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☾ pairing; Akaashi Keiji x reader

☾ prompts; Akaashi Keiji, Mafia AU

☾ genre(s); fluff

☾ warning(s); female reader, aged up characters

☾ word count; approx. 2.8k

☾ description; despite his order already being prepared, akaashi offers a night of innocent fun…just because.

☽ notes; this is a continuation of my other mafia AU with Akaashi! Thanks for motivating me to write this, anon! I hope you like it 💜


First part; click here.


You took in a deep breath. 

“Don’t be nervous.”

You roll your eyes. “I’m not.”

Akaashi chuckled. “Go for it, then.”

Your finger tightens around the trigger, one of your eyes closed, and you pull. The rifle jolted backwards into your shoulder as the bullet shoots out. You saw a green balloon in the distance pop almost instantly, and you grin.

“How’s that?” You don’t move your head, eye still peering through your sniping rifle’s scope. Your hand moves instead, yanking on the lever attached to the gun and the used bullet case fell out. You snapped the lever back shut, before your hand returns to where it was earlier.

“Nice,” Akaashi nods, “because it’s only your second sniping class. What were you actually aiming for?”

“I was aiming for the red one,” you scowl,  “damn it.”

Akaashi touches your shoulder. “Relax. You’re extremely tense.” He crouches down beside you, before frowning. “Steady, [y/n]. You’re shaking.”

“I know,” you breathe. “I know.”

Akaashi’s hand on your shoulder tightens slightly as he steadies it, and his other hand comes up to touch the side of your head gently. He tilts it closer to the scope, pushing your cheek against the rifle.

“Alright,” he says softly, “try again.”

You ignore his touches - they feel so warm - and focus on the target in front of you. It was a metal human cutout, with five coloured balloons attached to it. The green balloon was gone, leaving only four balloons left.

“Go for the red one again,” Akaashi suggests.

You let out a breath, hissing, before tightening your finger on the trigger. The bullet shot out once more, this time nailing the red balloon.

“Whoo,” you smile, pulling the gun’s lever to get the bullet case out, “that was great. Thanks, Akaashi.”

“Good job.” His hands moved away, and your stayed in your position. “Now try rapid fire.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you knew that he was smiling.

“Okay.” You let out another breath. “Okay.”

You pulled the trigger, emptied the case. Twice. Thrice.

You managed to hit the blue and yellow balloon, but the orange one still swayed in the wind. You grit your teeth, sighing. 

“That was close,” Akaashi offers. “Hit the last one.”

You easily nailed the last orange balloon, before groaning and shifting up into a sitting position. You stretched, cracking your neck to the side. The sniping rifle, propped up by a stand, was beside you, and Akaashi looked at it, before back at you.

“You do need to pack it,” he says, amused.

You hold up a finger. “Hold on. Gimme a sec.”

“I’ll pack it for you this one time,” Akaashi sighs, picking up the gun, taking the stand off.

You watch him slip the gun back into the case, before closing the latches. He looked up, smiled at you, before he stood up. He offered a hand, and you took it. 

“Thank you,” you said automatically, as he hauls you up to your feet.

“Let’s go,” Akaashi picks the gun case, slinging it over his shoulder. You follow him down the building’s rooftop, not questioning why such a tall tower didn’t have anyone near or around it. You knew about his connections to a mafia, but you’ve yet to ask which mafia it was.

Your eyes drift to the large case on Akaashi’s back, and your mind jolts.

“Oh,” you start, “I almost forgot.”

“Hmm?” Akaashi slows down slightly, so he could walk side-by-side with you.

“The Tsukishima collection arrived just yesterday,” you smile, “your reservation’s somewhere in there.”

Akaashi stayed quiet.

“You don’t have to teach me anymore,” you laugh gently, “thanks anyways. I’ve learnt a lot.”

“Have you?” He smiled at you. 

“Thanks,” you smile wider. He smiles back, maybe a little more warmer than usual. You didn’t mind.

They two of you make your way back to where your headquarters were, keeping your heads down low, taking alleyways and avoiding the main roads. The two of you slipped back into the building where your supplying office was, and the two of you walked through the back door, back towards the lobby.

