up another rock. “I was just saying how – Diluc?”
 Your assumption couldn’t possibly be more wrong. He interrupted you by pulling your underwear down to your thighs, licking his lips as his hungry gaze traced your wet folds, imagining what your face must look like by how he took you by surprise. His grip on your thighs tightened as he fantasized about you, the straps of your underwear still wrapped around his fingers to keep his hands on you no matter how much you squirmed underneath him.
 He leaned down to press a sweet kiss on your clit, eliciting a gasp from you in response. Smirking, he stuck out his tongue and began slowly tracing the wet muscle around your folds, savoring your taste and savoring the sweet moans you gave him at the same time. “Keep making those pretty sounds, my love,” he whispered, his hot breath against your cunt driving you crazy.
 His slow and sensual kisses on your cunt was only the start of his feast. Each kiss was accompanied with small circles he rubbed into your thighs with his thumbs and low periodic groans that sent vibrations through his tongue, making you whimper in ecstacy. But as much as he loved taking things slow and steady, he wanted to hear you cry out his name. He wanted to see how far he could take you to the edge by his control alone. He wanted to make those pretty legs tremble violently under his touch.
 In one swift motion, he began to prod his tongue against your entrance, stretching your folds by drawing circles with his eager muscle. If only the rocks weren’t holding you down along with his hands pressing your thighs into place, you surely would have been thrashing around at the way he teased you with his tongue alone. Slowly, he began to extend his tongue into you more, inching his face closer to your aching hole and stopping once his nose met your skin. The sensation of his tongue gently quivering inside you made you melt, even more so when he started to fuck you at a steady pace with his mouth, eyes fluttering closed as he relished in your taste.
 Soon, his movements started to reflect how hungry he really was for you. He bobbed his head steadily, stifling his moans so he could listen to yours. He took one hand off of your thigh to gently rub your clit with his thumb, still fucking you with his tongue and making you subtly rock your hips back and forth to match his rhythm. It hadn’t even been very long since he laid his hands on you, but your body couldn’t help but react to how worked up he was making you.
 And of course, he would notice these reactions. Your shaky rhythm against his was an indicator to hold you down firmly and quicken his pace, and surely enough, the heat in your core was starting to build up. You buried your head in the rocks, flustered and blushing more than you ever had before. “D-Diluc...! More... more, please!”
 When he pulled his tongue out, you figured he was just going to be mean to you and deny your orgasm but you were pleasantly mistaken. To your surprise, after a moment of rustling as he took one of his gloves off, he pushed two fingers inside of your needy hole and began to hit your sweet spot immediately as he fingered you, almost as if he had memorized what makes you cry out in pleasure. His eager lips began to suck on your clit as well, his heart set on making you cum on his fingers.
 Soon enough, you couldn’t contain it anymore. Your legs quivered as you reached your peak, your mewling and whining sadly muffled by the rocks but loud enough for him to hear you clearly enough. The sound of his name being echoed throughout the cavern as your orgasm exploded on his bare fingers was enough to make his cock throb. With heavy, warm breaths, he pulled his face and fingers away from you to let you calm down from your climax, his face flushed red and nose shining from your wetness. “So beautiful... I can never get enough of you, [Y/N].”
 You whined as he slowly let go of your thigh after giving you one last kiss on your sensitive clit. He licked his lips once more, lapping up all your wetness and wiping the excess that had dribbled down on his chin with his sleeve. With a chuckle, he stood up and placed his hands back on your ass, squeezing your curves and pressing his hips against yours. His clothed bulge fit so perfectly between your cheeks, snuggling comfortably in your wetness to leave a stain on his pants. He grinded himself into you even more at the sight of this, teasing you just for the fun of it. “Don’t worry love, we’re not going anywhere just yet...”
Tumblr media
 “Now that I think about it, I do deserve a prize for saving you, don’t I?”
 Kaeya’s hands travelled from massaging your scalp to scaling up your jaw, one thumb tracing your bottom lip gently asking to let him in. You pouted stubbornly, losing your patience – you had been stuck here for a while and wanted to get out, after all. “Quit running–“
 But alas, he used this moment to stick his thumb inside your mouth, letting the pad of his finger massage your tongue. He let out a hum of satisfaction as your eyes softened, slowly submitting to his touch. “You’re being awfully defiant to the one person who can get you out of here. I ought to teach that naughty mouth of yours a lesson while I claim my prize, hm?”
