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fiendishpal · an hour ago
i love it when blushy akaashi’s glasses turn into neon bi colors it’s quite literally the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen 💕💕
i’ve had ppl tell me he looks like he’s glowing when he’s blushing(⺣ﻌ⺣) 💕
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loveatsutani · an hour ago
hi!! could i please do akaashi & bokuto for the music festival collab? (also the theme is so creative BRXNAMNS omg ur mind>>>)
thank you thank you hehe <33 & ooo absolutely!! ill put u down rn, thank you for joining!🤍
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fluoresence · an hour ago
the electronics of your heart ;
the fear of falling
@w-yuren i found it !! ahahahaha
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji is afraid of heights.
Scratch that.
He’s not afraid of the altitudes themselves; of the thinning air, or the sprawl of the world beneath him. That’s not what pulls the breath from his lungs. He’s afraid of what comes after; the inevitable tumbling of a body, accelerating until it contacts with where it began. Bones to fragments, flesh to liquid.
He’s afraid of falling. Of failing. Of trying his best to remain suspended in the air, but misstepping and plummeting anyway.
So when he meets you, he doesn’t leap at the chance for something more. He doesn’t even dare to peer over the edge, just to see what’s on the other side.
There’s no point in it. He doubts you’ll even care to see if he lands on his feet.
Days bleed into weeks and weeks flesh into months, but you’re still there. Pretty smiles and fretting hands, passing towels and water bottles when he needs them.
He attempts to return your kindness, but the pleasantries always slip out stilted and awkward; his responses always a beat too late or his gaze avoidant. Even Bokuto can see that he doesn’t give as good as he gets.
“What did she do to you?” he asks, much too loud for regular conversation, after practice one day.
Akaashi blinks.
“Nothing,” he sighs, fiddling with the zipper of his jacket. Summer has come and gone and the early winds of autumn threaten to nip at every inch of exposed skin.
“Then why are you like that to her?”
“Like that?”
“You know,” Bokuto waves his hands in the air, fingers forming nonsensical shapes. “Like that. Cold. Why are you so cold to her?”
He runs his tongue over his bottom lip. In principle, the question is a simple one and the answer comes to mind almost immediately. However, he takes the time to pause, to fish for an answer not so damning to his pride.
Nothing bites.
“She makes me nervous,” he says finally, in confession. The words meet hesitance in his throat and fight reluctance through his teeth. But when he speaks them, he finds the tension in his abdomen begins to unwind. Just a bit.
Bokuto’s mouth widens into a grin; a perfect semi-circle like the first quarter moon. The subtext behind his admission is not lost on him.
“Leave it to me, ‘Kaashi!” he yells, almost as if in announcement to the surrounding city block.
Dread rises at this statement, bubbling like hot tar in his stomach. He places his head in his hands. The relief he had felt a minute ago takes a flying leap out of an open-doored jet, sans parachute. He watches it splatter on the pavement in slow motion.
A hand claps him on the back with enough strength to wind an adult male, but Akaashi hardly flinches. His ribcage must be made of steel now, a metal lattice that holds under the persistent, yet well-intentioned assaults from the ace.
However as resilient as it may be, he has a sinking suspicion that it cannot protect him forever. Even the strongest alloys crumple like paper when thrown from a great enough height.
You stop him one day during cleanup, your gaze settled on the painted lines of the court. He makes an unconscious effort not to toe them, maintaining the borders between you.
“Akaashi-san,” you begin, a stray volleyball cradled under your arm. “Can I— May I please speak to you afterwards?”
Panic wails in his chest like sirens. He turns immediately to look at Bokuto, who immediately turns away in response. He frowns and his gaze shifts again, this time bouncing between you and the volleyball in your grasp.
“Is it about the team?” he asks stiffly. He could at least pretend to be professional while his heart did a traitorous backflip off of a skyscraper.
“No,” you admit, stepping closer to him. Your sneakers are on the line now, broaching the imaginary boundaries he’d been keeping an eye on. “It’s something personal.”
“Something personal,” he parrots, a bit dumbly.
You nod and his mouth goes dry; sandy tongue against paper teeth.
He swallows a desert.
You confess your feelings to him under the shade of a solitary maple, its scarlet foliage ablaze with the sun’s last light.
He asks you to repeat yourself and you oblige, your cheeks as red as the leaves hanging above you.
When your words finally sink in, his stomach pitches. He feels the world tilt under him and suddenly, he’s thirty thousand feet in the air, standing on the precipice of the most harrowing drop of his life.
“You don’t have to say yes,” you tack on hastily after a moment of silence.
“But I want to,” he blurts out, completely foregoing careful thought.
Your eyes go wide.
“You do?”
He exhales, knowing this is his last out before the leap ahead of him. His heart hammers against the steel of his ribs.
He shuts his eyes and takes the jump.
“I do.”
It isn’t until one month into your relationship that he realizes the feeling in his gut is nothing like falling.
Rather, it’s much more like flying.
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keijitimes · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Scenario - awkward sleep antics
ft. Oikawa, Akaashi and Kenma
Tumblr media
It was a bad start for an otherwise beautiful morning.
It was an accident, you never meant to kick Oikawa straight in the crotch, in fact, you could add on to your wall of defence that you were not even conscious while that happened. Heck you were sleeping.
But what had happened has happened and you couldn’t think of way in which you would be of any help.
Oikawa pulls his knees closer to his chest as he turns to his side, groaning in pain all the way along.
“You’ve almost just ended my bloodline!”
You bite the insides of your cheek, the image of a few miniature Oikawas running around, a byproduct of your wild imagination, making you want to laugh. That thought, however, was soon replaced by guilt and you try to offer some solace.
“I’m so so so sorry.”
He pouts, looking all the more like a 5 year old who had lost his balloon.
“On a scale of 1-10 how sorry are you Y/n L/n?”
You blink, your mind taking a moment to register the usage of your full name, “10 of course.”
“Prove it then.” 
You don’t stop the smile from taking over your features this time. You pull him into a hug, softy tracing his back while doing so, later proceeding to pepper his face with kisses when he lets out a satisfactory hum. 
After all, you really are very sorry.
Akaashi couldn’t even complain.
It was around 3 in the morning, the heater in the room had conked off and he had no proper blanket to shield himself from the cold temperature. 
He couldn’t even complain.
Especially not when you had wrapped yourself in the blanket, subconsciously having made a temporary cocoon for yourself with only your face popping out, looking so breathtaking, cute and vulnerable. 
Akaashi restrained himself from taking a picture, absentmindedly musing over how instead of thinking of you as a blanket-hogger, he instead pondered over ways to attack you with a bear hug without waking you up.
“So this is what it is like to love someone huh.” He whispers as he slowly drapes his arm over your body and moves closer to you, your head now leaning against his chest.
Glad that you would not be able to hear his heartbeat, he lets his hand rest behind your neck and pecks your forehead, knowing well that you would never let him live such moments of softness down if you were awake. But this time he had his reasons, the more logical one being that he needed some form of warmth, while the other, more honest reason was that he just wanted to cuddle.
“I can take the couch.”