The two of you were talking about the newest Karasuno additions, especially the Tsukishima rifles. Akaashi was noting how all the designs were rather modern and compact, whereas you were talking about how much they were valued at.

“Don’t you think nine-thousand is a little much?” You said. “He is a new designer. It’s only his third series.”

“But they’re good,” Akaashi replied, “responsive, fast, and easy to use.”

You nod, before arriving at the entrance. You stood behind the desk, clicking a couple of buttons on the computer. “I’ll go get your-”


You blink. “Pardon?”

“Get it tonight,” Akaashi nods at you, “I’ll take you out for dinner first.”

“Akaashi?” You blinked again, trying to take in what he was saying. 

“I’ve got a job soon,” he looked at what seemed like a rather expensive watch on his wrist, “but I have time afterwards.”


“I feel like it,” Akaashi shrugged, already knowing your answer. “And I guess it’s thank you.”

“I should be thanking you,” you argue.

“Thank me by doing this.” Akaashi smiled. 


“Here,” he pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and slides it across the counter, “take it. I’ll wait for your answer.”

He turns around swiftly, checked his watch once more, before he glanced over his shoulder to give you a smile and headed out.

You looked at the piece of paper.

You could’ve laughed.

It was a phone number.

You knew it was his phone number. But he did say that he never handed out his personal details lightly. 

You pulled out your phone, saved the number with a smile, and texted him without hesitation.

How about six?

You slipped the phone back into your pocket, before settling down in your seat behind your desk.

Before you could fully sit down, your phone buzzed.

Wear something comfortable. I’ll see you at five fifty.


“Are we supposed to be seen out in public like this?” You mutter, rubbing your arm idly. The dark maroon sweater adorned your upper body, but it didn’t do much to block the chilly breeze that blew through.

Akaashi, who walked next to you, gave you a small chuckle. “Relax, [y/n]. Most of the city’s safe, with Nekoma protecting you.”

“They don’t know about you yet,” you remark, giving him a look.

His lips quirk up. “Don’t worry about me.”

“Haha,” you say dryly, “where are we going?”

“You do know there’s a festival tonight,” Akaashi starts.

Your face lights up. “No way.”

He shrugs. “It seemed appropriate.” 

The two of you weave through small dark alleyways, you following the man. He seemed to know where he was going like the back of his hand, and he glanced up once in a while as if he was on guard.

You slowed down at times to appreciate street art, and Akaashi would patiently wait for you.

“Sorry,” you sigh, tearing your eyes away from the wall. “It’s so pretty.”

“We’ve got a lot of time,” he says softly, “enjoy it.”

“Which way?” You say cheerfully.

“This way.”

After a short while, Akaashi stops walking. He turns around to make sure that he wasn’t too far from you, before gesturing for you to come towards him. He hoists himself up onto the wall, and you blink, realising there was a ladder attached to the brick wall. 

“Come up,” he says gently, before climbing up the ladder.

You look up, seeing him pull himself onto the roof, before following him. “What’s this for, Akaashi?”

“Okay,” he mutters, “now follow me.”

“Where are we going?”

He turns around, starts to walk backwards, and you were taken aback to see a rather large genuine smile on his face. “We’re going to have some fun, that’s all.”

“Akaashi!” You yelp, as he turns around and gracefully jumps over a narrow chasm from rooftop to rooftop.

“Relax,” he repeats, “c’mon.”

“Jeez,” you carefully make your way across, cringing slightly as you jumped over, “you seem too relaxed.”

He ignores the last sentence. “Do you smell the food?”

You pause, sniffing the air. “Yeah. That’s a lot of spices.”

“We’re heading for a stall an old friend owns,” he smiles, “it’s just down the road.”

The two of you slowly make your way across the rooftops, on top of the houses that lined the edge of the festival. More and more people filled the streets, and Akaashi would pause regularly to point out stalls, occasionally pointing out ones that were owned by other mafias. There was a lot that was marked by Inarzaki, but apparently they were quite chill as long as you didn’t threaten them.

The sky turned a beautiful orange and pink, and you stopped walking to admire the natural scene.

Akaashi didn’t mind, he slowed down and made his way back towards you, and you smiled at him. “I didn’t ask, but which one are you from?”

He glances over at the sunset, understanding your question almost immediately. “That’s not a very safe question.”

