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#akaashi scenarios
sunbeamx · a day ago
How your first kiss with them would go
Tumblr media
with: songs
genre: fluff
type: song cannons (I CAME UP WITH A CONCEPT BYE)
ft: multiple characters x gn!reader
a/n: i have no clue how to name it so i’m just gonna give a gist. it’s basically songs with time stamps and a little description about the setting. idk how else to say it just read you’ll see😭
Tumblr media
Right at 1:03
i wrote a song for you, and all the things you do, and it was called yellow
You’re in his room and he probably has the LED lights on
The both of you are messing around, and you’re throwing pillows at him cause he said something stupid
The song’s playing in the background and all of a sudden he holds you by the waist and rests his hand under your chin
He looks into your eyes for what seems like forever
And smiles right before his lips crash yours
Oikawa, Kuroo, Tendou, Hinata, Bokuto, Terushima
at 1:12
your voice lives in my head, when i’m in bed, when i’m not feeling confident
When he’s listening to music while trying to make breakfast but you’re touch deprived
And you’ve just woken up so you’re very drowsy
You just hug him from the back
He turns around to face you with a smile like you’ve never seen before
He pulls you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
The song starts playing in the back since the music is on shuffle
You start swaying to the melody and he holds you by the arms causing you to look at him
Then he smiles and leans in to kiss you
“Good morning”
Ushijima, Akaashi, Kita, Suga, Kyotani, Osamu
at 1:48
as long as i got you, i’m gonna be alright, as long as i got you, i’m not afraid to die
You both get off the bus, hand in hand
The both of you have one earplug in your ears and are listening to music together
When you’re walking the cloud water starts tumbling down
You rush to find shelter but suddenly you felt him grab your hand by the wrist
The songs playing
“as long as I got you”
He starts singing while leaning closer to you
“i’m gonna be alright”
You stop dead in the tracks and look into his eyes; they’re filled with nothing but love
“as long as i got you”
The words are now almost a whisper as he leans in to the point where both your foreheads are against each other
“i’m not afraid to die”
His lips finally meet yours
Atsumu, Daichi, Kenma, Matsukawa, Konoha, Suna
After the song ends
You both likes eachother
EVERYONE knew but you both just couldn’t believe the fact that the other liked you
So everyone set up a plan
They both dragged you to a party and set up a karaoke machine
You both were forced to sing together
He finally took the risk and help you hand the whole time you both sang
After the song was over it was like it was just the both of you in the room
He kissed you like there was no tomorrow
Asahi, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Lev, Iwaizumi, Semi
Tumblr media
taglist: join here
@ri-days @just-that-bi-girl @bokubear @yatsurinamikaze @sakusaww @mxtchalilies
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melsun · a month ago
Tumblr media
♯ ft . sakusa, akaashi, oikawa, suna, sugawara, hinata
♯ part two
Tumblr media
𝄢 SAKUSA doesn’t admit it— he probably never will; but when you tip-toe to kiss his forehead (no, you still don’t reach it- have you seen how fucking tall that man is?); his heart skips a beat - he feels like an idiot in love, raising himself higher so you fall on his chest instead, arms snaking around your waist to hold you closer. “unfair!,” you grumble, making a face at kiyoomi as he flicks your forehead. “shut up,” he starts, gaze hooking onto the smile which has somehow made its way onto your face despite not being able to do what you want— perfectly matching the one he’s hiding underneath.
𝄢 AKAASHI can’t take his eyes off your lips when you talk— he tries so hard to listen, but his gaze keeps flickering from your eyes down to your oh-so-kissable lips, hand reaching up to your face as if it has a mind of its own. “can i kiss you?,” he interrupts your rambling, leaning in before you can answer- his mouth soft on yours. as always, he tastes like cinnamon- making you forget what you were talking about as your hand runs through his hair, his gripping your jaw gently to push you further towards him. “sorry,” he chuckles, pulling apart, “just can’t help myself,” his heart beats faster when you shake your head and pull him in for another kiss.
𝄢 OIKAWA is the living embodiment of brushing that stray piece out of your lover’s eyes, whether it’s his hair you’re pushing back- or the other way round. “what ar-,” you pause as oikawa extends his arm, his hand brushing past your forehead to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “thanks,” you grin, “it was getting in the way.” he scrunches his nose, tone cheeky, “-way of you seeing my pretty face, right?,” he quips, pouting when you don’t answer, “right?! y/n-chan!” .he demands you pepper his face with kisses to make up for your appalling behaviour.
𝄢 SUNA can read you like a book—you’re the couple who communicates without actually having to. upset at a party, it’s like you talk using simple telepathy when you decide to leave. “ya bored?,” suna whispers, hand on your waist and your back against his chest as he leans down to speak. he’s noticed how your drink’s been resting on the table, your hair twirling in your hands, a slight frown accompanying your furrowed brows. “let’s get out of here and go for a drive,” he suggests, making you snap out of your gloomy state to grin— as he presses a soft kiss to your neck.
𝄢 SUGAWARA has a hand on his stomach, loud laughs leaving him at some joke nishinoya made— asahi’s bewildered expression adding fuel to the fire. “he’s really-,” koushi tries to speak, but is hindered by another loud giggle escaping his lips. his eyes search for yours— you’re laughing too, everyone is. “i can’t believe you, noya,” tears are flowing down your cheeks at this point, knees folded. yours flicker to his, holding eye contact for a few seconds, and somewhere between the joy and laughter- your hearts swell with love. among all the chaos and snorting, his eyes always find you- after all, in a group of people laughing, you tend to look at who you feel closest to.
𝄢 HINATA spaces out while grinning at you— the same sort of trance he’s in while he watches the spot he’s going to spike to. (you know, feeling like he’s on top of the world). looking at you makes him feel just like that— like he has wings. (you’re his cloud nine). “sho,” you poke his arm, getting no response, “shoyo,” you stress again, making him jump as you shake him back and forth gently, hands on his shoulders. “sorry!,” he exclaims, tilting his head to the side and flashing you his wide smile, “you’re so pretty!,” he yells, swaying excitedly as he grabs your hand. his cheeks are bright red, making your heart race at his pure genuine words. (he means what he says, always).
Tumblr media
tagging : @sunkeiji @/anon (lmao) @sunarent @sugamintchocochip
- reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 2 months ago
## ft. akaashi keiji, kita shinsuke, suna rintaro, hajime iwaizumi
## a/n. i saw one angst where y/n talked too much and my heart broke sO NOW ITS TIME FOR COMFORT!! (if u know who is the op, pls send an ask to me so i can cred them for inspo!)
## warning(s). use of “princess”
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI is quite wary of details, as the meticulous person he is. it is no surprise that he was able to immediately pick up on your quiet demeanour. “what’s wrong, angel?” he cupped your face, smoothing his thumb along the ridge of your cheekbone. once akaashi noticed that there was something bothering you, he would never let it slip past so there was really no point in trying to diss him. the tender love that coated his words coaxed you to let yourself be vulnerable around him, and that it was okay to be vulnerable around him because akaashi would always try to understand. no matter what, he would always lend a listening ear to his angel whenever they need him. when he comforts you with a hug and reassuring words, you would smile against his chest because your keiji will always understand.
HAJIME IWAIZUMI felt a switch flip in him when he noticed how distant your eyes were. he hates that there was a reason that made your eyes furrow in frustration the entire the day and he hates that there was something hurting you so bad that you didn’t want to trouble anybody else. taking long strides towards you, he locked his strong arms around you, pulling you into his chest. “who hurt you?” his seriousness made a smile crack on your face and for a moment, your worries slipped to the back of your mind. you tried telling him that it is okay and that it is nothing much, it even went up to the point where you had to slap his back for him to let you go but he was unrelenting in his grasp. “i would go to the moon and back for you, princess. so please, just tell me what’s wrong, yeah?”
