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#akaashi fluff
ushijimascumbucket · 2 days ago
Hey I really liked your two works about chubby reader and please can I jump on the bandwagon? Haikyuu!! 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 A reader whose been bullied all their life about being fat and very insecure especially about being naked. Terrified of a first time with a boy (not necessarily virgin but first time with that boy) Like angst to loving nsfw. Akaashi and/or Ushijima. Its an issue for me so Id love some comfort if you're up for it. Thank you Queen!
your wish is my command!
cw: smut, insecurity, mention of weight loss stuff, no power dynamic, no pet names tbh, akaashi is whiny as fuck (hot)
i’m sorry this isn’t super long and i’m sorry it took me 10,000 years, i hope u enjoy none the less!!
Tumblr media
You and Akaashi been dating for nearly 3 1/2 months now, and you hadn’t had sex once. Not even close. Which he is of course fine with once you explained you wanted to take it slow, but he started to wonder if there was an ulterior motive.
Akaashi realised that you hide your belly when you sit down, that you have 20 tik toks saved on your phone of people giving weight loss tips. He realised how you look at yourself before going out, the defeated look on your face.
Akaashi decides to ask you about it, which is where it’s all solidified for him. You pick apart everything about yourself, from your hips to you ass to your tummy to your boobs, he can hardly believe what he’s hearing.
Akaashi wishes you could see yourself the way he saw you, you’re so hard on yourself.
“If you don’t mind saying, why do you feel like that? Is there any reason?”
When you tell him about the years you spent being ruthlessly and endlessly bullied, he sighed, giving you soothing rubs up and down your arms.
“You know kids are really stupid right? Like really stupid. Kids are gross and dumb and evil, and no opinion they have matters. Ever. Especially teenage boys.”
He smiles when you laugh at that.
“if you aren’t ready to have sex with me that’s totally fine, but please don’t do it because of what i’m gonna think. I want to Y/N, a lot.”
So that very night, you decided you would take the plunge with him, or he would take the plunge with you (bad joke) (i’m 5 years old).
When you lay on your bed, splayed out for him. He stares at you intently, admiringly. There’s a warmth behind his eyes, the warmth of pure adoration. You are, and pardon his french, so fucking hot.
He climbs over top of you, knees digging into the mattress. You have already spread yourself out for him, so all he has to do is shuffle between your legs, line himself up and push in.
His fingers digging into the soft flesh, allowing him a good grip. He slides himself in, gasping at the way the fat of your pussy lips grazed the sides of his dick. You whine at the feeling and his eyes roll back, you sound so good.
“Are you ok? Can i move?”
Akaashi starts a slow, sensual grind inside you. He’s a little taken aback by the noises he lets out once he starts moving, whimpering above you. He tries to silence the whines, but there’s something about the way your skin feels against his, he can’t stop himself from crying out.
“Fuck, uhhhhn, Y/N, please-“
He doesn’t know what he’s asking for, just more.
Normally, he’s pretty quiet. Through no fault of his partners of course, but you’re just different. Your glossy eyes watch him from below as he looses all control, you’re so warm and tight and perfect around him. Gradually, the roll of his hips is out of control, going far to fast for your plump body to handle. You grip his forearms as he unintentionally bullies your gspot with the tip of his pretty pink leaky dick.
“Kei-! Slow down, slow-sl-slow down!”
The sound of his cock pumping your wet pussy is so nasty, but he’s addicted to it, along with your pleading for him to let up.
”I’m sorry-“ he gasps, “i’m sorry, I-I don’t know, I can’t stop, sorry.”
“It’s okay!” you say, although it comes out strangled, “don’t be sorry, it’s okay, haaah.”
you throw back you head, getting slightly dizzy. There’s nothing you can do but take it, get used like your boyfriend wants. It’s what you want too.
“So-so good- ohh, you’re so pretty” he moans, screwing his eyes shut, mouth hanging open as he tries his best not to cum already.
Fingers dig into your thick thighs, keeping you spread wide for him. He loves the jiggle of them, the way they shake in his hold. He wants to bite them, but that would require stopping, and he had no intention of doing that.
“Pretty thighs...” he whines, eyes open a crack to peek down at your expression. Your mouth is agape, just like his, and your eyes flutter in and out of focus, seemingly unseeing. You’re close, he’d wager.
“Keiji- i think i’m gonna-“
“Alright- haah- ok, do it Y/N, cum, please,” he whined.
If you weren’t in brain dead state you would have been taken aback, you had never heard Akaashi this desperate, for anything. But now, his cheeks were flushed, his voice was whiny and grip was harsh, yet still incredibly loving.
With a final whine, you feel yourself gush around his pretty dick, creaming and clenching and making him fuck you deeper.
“Oh! Oh, Y/N, Y/N, I’m close-!”
his hips worked and your back lifted up at the stimulation.
He whined a long high whine, and you felt his cum spurt out inside you. He weakly thrust into you until he had milked himself dry, gasping as he slowed. Still breathing heavily, he doubled down over you so he could rest his head in the crook of you neck. He sighed at the relief of feeling your skin, of being close to you.
You smiled blearily, sleepy arms wrapping around him and holding him to you gently. His cock was still throbbing inside of you, but you were both quite tired, content to hold each other like this until the morning.
“That was really nice, wasn’t it? I’m not that scary am I?” Akaashi murmured, kissing your neck softly.
“Mm. You whine like a bitch.”
He laughed and squeezed you tighter.
“You’re not much better Y/N.”
You laughed nervously, butterflies exploding in your gut, right where Akaashi was buried.
Your legs were still shaking and he shifted to get more comfortable. You froze as he moved inside you.
He looked up at you from under his thick eyelashes. He looked like an angel.
“Do you want to go again? We can if you want to.”
“It’s ok,” you sighed, eyes going droopy. He watched, and he nearly felt sick with how much he liked you,
“I’m happy just like this.”
“Ok. You’re really pretty you know.”
“You too.”
“I like you a lot.”
“I like you a lot too.”
Tumblr media
just a short little thing. If you’d want me to write a longer one i would totally be up for that!!! hope u enjoyed!! reblogs appreciated
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fsrintaro · 18 hours ago
## ft. akaashi keiji, suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. wrote this while listening to the highest count by Adele and damn ;-;
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI just falls in love with you everyday, all over again. he would come home with a bouquet of flowers, each a different one from the previous day. he loves how you accept each one from him with a bright smile to thank him and akaashi will just tell you, every single time, that you are much prettier than the flowers. beyond flowers, akaashi never fails to remind you how beautiful you are to him.
SUNA RINTARO keeps his love for you in photographs — snippets of the two of you goofing off, videos of sneaking a kiss on the other’s cheek and cute mirror selfies, evidence of your profound love for one another. “and that is,” suna muttered, fingers pinching to zoom into you slipping in the snow, “the most beautiful thing in my life.” suna says that in many other videos of his but he just never gets tired of realising over and over again that he had the chance to love you.
BOKUTO KOUTARO has always been receptive to others which is simply part and parcel of his amicable personality. no matter what you are into, bokuto would always try to pick it up just so he could watch you light up and gush about your hobby animatedly. and the best part of it all, was when the two of you would do it together — crocheting beanies or sweaters for one another, making matching bead bracelets and even sharing books with one another.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME has been married to you for 10 years, with 8 years of dating and 2 years of pining. yet, watching you devour his food graciously and showering him with kisses just reminds him of how beautiful the little moments are with you. it seemed like he discovers something new to love about you in the domestic life that the two of you shared — from the way you would carefully align your shoes next to his when you reach home to the way you sneak a kiss on his forehead when you reach over to switch off his bedside light.
KUROO TETSURO has always had a hard time resisting you and your advances, but especially so when you tap against your lips occasionally to signal to him that you want a kiss from him. to tease you, he would feign cluelessness to watch you sigh in exasperation before pulling him by the collar to seal his lips with a kiss. in the end, you always have the last laugh as you walked away from a blushing kuroo, who was just reminded of the butterflies you give him whenever the two of you kissed.
Tumblr media
(ㆀ˘・з・˘) likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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amarinthe · 2 days ago
Akaashi Keiji x Reader
Tumblr media
Perfect by Ed Sheeran
I found a love for me
Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji is the type of boyfriend who wakes you up by pressing a soft kiss to your temple. He makes your coffee the way you prefer while you get ready for work, always makes sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk, and you both walk together with both of your hands interwined in his coat pocket.
He always blushes whenever you press a kiss to his forehead and he surprises you with your favourite flower on random days. He plays with your fingers whenever he's bored, while you're working he presses soft kisses to your fingertips and nuzzles his face into your hand. He reads you your favourite book whenever you can't fall asleep, as you lay in his lap he cards his free hand through your curls and softly rubs your cheek with his thumb.
Tumblr media
sfw m.list nsfw m.list
Tumblr media
© amarinthe 2021 - content rights belong to @amarinthe
Do not plagiarize or translate my works onto other sites. Reblogs/Comments are very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
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hinatawa · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
flora x akaashi week 2021 🍾 day one — firsts.
Tumblr media
you meet him through a friend.
"this is akaashi," ami says, gesturing to him. he's tall, slim, but toned. his eyes are serious, and his face is disinterested. "we work together—he's an editor, too."
"nice to meet you," you bow after introducing yourself, giving him a smile. he bows back and offers his hand, and you reach it for a gentle shake.
he turns his grip so he's holding onto your hand, and you wonder if he'll kiss it.
"nice to meet you, too," he says, mildly, squeezing your hand instead of shaking it.
your friend goes on a tangent about work and how akaashi's helping her, and how he's dropping her off. he leaves with a smile and a nod of his head, and your friend grabs your attention.
you see him on a friday night.
"akaashi!" you call as you walk out of the café you'd holed yourself in for the past six hours, hammering away at your laptop to finish some last-minute reports and two articles for your publisher. akaashi happens to be walking past, which isn't surprising; your friend works in this area.
he turns and blinks. "oh, hey," he greets, coming closer. "where'd you come from?"
you jut your thumb behind you, and his eyes flash to the café entrance. "just finished up writing some things for my publisher. you?"
"was going to get some dinner," he responds. "you write? i didn't know that."
"ah, yeah. part-time, though; i work in a different capacity."
"oh, i see."
you decided to kill the awkward silence that follows. "you mentioned you were going to go eat?" you ask tentatively. "can i come? unless, of course, you're meeting someone—"
"oh, no," he goes, and shakes his head when you falter. "sorry, i meant no, i'm not meeting anyone. we can go get something to eat."
you smile. "okay," you say, and an idea occurs to you. you pull your phone from your pocket. "hey! let's take a photo. i'll send it to ami."
he nods and you extend your hand, but you're severely limited in the limb extension department, so with a breathy laugh, akaashi takes your phone and snaps a selfie.
you send it to ami.
ami: OMG
you relay the message, and he laughs.
"tell her this is why you set editing deadlines two days before they're actually due," he teases.
with a grin, you type back.
ami: but omg that's smart
ami: anyway have fun!!!
you show him your screen and he smiles. it's nice, that ami has a friend in him.
"so," you ask, pocketing your phone. "where to?"
"how does ramen sound?" akaashi asks, falling into step next to you. "i've been craving it all week."
