alaezasmystery 2 days ago
Some people at this point are just straight up rude . The way they talk around here is clearly sick . Sorry but Verbally Abusing someone is not a heroic thing to do 馃槓 . What amazes me is that they are a part of community which show guidance to other people , help them and heal their souls. Have some shame plss .
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notanastrologer 2 months ago
Hiiii....im sending again I for got the emoji
Darakaraka Planet :- Moon
I want this for my future children
Tumblr media
I channeled these with the help of Work For Light Oracle Cards , I hope that's fine for you.
馃拰 Trust your path
馃拰 You're on the right path
馃拰 Answer the call
馃拰 The great gathering
馃拰 Leap
Thank you 馃尭
Hey! Affirming messages love em
The placements can be Atmakaraka/Big 3's-sign/house/sign lord placement, Ascendant lord's sign, Dominant planet, signs' House stellium, sign stellium, Big 3/Atmakaraka/Ascendant lord's nakshtara lord, d9 ascendant. The Placements can also describe their personal energy.
Earth (Virgo and Taurus most likely)
Venus in water sign or house
Venus- Mars association
Comments and interaction is compulsory 馃嵉
Tumblr media
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wtrclr a month ago
First of all it's really a cool game and I want to say you don't have to hurry take your time as it seems quite a long list to cover 馃槆馃槉 . I hope I can join the game too 馃グ
I think you're a Taurus / Gemini Venus
Initials :- S.P
Sun :- Aries
This what I channeled your wedding to be . Hope you like it 馃馃挮
Tumblr media
Hii SP (鈾)~ Thank you and I may not cover everything for everyone actually, I just write what I can sense. Thanks for the kind words and the lovely moodboard 馃挄 Yes ofc, and here's the reading
My Venus is in Pisces but no matter good guesses! I keep getting Gemini Venus guesses idk why 馃槀馃槶
Your future wedding will potentially be like the below description and pictures:
I'm getting more of a wooden furniture vibe or it could be an outdoor wedding. For the wedding gown idk why but I feel like you may like the one below? I see a person in the gown happily greeting friends and family.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cards I got: III of Wands, VII of Cups, The Lovers in Reverse, IV of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, VIII of Swords
The first card III of Wands suggests it could take place at a place where you have to travel to? Maybe in another state or country. I feel you will have a number of options to choose from in terms of location or ideas for the wedding. From the cards, there could be some tests to the partnership during the day (The Lovers in reverse) it could be some issues related to material wealth or perhaps you will feel possessive of the other person or vice versa on the day (IV of Pentacles) and this could make you feel stressed out (VIII of Swords). King of Pentacles suggests that conflicts will be resolved though and this card makes me think the problem could be more of emotional and not about money. I think you will have sufficient funds for the wedding.
A song that could resonate with the vibes: Ready to Go by Panic! at the Disco.
Thank you for participating! Have a nice day, and please leave feedback.
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apricot-tarot 24 days ago
Hiiii !!!!!!!!! Congratulations for your milestone . Really the way you do PACs you deserve way too many followers . But I'm really happy that one of my fav reader is getting more recognition 鉂わ笍馃グ馃槝 .
Initials :- S.P
Age :- 20 ; She / Her
3 things I love to do :- Dancing , reading ( basically anything my eyes laid upon ) , eating savory dishes !!!!!
I want this from my Future spouse
Tumblr media
Thank you 馃尭
Hello 馃А Thank you for participating.
Omg!!! Please don't flatter me like this 馃槼馃グ I appreciate the kind words though. Thank you for doing my PACs 馃槝馃槝
Btw, I did do your reading but I just need you to know that it was very hard to get a message from them. Don't forget to check out the song and the notes in the end.
Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only.
Tumblr media
7 of Cups, Knight of Swords (Rx), Six of Cups, Queen of Wands
My treasure,
I don't usually express my wishes and dreams. They run wild in my mind but rarely anyone knows about them. I whisper them to you sometimes but I don't really say what I wish and hope, even when it comes to us. I am scared somehow my wishful thinking might block things. It's a weird thing. You were all I have ever dreamt and wished but I never dared to say it out loud. Maybe, this weird notion of mine worked cause here you are.
Being around you makes me feel at home, right where I belong. Your passionate and kind nature fills me with happiness. I like being around you. I am comfortable and at ease. You are funny and witty, I nearly die laughing sometimes. Everything about you makes me get a pang of nostalgia. I don't know where it comes from. It is weird, I feel like I have known you my whole life.
You fill our home with warmth, you give life to it.
Tumblr media
Song: Sunflower, Vol.6 by Harry Styles
Notes: No shufflemancy used for the songs. I kind of pick it as a soundtrack. I also thought of Golden by Harry but did not go with it. Don't forget to tell me your thoughts on the "letter". Your fs made me "work" for this reading lol.
