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#alan ituriel
missazura · 14 hours ago
“Storyteller3000 asked: To Black Hat, what is the point of evil? Does it get boring after a while?”
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nightfurmoon · a year ago
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There are A LOT more of images, check out the conference at the end of the post! Here’s the summary of what was said:
-The special event will happen earlier than expected! It will be the first thing to come out, before the actual episodes! It’ll be announced in CN’s social media accounts- both LATAM and USA!!!
-The characters were modified a little bit, as you can see in the reference sheets. Black Hat looks a lot darker now, I love it.
-The images you see above are concept arts of the upcoming episodes, we’ll see a lot of new places!
-They are going to introduce a lot of new characters, and they told us the name of a new hero (the buff guy), called OMEGA NUCLEAR.
-We’ll see a villain court!!
-The Hat Island ‘corrupts’ the sea, like it blackens it with evil, as we see in one of the images (check the vid for this one).
-Flug modified the ship after the fight with Sunblast.
-The hardest thing in the production of the first season was the COVID situation, because the voice actors couldn’t go to the studio and record their voices properly.
-505’s name is like that because it’s supposed to mean SOS.
-The main message that the show wants to give can’t be revealed yet. But one of the messages is that nothing’s black and white (except BH and 505), they want to show us that the villains aren’t all that bad (like Penumbra) and that they’re all grey, as well as the heroes.
-‘Will there be a recurrent hero in the series?’ ‘Wait and see’
-The release of the episodes is closer but they don’t want to give dates because COVID can set things back
Here’s the link of the conference recorded by @loliko-s-madness!
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gal3xystar-official · 28 days ago
🎃 October of paperhat (inktober) 2021 ⭐️
Day 31 - Family
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✒️ I did it! I've FULLY completed an Inktober! :DDD 🏅
Here is (late) day 31! 2/2
Well sort of, those last two days were done yesterday and today but it's alright! At least i did 'em haha-
In times past, i did them like this:
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Bur obviously that didn't work out, nice memories and style tho :3
I had a couple of ideas for the finale, ranging from aus together and whatnot, then I came up with this nonsense XD it's basically a whole "meet the parent" thing and how Alan dislikes the ship lol (kinda heartbreaking but at least we had that fan service, you know the one, hehehe) there's another reason why he's kinda hesitant but I won't ruin the magic for you guys pfft- it's canonically all okay anyway.
But just look at him, he's like a kid a Christmas "dadddd pleaseee?".
Anyhoo, if you wanna know more about what I'll be working on for now, check the last post!
Here are all the arts tho! ("look at all that gay" (°∀°)b ):
Tumblr media
+the front shield/tape holding it together page cuz why the hell not:
And other doodles of Flug being coot :3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alrighty bye for nowwwww! 💙
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Edit: 72 likes?! Woah oh my gosh thank you XD i didn't expect so many people to see this
I'm glad you all love it!
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panquesito-11 · 19 days ago
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💔El Espejo del Futuro❤️
Jaja quería subirlo antes, pero y apenas tengo tiempo actualmente, en encantó el concepto de Miss Heed/Cecilia.
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missazura · 21 days ago
i made this discovery last night. i’m not a professional editor but i was determined to get this done! so here’s a little snippet of Toxic Love with music, sang by Alan! ;) enjoy
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trenchman93 · a month ago
Villainous Comic Dub Volume 03
Special thank you for artists @corniboi @cats-dont-draw Tato @lorechaos @rogue-falcon 
Please support the artists as well as the actors listed in the Video!
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viperpitsfilly · a month ago
He saw the smash drawing.... I want to cry
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