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rinadragomir · 13 hours ago
To begin with, James is my favorite character after Lucie and Alastair, and I will protect him until the day I die☝🏻
But there's one thing I can't forgive him for. And it's hard for me, you know? Cause I love him🥺
(pls to the end cause I'm bringing up an important issue there and I need to know your opinion💞)
Tumblr media
Chain of iron, the wedding scene 😒
You already know what I'm talking about😒
Tumblr media
You. Are. Literally. Talking. To. Your. Wife's Brother. At. Your. Own. Wedding.
Shut up maybe?... Why doesn't it bother you that Cordelia is sitting at the same fucking table?
Tumblr media
Jesus, are you literally saying that shit to her brother? TO HER BROTHER?!
Tumblr media
And now this:
Tumblr media
No more than a minute passed between these conversations. So here's the thing:
James insulted Alastair in front of all the guests not because he hates him.🙃 He did it because he wanted to sUpPoRt?!?!?! his friends. Because he is a very cool friend and he is afraid to voice his opinion in front of his own friends because he is afraid that its different from theirs.....?!?!?!?!
Tumblr media
Cause for me this scene looks like:
oh heeeey👉🏻👈🏻sooo sup?) um👉🏻👈🏻sorry for that🥺um...... no one blames you😓I'm just um.... Oh👉🏻👈🏻it's just that ✨my friends✨hate you✨for what you said✨when you were a kid✨and I👉🏻👈🏻um I have to pretend I hate you too🥺..... I actually don't👉🏻👈🏻sorry🌸
Okay, I'm aware of Matthew's mental problems in the second book, but that's not what we're talking about. We are talking about the fact that these people are mature enough for a wedding, for sex, for murdering. But not mature enough to communicate normally with people they don't really like? Seriously?
I really REALLY need your opinion 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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blackxstairs · 2 days ago
tlh characters as things my friends said
matthew: i want to be in a hurricane
james: there's one going on in Louisianna right now if you want to go
christopher: i just electrocuted myself.
alastair: loud chewing makes me suicidal. just thought i'd share
lucie: hey are you doing anything today?
jesse: im literally boarding a plane to go to tennesee we've talked about this
lucie: well im the only ten i see so not sure why you would waste your time doing something without me
cordelia: *after james tries and fails to make a meal* oh it's so good!
lucie: what the hell are you talking about this is shit
thomas: listen you guys cant just text random people your social security number
alastair: what's the worst that happens? my identity gets stolen and i end up in jail? good things have been going a little too well in my life right now
matthew: besides my mugshot would be a gift to everyone that sees it
james: i give up
will: good for you jamie, i personally gave up three years ago after i told my barber thank you when he asked what i was up to these days
christopher: im home alone carving a pumpkin in the shower listening to spooky music
eugenia: ooo girl boss energy
ariadne: slay queen
anna: i fully agree but who are we talking about
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alastair-lightwood · a day ago
Tumblr media
Rosie's not anti-Alastair, CC. She just wants you to let him be happy with his Tom and she's pissed at you for torturing him
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icouldnotask · a day ago
tlh as bo burnham: inside gifs
thomas trying to make himself stop liking alastair
Tumblr media
alastair leaving cordelia's engagement party
Tumblr media
james realizing he accidentally fell in love with his wife
Tumblr media
alastair and matthew at any given point in time
Tumblr media
lucie writing the beautiful cordelia even through everything that's happening
Tumblr media
how i imagine it looks whenever magnus bane enters the story
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iloveallmyocs · a day ago
“I’m sorry for interrupting your departure” said Tessa, “but I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now”
Cordelia stepped out of Lucie’s room and held the door partially open for her. “Would you like to sit down?”
Tessa nodded. The two of them headed inside and sat on the side of Lucie’s bed, facing each other.
“I’m sorry for being a- for not being there for you after it happened” said Cordelia, who after saying them was surprised that the words slipped out of her mouth. She had thought of having a light chat with Tessa about the weather before delving in to the deeper parts.
Tessa knitted her eyebrows. “You don’t have to be sorry”
“But I left you all and I never really said anything to you all this while or reached out-” began Cordelia, only to be interrupted by Tessa.
“If you are going to head in that direction, then I could say the same thing as well. As you’re mother in law, it was my duty to make sure you were alright after what happened to James”
Cordelia studied Tessa’s face when she said it. Her grey eyes were empty as she stared directly ahead, not quite looking at Cordelia. She could make out the slightest tremble in her voice when she mentioned her son’s name.
“How did it feel?” asked Cordelia in a hushed voice.