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laissez-fire-oh 2 months ago
Hiii love 馃グ
Hello dear! Thanks for joining, have a lovely day/night<3
My choice: ahhh Idk cakes (but I like pastries as well)
It feels like you might be kinda bored or unmotivated, maybe the spark for something you used to do or like kinda vanished or you feel like you missed an opportunity for something. But you can change that, with true effort, practice (I heard this word repeated 3 times: practice practice practice) and work you're gonna reach that stability that you might be searching for now (seeing number 4s). If you feel the need to take some time off in solitude, do that, cause you might get overloaded with stuff mentally.
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the-wild-candy 2 months ago
Hiiiiii love its been ages I've interacted with you 馃ズ鈽. How you doing???
I choose Cookies and Cream Initials :- S.P
Thank you
Hii, love! I am doing just fine, thank you. How have you been?
Tumblr media
鈲 cookies and cream - your next partner
Loves to wear black/loves the color black
Directions - I am seeing a compass for some reason.
You might have to travel in order to meet them. It could also be a picnic or a small trip. Especially hilly areas.
Sharp face cut/prominent eye brows
Always ready to explore new places
Tumblr media
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stardust-selene-xo 2 months ago
Rose , lavender , blue
Tumblr media
Awww thankies @alaezasmystery <333 I wanna be close with you too you are really sweet. I think you are pretty cool too. For you
Rose, yellow, red <333
Tumblr media
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sunkissedchld 2 months ago
Knock Knock
鈽 ~ I would like to drink a tea with you one day.; 馃 ~ I would share my sweets with you.; 猸 ~ You are inspiring.; 鈽锔 ~ I appreciate you.; 馃尭 ~ I think you are cute.
馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ thank you so much!! i keep seeing 猸 and my head feels fuzzy because i feel like i don't even doing anything lmaooo, but seriously ty!
for you: 馃尶馃挱鈽
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1tarot1with1k1o 3 months ago
Hiiii which topics you are comfortable with exchange readings ??
Pretty much anything. Except health related topics (or 18+, if I have to share it on the blog) But everything else is okay!
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secretlyshadowymoon 3 months ago
Hiii...it's me 馃榿
Movie :- the duff
Initials :- S.P. Colour :-. Red
Reading for Soulmate
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion!
As for your reading:
So you and your soulmate could have a bit of an age gap. You and your soulmate could exude that luxurious "power couple vibes". Both of you could work together or could have met through work. You and your soulmate do not engage in PDA but in private you guys are really romantic with each other. You find your soulmate kind of cold and aloof because of how they react with you in public and this might cause a bit of stress in the relationship. But the thing is your soulmate wants this relationship to last and they are looking ahead and planning other things. They want this relationship to last and hence they take their time. You and your soulmate could have lots of conversations together. One more thing that could cause problems in your relationship is that there could be some kind of power trip. Always make sure to assert boundaries and acknowledge the other person's efforts in the relationship. You and your soulmate's relationship is amazing in terms of growth. Both of you can learn a lot form each other and this ensures that the relationship does not become stagnant. Though the relationship might not be easy, it could definitely be one of those kind relationships that you learn a lot from.
Feedback please!
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boldlybrightsun a month ago
Hiiiii Astra !!!!!! I'm here to participate in your game 馃槉鉂
Tumblr media
Sun :- Aries
Moon :- Taurus
Venus :- Taurus
Mercury :- Aries
Mars :- Gemini
Ascendant :- Scorpio
Kpop Idol :- Jackson Wang
Qoute :-
" Spoil ME with Loyalty ; I can finance myself 馃拝馃檶 "
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"(Insert your pronouns) talk(s) about you like you put the stars in the sky. (Insert your pronouns) look(s) at you like that too"
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alaezasmystery a day ago
Today I got to know who really cares about me and my mental health , for which I'll be always grateful for them . I always try to be there for everyone , voice my opinion , give them emotional support but when it comes to me suddenly I become invisible ???! I srsly expect same behavior too . I'm sorry if I'm being pathetic but I guess that's what happens with helpful people 馃槓 .
I know this post of mine will be ignored too but I just wanted to let it out
Tumblr media
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notanastrologer 3 months ago
Hiii ...I'm sending you again 馃
If I were to be famous I would probably be known for my business expansion or humanitarian works . I love discovering new fashion trends and apply it on my own . Maybe that's what my business will be .
My life if I were to be famous will be hectic as I will be busy doing shoots for my own clothing brands also doing collabs with known celebrities.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi! Fashion business ooh interesting! And i do like straightforward people 馃檶馃徎
You would be known for you philanthropy endeavours and less likely even for a technology related field. Your image to fans is unique and idealistic, you create hope or make them believe in charity and humanity. You work whatever it might be is focused a lot on helping others in whatever way you can. You may be known by people through the use of technology especially online on social media. There could be a change on perception of your public image, that may effect you.
