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15, 16, 17? 😁

15: How do you write a really good metaphor?

Metaphors… These are things I never could figure out all through school and even now, I don’t know lol. I think I write them on accident? XD They always confused me, I’m sorry.

16: What is your best piece of advice for writing angst scenes?

Find angsty music to help inspire you. Imagine something that would really make the reader ache emotionally, and could have possibly life changing consequences for the character(s).

I like to go to movie scores for angsty sounding music. Youtube has been reccing me some more (I have found the Epic Music corner of the site and I’m loving it).

17: What is your best piece of advice for writing hurt/comfort scenes?

You can write an incredibly painful scene, just make sure you are able to come back from it. If you go too far, no amount of ‘perfect words’ or anything can bring comfort. If you struggle with the comfort, try rewriting the hurt, make it a little easier on them.

Thank you for the ask!

Author Asks

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What's your favorite actor?

Darlinggggg @akasanata *hugsssssss* well, tht is a very VERY V E R Y difficult question…

I can’t decide just ONE single actor, because, you know, there are many talented and beautiful people that spread possitive energy with us, bt here you have a short list (in no special order)

JAMES MCAVOY - Because he is warm and super talented and hottttttttttttttttttttttttt


MICHAEL FASSBENDER Fassy is just Fassy amazing human being 


SEBASTIAN STAN How you can’t love himmmmmmmm


CHRIS EVANS c’mon he is adorbbbbbbbbbbbb


ROBERT DOWNEY JR he is super cuteeeeeeee and I love him


BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH he is soooo versatil in every character omg


TOM HOLLAND How is not possible to  love this fit puppy


ARMIE HAMMER the responsible of many insomnia nights… lately


TIMOTHEE CHALAMET damn he is so beautiful and talented and dfksldkngsdsldknsdl


OSCAR ISAAC the cuteeeeeeee latin boyyyyyyy




send me “what’s your favorite..” asks 💫

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🎟 🎞 β˜•οΈ πŸ₯ πŸ“† ?

🎟  what are some artists/bands whose music brings back childhood memories for you?

All the Disney songs honestly. And the Land Before Time score. :’) Aqua!

🎞 what movie(s)/TV show(s) do you find comforting to watch?

Ghibli movies, some Disney (especially Atlantis and Treasure Island).

☕️ what’s your favourite hot drink?

Caramel latte.

🥐 what food is your go-to when you want something easy to make/prepare?

Spaghetti with cheese sauce. Or fish sticks and mashed potatoes.

📆 what are you looking forward to in the next year?

Hopefully a job and time to start learning new skills, start some new hobbies…

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R, T, V?

R: Which writers (fanfic or otherwise) do you consider the biggest influence on you and your writing?

I can’t think of any writers that influence me on a conscious level, though I’m always sort of analyzing every story I read anyway and trying to absorb elements that work for me (or don’t) as a reader. I do remember being incredibly moved by fics that Unforgotten had written in second POV (which I’d never really read or experimented with before) and now it’s in a pretty beloved part of my writer’s toolkit!!! 

T: Any fanfic tropes you can’t stand?
Rape = Love does not compute for me, not even as PWP. Not a fan of cat boy/fawn/centaur type fics either. Feminization is not a favorite, though I have read some I’ve enjoyed. Otherwise I’m pretty zen about tropes in general.

V: Are there certain comments you’ve received on your stories that have stuck with you?

Not the exact words but the sentiment - that my writing moved them, and that my fics with love triangles weren’t annoyingly lopsided (which is one of my personal beefs about why most people invested in just their OTP shouldn’t do it lol).

Fanfic Writer Ask Meme

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6, 39, 67, 123?

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

Oh, who the heck even knows. Dark-haired, blue-eyed pretty boys are definitely on the list.


Originally posted by nbiancaandreea

So are strong wild warrior women


Originally posted by drbonesmccoy

And sweet cute girls


Originally posted by thestarwarsdaily

And then on the other hand, I have an ongoing debate with myself about whether I even experience attraction the same way other people seem to. So. You know. Bi-romantic grey ace is my best guess, currently.

39. What are your favorite stores to shop in?

I hate shopping. When you never have enough money for the things you want, sometimes not even the things you need, and your feet start hurting within 30 minutes of coming in the door, shopping is just not fun at all. It’s stressful and painful and anxiety-producing.