Tessa’s eyes finally met hers when she answered Cordelia’s question, no longer empty but full of anguish.
“It felt as if- I couldn’t-” Tessa paused, struggling to find the right words. “-I had faced other losses before; the loss of my brother, my aunt, Jem. I thought that after all of it, what was to come would be less painful. I was wrong”
Cordelia stayed silent but listened intently.
“There were days when I would think of all the times I had almost died and thought of how lucky I would have been if I had” revealed Tessa, tears nearly spilling from her eyes. “After learning of what happened to my mother, I thought that it would be every parent’s worst nightmare to go through what she went through. Yet again, I was wrong”
“What is it?” asked Cordelia, although she already knew what Tessa’s answer would be.
Tessa gave her a sad smile. “A parent’s worst nightmare isn’t that they wouldn’t live long enough to see their children grow up. It is that they would live for too long. Long enough that they’ll be around when their children leave them”
It occurred only a little later to Cordelia that Tessa would have to witness it all over again, with Lucie. She would still appear young and healthy when Lucie’s hair would turn grey and her skin became wrinkled.
Immortality didn’t come without a cost.
“This isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about” said Tessa. She clasped Cordelia’s hands with her own before adding: “I wanted to let you know that you are welcome to stay here in the institute with us, as Cordelia Herondale. With Will Lucie and I. We will look after you as if you were our own daughter-”
Cordelia gently drew away her hands and shook her head. “I can’t” she said, “I’m sorry, the offer sounds wonderful and I will visit you regularly, but I cannot stay here permanently. It would do me good if I didn’t”
“Are you sure?” inquired Tessa with a hurt tone.
“I am. I’ve been thinking about it and have decided to spend some time travelling. Head to Persia, meet my mother’s side of the family, visit her childhood home, go visit Paris once more- Maybe I’ll fall in love again. Do you think I’ll ever fall in love again?” asked Cordelia, genuinely smiling at Tessa for the first time in a long time
Tessa returned her smile. “That is for you to find out yourself”
The last time I posted this, it wasn't very well received, so I edited out some parts thinking that they looked bad
tagging people in the notes
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writeordie-4 · a day ago
The Fight For Humanity
The Last Hours Attack on Titan AU
Background Info (Don't need to read just there for help)
Chapter List
CW/TW (Most of these will be consistent for entire fic): Violence, Attack on Titan Spoilers, (However it does not follow the show exactly and the characters are all different), Swearing, Angst, Gore
(Please see note above Taglist at the end)
Chapter 1:
“Mama, mama,” James called, running into his kitchen. “Mama the scout regiment is back! Can we go see them? Please?” James was only twelve, but he dreamed of being a soldier, specifically a scout. He would fight the Titans, he would help people. It was him and Cordelia’s dream. Lucie not so much but where Cordelia and James went, Lucie went. And she enjoyed writing. What better way to write than to live in the heat of battle?
Tessa stopped folding clothing, looking down at her son. She smiled softly. “Are you sure James? I don’t want you to get scared. They just went out on an extreme expedition. I don’t want you to see something you’ll regret.”
“But they’re the scouts! They’ll ride in like they always do. Confident and heroic.”
She sighed. “Fine, but if Cordelia says to come back home, I want you to listen to her.”
“Okay! Thank you,” he said, darting into Cordelia’s room. Lucie sat on her bed, writing, while Cordelia sat next to her, reading a book. “Come see the scouts with me?” He pleaded, mostly to his sister.
Lucie sighed. “James-”
“They just got back from the expedition, Lucie! We can’t miss it! What if they made an advance on the Titans?”
Lucie realized the group of scouts he was referring to. There were several groups of scouts, all with separate plans, but a common cause, different leaders, but one person, Eran Rider, was above all the scout captains. In the military, they had three branches in the kingdom: The Survey Corps (also known as the scouts), who went out to fight Titans and increase human expansion in an attempt to help humanity. The Military Police, they kept order amongst the people, but James considered most of them lazy snobs who liked to fatten up behind the safety of the walls, though of course not all of them were bad. James only hoped to live up to his uncle. Lastly, there was the Garrison branch, who defended the three walls. Their uncle Jem was part of the Garrison. Jem worked with the garrison where James lived, in the very outer wall. Lucie raised an eyebrow at Cordelia. “Well, I quite want to go now.”
Cordelia nodded. “Me too. It’ll be interesting to see how this one went.” She smiled. “Oh! And we might see Alastair and Thomas and Christopher.”
“Oh yes,” Lucie exclaimed, “Perhaps we will.”
