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#akane aoi
indigosienna · 17 days ago
Okay, I love dunking on Hanako for his shady tendencies as much as the next person, but this whole exchange hits very hard because of how kind he's being to Aoi here.
Tumblr media
As far as we know, Hanako died holding a lot of regret within him and he spent the next 50 years as an earth-bound spirit as a result, which led to the cocktail of self-hatred and beliefs we see in him now.
But then we see him reaching out to Aoi, someone who is close to death; guiding her to the train and then asking her about her own life and regrets, trying to get her to open up and listening to what she has to say.
It's sad but also shows that despite everything he's gone through and everything he's done, Hanako still has empathy and kindness for others, trying to give them the support he never had.
Tumblr media
(Translations by @dbs-scans.)
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thebeautyoffanfics · 3 months ago
Can I request Hanako (or Amane Yugi), Teru Minamoto, and Akane Aoi (the male) with a female s/o who is literally invisible to people. (This totally not based on events that actually happened to me-)
Like some people, even her close friends, won’t even notice she’s there and if she’s has to asks something she tends to repeat it or stutter. She also tends to get forgetting or lost on school trips, etc.
This has happened for as long as she could remember and she’s use to it by now but sometimes it still hurts when they forget her
Headcanons please!
hanako x f!reader, teru minamoto x f!reader, akane aoi x f!reader
a/n: sure thing!! I feel like Hanako would understand that as a ghost, so I think I’ll write for him in his ghosty form! I hope that’s alright :)) thank you so much for requesting, and I hope these turn out alright!!
I’m really sorry if these are shorter or poorer than normal, and if they’re formatted strangely- I’m doing my best to get requests done on my phone (´ε`”)
warnings: none?
word count: 1,414
Hanako <3
He understands, he understands more than anyone- so he thinks. I mean, he’s a ghost. He literally cannot be seen by anyone who isn’t an exorcist, near death, a fellow supernatural, or bound to him in some way.
Still… honestly, he gets pretty defensive over you-
They can’t hear him, but you can. (They can’t hear you, but he certainly can.) It’s honestly somewhat humorous, Hanako standing behind you, shouting that they’d better listen up!!
“IF YOU GUYS MAKE (Y/N) REPEAT HERSELF ONE MORE TIME?? Are they deaf, (Y/N)?? I think they’re deaf?????”
His reactions like that are half-joking-half-serious. He’s genuinely upset that they treat you like that- but he hopes that all his ranting and going on helps you to feel better somehow?
He can’t exactly follow you on trips, but! He makes Yashiro “Honorary (Y/N) Defense”! Meaning, since he can’t, she’ll defend you in his place!
You get interrupted or ignored? Hanako tells Yashiro to help you out, and (though she would any way) she’s raising her hand somewhat shyly- explaining that you were trying to talk.
Getting left behind on a field trip? Yashiro is sticking by your side! She turns around constantly, making sure that you keep up with her, and especially making sure that you get on the bus with the rest! As per Hanako’s request, and her own care for you, she’ll let you sit next to her.
Hanako is always very talkative, but he’s still very patient with you- he loves to have conversations with you, which is a big reason he doesn’t get why they treat you like that. You’re such a great person-! You’ve got such a cute voice-!!! Why don’t they listen-?!!!
To be honest, he finds your stutter kind of cute… he’s quite bold, so you being timid is something he doesn’t mind! Hanako doesn’t mind listening out for you- even if the other people aren’t in a relationship for you, isn’t it… basic human decency?? What happened to that???
“It’s really alright, Hanako. Things like this have happened since I was little- it hurts sometimes, but I’m mostly used to it.”
Hanako would then grab your shoulders gently, looking in your eyes with some determination!
“You shouldn’t have to be used to that!! I’m used to it because I’m dead, but you’re… alive. You can be heard and seen by everyone, yet they choose to not listen- it’s… ridiculous. I’m sorry that you have to deal with that, (Y/N)... really.”
Uncharacteristically soft moment, but it simply hits different for him due to personal experience. I’m sure as a human, the only time people saw him were when he was bullied, and now he’s- obviously- not seen by nearly anyone. It’s such a lonely feeling, and he genuinely hates that you can relate to it.
Teru Minamoto <3
It’s hard to not garner attention as Teru Minamoto’s girlfriend- so, people certainly acknowledge you once your relationship is made public/becomes obvious.
But! Before the entire school knew about the Prince having a girlfriend, Teru was… quite defensive over you- even before the two of you were a couple, he’d notice the way others seemed to step all over you. Ignoring you, interrupting you, forgetting about you.