"ramen it is," you nod, and the conversation flows from there.
you get a text the next day.
unknown: I have your jacket :) -akaashi
unknown. info. name. a k a a s h i. save. back.
you: Omg thank you!!!! Im so sorry im so forgetful
akaashi: No problem :) Do you need it soon?
you: I do grrr can i get it? I can pass by your building!!
akaashi: Sure. Just let me know when
you: Ok!! Maybe later at 2! :)
you hurriedly text ami.
you: Help
you: Emergency
ami: ???
you: What does akaashi like? From 7-11
ami: tuna mayo onigiri
ami: editor's choice
you: TYSM
ami: why whats up
later at two in the afternoon, you're armed with two onigiris and a canned café latte in a white plastic bag, and you meet him at his building's entrance. "thank you," you say earnestly, handing over the loot.
he smiles as you exhange goods. "thanks. is this onigiri?"
"ami said you liked them."
he peers inside the bag. "she's not wrong."
"thanks, again," you repeat, bowing in earnest gratitude. "i owe you!"
"the onigiris and coffee are more than enough." he sets down the bag. "where are you headed?"
"have to head back home," you say, placing your jacket in your backpack. "i have an airconditioning appointment at four."
"okay," he says with a smile and a nod. "bye!"
"bye!" you call, already walking back. "thanks again!!"
he waves until you turn your back before he walks back into the building.
ami knows something you don't.
"seeing keiji again soon?" she asks when your server drops off your coffees and tells you your pasta is coming soon.
"keiji?" you ask, confused.
you take a sip from your cup. "oh. i don't know. why do you ask?"
she hums cryptically. "no reason."
you raise an eyebrow but brush it aside.
Tumblr media
day one — #🍾: flokashi week — day two
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abuliawrites · a day ago
Hello first of all i want to say that i really like your writings so much <3 also i'm really sorry that i appeared as an anon, i'm not really confident with my acc </3
For the request, may i request akaashi keiji with song called "It's You" by Sezairi? pronouns is she/her. Maybe with comfort and fluff, thankyou so much!^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
song playing: it’s you by sezairi
back | pause | next
Tumblr media
word count: 1.6k
a/n: no worries about coming as an anon <3 i completely understand and i hope you like this as much as the rest of my writings :)
Tumblr media
“How is everything out there?”
“Pretty busy…” Akaashi sighed, watching his selected groomsmen hunker down around the overwhelmed photographer. He shook his head as you audibly stiffened, nerves eating away at your very being. “But everything’s going well. The guests are arriving on schedule, the chefs are happy and the photographer is having the time of his life.”
“Please don’t let your friends scare the photographer off, Keiji…” you whined into your hand, trembling lips tweaking into the smallest of smiles as a string of quiet chuckles chimed from his end. “I’m serious..!” Only half.
“Settle down, sweetheart.” Akaashi shifted his phone from one hand to the other. “They’re not scaring off anyone, don’t worry.”
“Well… good.” He hummed at your curt response, allowing the silence to overtake the conversation. Once all you could hear was the hustle and bustle of the reception you had yet to arrive to, you started drumming your fingertips against the shiny vanity.
“These flowers are gorgeous, you know,” Akaashi commented suddenly, lifting up to gently caress one of the salmon-coloured petals amongst the vibrancy of reds and pinks. “They’re amaryllises right?” You nodded, forgetting he couldn’t see the movement.
“Yeah… you gave me a bouquet of them once, remember?” You smiled softly, palm laying flat against the wooden surface. “Just like the hydrangeas that should be somewhere near the altar..? And-and the white tweedias we decided on for the tables inside?” There was a subtle burst of excitement that came with your flower-based chatter, finding solace in the many memories that arose with the plants. Akaashi always brought a magnificent bouquet with him for special occasions, each time a different type on display to accentuate his affection and desire for uniqueness.
“I love that you remember them all,” he hummed lovingly, ignoring the childish scene his groomsmen were conducting.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I..?” You beamed at the sweet memory of Akaashi showing up on your doorstep, bouquet in hand no matter how casual the date was. “They were all so lovely.”
“And I’m sure you’ll be the loveliest amongst the bunch when you finally walk down this aisle…” The sudden slip of his tongue had you flushed with embarrassment, nervously staring your reflection down through the stained glass of the mirror. “God, I can’t wait. I want to see you so badly, sweetheart. You’re killing me.” His light, genuine tone usually elicited some verbal response yet, you only murmured incoherent sentences.
Akaashi paused, pursing his lips as he leaned back against a wall, shielded from view of the guests by the outside corridor.
“Sweetheart? Are you alright?”
“Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” You thought it was convincing, you thought the display you put up would fool him. Boy, were you wrong to think so. Akaashi could always see through your lies and façades.
“Come on, what’s the matter? You know you can tell me anything, right..?”
“It’s nothing, Keiji… don’t worry about it.” He sighed, messing with the hem of his suit jacket via slender fingers. He let the sound of your gentle breathing fill his ear, a sound of comfort he’d sought after daily. A pang in his heart had him pushing himself from the wall and walking along the corridor, abandoning his post at the venue.
“Sweetheart, please, talk to me,” he whispered kindly, voice low enough for you to hear and for passing guests to confuse with gibberish. “I can hear that you’re upset. Did I do something?”
“Heavens no! You’ve done nothing but treat me these past few days.” You slumped in your seat, hand running across the intricate lace spread over your chest. “As if I’d be upset about that…”
“So, who’s got you so distressed, love?” He rounded a corner slowly, offering a curt wave to one of his acquaintances that strolled by. It didn’t seem to register with you that he was moving; walking somewhere specific in a haste. Too focused on listening to the quiet giggles floating around in the other room. The voices of your bridesmaids had you holding back an unsure breath, their conversation moments ago lingering on the forefront of your mind.
“O-oh, sorry. What were you saying?”
“Did somebody say something? That’s all I can really think of right now… unless it’s…” he broke off gradually, his lengthy strides slowing as he entered a ‘forbidden’ hall. “Are you having second thoughts? A-about the whole marriage thing?”
You felt sick; your heart was practically lurching up into your throat and toying with you.
“N-no! No, no! Never!” He exhaled a sigh of relief, stopping completely to lean against yet another wall. “I-I want to do this with you. I want to live out the rest of my life with you, Keiji… you and only you…” The male swallowed thickly, lifting a hand to tug his collar comically.
“You’re adorable… I want to live out the rest of my life with you, too. I want to make this shared life of ours the happiest you’ll ever experience…” He declared, shifting his phone as he stretched his neck to the side. “So, let me start now, okay? Make it a little practice round, how about that? You tell me what’s bothering you and I make you feel happy again in return. I think that sounds like a reasonable exchange; a great one even.”
You couldn’t help but release a muffled chuckle at his words—albeit a teensy bit childish, they were comforting.
“W-well… I was getting ready earlier with my bridesmaids… o-obviously, of course. And then we started talking about, well… you.” He cocked a brow quizzically, face falling impassive in mere seconds as a door opened up and a couple of your aforementioned bridesmaids waltzed out. They squinted at him in confusion, though minded their own business.
“One of the girls started rambling on and on… a-and it had me thinking, you know?”
“What if I’m not… good enough for you?” Your voice was barely that of a whisper, trembling with doubt and sorrow while simultaneously cringing. “What if she was right? You’re amazing in every way a-and I might just hold you back and-and…—“ There was a sudden rustling before the line cut out, leaving you alone in the silence where your doubts and insecurities festered. You couldn’t control the shaking in your jaw, nor the spasms in your hands as you slowly set your phone down. The quivering of your lips nor the chattering of your teeth. Especially not the tears pooling in the corners of your eyes, threatening to spill and ruin the makeup that had been applied studiously beforehand.
“Hah…” you swallowed thickly, throat uncomfortably tight, while your arms slid around your body. The beautiful dress you wore felt suffocating and the need to claw it off piece by piece intensified. Before you could progress to such drastic measures though, a knock rattled the door to your room, the visitor not waiting for permission to walk in.
“Oh, sweetheart…” Akaashi stride through the room quickly, dropping down to his knees where you sat, laying his hands atop yours. “Hey, hey… I’m here now, okay? Don’t cry, love.” He offered you a small smile, eyes squinted at the corners as he stared up at you longingly with his hands gently patting your thighs. You couldn’t help but let go, hunching over as you sobbed weakly into his arms.
“You’re supposed to be all smiles on your wedding day, you know?” He recalled lightly, his thumb stroking over a few of your knuckles. “Nothing else should matter except how happy we are; how happy you are.”
You couldn’t form any cohesive responses, much as you would have liked, your figure continuing to jostle and jerk about as your cries leaked out. Akaashi shifted, standing upright to pull you into his chest. Immediately, your hands found the material of his jacket and balled around it tightly, successfully wrinkling the item.
“Shh… you’re alright.” He soothed softly, hand dragging over your head habitually. “Forget about what they said, okay? They have no idea what they’re talking about.” The thought of your bridesmaids reducing you to tears, even if it was unknowingly, left a bitter aftertaste in his irritated thoughts.
“You’re the only one for me in this world; absolutely perfect… and I couldn’t be happier. You know why?” You peeked out from his chest slightly, wanting to know his answer over your hiccups and whimpers. “Because I’m marrying you, sweetheart. I’ll get to spend the rest of my life with you and that sounds like a pretty amazing thing to me. Don’t you think so?”
You nodded meekly, lips quivering up into a minuscule smile as the man leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead.
“Stop your crying now, okay beautiful?” He cooed, hands caressing the plush skin of your cheeks. “Don’t let your tears—or anything for that matter—ruin today, alright? We’re getting married and it’s going to be the happiest day of your life, no tears allowed.” You hiccup and remove your head from his chest, meeting his serious gaze once and for all.
“Y-you know… it’s bad luck to see each other before the wedding…” Akaashi snorted quietly into your shoulder once he dipped down, fingers travelling across the stunning dress that adorned your figure.
“Screw that saying and whoever first uttered it… I think we both needed this.” He laughed once and proceeded to gift your skin another pleasantly warm kiss. “I had to remind you that all of your doubts aren’t even necessary because there really isn’t anyone else in this life that I’d rather be with.”
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kageyuji · 10 days ago
the voicemail he leaves
Tumblr media
oikawa, kenma, akaashi, iwaizumi, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff n more fluff
notes: as always please reblog, they really help me :) !!
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
hey lovely, how are things back home? …i miss it. i miss you. don’t get me wrong, things are great here, it’s just… it’s not the same, y’know? i always like going out after games an’ stuff for junk food and i can’t really do that anymore. or even after practices, i can’t come home and lay my head in your lap.
it’s kind of cruel, actually. no one here wants to play with my hair.
anyway, i hope everything is okay there. call me back whenever you get this, yeah? one last game, then i’m coming straight home to you, i promise.
━━ kenma;
i’ve come to the conclusion that the bed is extremely cold without you in it, where’d you go? mm, anyway, sorry for the morning voice, but if you want to get me coffee on the way home i will love you forever.
i have also come to the conclusion that i’m lonely without you around so get home soon. i had a really weird dream last night i want to tell you about too. we adopted a monkey… anyway, i’ll tell you about it whenever you get home.
stay safe, love you.
━━ akaashi;
hey, you’re home right? i’ve had kind of a long day and i was wondering if it would be alright for us to just stay in tonight. i mean- not- you know what i mean… i think?
sorry, i’m a mess. long day like i said.
but hey, listen. i was thinking i could pick up some takeout on the way home and then we can just watch some cheesy movie and cuddle? i don’t think we have plans tomorrow so we can stay up however long we want. oh, we can do face masks too?
…i’m rambling, i know. just text me what you want for dinner whenever you get this and i’ll pick it up. i love you, bye.
