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vwoopsiedaisie · 2 days ago
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SHHHHH!!!!! They’re about to go to sleep
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starrmaiden · 2 days ago
toh s3 but all the adults defeat the collector (+ co?) through the ancient art of a dance battle. like raine casts a spell & footloose starts playing from seemingly nowhere and they along with eda, lilith, darius, eberwolf and alador break out into this weirdly well practiced choreography. as the song goes on they have increasingly stranger moves, lilith does the crab hands :)
also the kids and everyone else is just, watching this go down and very confused. the c.a.t.t.s are winning tho so it's all good
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catsanddiscoballs · a day ago
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doodle-nerd · 2 days ago
This. Just this
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Fast doodle of these idiots I love them
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the-enchanted-archivist · 2 days ago
Okay, you know what? We're going to get a bit self-indulgent here cuz this would be fucking hilarious. CUZ I'M FEELING PRETTY FUCKING TERRIBLE 8D
In the Switched AU, imagine you get sick. Now you've got a house full of men who don't know what the hell they're doing. Not even Philip knows since he's been gone too long. You chalked him not dying or getting sick from diseases he wasn't vaccinated from on the idea that he's barely even human anymore.
You, however, aren't that lucky.
Cue each guy trying to do various things to help you "feel better". Adrain's trying and failing to cook, Bump is looking through ancient books to find a 'cure', and the rest are trying to figure out what else is needed to help you. NONE of them are dedicated healers or potion makers.
You wake up with all of them asleep on the bed at one point.
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sound-under-the-sea · 2 days ago
When Darius was appointed Head of the Abomination Coven.
“Not bad for a nobody, eh, hack?” He said, shaking Alador’s hand.
“You were always talented, Darius.” Alador replied, smiling.
“I’m glad you think so.” He said, smiling.
All the while Darius is glaring at Odalia, who just stands there, smiling stiffly. If she tried congratulating him, he wouldn’t bother as she already ruined their friendship.
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malhare · 16 hours ago
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Alador Blight stimboard
💜💜💜 -- 💜💜💜 -- 💜💜💜
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Can't believe I forgot to post this here
The Raine/Eberwolf blob was just a idea of them betting on how long it would take to them to get actually dating.
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dreamerkingtv · a day ago
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Some pride flags color picked from Alador.
Asexual, gray-ace, demisexual, aroace, trans and non-binary.
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st33le · a month ago
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They’re getting a divorce lol
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I would have added Darius’s penstigram but idk if he has a canon one lol
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smokestarrules · a month ago
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The way I know Hunter was panicking in this moment; he has no idea why he looks like Luz right now, he has no idea how to get rid of the spell, and Luz’s girlfriend and like, father-in-law are touching him thinking he’s Luz, and, OH THANK TITAN THE SPELL IS GONE NOW. 
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the-enchanted-archivist · 14 hours ago
maybe they will kill me later for such a joke, but it will be later, so I will joke)
Colin: I want my mommy!
All Yandere: I want your mommy too
Careful, Colin might get territorial XD
But then again, all they would have to do is convince him either they're his uncles or his other dads XD
Oh god, are we adding Colin to the situation? XD
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Small details in the owl house that mean a lot to me
Principal Bump offering teenage Eda a stress toy to help with her destructive tendencies in a safe way.
In reaching out, when Alador goes in for a hug and Amity stops him in favor of a handshake.
When Amity knows Luz is lying to her about the human realm but still makes a point to not go through her phone.
Willow showing Gus how to breathe through his anxiety attack, and in turn Gus showing Hunter how to breathe through his panic.
Eda holding back King and Hooty from crowding Luz and Hunter when they get back from the emperor’s mind.
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yardsards · 27 days ago
the owl house really said "familial love is stored in a gifted garment"
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EDIT: forgot one! thanks @cat-eared-exam-taker
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#eliot posts#toh#the owl house#i was on the fence abt including either of the examples w amity and the twins#(esp the concealment stones bc idk if they even count as garments)#but i figured in both cases helping her be gay and do crimes is very much a form of affection from them even if less soft than the others#eda clawthorne#luz noceda#emira blight#edric blight#amity blight#darius toh#hunter toh#king clawthorne#alador blight#i want dadrius to get hunter a new cloak SO BAD#ive mentioned it before but i always go wild when stuff like this happens in fiction#bc i've always loved lending my jackets/shawls/scarves/hats/gloves to my irl friends#makes me feel like im protecting them and keeping them safe#and i knit and sometimes sew so p much all of my irl friends have AT LEAST gotten a hat#but i made of of them a long forest green cloak which he loved#it always makes me feel SO WARM INSIDE when i see someone wearing something i made them#but even seeing them wear things like friendship bracelets kinda makes me feel that way#i like having kinda made my mark on them even when not keeping them warm/covering them#not in a possessive ''show everyone that you're mine!'' way. none of it visibly ties back to me#(except in hs when i'd lend them my letterman's jacket w my surname on it)#but i know it's from me and they know it's from me and they chose to put that onto themself#my love language is acts of service and that's what i'm doing when i make someth handmade or lend em someth practical#but they can recieve it as gift-giving or a stand-in for physical affection. which both VERY MUCH do not come naturally to me
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sepublic · a month ago
Darius coming in to marry Alador now that he finally divorced Odalia:
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Wow Hunter and Amity are now siblings
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alpacasandwine · a month ago
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I'd love to know what the crew said when they planned this scene...
"We need to have a rat that looks like Alador, pronto!"
"Is the rat Alador transformed?"
"Ok... Is the rat his palisman?..."
"No, why would someone carve a rat that looks like himself?"
"I don't get it, what is the purpose of having a Rat that looks like Alador?"
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sergeantsporks · a month ago
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They should form a union
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gummybryd · a month ago
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Who let dad on twitter
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