Like Hanako, he doesn’t get it? You’ve got his attention, how do you not have anyone else’s? You’re so cute… and really do have a lovely voice, appearance, and overall are really pleasant to be around?? If anything you deserve more praise than he does-
He also doesn’t get it due to the fact that people acknowledge him a little too much-
Anyway, he tends to give that praise he thinks you deserve to you!
Meaning, he brags on you so much. Compliments you to your face, telling you how nice it is to converse with you- telling his family how lovely of a person you are. He even mentions it to classmates, which does start to earn others being more noticeable of your presence.
Not afraid to stick up for you in the least!! Who wouldn’t listen to Teru?? The moment someone interrupts, he’s politely making his way into the conversation- offering an “I’m sorry, I don’t think (Y/N) got her chance to speak.”
“Th-That’s okay, Teru. I appreciate it, but I’m used to things like that,” You told him after class, slightly embarrassed.
“Used to things like being ignored?”
“ shouldn’t have to be. I’d never be upset with you, but it does upset me that people have been so willing to pretend you aren’t there? I think you’re lovely, and nearly impossible to ignore. It’s simply confusing, I suppose.”
BRO if he, for some reason, isn’t on the field trip and you get forgotten- it’s game over for the chaperones will get their heads chewed off. Except he’ll be calm and collected while doing so- however, on the inside, he can’t express how upset he is.
“Is it not your job to make sure all the students are accounted for? What if (Y/N) had gotten lost? Do you not realize she could have been kidnapped? Should some low-life had decided to try anything strange, the blame would have been on you, and therefore our entire school. What would that do for both your’s and the school’s reputation?”
If he’s on the trip? You won’t be getting forgotten <3 Even you were to get distracted for a moment, he’s grabbing your hand and making sure you stay caught up with the class. Sits with you on the bus, and makes absolutely sure that you’re safe and with him!!
Akane Aoi <3
He worships the very ground you walk on. We all know how he treated Aoi? Well, now that’s how he treats you- maybe a bit less exaggerated and dramatic, but all that love and more is there!
So, he’s admiring you, and sees that you keep opening your mouth in an attempt to speak- only to have someone interrupt you, not even acknowledging that you’re there??
“Hey, (Y/N), what’s up?”
“O-oh, I was just trying to ask them something…”
“Oi, you heard her. Shut up for a moment and let (Y/N) get her question in.”
Most are somewhat aware of how scary Akane can be, so they’ll certainly listen whenever he’s there. Heck, people occasionally keep an extra eye open if they know he’s around- making sure they don’t unintentionally look past you.
If you dislike his very direct method, he’ll try to be nicer to others about it. But, he can’t help but get defensive- like our other boys, he admires you so much, and enjoys talking with you so much, that- by this point- others are simply missing out?? Like, it’s basically their loss for treating you like that. And it’s his mission to shower you in love and admiration to a point where others do the same- platonically of course, and boys better rethink anything that isn’t strictly “wow (Y/N) is cool, it’s cool that she’s taken by Akane.”
Cos, as we all know, if someone even says “oh, (Y/N) probably makes a cute girlfriend” it’s game over. RIP unknowing student, he had no mercy bashing their skull in </3
“Akane, it’s really fine, you know? Things like this happen been happening since... forever. I’m just not easily noticed, I suppose. I’m used to it!”
“Hmm... well, get un-used to it. You’ve got the most beautiful presence and voice of anyone I know! And, I want the class- for everyone- to be able to acknowledge that. You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself constantly, nor be ignored like that. Not on my watch, at least.”
You won’t be getting forgotten. He’s ahead of Teru, ahahahaaaa!!! If he isn’t on the field trip, he’s telling someone who will be to keep an eye out for you “or else <3”. The person wouldn’t even bother to question it- just nod and keep an eye out for you constantly. They even offer to have you sit with them! How sweet! Glad to know they value their skulls!!
If he’s on the trip, like the others, he’s keeping an eye out for you constantly. He’ll hold your hand the entire time, stopping as you pleased, but keeping an eye out for the group. He wants you to see what you want, so you will- all while staying with the class, or at least close to the class. If he, for some reason, were to lose sight of the class, he takes comfort in the fact that you wouldn’t be lost alone.
