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#aki hayakawa

The fact that Aki’s canonically hot is really just living rent-free in my mind, folks.

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Pairing: aki x f!reader

Summary: idk, making love with ur ‘bf’

Tags: soft sweet sex, praise, creampie, kissing :’ )

wc: 572

a/n: In a mood 


Your moans and whimpers were background noise along with the static of the tv. Arms wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him as close as possible to you, hot breath making your skin sweaty, baby hairs sticking to your forehead.

 He knows how dangerous it is to be this attached to you, to love you. But he couldn’t help it, the way your eyes lit up every time he looked in them, melting his cold exterior.  The proof on his body, scars residing from putting his life on the line to save you and the ones he didn’t even call friends.

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Tumblr Shenanigans


⛓️ WORD COUNT: 0.3k

🚬 WARNINGS: none

⛓️ MSG FROM YU: headcanons on 3 idiots with Tumblr accounts

  • Barely goes on the app
  • His 2 followers aren’t Denji and Power, it’s cheezbot and another random spam account
  • Tumblr-deficient. Doesn’t know how to like or reblog
  • Has 0 posts
  • His inbox is always dry too
  • Was part of some group chats, but never contributed to the conversations so he got kicked out of all of them
  • Gets easily triggered by textposts he doesn’t agree with and he’ll pop off until he gets blocked
  • Really only has an account to monitor Denji and Power’s account
  • “This Tumblr may contain sensitive content”
  • Faked his age so he can access hardcore hentai blogs
  • Supports female creators only
  • Reblogs women, nasty mukbang pics, and dogs
  • Aki private messages him to stop clogging his dash with that kinds of stuff, but Denji ignores him and proceeds to reblog 30 more scantly-clad women
  • Goes on a reblog spam and then dips for a week
  • Sends angry messages to Tumblr Staff for banning porn
  • Made a secret sideblog where he writes emotional textposts about Makima
  • Likes Power’s posts because he knows no one else will
  • Queen of clogging your dash and getting canceled
  • Religiously checks trending to instigate discourse/drama
  • Never goes anonymous when sending hate
  • Has gotten the Hayakawa household doxxed once
  • Blocks and unfollows Denji whenever she’s mad at him and then makes 50 textposts slandering him using #fuck denji
  • When she’s not sending hate, she reblogs feline friends and Denji’s food pics
  • Has a lot of scammers up in her private messages
  • Also has whole conversations with herself in the hashtags
  • Always online
  • After a few weeks, Aki just deactivated all of their Tumblrs because there was really no point in them having it

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hayakawa family is just a dog person, a cat person, and a dog person who is actually a cat person

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I love you aki and I miss you so much :(

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【Denji for the FINAL Volume Cover (Volume 11) of Chainsaw Man Part 1 (チェンソーマン).】

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they are so cute, just look at aki using denji’s leg as a pillow

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I love aki, it’s so cute

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everytime aki drinks he passes tf out like,,


go to bed grandpa!!

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Just started reading Chainsaw Man again and all I have to say is THAT BITCH MAKIMA.

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Angel looking bothered and annoyed while denji is almost dying

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