 This man never knows when to shut up, a voice in your head complained. But admittedly, the way he stared at your mouth so longingly had your core light up a tiny bit. You whined in response at first, looking down (or up?) at his thumb disappearing inside your mouth then deciding it would be best to comply. With a small hum you opened your mouth wider, letting your tongue stick out as your eyes darted to meet his. He grinned contently, pulling his thumb out of your mouth to pull his cock out of his pants. No matter how many times you’ve seen his length, you never understood how he managed to fit himself inside you.
 “Good girl,” he tucked his hand under your neck to offer support as he pressed his tip against your awaiting tongue. He started rocking his hips slightly just to tease you, grinning evilly as he stared down at your eyes. “You’re so cute like this. So vulnerable and eager to please whenever I want you...”
 He began to slowly push himself into your mouth, letting out a groan of relief as he buried himself inch by inch. You sputtered a bit at first, not completely used to his length just yet, but secretly he loved whenever you choked on his cock. He let you ride out your choking a bit more as he nearly bottomed out, watching as your throat slowly relaxed around his bulge.
 His other free hand found its way on your cheek, caressing it as he started to rock his hips back and forth very slowly, basking in the feeling of your throat clamped around his cock. “Such a good girl, making me feel so good whenever I want... You’re doing very well, sweetheart,” he quietly praised, opting to listen to your muffled whimpering whenever he pushed in.
 A bit of restlessness started to kick in after awhile of fucking your mouth so slowly, and with a naughty smirk, Kaeya took both hands to grip both sides of your head. He started to thrust into your mouth at a quicker pace, occasionally pulling out to give you a breath of air only to bury himself in your throat again. He found himself unable to contain his moans at this point, letting his sweet, raspy praises for you ring through your ears. Your legs started to twitch in excitement the more he praised you for being so obedient and good for him that despite your initial defiance, you hoped he would take care of your needs later.
 Your thoughts were interrupted by his fingers running across your scalp then suddenly taking a tight grip on your head as he fucked your brains out quite literally. He began to get lost in the feeling, ignoring your pleas for air as you tapped his thigh repeatedly through tears. Even when he snapped back to his senses for a moment to pull out, he whined desperately as he quickly pushed himself back in, wanting to chase his orgasm so badly using your mouth.
 “S-So good for me... I’m gonna...! F-Fuck, no..!” Kaeya quickly and quite nervously pulled himself out of you, leaving you immediately coughing and gagging in your own spit and his precum. He grunted in frustration, leaving you confused and concerned as you continued to choke for air. He suddenly tucked his cock back into his pants haphazardly and went straight back to work on getting the rocks off of you.
 “W-What was that all about? Are you waiting until we get home or something?” your voice was clearly defeated as you watched him work. He only glanced back at you for a moment before chuckling and pulling one specific rock out of the pile to send the rest tumbling down, finally revealing your trembling body, exposed in all of its glory. You gasped in a mixture of relief and excitement as he hungrily climbed on top of you and pulled you towards him so your head wouldn’t hang off the edge anymore. You giggled at how disheveled and horny he evidently was, his movements ragged and needy. Who could blame him for looking so desperate when he was staring up and down your vulnerable body, waiting to devour you like a hungry beast?
 His hands worked with urgency as he ripped your underwear off and unsheathed his cock again, manhandling your hips to meet his. You gasped as he quickly pushed himself inside of your cunt and began pounding into you mercilessly, not letting you adjust to his size since you were already so aroused for him anyway. Your cute whimpers and gasps made him even more feral, and it was at this point that he decided to lean down and whisper the answer to your question earlier.
 “Sorry, sweetheart. I can’t just wait until we get home, I need to be inside you right now...”
Tumblr media
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shinsosweet · a month ago
♢ Favorite | Childe
Alternative Title: Yours
Includes: Yandere, Slightly suggestive, Cult, D//rugging, K//idnapping, S/A, N-C kissing SAGAU
Warnings: Slight perv Childe, Yandere, talks of bruises/scares, allusions to past mistreatment (verbal and physical), Childe climbs on top of you and kisses you while ur dr/ugged… so yeah idk what to tag that?