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haru-choices · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Witch Sakura, Apprentice Witch Aoi and Apprentice Witch Nene
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yashiroisaqueen · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
HE LIKES EVERYTHING ABOUT YASHIRO!!! AWEEE, I hope you enjoy this coloring💞💞
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notgraceful4 · a month ago
Tsukasa Yugi, Mitsuba Sousuke, Kou Minamoto, Akane Aoi, Hanako-Kun, Teru Minamoto, Yamabuki Lemon, Natsuhiko Hyuuga, Tsuchigomori Ryūjirou x reader who’s a painter:
Tumblr media
* He loves your paintings, he’s always bugging you to paint him
* “Y/n, Y/n paint me now” he’s practically swinging out of you
* You eventually give in after his eyes go black not wanting to find out what happens if you still refuse after that
* When you eventually start painting him it takes longer then it needs too because he won’t sit still when he’s modelling for you, he constantly moves about
* “Y/n I’m bored, are you finished yet”
* After you finish his painting
* He will be flaunting it to Sakura and Natsuhiko
* “Look what y/n made me”
* “I bet you guys are jealous she doesn’t paint you guys anything” he says while sticking his tongue out
* After he’s finished showing everyone his new painting he hangs it on the wall of the broad cast room with the others
* And it will only be a few days until he asks for another one
* He sometimes likes to steal your paint and do little doodles and finger painting along the walls of the school
* Speaking of paint never take any paints from him since it’s usually not really paint instead it’s blood from the mokke’s
* Finally, he will probably tell Sakura to take some paint brushes and other things from the art classroom, so he can give them to you as a present.
Tumblr media
* You and Mitsuba both love going to breath taking landscapes together
* He will be taking pictures of the beautiful landscape while you will be next to him painting the landscape
* Both of you are the go too couple when people are planning school events
* While they ask him to take pictures of the event to put in the school year book they ask you to be there, so other students can go up to you and ask to be painted
* He’s the person you go to when you want new places to paint since he’s been to a lot of aesthetic places to take pictures
* He likes to challenge you sometimes thinking he can paint better than you can getting a little too cocky, but you shut him up when you end up beating him
* “Pfft, I let you win, although your painting wasn’t too bad”
* If you ever ask to paint him he will have such a massive smirk present on his face
* “Of course, you would want to paint someone as cute as me”
* “But you better not hand it out to other people, they might use it for lewd things”
* While your busy painting pictures he likes to get his camera and start taking pictures of you
* He can’t help it you just look really nice when painting and the lighting in your art studio is really good making for a really good photograph
* When he dies he tells Kou about the paintings you painted of him and asks him to retrieve them, so he can look at them
* Since when he looks at them it captures the memories you two shared together.
Tumblr media
* He’s very supportive of your art
* Very caring as well, any time your working late to finish one of your paintings he brings you a snack
* He doesn’t want you getting malnourished
* If you have no inspiration on what to paint he’s quick to volunteer to be your model
* But he might get a bit impatient sometimes though he’s just really excited because he wants to look at the painting you did of him
* If your inspiration is still blocked he will ask Mitsuba for some nice places he can take you too with lovely scenery’s for you to paint
* Anytime you give him a painting that you made as a present for him he gets a bit flustered because he’s very flattered
* “Y/n, I’m f-flattered” with a slight blush tinting his cheeks, he’s smiling
* When you leave you have Mitsuba teasing him about how lame he looked just then
* Might also ask you for a few lessons on painting if your willing to teach him
* He gets surprisingly quite good at painting too
* But he’s nowhere near your level yet
* He will also give you a few cooking lessons in return
* Since cooking is his speciality.
Tumblr media
* He encourages you a lot
* He’s always giving you loads of compliments when you show him your latest piece
* And every time you start painting he’s cheering you on, hoping you do a good job and get the outcome you want
* You don’t even have to ask this man to model for you, he always knows when you need him
* When he models for you he tries to stand as still as a rock he doesn’t want to mess the painting up for you somehow
* You have to tell him that he doesn’t have to stop blinking
* Always has a list of ideas of what you can paint he even checked them all out for you, so he can tell you the place he recommends the most
* Will try to save up to buy you the most expensive paints and paint brushes
* You reassure him that he doesn’t have to spend loads on you, but he insists:
* “Your amazing y/n and you deserve the best, so you can keep on painting those amazing art pieces of yours
* Will ask Teru to pull some strings, so your art work can be displayed around the school
* But if your uncomfortable with people showing your work he will call it off
* He’s content with just having your work in his room
* Gets private art lessons, so he can surprise you with being able to paint
* He just wants to impress you.
Tumblr media
* He likes watching you paint especially if your painting something to do with space he finds it very therapeutic
* Sometimes he likes to tease you though.
* “That pictures very erotic y/n”
* “Are you hinting at something” he says while giving you a smirk
* Acts all innocent about it if you call him out on it though while putting a finger to his cheek:
* “What me?”
* “I said no such thing”
* If you ask him to model for you he would be flattered
* But he’d rather you paint him a picture of you since he gets lonely while your in class, so he wants a portrait of you to get his mind off the loneliness
* If your losing inspiration at night he will take you up to the roof of the school, so you can look at the night sky
* Since he thinks it will give you inspiration because space is very beautiful and mysterious, which might be what your missing
* Any pictures you paint for him he will make Nene and Kou hang them up for him in his bathroom
* Might steal your paints while your in class out of boredom
* And use them to doodle on Nene’s face in class
* He’s going to get it later.