SUNA RINTARO stared at your back that was facing him. suna himself is a quiet person but he just finds it so worrying that the only two words you have uttered today was ‘yes’ and ‘no’. judging from your steady breathing, you were close to sleeping. his finger hesitantly reached out to your shoulder, tapping it lightly. instead of saying anything when you turned around, he leant forward, placing his forehead against yours. your faces were held so close, hot breaths mingling together, waiting for the other to speak. “you…you know, you can tell me anything right, y/n?” suna muttered against your lips and he felt the weight on his chest evaporate when you nodded slowly. chuckling, he lightly pressed a kiss against your lips. “alright, then let’s go to sleep and you can tell me whenever you want to hmm?”
KITA SHINSUKE would slide a bowl of fruits over to you, hauling a chair over to take his place by your side. without a word, he would just take your head in his hand, pulling it to his shoulder for you to rest your head on. it was a simple gesture but it told many words that kita wishes to tell you but won’t because he understands your space. it was telling you that everything will be okay and that he will be here whenever you need him. and when you breakdown, he just lets you speak because he rather you be vocal about your troubles than bottling it all up inside you.
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ohajime · 4 months ago
Accidental confessions with the haikyu boys PT 2 (Akaashi, Bokuto, Hinata, Iwaizumi, Kenma, Kageyama)
Tumblr media
AN: this was for a request and since I liked doing the first one so much I thought doing a part two wouldn’t help I hope you enjoy these
read part one here
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mysterystarz · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys and their post-breakup regrets :
Tumblr media
characters: akaashi keiji, bokuto koutarou, kuroo tetsurou, oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime (and g!n reader)
genre: angst
warnings: none besides straight up angst
a/n: so i impulsively decided to write this because sometimes music can really move you — listen to reflections by toshifumi hinata to set the mood ! (the slowed version linked is just beautiful)
also @solkeiji i hope this is a good amount of pain JDNWNXMANS ily
wc: 0.3k
reblogs are appreciated <33
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI regrets not telling you he loved you more. He was a man who chose to show his love through his actions, with every touch symbolizing the depth of his emotions that never seemed enough to be encompassed into a simple “I love you.” It was only after the two of you had parted that he realized that perhaps, a simple touch didn’t have the same meaning to you as it did to him.
BOKUTO KOUTAROU regrets not giving you your space at times. He knew you loved him, and he knew you’d always be there for him, but there were days where your proximity was the only thing that allowed him to truly feel like the love enveloped him, warm and fuzzy. Now that he’s alone, he realizes that maybe, you needed some time to yourself, and he never gave you that.
KUROO TETSUROU regrets not taking you seriously at times. Teasing each other was a normal part of your relationship after all, but perhaps his dismissal of some of the things you insisted on took a toll on you. Now anytime you don’t even acknowledge him when you see him (despite all you used to be), he realizes how terrible it may have been for you.
OIKAWA TOORU regrets not spending more time with you. He adored you, he truly did, but in between his pursuit of his passion and your constant support (you never once complained), he lost track of the time he spent alone with you. Now sitting up at night, he wonders if you would’ve stayed if he’d set aside more time for the two of you to be yourselves.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME regrets not cherishing the things you did together. He loved you, and he was almost certain you’d always explore more together, but now that you’re not together, he realizes those moments were ones he wouldn’t trade for the world, and he let them slip through the cracks of hands.
Tumblr media
©mysterystarz all rights reserved, please do not plagiarize, translate, or modify my fics in any way even if credited
taglist in reblog! (i’m too lazy to add it now, but i’ll add it soon)
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ellewords · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
“I don’t just wanna be someone’s crush.” 
akaashi raises a brow at your statement, but chooses to say nothing. he’s unsure where this outburst had even come from, his heart beginning to beat at an unusual pace -- well, its usual pace whenever he’s around you. with a wave of his hand, he gestures for you to go on.
“i don’t want to be admired from afar, i don’t want want to be some unattainable figure.” you sigh, meeting his gaze and hoping that he understood what you meant -- what you’ve been waiting for him to figure out. “i want to be the type of person people actually fall in love with-”
“but you are the type of person people fall in love with.” akaashi interjects, the tips of his ears turning pink as soon as the words moved past his lips. 
you shake your head, “what i mean is that- i don’t want people to just pine after me. i want them to talk to me, to actually get up and make a move. how could someone fall in love if they’re just standing in the sidelines.”
there’s a pleading tone that laces your every word, the tiniest spark of hope coursing through your veins when akaashi blinks back at you and nods. was he actually processing your words correctly? did he understand the meaning behind them?
akaashi sighs, looking up at you with the smallest of smiles, “i need to be better about that, huh?”
“what do you mean?” you ask, eyes going wide and urging him to elaborate.
“be better about...leaving the sidelines.” he trails off, avoiding the intensity of your gaze, “if i actually want to have a shot at being with you.”
Tumblr media
from elle !  i have found a common theme in my short lil blurbs in that i have no idea what they are?? just thinking bout best boy keiji tonight so uhhh-- here <3 
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · 29 days ago
first dates with the hq boys !
✸ ft. kenma, osamu, akaashi, bokuto, & suna
✸ info & warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
✸ KENMA takes you to a pet cafe. he offers to buy everything— drinks, desserts, and treats for the animals. you guys sip away at your beverages and nibble at your sweets while you feed all the pets their snacks. your easygoing chat is made even more relaxing when your fingers are running through soft fur. he even takes some pictures of you with the pets before you guys call it day. kenma calls the date a success; getting to share the experience with some furry friends makes it all the better.
✸ OSAMU invites you to go restaurant hopping. but instead of going to your usual sit-down establishments, osamu recommends trying food trucks instead.  after finding a festival that’s running in town, you two spend the day trying out an array of different cuisines until you’re both too full to have anymore. luckily, there’s a park nearby where you can sit down and relax afterwards. you guys watch the clouds pass as you talk about which truck was your favorite and plan which ones you should try next.
✸ AKAASHI takes you ice skating. he’s not great at extravagant moves but he knows his way around the rink. he’s the romantic type to hold your hand while you two leisurely make your rounds and he’s skilled enough to be able to give you a passionate twirl every now and then. the cold is a great excuse for him to hold you close while you two skate the night away. the only proper way to end the date is with a cup of hot chocolate, which akaashi happily buys you with a sweet smile.
✸ BOKUTO buys you tickets to an amusement park. screaming in excitement and eating sugary sweets make for a day of fun. and it wouldn’t be an amusement park date if you guys didn’t get on the ferris wheel when it was all lit up with pretty lights. he’s definitely not leaving until he wins you a giant stuffed animal from one of those rigged games. once you guys have had your fun, he suggests commemorating the occasion by taking some pictures in the photo booth.
✸ SUNA takes you mini golfing. he thinks it’s an activity that’s fun but doesn’t require too much effort that would distract him from entertaining you. he’s surprisingly good at it, but about halfway through he’s trying out ridiculous trick shots that are sure to fail all to hear you laugh. he won’t tell you this, but his antics are an effort to prolong his time with you. after you guys have made it through each course, he treats you to ice cream, insisting that your next date be something just as competitive.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs appreciated <3
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dokifluffs · 5 months ago
This is My Child | Akaashi Keiji
Pairing: Akaashi X Reader (female) 
Genre: soft, domestic, professor akaashi tehe 
Author’s Note: I actually came up with two plots for this imagine but I couldn’t pick one I liked best so I wrote both! I also highly recommend either reading the parts in order or the order I wrote them tehe. Either way works! 
“Part 1″ - This is My Wife | Akaashi Keiji (written first) “Part 2″ - I Love You | Akaashi Keiji (written second)  “Part 3″ - This is My Child | Akaashi Keiji (written third) 
Warnings! Pregnant reader! 