“You don’t have to answer,” you shrug, tugging at your cotton sweater, the maroon colour distantly reminding you of your cousin.

Akaashi chuckled dryly, before he smiles. “Fukurodani.”

You blink, processing the name. “You’re with Fukurodani?”


“Don’t tell me you’re high ranked.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘high ranked’-”

“Oh god.” You let out an airy laugh. “You’re part of one of the biggest and most well-known mafias there is in the country. No wonder why you said not to worry about yourself. Are you recognisable?”

“Not as much as our boss, and my face is rather common,” he shrugged, “but most people manage to recognise my name.”

“Why do you even put up with me?” You said curiously. “I’m just a small supplier with ties to Nekoma.”

Akaashi looks back at the setting sun. The large ball of light was already close to disappearing under the horizon, and the sky turned purple. 

“Because I want to.”

“Because you want to?” 

“I feel like it? I don’t know.” Akaashi starts to walk again, this time much slower, and you managed to keep up with his light and steady feet easier. 

“Oh,” you had no idea what to say. “So what’s it like in Fukurodani?”

“Like family,” Akaashi says with a smile. “They’re chaotic, of course. But they’re family.”

“That’s nice,” you smile as well, “I think I’ve met Konoha before? He came once, wanted some explosives.”

Akaashi raised his eyebrows. “Were you the one who gave him the Kitagawa bombs?”

“Yeah,” you looked at him. “I think he’s booked in for next week. I’ve got a suspicion he wants the newest announced Karasuno explosives.”

“I heard they got Kageyama,” Akaashi nods.

“Emotionally weird kid,” you muttered. “Amazingly a genius at making explosives though.”

“All ex-Kitagawas are,” Akaashi agreed.

“Not all are as good as Kageyama,” you reply, “I heard Karasuno are getting fresh recruits. Good ones too.”

“Mmm,” Akaashi leapt over a rather large gap, and you hesitated. “You’ll be fine.”

“Ahaha…” Your voice dies quickly. 


“Have I ever told you I have never done this before?”

“It’s rather obvious. It’s just a jump, [y/n].”

You step backwards slightly, before using a run-up and leaping across the chasm. “Whoa.”

Akaashi’s hand shot up to steady you, and you felt that you liked his hand on your shoulder. “You’re good?”

“I’m good,” you smile. “I think.”

“Just a bit more,” Akaashi looks down past the roof and at the street which had bright neon lights lit up and flickering lanterns that was suspended by wires strung from building to building.

“How long have you been in Fukurodani for?” You say conversationally, falling in step with him.

He hesitated. “Only recently. Maybe a year or two.”

“That’s not that recent,” you point out.

“A couple of people have been in there for years, like our boss.” He looks at you. “It’s a family-passed down mafia.”

“Cool,” you breathe.

“Down this way.” Akaashi gently landed on a fire escape as he hopped down from the roof, and you followed his footsteps. The two of you quietly made your way down the metal steps, before arriving in an alleyway just adjacent to the festival street.

You grin at him. “So what stall first?”

“There’s one just around the corner,” Akaashi smiles back. “It’s got good snacks.”

“Let’s go,” without thinking, you tugged on his sleeve and pulled him out into the festival. As soon as you stepped into street, the two of you were pushed together in the crowd.

You felt Akaashi’s fingers lace with yours and he gently but firmly tugged you closer.

He looks down at you. “Don’t want to lose you in here.”

Your throat goes a little dry. “A-alright, where’s the stall?”

“Just there.”

The two of you weave through the horde of people and manage to stop in front of a rather small stall that had an elderly man behind it.

“Ah,” the man squinted at Akaashi, “little Akio, eh? Long time no see.”

Akaashi smiled. “How’s the business going?”

“Not bad, not bad,” the man looked at you, “who’s this beauty?”

Before you could open your mouth, Akaashi cut in. “Akira.” His eyes shot you a warning glance, and you smile to show that you understood.

“Nice to meet you,” you say smoothly. 

“Nice too meetcha too, Akira. Take good care of Akio here, he’s had a rough life alright.” The man looks down at his goods that he was supposedly selling. “What would you like?”