You say this with a nervous tinge to your voice, your predicament after all was blush worthy and cliché. 
With Kenma accidentally staying late at your house because of getting carried away with a new game, Kuroo, from his point of view, suspiciously forgetting about picking him up and finally, the icing on the cake, the heavy rain that had caused a power outage leaving the two of you alone in the dark.
“You don’t have to, I mean-” Kenma silently hopes for the earth to swallow him up whole. A whole night with you, in the dark, with only one bed to use. Not to mention the fact that he was your boyfriend, which takes things to a whole new level.
“Not that I just have a-a little problem, sort of.”
He flashes the beam of light from his phone over your room, the bed covered with soft toys and cushions of all sorts. You were someone who hugs a lot while sleeping and if that wasn’t a give away, he didn’t know what else would be.
“I am soft too you know.” Though a whisper that could barely be heard, it caused his own ears to flame up. he didn’t like the way it slipped of his tongue, much unlike himself. The last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable.
“You…wouldn’t mind?” 
He senses your hesitancy and shakes his head, then realising that you probably would not be able to see him, he reaches out for your hand, entwining his fingers with yours, comforting you unknowingly.
“No I wouldn’t.”
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Akaashi: Okay, just remember, flatter Bokuto-san. Make him feel good. But don’t come on too strong.
Akaashi: *knocks on Bokuto’s door*
Bokuto: Hey Hey Hey
Akaashi: I love you
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ugh-tsumu · 2 hours ago
HAIKYUU BOYS AS A PARENT: Preparing your school lunch (Filo)
-> characters. Sugawara, Hinata, Ushijima, Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Osamu, Daichi
-> gen. taglist. @kirakirasaku @nakizumie @mirakeul @gayerthanthee
-> a/n. MY FATHER PREPARES MY LUNCH SHUT UP ;-; DO NOT START W/ 'MOTHERS SHOULD PREPARE YOUR LUNCH' SHIT. My Father is d best cook ;-; I don't cook kaya siya nagluluto kasi ayaw niyang lagi akong kumakain sa mga karinderya LOL
Tumblr media
Honestly, tamad.
Watch him just cook you hotdog or nuggets
Either hotdog, nuggets, scrambled eggs ganun
yung pANG AGAHAN 👁️👄👁️
Tapos sa ugly ass tupperware lang ilalagay
Yung yung yung oblong na tupperware tapos yung kutsara at tinidor nasa cellophane lang. ;-;
tapos minsan nabubutas pa <///3
Saan ka kukuha ng kutsara at tinidor sist ;-;
Adorable father ;-;
wants the best food for u
the problem nga lang, ang pANGIT NIYA MAGLUTO
The type of father who likes to watch cooking videos and he's all like "Nak, gusto mo ganito lunch mo bukas?" *Shows a Japanese bento with all the cute shit*
Also Hinata the next day: mabantot na itlog tapos sobrang asin tapos parang kinatay rice mo dahil sa ketchup :'))))
Health is wealth anak :'))))
Madalas gulay ulam mo <///3
Kung hindi ulam, isda <///3
PAIN (well for me. I'm a carnivore lol)
"pa, healthy din naman if karne 🥺"
Ushijima: Okay
Also Ushijima the next day: *sinabawang karne kaya pagtingin mo sa bag mo, basa na ng sabaw :'))))*
The Japanese bento shit Hinata was trying to pull
maraming side dishes tapos complete with fruits, dessert, chocolates GANON 🥺
Tapos if he has the time, he'd make you iced coffee or chocolate or tea <3333
kung walang time, C2 nalang muna or Chuckie ganon
This is based from my friend's lunch one time
Pota uu baso po <3333
ikaw: Pa, bakit sa baso?
Bo: Sorry, nak, naubusan ng tupperware ;-;
ikaw: 👁️👄👁️
Tapos di pa makabawi sa ulam kasi yung ulam mo sa agahan, yun lang din ulam sa lunch mo <333
okay lang, it's the tot that counts <333
Ahhhh di masyadong magaling magluto
This is always the combo: canned good + boiled egg
Kags: Nak, anong gusto mo ngayon? Century Tuna or San Marino?
Ikaw: gusto ko ng karne
Kags: Okay, Century Tuna ka ngayon
Masarap naman kaso nga lang
Siyempre isang linggo kang canned good sino di mauumay? ;-;
samahan mo pa ng boiled egg na mapapachoke ko sa tuyo <333
"Nak, may nahanap akong recipe sa Facebook. 'Yun babaunin mo bukas."
Basta!!! Ginawang experiment baon mo kaya di mo gets
Yung gutom na gutom ka kasi last class niyo PE, tapos ulam na nasa lunchbox mo is sinabawang hotdog :'))))
LMAO he's not cooking
He's giving you the cash, love
"Heto, baon mo ngayon" *drops 300*
Kung good mood, 350
Yamanin na Daddy 🤲
madalas late nagigising tapos may trabaho pa so it's always like Tsukki
"Nak, eto oh. Sa Jollibee ka nalang mag-lunch mamaya or McDo. Kung saan mas convenient."
If he cooks, sobrang Westernized naman
Like burger, french fries, melkti, prootas HAHAHAHAHAHHA
Like like like like prinitong bluefish tuna <333
smoked bacon
medium rare steak with mashed potatos at the side, garnished with caramelized onion sauce
pinagpiyepiyestahan ng barkada mo ulam mo kasi ALWAYS masarap
minsan may desert pa yan like leche flan
Aakalain mong construction worker ka sa dami ng kanin, karne, whatever
yung rice mo pang tatlong tao amen
minsan mas marami pa kanin kesa sa ulam kaya binibigay mo sa friends mo
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xiaoverse · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
For almost a week, you and Akaashi haven't seen each other. It's been hard, suffocating even, studies and workloads upon workloads and incoming deadlines kept you two from spending much needed time to just breathe and rest to be able to function normally again. It was getting to the Akaashi's nerves, he needed you to be able to stabilize himself, sure that his aching headache of stress will dissolve within your embrace.
It was his medicine, you are his medicine.
You were incredibly calming and caring, he thought of you as his anchor for your uncanny ability to keep him at bay and not let him self-destruct.
Most nights, he would revert back into his past tendencies of doubting who he is and how far he came. He would think, is it even worth it? live growing up and ultimately losing all you have? What does it take to be successful? to be able to live freely, running away from impossible expectations only a special one could ever achieve?
He gets it, he's nothing special at all.
Comparing himself to other peers has become a norm, all of his achievements and skills as an individual both in school and in court. Hell, even in daily life he couldn't help but look at others and say, I lack what they have. From head to toe, to the deepest parts of his mind, he felt as if he lacked something everyone has. Even he questions his supposed high intellect when he sees someone exceed further in life, at the end; was he even worth it?
Akaashi would be stuck in that slump quietly, cautiously. stuck in a state of anxiety that ate away from what could be his confidence and self-esteem like a caterpillar slowly devouring a leaf. It was scary, how he was forced to grow up so quickly, feeling so sluggish in his own body.