“Let’s go then,” James said, smiling as they all fled from the house and out to the main street where the scouts were supposed to come in. They struggled to see past everyone, but Cordelia seized both siblings' wrists and dragged them past people until they could push to the front of the crowd. They stood on the side of the street, watching as horses carried soldiers and wagons full of soldiers; it turns out Tessa had been right, James was horrified.
“Oh my god,” Lucie breathed. James managed to tear his attention away and look at Cordelia next to him. She stood like a statue, but there was a shine in her eyes that showed she thought it horrid as well, so, so horrid.
James looked back at the regiment. The blood, there was so much blood. Soldiers laying in wagons were missing limbs, one had bandages tied all around their face, apparently missing their eyes. Those who were well even looked defeated, they had watched this happen to their comrades and it had shaken them. One man had woken up, and was screaming about a relative of his that had been eaten. The Titans… they did this. And it was disgusting. He saw a woman run up to the leader of the scouts, a man named Eran Rider. She asked where her son was, and one of the soldiers met his captain’s eyes before presenting the woman with a box that presumably held whatever remained of her boy. Cordelia tugged on his arm. “Lucie,” she said, “James, I think we should leave.”
“I-I want to know what happened,” Lucie said.
“Isn’t it obvious,” said a familiar voice. They turned around as Alastair walked up to them, Chrsitohper and Thomas not far behind him. “They got massacred. They clearly weren’t ready.”
“You don’t even sound like you feel bad,” Lucie said, sounding astonished.
“Of course I do, but I’m sure you all recall I predicted that this was a suicde mission, and I was right.” He looked at James. “Which is why I think you’re insane for wanting to join the scouts, and if I can help it, I won’t let you drag my sister into it.”
“Alastair,” Cordelia said softly, “James never said anything about it to me. I’d always wanted to join the scouts, you know that.”
“Well, it’s a bad idea. No one joins them and lives that long.”
“It’s worth it if we’re saving people.”
“I disagree,” Christopher said quietly, looking as more of the wounded rolled past. “It looks awful.”
“Well, Alastiar,” James said, “I do hope you benefit humanity from your future position with the military police, assuming you get the chance, but I doubt it.” With that, he walked off, and Lucie followed after him.
Cordelia watched her friends walk away. Lucie was shaking and she saw James cross his arms to keep his hands from trembling. She supposed they were shaken, that was all. Perhaps Alastair was too. She and Alastair were brother and sister but they lived in separate households after their parents died. James and Thomas had been the ones to save them from the people who broke into their house, and both had devoted themselves to protecting the families of both boys, and Thomas and James themselves. Cordelia thought maybe she doted over Lucie and James too much, sometimes acting like the oldest even if Lucie was younger and James was her age, but she only wanted to keep them safe. Besides, they never protested her protectiveness.
Alastair watched them go and sighed.
“Was that necessary?” Thomas asked him, looking at the same thing his friend was.
“No, but in case you were wondering where you’ll end up as well, perhaps you should listen to me,” he said bitterly.
“Maybe you should have more faith in us,” he said. “The scouts-”
“Have made very little progress in the last one hundred years. And I don’t want to see any of you dead.”
“Then I guess you should stay away from Wall Maria.” They all lived in one of the areas attached to the outside wall, Wall Maria. The middle wall was Wall Rose. The very inner wall where the wealthy and royal family were, was Wall Sina. They lived in a section outside of Wall Maria called Shiganshina District, and everywhere past the fifty meter wall surrounding their large town was wilderness and Titan territory.
Thomas didn’t wait to listen to whatever it was Alastair was going to say, walking away from him, the crowd, and the carnage of soldiers. Kit shot Alastair an apologetic look before following his cousin.
The Carstairs siblings watched them leave, and Cordelia sighed. “They’re probably just upset about the regiment, Alastair. Perhaps they’re having doubts about the scouts after all.”
“Good, because if Thomas actually goes through with it then I’ll go with him, and I really don’t want to.”
Cordelia gave him a startled look. “I thought- I thought you wanted to be with the military police.”
“I do. But you stay with James and Lucie, I stay with the Lightwoods, and we stay with each other. I’ll keep them safe, I promised.”
Cordelia nodded, crossing her arms. She wore a plain brown dress with a white apron, her hair tied up and a white scarf wrapped around her neck, even though it was fairly warm out. She hardly ever took it off, James gave it to her when she first came to live with the Herondales, and it had been important to her since then. Alastair kept a ring on his neck that had originally belonged to Thomas, but Thomas had given it to him as a birthday gift two years prior, and Alastair kept it. It had started to rust at the edges but he hardly seemed to care. He wore a white shirt and a black coat, with dark pants and boots.