Word count: 3.2k
A/N: closeted pervs, pervs… pervs who’re obsessed with you? mhm… yes, i like that. yes. anyway, i’m working of D.V pt 2 and other stuff but yeah take this for now </3 hopefully this isn’t too messy </3
Intended for mature audiences (17+)
Tumblr media
You wondered why you thought you had a chance in the first place – not once since you’d arrived had things gone your way, from the cruel words thrown at you in Mondstatd to the harsh blades that sliced you in Inazuma, ever since you’d arrived at Teyvat things had gone horribly wrong for you.
Now here you were, being chased by the 11th Fatui Harbinger, Tartaglia, for sins unknown to you.
You’d stumbled upon the rough edges of Dragonspine and naively ran straight into the harsh temperament of never-ending winter, hoping the ginger would simply let you be but alas, fate had different plans, and he followed you into the freezing temperatures, bow and arrow in hand.
It had been almost an hour of being lost in the hellish winter lands, but considering he’d been chasing you for days – his patience shouldn’t be surprising.
“Stop making this harder than it needs to be, pal,” Childe mocked, his voice was rough as if he was scolding a child, “you got caught, now give up… this is starting to get really annoying.”
“I normally enjoy this sort of stuff,” he sighs, his voice muffled by the softened snow and fair amount of distance you’d managed to gain, “chasing and hunting, but you… God, you… you really messed up. Showing up looking like that, acting as if you had no idea what you were doing was… disrespectful, matter of fact, that’s what you are; disrespectful and ungrateful, acting like a little kid, and that’s coming from me.”
You wanted to ask what he was talking about, scream and beg him for answers – he spoke as if he understood why you were being targeted, almost as if he wasn’t the one with a finger on a trigger waiting for your next wrong move.
Your body felt weak, you hadn’t eaten in so long — you’d been rejected food and water — your body was fatigued, you were hurting and the freezing temperatures nibbling at your exposed flesh didn’t help. For reasons unknown, as most things were around here to you, you didn’t have to sleep nor eat as often as others — being able to spend the equivalent of days without basic needs, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t growing starved and tired.
The Fatui doesn’t stop talking, he had nothing to worry about — his clothes were warm and his basic human rights had been served, not only was he ridiculously strong but he had every and all advantages over you, from a fed stomach to a good night’s rest and a weapon, you were mere child’s pray to an experienced hunter.
His words were insulting, criticizing your character – which he’d never taken the time to know, you note – to your appearance, the way you moved and acted, nothing was off the table as he tore you apart with words as he waited to rip you apart later.
Is this how you die? — you muse, you decide to tune out his sing-song voice, his words hurt and why focus on more pain when death was basically inviting you over for a cup of tea?
The thought brings tears to your eyes, tears that had been piling up since the day you’d arrive to this hell-hole, you had been home one day – playing games and enjoying life, your life, as pathetic and miserable as it may seem to some, and now you were here; being prosecuted and sentenced for a crime you didn’t even know about.
The people you’d helped, stupid, brainless string of code and characters in your stupid, time-consuming game that didn’t offer any real life consequences (that shouldn’t offer real life consequences) turned their backs on you and left you to die a slow and painful death. How pathetic.
This is how you die — you think, certain of your impending doom.
You were crying, all of your strength now concentrated in your shaking form, tears now streamed down your face – you didn’t notice too busy in your worn self pity to realize, but the harsh temperatures further dropped with the evidence of your sorrows running down your face, with every tear the mountains seemed to weep alongside you; snow now fell at a more frequent pace echoing the water dripping down your face.
“What did I do wrong…” You ask the skies, no longer caring to hide — it was inevitable that he’d find you. Your sobs grow louder the closer he gets and the quieter he becomes, soon – you couldn’t make out whatever cruel remarks he was spouting, probably busy focusing on the meek sounds escaping your weakened body trying to get this over with, he was enjoying your suffering, wasn’t he?
He stops walking (something you vaguely note, too tired to try and escape now), in mere seconds he’s standing behind the rock he’s certain you’re hiding against – all he needs to do is ambush you, strike your chest with an arrow and things would be over with, he’d be back on track to Liyue and off to his next destination. And yet, his hands trembled slightly as he gripped the wooden handle of his bow – he couldn’t bring himself to aim.