He found welcoming people that embraced his faults and imperfections whilst joining the Fukurodani's volleyball club, they welcomed him with open arms. It was there and then that he learned to not mind people excelling more than him, how could he not when he spends time with the boisterous ace Bokuto Kōtarō? He composed himself, opting to push the lingering self-deprecating thoughts at the back of his head. He has more important things to care about than his own self-worth.
Things started to get even more messier with his feelings, especially when he drove his team to the ground. faced with a humiliating loss, he sank into the sea of his suffocating thoughts deeper than he had ever been.
But at that moment, when he was at his lowest, you waltzed in his life like a god-sent angel meant to uplift and vanish all his wild contemplations of how he lacks this and that. He couldn't help it, he was immediately drawn to you like a moth to a lamp, bringing light and happiness wherever you go.
Akaashi admits it, he took you for granted; every act of affection you throw, he gladly receives without returning anything. He only did the bare minimum since chains of insecurity still held him down, refusing him to love another without worrying if he was enough.
He is enough, to you, he will forever be.
So you showed him that he was enough, loved him until he won't play blind to your not-so-subtle actions of showing how much he means to you. You were there for the highs and lows, you stood by him everyday of every week, now it's time for him to step up his game and return it to you.
The boy planned a little get away for the two of you, deciding that you both need it after a stressful semester of university. He aimed to show you his gratefulness and how he feels ㅡ the heart bursting joy and pain that melts together so perfectly, the giddiness yet the feeling of calmness at the same time, it was confusing.
It's you who was perfect for him, beyond perfect even. He slowly realized that he was enough for you, he's the lucky one you picked to be the man by your side.
How does he plan to do that? By a surprise mixed in with the things you absolutely enjoy; food, music, the night sky and him.
He did surprise you, he came over dead in the night to wake you up and pulled you with him, into the car he borrowed from Bokuto and after he made sure you were comfortable he drove off to a place where he knew you would like. 
The longer Akaashi drives, his resolve about the surprise would falter ever so quickly, would you like it? Like the view? The food? Do you even like him anymore? Anxious thoughts hit him like a speeding bullet train. Surely you wouldn't dislike him in such a short time when the two of you were away from each other. You have never done that and Akaashi didn't peg you as someone who moves on so rapidly. But then again, there's a first for everyone.
With his hand on the wheel and another on the gearshift, his grip tightened as each bitter seconds passed. The veins on his hands accenting even more at his gesture.
How did you even come to love the wreck that is him? He was imperfect. Is it just because he was your first everything? Are you just staying because you like the idea of being in a relationship with him? Panic was starting to bleed like a red liquid on a piece of paper, staining what could've been a nice, peaceful sheet as his composure crumbled on a tear river full of anguish. He felt as if he's drowning yet again.
When will he be enough?
His sight was completely blurry. Fuck, this wasn't good at all and it could lead to an accident, he thought as he pulled over. Leaning his head to the steering wheel, he contemplated everything his life has come to. You were too good to him to be true. As soon as he starts to break down, sinking into an inevitable cold ocean of anxiety, he feels your gentle touch bringing him back to reality. Your hand combed through his soft tufts of hair bringing immediate comfort. "Oh Keiji.."
You climbed into the passenger seat in front, rubbing your eyes from the lack of sleep. This was probably the most stupid idea he had that wasn't influenced by Bokuto, what was he thinking bringing you outside when you were so sleep-deprived? "I'm here darling," your voice snapped him out of his thoughts.
Always without fail, your caring nature made him fall into the rabbit hole he named 'love'.
"What's wrong?" Cooing like one does to a child, you leaned over and buried your face into his warm chest while wrapping your other hand around him, the action on his hair never stopping to skip a beat every so often.
At that moment, Akaashi felt whole again.
"I’m fine, just overwhelmed,"
You bit your lip, "Speak your pretty mind out, Keiji. I'll be here to listen."
He buried his face into your soft hair, the dizzy scent of yours that he familiarized himself in took over his senses giving him the ultimate comfort you never fail to give if he sunk in the same slump of intrusive thoughts that he can't seem to escape from. Well he could, but he can only rise out of the grip of bitter reality when he is with you. His sweet salvation, his partner, his amazing s/o. "Why do you love me?"
"Well, I adore you so much, that goes without saying," You didn't waste a second in answering. "These feelings that I held for you, think it should be illegal y'know? At first i was afraid, how could i love you more than i ever loved someone before? You pulled me in so deep, maybe it's your humor? Your style? The way you hold yourself even if there's something bothering you. From the way that you care about others, responsibilities that are so heavy yet you overcome each and every, how you take in even the smallest details and make them bigger, I just love all of you, from your strong resolve down to the very imperfections you managed to make seem perfect,
"I don't really think that there's a word that can describe it— But i have never been more sure of myself. I love you, and that's that."
You had that solemn smile on your face, "I just wish this won't end, y'know? Endings are inevitable, maybe one day all of this will cease to exist, but if I have to wish for something right now that can be fulfilled; I want to spend the rest of my days with you."
Akaashi was speechless by the end of your sincere confession. Goodness, you were going to be the death of him. Worries and the devious voices in his head seem to disappear, all he can think about is how you make him the happiest person alive. It might as well be out of character for him but, he will no doubt shout on the top of his lungs that it's you, the one who's meant for him.
The ends of his lips quirked up into a tearful smile, "I love you so much." He managed to whisper after a few moments of silence. You bit your lip, leaning back to glance at his eyes holding thousands of unspoken adoration for you.
"I know," You placed a subtle, fluttering kiss on him. An act of intimacy shared between the two of you, signifying everything he wanted to tell. I love you.
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akaashinigiri · 2 hours ago
how he is around kids - setter edition
Tumblr media
- warning(s) : grammar errors, cursing
- genre : ☁️ fluff
- format : headcanon
- published : april 19, 2021
- pronouns : gender neutral
Tumblr media
✧ please help him
✧ he looks so serious and intimidating all the time, children are terrified of him
✧ i mean, you’ve seen the way children reacted to him when he went to find oikawa and his nephew
✧ he just looks so serious and intense, so all the children are thinking he wants them as far away from him as possible
✧ but in reality he’s got furrowed brows, a frown, and an ominous aura around him while he was like “dang, i wanna play volleyball with the kids.”
✧ so when you invited him to babysit with you, he was really nervous
✧ it’s definitely hard for kids to go up to him and ask questions or just talk to him, but once they understand that he really isn’t some intense guy, they’re using him as a jungle gym and just messing around with him
Tumblr media
✧ bold of you to assume that he’s not equally, if not even better with kids than you
✧ i mean he literally becomes a teacher in the future, you think he’ll be BAD with kids?