“I want to help people,” she said, playing with the ends of the scarf. “I want to be a hero.”
He smiled sadly. “I know, Layla. You will be, you’ll be incredible. I know it. Maybe you’ll be a captain one day. Maybe the scout’s general.”
She looked down and smiled slightly, “That might be ambitious, but I’m going to try. I am anything but undetermined.”
He placed a hand on her shoulder. “You know our parents would be proud, right?”
She nodded. “I think they would.”
He looked back at the road as the last of the regiment passed, leaving an empty dirt road with hardly noticeable spots of blood in their path. She assumed a few soldiers would still have bleeding wounds, or maybe someone’s had opened along the way. She shuttered and leaned on Alastair lightly. He placed an arm over shoulder and stared at the path, looking slightly sick. Of course, he wouldn’t admit to being nauseous from the scene.
After people started to clear from the scene she pulled away from Alastair. “I should go check on James and Lucie. They might want to talk.”
Alastair nodded. “Of course. Perhaps in a day or two Thomas will accept my apology.”
She snorted and elbowed him. “Just go tell him you didn’t mean anything by it and you’re just worried about him. He’s very understanding.”
“Yes, that sounds very easy.”
“It does.”
He sighed. “I’ll do my best, but he’ll probably ignore me for the next two days and then we’ll be assigned a chore together and will be forced to talk to each other.”
She shook her head and laughed softly. “Good luck with that.”
They said their goodbyes, heading off in separate directions.
Alastair arrived back at the house to find Thomas quietly sitting at the table with Sophie next to him, standing and leaning against the table, with her head in her hands. Christopher was nowhere to be found. “What’s going on?” He asked, walking over.
Sophie looked up at him. “Thomas claims he’s going to join the scouts,” she said disapprovingly.
“I want to fight, Mom,” he said. “And I didn’t mean to say anything.”
“Well you did,” she muttered, trembling slightly. “You saw what happened to them, Thomas,” she said, “Eugenia told me about it earlier.” She placed her hands on his shoulders. “Why would you want to go out there?”
“I don’t want to be stuck,” he admitted. “Behind the walls for the rest of my life.”
“He claims we live like livestock,” Alastair added in, “I’ve heard James say the same thing. Chrsistopher says the walls will fall one day. And Thomas believes him.”
“And it’s ridiculous not to,” he argued, turning to look at Alastair.
Sophie shook her head. “You’ll get over this. I don’t object to you helping, or fighting, but the scouts live dangerous lives. I don’t want you getting hurt.”
No one said anything after that, and Sophie turned around to continue washing dishes. “Go find Christopher, please. Cecily said he’s still running around and it’s getting dark. Be back for dinner. I’m afraid it’ll be a little late today.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Alastiar said. Thomas stood quietly, keeping his head hung. Alastair followed him out the door.
They walked down a road of cobblestones. Several people were walking by, going about their daily business and lives. Birds flew high in the air, and the sky was blue with few clouds out. It was a nice day, if not for the horrible casualties of the scout regiment and the disappointed tone that Sophie’s voice had carried when speaking to them.
“If you’re about to scold me too, forget it. I get it. I’ll die because I’m small and easily sick and the Titan will eat me first. Or maybe not because I’m small. Perhaps they’d like a soldier with more meat on them. Do you think getting eaten by a Titan is slow or quick-”
“Would you shut up?” Alastair snapped, grabbing his wrist. “Please.” Thomas paused on a lower step, waiting for him to continue. He didn’t look angry or irritated anymore, just scared. “Sophie doesn’t want you getting hurt, and neither do I,” he hissed. “Don’t you understand that?”
“I do. But it doesn’t help that no one has any faith in me.”
“I have faith in you.”
“You’ve done a fantastic job showing it.”
Alastair closed his eyes. “Christopher’s right. The walls will fall one day and we’ll have to fight. And I’m afraid of losing you and my sister and anyone else, okay? Does that help you understand why I’m so against it?”
“Is this about…” He trailed off.
“About what?”
“Listen,” he said instead of actually answering.
He did, and he heard what Thomas was talking about. The sound of yells and taunts and threats. They stood there for a moment, shared a look, then both ran towards the noise. They found Christopher being cornered by three taller boys, one was trying to grab a book that he was holding tightly to his chest as he dodged out of the way, while the other two boys carried on laughing. “Just hit him and snag the thing,” one of them called.
