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head sleepy, can’t draw

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techno/kevin is like 300lbs (probably more like 700 or 800 when human/piglin), big Q ain’t gonna be able to carry that even if he stronk u_u

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Jgbeyntkcd I won’t but gotta admit its accurate

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Hay check in anon, I love you but like


Make sure you’re OK too man

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Tumblr only picks up on the first 5 tags for search results, so just put it at the front of all the other tags ya got n it’ll work

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Transfieren al príncipe Felipe a otro hospital para tratar una infección - Más Regiones - Internacional

Transfieren al príncipe Felipe a otro hospital para tratar una infección – Más Regiones – Internacional


has creado tu cuenta en EL TIEMPO. Conoce y personaliza tu perfil.

El correo electrónico de verificación se enviará a
Revisa tu bandeja de entrada y si no, en tu carpeta de correo no deseado.



Queremos que encuentres las noticias que más te interesan
Sigue tus temas favoritos en un lugar exclusivo para ti.

descubre ¨mis noticias¨
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quesadillas al pastor with pineapple salsa and pineapple guacamole

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What PageType should I use when?

What PageType should I use when?

In this video, I explain how and when to use the different page types, and explain the difference between them.
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a late birthday gift for my dear friend al @madejsbian

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hhhhhhhh baby

i feel like it would turn into a zombie though kcrgjq;

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can i just–

techno: -about to bow a gahst-

quackity: -gets it before him in one shot-

techno: aaaayyyyy, look at you bein good at video games :D -holds hand up for a high five-

quackity: -pan panic-

techno: … -clears his throat and pats q’s back- lets keep movin.

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