✧ he also has loads of experience with dealing with the volleyball team so
✧ his smile is also just a magnet for children
✧ he’s so easy to talk to and approach, and kids just love clinging onto him
✧ suga just always seems to know what to do with children
✧ if you’re babysitting a toddler he’s there acting like he had been a father of toddlers his entire life
✧ if you’re just with little kids he’ll play with them, read stories, put them to sleep for a nap, make them food, anything
✧ just instinctively knows what to do and children love him
Tumblr media
✧ oikawa tooru really just wants to show off
✧ he asked you to help him babysit his nephew
✧ and he really thought takeru was gonna cooperate and kiss up to him
✧ he really thought that takeru of all people was gonna show you that he was great with kids
✧ so when you’re babysitting together, takeru is automatically just clinging onto you
✧ and uncle tooru over here is embarrassed as fuck because he gave this whole speech to you the day before to not be too sad if takeru didn’t like you as much as he like him
✧ outside of takeru though, children still don’t like him as much as he thinks they do
✧ like the children who play sports might admire him for his hardwork and volleyball skills, but then they get a little annoyed when he starts acting like he was the king of the world and was arguing with a little kid on who was better at volleyball, him or ushiwaka
✧ only little girls tolerate him because they think he looks like a prince, but even then they think he’s a little too childish to be a prince and they’re dragging him over to you like “y/n-san, keep him.”
Tumblr media
✧ he doesn’t really like kids
✧ they’re too loud and hyper for him
✧ of course if they’re really chill and just want to play games or watch kenma play games, then there’s no issue
✧ but if you were to have him babysit a toddler or something, he would go into feral panicked cat mode
✧ if you’re there to help him, he’ll be the mysterious and aloof guy that certain kids gravitate towards, but he won’t really do anything that’ll make children just automatically love him
✧ but that’s only with a group of children
✧ if it’s just a single child that he’s with, he’ll definitely be a lot more comfortable
✧ he’ll ask if they want to play any games, if they want to watch him play a game, if they wanted to do anything else, etc
✧ he obviously won’t suddenly turn into an extrovert or anything, he’ll just be more relaxed around them
✧ obviously unless the vibes between him and the kid are off, but he’ll try his very best regardless
✧ and if anything he can just call you and have you deal with it :)
Tumblr media
✧ what a king
✧ he’s always so calm and collected
✧ no matter the situation he always has a plan
✧ he might not even particularly like kids or dislike them, but he’s just a natural
✧ if he’s with a toddler and he has to change their diaper, he’s got it
✧ has he ever put a diaper on a child before?
✧ absolutely not
✧ but he read that instruction manual ONCE and he perfected it
✧ he really enjoys reading with children too regardless of their age
✧ honestly, he’ll just read some picture books for little kids and read cute stories or make one up to put a child to sleep
✧ but if he’s with a child who’s as interested in literature as he is, he would literally have a field day
✧ absolutely would give novel and literature recommendations, he’ll even have a discussion with the child about a book they like, and he’ll go out of his way to read the books the child likes so they can talk about it next time
✧ he’ll also help with homework
✧ just such a model student/literature loving caretaker figure, children and parents love just how much of a natural he is
Tumblr media
✧ semi is usually pretty stoic
✧ he’s not super great around children either, but he tries his best
✧ he’s always got a fairly intimidating look on his face when you first meet him, and obviously some children aren’t fans of that
✧ but once he spends enough time of awkward silence, he’ll try to spend more time with the children
✧ he’s better when it’s just one kid, but he definitely has a harder time with a group
✧ he’ll need you to be there
✧ he can’t imagine himself trying to take care of a group of children without your help
✧ but he does have a secret weapon
✧ his voice
✧ semi eita, future band member literally has a beautiful singing voice, and he literally uses it as a lullaby for children
✧ they’ll complain that they don’t want to take a nap or something, and he’ll just start humming and BOOM they’re asleep
✧ he’s honestly just there to make sure that the children fall asleep lmao
Tumblr media
✧ ugh miya atsumu
✧ why must he be so cocky and stand-offish
✧ all the time
✧ why
✧ literally you ask him to come babysit your cousin and suddenly he’s in a non-verbal, non-physical, glaring death match with your cousin on who you love more
✧ he’ll literally challenge a toddler for clinging onto you
✧ he claims that children like him because he’s the older twin and knows how to take care of children, but seriously this man is a menace-
✧ you try to ask him to help your cousin take a nap and he just glared at your cousin the entire time like SIR, THE CHILD IS TRYING TO SLEEP
✧ omg and if it’s a group of children-
✧ bye
✧ he can’t handle it
✧ he thought he could but children can be SO MEAN sometimes and FOR WHAT
✧ he walked into the room of children like “fear me, i’m a strong volleyball player-”
✧ and you just see him lying on the ground with a dead look in his eyes while the children literally just smother him and draw on him
Tumblr media
© akaashinigiri - all rights reserved. reposting, copying, translating, modification, or reproduction of any kind is not allowed. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 hours ago
they find out you hooked up with their friend/teammate before you started dating | 3
Tumblr media
characters: akaashi + iwaizumi + osamu + suna + (gn!reader)
requests: can you do a part 2 to the 'he finds out you hooked up with his best friend' with iwaizumi, suna and bokuto ? thank you and i LOVE your page 💞• by anonymous + s skfhsk s please do a they find out you hooked up with their friend/teammate before you started dating for suna osamu (even better if yn hooked up with his twin omfg) and akaashi 🥺 i love your writing please i will pass away • by anonymous
warnings: the second one is a lil angsty and the last two have suggestive tings 
notes: y’all are too sweet, everyone is 18+ in this! (i’d already gotten another request for bokuto by the time i got the first request so he’s in pt two) + they’re all different lengths btw sorry abt that <3
part one | part two | part three
Tumblr media
so you and bokuto hooked up like way before you and akaashi started dating
it was in high school but it wasn’t like there were any feelings involved
...okay maybe he ended up getting a lil crush on you but he got over it
your friends had dared you to hook up with someone to loosen up and you were too nervous to ask your real crush, akaashi (plus you’re not even sure if he was at that party)
and bokuto was kinda chatting u up so u thought why not
(this was before akaashi let him know that he liked you)
it wasn’t until one day that the three of you were hanging out that akaashi found out about it
bokuto had been talking to you and his best friend about this girl he met at a café, he wanted to ask her out but he wasn’t sure how to go about it, so he was asking you two for advice. 
“i’m thinking i take her to watch the stars and then i can swoop in and do my special move. that’ll have her swooning for sure, right?” he smiled to himself and looked at you both as if for reassurance that he was going about this the right way.
akaashi was about to respond when you spoke up first. 
“that thing you do with your tongue?” bokuto nodded, his brows raised up and down, showcasing his confidence. you shook your head immediately, “that’s a little too bold to do right away don’t you think?”
he deflated a bit,  “well... i’m not––” he backpedaled, looking to the side to cover his tracks, “not gonna do it right away...after... a couple dates maybe?” 
before you could say anything else, akaashi spoke up, placing a hand on your thigh to get your attention. you turned to see him looking at you intently, brows slightly furrowed, a small frown on his face. 
“how do you know about his special move?” 
