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We’re rewatching Boston Legal and I forgot how fucking weird and chaotic this show is. Also how gay Alan and Denny are, but really saying that is like saying water is wet.

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{NEW SKETCH} “I don’t know whether you know this, but not many men take the time every day to have a cigar, a glass of scotch, to talk to their best friend. That’s not something most men have.”

What can I say? Years later, and as far as bromances go - or relationships in general for that matter - none compare or can compete with Alan & Denny.

Hope you enjoy!

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Feb 2nd  —  Alan Shore: We all love that soft lawyer boy and honorary flamingo. Show us your favourite scene, episode, quote etc. from The Practice/Boston Legal.

Boston Legal is what made me a James Spader fan (and made me crush super hard on him). It’s a perfect show with the perfect cast and endless fun guest spots, but of course a huge part of the draw is the sexy, damaged, grandstander that is Alan Shore. There’s no way to catch all the humor, social justice, friendships, and flirtations in just one scene. Or even two - but here’s another anyway 😉

His season of The Practice is a must watch as well, but a slightly different tone. I can’t speak to the rest of that show 🤐 🤷


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I was recommended the TV show Boston Legal because it’s reputedly witty and funny while dealing with some serious issues. Some scenes are funny. And I liked that the show casts light on a wide range of issues (from the genocide in Sudan to the use of coercion/torture by police).

But I don’t plan to watch past the first season. What the show mostly does is fellate its two main characters, Alan Shore and Denny Crane. No matter what they do – including outright criminal behavior – they don’t experience any serious consequences, almost everything goes in their favor (leading to ridiculous and implausible outcomes), their sex lives and fantasies are dwelt on endlessly, and after a short while it gets repetitive. Their grandstanding and dickishness get tiresome. The other characters sometimes berate them or glare ineffectually, but most of the time just chuckle and roll their eyes. Over and over again.

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Alan Shore: *talks about his misfortunes in romantic relationships and how he isn’t shaken after relationships end. Calls his heart a bastard*



Judge Clark Brown: *exhibits clear disgust for sex/sexual activites*


  • (Please don’t be angry or offended by my haphazard explanations. These are not exact accounts but they were based on scenes from season 4 episode 3.)
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