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eye-candy-addict · a day ago
hey btch if you still want requests how abt angel and al holding hands for the first time like the disasters they are
Tumblr media
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demlunzel · a day ago
Many people who ship radiodust happen to be ace, aro, or both (Including myself as I’m ace). Acearo has a spectrum. There are sex positive and sex repulsed if u wanna be more generic. For sex positives, it is often the mental and emotional experience that is most important in terms of attraction. Sex itself is not appealing to us. There are acearo sex workers as well, because as the position implies, it is a job, a performance, a persona. Not actual attraction. Ergo not only can Alastor be shipped with Angel, but Angel themselves can be ace too (Headcanoned obviously). He is under a soul contract after all and likely signed it due to the fact he has no other means of survival.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Angel is usually under some sort of high or intoxicated in some manner. This plus Valentino’s emotional manipulation/abuse and physical abuse and rape, adds onto the fact that none of this is via Angel’s consent. At best sex and drugs are a numb distraction. In the comic, we see a box of toys Angel has. At first, it is labeled “For fun” with a heart. It’s then crossed out and relabeled as Work shit. He’s reaching his breaking point and that distraction isn’t working anymore.
This is only further proved in Addict
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If Angel did crave a relationship or ever got into a serious one, his sexual needs wouldn’t be as intense as people portray. He’s had enough of just sex. He wants actual love.
Which by the way
Tumblr media
Aroace is, as mentioned before, a spectrum. One can be demisexual and demiromantic and still be considered aroace. This also goes for angled aroaces, who usually only feel attraction once or twice in their life
If Alastor were ever to gain a serious emotional connection with anyone, that would be his main focus. Alastor is one of the few demons in hell that doesn’t want Angel for his body. It’s likely extremely refreshing for Angel, bc then he knows that Alastor’s intentions should they get together, would never be to use him like that.
And in Alastor’s case
Tumblr media
Most demons usually view him in three ways;
Someone that should be feared and avoided
Someone that should be feared and treated aggressively as he is a threat
Or, someone with great power and can be used if on his good side
Angel views him in none of those ways.
He never treated him aggressively, nor did he run from him. And he isn’t the type to get involved in more overlord drama
Another thing that bothers me is that people sometimes portray Angel as pushy to get Alastor in bed. Which is just not in character. Out of everyone, Angel knows what it’s like to be forced into sexual situations without one’s consent. And he and Alastor both have a moral code. A fucked up one, but a moral code nonetheless.
During their first meeting, Angel had no way of knowing Alastor wasn’t into that sorta shit, as he just learned about his existence (Likely from constantly being high and drunk all the time since with knowing Vox he should’ve heard Alastor’s name mentioned at some point). Once Alastor turned him down Angel didn’t make any sort of pushy comment or sexual action towards him afterwards. He simply brushed it off saying “Your loss”.
As for personality, despite the two appearing extremely different, they have several similarities as well that balance things out. Both are mischievous, witty, quick mouthed, and would often banter as proved in the hunicast streams. (The VAs may not have them completely accurate, but they have a better understanding of the characters as they are the ones performing as them)
Both Alastor and Angel also lived within the same era. The 20s if you wish to be specific. Alastor died in 1933 whereas Angel died in 1947. It wouldn’t be surprising if Angel himself would listen to the radio quite a bit while alive. Not to mention, music tastes (While still extremely different) could overlap.
And while this is hardly any solid means of evidence, while I was studying Alastor’s heritage (Creole) and voodoo, I stumbled across this
Tumblr media
“The spirit of beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury and flowers”
“She represents the epitome of femininity and compassion”
“Her colors are white and pink”
Tumblr media
“Sometimes referred to as angel”
Tumblr media
So yeah. There’s that.
While I’m aware they won’t be canon, the dynamic this has along with the character development is too appealing too ignore and I’m tired of ppl shitting on Radiodust as an excuse as to why they just don’t ship it. You don’t have to hate a ship in order to not ship it. Just respect others.
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midnightxqueen · 2 days ago
hii, this is my first time requesting something so i hope i’m sending this through the right way, haha. Can you write Human Alastor X reader, preferably female, where instead of y/n being head over heals for him, Alastor’s head over heals for her? Like Y/n has him wrapped around her finger type of thing? if your not busy of course! if it’s too much or too confusing you can just ignore this! Thank you!! 💞💞
Tumblr media
The warmth of the radio station was paradise compared to the frozen air that hung outside. While you enjoyed winter, on days as cold as today, you'd much rather be at home, sitting by the fire and sipping a hot chocolate while listening to the radio. Unfortunately, you couldn't do that today. Your dad is the radio station owner, and seeing as he is home sick with the flu, it falls upon you to see how his employees are doing. 