But isn’t this what he wanted? He’d asked The Tsaritsa for a longer stay in Liyue for this exact moment, he’d even followed you through Liyue and up until this damned mountain. He would have finally gotten rid of the fake God, the pest that had been making its way around Teyvat making a fool of themselves and everyone around them. He wouldn’t have been so bothered if it hadn’t been someone impersonating you, but that wasn’t the case — the idiot, the absolute bastard, had the balls to make a divine comedy of you and it made Childe sick.
And yet, as he stood above you, only a few steps away, a lift of a finger from ending your life, he couldn’t.
Something deep inside him made him stall, he didn’t understand why until you finally spoke to him for the first time in the almost three days he’d been hunting you like sport.
“At least tell me what I did to deserve this, Ajax.”
Ajax, Ajax, Ajax, Ajax, Ajax, Ajax ,Ajax, Ajax, Ajax, Ajax… you called him by his name.
No one knew his name – more like, no one should know his name, so why did you – some outlander, some weird, demented freak making a mockery of his God know his name?
He let the thoughts simmer in his head; an outlander that knew his name, that knew where they were without even looking at a map, one that navigated the hills and their surroundings like an expert, that had the soil and skies of Teyvat answer their cries, who managed to affect Dragonspine’s weather… you weren’t a freak, he realizes as horror sinks in, and he was the bastard.
He was the bastard that was about to kill God.
The realization comes to him and he almost drops to his knees, as if someone had punched the air out of his lungs, things suddenly made more sense – the reason he was so compelled to follow you, how you seemed to never run out of energy, how things always turned out in your favor even if they shouldn’t, you were God. His God. Of course he’d be moved the way he was, even if his mind didn’t know it, his spirit, his soul did, his body did.
He was about to kill God.
The only thing that had kept him going during his time inside the Abyss, the very thing that gave him hope for a better future, he had chased away and threatened.
You hear the odd sound he lets out – something between a scream and cry, a muddled laugh of pain and confusion – and you’re tempted to look around to see what had happened, you knew Childe was close, so why didn’t he just go and get it over with? Was he… was he mocking you? This had to be an attempt to make this more fun, have you crawl out of your hiding spot so he could pounce on you and kill you in the open so he’d have more space to be creative.
You still want to turn around, after all no matter what you did your fate was sealed — you obviously weren’t leaving the mountains alive, so would it really matter if he killed you against a stiff rock or soft snow? But he beats you to it and bright blue eyes meet yours much to your shock. You feel heart stop.
He doesn’t say anything, whatever episode that had previously consumed him gone, as his hand reaches out and you flinch, instinctively throwing your body back in fear, in hopes he’d leave you alone — his eyes widen and soon fill with sadness but he doesn’t take his hand back, rather, he reaches forward to pull you closer to him, his weapons are nowhere in his person as shaky hands explore you, almost as if looking for something.
He’s hugging you, and unbeknownst to you, while trying to get a feel for your body to see if the familiar warmth he’d feel whenever he acted as your vessel was there; it was, overflowing from your shaking body, further confirming that you were indeed who he thought, who he feared, you were.
“What are you…?” You want to question, your voice comes out barely a whisper above the sounds of wind pounding against the trees.
“Say it again,” he whispers, pulling you impossibly close to his body – effectively shutting you up, “say my name again, please.”
“…” You can’t move, afraid you’d upset him and cause him to shove a knife down your throat or whatever he planned to do.
“Please,” he squeezed you tighter, you choke at the sudden roughness, “I need to know if I heard you well.”
It was a lie, of course, he knew you’d said his name loud and clear, – Ajax, Ajax, Ajax… he could repeat the memory in his head forever and not get tired – with the most adorable pronunciation he’d heard, it was making him feel dirty for the thoughts that flooded his mind in regards to you. You had called him by his name in such a familiar way, a way he’d only heard in his dreams.
“Ajax?” You let out, your body was cold and you just wanted to get everything over with, “I… I called you Ajax.”
“So it is you,” he lets out, a dry laugh coming from his lips, gloved hands grip at your clothed body like a starved man, “hah… you should’ve said something sooner, it would’ve saved us so much time… your highness.”