Tumblr media
I edited this image from the online manga ch 381: Bitter Enemies in the Same Boat 
Part 1: 
He kept his eyes on the clock diligently, getting through his final notes and tips, reminders to give his students before they would take their final
The last final grade before summer would start - though he would have at least a few more extra credit assignments to help those who needed just a boost
The low, getting louder rumbles of thunder and occasionally flashes of lightning began to threaten his final lecture
It was a race against time, against the storm already beginning to pour outside in case the power were to go out
It would be sort of okay since he could message his students the final notes if the power and internet would go out but it was more ideal if he could spend the final day live with his students for questions they could ask right then and there
“Alright, moving on, can anyone tell me what the answer to this one would be?” He switched slides, bringing up a past test question that seemed to have messed up quite a few students
“The formatting of this question may or may not be on the final..” He hinted, a mix of his students jotting down the notes, while others began to think, reading through the short passage
He made good time, working through the handful of questions he had picked out, ones he knew that weren’t the easiest from past tests and quizzes but would be on the final
His students questioned why one answer was the other, working through the problems one at a time as to understand not just the question, but the simple formatting, quite similar to standardized testing that high schoolers would take throughout their career before attending university
With only just a few slides left, he felt better knowing he was almost done before the storm
That was until
With a bright flash of lightning, lighting up the room brighter than the office lamp he had on, followed by one of the loudest booms of thunder he heard, the floor beneath him felt like it was vibrating
Heavy downpour of rain washed down the windows, instantly filling the gutters outside as they raced toward the storm drain outside
The wind howled, blowing harshly on the tree branches, weaving through the houses and buildings, not missing any surface in the outside world untouched by the mother of storms
The videos of his students lagged just a bit, glitching at its worst but fortunately everyone could still hear everyone
Even the cries of Keiji’s baby girl
His heart swelled, wishing he could comfort her as he continued, beginning to wrap up
But it was like his wish had been heard
His once ajar office door was pushed open as cries erupted, getting louder
With the door opening like that, he expected you to be carrying your daughter but as the door opened wider, you were nowhere to be seen
As Keiji stood to his feet, it was only then he could see his baby girl, her face flushed red with tears rolling down her cheeks as she waddled as fast as she could in her baby walker, her short, chubby arms reaching out for Keiji as she went around the desk
She bounced in her seat at his feet as the storm only got louder from here
“Oh, my sweet,” he chuckled, heart racing and only growing, getting bigger seeing his baby girl
He lifted her up, fulfilling her unsaid wishes
“Shh, it’s okay, it’s a little storm, it’ll pass.” He stood her on his knee, bouncing her, doing his best to cheer her up until another flash and crack sounded throughout the house, scaring her beyond her young wits
She cried out again, reaching out her small hands to her papa, her chin trembling
“It’s okay, I’m here,” he cooed, bringing her close to him as she wrapped her short arms around his neck the best she could, her cries being muffled into his shoulder
He rubbed her back, rubbing small circles as he swayed side to side, ever so lightly like he was protecting a flower so delicate, even the wind could make it wither
And that was when he remembered his class
Glancing over to the screen, he saw the smiling eyes of his students as his chat were filled with comments of his students
“Sorry guys,” he chuckled, feeling a heat of embarrassment, just a little, prickle up his neck. “I’ll just wrap up this final question,” he chuckled as he moved along
Though, once again before he could continue, your head peaked through
“Keiji, sorry! Do you want me to take her?” You stepped into the office, whispering, reaching your hand out
“No, it’s okay, I got her.”
And so the weather continued as he finished his slide, occasionally soothing his little girl’s whimpers and cries, going through his slides and explaining the questions as if she wasn’t there
“That is all I have for you guys today.. If you have any final questions, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me,” he smiled, his voice just the tad bit lighter as the cries were no more, the storm a soon distant dream to his baby girl
He ended the meeting, shutting his laptop, and switched off his light
He leaned his head just ever so slightly, feeling her short hair tickle his face, his arms wrapped around her, holding her securely in his arms as he walked out
“Hey, class over?” You asked, your voice light too as he leaned into the side of the island while you set down your mug
“Mmhm,” he nodded
“Sorry about her, I looked away for just a bit and then the storm hit, and she was nowhere to be seen. But by the time I did find her, she was already in your arms,” you hummed, pulling him close to peck his lips, your hand rubbing her back
He held her so close, rubbing her back as she clung onto him like a little koala bear
“What if we had another kid?” He broke the silence, looking down to you with the softest gaze, love engraved into every word and glimmer in his eyes 
Part 2: Warning! Spoilers to what Osamu does in the time skip! 
A steady rhythm of rain tapped in the background, almost completely covered by the running of the air conditioner, keeping the room chill despite the summer season fast approaching
Occasionally, there were the flashes of lightning, the low rumbles of thunder that sounded in the dimly lit lecture hall, interrupting for the briefest of moments Akaashi’s lecture slides
Students were dressed warmly, some even draped with bathrobes and blankets as he never minded how students actually came to class - as long as they did, he was fine with it
Having been a student for many years, he knew the struggles, the hardships
The long hours, strenuous nights of staring at a screen that just taunted you
He went through the final notes on the slide, pausing as his smallest class of thirty or so students took notes, both with either computers or traditional hand written notes
Even looking now as the semester was close to wrapping up, he was still amused at just how different his students were from how they spoke, dressed, and he was just always so fascinated every semester
Taking a look at his watch as the room was still filled with note taking, it was almost time for wrap up
Though taking a look outside, the storm clouds only seemed to be getting closer and darker
“Alright, take down your final sentences. We’ll end a bit earlier today and finish the rest next Monday. Don’t want you guys to be getting caught in the storm..”
A collaborative sigh of relief could be shared throughout the dark classroom as thunder began to rumble, filling the quiet rooms as students began to pack up their belongings
“Are there any..”
Before Akaashi could finish his sentence, the lecture hall door began to open on its own
But no one could be seen
That was until everyone looked down
The purest, brightest giggles sounded, with small footsteps bouncing in
“Dada, dada!” The sweetest sound of Keiji and your daughter echoed through the quiet hall only for a second until gasps and sighs of awes breathed through the room from the students
Everyone watched in adoration as the toddler little girl of about two or three years old
“Dada, mama says the sky’s gonna rain!” She excitedly pointed, in her own little world as she approached Akaashi
There was such an adorable bounce in her step, almost as if she was dancing toward him in a comfy long sleeve with a suspender dress, a small pigtail tied her hair together on top of her head with a small bow, owl plushie in hand
She stood before akaashi, raising her hands, wanting to be picked up
“Is your school done?” She asked, holding her small hands to the collar of his blazer
“Well actually, sweetie, look.” Akaashi gestured to the class as everyone stood, watching in awe
Her small eyes went wide at the sudden sight of so many people she had never met before, almost all of them smiling and waving at her, their voices quiet as they greeted her, saying “hi.”
“Say ‘hi’ to dada’s class, hun.” He waved, tilting his head to try to get her to do the same
But she slowly began to hook her arms around his neck, shying away, burying her face into his shoulder
“Well, this is my child, haha. My daughter from my self introductory photos back at the beginning of the semester… She’s a bit shy, guys,” he laughed a bit as he rest his hand on her back, hugging her
Yet another wave of awes sounded across the hall as thunder rumbled even louder outside
“Class dismissed, see you guys on Monday.”
And with that, the students shuffled out of the lecture hall, leaving to beat the storm
That was when you took the chance to waddle into the hall yourself
“And here’s mama.” Keiji smiled, seeing you come in, a few of the last students greeting you on their way out. “Hi,” he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you as close as your pregnant belly would allow, pressing a kiss to your lips
“Sorry, I told her that your class was almost done,” you mumbled against his lips, pulling away from him just a bit
“But she took it as ‘class is done,’ so she was running to the door before I could stop her,” you leaned on his shoulder, playing with your daughter as she giggled in your husband’s arm
“It’s alright, we were wrapping up anyways. I didn’t want anyone to get caught in the storm,” he pulled you close, pressing a kiss to your cheek as faint taps began to sound on the glass
“How are you feeling?” he asked, resting his hand behind your back. “Did you take a cab here?”