“oh, um...” you blinked a few times and then looked back to bokuto. “we kind of hooked up?” you turned back to your boyfriend and you could see the thoughts processing in his mind. “it was only once though–”
“and what a time it was!–” 
you turned back to look at the loud boy incredulously and he shrugged. “what? i’m just saying you know what you’re doing–”
you rolled your eyes, “you’re not helping here.” you turned to face akaashi fully, taking his hand in yours. you noticed he was a little tense, clearly uncomfortable. “if it makes you feel any better, it’s not like i liked him or be honest i would’ve hooked up with you that day if i was brave enough to ask you...” 
he looked up at you, eyes wide and quickly glanced down, his cheeks turning pink. 
bokuto spoke up, “wait a minute, so i was second choice?” he crossed his arms and sunk down in his seat, mumbling to himself like a kid. 
you were about to make a comment when you felt akaashi raise your hand and pressed a soft kiss to your knuckles. he gave you a soft smile, “i would’ve liked that...i was too scared to ask you out for a while, bokuto-san is actually the one who convinced me to in the end, so i guess he’s off the hook for using his move on you...” 
bokuto perked up again, “oh great!–”
he pulled you closer to his side, his face serious. “but don’t ask y/n for any more kissing advice or i’m kicking you out.” 
Tumblr media
when iwa found out that you and oikawa hooked up before you started dating, admittedly he felt a little jealous
but it was mostly just his insecurities, he was used to everyone fawning over his best friend 
and the thought that you were potentially one of those people wasn’t surprising but it kinda upset him
what if you wanted to leave him for oikawa?
you and oikawa were actually the ones who told him that you’d hooked up, while the three of you were hanging out at your place, not thinking much of it since it was a one and done kind of thing for both of you
but you’d noticed the way he’d gotten a bit quieter afterwards, the way he seemed a bit more tense
you waited until oikawa went home to say something
he came back to sit on the couch after locking the door behind his friend and you turned to him. “baby?”
he grunted, eyes focused on his lap. 
“look at me please?” your voice was soft and he couldn’t help but listen, looking up into your eyes sheepishly. you put a hand on his arm, “what’s wrong? i can tell something’s bothering you.”
he looked away and shook his head once, “it’s nothing i just...”
you squeezed his arm reassuringly and he sighed. “just started thinking about you and... shittykawa.”
you moved to sit in his lap and his arms immediately came around to hold you. you placed a hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes fondly and sternly to get the message across. “haji listen to me, i love you and only you. i would never leave you, okay?” 
he nodded but you could tell he was still in his thoughts, so you went on. “i love how thoughtful you are, how sweet you are to me and to your family.” you kissed a spot on his face between every sentence. “i love your voice in the morning when you wake up and the way you tell me you love me every day. i love the way you hold me,” you trailed your hands down to his arms. “and i love your strong arms––” you let your fingers trace his veins and he shifted under you, flustered from your touch and your words. “i love everything about you, haji. i hope you know that...”
he brought his hands up to your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss, “i know, doll. thank you for that. i love you too, so much. it drives me insane how much i’m in love with you.” his cheeks were dusted pink as he spoke to you and it couldn’t have been more endearing that he was still nervous around you, despite having been together for a good while now. 
“any time.” you smiled, pulling away after giving him another sweet kiss. “plus, you’re a way better kisser than him.” 
he threw his head back and laughed, his hands squeezing your sides as he looked back into your eyes, before kissing you. “oh i’m so telling him that.” 
Tumblr media
you and atsumu had hooked up once in high school 
see you were both kinda wasted at a party when it ‘happened’ 
the most you did was kiss and feel each other up, but after you accidentally moaned osamu’s name–––
things ended pretty quickly after that
you don’t know if it’s because you were drunk and mistook atsumu for his brother or if you were secretly wishing it was him, or both
all you know is the two of you agreed to never speak of that ever again
it was embarrassing enough for the both of you
but unfortunately it was one of those memories that came back to haunt you every now and then...even years later, now that you were dating osamu, and living with him
you visibly winced as you thought back to the awkward silence and the way the two of you paused when you said osamu’s name. you shouldn’t have been thinking about this, especially not now, when osamu was literally cooking dinner for you in your home. 
you spaced out for a bit and hadn’t noticed your boyfriend calling for your attention until you saw his hand wave in front of your face. you blinked quickly and looked up at him, “hi! yes i’m here–”
he raised a brow and laughed, amused, coming around the kitchen island to wrap his arms around you and put his head over your shoulder. you sunk into his embrace and he hummed, “what were you thinking about? i asked you what side dish you wanted and you were completely spaced out.” 
you shook your head, “oh um, nothing. i think what we had yesterday would be fine.” 
you tried to move on but he wasn’t having that. he narrowed his eyes as he turned his head to look at you. “well if it’s nothing then you won’t mind telling me, hm?”
his tone was calm but you could tell that he was suspicious and starting to get a little worried. you took a deep breath and buried your face in your hands––it’s not that you wanted to hide it from him, you were just embarrassed is all. 
your shoulders sunk down and you meekly admitted to what you were thinking about, your voice muffled by your palms, the only word osamu able to decipher being his brother’s name. 
he took a sharp intake of breath and stood up, rolling his eyes. “’tsumu? what did that idiot do now––”
you shook your head and took your hands away from your face. “’s not something he was me.” 
osamu crossed his arms and looked down at you, more curious now. “what happened?” 
“it’s wasn’t recent––” he only looked at you blankly, silently telling you to continue. 
you sighed, “well we...hooked up in high school.” you could see his jaw clench. “it was only once, though. and he didn’t––we only kissed and we were fully clothed. honestly it only lasted a few minutes.” 
that seemed to put him at ease a bit more. “well that’s––fine...”
you looked down, “that’s not the bad part.” 
osamu’s hand came under your chin and tilted your head up to look at him, the look in his eyes warm. “come on, you can tell me.” 
you bit your lip, knowing he’d never let you live this down. “it was at suna’s party our third year and we were pretty wasted...we went to a random room and we were kissing and i...” you trailed off, your pride not wanting you to finish your sentence. 
you took a deep breath. “i moaned your name.” 
he blinked at you, once, then twice before he poked his tongue to the side of his mouth, clearly fighting off a laugh. “are you serious?”
you rolled your eyes, “like i would joke about that.” 
“i don’t know if that’s really funny or really sad, i feel like it’s both-”
he laughed, “i’m sorry, i’m sorry.” he pulled you in for a hug and you reluctantly held him back. “oh man that must’ve been such a blow to his ego,” he cackled.
you frowned, “stop samu, i felt really bad, i still do–”
he rolled his eyes, “he’s fine.
he looked down at you with a smirk, “so you’ve had a crush on me since we were juniors, huh?”
you raised a brow, “do i have to moan his name now to fix your ego?” 
he narrowed his eyes, “not unless you wanna be punished, no.”
that honestly didn’t sound too bad. 
Tumblr media
you and osamu hooked up on and off for a few months 
you were kinda friends with benefits tbh but no one knew about it 
well atsumu found out but that was an accident he just came home earlier than expected one day and caught you two
but other than him, and your best friend, no one knew
not even suna
i mean why would you tell him, it’s been years and it didn’t matter
you’d pushed it to the back of your mind and hadn’t expected it to come up ever again
one day suna went to hang out with his old teammates and atsumu for some reason decided to blurt out that you and his brother used to hook up, not thinking much of it––honestly it’s a shocker he kept it a secret for as long as he did
when suna came home, you were lying down in bed, scrolling on your phone and you perked up when you heard him get in, looking back to your screen. 
