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shenanigans-and-imagines · 2 days ago
MASH anon: I just remembered this fact, but MASH is not my first intro to Alan Alda! In high school gen psych we watched a video about severing the corpus callosum in the brain to treat epilepsy. In college, my friend showed me a couple episodes that she likes and the next day in my psychology of linguistics class (I'm a psych major, senior year this year!) we watched the same video and all of a sudden I was like "holy shit is that Alan Alda??" and apparently it's like his whole mission to make science and psychology more accessible to the masses. It's actually a very informative video if you haven't seen it, just search 'alan alda corpus callosum'
Oh my God, that's great! I think I will. Thanks for the tip. :D
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fieldtomatoes · 9 months ago
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“...food and love - which is of course the same thing.”
Daniel J. Miller, “The Touch of Love - It Is Everything” / this post / “Joe Pera Shows You How To Pack A Lunch Box” (2020) / a text from my sister / A. A. Milne / @chennai-expression / Chef (2014) dir. Jon Favreau / Sam Sifton, “What to Cook Right Now” (New York Times) / Alan Alda
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dealmeout · 7 months ago
Interviewer: Are women in this country going to be better off... uh, with President Reagan in office?
Alan Alda: [laughter] No. (x)
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by-thunder · 3 months ago
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coffee-rack · 3 months ago
*puts up giant poster of Alan Alda on my wall like he's a pop star from the mid 2000s*
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misterrtelevision · a month ago
M*A*S*H by Hanna Barbera (1975)
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genderqueer-klinger · 5 months ago
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Alan Alda // Big Eden // Christopher Citro - Our Beautiful Life When It's Filled with Shrieks // Tumblr User lesdemonium // Peder Severin Krøyer - Hip, Hip, Hurrah! // Tumblr User ilovedirt // Pablo Neruda - Ode to Bread
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coffeeandacig · a month ago
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Look at this adorable little shit! Look at him!!!!
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stedebonny · 6 months ago
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I love Alan Alda.
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thelmaslouise · 5 months ago
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hammerbacks · 15 days ago
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“oh, that's very kind of you, frank. that certainly belies all the vicious gossip somebody is spreading about what a twisted, selfish, mean-spirited, overbearing fusspot you are.” “it certainly does!” “then i’ll stop spreading it!” 
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falcon-fox-and-coyote · 5 months ago
On Why Everyone Should Give MASH a Shot
📷astrabear said: I’ve only seen random episodes here and there, but it sounds like the show started as a more faithful adaptation of the movie (which had horrible misogyny) and evolved into something much more thoughtful and humane.
Okay, so MASH is my comfort show and I am absolutely biased about it. But I do want to address this quickly because it's important:
MASH started exactly as you'd expect of a war time show filmed in the 1970s. The men talk quick the women are loose and the jokes and tongue in cheek comments are cringeworthy.
Season 1 is the worst by far, but I'd argue this trend continues up until the end of Season 3.
There are two reasons for this:
1. Trapper John, one of the original characters of the MASH book and movie, is a married man who is an adulterer. (Hold that thought).
2. Colonel Henry Blake, the man in charge of the 4077th MASH is...an idiot. He's a fine doctor, but he is not an army man and he is constantly manipulated by everyone around him. He's a weak character that is a speed bump - not a hindrance - to everyone else' idiocy. He can't stop anyone, he can't help anyone, he's just there.
At the end of season 3, Blake dies off screen. Also off-screen, just before the start of season 4 - Trapper John Leaves.
Remember what I said about adultery? It's one of the big Sins that the show's most odious character, Frank Burns, is mocked for. His illicit relationship with Margaret has so much drama because Frank is married. Frank and Margaret's affair is constantly mocked and teased...Henry and Trapper's infidelity...not as much.
Our Hero, Hawkeye, has a whole episode where he agonizes over having a relationship with a married woman and doesn't think he can morally justify it. It makes for some fine hypocrisy all around.
Start of Season 4, we get BJ Hunnicutt, devoted husband and father, and Colonel Sherman Potter, career soldier who had fought in both world wars.
And it's in season 4 that things change.
No more is the constant unchecked mayhem permitted. Sherman allows a certain level of chaos, but there is a threshold and the whole unit responds to that threshold.