The boy trying to grab the book raised a fist and Christopher held the book up in front of his face to block it. The fist swung and though it didn’t hit his face, it knocked the book downwards so hard he dropped it and fell on his knees. He scrambled to grab it and the boy raised his hand again, but it never came back down. Alastair grabbed the boy's arm from behind and brought it out, pulling back on it and breaking it over his knee. He cried out and started to back away, holding his arm. The other two boys lunged towards him but Thomas slid and tripped one of them, and Alastair kicked the other. “Just leave them, guys!” And they ran off down the path. Alastair gave them one more disgusted glance then turned back to Christopher. He looked shaken, but otherwise uninjured. Thomas took one of his arms and helped him up off the ground, while Alastair knelt down to hand him the book.
“Are you alright Kit?” Thomas asked as the other boy took the book from Alastair.
“I’m fine.”
They both nodded, and with a little more caution, continued down the path again.
The three sat by the canal running through the district, Thomas sitting up on one of the walls while Christopher sat near him on a step, Alastair on a lower step by the water.
“They heard me talking about man’s future beyond the walls again,” he said, “How it’s our only future. So he tried to take my book about the outside world,” Christopher said, holding up said book. “I think people are just scared of the possibility of change.”
“I don’t know why they can’t just let us be hopeful,” Thomas sighed, “It would be so much easier if people were more supportive about it.”
“Of course, the walls have been up for one hundred years. We’ve lived for the most part peacefully, I see why they’re afraid. That’s why your Mom reacted the way she did, Thomas.”
Thomas grimaced. They had told Christopher about the quick incident at home with Sophie, and of course now all he was doing was thinking about possible reasons for Sophie to be scared, and for them to convince her they would be alright.
“Well, I’ll join the scouts. Then she’ll see.”
“The hell you will,” Alastair muttered.
“Are you going to stop me?” He demanded.
“I’m going to try and talk you out of it, you maniac,” he quipped.
“Will both of you settle down?” Christopher sighed, adjusting his glasses.
Alastiar sighed and leaned back. “Tell us what’s on your mind, Christopher? I’m sure it’s something interesting,” he said sincerely.
“I’m wondering about the people who actually believe we’ll forever be safe and secure within the walls. Who think we have a future here,” he said. Thomas looked over at him thoughtfully as he continued. “Just because they haven’t been invaded in one hundred years,” he said quietly, “Doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility that they’ll be breached today, or tomorrow, or the next day. It’s inevitable.”
There was silence. Just for a moment. Before it all changed. Looking back on it, one would wonder how to describe it. Perhaps the silence before an explosion, the silence before a child knew they were to be scolded or yelled at. Maybe it was an after silence even though nothing had happened yet. A silence like the last gunshot or pained cry in a battle.
There was a bolt like orange lightning beyond the wall off in the distance, an explosion in which sparks of ember and clouds of smoke rose from it, and an ear piercing ringing that brought on loud ringing in their ears. The ground shook so much it threw all three boys off of where they sat and to the ground, and they landed roughly on the hard Earth running along the canal. Alastair nearly fell in.
They stood shakily. “What the hell was that?” Alastair asked, as Thomas helped him off the ground. Christopher stood, looking through an alleyway in between two houses where people rose from the ground and started walking towards the sound to investigate.
“What was that?”
“An explosion?”
“Over there!”
All three boys ran out into the street and into a small area between rows of houses where several people gathered to see just what had happened. “Chrsitopher, what are you looking at?” Thomas asked. He felt Alastair tap his shoulder mutely, and he looked up. He gasped.
A giant, red hand, gripped the edge of the wall. It was made entirely out of muscle. Thomas could feel his heart hammering in his chest. One would expect the people to weep or run or panic, but instead there was just a stunned silence as everyone watched.
“The wall is fifty meters high,” Christopher said, “How is this happening?”
“A Titan,” Alastair said, sounding stunned.
It brought its head up as it stared down at them from behind the wall. It was massive. Just over the wall, it’s eyes peered down at the town. The large explosion had sounded when it appeared, and now it watched them. It had no skin. From what Thomas could tell it was a human body, but it was all red muscle, eyes, and a large mouth fixed in a permanent grimace. It had no lips, just teeth all lined in straight rows. He heard several people start screaming and crying, some already gathering their minds enough to run in the opposite direction.
How could it be so big? It was over fifty meters. How could it just appear there? Surely they would have heard it. Smoke rose from the ground where it stood. It placed it’s large hands on the walls. “NO,” he screamed, and he felt Alastair grip his shoulder tightly in a rush of fear and anticipation.