Tumblr media
* He’s always ready to help you with your painting when he’s not busy with student council duties
* If you ask him to be a model he will gladly do it
* But it will be hard to get any painting done since loads of people will be crowding around to watch him model
* And after there will be loads of people begging you and fighting against each other for you to give them the painting you just did of him
* Most of the time Teru likes to just stand there and watch you paint
* Especially after a stressful day since it seems to calm him down
* Will ask you if you’d paint some posters for the student council to hang up around school since they might help bring up the morale of students when there walking to their next lesson
* Will also compliment you on what a good job you did
* He will also try to cook some lunch for you as a thank you, but ends up blowing up the kitchen
* So he just buys you some flowers instead
* If you ask him to paint with you unsurprisingly he is really good at it
* He’s took a few art classes before and remembers a few basic techniques from them
* So he can paint basic pictures and patterns
* But he’s still not a patch on you though
* Might ask you for some lessons, so he can improve.
Tumblr media
* Isn’t aware that you paint he’s to busy looking on his phone
* While your painting he’s just standing unaware of his surroundings looking at his phone
* He probably doesn’t even know he’s in the art room right now
* You ask him what he thinks of your painting
* “It’s great y/n”
* “Wait, you paint” looking up from his phone shocked he actually looks at your painting
* “Woah, this painting is actually pretty cool”
* He then goes back to looking on his phone
* At least he finally knows now at least
* If you ask him to model for you he usually says
* “Yeah, sure” with out even knowing what he’s agreed too
* Until you take and hide his phone and tell him he can’t get it back until you’ve finished painting him
* So he just stands there waiting for you too finish your painting of him
* He looks like he’s about to fall asleep, almost falling over with his eyelids drooping down
* After you finish his painting, he decides to take a look
* Might as well since you’ve took his phone away
* He actually thinks it looks really nice and you did a good job
* When he gets his phone back he takes a picture of your painting and sets it as his phones Lock Screen background
* So now that he knows your good at painting when he’s next to you on his phone in the art room he starts looking up a few times
* Very subtle though just, so he can get a few glances at the new painting your working on
* Because your painting is really cool.
Tumblr media
* Always telling you that your painting’s really good
* Tries to convince Tsukasa to let him hang some of them up in the broadcast room
* Gives you some advice on how to make your paintings even better
* Albeit it’s not always the best advice, but he’s trying his best to help you
* If you need his help with anything he’s there straight away
* Can’t carry your easel
* He’s already took it out of your hands
* Might drop it though from trying to show off how strong he is
* If you need him to model for you he’s there straight away in his signature pose
* You will have to remind him to relax a bit since he’s being to intense
* Just because you asked him to model doesn’t mean he has to stand in a pose that’s really hard to keep your balance in, you don’t want him falling over
* Will ask Sakura for information about the art of painting and different painters
* So he can impress you with his knowledge if you ever talk about it to him
* And it’s a bonus if you praise him on how much knowledge he knows
* Natsuhiko will also practice some painting in secret, so he can impress you with his skills later on
* Will practice all night or however long it takes him to make a painting you will love and give it to you as a present.
Tumblr media
Tsuchigomori Ryūjirou:
* When he has spare time after teaching he comes to check on you in the art room
* And likes to sit and watch you paint
* Other times he’d be reading a book while your painting your latest picture
* It’s also really peaceful and a good place to get away from people that annoy him
* If you ask him to model for you he will say no unless you give him something in return
* Eventually he will tell you that he’s just kidding and was curious to know what you’d do
* Then he will model for you
* He’s actually quite patient and makes little complaints
* Well, to some extent if your taking way too long might ask you to hurry things along a bit
* Since he has other things to do
* Might ask you to paint him some diagrams, so he can use them for his next class
* Since they might make the class more interesting
* If your running out of space to store your art he might let you store them in his boundary depending on the size of them.
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sweet-coconat · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This idea followed me for the last few weeks and I finally found some time to draw it. I really like Hanako and Aoi's interactions, especially when their loved ones are subjects of their conversation.
Do not repost without permission!
instagram: _sweet_coco_nut_
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indigosienna · a month ago
Kidnapper, over the phone: We have your boyfriend.
Aoi: But I don't have a boyfriend.
Akane, voice cracking: You don't?
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feverdancing · a month ago
Tumblr media
Don't worry. Yashiro is not threatening Akane, just whoever she's talking to. Also, she won't actually hurt him.
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