Originally posted by the-damfinos

(You corrected the 67 in this ask with 107 so)

107. Have you ever been on a horse?

I have! Like, once. The whole family rented trail horses to go on a mountain trail that they’d probably been on twice that day already, poor things. Mine kept veering off to eat leaves off the bushes and did not care at all that I was kicking him and telling to get back on the path. The guide laughed at me. I still enjoyed it. Even though I was spectacularly bad at it.


Originally posted by hobolunchbox

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B, E, R?

Thank you for the ask, @akasanata !! 😬

B:  What was the first fandom you read fic in?  Which was the first you wrote fic for?

The first fic I read (believe it or not) was in the fassavoy fandom. I moved away from the RPF really quickly though. I wrote my first fic for the cherik fandom! 😬

E: What character do you identify with most?  Is there a certain fic of yours that captures these qualities particularly well?

I identify with several aspects of almost all the characters I write for. But for the most part I identify with Erik. Especially Erik’s anger and his struggle with it (not with his genocidal tendencies, I assure you). I’ve tried to capture that qualities of Erik in Rum and Coke and The Beginnings of Belief (I wouldn’t say well though. He he he)

R: Which writers (fanfic or otherwise) do you consider the biggest influence on you and your writing?

Hmm… I don’t reach books all that much (excluding fanfics) so it’s a tough question to asnwer. I can actually count the number of books I’ve read in my life. If I like a particular aspect of someone’s writing, I try to learn from it and include it mine as well.

>>Fanfic Asks!

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I and Z?

Hello there!

I: How many fandoms have you written in?  Do you have a favorite?

Hmmm, let me think on this one a bit. Fandom wise that’d be… Gundam Wing, Fruits Basket, MCU, now I’m writing X-Men… There was that period I was obsessed with Vocaloid (anyone else remember those? my few writings for that are on deviantART only). So 5? There’s other stuff but no fandom will ever see them.

I’ve realized I tend to obsess over one fandom at a time and right now it’s the X-Men Alternate Timeline movies. Specifically cherik.

Z: Is there a story you’ve written that doesn’t seem to get much love?

Ahh, well I could say my newest one but it’s still young yet so I won’t. I’ll go with one I’ve talked about in the past. It’s started, only a couple chapters, but it’s stony and it has so many subs and 0 comments. So it feels like no one has read it, no one wants to read it until it’s finished, and that makes me less enthusiastic about updating it.

It’s So Beautiful and I was excited in the beginning, but… now I feel like since people aren’t reading it anyway why bother, you know?

Thanks for sending this!

Fanfic Writer Asks

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Nausicaa and the Cat returns?

> Oh! And Studio Ghibli!

Hi dear! Thank you! ^^ I’m including your second ask in this same answer.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: What type of apocalypse do you think you would have the best chance of surviving?

I think I would manage okay if all the electronics stopped working. If the electricity goes as well, I should maybe move somewhere warmer tho.

The Cat Returns: What is the coolest adventure you’ve ever been on? 

Ohh when I went to Chicago with my best friend! 13 years ago. We tagged along with my grandparents visiting their daughter (my aunt). It was fun. We just took the train downtown whenever we wanted and spent the day trying to survive with our English. :’D

Studio Ghibli: Top three Studio Ghibli movies? 

1. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (I KNOW this movie came before Studio Ghibli was founded, fight me)

2. My Neighbor Totoro

3. Princess Mononoke

But I have to say, all Studio Ghibli movies are close to my heart. I watched Totoro as a young child and it left a lasting impression!

>> studio ghibli asks

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Hi! I'm looking for a fic where sub!Tony is forced into submission by a villain with a machine or something like that, except he ends up obeying Bucky instead of the villain

This is request 116 - if you know this fic, please send us an ask!

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15, 16, 24?

15. Rant about a character, movie, or ship!
Everyone loves Azazel and there are many fic versions of Azazel that I also love, but gosh dang, movie-canon Azazel is a really terrible person! He kills people for fun! He’s mean and brutal and scary! I don’t like him!

16. Tell us one of your headcanons!
Here’s one that I don’t think I’ve shared – in the last scene of XMDP, I think Charles picked the hand with the white piece (his preferred color) because he read Erik’s mind to find out which one to pick. That’s (one reason) why they’re both smiling so hard.