“hi baby, how was it?” 
he didn’t answer and you were about to sit up when you felt to hands pull you down by your legs. you looked up, eyes wide to see your boyfriend standing above you, a spark hiding behind his seemingly bored eyes. 
you tilted your head questioningly and he took your phone from your hands, throwing it aside. “atsumu told me something real interesting today.” 
you raised a brow, thinking it was something ridiculous. “oh yeah?” 
he nodded, his hands reaching for the hem of your sweatpants, making your breath hitch. “mhm. and you know, it’s not that i care.” he pulled them down after making sure you were okay with it. “but it did bother me, i won’t lie.” 
he reached for your underwear as well, licking his lips when they were out of the way. “he told me that you and osamu used to be fuck buddies.” you looked up at him, speechless for a few seconds but he kept going. “m’not mad, that would be stupid.” he lied down between your legs and looked up at you, a glint in his eyes. “but i feel like reminding you you’re mine, so i’m gonna play with you for a while, okay?” 
how could you say no to that––
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Tumblr media
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morning routines
Tumblr media
Summary: Various ways the HQ boys act after their morning alarm goes off.
A/N: Feel free to drop some head canon ideas in the ask box. I really enjoy doing these.
Gets right up and starts getting ready:
Asahi, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Oikawa, Lev, Akaashi, Kita, Sakusa, Aone, Hirugami
Lays there, contemplating life for at least fifteen minutes:
Tsukishima, Kunimi, Kuroo, Konoha, Osamu, Ojiro, Sakunami, Shirabu
Hit snooze repeatedly until they only have 10 minutes before they need to leave: 
Nishinoya, Narita, Hanamaki, Kyotani, Kenma, Atsumu, Tendou
Wakes up before the alarm and lays there annoyed at that fact:
Daichi, Ennoshita, Kageyama, Yaku, Fukunaga, Daishou, Suna, Futakuchi
Gets up and goes for a run, making sure they have plenty of time to get ready afterwards:
Hinata, Iwaizumi, Inuoka, Bokuto, Komori, Hoshiumi, Ushijima, Goshiki
Is still half asleep while standing in the shower:
Tanaka, Kinoshita, Matsukawa, Kindaichi, Yamamoto, Washio, Terushima, Semi
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The wise and the brave
Gender: female gryffindor!Reader
Warnings: cursing, bullying, punching (1 time), slight blood,
Genre: fluff
Character: Ravenclaw!Akaashi
Leyla: this is an Hogwarts au! With the Haikyuu characters. I'll do an series again jihuuu! Every character of my list will have at least 1 hogwarts chapter.
And here some music☀️
"filthy mudblood! Why do you even go to school here? You gryffindors are making nothing but problems here!" Some slytherins keep bothering your best friend. Hinata is an 'mudblood'. The thing is, he is brave, he just can't handle mean words, so he just stands there. Frozen. Not with you, you think. You roll up your sleeves, and make your way towards them. Your wand in your hand. "Hey fuckers!" You say and cross your arms. The three bullies turn around, and make eye contact with you. "Another dumb gryffindor. What do you want little girl?" One asks, and you begin to speak. "Don't you have to kiss some asses of our dear professors? Leave Shoyo alone!" You say, and they roll their eyes. "Pfft. Do you think you could command us something?" One says. Almost the whole school looks at the five of you right now.
Hinata begins to speak up. "What do you even want from me?" The middle one turns around to face Hinata again. "You have nothing we could want." The audacity to turn their backs to you. "I have something for you!" You say, and their full attention is on you. You put your wand in your bag again, and walk to the bullies, till you're 2 meters away from them. "What do you have for us hon?" Disgusting, how he tries to flirt with you. You look at you hand, before you punch him right in the face. "Do not underestimate an gryffindor." You say as you look to the unconscious body that lays on the floor.
The other two bullies grab the body of their friend, and walk away. "This little shit. l/n! To Dumbledores office." Snape says, and cleans the floor, that has a few drops of blood on it. You let out a loud 'Tch' and walk away. Most of the gryffindors who watched this scene, are proud. Not just that you had defend them, but the fact you spoke in the name of every gryffindor as you said "Do not underestimate an gryffindor." But a few were disappointed. Not just because you said this sentence, but because this will cost gryffindor a lots of points.
On your way to Dumbledore, you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, and bump into another student. "I’m so sorry." You say, after you helped the other student up. He is tall. Messy black hair, blue eyes, an tired expression and... an ravenclaw. "Don’t worry. I didn’t pay-" "no you couldn’t pay attention to me! You didn’t even see anything with these amount of books in your hands. I didn’t pay attention." You say as you grab the 10, 6 inches books. "It was lovely to see you. I wish I could help you carry these books, but I have to go to professor grandpa." You raise your hand lazily, and wave at him, before you go.
"Hey wait a minute." You stop, not turning around. "What?" "You’re the girl who beat the bully. Am I right?" Now he has your interests and you turn around. "What if I am? In which way does it interest you?" He chuckles for 2 seconds, before his face straightens again. "I don’t support school fights, but I respect you for standing up to these bullies. We don’t need kids who discriminate other kids in this school." He wants to turn around and go, but you stop him. "Jo. I‘m y/n l/n. What’s your name pretty boy?" He doesn’t turn around, just stands there. "I‘m Keiji Akaashi. It’s nice to meet you l/n. Till we meet." And he goes.
You go to Dumbledores office, and greet his Phoenix. You and him are pretty good friends. Not just because you like phoenixes, but because Dumbledores office is like an second home for you. Since you stand up to bullies like every day "y/n? What did you do this time?" Dumbledore asks, and you smile guiltily at him. "Well. Same thing as yesterday." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "y/n. You costed the gryffindors exact 153 points. You need to learn how to respect people." Your tears are falling down your cheeks. "But professor Dumbledore. I can’t stand there and watch other people get bullied for not being an pure blood!" You protest, and he nods.
"This will cost slytherin 50 points. And gryffindor gets 173." you look up from the ground into his eyes. "But I’ve costed gryffindor 153 points. How in the world can we gain 173?" You ask, and he grins. "You do the right thing y/n. You just accepted my punishment for gryffindor. You stand up for everyone but yourself, that’s why gryffindor lost 153 points. Now you stand up for yourself. That’s all I’ve wanted. And I have an request for you." You nod happily, and his grin widens. "Could you take care of Fawkes? I have something to do and I haven’t got the chance to feed him yet." You nod again, and walk away with an loud "Good afternoon professor gran-Dumbledore!" You wait till Fawkes sits himself on your head, and walk toward your dorm.
On your way to your dorm to get the food for Fawkes, you see Akaashi again. You can’t deny it. He is unnormal handsome. The way his hair looks so good despite it’s messy. How his eyes look so beautiful in the light. How often he played with his fingers and how he avoids eye contact with some people.
You feed Fawkes, and go with him to your broom. "Let’s see if you can fly any faster than before my friend!" You say, and after 5 seconds of saying that, you’re already in the air, Fawkes chasing you. "Come on you can do it! You’re a good boy aren’t you? A little faster and you’ll beat me Fawksy!" You say, as you fly above the school.