━━ iwaizumi;
haha, i’m assuming you’re still sleeping? either way, good morning angel. i hope you slept well, make sure you get up and get some breakfast eventually. or if you want to wait, i can cook or get something for you on the way home.
i was just calling to say something came up and i had to leave in a hurry. i’ll tell you about it when i get home. i shouldn’t have anything else planned though so i’m yours for the rest of the day, i promise.
i should go now, but i love you and i’ll be home soon.
━━ atsumu;
Y/N! hey, is everything alright? i know you’re with your friend so i didn’t want to interrupt, but you said you’d be home around half an hour ago. i just wanted to check up on you is all.
i hope the movie was good, it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to go out. tell me about it when you get home, yeah? it’s been really quiet without you here, i missed you.
oh, and still haven’t gotten a shower if you wanna wash my hair when you do get home though heheh. i’ll even let you dry it or put bows in it or whatever you want. anyway, i’ll go now. have fun angel, i love you.
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
# how they react to you asking for affection !
✫ ft. kuroo , akaashi , atsumu , suna , sakusa x gn! reader
a/n: some quick hcs to get back into the swing of writing !
Tumblr media
✫ KUROO when you ask him for a hug, he smiles gently, taking ahold of your waist to pull you into a tight hug. in moments like these, it feels like time has frozen and it's just you and him. he rubs your back and whispers "i'm always here if you want a hug, you know. you never have to ask". he makes sure to hug you more often, swaying from side to side until he hears a sigh of satisfaction from you.
✫ AKAASHI he's sitting at his desk when you wrap your arms around his shoulders, tucking your face into his neck — he knows exactly what you want. he turns around and pecks your cheek before pulling you onto his lap. his hands fall to your waist, rubbing small circles into your skin. "missed me, angel?" he says into your hair. his voice is low and laced with exhaustion. and when you murmur a yes, he pulls you even closer. with your arms around his neck and your head sitting gently on his shoulder, he rubs your back and keeps his arms loosely around you as he types away at his computer, placing kisses at your cheek every couple minutes.
✫ ATSUMU a huge smile erupts on his face when you ask him for a hug out of the blue. "of course, angel! anything for ya!" he says with nothing but love in his eyes. he pulls you in, picks you up, and swings you around. you're both laughing at his behavior, and he's reveling in the sound of your giggles. he puts you down, but doesn't let go. "just a bit longer, yeah? i missed ya, too." the rest of the day is filled with random kisses, cheek squishes, and a very clingy atsumu.
✫ SUNA "hmm? someone's needy today" he jokes while placing his hands on your waist, slowly bending down to kiss your lips. he pulls away and looks at you with a soft smile, making sure to stay at your eye level. he kisses you again and again until you're both smiley. and he's blushing slightly, but you don't mention it. moving his hand to the top of your head, he strokes your hair and hides his face into your neck. "i missed your lips, cutie. i'm all yours, you don't have to ask, okay?"
✫ SAKUSA he's a bit taken-aback by your request. when you ask him for a kiss, he starts wondering if he's been neglecting you. he bends down to place a kiss to your nose, cheeks, forehead, and finally, your lips. "are you okay?" he'd ask. when you hum a yes, he blushes, knowing that you just missed him. he can't lie — he's just as touch-starved as you are. so, he pulls you into him and snuggles his face into your hair. "let's take a nap. practice was too long and i need to recharge."
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 9 months ago
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ akaashi, kita, and bokuto
part 4!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: since i like pain i’m doing another part of the series😐
anyways! this may be the last part to this prompt since i don’t really write for anyone else but it really just depends!! but i hope it’s a good one ;) prompt is in the timeskip like usual!)
Tumblr media
it was honestly pretty rare for the two of you to get into fights
but recently you’d been feeling a little needy and it felt like your own boyfriend didn’t care
he was always busy working on the current manga or too tired to tend to you
and he really never got all that defensive when it came to you communicating these things to him
so you confronted him
“keiji, don’t you think you could take a break for a couple days?”
but as the two of you talked, he got frustrated and ended up lashing out at you
“maybe i’m not the problem, y/n. have you ever considered that you’re just clingy?”
you reeled back, hurt
even after both of you apologized and he promised to be better to you, you couldn’t stop thinking about what he said
akaashi sighs, the last panel finally finished and looking spectacular. he’s been working so hard on it, and now that he’s done, he can finally spend some time with you.
he picks up dinner on his way home, excited to see you. he’s gotten your favorite food and he can’t wait to come home and be with you.
when he opens the door, he calls your name, and your response from the other room is soft. it’s a little strange; usually you’d be on him already, but keiji assumes you must be busy or something.
“hi, baby!” he mumbles, coming over to kiss you. you smile softly at him before returning to whatever is on your laptop.
he stands there awkwardly.
“i brought dinner home. it’s your favorite, isn’t it?” he prompts, holding it out to you. you stare up at him, nodding silently.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion, but he sets down the food anyway.
the two of you eat silently, and the air is somewhat tense and a little awkward. akaashi can’t figure out what’s wrong, but he feels that asking would just make it worse.
when you’re done, you smile at him and put your dishes away before slipping into the bedroom wordlessly.
akaashi sighs. he’d hoped that you’d be as excited to see him as he’d been for you, but now he feels like something’s off.
when he follows you into the bedroom, he sits beside you on the bed, poking you gently. he looks down at you softly.
“did you wanna watch something together? i got some snacks from the market; we could eat those?” he suggests, hopeful. your eyes light up at that before dimming as you look away, as if you’ve remembered something important.
“it’s okay, keiji.”
his heart sinks.
“actually, i think i’m gonna go to bed for the night,” you say quietly. he looks at the time. 8:48. you never go to bed that early.
the two of you sit in an awkward silence, and akaashi can’t think of what went wrong.
he thinks about how the two of you fought just yesterday, but you surely can’t have believed anything he’d said? how could he ever feel that way about you? he loves you more than anything in the world.
but when he glances at you, he realizes that his words had hurt you much more than you let on. you won’t even look at him.
so he reaches over, hands sliding under you, and hoists you up into his lap.
“what? i can’t cuddle with my baby?”
you sigh.
“you don’t have to do this just because i complained last night,” you laugh dryly, attempting to mask the hurt he caused you. he sees right through it though, hand coming up to brush your cheek gently.
“baby,” he whispers. “you know i didn’t mean it like that.”
you exhale, looking away. “you were right, though. i’m too needy.”
he forces you to look at him at that. “hey. that’s not true at all, okay? i love you, more than anything, and i love being close to you and spending time with you. you’re never too needy.”
you let him press soft kisses all over your face, giggling when he gets to your neck. he smiles against you.
“let’s spend some time together, ‘kay?”
Tumblr media
even before the two of you got in a relationship, you understood that kita was a very blunt person
he did not hold back and was a little too honest
but while he was cold and blunt, he was also kind and thoughtful, and you loved that about him
you felt as though you were a little too much for him, but he never really said anything, so you assumed he didn’t mind
but one day, he came home from work exhausted
after the two of you got ready for bed, you tried to cuddle him, hoping maybe you’d get a few hugs and kisses before going to sleep
but he pushed you away firmly
“will you stop being so clingy? i don’t want to be around you all the time.”
with that, he turned away from you, and you did the same, the air tense
even as you fell asleep, you couldn’t get his words out of your mind
today has been a great day for kita.
work went well and the weather was amazing. now the only thing he wants to do is come home to you and have dinner together. he can’t wait to tell you all about his day and hear about yours.
on his way home, he passes by that pastry shop you love. he figures you’d appreciate it if you picked some dessert up.
he buys some crepe cakes and pastries, hoping you’ll accept them.
when he gets home, he’s surprised you’re not in the living room or in the kitchen. you’re usually there, waiting for him.
he can see that there’s dinner on the stove, but you’re not out and about, probably in the bedroom. he opens the door, and his prediction is confirmed. you’re sitting on the bed, scrolling on your phone. at the sound of the door opening, you look up.
“hi, shin,” you greet, grinning softly. he nods.
“do you want to eat with me?” he offers, gesturing to the dining table. he wants to just talk to you for a minute, maybe share some dessert with you.
you shake your head. “i already ate. there’s leftovers on the stove, though!”
shinsuke stands there, dumbfounded. you’ve always waited up for him. perhaps you were simply really hungry?
“right. well, i brought home some dessert from that pastry shop you like. why don’t you come out and take a look at it?” he suggests, hoping the idea will coax you.
you want to take his offer, but the last time you tried to get close to him, he completely shot you down. the humiliation from last night is still fresh.
“i’m okay, babe. i’ll just get some later, ‘kay?”
he sighs. he really hadn’t expected your rejection in the slightest, and he’s a little embarrassed.
he sits down to eat, alone. he was looking forward to seeing you all day, but you’re not acting at all like yourself. he misses your affection and giggles and sweet touches.
he wonders if you’re upset about what he said to you last night. he hadn’t meant to be so mean to you; he was just having a bad day and it kind of just slipped out. he’d hoped you would forget about it, but he can’t help but to think maybe you’re still a little upset about it.
he gets up and pushes the door open.
“are you upset with me?”
you look up at him, baffled.
“i pushed you away last night, and i feel like you’re upset with me.”
you look away. so that’s what this is about.
“i’m not upset, okay?” you answer, avoiding his gaze.
“but you’re acting strange, and it’s making me uneasy. i want you to be yourself around me,” he explains. you finally look at him.
“i just don’t understand what you want, shin. you didn’t want me when i tried to be myself, so i tried to give you space, and you’re still not happy. i’m just trying to be enough for you and it’s not working,” you ramble, frustrated. his eyes widen slightly in surprise.
he comes over and sits in front of you on the bed. his gaze is sharp, and you as much as you want to look away, you can’t.
“you are more than enough for me,” he reassures you, as if the statement is obvious. “i’m sorry for the way i treated you last night. i thought about you all day and i couldn’t wait to see you, and i’m sorry you thought i didn’t love you for who you are. i love everything about you.”
kita is the most honest person you know, and you know he means every word he says. when he nuzzles at your cheek playfully, you laugh, and he realizes just how much he missed the sound.
“i love you.”
you sober, and smile gently.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
you were both very clingy people in general
bokuto never seemed to have a problem with your touchiness
you loved that you could be affectionate with him, and that he was okay with it
but one day, you weren’t so sure about yourself anymore
bokuto had to leave for business on the day that you’d planned a date, and he’d completely forgotten
“koutaro, how could you not tell me?”
he was getting frustrated and stressed out, and before he left, he ended up lashing out at you
“i’m sorry, okay? it’s not my fault you’re so clingy. don’t put this on me!”
he left angrily, slamming the door shut
you sat in your apartment, dejected and upset
he texted you later apologizing and promising he’d smother you with lots of hugs and kisses when he got home
but you weren’t so sure anymore
you look around, searching for his hair above the crowd. the airport is pretty crowded, but you know you’ll be able to spot him anywhere.
and then you finally see him, and your eyes meet. excitement bubbles up in your stomach and you run to meet him before slowing down and stopping a few feet in front of him. you don’t want anything like what happened the other day to happen again.
bokuto waits for you to throw your arms around him, anticipation swimming in his eyes, but you just grab his suitcase for him and gesture for him to follow you to where your car is. he droops, missing your touch, but follows you nonetheless.
the car ride is uneventful, and the two of you make awkward small talk. it’s a little weird, and bokuto is itching to touch you, but you don’t seem to be in the mood for it. maybe when you get home you’ll cuddle him?
but when you finally do get home, you’re back to ignoring him. you help him unpack, muttering things about dinner, but it’s like he’s barely even there. he sighs sadly.
when you’re making dinner, he watches you, hoping you’ll turn around and wrap your arms around his waist like you sometimes do. but you hum to yourself, barely even acknowledging his presence in the kitchen.
he pulls at your sleeve desperately, and you turn to see him.