It pushed down on the wall, using it to support itself. The next thing that happened, already resulted in casualties. The gate - the giant, thick, gate that led to the outside, was kicked in by the titan’s large red foot, and Thomas felt sick. The whole section would flood with Titans. People would die, so many people.
He paused. His mother, his sisters, they were still back at home. He saw Chrsitopher fall on his knees next to him and Alastiar moved forwards to help the other boy up.
“Our homes,” Thomas said, “We have to go find our families-”
“No, Tom,” Alastair said urgently. “We need to get out of here.”
“But your families are farther away from the wall and the Garrison will be evacuating everyone. They’ll be out of the house by the time the Titans get here. They’re lucky enough to be that far away. They’ll make it. The Herondales aren’t so lucky.”
“Oh god, what should we-”
“Leave. Now.”
“What about Cordelia?”
“Cordelia will make it,” he said firmly. “I know she will.”
“How could you possibly-”
“You’ve met my sister, yes?”
“Yes, and it’s not that I doubt her but-”
“But we don’t have time for this conversation.” He gripped Thomas’s shoulders. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’ll run back to the house and make sure Kit’s family and your family have escaped with Rostam. It won’t take me along. You will take Kit and get the hell out of here. I’ll meet you inside Wall Rose.”
“Alastair…” he intended to argue, he wanted to argue, but Alastair was right, they didn’t have time for this. And if there was anyone he trusted with getting their families out, it was Alastair. Besides, Kit was shaking, pale, and still frozen in place. The best thing he supposed he could do was get his cousin to Wall Rose and meet their families there. But he still hated everything about that plan. He brought up his hand and squeezed Alastair’s wrist. “If you die,” he whispered, “I’ll kill you.”
Alastiar let out what could have been a choked laugh or dry sob, and hugged Thomas once before whispering in his ear. “If I die, I know you’ll find a way to bring me justice.” And without waiting for a response, he sped off in the other direction.
On that day humanity remembered…
The fear of being held in control by them.
The humiliation of being imprisoned.
Note! The next chapter is going to be way worse than this one, just a heads up. I know this AU is going to be fairly heavy and well, angsty, so if this stuff is going to really upset or make you uncomfortable or you don't like angst or just don't want to read it then let me know and I'll remove you from the taglist for this fic but keep you on for the rest of my TSC stuff that way no one will be tagged if they don't want to read it! 💚
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Let me know if you would like to be added or removed.
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littlx-songbxrd · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Fault lines, tremble underneath my glass house
But I put it out of my mind, Long enough to call it courage
To live without a lifeline
I bend the definition of faith, to exonerate my blind eye
'Til the sirens sound, I'm safe" - Earth
Tag list (ask to be added/ removed)
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readwithlivvy · a day ago
shadowhunters as different age groups:
boomers: alec lightwood, charles fairchild, grace blackthorn, thomas lightwood, ty blackthorn, jace herondale
gen x: jem carstairs, lucie herondale, julian blackthorn, tessa gray, cristina rosales, simon lovelace, magnus bane, cordelia carstairs
millennial: james herondale, jessamine lovelace, alastair carstairs, clary fairchild, izzy lightwood, anna lightwood, will herondale
gen z: kit herondale, matthew fairchild, emma carstairs, dru blackthorn, cecily lightwood, jesse blackthorn
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Modern Day AU
Word Count: 654
TW: mentions of getting drunk and drinking
Christopher and Matthew fic ft. Thomastair
For, @writeordie-4 💕
My Hair, Oh Lord, My Beautiful Hair
Thomas was sitting with Alastair on the couch when he heard a high-pitched scream. “Oh Matthew,” he said. Alastair seemed obvious to the screaming, then again Alastair was over so often he was probably used to the chaos. 
Once the screaming had stopped, Matthew started to form words. “KIT MY HAIR! HOW DID YOU DO THIS TO MY HAIR! MY HAIR, OH LORD, MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!” 
When hearing Kit’s name, Alastair perked up. He picked his head up, from where it was on Thomas’s chest, and looked him in the eyes. He raised an eyebrow at him. “Should we see what’s going on? I only ever heard Matthew yell at Kit about being safe, not yelling at him about his hair.” 
Thomas looked at his boyfriend, he would prefer to stay on the couch, but he knew Alastair was right. Thomas sighed, “Let’s go see what happened.”