Then again, it's not all bad. One employee has worked at the station for years and, every time you visit, he makes it his mission to see your smile at least once. Alastor is persistent in his desire for you, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't love the chase.
After hanging up your coat and discarding your hat, you check in with each radio host, saving the best for last. Honestly, you were amused by the way Alastor's eyes widened in surprise. He wasn't expecting you. The way he seemed to fumble his words said it all.
You waited until he put on the next song to enter the booth, but before you could open the door, he opened it for you.
"Good afternoon, Y/N," Alastor greets. His smile is vast, but then again, when is it not. You don't think you've ever seen a time when he wasn't smiling. "I dare say, I was hoping I'd see you again."
"Thank you, Al, although this time I'm here on business," you state. His smile falters a little at the implication that you weren't there to see him, but he still listens carefully as you continue to explain the reason behind your sudden visit. "My dad came down with something, so I'm here to see how things are going at the station."
"Everything is just fantastic, more so now that you're here." Alastor pulls out a chair for you by the desk while he takes his usual seat. "How have you been? It feels like an eternity since I was last blessed with your company."
"Al, "you laugh. "It's only been a week."
"Too long." 
You sigh, thinking about how to answer. The last time you saw Alastor, you broke the news that you started seeing a guy your father introduced. Honestly, you couldn't see yourself with someone so dull, but you didn't want to disappoint your dad. 
"I've been better. The guy I told you about never showed up for our date, and nobody seems able to get a hold of him. I admit I was a little relieved but isn't it strange that he just seemed to vanish off the face of the earth?"
"Very," Alastor replies with an unsettling gleam in his eye. "I always thought you deserve someone more... entertaining.”
"Really?" You smirk, completely forgetting the mischievous glint in the eye, and knowing full well that he's talking about himself. "Enough about me. How are you?"
"Things have been exceptional! The station is taking off, and mother just opened her own shop in the French Quarter!"
"That's wonderful," You beamed. Alastor's mother has always been exceptionally kind to you. "I'll have to visit sometime."
"Hopefully soon. You know I can't go very long without seeing your radiant smile." Alastor flashes a flirtatious grin. 
"Is that so?" you ask, matching his smirk. 
As the song comes to an end, Alastor gets up and grabs a record from the bottom of a huge pile.  The second he begins to play it, you recognize it immediately. Only Alastor knew that "I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling" is your favorite song. 
"Al, you know me too well," you gushed, causing him to beam proudly at you. "I'm just ensuring that your visit is worth while," he grins. Alastor has tried so hard for you for the past two years. You can't help but think that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to give him a chance. God knows you could never grow tired of someone so... him. 
"By flirting with me? My father might not like that very much," you say. The truth is, your dad liked Alastor a lot. He'd be thrilled to find out that you've fallen for him, even if Alastor is one of his employees.
"Some smiles are worth the risk." 
That did it. Typically, you'd be the one to make Alastor blush, but this time you couldn't help the blush that crept its way to your cheeks.
"What would you say about going out for dinner sometime."
"I'd say I'll pick you up at 8."
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ms-hartley-writes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You summon Alastor. (Request)
Had you known it would work.. you might not have gone through with it.
Your friends had dared you to summon a demon.. you didn’t believe in demons but you happened to have a summoning spell you found in a old journal at a bookstore. it seemed to be a normal recipe for jambalaya yet- it called for a drop of the makers blood.. among some other very specific questionable things such as a radio to be playing on a dead station so that static can be heard. Not to mention it was titled “Care to make a deal?”
You probably should’ve declined the dare However you were quite frankly bored.. besides it would give you something to do this evening and something seemed to be better than nothing.
How wrong you were.
Your friends said they’d watch through the window but they wouldn’t risk doing it with you.
You had the radio on, the jambalaya was thing was left.
You glance to the window, locking eyes with the idiots who dared you. Are they eating popcorn right now?.. rolling your eyes you look back to the pan of jambalaya in front of you.
You prick your finger with a needle and wait for a drop to fall..
The radio went silent..
Music starts playing, Old music.. Jazz? But it was on a dead station..
You send a worried glance to the window..they were gone. The light suddenly flickers off and you gulp. “Jambalaya gods.. please don’t kill me, WHAT THE HEL-“ the lights turn on and there is a tall man in front of you, staring down with a grin.
“Hello there~” He chimes, his voice sounding as if it was laced with static. You stare at him, looking at his red hair, deer antlers and ears.. then to the microphone he was holding as a cane. The whole outfit was old in appearance yet somehow he made it work.
