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Aph Alabama 🇺🇲🇹🇫🪕🍯👢🐎


Name: Ava Harper Jones Age: 14 years old. Personality: Sweet, judgemental, chaotic, energetic and friendly. This young lady is the embodiment of southern hospitality and kindness, though don’t be surprised to find a gun or knife to your face if you show up unannounced to her house and in the middle of a football game no less. She loves her family dearly especially her southern siblings Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Mississippi are her favorite to hang out with. She loves her some good old BBQ with sweet tea and a song written by her siblings. Never mention anything regarding civil rights or the old separation laws of the south she’s still sensitive about those things so she’ll breakdown crying and apologizing until Alfred cuddles her and whisper her state song to her til she falls asleep and finally claims down.

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'We deserve more': an Amazon warehouse’s high-stakes union drive
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And I can’t get to sleep at night

The parking lot is so loud and bright

The AC hasn’t worked in twenty years

Probably never made a single person cold

But I can’t say the same for me, I’ve done it many times

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‘Bama Boy turned City Boy Keyz Vango Shares New Music Video For Single, 'Choosy’

Official music video for Keyz Vango latest single 'Choosy,’ arrives!

“You have to be able to accept yourself, even if you don’t know who you are” says R&B/Alternative Hip-Hop artist and producer Keyz Vango. It’s a truth he’s leaned on through a whirlwind couple of years of exploration and self-discovery. The southern born ‘Bama Boy turned City Boy grew up in a Christian household where secular sound waves were off limits, nevertheless the itch for making music…


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J.I.D Pens “Skegee” — Homage to Tuskegee Experiments in Alabama

J.I.D Pens “Skegee” — Homage to Tuskegee Experiments in Alabama

Atlanta rapper J.I.D has dropped a new song and video called “Skegee” earlier today. Set in, and inspired by Tuskegee, Alabama, the song touches on the atrocious Syphilis Experiments that took place in the Southern city in the 1930s. Moved to pen the song amidst the current healthcare inequities that face Black communities, J.I.D masterfully weaves his words against a beat produced by longtime…

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Amazon Workers’ Fight To Unionize Draws Help From Around The World

Amazon Workers’ Fight To Unionize Draws Help From Around The World

Amazon Workers’ Fight To Unionize Draws Help From Around The World

Roughly a hundred organizers are calling the workers AdventuressBessemer, Alabama, is making the case in recent weeks for the warehouse, why they should form a union. The robust phone-banking operation reflects a high stakes for organized labor, as workers at the facility consider forming the first Amazon union in the US



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Inv. Ryan D. Fortini, New York State Police (EOW 1/1/20)

Ofc. Michael L. Henry, Derry Township PD (EOW ½/20)

Ofc. Jackson R. Winkeler, Florence Regional Airport DPS (EOW 1/5/20)

Ofc. Paul Dunn, Lakeland PD (EOW 1/9/20)

K9 Thorr, Henry County PD (EOW 1/9/20)

Ofc. Nicholas L. Reyna, Lubbock PD (EOW 1/11/20)

Dep. Jarid Taylor, Bryan County SO (EOW 1/14/20)

Ofc. Kaulike Kalama, Honolulu PD (EOW 1/19/20)

Ofc. Tiffany-Victoria B. Enriquez, Honolulu PD (EOW 1/19/20)

Maj. Angelanette Moore, Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail Corrections (EOW 1/23/20)

Ofc. Katherine M. Thyne, Newport News PD (EOW 1/23/20)

Dep. Sheldon G. Whiteman, Long County SO (EOW 1/23/20)

Ofc. Matthew S. Von Seydewitz, New York PD (EOW 1/27/20)

Ofc. Alan D. McCollum, Corpus Christi PD (EOW 1/31/20)

Dep. Richard E. Whitten, Liberty County SO (EOW 2/3/20)

Tpr. Joseph J. Bullock, Florida Highway Patrol (EOW 2/5/20)

Ofc. Nick O’Rear, Kimberley PD (EOW 2/5/20)

Ofc. Kenneth R. Lester, Richmond PD (EOW 2/10/20)

Det. James T. Kirk, Stanton PD (EOW 2/11/20)

Dep. Donna Richardson-Below, DeSoto Parish SD (EOW 2/12/20)

K9 Hondo, Herriman City PD (EOW 2/13/20)

Lt. Shirley Lanning, Canadian County SO (EOW 2/14/20)

Ofc. David Kellywood, White Mountain Apache Tribal PD (EOW 2/1720)