You knew that Akaashi had a rough life - what kind of child played with guns at about the age of two or three? He looked no older that twenty-five, and his hands were calloused more than anyone else’s you’ve ever seen. Now that you were touching them, they were even harder than you initially thought they were.

“What’s Akio’s favourite?” You smile.

“This one, child.” The man smiled, pointing at a savoury snack. It was the healthiest out of the whole stall, and you had to stifle a laugh at how ‘Akaashi’ it was.

“I’ll take one,” you reach for your purse, but Akaashi stops you.

“I’ll pay,” he offers, but it was more of a statement, because you knew from the tone that he wasn’t settling for anything else.

The man chuckled. “Young ones. Here you go, it’s on the house. Akio’s done a lot for me.”


“Take your date around the street, go to the one with the games. You’re rather good at them, Akio.”

Your face flushes at the word ‘date’, but Akaashi just sighs with a smile and thanks him before tugging you back into the crowd, hands still entwined. He offers the snack to you, and you take a bite before pushing it back to him. You watch him closely, seeing his blue eyes dart around, looking for the shortest route out.

You lean up to his ear, not minding that the two of you slowed down. “How’d you meet him?”

“The man at the stall?” He replied, before taking a bite out of the snack in his hand.


He smiled wistfully. “He took care of me when he saw me on the streets. Gave me free food and shelter, and in return, when I gained a reputation, I labelled him under safe protection.” 

“And the fake names?”

“It was to protect him.”

You doubted that Akaashi changed his name, so he must’ve told the man a fake name from a young age. You still had lots you didn’t know about Akaashi.

“Where are we heading now?” You ask.

“The game stall,” he smiled at you, “it’s been up for years now. I’ve always gone each year.”

“Tradition, hmm?”

“Tradition, yeah.”

After a while, the two of you ended up cutting through a string of people to get to the game stall. Your eyes widen as you see they were old games - a dartboard, two rifles, and even a ring tossing section - with prizes that seemed like tickets.

“Want to try?”

“You already know my answer,” you roll your eyes, and Akaashi chuckles.

But the two of you had to wait, and while you did so, you analysed the rifle used in the game. It was almost a habit now, Akaashi had drilled into you to make sure you knew everything you could about a gun by just looking at it.

He watched you with a proud smile, and almost laughed when you turned around and announced proudly the type of rifle it was.

“Am I right?” You grinned.

He smiled. “You’re right.”

You cheer quietly to yourself, almost forgetting you were in a festival. The loud background noises disappeared, the lights weren’t as bright as you thought they were, and your hand was snuggly in Akaashi’s.

“You scare me,” Akaashi muses quietly.

You heard, and you turned around, surprised. “You’re scared of me?”

“I tell you things I haven’t told anyone in a long time,” he admits. You brush your thumb across his knuckles, smiling.

“I’m always here for you to talk to,” you say honestly. “I won’t tell anyone else.”

Akaashi smiles, squeezing your hand. “I know.”

“It’s our turn now! What’s your high score on the darts?”

“You try it first.”

“You’re probably the best.”

“Try it.”

“Alright, Mr Master of Everything.” You pause, before smiling sheepishly back at him. “Teach me?”

He sighed, but a smile spread across his face. “Alright.”


Do not repost or modify my work. 2020 ©️ twritesanddreams

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I match you with…



reiner braun

  • Reiner loves how goofy you are. When he’s in his element, he can be pretty goofy himself, so a partner that he can share stupid jokes with and laugh with is a beautiful thing to him. 
  • He is so in love with your caring nature. You stick up for everyone and show kindness no matter who deserves it, and in his eyes you are the best person he’s ever met. 
  • He also has a lot of experience with self confidence issues, so he knows exactly how you feel. His whole life, people have looked down at him. He will always be there to comfort you!!


keiji akaashi

  • Akaashi has dealt with his fair share of loud and goofy people, and he always seems to draw them in despite being the opposite. He won’t admit it, but he’s grown to love being around people like you. 
  • Also a wallflower, but he appreciates your need to stand up for others, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone. It shows how good of a person you are, which he finds very attractive in a partner. 
  • He is honestly the best and helping you deal with insecurities or confidence issues. Makes you realise how beautiful and perfect you are through his words and actions alone. 
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okay so, here are some things i’ll be posting~
kpop (ggs and bgs), anime (literally any anime), and sanrio. if you want to request something, just ask or post in the comments <3 tysmmmm