You look back to his eyes.. they were a entrancing red. Finally gathering the courage to speak to the imposing man in front of you, you ask, “Hello.. I suppose demons are real then?” His grin widens as he tilts his head “Yes indeedy, The names Alastor..and you are?” Alastor?.. what a odd name for a demon.. “I’m.. I’m Y/n” you answer while glancing back at the window.. maybe they’ll come back for you.
Alastor watches.. you don’t seem scared and he isn’t sure if he should be offended or intrigued. He doesn’t clue onto his thoughts as he chimes “Y/n? What a lovely name, it’s a pleasure to meet you darling.. so I assume you found my recipe?” The woman before him nods, a light blush dusting her cheeks at the compliment. “Thank you.. the jambalaya? Yeah” she scratches the back of her neck nervously, continuing “heh sorry about that.. I was dared to do this by my friends..who left me” You look at the ground when asking your question.. not wanting him to see the betrayal and sadness in your eyes from your friends leaving you behind.
Clawlike fingers grip your chin, tilting your head up as he observes your features “Hmm..they sound like very loyal people. I’ll keep an eye out and give them a nice..welcome..when they arrive here” Alastor says.. his grin darkening. You gulp, taking note of how sharp his teeth are and shakily ask, “Are you going to kill me, Alastor?”
He tilts his head as if deeply considering his answer..he lets his hand fall away from your chin as he glances around the room. “To be honest with you darling, I haven’t decided yet. Though I must admit I thought you would’ve panicked by now..why haven’t you?” The radio demon regards her, he knew if she had tried to run he would’ve killed her.. It seemed she knew that too as she answers with a simple, “what good would that do me?”
Alastors grin widens “none whatsoever darling.. now while I understand your summoning me was somewhat accidental, In order for me to return to hell.. we must either make a deal or you must meet your untimely.. end. The choice is yours..” he shrugs nonchalantly, trying to get a rise out of the woman. She tilts her head.. “I have a few things to accomplish before I die.. what type of deal?”
Alastors smile twitches, that was not the reaction he wanted.. “Is there something you desire? Revenge.. power.. fame perhaps? The price varies depending on what you ask for..” you think for a moment.. “I don’t want any of those.. what about one favor I could call on you for while I’m alive? And I’ll pay your price even if I die before I use the favor.” The radio demons eyebrows raise and he stares down at you..or through’s like he was peering into your soul and it was quite unsettling.. after a long moment he asks, “What would the favor be?..” You squint and try to think of how you’d use it.. you honestly had no idea but something was telling you you would definitely need it..“I don’t know yet.. just something for when I’m in an emergency.” You finally answer. He twirls his microphone for a moment before speaking, “Well darling..For something so vague, my price would be quite high..” Alastor gives you a pointed stare.. this wasn’t a mere quick trade.. you knew it wouldn’t be, so you nod, “I understand.. what’s the price?”
The smile on his face turns menacing as he steps towards you..leaning down so you’re face to face while he answers, “your unwavering servitude from the point of your death.. to put it simply, I’d own your afterlife.” You flinch at how close he was, holding your hand out for a handshake. “well until today I didn’t even think I’d have an afterlife…so deal.” Alastor raises an eyebrow..that’s the easiest contract he’s made. especially with a living being as they are so much more picky..perhaps this woman would provide much entertainment once she finds herself in Hell. “Deal~” Alastor says as He grips her hand in a firm handshake, watching her wince in pain as something pricks her finger and a droplet of crimson blood floats up..combining with a droplet of his own black blood then Soon both fading into green smoke.
The deal was made..
“Was that it?..” you ask, looking around and then back at him. He nods slightly.. “indeed it was.” Alastor lets go of your hand and bows dramatically, “pleasure doing business with you Ma chéri.. see you soon~”
You smile at him just before the lights flicker off. ”yeah..see you soon.”
And just like that.. the lights came back on, the radio however kept playing the old music..
even when you switched stations.
And tried to turn it off..
You were glad you didn’t mind jazz..
because you were stuck with it.
Funny thing but you soon realized that it was an old New Orleans broadcast from 1928-1932.. and more importantly..the hosts name was Alastor. That explains the way the demon sounded..
Well after all this at least you still had some fresh jambalaya to look forward to for dinner.
Spoiler alert..your pot of Jambalaya was empty.
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Ok, so how would the Hazbin Hotel staff and their S/O be raising a teenager?
All of them? Wow ok this the most characters I think I've ever gotten.