Completely confused you try to push him off, what was he saying? Your highness? One second he was trying to kill you, then he was asking you to say his name, and now here he was – addressing you as some sort of divine figure? If this was part of his plan to torture you, it must be very effective because you’re soon growing exhausted at the way he’s acting, your time here had been pure and utter misery, and dealing with a two faced man who didnt know if he wanted you dead or close only aggravated you more.
No matter how much you tried to push him off and get him to answer your questions – mote like demands for answers, the Harbinger wouldn’t budge, instead opting to lift you off the ground and carry you. He lifted you without a warning, leaving you speechless for a good while as you try and reason what’s going on, still so caught off guard you don’t even realize you’ve asked him where you’re going until he’s giggling like a high schooler.
Your face might have been hidden under the fur jacket he was wearing, your vision being rendered useless, but you could still hear the smile, the fondness in his voice as he stated what to him must have been the most obvious matter in the world; “I’m taking you home.”
He says it like it’s some sort of joke you’re supposed to get, but you’re left to wonder what it meant as he provided no further context.
He doesn’t let you down, literally, for even a second – making the treacherous journey from your hiding spot to where he’d set up camp with little to no complaints, seemingly deep in thought at what had just transpired in the last hour, you don’t try to make conversations either as your own thoughts consume you.
“I just can’t believe it,” he mumbles, carrying you to what you presume to be his tent, “they had it all so, so wrong… hurting and attacking you, poor little thing. It’s okay, my love, I’ll make it up to you,” he doesn’t seem to expect any answers as he drones on, “so I’m going to heal you and keep you to myself while I figure out what to do with you. Doesn’t that sound nice? Your Ajax will make it all better.”
Oh how lucky he was, meeting and recognizing you before any other man or woman in Teyvat. So what if his original intentions hadn’t been as savory as he wished they had been, the past is the past and you’re safe with him now.
You’re carried inside the tent and immediately handed a bottle of warm liquid you don’t hesitate to down — you hadn’t had a drink or food in days, and even if Childe intended to dispose of you afterwards, who were you to deny yourself of being taken care of, even if it was for one last time.
There was no one around other than you two, you realize – no Treasure Hunters nor Fatui, nor guild members seemed to be nearby. But you didn’t mind, too preoccupied trying to figure out what the blue eyed man could want to do next — you’d accepted your fate but it didn’t mean it didn’t scare you.
It’s not even a few minutes later that you realize you can’t bring yourself to ask anything, your body slowly succumbing to a paralyzed state where you could only feel warmth – while there had been no previous attempts from either of you to talk, Tartaglia too busy buried in his own thoughts to speak to you now and you too scared of setting him off, you realize too late there’s a lot you want to say.
Realizing your now relaxed state (due to the concoction he had you drink earlier on - he knew you didn’t trust him enough to willingly realz around him), Ajax begins to look at your otherwise frozen body, you’re not able to resist as he slowly strips you off your clothes in favor of his spares; ones that left you exposed as he looked over and tended to your wounds, by the time he’s got to use the alcohol to disinfect the cuts on your body you’re inches away from being knocked out.
He was uncharacteristically quiet while assessing your figure, only letting out huffs and grunts when he caught sight of a particularly deep scar or bruised patch of skin he wished he didn’t have to see. He took the moment of silence to think, you must have suffered greatly in the last few months you’d been stranded here – alone, hated, feared, it must have been hellish. The severity of his actions slowly dawned on him, he’d been brash – he hadn’t taken the chance to properly asses you, out of everyone, he should have been the one to quickly notice who you were; he’d been surrounded by imagery and depictions of you for so long, he’d dedicated so much of himself to you and yet, when he stood in front of you for the first time, he acted harshly and like a savage.
His heart aches and he hoped you were as benevolent as he remembered you being, he would work himself to his bones if it meant earning your forgiveness and favor once more.
“I can’t believe they would’ve done this to you, my love,” he finally breaks the silence, caressing your exposed collarbone, a fire now burned in the tent granting his face a gentle orange glow as the sun began to set, “I’ll take you to Liyue where I can heal you better, maybe find a doctor who can do a better job than me, but we’ll be leaving for Snezhnaya soon after you’re better so you can meet… my boss, I’m sure she’ll be ecstatic to finally meet you.”