Your fans are globally present, and are a loyal bunch, they are passionate and doesn't back from fight, they are the kind to fight off hate that may come to you, this is especially online. The end to you fame may emotionally affect you or when you realise you may not be the hot shot person that you once were.
Comments are appreciated, Interaction is compulsory 馃幀
Tumblr media
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wtrclr a month ago
Hiii here for the shufflemacy game 鈽
Initials :- S.P
Sun :- Aries
Skips :- 5
Message from my FS
hii there!
song: wet cigarette by mars argo
"and I'm nervous now / and I know that you know"
"maybe we could make it / won't you stay / don't you be afraid, don't you be afraid / I will always walk you home"
"never ever love again"
interpretation: your FS might want to say there could be some things you do that make him nervous at times. it could be they are a naturally slightly jumpy person, so, I think they might wanna ask you to be gentle with them or be cautious with the things you do or even say. even though that is the case, they could also want to say that they want you around them and want to be there for you all the time because to them, no one could ever compare to you and they want you to be on/by their side. I got the angel number 444 which makes me think that they might sometimes ask for reassurance from you.
please leave feedback!
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miingyuu 3 months ago
Hiiii love so excited to join in this game 鈽
I choose 2 .
Initials :- S.P person :- Taehyung
Thanks 馃挮
Hello, my dear! Thank you for your patience!
How will fans react to Dispatch exposing that you + Kim Taehyung are dating: Fans will compare both of you together. At least physically. Some think that he might be too good for you. It could drain you often and make you feel a bit insecure. At the end of the day, it's public opinion. Over time, you still will get the hate, but not too much. I think this will be a lesson for you to not really get opinions of other people to yourself.
That is all I have for you! Please give feedback if it resonated! Have a wonderful week!
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laissez-fire-oh 2 months ago
Blue , Lavender, Yellow , Turquoise
Tumblr media
Hellooo! Thanks for this, sweets.<3 Trust me, you don't wanna get drunk with me LOL
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theveil-and-thepath 2 months ago
馃鈥嶁檧锔 New Witchcrew 馃鈥嶁檧锔
Yet another picrew (link)! This one has a lot of options of what you can add to your face/forehead, you can even add multiple eyes, it's pretty witchy.
Tumblr media
If anyone wants to do it! Tagging: @laissez-fire-oh, @alaezasmystery, @represents-the-miracles, @the-wild-candy, @gurleennn, @planetsxmore, @mercurytrinemoon
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stardust-selene-xo 2 months ago
Knock Knock!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Awww I think you are cute too and we should definitely collaborate sometime soon that would be fun. I am just soooo happy that you like my posts and other people too because I was kinda scared to this at first. And it makes my day to see your posts on my dashboard tooo. And for you :
Umber, saffron, plum, burgundy, thistle and mauve
Hope you are having a good day/night and stay hydrated. Sending lots of love <33333
Tumblr media
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1tarot1with1k1o a month ago
3 and 9 ......haven't seen these two yet 馃槉
Thank you for letting me know!! 馃グ
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royaleofury a month ago
Have you gone through something like this?
I have been getting lucid dreams for so many years but from the past one year, they cannot be termed as " exact lucid dreams" , it's more like a combination of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis . Sometimes, whenever I am dreaming, even though I can sense that it's a dream but my eyes are open too and I can what's going on in my surroundings, like my mom doing house chores,my dad doing his daily routine. It's weird but what is more weird are the waves kind of thing going in my body. It's like some kind of waves( more like energy flow goes in my body during that time). It's kinda amazing because that wave heals me in some way. I remember today, I was having a head ache in the morning. I was in sleep paralysis but I could move my hands if I wanted to but couldn't raise a voice and I felt that " wave" , I was in pain and that wave went straight to my head and my pain disappeared in a sec . It was like someone was healing it, I could feel hands on my head. Even though when I woke, the pain came back
Another time, I was in the same situation but my chest was hurting. I was trying to speak up but couldn't and that wave came and went straight to my chest and healed it. It was quite fascinating and amazing and weird. Do tell me if you felt something similar.
Tagging moots @alaezasmystery @cosmoss-express @planetsxmore @pearl-tarotist @celestialblushxoxo @duckiemquack @darkeros @jgoddesstarot @kpopsnowball @luvceleste @nayeours @priestessofthegalaxy @sunkissedchld @stardust-selene-xo @sparklystarlightxo @the-cosmic-gentle-giant @twinkle-with-stars @the-wild-candy @notanastrologer @sunisglowing @sun-pluto
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