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#aka my missing 8pm post

Roman: *finds Virgil hanging upside down from a web attached to the ceiling*

Roman: I wish I said no when I was offered a sibling.

Virgil: Good luck getting rid of me, bitch, I’m your idiot sibling forever!

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Remy, barging in of Virgil crying: Hey, bitch!

Virgil: Me?

Remy: Who else is my favorite best friend!? I brought you some boba. I know you like the orbeez mouth feel thing. And a whole chocolate cake and two forks because you’re about to tell me why my bestie is so stressed and/or sad.

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Remy: Heya, babes.

Logan: Do you have business here?

Remy: What? Afraid I’ll blow up the kitchen again?

Logan: Actually, yes.

Remy: I won’t blow anything up, Mom.

Logan: Alright, but you must be accompanied in the kitchen.

Remy: Fine, fine!

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Roman: You see? This is what the world needs: more sex, less war.

Janus: Now, if that would be your campaign slogan you would’ve won.

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Patton: *throws a blanket at Remus*

Remus: Ooh comfy.

Remus: *shapeshifts into his octopus form and snuggles up in the blankets*

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Remus: What’s the gay agenda?

Logan: There is NO SUCH THING AS TH-

Remus: No please my life needs structure what is our agenda.

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Patton: I’d love to see you.

Virgil: See me doing what?

Patton: I just love seeing you no matter what you’re doing. Seeing you makes me happy because, if you’re up and doing things, that means you’re not having a bad day or you’d be in your room alone all day. It makes me happy to know that you’re not having a bad day.

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Remus: This isn’t the first time twelve year olds have fought over me.

Roman: Yeah, you’ve gotta stop saying you’ll give money to whoever wins a fight.

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Janus, in full stage makeup and outfit: *getting food from the kitchen before work*

Logan: Oh wow.

Janus: Listen. If you say you didn’t see me in full stage-wear, I’ll say I didn’t see the Crofters in your hands.

Logan: Deal but still, wow, you look good.

Janus: Why thank you.

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Patton: I’m not shocked it turned out this way.

Remus: *covered in tape, wrapping paper, glitter, bows, and ornaments*

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Remus: *throws himself on Janus*


Janus: I was literally outside, you could’ve just come outside and seen me.

Remus: Oh yeah.


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Remus: Did you know your heart can skip if you sneeze or hiccup hard enough?

Virgil: Really?

Remus: I may not be smart but I know a lot of shit.

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Thomas: *picks up baby Janus during an argument over what to do with a baby*

Thomas: Don’t worry, Tiny Snake, I’ll take care of you.

Baby Janus: *happy squealing as he grabs at his nose and tugs on his hair*

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