His voice holds no strong emotion, he can’t bring himself to forgive his actions — he’d been so childish, you probably hated him.
The thought struck his heart cold, you hated him. How was he supposed to live if you hated him?
“I am sorry,” he whispers, finally making eye contact with you, his fingers caressed your skin as if you were made of fine glass, afraid you’d break further if he applied too much pressure, “I acted out, I was stupid, and I hurt you.”
Your eyes were glazed, your head felt like it was floating – but you could still register his words, and maybe it was because he was the first person who’d treated you well, like you were a human, or maybe it was because you were too high off whatever substances was now flowing through your body but you spoke (even though it was too much effort for you to try and say anything too long).
“I… forgive you.” You let out a broken smile, muscles too tired to try anything that looked, well, good but your words were enough for him.
“You’re too kind to me,” he mumbles, slowly intertwining his fingers with your own – ecstasy slowly pumping through his veins as your words settle in, “I’m so lucky to have such a kind God,” he whispers into the crook of your neck, “so let me make it up to you, my providence.”
“Before that though, I…” He pauses, if he took you to Snezhnaya you’d be able to be protected by the Fatui and Her Excellency, you’d help bring their plan to life faster than ever — you’d be able to enact your just revenge with the Fatui by your side, with him as your second in command, however he could always… “I need to make sure I’m your favorite, don’t you think? I still need to make up for what I’ve done.”
God, was he a selfish bastard — but you’d forgive him, wouldn’t you? You’d already forgiven him for being so cruel to you, you’d forgive him for being selfish too, right?
His cheeks earn a sudden pink tint, your favorite; you’d love him, you’d adore him – you’d rule over the land with him by your side, he’d be everything you’d ever need in a partner, in a man.
Once you’d regained your strength, you’d shower him in love, you’d ravage him with gifts, you’d dedicate yourself to him, you might even allow him a chance to worship your body — give him the privilege to explore and devote himself to you like no other had done before. He’d become your most loyal follower, your most treasured creations, he’d become yours. Sure, he would still have The Tsaritsa to serve but when even she worshiped you, she’d understand. He could become a bargaining chip, he’d become yours – your knight in shining armor, in exchange for your help.
There were so many ways he could become yours, he felt a perverted shiver run down his spine.
Hah… he really wanted to be your favorite, to be yours.
They’d all treated you so badly up until he came, he was the first to realize who you were and your worth so surely that allowed him some leeway to cement himself as yours, only yours and only for you.
He slowly climbed above your dizzied body, leaning down to press a soft trail of kisses down your cheeks, his hands still entangled with yours. A soft moan leaves your mouth, earning you a groan from the man, if only you knew how much he had waited for this moment.
“Mmh, ah,” a trail of saliva connects the flushed skin of your neck to his tongue as he speaks, “let me be yours, I’ll…,” a lick is planted near your ear and Childe can’t help but groan at the taste – you were so addicting, “I’ll make it up to you… I’ll become your favorite.”
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Tumblr media
AllZhongli Weekly: Week 15 - Home
rarely draw perspective bg u_u
[Do not repost]
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Tumblr media
the most foul beast of the game.
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okkomi · 2 months ago
hello, if i could ask for gamerbf!childe nsfw *__* i dont even know how would the smut look like but Im counting On you,,
bad connection
hello! thank you so much for requesting! i hope you’ll like this <3
warning(s): nsfw (minors DNI), childe x fem!reader, sub!reader, orgasm denial, degradation, edging, oral sex (giving), overstimulation, slight impact play, thigh riding, childe's kinda mean here
masterlist + ko-fi
“childe? you good? why are you just standing there?”
childe had been trying to keep his breathing as quiet as possible, he tried to focus on the game; on the enemies he had to kill. he knew very well how both scaramouche and dottore would make fun of him if he ended up being the reason for their team’s loss. “childe?” dottore called again, his character stood in front of childe’s as he waited for the latter.
“sorry. i think it’s my— ugh— bad connection.” childe choked the words out. both dottore and scaramouche brushed it off, walking ahead from childe. you weren’t sure if the sigh that left childe’s lips was from you or from the game. childe muted his mic, his eyes fell on yours below him as he drank in the view before him; your pretty mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking him just so nicely.