“I’m doing alright, just hungry, but, so much for a lunch out on your campus, and Ko was nice enough to bring me here before his practice.” You looked out to the gloomy world where even inside, without the lights on, it was already brighter than out there
“Oh, that’s nice of him..” he paused in thought. “Mm, we can order something now and pick it up to eat at home? How does that sound, sweetie?” He bounced his little girl in his arm
“I want uncle ‘samu’s rice balls,” his little girl cheered, surprising him that she had remembered Miya Osamu’s, Onigiri Miya rice balls that he had brought home only a few times
“You got it, princess.” He hummed as he set her down, gathering his belongings before the three of you made it out to his car, heading out to pick up some grub and then home
But of course he was home whenever the three of you were all together
Little bonus: 
He shook the umbrella, getting rid of the droplets of rain that had stuck on now that you four had managed to get to the parking garage, his car being one of the few left here in the big empty lot 
of course, his little girl took advantage of the echo, turning back and giggling every now and then on the way to the car, her bubbliness just one of the countless things keiji adored 
and then there was you 
another infinitely deep well of love he felt 
now he didn’t know why 
but seeing you, holding your little girl’s hand, helping her into the car as he set his things into the trunk, strapping her in while your belly was just so big, holding another life that was made by the two of you 
the pure amount of love he had was indescribable and it felt like the word love itself wasn’t enough 
no, love wasn’t just a word at this point 
Love was 3 human beings 
and one of the three was inside of you 
but all three were with him now 
“Ready?” you looked back do him, standing up as you stood in the open car door 
He took a step forward, hands on your belly, snaking their way to your waist to hold you close, belly to belly 
“Thank you for being my wife,” he hummed, hugging you, turning his head to kiss your temple
“and thank you,” he chimed, leaning into the car to kiss his little girl’s chubby little mochi cheeks, getting her to squeal in delight. “For being my child.” 
“Your welcome, dada,” she giggled, the biggest smile on her cheeks though it wasn’t truly clear if she understood what was happening in the moment, nor did she question it 
But as long as her dada was happy, she was ecstatic 
“Let’s get you some food.” He spoke up, bringing you out of thought as you wondered where all this came from, but same with you, you didn’t question it 
love didn’t need deep questions or explanations - some things were best simple 
the end <3
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kageyuji · a year ago
holding his face
Tumblr media
how they react when you hold their face
warnings -> just fluff!
includes -> akaashi, tsukishima, bokuto, suna, mattsun, and oikawa
part 2 -> part 3
Tumblr media
a/n -> gender neutral!! reblogs help me tons, so please reblog!!
Tumblr media
━━ AKAASHI ... When you reached over to hold his face, he gave you an odd look at first, but then leaned into your touch. His eyes were soft, with the ghost of a smile on his lips. One hand came up to hold yours, his thumb soothingly rubbing the back of the hand holding his face.
━━ TSUKISHIMA ... Upon seeing you reach for him, his first reaction is to pull away. Eyebrows furrowed, a look of confusion in his eyes. But then he leans back closer to you, and this time he lets you. He lets out a breath of something like tension, and if you’re quick enough you can see the small smile.
━━ BOKUTO ... He leaned into your touch immediately, although there was a brief look of shock on his face. A hum left him as he closed his eyes, resting his head on your hand. Then he looked up at you with dreamy eyes, turning just slightly to press a soft kiss to your hand.
━━ SUNA ... Although he doesn’t pull away from your touch, he doesn’t know how to feel about it. His eyebrows are pinned, his mouth open just slightly, his eyes holding some level of both confussion and offense. Then he blinks, and settles into you touch. He still holds a look of vague confusion, but he’s trying to cover it and his new-found flustered feeling up.
━━ MATTSUN... He offers you a confused look when he sees you reach for him, confused as to why you were doing this. Confused as to why he enjoyed it. He just gave a small smirk and leaned slightly into you. You were sure he’d tease you later about you being what he deemed to be clingy, but both of you knew he seemed to enjoy this.
━━ OIKAWA ... His initial reaction is to act cocky, smirking and lifting a brow at you. All you have to do is smile sweetly and run your thumb over his cheek. Tears start to prick in his eyes, a wobbly smile appearing on his lips. He shuts his eyes tightly, bringing his hands up to hold your’s.
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haikyutiehoe · a month ago
akaashi + praise
akaashi is a polite boyfriend. he holds the door for you, buys you flowers to celebrate your hard work, cuddles you with consent. when you asked him to degrade you he struggled. but when your frame is nestled beneath his, moaning and whining to feel his pretty cock, to taste him and cream at the sound of his name on your tongue, the setter snaps.
“needy.” he scowls, tone ragged and controlled. “pathetic, look at you, wet on my lap.” seas of blue staring down at you, the athlete taunts the dirty sounds you’re singing. “this pussy?” he taps your covered folds for your attention, a sharp gesture with his fingers against the moist fabric. “you’ve been taunting me ever since our first kiss.” quickly tugging the fabric off your essence coated pussy, akaashi draws in a controlled breathe as he observes how your lips tug him closer just with the scent and promise of you alone. “no more waiting love, i want all of you.” you squirm closer to him, begging to feel his tongue inside you.
“please baby, wanna make you happy.” you breathe, glancing down at the setter between your legs, lips lowering to your needy cunt. the first swipe is savored on the tip of the athletes tongue. a low groan kisses his lips.
“fuck.” he murmurs, quickly replacing the empty space between his lips with your taste again, addicted from the first swipe. “god, why have you been keeping this from me?” keiji questions quickly, placing his hands on either side of your thigh to lift your legs. “god, i wanna fuck you so bad baby, all of you, damn.” applying another gentle kiss to the inside of your thigh, the dark haired male tugs your clit with his lips, eyes flattering shut at the sound of your moaned whine.
“akaa-keiji,” you whine, hands gently caressing his faint obsidian curls. responding to your every touch and flinch, the setter works his tongue inside you, furiously tongue fucking you until white begins to stretch into your sight, body trembling as you approach your edge. “fuck, fuck, baby, just like that.” your grip strengthens as you’re tugging on his roots, urging your boyfriend to continue suckling on your clit. “fucccck.”
smiling against your inner thigh, akaashi gazes up at your blissed expression. “i wanna do that for the rest of my life baby. your sex face is too pretty to be in a pillow.” the comment makes you shy, hands quickly shielding your features.
“no, no.” keiji tuts swiftly, hands tugging your wrist back to your side. “be my good girl and lemme watch you come undone again.”
send me a character and a kink and i’ll write a drabble
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shisnhou · a month ago
AT MY WORST. || akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
“oh my god, you don’t even know how freakin’ mad i am.” your voice is an octave higher as you pace around the kitchen with your hands in the roots of your hair. “i— i might actually lose it,”
akaashi merely chuckles. he knows you’re not being serious, knows that you’re just saying things that are coming at the top of your head. his cerulean eyes following you with a smile on his face as he sips his coffee like it’s just another normal day.
“don’t laugh!” and that triggers it more. he shakes his head, leans on the edge of the kitchen island while he watches you. “keiji!”
“‘m not laughing,” his poor attempt at holding back his chuckle further agitates you. if this were a cartoon show, he’s sure he would be seeing that red irk mark on your forehead as white puffs of air leave past your nose. “really, i’m not.”
he finds it adorable. the way you’re blabbering, your cheeks all puffed up as you get all worked up over the slightest issue. and the way you’re sending him glares is just the cherry on the cake, acting all mad but adorable at the same time gives his heart unusual jumps.
“i swear to sweet baby jesus,” you start, pressing two fingers on each side of your temple, eyes closed deeply. “i’m going to punch the wall.”
“don’t make a dent on the walls, love,” is all he says, sipping the last bit of his coffee before settling it down and walking towards you without you knowing.