“what is it?” you ask gently. he stares at you, and you stare back at him, and he won’t tell you what’s wrong. you sigh, shrugging him off, and return to making dinner.
he goes to sulk at the table, touch starved and frustrated.
he doesn’t understand why you’re being so distant. he’s spent quite a long time away from you, all of which he’s spent missing your touch, and now you won’t even give him the time of day.
not only does he just want to touch you, but he feels like he’s done something wrong, and he doesn’t know what.
after dinner, you’re washing dishes, and he decides to try again. he comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and squeezes. you try to evade him, but he holds you in place. your attempt doesn’t go unnoticed, however.
“kou, i need to wash the dishes.”
“why are you being so weird?” he mumbles into your neck, and you freeze.
“what are you talking—”
“stop, ‘kay?” he mumbles, scarily serious, and you turn to investigate. he looks hurt, and you blanch.
“you’ve been avoiding me all day, and i don’t understand what i did wrong,” he explains.
oh, you think.
“baby, it’s not your fault, okay? i’ve just been thinking,” you tell him, turning away. “i’ve been thinking about what you said before you left. about the way i act and how it can get a little annoying, and i just thought maybe some space would be—”
“no!” he blurts. you pause.
“wh-what do you mean, ‘no?’”
“i don’t want space! i came home and i missed you and you don’t even wanna cuddle,” he utters.
“i didn’t mean it,” he whispers. “what i said that day. and i think you should completely forget about it and come be with me instead.”
when you look up at him, he looks like he means it. his eyebrows are furrowed in determination, and the sight is equal parts hilarious and endearing.
you slip into his arms wordlessly, allowing him to swallow you up and tighten his hold on you.
“missed you so much,” he mumbles, barely coherent. “don’t do that again.” you laugh.
“alright, bo. whatever you want.”
Tumblr media
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sunarent · 24 days ago
when he sees you lying on your bed
characters: akaashi. hinata. iwaizumi. kenma. suna.
genre: fluff
a/n: @atsumiye i vomited on that for u
Tumblr media
AKAASHI smiles fondly as he sees you, your entire being drawn in by the book in your hand. he notices that it’s the one he got you just a few days ago. for a while he just stands there, watching your eyes swaying over the paper, the small frown on your face before he decides to make his way over to you, sitting down right next to you. you jump as he puts his head on your lap, staring at him with wide eyes. waving you off he asks you to read to him, closing your eyes at your soft voice. before he knows it he’s drifting off, your one hand in his hair drawing small circles, only stopping to turn the page.
HINATA bubbles with excitement as he enters, already going on about his day and his plans for your evening, stopping in his tracks as he sees you sleeping curled up on your bed. he shuts up immediately, hands quickly slapping on his mouth to stop any more loud words from escaping him. shaking his head at his own enthusiasm he tiptoes over, practically dancing on his feet as he slips right behind you, sneaking an arm around you. whatever it was that he planned, it could wait. he grinned, pressing your form against his chest. as it turned out, he didn’t mind a calm evening snuggled up against you.
IWAIZUMI leans against the doorframe, crossing his arms over his chest. he only raises an eyebrow as he watches your hunched figure, your bed being covered by books and notes. eyes jumping to the clock on your wall he notices the time, shaking his head. it’s been hours and yet you still haven’t taken a break. iwaizumi grunts before pushing himself off, closing the book in your hand. your head shoots up, a frown etched on your face. knowing you were about to complain he immediately shook his head. he competently overheard all your complains, only dragging you into the kitchen, soon slamming a cup of tea on the table in front of you.
KENMA is so engulfed by his game that he doesn’t even notice your figure as he walks into your room, your greeting making him flinch slightly, head shooting up. he murmurs some words of acknowledgment, feet dragging you closer to you, like he was on autopilot. by now it was routine how you pat the space in front of you slightly, kenma sitting down just a few seconds later. he leans back into your chest as your arms wrap around him, your face nuzzling into his back. you were both quiet, simply enjoying each other’s presence with him still playing some game while you doze off, lulled into sleep by his warmth.
SUNA glances up from his screen to see you laying on your stomach, not even noticing that he just came in. shrugging he makes his way over to your bed, his feet drag over the floor with every tired step. you slightly jump as you feel a heavy weight being dropped on you. you yell out his name twisting your upper body as much as you can to throw sharp glances at suna‘s body laying on you. now he’s to one who doesn’t even acknowledge you, nuzzling his cheek on your lower back, eyes still on his screen. he hums content after a while, enjoying the warmth you give him.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
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iwasbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 557 words.
# warnings. nothing but fluff.
# contains. bokuto, kuroo, kageyama, iwaizumi, tsukishima, akaashi, oikawa, nishinoya, tendou, ushijima.
# author’s note. ‘m back, mental health went ka-put but we are back on our regular shit once again.
Tumblr media
if he goes to bed before you, as soon as you climb in he’ll reach for you. even if he’s deeply asleep, snoring away, he’ll roll over and stretch towards your side of the bed until a hand or a foot makes contact with your warmth, then a sort of dopey smile rests on his face and he relaxes back into his dreams.
sometimes, you getting up early wakes him a little bit which then results in him just hugging and cuddling into you. softly mumbling ‘no, baby’ and ‘stay’ as he just absolutely refuses to let you go.
he outright denies it every time you ask him, but he has conversations with your pets. you’ve caught him mumbling to them a few times, mostly just telling them to quiet down, ‘shh, you’ll wake them up, damn cat.’
he doesn’t think you’re awake when he gets into bed most nights. but every single time he lays down, he kisses your shoulder lightly and tucks the covers around you, whispering out a soft ‘good night, baby.” and a rushed love you.
when you’re trying to concentrate on something, your glasses do the whole thing where they end up on the tip of your nose. you always look adorable when it happens and he acts like he hates it but pushes it up for you anyways, ‘fix your glasses, idiot.’
he talks to your plants because he heard somewhere that it helps them grow, he also plays favorites between them. he’ll move them around the house to put them in spots where the sun hits them so they stay healthy. sometimes he’ll even keep them near him while he works—it’s adorable.
he’s a really good dancer and sometimes he’ll randomly come up just to dip you really low and literally sweep you off your feet. sometimes you’ll ask for him to do it and the smile on his face is priceless, it’s just a mixture of love and absolute cockiness.
if one of you says ‘I love you’, the other replies with ‘I love you’ but much faster. it quickly turns into a competition, which turns the words into ‘ahluhyu’ and then complete gibberish.
if you have a stuffed animal. he makes up absolutely adorable stories and scenarios about what he thinks they’re up to during the day, and what kind of shenanigans the plushie is getting themselves into and tells them to you while you’re cuddling.
if you’re in a separate room for too long, he’ll come find you before giving you a few kisses, and asking if he can quietly sit next to you and watch you work or whatever it is you’re doing.
Tumblr media
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melsun · a month ago
Tumblr media
♯ ft . sakusa, akaashi, oikawa, suna, sugawara, hinata
♯ part two
Tumblr media
𝄢 SAKUSA doesn’t admit it— he probably never will; but when you tip-toe to kiss his forehead (no, you still don’t reach it- have you seen how fucking tall that man is?); his heart skips a beat - he feels like an idiot in love, raising himself higher so you fall on his chest instead, arms snaking around your waist to hold you closer. “unfair!,” you grumble, making a face at kiyoomi as he flicks your forehead. “shut up,” he starts, gaze hooking onto the smile which has somehow made its way onto your face despite not being able to do what you want— perfectly matching the one he’s hiding underneath.
𝄢 AKAASHI can’t take his eyes off your lips when you talk— he tries so hard to listen, but his gaze keeps flickering from your eyes down to your oh-so-kissable lips, hand reaching up to your face as if it has a mind of its own. “can i kiss you?,” he interrupts your rambling, leaning in before you can answer- his mouth soft on yours. as always, he tastes like cinnamon- making you forget what you were talking about as your hand runs through his hair, his gripping your jaw gently to push you further towards him. “sorry,” he chuckles, pulling apart, “just can’t help myself,” his heart beats faster when you shake your head and pull him in for another kiss.
𝄢 OIKAWA is the living embodiment of brushing that stray piece out of your lover’s eyes, whether it’s his hair you’re pushing back- or the other way round. “what ar-,” you pause as oikawa extends his arm, his hand brushing past your forehead to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “thanks,” you grin, “it was getting in the way.” he scrunches his nose, tone cheeky, “-way of you seeing my pretty face, right?,” he quips, pouting when you don’t answer, “right?! y/n-chan!” .he demands you pepper his face with kisses to make up for your appalling behaviour.
𝄢 SUNA can read you like a book—you’re the couple who communicates without actually having to. upset at a party, it’s like you talk using simple telepathy when you decide to leave. “ya bored?,” suna whispers, hand on your waist and your back against his chest as he leans down to speak. he’s noticed how your drink’s been resting on the table, your hair twirling in your hands, a slight frown accompanying your furrowed brows. “let’s get out of here and go for a drive,” he suggests, making you snap out of your gloomy state to grin— as he presses a soft kiss to your neck.
𝄢 SUGAWARA has a hand on his stomach, loud laughs leaving him at some joke nishinoya made— asahi’s bewildered expression adding fuel to the fire. “he’s really-,” koushi tries to speak, but is hindered by another loud giggle escaping his lips. his eyes search for yours— you’re laughing too, everyone is. “i can’t believe you, noya,” tears are flowing down your cheeks at this point, knees folded. yours flicker to his, holding eye contact for a few seconds, and somewhere between the joy and laughter- your hearts swell with love. among all the chaos and snorting, his eyes always find you- after all, in a group of people laughing, you tend to look at who you feel closest to.
𝄢 HINATA spaces out while grinning at you— the same sort of trance he’s in while he watches the spot he’s going to spike to. (you know, feeling like he’s on top of the world). looking at you makes him feel just like that— like he has wings. (you’re his cloud nine). “sho,” you poke his arm, getting no response, “shoyo,” you stress again, making him jump as you shake him back and forth gently, hands on his shoulders. “sorry!,” he exclaims, tilting his head to the side and flashing you his wide smile, “you’re so pretty!,” he yells, swaying excitedly as he grabs your hand. his cheeks are bright red, making your heart race at his pure genuine words. (he means what he says, always).