Cpl. Andrew J. Gillette, Sumter County SO (EOW 2/25/20)

Cpl. Brent W. P. Scrimshire, Hot Springs PD (EOW 3/10/20)

Sgt. James R. O’Connor IV, Philadelphia PD (EOW 3/13/20)

Ofc. Christopher R. Walsh, Springfield PD (EOW 3/16/20)

Senior Dep. Christopher S. Korzilius, Travis County SO (EOW 3/18/20)

Dep. Kenterrous Taylor, Bibb County SO (EOW 3/18/20)

Corrections Ofc. Amanda L. De Leon, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice (EOW 3/20/20)

Ofc. Kaia L. Grant, Springdale PD (EOW 3/21/20)

Tpr. Justin R. Schaffer, Washington State Patrol (EOW 3/24/20)

Cpt. Jonathan Parnell, Detroit PD (EOW 3/24/20)

Cdr. Donafay Collins, Wayne County SO (EOW 3/25/20)

Sgt. Ben Jenkins, Nevada Highway Patrol (EOW 3/27/20)

Tpr. Nolan J. Sanders, North Carolina Highway Patrol (EOW 3/27/20)

Det. Cedric G. Dixon, New York PD (EOW 3/28/20)

Sheriff Kirk A. Coker, Hutchinson County SO (EOW 3/29/20)

Res. Cpt. Raymond A. Boseman, New Orleans PD (EOW 3/29/20)

Cdr. Greg Carnicle, Phoenix PD (EOW 3/29/20)

Dep. Cst. Levi K. Arnold, 1st City Court Of New Orleans CO (EOW 3/30/20)

Dep. Sypraseuth Phouangphranchanh, Montgomery County SO (EOW 3/31/20)

Det. Marylou Armer, Santa Rosa PD (EOW 3/31/20)

Ofc. Kejuane A. Bates, Vidalia PD (EOW 4/1/20)

Corrections Ofc. Kenneth J. Moore, D.C. Dpt. Of Youth Rehabilitation Services (EOW 4/1/20)

Dep. Jeff Hopkins, El Paso County SO (EOW 4/1/20)

Ofc. Marco DiFranco, Chicago PD (EOW 4/2/20)

Dep. Terrell Young, Riverside County SD (EOW 4/2/20)

Cpl. Dean Savard, Wayne County SO (EOW 4/3/20)

Dep. Shannon Bennett, Broward County SO (EOW 4/3/20)

Sgt. Jose Diaz-Ayala, Palm Beach County SO (4/4/20)

Cpt. James Walker, Philadelphia PD (EOW 4/5/20)

Special Dep. Mar. Brian L. Magee, U.S. D.O.J. (EOW 4/6/20)

Corrections Ofc. Kelvin D. Wilcher, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice (EOW 4/6/20)

Ofc. Eric K. Murray, New York PD (EOW 4/9/20)

Ofc. Breann Leath, Indianapolis Metropolitan PD (EOW 4/9/20)

Ofc. Kurt J. Enget, Bainbridge Island PD (EOW 4/10/20)

Det. Jack V. Polimeni, New York PD (EOW 4/10/20)

Sgt. Clifford W. Martin, Chicago PD (EOW 4/10/20)

Chief Robert W. Sealock, Aliquippa City PD (EOW 4/11/20)

Chief Terry Engle, Hampton PD (EOW 4/11/20)

Interim Chief Mark J. Romutis, Ambridge Borough PD (EOW 4/12/20)

Det. Thomas M. Inman, Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey PD (EOW 4/12/20)

Ofc. Francesco S. Scorpo, Paterson PD (EOW 4/12/20)

Sgt. Al Tarek S. Patterson, Bedminster Township PD (EOW 4/12/20)

Dep. Jeremy Ladue, Charleston County SO (EOW 4/13/20)

Det. Raymond C. Abear, New York PD (EOW 4/13/20)

Det. Jeffrey A. Scalf, New York PD (EOW 4/13/20)

Ofc. Jose Fontanez, Boston PD (EOW 4/14/20)

Det. Robert A. Cardona, New York PD (EOW 4/15/20)

Sgt. Joseph Spinosa, Sands Point PD (EOW 4/15/20)

Det. Alex Ruperto, Union City PD (EOW 4/16/20)

Ofc. Ronald Newman, Chicago PD (EOW 4/17/20)

Ofc. Justin Putnam, San Marcos PD (EOW 4/18/20)