“aw, come on. you can do better than this, can’t you?” he said, his words dripped with condescendence. childe grabbed a handful of your hair, pulling them to force you to take his cock whole in your mouth. “if you’re gonna be a little slut while i’m playing my game with my friends, you better do it the way i want you to.” you weren’t entirely what he was saying, you were too busy trying not to struggle too much as you held yourself back from gagging on him.
your fingers slid between your thighs, gently playing with your folds; you couldn’t help it, your cunt was practically dripping just from sucking childe off. your brushed your thumb against your clit, the moan that left your throat left vibrations against childe’s cock. the man groaned, but his fingers continued to play his game as if nothing was happening.
his hips thrusted into your mouth, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. the action made you gag on him, childe glanced at you quickly, clearly amused by the sound you just made. he watched you as you fucked yourself with your fingers, drool spilling from your mouth, tears streaming down your face. he scoffed at your pathetic state; you started this, and yet you’re already so fucked out?
“this is gonna be my last game.” childe announced, and then quickly muted his mic again, his attention back to you as his game was loading. “who told you that you can touch yourself? are you that stupid to obey your orders?” a part of you thought that it was probably not a good idea to bother him while he was gaming, you knew he’d probably be annoyed by it — but you really couldn’t help it. why waste imagining your boyfriend stuffing his cock in your mouth, using it like a fleshlight, when he was already right in front of you?
your stopped scissoring yourself with your fingers, but they remained buried in your cunt as you stared at childe with pleading eyes. you could tell he was close to his orgasm with the way his cock was twitching in your mouth — but you wanted to finish as much as he did, too. you heard him sigh in disapproval, he landed a harsh slap on your cheek, leaving the skin red as it stung from the contact, “god, you’re such a needy slut.”
before you could even react, he was already grabbing a fistful of your hair in hands, his thrusts in your mouth got harsher as he was trying to chase his own orgasm to get it done with. you gripped onto his thighs to support yourself. all that you were able to do was muffle out pleas and moans as he started to use you like a rag doll.
childe could feel you gag around him — multiple times — but that wasn’t anywhere near enough to stop him, his grip on your hair tightened as he forced you to match with his pace. “just like that, y/n— fuck.” he grunted, he gave you a few more harsh thrusts before pulling out, his cum spilling all over your face as you tried catching your breath.
childe paid you no mind as soon as his game started, he continued playing with his friend as if nothing had happened. you weren’t sure what you were supposed to do; so you ended up waiting for him until he was finally done.
you remained seated in the same position he had left you moments ago, silently wishing that he would just be done with his game already — it was his last game after all — “actually, let’s go another round.” you heard him say to his friends, you darted your eyes at childe, but he was still ignoring you; his eyes fixated on the computer screen. you gave his leg a nudge, in hopes he’d acknowledge you somehow, but your effort was easily dismissed by him.
by the time childe was shutting his computer off, you had tears pooling at the corner of your eyes, the lack of attention from childe made you so frustrated, you were tearing up. he gave your cheek — the same cheek where he had slapped you — a few light taps. “aww, don’t cry. pretty girls like you shouldn’t be crying.” he said, despite the kind words, it didn’t felt nice at all — you knew he wasn’t sorry for making you cry, in fact he enjoyed it even.
you followed behind him as he took a seat at the edge of the bed, standing in front of him in confusion. “what?” he asked, the tone of his voice harsh again. “p-please... i need you…” you trailed off, you sounded so helpless it was enough to get childe hard again. despite his excitement, he wasn’t going to let you have your way with him that easily. “and?” he raised a brow, his blue pair of eyes stared deep into yours.
your eyebrows furrowed as you realised how pathetic you were right now, begging to be fucked by your boyfriend like this. “p-please... touch me…” you looked away, you couldn’t bear how embarrassing it felt to look at him straight in the eyes whilst you begged for him. childe leaned back, his two hands supporting himself, you hear him scoff.