Tumblr media
tagging : @sunkeiji @/anon (lmao) @sunarent @sugamintchocochip
- reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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luvbub · a month ago
Will you do the "texting fiancé the night before the wedding" for Akaashi, Ushijima, Iwazumi and Oikawa? 🥺😘 It was so cute, I love fluff! Your adorable posts help me forget about crap happening irl. 🥰
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding part two
Tumblr media
feat. Akaashi, Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Oikawa
♡ a/n: ahhhh I didnt think this would be popular but im glad you like it hehe
♡ part one
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
you stare at your phone- waiting for a response. you knew he saw your message but for some reason he wasn’t responding
but ten minutes later you finally got a call from your fiance
“hi Keiji, what’s up?” you answer, acting nonchalant
“uhh not much... just hanging out with some of the guys.... how about you? You good?” Akaashi replies, and you notice how stiff and awkward he sounds- as if he’s treading lightly
“I’m alright!! Just excited for tomorrow” you chuckle, and you hear Akaashi let out a sigh of relief from his end
“That’s good... anyways I suppose I’ll let you rest now. I love you” Akaashi says, sounding more relaxed
“I love you too~” you tell him before hanging up the phone
honestly, you thought he would be more inquisitive regarding the text you sent
but before you could set your phone down, Akaashi calls once more
the moment you pick up the phone Akaashi is already speaking, skipping the greeting entirely
“you sure you’re okay? I just wanna make sure you’re feeling well and not having any problems..or doubts” he asks and you find your lips curling into a smile
“please Keiji, if this is about the text I sent just tell me” you chuckle, and your laughter calms your fiancé down a bit
“...yes it is” he sheepishly replies
“I’ll have you know that I was just messing with you. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow you know” you reassure
“please, you had me absolutely worried there. what am I going to do with you” Akaashi groans- as relieved as he is, he honestly should have known you would mess with him like this
“well.... you’re gonna marry me tomorrow! that’s what you’re gonna do” you respond, and you hear him let out a soft chuckle
you were right- he was going to marry you tomorrow
and honestly, Akaashi couldn’t have been any more excited
you weren’t sure how he would respond to it to be honest
but surely you didn’t expect Tendou to send you a text
god y/n, what on earth did you text wakatoshi? he’s pacing the room right now freaking out about something
a few moments later, Tendou sends you a video
and sure enough, you saw your own fiancé walk back and forth in the room, mumbling
“what did Y/n mean by that text? why did they ask if we were still on for tomorrow? we are still on, aren’t we? I should ask but what if I accidentally make things worse?” Ushijima says to no one in particular
you were surprised to see your fiancé in such a state
what seemed like a little joke actually made your fiancé terribly worried, and as adorable as he was, you did feel slightly guilty for causing him this much trouble
he was too nervous to even confront you about this, you knew you had to ease his worries
picking up your phone again, you send him another text
oops! sorry love, I meant to send this to the photographer!! love you <3
that should do the trick- and it did. because a few seconds later you got a text from him
got it. love you too
you chuckle to yourself, his reply definitely masked how relieved he must have been
your phone dings again, this time a text from Tendou
oh he’s alright now, false alarm I suppose
the text was followed by a picture of Ushijima smiling at his phone, looking like the biggest weight was lifted off his shoulders
honestly, you didn’t have the heart to tell him that everything was just a little prank
maybe somewhere down the line you would, but for now you would keep this your little secret
you get a text back almost immediately and as you expected- Iwaizumi does not fall for your trick
keep it up and the answer might be no
you roll your eyes, deciding to video call him
when Iwaizumi answers the call, the first thing he sees is your pouting face
from his surroundings, you could tell he was at a restaurant and you were a bit shocked that he actually picked up your call
“you’re so mean Hajime” you fake sob in front of him
“and you’re not good at pranking others” he teases, a small smile forming on his face
but before you could respond, you hear a familiar voice in the background
“OH is that Y/n!! hi Y/n!! excited for tomorrow?” Oikawa asks, grabbing Iwaizumi’s phone so that he could talk to you
in the background, you could hear your fiancé yell at his best friend for stealing his phone
“yes I am actually. I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long now” you admit, and you watch as Oikawa’s eyes light up
“you can’t see this Y/n, but Iwa is totally blushing right now. Wow, he’s such a sucker for you” Oikawa says
“I- YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL THEM THAT” Iwaizumi shouts, causing you and Oikawa to cackle
“anyways Y/n,” Oikawa continues, ignoring his friend, “before you called, Iwa said you texted him. and when I saw him check his phone, there was a brief moment of panic before he put on his ‘cool guy’ face. So I’m just saying, even if he seems like a brute, he’s secretly a softie~ oops okay Iwa looks like he’s about to lunge at me Y/n gotta go”
Oikawa quickly hangs up the call, leaving you to muse on this new information
interesting, so his response to you earlier had all been a facade
not that you were surprised, you knew your fiancé like the back of your hand
still, it was cute that he still tried to act all cool in front of you, and surely it wouldn’t be the last time he would do this
he read your text almost immediately after you sent it
you held your breath in excitement as you stared at the screen of your phone- you saw he was typing something
but then he stopped
and a few seconds later you got a video call from him
when you pick up the phone, Oikawa’s face is extremely close to the camera, and you can see the suspicion on his face
“exCUSE ME?” he screeches, and you immediately burst into laughter
“hello to you too Tooru, how are yo-” your words are cut off by him before you get a chance to finish
Oikawa knew he was overreacting- he knew you were messing with him
but still, seeing that text made him a bit frantic
because what if you had been serious and it wasn’t a joke?
Oikawa wasn’t going to let his guard down the night before his wedding
even if he was absolutely sure it was a prank, he needed to hear reassurance straight from you
“heh, it was just a little joke Tooru” you tell him, and he immediately relaxes
you see him close his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath as if to calm himself down more
“thank you. Anyways that was the absolute worst joke on this entire planet Y/n!!!” he whines, unsure if he hated the fact that you had said such a thing or his reaction to it all
“I know I know, and I’m sorry if I worried you” you apologize, but the smile you had never left your face
Oikawa found himself smiling back at you. the sight of you alone was already bringing great comfort to the setter, and he found himself in awe at the fact that he was going to marry you tomorrow
he honestly felt like the luckiest guy in the world- he was marrying you
and there were so many things he loved and adored about you
except your jokes
your jokes were clearly not one of them
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fsrintaro · a month ago
what they need to hear from you
## ft. miya osamu, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. sometimes they just need a little love <3
Tumblr media
MIYA OSAMU just feels exhausted. setting his cap down on the shoe cabinet, he trudges with heavy feet to your shared room. upon seeing his fatigued state, you beckoned him over from the bed. osamu fell on his knees onto the floor, his head resting on top of your thighs while his hand drew small circles on your soft skin. "it's okay to be tired, love. take it slow, one at a time, hm? can you do it for me, sweetheart?" nodding his head against your thigh, the coolness of relief washed over him. it was scary to be vulnerable but over time, you helped osamu learn that he doesn't have to be strong all the time.
MIYA ATSUMU’S favourite way of cooling down after a long was laying between your legs, letting your fingers roam through the blonde tousles of his hair. sometimes, atsumu just wants to hear someone tell him that they are proud of him. not just because he was the top scorer of the game, but they want to be someone's pride for working hard to where he is. "you worked hard, 'tsumu. it's okay to rest, there is nothing wrong with that." a small contented hum sounded from atsumu's chest as he lets his head lull to the side to rest against your thigh.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI just isn't feeling himself today. nothing is going right for him and he is on the edge of losing it. as you looped your arms around his waist from behind in an attempt to comfort him, you noticed that he flinched at your touch. in that moment, he feared that you would be offended. he feared that it will come true -- that everything is his fault. "i'm here if you wanna talk, omi. i'll always be here for you, ready to listen." there it was, someone that was willing to listen. tears stung sakusa's eyes at the thought of being worth someone's time.
AKAASHI KEIJI ran his fingers through his disheveled hair for the umpteenth time. the pressure on his chest magnifying, taking a toll on his morale by the second. workload after workload, it didn't seem to keiji that he is clearing anything. the little clatter of a cup of tea interrupted keiji's spiral, making him peer up from the hands that were previously dragging down his face. you reached your hand out to weave your fingers through his hair, smoothing it to the sides to tidy up his tangled hair. hands settling at his cheeks, you pulled his forehead to your lips. "you're almost there, keiji. i'm proud of you." you whispered against his forehead, his eyelids falling to relax in your hold as he exhaled shakily.
KUROO TETSURO released a long sigh, leaning back into his office chair. eyes bored into the ceiling, his thoughts drifted to you. have you eaten lunch? did you miss him? kuroo's hand shuffled through his drawer to pull out his phone, its screen lighting up to show a picture of the two of you on a food date the previous weekend. a small ping from his phone had him shooting up from his seat, hands scrambling to open your message. a small smile crept onto kuroo's face as he stares at the picture of you holding a cute bowl of your lunch, along with the caption, "tetsu!! look at my lunch!! i can't wait to see you tonight, i miss you <3". god, he missed being around you.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
you bring up divorce during an argument with them
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: husband!akaashi + kuroo + osamu + tendou + (gn!reader)
REQUEST: husband osamu kuroo tendou and akaashi reacting hcs to their wife accidentally bringing up divorce in a reallllly heated arguments and it’s just angst to fluff :)
WARNINGS: angst 
NOTES: i don’t mention any pronouns or say wife so it ended up being gender neutral <3
Tumblr media
the two of you would be fighting like you’d never fought before
his face is red because he’s so frustrated
complaining about how tired he is (and deep down you know he means in general, but it strikes a chord)
you’re close to tears 
and you’re so overwhelmed, bad thoughts invading your mind that you bring up the one thing you’d never want
“so what keiji?!” you were practically shouting, tears finally leaking from your eyes, “do you want a divorce is that it?! since you’re so tired of me, are you going to get rid of me?!” 
he paused and looked at you wide-eyed, feeling the breath get ripped out of him. “wh––what?” his voice was small, dropped down several notches compared to before. “what did you say?–” he stepped closer to you and you turned around to walk into your bedroom.
“you heard me.” you wanted nothing more than to lock yourself in your room and cry yourself to sleep but akaashi followed you in.
he grabbed your arm gently and turned you around to face him. you kept your eyes down, level with his chest and he let out a shaky breath, bringing a hand under your chin to tilt your head up. “i’m not tired of you––yes i’m frustrated but i could never––i would never leave you.” 
more tears fell down your cheeks and he swiped them away with his thumbs, holding your face with both his hands. “i––i’m sorry i yelled at you.” you were about to apologize as well when he went on, his eyes looking at yours hesitantly. “but you––you don’t want to leave me, right?”
you shook your head immediately and his shoulders sunk in relief. “no baby i don’t i was just...scared that you were finally sick of me––”
he pressed his lips against yours, cutting you off. he waited a good while before pulling away and looking at you earnestly. “i will never get sick of you, okay. never.” 
you bit your lip and nodded. “okay.”
he pulled you in for a hug and held you tight, “let’s go to bed, alright? it’s been a long day.” he kissed your forehead, “if you want to keep talking about this, we can tomorrow, after a good night’s rest.” 
Tumblr media
you were aggravated
really aggravated
and you were feeling petty
and part of you just wanted to see if he would react
you were tired of him trying to act cool, it made you feel like you were being dramatic, acting out for no reason
honestly you weren’t planning on saying it, but your emotions got to the best of you
“well should we just get a divorce then?!” your eyes widened and your hand came up to cover your mouth almost immediately, the silence between the two of you deafening.
kuroo’s face fell as soon as you finished your sentence, his eyes piercing yours almost painfully. “what?” 
you let your hand fall to your side and opened your mouth but no sounds came out, only worrying your husband more, the silence making him think you really did want to end things.
he rushed closer to you and gently took your hands in his, his teary eyes looking into yours. “baby please––don’t give up on us, i’ll do better,” he frantically pressed kisses to your knuckles and looking at his reaction, you couldn’t stay mad at him.
“no baby i’m not––i didn’t mean to say that i was just overwhelmed.” you took your hands out of his with some resistance, with him not wanting to let you go and placed your hands on his cheeks to pull him in for a sweet kiss. “i promise,” you mumbled against his lips before pulling back to look at him, his hands gripping your waist desperately. “you’re stuck with me until the end of time.” 
he laughed wetly, a few tears escaping his eyes. “good.” he pressed his lips against your forehead and wrapped his arms around you. “i’m sorry kitten. don’t wanna fight with you. ever.”