Akaashi can’t help himself. He’s watched you on your broom flying above the school so many times. He just didn’t have the guts to speak to you. He always came to your quidditch games, and wished you luck. Expect you didn’t knew anyone was speaking to you.
After you trained Fawkes' flying, madam hooch gave you an lecture to not fly so much before an important quidditch match. Now you’re on your way to your next class with Fawkes on your shoulder. Snaps gets on your nerves as always and you had to make an anti paralysis potion. Despite you’re an troublemaker, you’re quite good and talented. But Snape still can’t stand you.
You go out of class as first, to practice your spells. When you step outside, an thingy almost flew you in the eye. You’re quick to catch it with your hand, and look at it. It’s an paper owl, and you grin to yourself. As you open it, it has an chocolate frog in it. And a quick note. "I hope you like chocolate frogs ~Akaashi" your grin gets even bigger, and you show it Fawkes. "Do you see that Fawksy? Akaashi got me something. I like him." You say, and Fawkes burns it. Rude. "Fawkes are you jealous?" You laugh, and he just lets out an whine. "Well. You’re gonna sleep by me today. Professor grandpa had a lot to do you know? And I have no nerve to show up two times a day. They’ll think I’m some kind of troublema- I am an troublemaker but I don’t need more mud on my dignity."
You make your way to your practice place, and pull out your wand before you go into your position. "Expecto patronum!" An (Your patronus [if you don’t have one then I’m gonna use mine, an lion]) comes out of your wand, and attacks the practice doll. "This was awesome. Okay next spell." You think of one, as you push another doll to the practice field, and press an stick to it‘s hand. "Okay this has to work. Expelliarmus!" And the stick flies good 40 meters. "Does it always fly so far? My last was 12 meters... oh well."
You throw the stick into the trashcan, and push the doll into its place it was, before you got here. Now you notice how late it is, and how dark it became. "That’s an opportunity to practice my lumos spell." You say, and pull you wand back out. "Okay. Lumos!" Nothing. "This has to be an sick joke. I can do an spell to fight dementors but not an fucking light spell?" You try it again 7 times and Fawkes looks at it from far away, before you feel an hand at your shoulder. You turn your head, to see these beautiful blue eyes of Akaashi. "Akaashi? What are you doing here?" You ask, and he smiles slightly, but warm.
"I can help you with your lumos spell." He says, and chuckles at your expression that’s full of adore. "Thank you Aka-" he cuts you off. "call me Keiji please." You nod, and he hugs you from behind. "So the position you’re in is totally wrong. This spell is easy to spell, but you have to keep the right position or you can’t successfully do it." He says, and interlocks his finger with yours. "So. Now your legs." He says, and his free hands spread your legs a little. "Now say it." You nod, and focus on the spell. "Lumos!" There’s light! It succeeded! "Keiji I could make out with you I’m so thankful." Now you see his full face, after you turn around with your wand.
His eyes are sleepy and red from rubbing. "Keiji? Did you even sleep?" He shakes his head. "No uhm... I’ve watched you practice." He says and instantly regrets it as he sees your cocky smirk. "Don’t be so flattered." He says, and goes away. "Wait Keiji!" You say, and run after him. "You helped me out! Can I help you out with something too to make it up to you?" He stops in his tract, and looks at you. "I- would you- go on an date with me?" He avoids eye contact with you, so he missed the way you nod your head. "Of course Keiji! I would love to." You say, and he smiles warmly at you. "I’m glad. Are you free tomorrow?" He asks, and you nod, smiling like an idiot.
Tumblr media
This took long enough
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*Wakes up and you’re not in bed* Baby? Where’d ya go? - Akaashi Anon (Sorry been busy Reaper)
“I’m in the kitchen making some tea for you!” I call back.
“Want any?”
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Tumblr media
ft. timeskip! matsukawa issei, suna rintarou, akaashi keiji, tendou satori, sugawara koushi
tw: food mention on tendou one, sitting on tendous lap, mentions of death in issei's, pet names!
pronouns: she/her
authors note: I writed this two hourss ago and I like the result so here you go, also I had a hard time writing tendou pls
Tumblr media
• MATSUKAWA was getting ready for work, putting on his usual white dress shirt and that cologne you loved so much, you already thougth about this prank for quite a time now, and this was the perfect moment "okay love, wait me for dinner, i love you, im gonna get going" you didn't even bother to take your eyes from your phone "okay issei, have fun with the dead" he was about to close the appartment door, key word: was "arent you forgetting something, doll?" perfect, your plan is going perfect "mmm i don't think so, i actually did all the chores in the morning so i could have the rest of the day free" he sighs, unsatisfasied with your answer "okay then, i love you" he is leaning in the door frame, waiting for your answer with a frustread look on his face "issei you good? its getting late" he gives up, he needed that your reply before going to work "doll dont do this to me, i love you, please tell me you love me" he tells you with a litlle pain in his voice and you knew the joke was over "i love you issei very, very much in fact" you say while going to him, placing your hand in the fabric that was on his chest "finally doll, i love you more" and before going he gives you a sweet, deep and quick kiss, of course, he is late after all
• SUNA and you were napping on the couch, ignoring all the responsbailities you two could have, enjoying eachothers presence with out exchangin any words, it was a rainy day and that screamed movies and cuddles together. a friend told you to do this joke on him after you told her how clingy he was when both of you were lying somewhere togheter. "you know i love you, rigth?" and he is in for the game "yeah i know rin, you made it very clear this last few years" he moves his head litlle, trying to process what you just said to him "rin? why you moving? you uncomfy bub?" he pouts like a two year old that can't touch fire "im not uncomfy, im actually unloved, my own girlfriend doesn't love me anymore" you were trying your best not to laugth at his childish reaction "and who told you that i dont love you" he gasped, how did you have the audacity to say that to him? "actually my oh so called girlfriend didn't told me 'i love you' back, so i think im currently single" and that made you snap "suna rintaro! you are my man and i hope its clear to you, i love you so much, my man, only mine" now he his the one laughing at your childish remark "jealous i see? but yes bub, only yours, forever and ever"
• AKAASHI was getting out of bed aerly as usual so he could go to work, he did his usual rutine and had a coffee, a thing that he called it a very good breakfast; the las thing he did was giving you a soft kiss in your forehead while you were still sleeping "i love you sweet thing, rest well" with sleepy eyes, groogy mouth and morning scent you told him "good luck, keiji" uh? maybe it slipped her mind, he thougth. his day as work was hard, he had this uneasy feeling in his heart and couldnt stop thinking about it, is she feeling loved? the moment he got home he was already backhugging you "i missed you today, how did you do?" you were happy to see him, finally you were waiting for him all day "hi keiji, i missed you a lot too, i actually started the book you were telling me about it and you're rigth! its awesome" he knows you are alrigth but he needs to ask so the feeling inside him would let him free "hey... do you still love me?" it came out more as a whisper, a litlle scared for your answer "of course i love you keiji, why would i stop loving you? you are my lovely husband" he quickly kisses you, finally feeling some relieve "its just that you didnt said i love you back this morning" you put your arms around his neck and bring his forehead to yours "i could never stop loving you keiji, never in a million years, dont trust anything i say when im sleepy tho"