“then i’ll punch the air then!” you roll your eyes, opening them and glaring at your husband who’s looking at you with that dumb look in his face. you can’t deny it, his face somewhat defuses your anger and it doesn’t help you because you want to be mad, but simply find it harder with each look you give him. “you— stop looking at me like that,”
truthfully, akaashi has not one single clue as to what you’re mad about. and instead of finding out the irrational way, or the more serious way, he simply smiles and looks at you lovingly, the same look that he knows could cause you to melt to the ground.
“stare at you like what?” it’s as if he’s taunting you. acting all oblivious as he makes his moves with you.
“god keiji, i seriously—” and before you can even finish, he has his hands on your cheeks. you stop blabbering, freezing as you feel his cold slender hands on your cheeks.
“seriously what?” he hums. since when did he even get this close to you? why haven’t you realized that he was close enough to simply take a short step and places his hands on your cheeks. “seriously what love?”
“i— i don’t— know,” you mumble an answer, feeling suddenly small and soft under his gaze. akaashi chuckles once again finding your sudden change of act cute.
he keeps his smile on his face whilst lowering himself a bit and gazing into your eyes. you fall into the beauty of his face, simply watching as he leans in and closes his eyes. he presses his soft lips against yours for a second before he opens his eyes and looks you straight into your eyes.
“so are you still agitated, love?” he smiles.
akaashi chuckles again at your answer then steals another kiss from your lips. he may not know how to answer your agitation, but he damn well knows how to defuse it like its just another sunday morning.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · a month ago
𝖕𝖑𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖊, 𝖒𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖞 | day nine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. sub akaashi keiji — bondage.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. 461 words.
𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖑𝖊. masturbation, lots of begging, fem reader, slight degradation, whining, dacryphilia, punishment, mommy kink, afab reader.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. got some subby boy content for any doms in the house, hehe.
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
He was always such a good boy for you, eager to please and willing to submit.
How could he resist you, after all?
There was no way he could deny your requests, not with the melodious moans that left your lips each time his cock was buried inside you, or the way you tugged at his hair while his tongue lapped at your clit.
Yet, today seemed to be one of those days when he came home in a mood, you tried to soothe his emotions but you were met with an outburst of anger.
You could tell he knew he fucked up, and he did.
“M-mommy, please! I didn’t- didn’t mean it. m’sorry!” He pathetically cried out, tugging at the rope that expertly travelled across his body.
He looked beautiful like this — he always did, the binds only served to accentuate the dips of his toned form, not to mention how pretty his cock looked in this position. Pre-cum leaking from the angry red tip while it stood proud and tall, just begging for you to touch it.
You paid his begging no mind, spreading your legs even further and giving him a better view of the toy that slides in and out of your cunt — his mommy’s cunt. The sight had him practically drooling while tears of frustration rolled down his cheeks.
It should’ve been him making you feel good, not some stupid toy!
“Mommy, I’ll be good, I swear. Just let me touch you, please! I need you so bad, want to fuck mommy’s pussy!” But his pleas were left on deaf ears as you kept pumping the toy, bringing yourself closer and closer to your high.
Keiji couldn’t do anything but twist his head away, hating the fact that your moans weren’t because of him — that you were getting pleasure from anything else but him.
You were quick to notice his movements, and you harshly gripped his chin and pulled it back to face you while your tone was dripping in dominance.
“No, you don’t get to look away, pretty. This is what you get for being a brat, Kei. Now, you’re gonna look at me.. look at while I cum, slut.
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · a month ago
## ft. suna rintaro, oikawa toru, miya atsumu, akaashi keiji
## a/n. hand holding cravings are stronk but i got sayu <3
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO finds hooking his arm around yours to be much more intimate than the usual interlocking of hands. whenever suna slithers his arm between yours to pull it towards himself, he just clutches your arms close to his chest, leaving you no escape from suna as your entire arm is being hugged by him. it also warms your heart as he would always comment about how warm you feel and you feel like home to him.
OIKAWA TORU finds is endearing that you are a hugger in the relationship. even if you weren’t, you definitely were in your sleep as he often finds himself in a position where half of your body is lugged over him. oikawa finds it so endearing that he would lock his hand in yours to pull you closer to him. you would wake up dazed and confused on oikawa’s chest with one of his arm hung around your waist while his hand was held loosely in yours.
MIYA ATSUMU often questions himself as to why his heart just bursts in his chest at every sign of affection. his knees would go weak when his eyes zeroed in on the way your pinkies cutely interlock with one another as you drag him around for a walk. inwardly, he would be gushing about how cute your pink looks interlocked in his and how he is lucky to have the chance to be in love with you. it was the smallest of detail that you showed your affection through and such a gesture made him feel safe and secure with you.
AKAASHI KEIJI would lace his fingers with yours, bringing it up to his lips to kiss your knuckles. sometimes, his lips would curl up in its corners against your skin. skin upon skin, he loves being this close to you because it gives him the visceral reminder that the two of your have each other. whenever he misses you, he would just take your hand to put it against his cheek. he would lean into it, humming in contentment that he is finally with you.
Tumblr media
(ㆀ˘・з・˘) likes and rbs are always appreciated
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miyarins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring. multiple haikyuu boys
warnings. none, just fluff & crack
post note. these are like random headcanons i think of on the daily + not proof-read.. possible gibberish—
Tumblr media
when you both went on a first date, his hands were sweating so much he told you he farted so you would have some distance beside him. he didn't expect you to press yourself beside him and hold his hand so he ended up actually farting really loud.
he endlessly scrolled on tiktok and came across a manifestation and it said it was a sign that he already met his soulmate. he looked for your initial and squealed. when he gets tiktoks about them, he frowns when he doesn't see your zodiac/initial paired with his.
he would try and win the plush you wanted from the claw machine. once he actually got it, he almost gave it to you before throwing it over your head, a few metres away and told you to fetch it if you really loved him with a shit-eating grin on his face.
he had a small past surrounding dance when he was younger. and once you found out, you begged him to show you a couple of moves. he grumbled and shook his head in denial before moving his body stiffly. you laughed while watching and tried to dance with him, holding his hands as you swayed side to side. he stared at you in surprise, relaxing and enjoying the moment with you. then, he accidentally stepped on your feet.
he tried to be really suave while flirting with you, leaning against a door that ended up being open and he put all his weight on his arm that was about to push against the door and collapsed on his side. he groaned and let out the most high-pitched whimper ever, curling into a ball and slowly began to die inside. he tried to mutter under his breath if he could get your number but it came out as whimpers of pain.
Tumblr media
© miyarins (2021). reblogs are appreciated! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ ‧₊˚✩
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nekomasmeow · 6 months ago
your mafia hc scenario was amazing i’m a sucker for stone cold leaders but soft for their soft s/o. can i get a mafia leader with Suna, Akaashi, and Oikawa pls with their calm s/o
Tumblr media
He was cold per say, but not like super cold that you felt uncomfortable approaching him
Suna was someone who regularly came into your flower shop
his mafia ran a tattoo shop not far from your shop
you regularly saw him enter when you were opening up and setting flowers out
He always seemed to watch you, like a cat watching it's prey and it freaked you out to a certain point
You never said anything to them because you didn't feel like being in their line of sight
but sadly you became suna's line of sight the moment he saw you
he rarely came into the shop because he loved to avoid work and pushed it all onto the twins
but one morning he did come in and saw you, and that was it
he came to the store everyday and Kita didn't have to yell at him anymore
of course one day you were sick and Suna didn't see you and he refused to let it go
he didn't know you were sick and started to look around and easily found your address
hearing a knock at your door had you super confused as you sluggishly opened it
this cold was kicking your ass that even blinking was exhausting
when you see who's at the door you felt like you had died and enter hell
"Su...Suna?" you ask trying hard to look normal but it was failing
"You're sick."
it wasn't a question or anything it was just something he admitted
"Yeah." You croak slumping against the wall
he just nods and turns and leaves
rolling your eyes you close the door and head back to the bed
of course in your fog you didn't lock the door
that you did not know until Suna stormed in looking pissed with a bag of stuff from the pharmacy
"Lock your door next time." he snaps and of course with you being sick and tired tears sprung in your eyes
"I'm sorry." you whimper softly and you hear a groan
"Don't cry." he grumbles sitting down his tattoos moving with him almost like they had a life of their own
" careful." he whispers softly knowing that this moment was going to mean something to him
Tumblr media
Calling him cold wouldn’t be right more so......calculating
people weren't his strong suite unless it comes to bokuto then it's a breeze
but you....of yeah you were a whole different story
being always nice to everyone and everything was just you as you would smile at anyone
so when akaashi the big bad mafia boss saunter into the bar late one night you just smiled
of course he just glared at you and ordered a shot of jack and to keep them coming
"yes sir." you reply softly and he looks up something different in his eye but you just look at him with confusion
"need something?" you ask and he looks down again
"No, and aren't you a little too.."