“it’s rude to not look at someone when you’re talking to them.” he let out a long sigh. “what’s wrong with you today? why are you such a brat today?” he asked, your eyes fell onto the floor as you waited for him to say something. the air around you felt tense, somehow. you wondered what childe had in mind as you waited.
you feel his hands snake around your waist, slowly pulling you onto him. your cunt brushed against his thigh ever so slightly, a quiet moan leaving you with how sensitive you were. he sat you on his thigh, his hands remained on your hips. “go on.” he didn’t actually have to say anything; you knew exactly what he wanted you to do.
hesitantly, you started grinding your cunt against your boyfriend’s thighs, your forehead resting on his shoulder as you tried to control your moans from being too loud. childe remained still, his gaze never leaving you as he watched you grind on him like a bitch in heat. he felt your hands gripping on him for more support, you picked up the pace as you tried to get yourself off on childe’s thigh.
“fuck— childe, please— help me.” you whimpered, you hips halted, burying your face on the crook of his neck. tears streamed down your eyes out of frustration from being denied and edged all day. it’s not fair, really, you wanted to cum too.
“do you really think dirty sluts like you deserve my help?” his answer, or rather question, wasn’t what you were expecting. why was he particularly so mean to you today? you sobbed, pushing yourself to sit up properly so you could look at him, childe was amused when he looked into your glossy eyes, probably from the amount of time you’ve cried today. he could tell that you were really desperate.
“please... please, childe, i’ll be good, i promise.” you begged, your breath hitching from how hard you were crying. he let out an amused laugh, but it felt so humiliating to you. “please, i wanna cum, too…” you continued pleading, you didn’t care if he was gonna insult you again — you just really needed him to help you finish. childe gave it a thought, the silence was killing you as he just sat there, staring at your needy state.
childe hummed as he leaned in, slowly trailing wet kisses along your skin. you tilted your head upwards to give him better access, he nibbled on your skin as he felt you relax against him once again, quietly moaning to yourself. his thumb found its way on your clit, he quickly started rubbing on it — it was neither rough nor gentle, making your body jerk up.
you let out a yelp from the sudden contact, especially with how extremely sensitive you’ve gotten. your slowly started moving your hips again, gently grinding against his thigh once again. truthfully, you were tired from how much childe had been edging you, but you were still so, so needy for your boyfriend.
childe pushed his thigh against you, a moan escaping your lips from the sudden motion. his kisses trailed all over your breast, giving your bud kitten licks, followed with him nibbling on your bud, repeating the same thing over and over again. your pace quickens, your movements turned sloppy when you can finally feel yourself reaching your orgasm.
childe’s rubs on your clit turned rougher, making your hips jolt up as you continued to chase your own high. your moans of his name were like music to him, you were just so, so sensitive, and so adorable like this. maybe he should do this more often.
“ch- nggh— childe, i’m s’close!” you cried, he watched the way you started drooling again, your back arched against him. your hips started shaking, you can feel yourself cumming on his thigh. your eyes were rolled back with your tongue lolled out. childe took the opportunity to kiss you, feeling your warm tongue against his own.
he felt your movements coming to a halt, his free hand holding your waist gently as continued kissing you. his kiss felt needy and desperate whilst you struggled to match his rhythm. you had barely calmed down from your orgasm, you were still riding it out; when childe’s thumb started rubbing on your clit again. the sudden pleasure from the friction made you gasp in surprise, your whole body felt sensitive to his touch.
the hand on your waist started gripping you — hard — rocking your hips against his thigh. childe ignored your desperate cries as he nibbled on your shoulder, rutting his hips against yours roughly. “hah! w-wait!” you choked out, in hopes that he’d listen. “childe— wait! i-i just— mmh—!” your boyfriend interrupted your sentence as he started kissing you again, his tongue connecting with yours once again in a sloppy make out session.
your moans were muffled by him as you tried to keep up with childe. it wasn’t long until he had you cumming again, your body shaking as you leaned against him for support. you had no more energy to stand on your own, your body felt limp.
you panted, your head dizzy from the intense orgasm you just had. you couldn’t even think of anything to say, only staying there as you attempted to catch your breath. childe carried you and turned you around so that you were now lying on the bed. you looked at him in confusion when he got on top of you, one of his hand spreading your legs open for him. you shook your head weakly, knowing where this was going.
he raised an eyebrow, the same condescending look once again on his face, “you wanted to cum, didn’t you? i’ll make you cum.”
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