• TENDOU bought some handmade chocolates home, those you loved so much and couldn't stop eatin, you had to ask him frequently to hide them for you "ugh satori i fucking love this chocolates you always make them so good" he sees you with red hearts on his eyes how you were eating the foo he made for you "and i love you" that caugth you out of guarrd, you gave him just a litlle nod because now you were shy, how can he be so smooth?. that didnt go as planned for him, why didnt you replied? were you already tired of him? he knew it was only that stupid litlle voice in his head but just the thougth of you not loving him was heartbreaking. he waited until you finished eating before asking "umh, i know this is me overthinking but do you love me?" your eyes big and round, brows on top of your forehead, with amused expression you replied "of course i love you, actually im sure youre the love of my life, why are you asking?" god wasn't he feeling embarrassed but relieved at the same time "nothing, is just that you didnt told me 'i love you back' and i started to overthink" you made your way towars him and placed yourself ln his lap "i love you satori, with all i have, i will tell you that every minute i have left in my life is necesarry" now both his hans on your waist his nose boopping yours, he whispers "im glad, i love you too, so much, cant wait to see what the future has planned for us"
•SUGAWARA and you always pulled pranks on each other, it was a silent pact you two had since the beginning of your relationship, you saw this prank in social media and thougth it would be great to put it on him. suga was now grading some of his students works while you were getting ready to work "bye koushi, il see you in a few hours, please take care" he gets up and pecks you goodbye "good luck, i love you" trying very hard not to laught you answer him " i know! goodbye now" he was left there, alone, in the house, and most important of all, without a 'i love you' from his favorite person in the world. he thougth that maybe you were mad at him for something so after he graded a few more works he did all the jobs around the house and lit some of your favorites candles around. the moment you opened the door he was all over you "im sorry if i upseted you, please im sorry i dint mean it, i swear i will start foulding my clothes" now, this is epic "but koushi, im not mad at you" he is dumbfounded "what? but you didnt say 'i love you? today before work" it was your time to laugh and pull him close to you with a hug "you mister sugawara, my smart husband, fell directly into my trap but i want to remind you now that the prank is over that i love you with all my heart" he placed his hands on your hips and rolled his eyes "i swear, im gonna get back at you"
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Just a little something i made for my ravenclaw Akaashi statement.
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who: saeko, tsukki, akaashi, bokuto, kuroo & kenma x gn!reader
what: adult characters, implied drinking, party games, humor & dialogue, a splash of hand kink, some swears, dick jokes
wc: 773
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Akaashi giggled modestly beside you while Bokuto made a fool of himself just outside of your little seated circle of friends. Writing in a spinny bat block to the drunk jenga tower was one of your best ideas yet. After chugging a beer and spinning in place three times, Bokuto missed a homerun on the can chucked at him by a long shot.
“What?! I was soooo close,” Bokuto boomed as he toppled back to the floor, “Right ‘Kaashi?”
“Whatever you say dear,” Akaashi grinned at him, with just a hint of sarcasm.
“Didn’t I do good?” Bokuto pouted at him comically. God these two were such a joy to be around, your face was always sore from smiling by the end of the night.
“Oookay,” Kuroo cut in to keep things moving, “Who’s turn is it again?”
Bo’s head whipped around to his left, nearly smacking his forehead into Tsukishima’s.
“Whoa chill,” Tsukki raised a palm in defense, overall demeanor unflinching, “I’m going I’m going.”
You watched him eye the holey wooden tower, thoughtfully considering his next move. He finally scooted on his knees towards it, pressing one finger into a middle block. It slid out the other side with hardly any resistance. Damn, how was he so good at this?
“How are you so good at this?!” Saeko wailed, yelling even louder with her hands.
The group murmured in agreement, immediately drumming up a conspiracy about Tsukki’s glasses being “some real illuminati shit.”
“Hard disagree,” you interjected, leaning forward enough to grab everyone’s attention, “Gotta be his hands.”
Bokuto silently grabbed onto Tsukki’s hand, entwining their fingers romantically.
“Ew,” Tsukki barked, yanking his hand away, “There’s nothing wrong with my hands.”
“Have you seen those long fingers?” you teased, “Not wrong, just unholy. Unnatural.”
On the contrary, you knew in your heart how beautiful Tsukki’s hands were. But it didn’t hurt to cut him down to size.
“Your face is unnatural,” he shot back, smirking.
You feigned heartbreak, clutching your chest with a dramatic gasp.
“Well that wasn’t very poggers of you,” Kenma came to your defense with the enthusiasm of a Hot Topic employee explaining Pop Figures to a scene tween’s dad.
“Wait Tsukki,” Kuroo made yet another effort to keep the game on track, “What’s your block say?”
“Doesn’t matter, not doing it,” he replied flatly, reaching up to place his piece on top of the wobbling tower.
“Come on, ya gotta do it!” Kuroo pleaded.
“Yeeeah,” Bokuto jabbed his fingers into Tsukishima’s ribs in an attempt to tickle him, “Come on Tsuchinni bread, don’t be a party pooper.” No matter how many times he’s been told how unticklish Tsukki is, Bokuto diligently quested for the truth.
Saeko expertly wrenched the wooden block out of Tsukki’s slender fingers. “Says…” she squinted for a second, “‘Sit in someone’s lap... for the rest of the game.”
The circle erupts in ooo’s, laughter, and voluminous chatter.
“Don’t get too excited,” Tsukki stated while planting himself firmly in his seat on the floor, “Not doing it.”
“Come oooon,” Bokuto pleaded, leaning way too close towards the lanky blonde.
“Rules say I can just drink instead,” Tsukki shrugged, sliding his hands across the carpet behind him in search of his can.
“Lookin’ for this?” you called out, brandishing his beverage with a flourish. When he lunged for it, you withdrew your hand just out of his reach. “If you really want it,” you teased, patting your lap, “Come ‘n’ get it.”
Kuroo rubbed his hands together insidiously, waggling his eyebrows as his pupils danced between the two of you.
You held eye contact with Tsukki, unwavering. “If you don’t get here soon enough,” you brought the can close to your lips, “I’m gonna slobber all over this.”
“Don’t--” Tsukishima sighed, giving you the hardest eye roll he could muster, “Please don’t.”
Shocking everyone into silence, he got up.
In a moment, Tsukki was looming over you, directing a grabby hand at his drink. You yielded with a huff, handing over the prized room-temperature microbrew. The group’s silence became deafening as Tsukishima bent over to climb into your lap. You wheezed as he dropped his full weight onto your thighs, making sure to relax back into your chest as invasively as possible. This man was huge; tall, broad, and densely muscular. You could already feel your legs losing circulation.
“Jesus,” you whispered, now wedged between Tsukishima and the recliner chair supporting your back.
“So,” Tsukki began, leisurely sipping his drink, “When considering my size… would you call it unholy?” He wiggled his hips the slightest bit, grinding your thighs into the carpet. “Or unnatural?”
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