Corrections Ofc. Sheila Rivera, Cook County Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 4/19/20)

Parole Agent Kaitlin M. Cowley, Louisiana Dpt. Of Public Safety & Corrections-Parole & Probation (EOW 4/20/20)

Warden Wilmot S. McCain, Louisiana Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 4/20/20)

Cpl. Lawrence Onley, Naval District Washington PD (EOW 4/21/20)

Ofc. Christopher E. Ewing, Smyrna PD (EOW 4/21/20)

Corrections Dep. Jeremy Smith, Shelby County SO (EOW 4/21/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jonathan K. Goodman, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 4/21/20)

Ofc. Dan Walters, San Diego PD (EOW 4/23/20)

Ofc. Joseph Cappello, Melrose Park PD (EOW 4/24/20)

Snr. Det. Ofc. Alexander R. Pettiway, Durham County SO (EOW 4/24/20)

Ofc. Gary Walker, Bloomingdale PD (EOW 4/24/20)

Agent Miguel Martínez-Ortiz, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 4/24/20)

Lt. Glenn D. Hutto; Jr., Baton Rouge PD (EOW 4/26/20)

Dep. John A. Rhoden, Bell County SO (EOW 4/26/20)

Corrections Ofc. Coy D. Coffman; Jr., Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 4/26/20)

Corrections Ofc. James D. Coleman, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 4/28/20)

Snr. Ofc. Mark Hall, New Orleans PD (EOW 4/30/20)

Ofc. Michael A. Conners, Newark PD (EOW 4/30/20)

Det. Sgt. Randall C. French, Troy PD (EOW 4/30/20)

Det. Dep. Timothy De La Fuente, Bexar County SO (EOW 4/30/20)

Ofc. Richard G. McCoy, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 5/2/20)

Ofc. Jason Knox, Houston PD (EOW 5/2/20)

Dep. Richard O’Brien; Jr., Cook County SO-Dpt. Of Court Services (EOW 5/3/20)

Ofc. Michael S. Mosher, Overland Park PD (EOW 5/3/20)

Ofc. Omar E. Palmer, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 5/4/20)

Sgt. Lionel Q. Martinez, Alamo Colleges PD (EOW 5/5/20)

Det. Christopher B. McDonnell, New York PD (EOW 5/6/20)

Sgt. Raymond J. Scholwinski, Harris County SO (EOW 5/6/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jesse W. Bolton, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 5/8/20)

Corrections Ofc. Maria Mendez, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 5/9/20)

Corrections Ofc. Antoine J. Jones, Cook County SO-Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 5/10/20)

Sgt. Michael W. Clegg, Newark PD (EOW 5/10/20)

Chief Marvin W. Trejo, Dumas PD (EOW 5/10/20)

Corrections Supv. George Robare, Kansas Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 5/11/20)

Sgt. Charles Roberts III, Glen Ridge PD (EOW 5/11/20)

Corrections Supv. Fella A. Adebiya, Kansas Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 5/12/20)

Sgt. José García-Vázquez, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 5/15/20)

Ofc. C. K. Yan, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 5/16/20)

Corrections Ofc. Berisford A. Morse, Washington State Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 5/17/20)

Dep. Wyatt C. Maser, Bonneville County SO (EOW 5/18/20)

Corrections Ofc. Marshall L. London; Jr., Lincoln County SO (EOW 5/18/20)

Tpr. George Baker, Louisiana State Police (EOW 5/24/20)

Tpr. 1st Class Eugene K. Baron; Jr., Connecticut State Police (EOW 5/25/20)

K9 Blue, South Carolina DNR (EOW 5/26/20)

Ofc. Cody N. Holte, Grand Forks PD (EOW 5/27/20)

Ofc. Nathan J. Lyday, Ogden PD (EOW 5/28/20)

Det. John D. Songy, Rutland PD (EOW 5/29/20)

Dep. Cst. Caleb D. Rule, Ft. Bend County CO (EOW 5/29/20)

Corrections Ofc. Daniel Lopez Mendoza III, California Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 5/30/20)

Dep. Kietrell Pitts, Tangipahoa Parish SO (EOW 5/31/20)

Ofc. Waldis Johnson, Detroit PD (EOW 5/31/20)

Inv. James Cornacchia, Georgia Institute Of Technology PD (EOW 6/1/20)

K9 Django, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 6/1/20)

Lt. Stephen P. Williams, Moody PD (EOW 6/2/20)