"Young?" you finish as you start to clean beer pitchers
"innocent." he says looking you up and down
you can't help but laugh and he swears to this day that laugh gets him drunker than any alcohol
"I wouldn't laugh at me." he says scowling and you just stop and look at him
"Why's that?" you ask playing dumb with this question
when you moved here the first thing you learned was not to cross the Mafia especially the leader
Akaashi goes to answer but stops seeing some people come to the bar
you tense and he takes notice immediately to this
the guys sit down and start to throw some vile things your way
of course you shrink back slightly but swallow it to keep working
Akaashi watches until one guy reaches for your ass and he moves fast
slamming his wrist hard a sick crack fills the air
"Don't fucking touch what is mine you understand me." Akaashi snaps
jumping back you go to run but Akaashi steps away and his whole body changed
hands that looked rough and hard grabbed you with such gentleness it was almost like you'd shatter in his grip
"Come home with me alright, I won't touch you or anything but those guys will have their eyes on you now since i claimed you as mine." He whispers knowing you were in shock
"Okay." You whisper feeling utterly safe with this dangerous man
Tumblr media
What a cold hearted prick
honestly you wanted to smack him but the thought of hurting him was a sour taste in your mouth
"Baby doll, don't be mad im sorry I didn't come yesterday." he whispers kissing the trail between your breasts
you were working as a stripper at one of the clubs they happened to own
you hated your job but it helped pay the bills and help your baby brother in college
he wanted to be something and so did you and he too was working hard but you wanted to help
it was just the two of you
"Let go Toru, I need to go dance and you're holding up my ways to make money." You grumble slightly
His hands on your waist tighten holding you still
"i'll pay triple what they all will give you each and every customer." he grumbles kissing your neck
"Let go." You huff and finally shove yourself off his lap
"Baby, stop okay, I'm not trying to be mean, just I don't like those other men touching you." He huffs leaning back his pants and shirt undone
You can't help but soften at his words as you sit back down in his lap
Oikawa smiles gently and leans up kissing your forehead before leaning back holding you
not knowing how much time passes a man you didn't know busts into the room
"Let go of the whore boss, we got a meeting with those damn Shiratorizawa bastards." He lashes out fast buckling his belt
you flinch and get up fast covering yourself with the robe
Oikawa sighs softly and stands fixing his clothes
"hold on." He mumbles and leans down for a kiss but you turn your head
He stops seeing the hurt and embarrassed tears in your eyes and that tips him over the edge
with a smile he turns and pulls out his gun without you noticing and yanks the guy out
"WAIT WAIT BOSS NO!" but the screams stop when a loud bassy echo goes off as you flinch
oikawa comes back with some blood splatter and walks over tilting your chin up
He leans down and kisses you softly and pulls away his large hand engulfing your face
"I love you, please go home." he mummers pressing his key into your hand
"I have to work." You argue back
"I already put the money in your account baby doll, don't argue with me, please." He sighs and kisses you again as he leaves
"I've lost." You whisper smiling stupidly at the small metal key
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ellewords · 8 months ago
haikyuu boys + comparing hand sizes
Tumblr media
request from @dammit-jjk​ :  hihi im back! i really loved your head pats hc!! do you mind doing a hc about measuring hand sizes with tsukki, akaashi, and kuroo again? much love!!💕💕
fic notes :  timeskip!tsukishima, akaashi, kuroo, x gn!reader, fluff, kinda suggestive but blink and maybe you’ll miss it, headcanons
from elle !  ahhh i’m so glad you enjoyed your previous request ! i hope you like this one just as much <33
Tumblr media
➹   tsukishima k.
you held out your hand to him, and of course the logical side of him thought that you were asking him to hold something for you. so he holds his hand out as well, and he just stands there, waiting for you to hand him your phone, your bag, a water bottle maybe? 
but instead you roll your eyes and lay your hand flat against his, noticing how your fingertips couldn’t even reach his when you align your wrists together.
tsukishima furrows his brows as he watches you practically study the way your hand rested on top of his — like you were memorizing every line, curve, and detail. 
“what exactly are you doing?” tsukishima asked, looking around the empty halls of the sendai city gym. practice had just ended and he didn’t need any of his teammates catching how absolutely adorable you’re acting.
“i’m comparing the sizes of our hands, what does it look like i’m doing?” you said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, like it was such a stupid question to even ask. 
“really? because it looks like you’re embarrassing me in public.” 
you roll your eyes. despite the sharpness in his words, you could tell it wasn’t something to think too much into. 
he just stands there, letting you observe each other’s hands. tsukishima may not show it outwardly, but he was melting. you just looked so focused, your gaze was intense, but there was a small smile on your face. he’s whipped and just doesn’t want to admit it
but boy oh boy, when you intertwine your fingers, his heart feels like it’s going to explode — he’s going crazy and it’s your fault hmph. 
his entire face is red bet >:)
“is this also your weird way of asking to hold my hand?”
“so what if it is?”
tsukishima bit his lip, trying to stop the smile that made its way to his features, “you don’t even have to ask, idiot.”
he pulls you forward, finally leading you to the gym’s exit. he sneaks a glance at you, only to find your gaze focused on the way his hand held yours, a faint blush spreading across your cheeks. 
“didn’t know you had a thing for my hands, yn.” tsukishima teased, leaning down so his lips was just a few inches from your ears and sending shivers up your spine. 
➹   akaashi k. 
one word : flustered
literally does not know what to do, what to think, or what’s gotten into you
you were in bed one night — about to go to sleep — when you suddenly grab his hand, pressing your palm up to his.
“uh yn? what are you doing?” akaashi asked, head tilted to the side as you stared at your palms pressed together. 
you ignore him, and he’s just left to stare at you, completely intrigued at how entranced you were in the way his hand almost covered yours. 
he never thought of his hands as some point of interest. he likes to think that nobody’s really paid any attention to them. yet here you were, absolutely fascinated by them.
a soft smile plays on your face as you move your hand around, still pressed against his.
it’s clear that akaashi took care of his hands too — barely calloused, fingernails well trimmed, skin unsurprisingly soft.
“your hands are so pretty ‘kaashi.” you mumbled, intertwining your fingers together.
he shook his head, but still gives your hand a gentle squeeze as his fingers laced tightly between yours, “they’re just hands, my love, nothing special about them.”
“really? well i think they happen to work wonders.”
akaashi chokes on air, a deep red blush coloring his cheeks at the implication of your words
you giggle, already expecting that kind of a reaction from him. you noticed he often kept his hands behind his back — like he was hiding them from the world. 
“i really like your hands, sweetheart. you write the most amazing pieces with them, and they fit mine so perfectly…” you continued, while there was a slightly teasing tone in your voice, he could hear the genuine love and affection in your words.
“well, if it means anything,” akaashi takes your fingertips and presses them to his lips, “i like your hands too.”