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akaashi keiji realizes he’s fallen out of love when it’s five in the morning and he’s lying across you in bed with a normal feeling in his chest.

you scrunch your nose at an itch, and he blinks. once, at the thought of ‘oh, she’s done this before and it used to mean the world to me.’ then twice, when he finally realizes that this time, he just kind of feels nothing. so he folds one arm under his head as he continues to stare at you; at the plains of your skin his lips know the feeling of, and at the contours of your profile that he used to be able to pick of from a crowd in just a second.

he blinks for the third time; by now he usually would feel an itch from his hand to touch your face, but now he just doesn’t.

five seventeen am hits and the light from the world begins to trickle into the room. first, pooling around the carpet before it crawls up the wall behind you, ricocheting to the opposite end of the room as the softened light then spills across your face.

you’re still beautiful, he thinks, but in his chest akaashi can pick out the fact that there is an absence of the fondness he knew only came from love.

you open your eyes around five nineteen, and you stare at him softly, remaining silent. he’s quick to notice that you don’t say good morning this time, and that the smile you wear is a little worse for wear, but he realizes he doesn’t really mind.

the part within him that love still controls is screaming that this isn’t it. falling out of love shouldn’t be it.

“hey,” you say, with a smile that tells him you know what he’s about to say.

“i’m not in love anymore,” he knows are the words you understood from the absence of his fingers against your skin, but he only blinks softly and tells you, “hey,” right back.

not right now, akaashi thinks. i can’t break a heart right now.

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Maybe it’s just me but Hiiragi and Shizusumi really remind me of Bokuto and Akaashi. I feel like their relationships are very similar. And Shizusumi looks like Akaashi but also their personalities are very similar and Hiiragi and Bokuto’s as well


Also someone said that the creator of Given is a fan of Haikyuu so ig it all makes sense now

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Meet Me On The Moon — k. akaashi


Synopsis In light of almost being caught, you and Akaashi devise an escape plan

Warnings / GenreSecret dating, friends to lovers


NotePlease reblog!! Reblogs help me tons!!


You hadn’t planned to fall in love with Akaashi, just like he hadn’t planned to fall in love with you. It was bound to happen, you supposed. You were one of his best friends after all.

The first week was the hardest — it felt wrong for both you and Akaashi to sneak behind Bokuto’s back. Between slipping out of windows and hiding in aisles at the convenience store, you felt like criminals.

In all honesty, the two of you liked the feeling. It was interesting and exciting, but sometimes the two of you wanted to be at peace. It came slowly, in fact it took a little over two months until neither of you felt on edge. A peaceful movie date was what had ruined it.

The cold air of the night was washed away by Akaashi’s jacket being draped over you. It was warm and comforting, reminding you of the hugs you got from him. He liked hugs, although you found he didn’t really know how to initiate them.

Or rather he liked physical touch. He liked to be close to you, to know you were there. Even if it was small, like the way he’d intertwined your pinkies after leaving the cinema.

You smiled and hummed, leaning your head onto his shoulder as you walked. A smile spread across his face and a blush painted his cheeks pink.

Before you could realize that Akaashi had stopped walking, he’d grabbed your hand and was dragging you down an alley. You stumbled to catch up to him, feet moving on their own accord but apparently not fast enough.

The relationship wasn’t supposed to feel scary anymore, you had accepted the unlikelihood of Bokuto finding out about you and Akaashi. Still, when he had your body pinned between his and the wall, you found your heart beating too fast for you to ask what he was doing.

Keep reading

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kuroo: hey, what happened to akaashi?

kenma: he read ın another life and he make sure himself for bokuto is sleeping all day.

kuroo: soo ıf ı read the endless-


*hugs kuroo*

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Hello! Thank you so much for requesting. Sincerely, I see you as Akaashi’s dream girl. Akaashi loves reading with you, watching movies or just chilling with you. Akaashi knows what’s it like to have low self esteem and he is complimenting you always, you need to know you are that bitch! 😳 

If you ever have trouble focusing on anything, or you can’t take notes for classes, this man has the best notes, and has no problem with explaining things to you. I hope you liked it, kizkiz! ❤️

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