Tumblr media
you were tired, you both were
you weren’t even yelling at each other, just talking, deeply sighing, your bodies tense, the air between you thick
you were both exasperated with the argument that just seemed like it was never end
and it just slipped out, your mouth talking before your mind agreed to what you were saying (something that often happened during your arguments)
“so what do you want from me samu?” you sighed, rubbing your face with your hands stressfully as you leaned on the dinner table with your elbows. “you want a divorce, is that it?” 
your hands stopped moving and you held your breath as you realized what you said. you were honestly scared to move your hands, to face your husband but when you were meant with silence, you dropped your hands to the table to find him staring at you incredulously.
“fuck no.” he crossed his arms and sat back, rolling his eyes, seemingly more annoyed than before. “don’t say shit like that.” his words were fierce but you could sense the slight fear in his tone, you noticed the way his eyes were observing you, silently wondering if that’s what you truly wanted. 
“i don’t...i’m sorry. i don’t want that either.” you sighed and looked down, putting your head back in your hands. you felt like crying but you also felt far too exhausted, emotionally and physically to even do that. 
you closed your eyes for a moment and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm yourself. you only opened them when you felt a hand on your shoulder and looked up to see osamu looking down at you. 
he swallowed harshly, seemingly mustering the courage to say his next words. “come here.” 
not having the energy to fight anymore, you stood up and as soon as you reached your full height, he pulled you into his arms and held you tight. he let out a shaky breath and held you tighter and you knew in that smell gesture he was apologizing, letting you know that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere, that he’d do better. 
Tumblr media
tendou could be infuriating sometimes 
and sometimes he liked getting you riled up 
it happened when he was in a bad mood or when he was in playful mood tbh
he’d look at you with a smirk, eyes teasing and frustrating you to no end
and today it was really pissing you off
“i’m being serious tendou! is this all a joke to you?”
he narrowed his eyes but the small smile was still on his lips, “of course not.” that wasn’t very convincing.
you rolled your eyes and sighed, looking down as you crossed your arms and mumbled. “...well maybe we should get a divorce then, how about that?” 
you felt your heart drop to your stomach as you blinked at your husband, suddenly wishing the ground would swallow you whole. you hadn’t meant to actually say that out loud but as the thought came up, it went straight to your mouth.
his face quickly morphed into a sardonic smirk, his tongue poking at the side of his cheek as he looked down at you, arms crossed. he stepped closer to you and bent down, his face inches from yours, eyes dark. he knew you didn’t mean it, you were just frustrated, but still the thought didn’t make him happy. “you wanna say that again, sweetheart?” 
you swallowed and shook your head no, your throat suddenly dry. “i didn’t...i didn’t mean to say that.” 
he took hold of your cheeks with one hand and smushed them between his fingers, tilting your head up towards him. “that’s what i thought.” he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips and pulled away to look at you for a moment before humming and taking your hand to lead you to your bedroom.
you looked at him curiously and confused. “what are you doing?”
you could hear the smile in his voice, “well i’ve got to make it up to you, don’t i?” he heard you suck in a breath and he paused to look at you over his shoulder, eyes sparkling, “not like that. i meant a massage.” he raised his brow, “well maybe we’ll do what you were thinking too.” 
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shoyotime · 2 months ago
when their ex approaches them in public
Tumblr media
featuring : akaashi, suna, sakusa, kenma
genre : fluff ??? ( tbh i really don't know what this is )
warnings : mentions of a shitty ex, gn!reader, cursing, not proofread ! ( when is it ever )
a/n : took me all my will to live to restrain myself to write another hc for tooru and save some for other characters
Tumblr media
— akaashi
it was a lovely date until his previous partner walked up to you while you were waiting for him to get the drinks. you didn't really care — not as much as they expected you to. akaashi and you went over his previous relationship a lot of times, complaining about a lot of them. however, just seeing this person in front of you sparked a feeling of insecurity inside you. that was until you felt an arm slide around your waist, eyes looking up to see who it belonged to. akaashi's typical calm demeanor was gone and you could feel him tensing up at the sight — not from the sudden appearance of his ex though. "you could've done so much better." — they snickered and it didn't take your boyfriend more than a second to have an outstanding comeback. "i did. i did so much better than my past relationship." he didn't even wait for their response and walked away — not like it was necessary. "are you okay?" — he asked, hands still resting on your waist. "oh, yeah, i am." you were, really, but he noticed the panic in your eyes, even if it lasted for a second. instinctively his hands tightened around your waist, pulling you closer as he mumbled a breathy, "i love you" in your ears, proceeding to pull you inside one of the shops along the street.
— suna
"rin, this is your—" — "it's suna for you." both you and his ex were surprised by his calloused voice. he wasn't necessarily enthusiastic about anything but you, or the things he loved, like the cat cafe you both were in. but the sudden drop in his voice was enough to tell that he clearly didn't like the situation you both were in — that is, in front of his ex. "whatever, if you ever want to get back, you know i'm right here." they scoffed, running eyes up and down your physique before he stepped between both of you, glaring at them with a scowl on his face. "you're really fucking confident for someone who i dumped long ago." suna never really cursed — not exactly, it was playful most of the time but not frequent. "grow up, yeah? arrogance isn't going to get you anywhere." — he added, pulling your out of the cafe. it was unfortunate how your perfect date with him was ruined by an uninvited someone but, suna knew better than just leaving for home and spending rest of the day in silence. "hey, you okay there?" — you asked, judging from the scowl on his face. "i am, are you though? i'm sorry for whatever happened." — "it's okay, rin. it wasn't your fault." and that's how the two of you ended up at an arcade for the next couple of hours.
— sakusa
sakusa was a patient guy. he wasn't interested in arguments, not until he spot his ex reach you out near the shopping counter, only to turn their attention to him as soon as he walked up to you. "kiyoomi, how have you been?" — his expression made it clear that out of everything, he didn't want his name to roll off their tongue. "you no longer have the right to call me that." — "what? is this just because of that little argument? omi we can still get—" — "no we can't." he was quick to cut them off, rolling eyes at their fake saccharine words. "first of all, it wasn't a little argument and secondly, stop bothering me and my s/o." it wasn't your first time meeting his ex. you saw them break up, helped sakusa get over them, never really expecting him to fall for in the process. amidst all, you always ended up bumping into his ex, as if they were following you around like a papparazzi. you noticed the way their mouth opened to say something before sakusa dragged you out of the shop. "i'm sorry for that. let's shop from another store." and even if you're doing just fine, he's going to make sure you aren't pooling in insecurities. so you best believe that he'll have his hands intertwined with yours all day long.
— kenma
he really wanted to stay home and watch movies instead of assisting you with shopping. not that he hated it, he was simply exhausted and the sight of his ex approaching him just fueled his desire to go home. "hey ken, it's been long. i see you're having fun with your friend." — "s/o. they're my s/o, we're dating." the look on their face was comically surprising, jaw dropping low as if they witnessed a ghost. kenma, on other hand, was unfazed. he didn't really care about his ex, especially their words now that they've broken up. "excuse us," you smiled — more like forced one — before wrapping your hands around his arms, only to be stopped by an unwanted person, again. "ken, i miss you." you didn't know if you should laugh or feel bad for them. after hearing countless tales about kenma's not-so-good relationship, your emotions towards his previous partner were far from pity and sympathy. now that they were in front of him, in front of you, begging him to come back right in front of you, his s/o, you were doing a good job with restraining your anger. when you felt the emotions over flow, only a chuckle escaped your lips and that too because of kenma's reply. "but i don't." that's it. that's all he said before doing the payments and rushing out of the store, looking at you with an unreadable expression. "told you we shouldn't have come to the store." — "it's okay, i think that was a nice." — "what was so nice about that?" — "their face."
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @bubble-bootie
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ichigomis · 3 months ago
Ohhhh the babies first steps were really cute🥺could you please do amoary two with kenma, akaashi, suna, and kita?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
with: kenma, akaashi, suna, kita
notes: waaaaah i love haikyuu dads sm too please!! also nonnie 2 who asked for tsukki i'll do him next time don't worry!! —fluff!
part one - part two - part three
Tumblr media
❊ KENMA can't keep his excited smile as he records his son taking his first steps. the little baby slowly puts one of his little feet in front of the other, occasionally looking up at his father for affirmation. "you can do it buddy, i'm right here." he says, encouraging his son and making sure to have the moment recorded at the same time.
but as soon as his son takes one wobbly step and trips over his own feet, he immediately lets go of his phone and instinctively catches him, holding him up and supporting him. his son looks up at him, teary eyed and sniffling. "you did great buddy!" he exclaims wiping a stray tear and brings him into a tight hug, "papa's proud of you."
Tumblr media
❊ AKAASHI smiles from ear to ear as he claps a certain rhythm which seems to encourage and guide his daughter as she takes her first wobbly steps. "that's it! keep walking to papa!" he cheers on as she quite confidently takes one step and another in the living room.
and as soon as she's inches away from his arms, he scoops her up from the floor and spins her around, two toothy grins sporting their faces. "you did so great baby!" he chuckles as the room fills with their happy little giggles.
Tumblr media
❊ SUNA excitedly opens his camera and records the moment with shaking hands. his daughter slowly props herself up from the floor and starts taking small, wobbly steps towards him with a big (or lack thereof) toothy grin on her face. "look at you taking your first steps!" he chuckles as both his eyes focus on his daughter, he extends a hand out for her while the other holds up his camera.
and as soon as she comes up to him, she holds his hand for support. she then takes his camera from him and babbles as she sees her own face on it. he lets out another laugh and scoops her up onto his lap, then gently takes back his phone and excitedly sends you the video.
Tumblr media
❊ KITA sets his daughter down onto the ground and holds her up. what he didn't expect was for her to slowly let go of his hand and start walking on her own, her wobbly little feet in cute yellow shoes stepping around on their own. he follows in behind her and has a hand extended to her back, just in case she falls. but she doesn't and she only continues to walk confidently.
after a few steps on her own, she looks back at her father and makes grabby hands at him, and he obliges (as he always does) and scoops her up into his arms. "you did so good ma angel," he says as he kisses her chubby cheeks. they spend the rest of the day walking around the fields, with him explaining to her how rice grows and her babbling along.
Tumblr media
» m. list
Tumblr media
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kageyuji · 3 months ago
flustering him
Tumblr media
⤷ oikawa, akaashi, kenma, iwaizumi; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff, pda (iwaizumi + kenma), oiks and the reader are in the shower together but it’s not sexual, mentions of jealousy in iwa’s
notes: please reblog !! i’ll pinky promise to give u my first born <3 /j
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
call him pretty boy. call him pretty boy. call-
he’s really easy to fluster tbh he just won’t admit it
1000/10 v cute when he’s flustered
“baby?” he hums, stepping into the living room, where you’re currently sitting. your eyes don’t leave the tv screen, though you’re listening to him nonetheless.
“yeah?” you respond, eventually looking over to him. a towel hangs around his hips, his hair dripping, and a bottle of his shampoo in one hand.
“you- uhm,” it’s now that you notice the blush coating his cheeks, turning the tips of his ears pink. “do you wanna wash my hair?”
it takes a moment for you to understand. earlier, he’d mentioned the long day he’d had, and you assumed that’s why he disappeared to the bathroom to shower. you were right... partially, anyway.
you smile. “yeah, i’ll be there in a minute.”
it didn’t take long before you were stepping into the shower behind him, letting him press a quick kiss the the place between your eyebrows, losing your hands in his wet hair.
he sighs as he leans into you and rests his forehead into the crook of your neck. you can feel his breath against your skin, the ghost of his lips.
“what, do you like that?” a bubbly laugh escapes you.
oikawa doesn’t answer, he just hums as you continue you run your nails through his hair. when you get out, you’ll assume the red coating his face is from the heat of the water... you’ll be wrong.