➹   kuroo t.
this mf
you were always fascinated with the way his hand engulfed yours when he held it, how warm they felt.
he had just come home from work, immediately pulling you to the couch as soon as you got home. 
kuroo snuggles his face in your neck, mumbling something about missing you the entire day.
but instead of a reply, you take the hand that gently rested on your waist and rest your palm against his, admiring the way it was obviously much larger than yours.
the biggest smirk spreads across his face once he realizes what you’re doing
“hmm. what are you thinking about, kitten?” kuroo asked, and you could just tell that he wasn’t going to let you live this down. 
once again you don’t answer his question, wrapping your hand around his thumb, emphasizing the very noticeable size difference 
and he’s just there, eyes wide, wanting to absolutely scream at how adorable you were being — but he thought your neighbors wouldn’t appreciate that lmao
his heart was going insane in his chest, and he’s just so overwhelmed with love because look at you !!! you have no right being this cute >:) 
kuroo pouts when you eventually let go of his hand. 
“aw, you done now?”
“yeah. but for real tetsu, your hands are unnaturally big.”
“oh?” kuroo asked, an eyebrow arched up, “you know, that’s not the only thing about me that’s—”
“say one more word and i leave you for kenma.” you groaned, pushing him away from you, “i’m getting some of that pro-gamer money.”  
yeah, that shut him up for a bit. he’ll still constantly bring up your fascination for his hands for months though >:(  good luck bec you’re stuck with him and he has no intentions of letting you go ;(
Tumblr media
—  request something here.
Tumblr media
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solaxena · 2 months ago
— calling them your pretty boy. ( hq )
Tumblr media
genre : fluff, gn! reader warnings : none ft : akaashi, kuroo, oikawa a/n : repostiwaizumi, ing this so i can somehow fill up my masterlist
Tumblr media
✧ : AKAASHI KEIJI. ⤷ stops. just stops. "did, did you say something?". he knows you said it. he heard it. "hm? yeah, kei, i said you're my pretty boy." he looks down, a blush starting to form on his face. he sits down beside you, fiddling with his fingers. "you, you really think so?" you sit up, enjoying the sight of a flustered akaashi. his hand is held in yours, and you give his cheek a peck. "mhm. prettiest boy ever."
✧ : IWAIZUMI HAJIME. ⤷ looks at you, then hugs you real tight. "hajime, what're you-", his grip loosens, but he still won't let you see his face. "say it again." you stare at him for a while, then start to smile. your arms make their way across his waist, and you say, "hajime, you're my pretty boy. you're so handsome and buff and i love yo-" he once again puts your head down, hugging you tight. "i heard it, i heard it! no need to say more, idiot." you gasp, "but you asked for it!" he huffs, "shut up."
✧ : KUROO TETSUROU. ⤷ a sly grin forms on his face. he pounces on you, engulfing your form in his. "so, i'm you're pretty boy?", he knows what he's doing, and you play along. you brush his hair upward with your fingers, then place a small kiss on his forehead. "yep." he thought you'd be flustered, embarrassed and hiding your face. so why is he the one burning? "mm, thanks." he groans, face buried in the pillows.
✧ : OIKAWA TOORU. ⤷ "y/n! tell me you said that! tell me, tell me i didn't just imagine that! you called me your pretty boy, right? right?" you laugh, then squish his face, smooshing it around. "yeah, i did. and i'm not saying it again." he gasps, "betrayal! how dare you! but please, can you," his voice lowers, and he looks down, seemingly embarrassed. "can you say it again?" an embarrassed oikawa tooru was a beautiful sight. you hug him, placing your head on his chest, "mm, tooru, my pretty boy." he explodes.
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dokifluffs · a month ago
Falling Asleep in His Arms | Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Sakusa
Pairings: Akaashi X Reader (female), Iwaizumi X Reader (gender neutral), Sakusa X Reader (female) 
Genre: soft, domestic professor akaashi tehe and mafia sakusa!! sleepy, fluffy!! 
Author’s note: A mini snippet sequel to “This is My Child | Akaashi Keiji” and just a little mini snippet from the mafia hc world from “You’re Safe | Sakusa Kiyoomi” 
Kita, Kenma, Tsukishima, Bokuto
Tumblr media
Panel from Ch 382!
large, puffy snowflakes fell one after the other outside, building up a blanket that only got thicker and thicker as the days and night came
It was predicted to be one of the heaviest snowfalls in years
Your bodies were snuggled closely together, beneath the blanket on the couch as your head rest on his shoulder, hand resting on his chest as you were fast asleep in his arms
Winter break finally allowed Keiji to be free from straining his eyes at the computer screen all day, going through his lectures when online school shouldn’t have tried to be normal when life in the world was the farthest from normal
Even he didn’t understand the system for trying to make students attend school, take finals and quizzes and midterms and everything as normal to in-person school when it wasn’t normal
So he made everything as simple as he could to relieve any stress for his students
But now he could finally relax from being professor Akaashi and he could be Keiji
A husband who held onto his wife as she slept in his arms
And a father to two beautiful kids - A daughter of four years old and a son just around a year old
Your days had been getting quite busy with your errands, chores, and being the mother of two
Sleep only helped a fraction as it felt like as the days came and went, you burned more energy than regained when you rest
It wasn’t anything that you couldn’t handle at all, however, you could finally catch a break with your husband being free until the end of winter break
And now you could recharge your batter a bit
You slept like a baby in his arms, not moving a single bit in about an hour and a half now
He had an arm wrapped around you, the other would stroke your arm, played with your hand and fingers, or just rest behind his own head as he watched his stars play
D/N player with S/N, as she talked with her baby brother, teaching him how to play while he bounced around, following her with everything she did in his walker
The toys on top of it jingled and rattled as he walked, the wheels making a subtle droning sound as it rolled around the wood floors
They were so precious
He could remember so clearly the day you brought D/N into his class, the other time she bounced her way into his office, during his online class
Just by laying here, he could remember the time you were still pregnant with D/N
You had felt sick and you didn’t want to be alone and even then, you were drained as well
You slept on him with your head in his lap, lulled into peaceful sleep as you fell deeper and deeper asleep to the sound of his calm voice
now here you two were almost five years layer on the same couch
And now you two had two new members of the family
Your guys’ kids were such perfect combinations of you two
But just as he thought this, he could see the sneaky smile of his daughter spreading on her face
She whispered in her brother’s ear but Keiji was pretty sure that he didn’t know what she was saying anyways
But the two of them shyly looked at him and approached as she took his hand, leading him over to the couch
“Dada,” she looked up to him
“Yes?” He smiled as he turned his head, his son staring with his blank eyes that matched Keiji’s, a bit of drool on his chin
“Can we have hot chocolate?” She tilted her head, widening her eyes
Ah the puppy eyes and the pouty lip
“Ah…” he paused, thinking about it as he extended his arm so his sleeve would move, exposing his watch
“Please, please, please!” Her voice got louder as she bounced, her brother imitating her in his walker, babbling
“Alright,” he chuckled. “Shh, mommy’s sleeping..” He put a finger over his lips to which she playfully covered her mouth with her hands
“How about this, since it’s so close to dinner time, we’ll all eat one after dinner as a treat,” he compromised, his voice hushed as he drew circles with his finger on your upper arm as you shifted in your sleep, waking up just the slightest
“Okay!” She whisper yelled as she ran off, her baby brother going as fast as he could after her, arms reached out making little grabby’s toward her
You cracked your eyes open for the first time feeling quite refreshed for the first time in quite a bit but your eyes made you feel otherwise
“Hey, did you sleep okay?” He moved his hand down to your hand, rubbing small circles in your palm
“Mmhm..” You breathed, snuggling close once again, staying warm in your spot, feeling like you couldn’t move from this position even if you wanted to
He smiled, satisfied knowing how much you needed this sleep and pulled you closer, pressing a long and short kiss to your forehead
“You can sleep longer, I’ll wake you up when dinner’s ready, alright?” He smiled, knowing exactly this was what you wanted just by looking at you
After all, this was his wife
Tumblr media
Panel from Ch 402! 