Thomas and Alastair followed the sounds of Matthew’s despair. No surprise he was moping in his room. What was surprising was that his blond hair was no longer blond. It was a pink color. Alastair took one look at Matthew’s hair, and was about to laugh, but Thomas covered his mouth with his hand. He shook his head at Alastair, Matthew was very sensitive when it came to his hair. Also, Alastair didn’t live with them so he wouldn't have to suffer the consequences later. It took Thomas a minute to realize that Christopher was in the room. 
Christopher was in the corner of the room taking notes. The minute he saw Alastair he said, “Ah, Alastair! Do you have your art supplies? I would appreciate it if you could stretch out Matthew’s current look for me.” 
“WHAT! NO! HE WILL BE DOING NO SUCH THING, KIT!” Matthew yelled. Matthew then turned to Alastair, “I swear, Carstairs if you tell anyone about this,” pointing at his hair. “I will hunt you down till the ends of the Earth!” Alastair looked at Matthew and busted out laughing. Thomas groaned. Matthew whined. Christopher smiled. 
“Matthew, what happened to your hair?” Thomas finally asked. 
“I don’t know! Ask our scientist over there!” Matthew responded. 
“Kit?” Thomas said. 
Kit looked up from his notes. “I honestly don't know. I remember Matthew and I drinking last night. I got drunk for the first time, because I wanted to test how it would feel. Anyway, I remember doing an experiment last night, but don’t remember what I did. Now Matthew’s hair is pink, and I don’t know why.” He calmly explained. 
Everyone went quiet. Unsure of what to do or what to say. Then suddenly there was a flash, and the sound of a phone camera clicking. Oh no. Alastair had taken a photo of Matthew. “ALASTAIR!” Matthew yelled. At that moment, Alastair ran away laughing, Matthew chased him, but Alastair was faster and locked himself in Thomas’s room. Within a few seconds, Thomas’s phone buzzed. He looked at his phone to see that Alastair sent the photo to the group chat, which included all the merry thieves, Cordelia, Lucie, Jesse, Grace, Eugenia, and Kamala. A few seconds after that he heard Matthew banging on the bedroom door, “YOU ARE SO DEAD ALASTAIR CARSTAIRS!” All Thomas could hear though was Alastair’s laughter. 
A couple of days have passed since the whole pink hair incident, once again Alastair and Thomas were on the couch. Earlier, Kit and Matthew were with them, but Matthew dragged Kit away to go somewhere. After a few hours, Kit and Matthew came home. Kit’s hair was now pink. Both Alastair and Thomas’s jaws dropped at the site. “As payment for what he did Kit shall now sport pink hair with me!” Matthew proudly said.
Thomas turned his attention to Christopher. “I very much like this color. Grace said I look adorable!” Thomas laughed while Alastair took a picture of Matthew and Kit.
Taglist: @writeordie-4 @thefoxandthefound @littlx-songbxrd @anarmorofwords @shadowhuntertrash @queenlilith43 @wagnerthedragon n @thomas-thedavid-lightwood @writeforjordelia @afunkygoodtime e @carstairrs s @totalbookmaniac c @cant-think-of-anything @fatilightwood @melanielocke @fair-childd @amchara a @shadowhunting-hooligans @livingformyself @raziyekroos s @ddepressedbookworm @take-the-train @juliettecxi @fortheloveofthecarstairs LMK if you want to be (+) or (-)
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anarmorofwords · a day ago
re: sobh
(or re: being a bitch about CC)
can I just preface this by saying that I'm really happy for all the people who are invested in this project, and I absolutely don't mind SOBH itself?
I am just so done with the disproportions between the promo and excitement that goes into TWP, which hasn't even been sold yet, and TLH, that's, you know, the series CC is currently publishing?
we're getting yet another new Kit x Mina art (which, again, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against, and it's super adorable, and all that), but we can't get revised flower cards for Alastair and Cordelia? we're getting small tidbits of everyday life and relationships (mostly platonic/familial) of the TWP gang, but all she can be bothered to give us for TLH is sex, even with all those potential familial relationships just begging to be developed? (I wouldn't mind the sexy/make out content in general, if it wasn't the only type of extra content we're getting)
we're getting sobh, but not even a snippet/line/art for CHoT in the latest newsletter?
and before someone comes @ me with the "she's doing it for free" bullshit - first of all, I can still bitch about it (also for free!), and because I paid for the damn books and my frustration at the lack of extra content is undoubtedly magnified because of the unsatisfactory canon content - and second of all, not really? I mean, yes, no one's paying directly for that bonus content, but it all helps build the hype around the books, and she clearly cares about that once it's time to promote a dozen special editions of TLH. I can fucking bet we'll be getting promo right before ChoT comes out, probably some more sexualised couple art because it appeals to the majority of the fans, it seems.