Ofc. Scott Hutton, Alexander PD (EOW 6/3/20)

Ofc. Efren Coronel, El Centro PD (EOW 6/3/20)

Sheriff Andy D. Clark, DeKalb County SO (EOW 6/3/20)

Sgt. Jose M. Novoa, Philadelphia PD (EOW 6/3/20)

K9 Chance, Homestead PD (EOW 6/5/20)

Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, Santa Cruz County SO (EOW 6/6/20)

ACO Darrian M. Young, Monroe County SO (EOW 6/6/20)

Transportation Chief William T. Morris, New York PD (EOW 6/6/20)

Rng. Thomas E. Booz, Bucks County Dpt. Of Parks & Recreation (EOW 6/6/20)

Sgt. Mikkos L. Newman, Lee County SO (EOW 6/8/20)

K9 Rao, South Carolina Highway Patrol (EOW 6/10/20)

Agent Johan Mordan, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 6/11/20)

Corrections Ofc. Thomas A. Ogungbire, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div (EOW 6/11/20)

Dep. James H. Blair, Simpson County SO (EOW 6/12/20)

Ofc. Dale T. Provins; Jr., Jefferson Hills Borough PD (EOW 6/13/20)

Dep. Juan Menchaca, Harris County SO (EOW 6/13/20)

Wildlife Ofc. Julian Keen; Jr., Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (EOW 6/14/20)

Ofc. Destin Legieza, Brentwood PD (EOW 6/18/20)

Ofc. Michael Lee, Navajo Division Of Public Safety (EOW 6/19/20)

Asst. Chief Gail Green-Gilliam, Phenix City PD (EOW 6/24/20)

Master Det. Dep. Lynn Jones, Lake County SO (EOW 6/24/20)

Dep. Steven A. Minor, Rockdale County SO (EOW 6/24/20)

Corrections Ofc. Richard Bianchi, California Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 6/25/20)

Sgt. Dale Multer, Travis County CO (EOW 6/27/20)

K9 Ike, Maricopa PD (EOW 6/27/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jose Marquez, Cook County SO-Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 6/28/20)

Juvenile Corrections Ofc. Sean R. Wilson, Texas Juvenile Justice Dpt. (EOW 6/28/20)

Sgt. Craig V. Johnson, Tulsa PD (EOW 6/30/20)

Ofc. Jason Judd, Peoria PD (EOW 7/1/20)

Parole Ofc. Joseph W. Lange, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Parole Div (EOW 7/1/20)

K9 Leo, Wake Forest PD (EOW 7/1/20)

Sgt. Kelvin D. Mixon, Edwards PD (EOW 7/2/20)

Chief Dep. Lee R. Weber, Hughes County SO (EOW 7/3/20)

Ofc. Anthony Dia, Toledo PD (EOW 7/4/20)

Corrections Ofc. Kenneth Harbin, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 7/4/20)

Capt. Glenn A. Green, Pike County SO (EOW 7/6/20)

Ofc. Alfonso H. Murrieta, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 7/9/20)

Lt. Bobby Almager, Corpus Christi International Airport Dpt. Of Public Safety (EOW 7/10/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jose A. D. Kates, California Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 7/11/20)

Ofc. Edelmiro Garza; Jr., McAllen PD (EOW 7/11/20)

Ofc. Ismael Chavez, McAllen PD (EOW 7/11/20)

Agent Enrique J. Rositas; Jr., U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 7/11/20)

Dep. Cornelius Anderson, Harris County SO (EOW 7/12/20)

K9 King, Calcasieu Parish SO (EOW 7/12/20)

Ofc. Roel De La Fuente, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 7/13/20)

Ofc. Jonathan P. Shoop, Bothell PD (EOW 7/13/20)

Inv. Donald K. Sumner, Patton State Hospital PD (EOW 7/14/20)

Master Ofc. Robert J. Hall, Columbia PD (EOW 7/14/20)

Dir. N. Kyle Coleman, Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office (EOW 7/14/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jerry Esparza, Texas Department Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div (EOW 7/15/20)

Snr. Ofc. Charlie Williams, Corpus Christi PD (EOW 7/15/20)

Master Det. Dep. Richard Barry, Lake County SO (EOW 7/16/20)

Capt. Steven M. Gaudet; Jr., Pearl River PD (EOW 7/16/20)

K9 Bonnie, University Of Nevada, Reno PD (EOW 7/16/20)

Master Sgt. Henry Turner, Louisiana Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 7/18/20)