━━ akaashi;
he’s so soft !! (and easy to fluster)
it’s easier to fluster him in public but it’s so much more fun to do it in private, you’ll get more of a reaction
as opposed to the “akaashi.exe has stopped working” you’ll get in public
“do you know where my—” akaashi didn’t finish the sentence. he had his answer now, emerging from your shared bedroom and his eyes landing on his sweatpants.
the sweatpants that you were wearing.
“hm?” you asked innocently, momentarily unaware of why he was staring at you. “oh, i can take them off if you want. they just looked comfy.”
“no!” akaashi said all too quickly, and then again quieter. “no, you can leave them on. i have a different pair somewhere.”
you just stared at him for a while, trying to make sense of the look on his face. for a moment, you thought that he was anxious or... maybe embarrassed? you couldn’t quite tell.
what you were sure of, however, was that his face was dusted pink all the way to the tips of his ears, and he was playing with his fingers.
he was about to disappear back into the bedroom when you spoke again.
“is everything alright?”
he cleared his throat as his eyes darted to the ground. “yeah, i’m okay. i’m alright.”
━━ iwaizumi;
if you try to fluster him it won’t work, it’s honestly just random, seemingly insignificant things that make him malfunction
tbh though you can just kiss him and he short circuits </3
also pda,, any small amount of pda,,
“y/n!” iwaizumi called, maneuvering through the crowd of people. it always got like this after games.
despite not being able to see him, you could hear the smile on his face. a similar expression crossed your face as he finally reached you. his hand found the small of your back and he pulled you towards him, staring directly at the random guy that had decided to start flirting with you.
“hi, i’m iwaizumi.” he said, giving a tense smile and holding out his hand.
the stranger introduces himself as well and moves to shake your boyfriend’s hand. you watched iwaizumi’s knuckles turn white with how hard he gripped the other guy’s hand.
its a rare occasion that iwaizumi gets jealous. nevertheless, it’s almost heartbreaking after the fact; he gets insecure and cuddly, giving you a pitiful look that you wouldn’t be able to find in any other situation.
you grab his hand, causing him to look over at your beaming face. a blush begins to creep across his face, but that’s not what does him in.
“he’s actually my boyfriend.” you say, still smiling, like he’s the best thing that ever happened to you.
there might have been more to the conversation — iwaizumi’s not sure, he’s still processing what just happened. the smile on your face is imprinted in his mind by now, but he doesn’t have any complaints about that.
the guy makes up a quick excuse and leaves, giving you an opening to press a quick kiss to iwaizumi’s cheek and begin pulling him away.
━━ kenma;
pls kiss him while he’s streaming
or really just do anything affectionate while he’s on stream
words cannot describe the pride the fills his chest when his chat explodes with compliments about you, saying how lucky he is
from the next room, you could hear kenma talking and the loud clicks of his keyboard. what you failed to notice was the time; you assumed he was talking to his friends, not streaming.
you knocked lightly on the door, walking on in before he could even answer. he took his headset off on one side and his eyes flicker over to you. a smile crosses his face.
“i’m almost done,” he says. “i cant really pause right now.”
“that’s fine, just missed you.”
you make your way over to him, wrapping your arms around him and setting your chin atop his head. you move to press a kiss to his temple, then glance at his screen. it’s then that you notice that he was not, in fact, just talking to his friends.
you feel your face heat up. quickly, you step out of view of the camera and almost begin to apologize. the laugh that escapes kenma is what stops you.
“i’ll be done soon, promise.” he says, and there’s no denying the blush on his face. kenma looks back over to his computer screen, seeing the comments flood it.
‘wait was that y/n!!!!?!!??!’
‘if he treats them wrong i’m right here </3’
needless to say, “i want someone to look at me like kodzuken looks at y/n” became a popular template for a while.
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sunkeiji · 3 months ago
# how he knows he’s fallen in love with you !
✫ feat. akaashi keiji, iwaizumi hajime, suna rintaro, miya atsumu + gn!reader
warnings: mention of kids in atsumu's
Tumblr media
✫ AKAASHI can’t help but smile when you’re in the room. he's not paying attention to a word that bokuto is saying. instead, his eyes are drawn to you. you're standing across from him, but he's positive that you can hear his heart beat (it beats for you, he thinks.) and when you laugh, he does, too. your laugh is contagious, your smile blinding in the best way possible. your eyes finally catch his. his cheeks burn red and his fingers fly up to his face to push up his glasses.
"you look pretty," he says. he's fallen for you and he know's it. why else would he blurt out the first thing that comes to mind? knowing that you two are having a moment, bokuto slyly slips away with a grin.
"you do, too. you always do," you tell him. and when he starts to play with the rings on his fingers, unable to keep his eyes on yours, you know that you've won the flustering game. or maybe you've fallen just as hard.
✫ IWAIZUMI thinks about his future with you before he goes to bed. after a long phone call with you, he's laying in bed with his hands behind his head. he felt his lips turn upwards as you whispered a good night before you ended the call and fell asleep. despite it being 1:12 am, hajime is wide awake. he wishes to hear your voice in his ears every night as you two huddle together and bask in each other's warmth. he thinks about how he'd wake you up in the mornings. maybe he'd wake up a bit earlier than you and make you coffee, or maybe you two would make breakfast together.
hajime rolls over to his side and grabs his blankets closer to him. the bed is too big for just one person, he tells himself. before drifting off to sleep, he promises himself to find the courage to ask you to move in with him. his dreams are full of a future of you and him (like they always are).
✫ SUNA finds your touch comforting. his presence is often subtle, never wanting to draw attention to himself. but when you're with him, he only wants your attention. whether you two are walking beside each other or watching childhood movies on the couch, rintarō wants to be close to you. he wants you to embrace his presence. so, he'll catch your hands in his, or he'll brush his shoulder against yours, hoping you'll get the hint. and when you finally take ahold of his hands and smile up at him, he feels his heart race.
"your hands are cold, here, let me warm them up," he'd tell you. of course, he uses this excuse in the middle of the summertime, too.
without a doubt, he looks down at your intertwined hands and thinks about how you've always been his missing puzzle piece.
✫ ATSUMU hopes his mom will love you as much as he does. it's no doubt that your name is always brought up in conversations between atsumu and his mom. you and his mother are two of the most important people in his life. you've supported him and his career, just like his mom did, and he hopes to be the best he can be for you.
so when his mom asks atsumu when you'll be coming over to meet the whole family, he breaks into a nervous chuckle.
"the whole family? they haven't even met ya yet!" he's shuffling his feet, kicking it against the pavement as he thinks about how you'd react if he asked you.
"i think they're great already, atsumu! bring her over, will ya?" that's all he needed to hear.
so when he finally finds it in himself to ask you to meet his whole family, he's relieved at your excitement. he takes your hand in his and places a gentle kiss to it.
"you're really great, ya know?" he tells you. (ma's always right, he thinks).
when the day finally comes, he realizes he's infatuated with you. seeing you and his mom poke fun at his baby pictures fills his chest with indescribable warmth. one day, it'll be you two poking fun at your own kids' baby pictures, he hopes.
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 7 months ago
hi could you do a headcanons with akaashi, kuroo and suna and how you’re their best friend but you like them a lot romantically and decide to confess by they’re in a bad mood so they just yell at you but then you avoid them so they realize what they’ve done and come fix it!! i love your writing btw <33
snapping at their crush who is trying to confess
w/ akaashi, kuroo, and suna!
(a/n: thank you for requesting !!! i love this prompt sm pls
anywayssss i had a hard time deciding when this would take place but, as per usual, i decided on the timeskip😚again thank you for your support and enjoy !!)
Tumblr media
aside from bokuto, you’d been akaashi’s best friend for a couple of years after high school
he was sweet and funny and everything good in the world
it was quite impossible not to fall for him, and the feelings you harbored for him were a lot to bear
but while you weren’t certain, you hoped that just maybe he had those same feelings for you
you decided that you’d confess to him and simply hope for the best
keiji sighs, shutting down his computer and banging his forehead on the desk under him.
he’s just barely missed his deadline, and he knows his boss will kick his ass for it. but now, all he wants to do is go home and sleep.
irritated and stressed out, he walks out the door of the building and is about to leave when he hears your voice.
“keiji!” you yell after him, and he exhaled, annoyed. while he’s always appreciated your company, now isn’t a good time. but he doesn’t have the chance to tell you, because you’re talking again. “could we talk?”
he looks away, mentally groaning, and turns to look back at you. “yeah, sure.”
you beam at him, handing him a cup of his favorite tea, and shift nervously. “so, i’ve been thinking about this for a really long time,” you start, swallowing the anxious lump in your throat. “and i know we’ve been really good friends for a few years, and i’ve been really grateful for that! really grateful. it’s just that...” you ramble, going on about your relationship. akaashi sighs, annoyed, and checks the time on his watch. all he can think about is getting home and into his nice, warm bed.
“could we hurry this up?” he mumbles, and your eyes widen sheepishly.
“oh! yeah. of course! i just wanted to tell you...”
and there you go again, rambling about some random thing that he can’t bring himself to care about. his patience is wearing thin, and he decides he doesn’t want to do this right now.
“and i think i have feelings—”
“look, y/n, i have things to do, okay? just, i don’t know. text me later, or something,” he mutters tiredly, shoving his drink back at you and walking away.
you stop, heart stuttering in your chest before drooping sadly. you should’ve known confessing to him was a bad idea; why would he ever feel the same way? you’re afraid you’ve ruined your friendship completely.
akaashi rubs his eyes tiredly, the morning sun filtering in through his blinds, and he sits up. he checks his phone, opening his messages to send you a ‘good morning’ text, when all of the memories from last night come rushing in.
instant guilt washes over him when he realizes how he treated you. he completely dismissed you and didn’t even care enough to pay attention to what you were saying.
before he can even realize what he’s doing, he’s out the door, and on his way to your apartment.
he knocks three times on your door, bouncing nervously on his feet. he knows you must be quite tired; you stayed up to wait for him after work, and he feels terrible just thinking about it.
you open the door, groggy and in your pajamas, and look up at him. you blink at him, eyes going wide at his presence, and you instantly feel awake.
“keiji? what— what are you doing here?” you ask quietly, and he grins at you nervously, a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes.
“i, um,” he mutters. “i know i brushed you off last night, and i just wanted to apologize. i was really exhausted from work, and—”
“look, you don’t have to apologize, or make excuses, alright?” you respond, plastering a smile onto your face. “it’s totally okay if you don’t feel the same, and it was stupid of me to—”
“what?” he interrupts, heart stopping.
“but i want you to know that i don’t want my feelings for you to make this awkward, you know?”
everything in the world comes to a pause as he attempts to wrap his head around the things you’re saying.
you... have feelings? for him?
“and even though i confessed to you, it really shouldn’t affect—”
“you were trying to confess to me?” keiji whispers, and you stare at him blankly.
“um. yeah? i mean, that was kind of the whole point,” you reply, shrugging. he’s staring at you weirdly, and you shift under his gaze. “anyway, my point was that—”
“y/n?” you pause.
“shut up,” he whispers, and you blink at him before glaring indignantly.
“what do you mean, ‘shut u—”
but then his lips are on yours, and you’re leaning into his warmth, his hands pulling you in by your waist. you wrap your arms around his neck, fingers finding their way into his hair, and he sighs against your lips, pulling away reluctantly.
“what was that for?” you murmur, dazed, and he smiles at you gently.
“i love you. so, so much, you know that?”
your heart swells, and you hide your face in his shirt. but you pull away, hitting him squarely in the chest.