and yes, I know that's marketing. she clearly knows which "era" of the Shadowhunters is the real hit, and for some unfathomable (for me, as I'm clearly biased) reason, it's not TLH, but it just feels shitty to see that the author doesn't care about the books she's writing, the characters you love so much.
especially that i am more and more under an impression that CC's only doing TLH because, for one, she already started it, and, most importantly, something in it will be relevant in TWP. the inconsistencies and the lack of any genuine involvement on her part do point to that, and it really doesn't help with the overall frustration.
so I'm just gonna whine about it, leave me be.
also, I fucking miss Alastair
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evilsam16 · 2 days ago
Omg do you guys know that short film “In a Heartbeat” about the little boy who’s heart kept chasing after a boy at school until it breaks. IT’S THOMAS AND ALASTAIR!!! Thomas is the little boy who kept chasing after his crush even though he tried not to. Bonus points that the other boy is reading just like Alastair always is and the that the red head was fascinated by him eating an apple just like Thomas was in the sanctuary. 
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queenhelenblackthorn · 2 days ago
So I found out that Jeremy Strong (Kendall) and Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg) from Succession are 5' 10" and 6' 7" respectively and I couldn't help but think that that is nearly the same height difference between Alastair and Thomas😭😭😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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axoloteca · 6 hours ago
TLH characters expectations
I was curious about a particular topic, most people have expectations in their passage through the world, but it is also good not to have them, the only thing that doesn’t seem correct to me is that your goals are centered on romantic love or what your family wants, just make it your own decision and live for yourself. That’s why I started to mark the TLH characters and what they want to do with their existence lol
Cordelia Carstairs:
Although she has a crush on James since she was little, it isn’t her goal in life. She wants to be a merciful heroine, someone who inspires and brings honor to her family (through Cortana) as well as becoming Lucie's parabatai , and be one of the best Shadowhunters of her generation.
Lucie Herondale:
We already know that life surprises us later, but she has been clear about it since she was little: to become a famous writer. And it's not that she doesn't like being Shadowhunter and she's set out to help Jesse who had previously saved her brother. But her true love and passion is in writing and sharing her stories with the world, as well as being Cordelia’s parabatai who she loves so much!
Christopher Lightwood:
Kit's intelligence and love for science is undoubted, since he was very young he set out to help the Shadowhunters and the world through his inventions and achieve things that angelic magic sometimes cannot give them.
Grace Blackthorn:
She grew up in a terrible environment, but she always had Jesse, until his death. She doesn’t want to resurrect him because Tatiana asked her to, but because of her own desire. Her priorities are: to save her brother and also to get her freedom desperately.
Jesse Blackthorn:
Very easy: live. "You belong here with the livings" his case is a very special situation, although he fell in love with Lucie, he knows that he didn’t die for natural reasons and when he returns with the living it will be his duty and desire to protect Grace and really live, because since he was little his greatest desire was to become a Shadowhunter and he even thanked Lucie for letting him be part of it.
Alastair Carstairs
He continues to wander about what he really wants to do in life, because circumstances with Elias forced him to be the man of the house, and he has always made taking care of his mother and sister a priority.
Kamala Joshi
By her own desire, she made it clear to Anna from the beginning that she wanted to have a family like she never had, that is, to have children and protect them.
Thomas Lightwood
In coi we were shown that he wanted to avenge the death of his sister, as well as protect his family, but I can't see anything more in it.
Charles Fairchild
Although we don’t like him, he has always been clear that he wants to become consul at all costs
James Herondale
It's tricky, especially when he's been in love trouble since before puberty, but James really values ​​being a Shadowhunter and it's not something he's going to give up on.
Those who live in the moment (and that's fine, but I'd like to know theirs aspirations beyond having fun and mental issues)
Anna Lightwood
Matthew Fairchild
Please if you want to comment, please be respectful, I just like to analyze things sometimes and I would like to see more character development that has nothing to do with romance.
This is a random post but I’m interest to know ur opinion @rinadragomir @luciehercndale @lord-jethro @lucie-blackthorns @casualsthings @noah-herondale-lightwood
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Tumblr media
CC you got it wronggg. She's mad that you didnt give him enough page time.
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cassandraclare · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Thomas and Alastair by Taratjah. The Sanctuary scene from Chain of Iron!
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carolinegillespieart · 4 months ago
*Spoiler warning for Chain of Iron*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay, sometimes it's more of a major inconvenience, but still 😂 These characters are from The Last Hours series by @cassandraclare
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