Dep. William Garner, Franklin County SO (EOW 7/19/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jackson Pongay, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 7/19/20)

Lt. Brian McNair, Hall County SO (EOW 7/20/20)

Dep. William K. Nichols, DeSoto County SO (EOW 7/22/20)

Dep. Oscar W. Rocha, Alameda County SO (EOW 7/23/20)

Insp. Lowery Ware, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Federal Protective Services (EOW 7/23/20)

Agent Agustin Aguilar; Jr., U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 7/25/20)

Inv. Mark Brown, Harris County CO (EOW 7/25/20)

Sgt. Corey Pendergrass, Lauderhill PD (EOW 7/26/20)

Snr. Ofc. Sharon Williams, New Orleans PD (EOW 7/26/20)

Dep. Dylan Pickle, Monroe County SO (EOW 7/26/20)

Corrections Ofc. Ruben Martinez, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 7/26/20)

Corrections Ofc. Eric Johnson, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 7/27/20)

Special Agent John Bost III, ATF (EOW 7/28/20)

Lt. Erik L. Lloyd, Las Vegas Metropolitan PD (EOW 7/29/20)

Corrections Ofc. Jairo A. Bravo, Miami-Dade County Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 7/30/20)

Sgt. Parnell Guyton, University Of Alabama, Birmingham PD (EOW 7/31/20)

Capt. Kevin Trahan, Church Point PD (EOW 7/31/20)

Tpr. Caleb Starr, Michigan State Police (EOW 7/31/20)

Dep. Michael Stevens, Galveston County SO (EOW 7/31/20)

Corrections Ofc. Daniel G. Oaks, Yakima County Department Of Corrections (EOW 8/1/20)

Sgt. Steven Splan, Bloomfield Hills DPS (EOW 8/2/20)

Chief Probation Ofc. Leslie D. Allen, Athens-Clarke County Probation Services (EOW 8/4/20)

Dep. Claude W. Guillory, Jefferson Davis Parish SO (EOW 8/4/20)

K9 Bloo, DeKalb County SO (EOW 8/4/20)

Lt. Christopher Cunningham, Jacksonville SO (EOW 8/5/20)

Agent Marco A. Gonzales, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 8/5/20)

Dep. Philip Kraverotis, Effingham County SO (EOW 8/6/20)

Sgt. Gilbert Polanco, California Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 8/9/20)

Ofc. Sheena D. Yarbrough-Powell, Beaumont PD (EOW 8/9/20)

Corrections Ofc. Dudley J. Champ, Jefferson County SO (EOW 8/10/20)

Corrections Ofc. Lebouath Boua, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 8/12/20)

K9 Roscoe, Anderson County SO (EOW 8/12/20)

K9 Ronja, Tacoma PD (EOW 8/13/20)

Dep. Stephen B. C. Dutton, Harris County SO (EOW 8/14/20)

Special Dep. Mar. Anthony C. McGrew, U.S. Dpt. Of Justice-U.S. Marshals (EOW 8/15/20)

Corrections Ofc. Elizabeth Jones, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 8/15/20)

Lt. Aldemar Rengifo, Broward County SO (EOW 8/16/20)

Ofc. Bobby R. Montgomery, Memphis PD (EOW 8/16/20)

Lt. Maybelle W. Hendricks, Ridgeville PD (EOW 8/17/20)

Corrections Ofc. Herbert J. Garcia, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 8/17/20)

Det. Dep. Charles Pugh II, Santa Rosa County SO (EOW 8/18/20)

Cpl. Michael Ambrosino, Horry County PD (EOW 8/19/20)

Sgt. Virgil Thomas, Richmond PD (EOW 8/20/20)

Rng. Brendan Unitt, Larimer County DNR (EOW 8/20/20)

Ofc. Lucas Saucedo, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 8/21/20)

K9 Atlas, Scotts Valley PD (EOW 8/21/20)

Det. Irving G. Callender III, Newark PD (EOW 8/22/20)

Dep. Richard Treadwell, Dane County SO (EOW 8/22/20)

Sgt. Raul Salazar; Jr., Nueces County SO (EOW 8/23/20)

Sgt. Ricardo Perez-Ortiz, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 8/24/20)

Ofc. Jorge Cabrera, Mission PD (EOW 8/24/20)

Corrections Ofc. James Weston; Jr., Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 8/26/20)

Ofc. Bryan Brown, Tohono O’odham Nation PD (EOW 8/27/20)