24. What were your thoughts on The Last Stand?
I’m not sure I can entirely be fair to it; I haven’t seen it since it was in theaters. But that’s a judgment all on its own, lol. I think it did have good points – there’s High Quality moments we still circulate gifs of! And there were things that became deeply engrained in our understanding of the entire X-Men story even if they weren’t “good” per se – the Mutant Cure, Magneto using Charles to kill all the humans with Cerebro. So there is definitely some value to Last Stand despite all its flaws. (Some of those flaws, since we’re talking about it: complete mishandling of the Dark Phoenix storyline, too many new characters to absorb, too much meaningless action instead of character development.) There’s actually a really good review of it here that I think is very fair.

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@akasanata replied to your post “got smacked from behind at a light lads………………………Vibe…”

How do you get hit by a CAR and be alright? Are you sure you are alright?

dkfs luckily it was car vs. car not car vs. body so i think i’m okay!!

@leepala replied to your post “got smacked from behind at a light lads………………………Vibe…”

did u pass then


@buckybuck replied to your post “got smacked from behind at a light lads………………………Vibe…”

Well, what are the results?? How IS your vibe pan??? ((Also, glad you’re okay!!!!))

clown horn honk followed by gunshot!!!! dkfjd thanks 

@gerec replied to your post “got smacked from behind at a light lads………………………Vibe…”

You’re ok i hope eek!!!

i’m good!! it’s been a trying ass week and this was like a cherry on top lmao

@mitsurugireiji replied to your post “got smacked from behind at a light lads………………………Vibe…”

how’s your neck

we are structurally sound, thank you!

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Tagged by @akasanata thank you very much 💕

Nicknamel'incompétente (from Home Alone)

Real name: Grazia (Grace)

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 1.57 m

What time it is: 22.15

Favorite musician(s):  I don’t know, I like songs, but I can never listen to a whole band album

Favorite sports team:  none

Other blogs: @erikisright @xmenonly  @fassymovies @david8andalien 

Do I get asks: I answer if someone sends me a hug or something, but I don’t know what to say to an anon, I get confused in these things because of my bad English

How many blogs do I follow: 108

Any tumblr crushes: many friends that I love so much, but no crushes

Lucky number: I don’t believe in these things, but I say 8 because of David

What I’m wearing right now: dark blue sweatpants, a gray sweatshirt

Dream vacation: I like many places, which I have seen in photos and fascinated me and others that I would like to visit because you live there: I would like to see St. Petersburg and Croatia, Finland, Bolivia, Canada, the United States … I would like to see the pyramids … I could spend the rest of my life traveling, if I could

Dream car:  as long as it is safe and comfortable, anything is fine. I think I would like a Volkswagen because my father liked it

Favorite food: arancini (stuffed rice balls), homemade pistachio ice cream, chocolate, pizza …. ♾️

Drink of choice: juice from blood oranges, earl grey tea …

Languages: Italian, my native language and a little bit of English

Instruments: I can’t play any musical instrument and this is a great regret for me

Celebrity crushes: Fassy, James and Sebastian Stan 

Random fact: as a young girl I was a prodigy in drawing, now I can’t hold a pencil in my hand

I tag, but fell free to ignore: @l-p-r-o-c-k @sielustaja @chookier @hiddlessi@thefasstasticvoyage @lyricfulloflight @pinkoptics @chris-phd @unearthlydust @jamesy4ever @ittakun @quantum-drinks @insanityisdivine @jackyjango @eserei27 

and all those that for sure I forgot (I’m sorry already) and who wants to play 💕

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A2, B8 and C5? :)

In the beginning… ( Questions A1-A10)

2. How did you find your first fic?

I went looking for more content after I finished Dragon Age 2 because I just loved the game SO MUCH. That was when I discovered that fandom existed (more specifically fanfiction) - through the DA kink meme which is STILL active holy shit the dedication!!!

Best of the best (Questions B1-B10)

8. Is there a show or a book that you gave up on that you went back to later? Why did you come back to it?

It’s actually pretty clear cut for me; if I start something and I don’t finish it, it’s because I didn’t enjoy some aspect of it and I never have the urge to go back and revisit it again. There’s too much content out there to consume as it is…I have a mile long list of ‘must watch/read’ that I haven’t even BEGUN to put a dent in lol. 

Worst of the worst (Questions C1-C10)

5. What character that fandom loves are you just kinda “meh” about? Why?

Which characters are truly loved by this fandom besides Charles and Erik let’s be honest here lol? But okay I would probably say Quicksilver. I don’t have strong feelings either way for Peter Maximoff, and I’m not invested in Dadneto outside of crack so he doesn’t really serve as an interesting character to me to either read or write about. :D

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