“ow! what—”
“i can’t believe you didn’t know i was trying to confess,” you mumble, and he laughs.
“yeah. you still love me though.”
you can’t bring yourself to disagree.
Tumblr media
you met kuroo through your good friend morisuke, who had introduced him to you a couple years after high school
you never really believed in love at first sight, but this was pretty damn close
not only was he smart and witty, but he also had a kind heart and was one of the most supportive friends you’d ever had
you were quick to develop romantic feelings for him, and while he never explicitly said so, you could feel that there was something on his end too
you figured that nothing would ever happen if neither of you confessed, so you decided to take a risk and just go for it
kuroo has been irritated all day, and he can’t really pinpoint why.
perhaps it was the annoying lady at the cafe who cut in front of the line. maybe it was the long line of constant traffic he got stuck in? he doesn’t really know.
either way, he’s really not up to seeing anyone at the moment. but apparently you haven’t gotten the memo, as you’re standing in front of his door, knocking on it firmly.
he opens it, looking down at you, and sighs.
“tetsurou! do you think we could talk for a second?” you ask eagerly, and he looks around.
“well, now isn’t really—”
but you’re already talking, so he pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration, already tuning you out.
on most days he would be totally open to seeing you, but today has just been terrible. he just wants the rest of the day to himself, too mentally exhausted to deal with you.
“i know this is really sudden, but i just felt like i had to tell you, you know?” you explain, nervous but excited, and he exhales. “there’s just so much to say, and...” you go on, and something about the way you’re talking is just bugging him.
“i just— i think i’m in love—”
“are you always this annoying?” he blurts, venom laced under his tone, and you stare at him, hurt seeping into your expression.
he instantly regrets snapping at you, guilt bubbling up in his chest, but it’s too late anyway.
“i-i’m sorry. i just thought...” you trail off, looking down, embarrassment making your face warm. “sorry. just forget i said anything,” you mumble, turning on your heel and walking in the other direction.
“wait!” he calls after you, but you’re already out the door, leaving the building as quickly as you came. he groans, face dropping into his hands, and he shuts the door, sighing.
it takes him hours to fall asleep, feeling too guilty to get any rest in.
but he’s finally about to drift off, when his phone starts buzzing loudly. he groans, irritated, and is about to shut it off when he sees who it’s from.
“what the hell, kuroo?
tetsurou winces, pulling the phone away from his ear instinctively, and looks down at it.
yaku sighs, frustration clear in the gesture, and kuroo wonders what he did wrong this time.
“i can’t believe you turned them down! man, you’re such an idiot sometimes,” he grumbles. tetsurou’s brows furrow, and he attempts to remember whatever his friend is rambling about, but his mind is coming up blank.
“remind me what you’re talking about?” he asks quietly, but morisuke is already going on, irritation embedded in his tone.
“you know what, i don’t understand you. you show up at my door at 3 a.m., drunk out of your mind, sobbing about how y/n will never love you back, and then when they actually have the guts to confess to you, which—by the way, i was not expecting at all—you reject them?” he yells, voice getting increasingly louder with every word, and kuroo’s heart drops. “just— whatever. i don’t know the full story, but you really hurt them,” he mutters, quieter this time. his voice is sincere, and tetsurou has no idea what to say to that. “anyways, i’ll talk to you later, kuroo. bye.”
as the call comes to an end, he sits in his bed, feeling more helpless than ever, and rubs at his face tiredly.
if he had known you were trying to confess to him... kuroo knows he shouldn’t have treated you that way regardless of the situation. but knowing that you bared yourself to him in a way he’d always dreamed you would and that he snapped at you for no reason makes it hurt even more.
and before he can even think to do anything else, he’s grabbing his things and heading to your place. it’s almost 2 in the morning, but he can’t really bring himself to care.
you answer the door in an oversized t-shirt, sniffling.
“thank god, you’re here,” you say, wiping your eyes. “i thought you’d never— tetsu?” you blink. the person standing in front of you is not yaku, but instead your best friend whom you are very much in love with.
he sighs, rubbing at the back of his neck nervously. “i’m so sorry. fuck, i’m sorry,” he apologizes, and you swallow. “i never meant to hurt you, and i know—”
“tetsurou, i’m fine, alright?” you mutter, obviously lying through your teeth, and you cross your arms over your chest. “i just... i just need time.”
he shifts on his feet, swallowing. “time? time for what?”
“i don’t want our friendship to be awkward, you know? and if i want us to be friends, i can’t see you the way i do. feel the way i do. do you understand?” you explain, helpless, and he blinks.
“but i don’t want for us to—”
“mori is gonna be over soon, so maybe now’s not the best time,” you interrupt, attempting to dismiss him. he looks to you desperately, mouth opening and closing stupidly as he tries to find the words to say. you’re about to close the door in his face when he stops you.
“i’m in love with you!” he blurts awkwardly, voice cracking loudly. you freeze, heart stuttering in its pace, and look up to him, eyes shimmering hopefully.
“i want to spend the rest of my life taking you out to new places we’ve never been and sneaking you good morning kisses and cuddling with you in bed. i love you.” he rambles, out of breath. “and i know i messed up this time and i probably won’t stop messing up, ever, but i just needed you to know.”
stunned, you open the door back up slowly, gazing at him. you step up to him, closing the gap between the two of you, and look up at him.
“you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to hear that,” you mumble, and he sighs in relief, pulling you in and kissing you. “but if you ever snap at me like that again, i’ll end you.”
he laughs. “yeah, okay,” he shakes his head, pushing past you into your apartment.
“that wasn’t a joke, tetsurou!”
Tumblr media
you met suna rintarou on the eight day of your third year at inarizaki
he annoyed you at first, his cool demeanor coming off as rude and aloof, but somehow the two of you became friends, though you’re not exactly sure how
even so, you hate yourself for the misconceptions you constructed of him, and you’ve grown to realize that he’s so much more than that
following after him into your adult years, you realized your feelings for him were far from platonic
it was difficult, as you were never quite sure if he felt the same or if he was just being kind
but you also knew that he wasn’t the type to confess, and if you wanted anything to go anywhere, you had to make the first move
so you mustered up all the courage you had and went for it
suna stares up at the lettering pasted onto the front of the restaurant. he looks back down at his phone to see the texts you sent him, and back up to the building.
to be completely honest, he doesn’t feel up to meeting with you at the moment. he’s tired, and for some reason, very irritated. suna thinks the world is against him today, and not even you can fix his bad mood.
even so, he steps into the restaurant and catches you sitting at a table near the bar. you wave him over and he sighs, padding over to sit in front of you.
“so. what did you want to talk to me about?” he deadpans, uninterested. you smile at him, a little nervous.
the two of you decide to order first, rintarou asking you to order something for him. you pick up on his mood, wondering what he’s thinking about, but dismiss it. it’ll pass, you think.
“so... i’ve been thinking a lot. about, just, uh... our relationship. you’re an amazing friend, you know? and while these last few years have been amazing...” you share, going into some weird thing about friendship and the future. suna can’t really bring himself to care, zoning out and thinking about what he’ll have for dinner. he knows it’s wrong, and normally he would’ve enjoyed indulging in conversation with you, but he just doesn’t have the energy.
he checks his watch several times while you’re talking, getting increasingly irritated with each glance. he just wants this to be over so he can go home.
“but i thought you should know that i have feelings for you, and they’re not—”
“do you ever stop talking?” suna snaps, his voice biting and mean.
you reel back, his words stinging painfully, and fidget in your seat. his own eyes widen, surprised at his own actions. he hadn’t meant to lash out like that; he knows it’s not your fault for the way he’s feeling.
you stare down at your plate, pushing your food around, and rintarou swears he can hear sniffles coming from your end. his heart sinks; he wants to make it better, but he doesn’t know how. he’s not good with apologies, and he should know how to comfort you by now, but he’s coming up blank.
“i-i don’t feel so good. i think i’m just gonna head home,” you mumble, standing up and excusing yourself.
“y/n, wait!” he calls after you, hastily grabbing a couple bills and throwing them on the table before following you.
you’re already halfway down the sidewalk when he catches up to you, wiping at your cheeks pathetically. he grabs your wrist, forcing you to stop running from him.
“shit. i’m sorry, y/n. i didn’t mean to snap at you like that, okay? i know you were—” he apologizes, pausing when you turn around, eyes shimmering with fresh tears.
“look, rintarou, it’s not your fault. i never should’ve said anything to begin with! should’ve— should’ve kept my mouth shut,” you say, humiliated. his eyes narrow. what are you talking about?
“i don’t—”
“i know you don’t feel the same way, and it’s okay. i just— i just need to be alone for a little while, alright?” you murmur, and he can feel his heartbeat in his eardrums.
“feel... the same... way?” he asks reluctantly, barely even audible, and you shrug.
“i never should’ve confessed. god, i should’ve known this would happen,” you mutter, turning away from his gaze.
all of a sudden, everything becomes clear to him, and his eyes widen at the revelation. oh.
“i don’t want this to make things weird, okay? i think i just need some time to figure it out,” you say, cursing your incompetence, and turn to walk away, but he catches you, arms snaking around your waist.
“don’t go.”
you stop, breath hitching, and let yourself indulge in his warmth for a second. but when you attempt to disentangle yourself from his arms, he won’t budge.
“i love you too.”
tears begin to well up in your eyes again, and you sigh.
“i don’t understand, rin.”
“then let me make you,” he whispers, turning you around and pressing his lips to yours. his kiss is warm and firm and familiar and everything you’ve ever wanted. you chase after his touch when he pulls away, missing him already.
“i’m sorry, y/n. i had no excuse for lashing out at you like that,” he whispers, and you look up at him. there’s genuine sincerity in his eyes; eyes you’ve learned to trust for years now. you nod, letting him pull you back in and cradle your head gently.
“i didn’t think you felt the same way,” you admit, relieved. “i’m glad you do.”
he kisses the top of your head.
“yeah. me too.”
Tumblr media
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shinomiis · 3 months ago
hq boys as highschool crushes!
includes: atsumu miya, rintaro suna, kei tsukishima, keiji akaashi, testuro kuroo, shoyo hinata
warnings: none
notes: god i am down so bad for these drawings
part two
Tumblr media
ATSUMU!: the class clown who looks over to you after every joke he makes to make sure you’re laughing too, does that thing where he pushes his tongue to his cheek while smirking after.
SUNA!: that one kid that sits right beside you and does nothing but sleep during class. in those short moments that he is awake, however, he’s always making remarks about the teacher, making you silently giggle as he just gazes at you fondly. also the kid you accidentally end up playing ‘footsies’ with. you guys have a lifetime supply of inside jokes by the end of the year.
AKAASHI!: your english partner who doesn’t ever let you miss an annotation in the book. doesn’t even scold you for it either, just taps your shoulder and points to his page. during socratic seminars he’s looking at you straight in the eyes and when someone cuts over you he stops them, telling them off before focusing his eyes back onto you.
TSUKISHIMA!: that one table partner who doesn’t speak to anyone but you. he doesn’t even look at anyone else when they’re speaking, eyes focused on you. when you tease him about it he’ll say ‘you have something stuck in your teeth’ to throw you off.
KUROO!: he doesn’t need the notes, he already knows he’s going to ace the test. but if it means he’ll have an excuse to talk to you, he’s going to dumb himself down a bit. correction: a lot
HINATA!: he saves you a seat every single day with the brightest smile on his face as he pats your chair. refers to you guys as ‘best friends’ all the time, even if you’ve only just met.
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