Dep. Maurice Ford, Palm Beach County SO (EOW 8/27/20)

Ofc. Tamarris L. Bohannon, St. Louis Metropolitan PD (EOW 8/30/20)

Sgt. Mayra Rodríguez-Burgado, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 8/31/20)

Cpl. Charles E. Holt, Tarrant County SO (EOW 9/1/20)

Cpl. Bryant Searcy, Wayne County SO (EOW 9/2/20)

Det. Peter Gianfrancesco, New York PD (EOW 9/2/20)

Capt. Stanley C. Elrod, Georgia DNR (EOW 9/3/20)

Tpr. Thomas W. Devlin, Massachusetts State Police (EOW 9/3/20)

Det. James M. Skernivitz, Cleveland DP (EOW 9/3/20)

Ofc. Sean C. Peek, Bridgeton PD (EOW 9/6/20)

Det. Jose Mora, Fresno County SO (EOW 9/7/20)

Inv. Luis Herrera, Lincoln PD (EOW 9/7/20)

Dep. Ryan P. Hendrix, Henderson County SO (EOW 9/10/20)

K9 Blue, Gwinnett County PD (EOW 9/10/20)

Dep. Angela Chavers, Palm Beach County SO (EOW 9/12/20)

Corrections Ofc. Susan A. Roberts, Williamson County SO (EOW 9/12/20)

SrA. Jason K. Phan, U.S. Air Force Security Forces (EOW 9/12/20)

Ofc. Carlo J. Cayabyab, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 9/16/20)

Sgt. Eric J. Twisdale, Clay County SO (EOW 9/16/20)

Sgt. Alvin R. Sugrañes-Lebrón, Puerto Rico Dpt. Of Corrections & Rehabilitation (EOW 9/16/20)

Sgt. Charles E. Norton, Richmond County SO (EOW 9/20/20)

Dep. Christopher Smith, McLennan County SO (EOW 9/21/20)

Capt. Randy M. Vallot, Richland Parish SO (EOW 9/23/20)

Snr. Fed. Air Mar. Kenneth R. Meisel, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Federal Air Marshal Service (EOW 9/24/20)

Master Jail Ofc. Robert C. Sunukjian, Hampton Roads Regional Jail (EOW 9/24/20)

Customs Ofc. Renie Tumanda, Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency (EOW 9/25/20)

Sgt. Ethan Kaskin, Anderson PD (EOW 9/25/20)

Ofc. Jose A. Buso, Alamo Colleges PD (EOW 9/25/20)

Capt. Jeff Sewell, Oklahoma Highway Patrol (EOW 9/26/20)

Det. Marcus Thomas, Newark PD (EOW 9/28/20)

Dep. Kenny B. Ingram, Fulton County SO (EOW 9/29/20)

Dep. Anthony L. White, Fulton County SO (EOW 9/29/20)

Ofc. Aubrey T. Johnson; Jr., Miami PD (EOW 10/1/20)

Corrections Ofc. Donald E. Parker, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 10/1/20)

Sgt. Dennis R. Oliver; Jr., Highland Village PD (EOW 10/2/20)

Ofc. Jacob W. Hancher, Myrtle Beach PD (EOW 10/3/20)

Det. Kevin D. Collins, Pine Bluff PD (EOW 10/5/20)

Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County SO (EOW 10/14/20)

Det. Curt Holland, Commerce City PD (EOW 10/16/20)

Maj. Rickie A. Groves, Kennett PD (EOW 10/16/20)

Inv. Lemuel D. Bruce, Houston Fire Marshal’s Office (EOW 10/16/20)

Sgt. Harry Cohen, Riverside County SO (EOW 10/18/20)

Sgt. Conley Jumper, Greenville County SO (EOW 10/20/20)

Sgt. Harold L. Preston, Houston PD (EOW 10/20/20)

Dep. LaKiya L. Rouse, Guilford County SO (EOW 10/21/20)

Ofc. Alex Arango, Everman PD (EOW 10/22/20)

Cpl. Adam McMillan, Hamilton County SO (EOW 10/23/20)

Dep. Raul Gomez, Wharton County SO (EOW 10/26/20)

Ofc. Jerad Lindsey, Tulsa PD (EOW 10/28/20)

Cpl. Daniel R. Abramovitz, Leavenworth County SO (EOW 10/30/20)

Cpl. Avery Hillman, Crisp County SO (EOW 10/31/20)

Lt. Loyd R. Hamm, Richland Parish SO (EOW 11/2/20)