Furthermore, BJ serves as a *perfect* foil to Hawkeye's womanizing. He neither condones nor encourages it, but he doesn't partake. he loves his wife Peggy and his daughter Erin. He will do nothing to harm them. This, subtly, seeps into the narrative of Hawkeye's character too. He loves women, but his interactions become more meaningful and less physically charged.
He still sleeps around, but it's not as blunt. His motivations are more emotional and his words stop being patronizing and instead start having some depth of character.
Alan Alda starts directing episodes. He'd done his directorial debut in season 3, but season 4 is when he begins doing it in earnest.
Then, Season 5 - Margaret breaks up with Frank. She's sick of being his dirty secret and she wants to have a real relationship. She gets one, and horrifies Frank for the remainder of the season as he tries to get her back and she refuses.
Alan Alda starts writing AND directing episodes, and now we're in the money slot.
Season 6, Frank leaves and our crew is complete with his replacement: Charles Emerson Winchester III.
Each season from the start is getting better and better, but it's really season 6 onward that fly.
Frank had been a foil and a villain, but he was a tired joke by season 6. He was a terrible surgeon, and now that Margaret had freed herself from him, he had no place in the unit. Charles was a wonderful surgeon and now the entire crew is talented, smart, and the only conflicts they have are of the intellectual kind.
And Alan Alda is a man who loves the mind.
Every time an episode started with "written by Alan Alda" you were in for a ride.
This show shied away from nothing.
Gay soldier afraid to be outed? Hawkeye was there defending him.
A soldier survives the war only to find out that he has leukemia? (That was Patrick Swayze and Laurence Fishbourne's cameo episode btw) - we're going to have a whole episode dedicated to crisis of faith.
PTSD? Hawkeye had it and showed it. He had a therapist, Sidney, who sat by his side more than once as he tried to come to terms with what it mean to be a doctor patching kids up on an assembly line during a war.
Sexism? Margaret Houllian evolved from the sexy nurse trope to a confident woman who was brilliant at her job and deserved respect
American war crimes? The fate of children fathered by americans and left behind during the war? Language and cultural barriers? the impact of america on the indigeonous peoples of Korea? Slavery? Prostitution and child trafficking? Drafting? Mental Health? A PLUS SIZED WOMAN OF COLOR TELLING A WHITE MAN OFF FOR NEVER LOOKING HER WAY WHEN HE SLEEPS WITH EVERY OTHER NURSE, AND TELLING HIM THAT SHE'S CUTE AS HELL AND DESERVES ATTENTION?
Tumblr media
This show went straight for the heart strings every time.
Then it gave you an episode where to deal with the Horror, the MASH made an olympic games for themselves and Margaret beats everyone in a crutches race.
Father Mulcahy constantly discusses the orphanage - WAR orphans - that he cared for. We see them, and we see the children.
We see the pain and horror and trauma episode after episode blindsiding you when you least expect it.
It's all fun and games until a baby is left on your doorstep because it's american born and will be mutilated or killed if it stays with its korean family.
That sniper that's been shooting at the MASH unit all episode? he's a scared kid separated from his troop and he didn't know what to do. They find and treat his wound anyway.
MASH could have been Frank Burns all the way, it could have been Blind Authoritarianism and Down With The Commies, but Frank was always the enemy of the show. He was always the villain. The show never once glorified America or its actions in the war, and instead showed the very real consequences of America to both the Korean people and to the Americans who were forced to be there in the first place.
MASH isn't a great show because it's an Army Strong show. It's a great show because it's real. It showed the struggles of a diverse cast of characters in a horrible situation, and it refused to back away from the pain.
And in that pain, it showed people trying their very best to find ways to keep moving on. It's the found family of all found families. And the reason MASH will likely never have a remake, is that it was SO AGAINST American Military Dominance that it would be seen as UnAmerican today. Even as it remains an American Classic.
Give MASH a shot. Start at Season 4, and when you fall in love - go back and watch Season 1-3 to appreciate just how much every actor, writer, and crewmember fought to make this show what it became.
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pomegran-art · 3 months ago
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don’t let the doctors drive the jeep !!
find more mash art here!!
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wool-hat7 · 3 months ago
On this MASH Monday I give you Alan Alda doing a cartwheel that the 39th Emmys cause he just makes me happy <3
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ithinkwehitametaphor · 4 months ago
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transradar · 3 months ago
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misterrtelevision · 2 months ago
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Full disclosure this is like. The only stuff I've really drawn for mash lately
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