Iwaizumi: Ft. Makki, Mattsun, and Oikawa! 
“You guys should come to Brazil, it’s so nice here with the golden beaches and the music and foods!” The bright, velvet voice of oikawa sounded through the speakers of Hajime’s laptop as he laid on the couch, relaxed, laying his head on his arm
“Not all of us has the time or the funds, Oikawa,” Matsukawa spoke, the tall guy laid on his stomach, head turned toward his own device for the call
“And not all of us are employed,” Maki piped up, joining in before he slurped in some ramen
“First of all, only you are unemployed,” Iwaizumi spoke up, joining in on the usual seijoh banter between the four of them
The comment made Maki choke on his ramen, making the three of them laugh
It wasn’t too late when the call started, the four of them picking a time to finally get together for their sort of bi-weekly call whenever anyone was free but the longer they talked, the faster it felt like time was going as the hours rolled by like they were nothing
It was just a few hours beyond midnight in Japan while it was the perfect afternoon time in Brazil
The four friends laughed about random things, talking about random things too like their high school days, talking about winning, dinners that Oikawa owed them, what they would do when he finally came back home and such
As Hajime listened to the story Oikawa was telling about seeing Hinata, he suddenly caught your form in his peripheral approaching him
“What’re you doing up? Couldn’t fall asleep?” His lips slowly curled into a smile as you nodded sleepily, your hair messy and his big oversized hoodies were oversized on you too
He propped himself up on his elbows just a little when he laid back down with you laying down on top of him
You let out a deep breath as you laid down on Hajime, feeling his warm beefy body wrap around you, your heavy eyes yearned so much for sleep
But you just couldn’t fall asleep no matter the position when you were upstairs in bed
You were so used to sleeping with Hajime, without him there, it was just so much hard to sleep when you were so close to falling asleep
You rest your head on it’s side, your ear pressed right over the valley in between his pecs, facing the back of the couch as he draped his legs over your own, resting his arms on your back and waist
“Oh, it’s Y/N,” the other three called repeatedly out to you as Hajime rubbed and stroked his hand up and down your back
As much as you wanted to just ignore them and sleep, you gave in and turned your head towards the light and the screen, giving a small smile and wave before turning back
Oikawa continued his story as you worked on getting comfy, moving up so your chest was on top of his, your head resting right on his collar so your forehead met his jaw
He continued rubbing your back, bringing his hand up and down knowing that was something you liked until slowing down, coming to a stop as you fell asleep in his arms
The two of you laid there as the crickets chirped outside, their voices slowly droning out as it got later and later in the night for you four and later in the day for Oikawa
As the call came to an end, to not disturb you, Hajime reached over and shut his laptop with his foot
He let his muscles go as he became one with the couch and you melted on top of him
As he breathed, your body rose and fell and your body did the same as you breathed against him
The sound of your light snores brought a small lazy smile to his face as he could feel his eyes beginning to sting from their tiredness
Yawn fell after yawn from him the longer he laid still, letting his head fall back into the pillows
Every now and then, your hand moved along his collar/ chest, waking him just the slightest
But soon enough, he joined you fast asleep with his arms draped over your back and waist
It was beyond peaceful to be here with you, to lay here and sleep here with you - somehow different but better than the bed
He wanted to wake you at some point and bring you upstairs but the couch was just so comfy and once he slept, he slept
He held you close, not letting you go a single bit, only when you got up to use the bathroom if you needed, but even when you went, he stayed awake until you came back to him, falling back to sleep as soon as you did completely
By morning, Hajime was woken by the silent whines and pawing of Zilla, your guys’ Rottweiler as she waited patiently for someone to take her out so she could do her business
Still full of sleep, he groggily got up, setting you to the side but it was your turn
You latched on to him and groaned in your sleep, not wanting your personal heated pillow to leave you
“I’ll be back in a bit,” he blinked slowly, eyes half open, voice deep and raspy as ever as he melted his lips to your temple before being set free from your grasp
And with that, ‘Zilla ran towards the front door, her tail wagging as she spun, looking up to Hajime  
Tumblr media
panel from ch 394! 
He leaned back in his seat, pinching the bridge of his nose from all the work he still had to do but this was a given considering he was the head of his clan
He had to maintain the balance his father had created in the underworld
But there was also a part of him that wanted to burn it all
To destroy it
If he could, he would go back in time and make sure that his father never ran his family into poverty
To ensure that he never went to the dark and suspicious places to look for work to make money back, he would
Especially with you
He never wanted to take your normal life away from you yet you took his hand and trusted your life with his and now you could never go back to that normal
Looking back at his monitor, he clicked his teeth, not wanting to finish what he had to do
It honestly made him want to punch his own screen at times since - which he has done
He was able to get a replacement within half an hour whenever he wanted
just as he balled his fist, the door to his open opened
He prepared to snap at whoever stepped in after he made clear instructions that he be not disturbed at all
But it was you - your sleepy but somewhat awake self so you weren’t sleepwalking as you walked down from the door with security closing it quietly right behind you, right toward him
Your body waddled a bit as your belly protruded from your shirt but the more you walked, the more nauseous and dizzy you got
Your pace staggered and the sleepy smile you had on your face slowly disappeared the more you felt sick
The room was so bright with the various color paintings and light fixtures, it made your head spin, your vision tricking you that even the room began to spin
All you could feel at this point was the burning dizziness that drilled through your head, you didn’t even begin to notice your legs and knees buckling beneath you
Kiyoomi saw everything unravel as his body moved without a second thought around his desk and right toward you, catching you in his arms and on his knelt legs before you could collapse and hit the floor
“Deep breaths, darling, deep breaths,” he held you securely in his arms, sitting you in his lap as you closed your eyes and regained yourself
You clung onto his shirt sleeve, fist shaking as you squeezed your eyes shut, letting your head reset and stabilize itself against his chest as he took deep breaths slowly with you, taking things slow, one after the other as he let you relax
“Atta girl,” he whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple as you slowly opened your eyes, peeking at him
“Focus on me, you’re okay,” his voice was kind and smooth as the words fell from his lips
He held you there, forgetting about the darkness that was always around him, the work and balancing he needed to fix but how could he when you were right in front of him
You were the sun in his life that saved him from being completely consumed from the darkness
He helped you to your feet and walked you back to bed, being done with his work for the night - he couldn’t stare at it a second longer when you were in his arms
“Do not disturb us at all.” He spoke, his entire persona changing into his serious self for a moment as he instructed the security outside the bedroom, getting an obedient, silent nod in return before the door closed behind him with a firm click
He fluffed the pillows, helping you get in before he disappeared and washed up before joining back in right at your side
“Are you feeling better? Do you need to throw up?” He wrapped his arm around you as he stroked his hand down your back while the other held your hand, his thumb circling over your knuckles as he looked down to you with concern, brows furrowed
“Mmhm, I just need to.. breathe..” You paused, taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out, keeping your eyes closed as he leaned you back into him
He knew it was around this point of your pregnant that morning sickness and just dizziness/ nausea were common symptoms you would be going through
Laying down would only make you dizzier and make it practically impossible for you to sleep
Kiyoomi stayed up later no matter how heavy his eyes got, holding you in his arms, making sure you were tucked in and comfy, not wanting the most precious being in his life to be in any discomfort
The lamp lights were dim all around the room as he kept his eyes open
No matter how tired he was, he dedicated himself to you with everything he could because he felt deep down that there was nothing he could do to give you a normal life where you could go see friends, your family, to go out and not worry about your life being at risk or his or anything
But at the same time, he thanked the universe for bringing your pureness to his darkness, being at his side
And now he could be with you
His gentle touch moved up and down your arm, lulling you deeper, pushing away the nausea and hoping you could sleep peacefully tonight, a wish he wished every night
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