Dep. Johnny R. Tunches, Harris County SO (EOW 11/3/20)

Sgt. William Darnell, DeWitt Township PD (EOW 11/4/20)

1st Lt. Roberto Rodríguez-Hernández, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 11/4/20)

Ofc. Marshall Waters; Jr., Mangham PD (EOW 11/5/20)

Det. Anthony J. Lucanto, Paterson PD (EOW 11/5/20)

Ofc. Domingo Jasso III, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 11/5/20)

Sgt. Sean S. Rios, Houston PD (EOW 11/9/20)

Corrections Ofc. Rodrick Rodgers, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 11/11/20)

Ofc. Travis C. Wallace, Helena-West Helena PD (EOW 11/12/20)

Agent Juan R. Ramírez-Padilla, Puerto Rico PD (EOW 11/13/20)

Lt. Terry Sampson, Durham County SO (EOW 11/14/20)

K9 Diesel, Bartholomew County SO (EOW 11/14/20)

Lt. Marzell J. Brooks, Brookhaven PD (EOW 11/15/20)

Dep. Brad A. Briscoe, Brazoria County CO (EOW 11/15/20)

Air Interdiction Agent Christopher D. Carney, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 11/16/20)

Sgt. Bronc J. McCoy, Dallas PD (EOW 11/16/20)

Ofc. Charlie Cortez, Tulalip Tribal PD (EOW 11/17/20)

K9 Sjaak, La Vergne PD (EOW 11/18/20)

Ofc. Tez Hughes, Louisville Metro PD (EOW 11/19/20)

Corrections Ofc. Richard A. Wright, Missouri Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 11/19/20)

Master Sgt. Ronald L. Owen, Oneida Indian Nation PD (EOW 11/19/20)

Sgt. James S. LaRue, Seminole County SO (EOW 11/21/20)

Det. Ofc. Dwight Willis, Greene County SO (EOW 11/22/20)

K9 Titan, Johnstown PD (EOW 11/22/20)

Lt. William E. Doubraski, Pt. Authority Of New York & New Jersey PD (EOW 11/23/20)

Ofc. Tab Ali, Philadelphia PD (EOW 11/23/20)

Corrections Ofc. Glenn F. Martinez, Guam Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 11/24/20)

Ofc. Titus T. Moore, Chicago PD (EOW 11/24/20)

Capt. Philip E. Street, Walker County SO (EOW 11/27/20)

Snr. Ofc. Ernest Leal; Jr., Houston PD (EOW 11/27/20)

Dep. John J. Kuhar; Jr., Cambria County SO (EOW 11/28/20)

Dep. Jared M. Allison, Nash County SO (EOW 12/1/20)

Chief Dep. M. Wayne Rhodes, Denton County CO (EOW 12/1/20)

Sgt. J. L. Dancy, North Little Rock PD (EOW 12/2/20)

Ofc. Andy Ornelas, California Highway Patrol (EOW 12/2/20)

Det. Sgt. Te’Juan F. Johnson, Charlestown PD (EOW 12/2/20)

Ofc. Jose A. Santana, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 12/2/20)

Ofc. Richard Rios, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 12/2/20)

Capt. Frank R. Milillo, Philadelphia PD (EOW 12/3/20)

Ofc. Leslie L. Graves II, Perryton PD (EOW 12/3/20)

Ptlm. Cassie M. Johnson, Charleston PD (EOW 12/3/20)

Sgt. Herschel Turner, Moline Acres PD (EOW 12/5/20)

Tpr. Jennifer M. Czarnecki, New York State Police (EOW 12/5/20)

Capt. Billy D. Allen, U.S. Dpt. Of Defense-Ft. Sill PD (EOW 12/6/20)

Sgt. Lyle G. Denny, Panhandle PD (EOW 12/7/20)

Corrections Ofc.Timothy Beggs, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 12/9/20)

Ofc. Tyler A. Herndon, Mt. Holly PD (EOW 12/11/20)

Dep. Jon M. Melvin, Grant County SO (EOW 12/11/20)

Master Cpl. Norman Daye; Jr., Guilford County SO (EOW 12/12/20)

Lt. Russell Freeman, Rhode Island Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 12/14/20)

Corrections Ofc. Harold P. Smith, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 12/15/20)

Dep. Jailer Jane A. Ash Effingham County SO (EOW 12/16/20)

Ofc. Jason N. Shuping, Concord PD (EOW 12/16/20)

Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon, Wayne County SO (EOW 12/17/20)

Corrections Inv. Sgt. Keith Allison, Suffolk County SO (EOW 12/17/20)

Sheriff Allan J. Weber, Gove County SO (EOW 12/18/20)

Ofc. Andrew R. Bouchard, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 12/19/20)

Lt. Craig L. King, Tarrant County SO (EOW 12/19/20)

Ofc. Christopher L. Elder, Milford PD (EOW 12/20/20)

K9 Cara, Staunton SO (EOW 12/21/20)

Unit Team Supv. Gabe Morales, Kansas Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 12/22/20)

Sgt. Joseph M. Youse, Philadelphia PD (EOW 12/23/20)

Sgt. David L. Schmidt, Seagoville PD (EOW 12/23/20)

SCS Jerry W. Jones, Tarrant County SO (EOW 12/23/20)

Capt. Anthony Jackson, Shelby County SO (EOW 12/25/20)

Special Dep. Lee D. Manns, Breathitt County SO (EOW 12/26/20)

Sgt. Patrick D. Snook, Henry County PD (EOW 12/27/20)

Corrections Ofc. Phillip Holbert, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 12/27/20)

K9 Loki, Boone County SO (EOW 12/27/20)

Ofc. Randall V. Smith, Birmingham PD (EOW 12/28/20)

Ofc. Angel De La Fuente, Fresno PD (EOW 12/28/20)

Ofc. Kendle G. Blackburn, Lebanon PD (EOW 12/28/20)

K9 Lyka Lukas, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Federal Protective Service (EOW 12/28/20)

Corrections Ofc. Joe Landin, Texas Dpt. Of Criminal Justice-Corrections Div. (EOW 12/29/20)

Corrections Ofc. David A. Christensen, Washington State Dpt. Of Corrections (EOW 12/29/20)

Ofc. Troy A. Adkins, U.S. Dpt. Of Homeland Security-Border Patrol (EOW 12/31/20)

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Do you kinda feel like the lake is speaking to you today too, mirroring your emotions back to you? Yep, us too. #springfever
“🍩 How Sweet It Is 🍩

We actually had a sign like this at our wedding 💒It was fun to reminisce while recreating this sign for a sweet bride to be 👰🏻” - @holderstrokes <~~~check out this page for custom signs!!!
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Check out the page for @johnwjill - they make so many items perfect for the lake, like bed swings, outdoor furniture, barn quilts, pillows and more l, or order items custom - all to benefit a very worthy cause in memory of their son, the John Connor Strickland Memorial Scholarship Fund at Wallace State. Check out our article on them in the 2018 Winter issue in digital on our website.
“Smith Lake #barnquilt with 100% of proceeds going to the John Connor Strickland memorial scholarship at Wallace State.

I love the colors, makes me think of cotton candy skies against the blue lake water. Sealed for interior or exterior use.

Size is 12 in. × 12 in. Swipe to see how cute it looks in a kitchen and swipe again for a close up of the #smithlake decal.

Cost is $50 with 100% going to our son’s scholarship to support a deserving student. DM if you are interested!” - 📷 @johnwjill

@lewissmithlakeartisans #lewissmithlakeartisans #cullmanalabama #shopsmithlake #smithlakebiz #smithlakebusiness #smithlakecoolpeople #alabama #alabamalakes #alabamalife #smithlakecommunity #smithlakesocial #lakeliving #lakeside #lewissmithlake #lifeonthelake #lifeonsmithlake #livelovelake #livinglakelife #livelifelakeside #visitsmithlake #smithlake #smithlakeal #smithlakealabama #smithlakepix #smithlakelife #smithlakemagazine #thelakesidelifemagazine #thelakesidelife (at Smith Lake, Cullman al)

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AAA reports Icy Winter Temperatures causes Gas Price rise at the Pump

AAA reports Icy Winter Temperatures causes Gas Price rise at the Pump #clarksville #clarksvilletn #montgomerycounty #gasprices #oilprices #crudeoil #winterweather #nashville #tennessee #news

Washington, D.C. – AAA says motorists are filling-up to some of the most expensive gas prices seen in over a year.
With the forced shutdown of Gulf Coast and some Mid-West refineries due to last week’s winter weather, gasoline stocks have tightened and gas prices have skyrocketed.
On the week, 66% of state averages spiked by double digits (10–22 cents), driving the national average up by 13 cents…


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i am once again thinking about the Alabama White Thang

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