Tumblr media
Charlie is the fun mom
She lets the kid get away with certain things but doesn't want to see them get hurt
She supports all their hopes and dreams
She would give the most awkward Talk ever and end up being the one blushing as she tries to explain so that would have to fall onto you
She doesn't care who her kid dates as long as they treat them right, and she won't hesitant to switch to her demon mode if she knows her kids partner is being bad to them
The protective mom
Always makes sure her kid has a weapon at all times, even if you think its unnecessary sometimes
Can and will impale anyone who threatens her kid
Would teach the kid to curse in Spanish when they became a teen
Very good in comforting her kid
The really, really fun parent, not strict at all
Would the kid all about the best clubs in town and the ones to stay away from
Would teach the kid to curse in Italian
Angel would warn them about the dangers of drug use and sometimes wonder if the kid is destined to go down the same bad path as him, but ultimately believe that the two of you raised them better than that
Husk's dating advice for his kid? Don't do it.
Would be responsible when it came to drinking since he knows teens are impressionable and doesn't want to be a bad example
Both of you know that your kid will drink at some point but you try to be a good influence anyways
He would tell his kid all about his glory days in the Casino, show them the best tricks he's learn over the years
Would be very awkward when they reach that age since he doesn't know how to connect with the kid
Would be the kind of parent who sometimes embarrassed their kid by telling them to smile
Family photos are always awkward and tense
Would not even try to give the Talk
Would teach them some proper class and style, and wicked smiles
Would teach the kid all the best food recipes
Would be the one who could easily keep up with their kids rants and rambles
Niffty would ask all sorts if embarrassing questions once her kid starts dating, she wants to make sure they're safe and happy in their relationship
Good with dealing with positive emotions, not so much the negative ones, she leaves that mostly to you but she tries
Would try to endear herself to the kids friends even though her actions would sometimes embarrass them
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petitprincess1 · 6 hours ago
I think I've seen Charlastor fans get upset at the merch of Charlie and Alastor. Do you think it's wrong of Vivziepop to do that?
Tumblr media
You were being kinda vague, but I'm guessing it's with stuff like this? Even if it isn't, there are some Charlastor fans that need to understand that that ship is never going to be canon. I hate to be mean, but that's the truth. It just isn't.
Vivzie said that Alastor won't love Charlie. The reason why Chaggie gets more merch is because it is canon. It has nothing to do with catering to others ships. I know there are Charlastor fans that knows this, but others really need to accept this. Charlastor won't be canon and I'm sorry (not being facetious). Plus, this design is mimicking something similar in the pilot.
Tumblr media
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missblissy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! I'm hosting an Alastor week from October 24th - 31th just in time to celebrate Halloween!
You can write a story or draw a picture! Anyone can partake! I'm calling all Alastor fans to come together to make some wonderful content!! Remember to use the #alastorweek tag or @missblissy so I can share your entry!
I'm also hosting this to celebrate the grand opening of my new and improved Hazbin Hotel themed discord server, which will be open to the public on Monday, September 20th!! I'll reblog this again on Monday with a Discord Invite for those who wish to join!! Please consider filling out this form (if you already haven't) if you'd like to join so I know who wants in!
Anyways! Happy Hunting! And may Alastor find you soon >:)
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littleratbytes · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
uncut amethyst
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daiaskuldt12 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Holaa chicos, bueno les dejo este dibujito que al fin termine TwT. Espero les guste y el personaje se llama Velvet, es de Hazbin Hotel! La Creadora del personaje se llama: Vivziepop <3. Me encanta mucho este personaje a pesar de que solo aparece unos segunditos me encanto uwu. Subiré mas contenido de Hazbin Hotel ya que tengo varias ideas de dibujos :’3 Los AMO espero se encuentren muy bien <3 By: Daia_Skuldt Y si, el coloreado esta hecho con el Mouse, NO USO tablet.  La Gente me pregunta el nombre de mi tablet, pero no tengo... y la aplicación que uso se llama Paint Tool SAI.
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concubuck · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Say hello to the new and improved Radio Demon!"
🖤❤️‍🔥 AU Succubus Alastor❤️‍🔥🖤
("Wait, isn't Alastor ace?" Yeah that's a theme actually, the difference between libido & attraction and grappling with conflicting facets of one's identity and— But this is a promo post, I won't get into it.)
Available: Asks ❤️ N S F W ❤️ Plot-Driven Threads ❤️ Art Requests
18+ only 🖤 One-liner, para, lit RP 🖤 OC/AU/crossover/doubles OK 🖤 Personals may send asks/requests 🖤 Written by @ckret2
Art & Ask Blog ❤️‍🔥 RP Thread Blog ❤️‍🔥 Rules ❤️‍🔥 About
Please reblog if you're interested in interacting! (I appreciate it!)
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k3ic0re · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—﹕ꗃ﹒𝖠𝗅𝖺𝗌𝗍𝗈𝗋 𝗅𝖺𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗍𝗓 𓂃 (# >o<)  📻 ⁾⁾ ˖࣪ ࣪⋆་
(╯°□°)╯︵ 𝖿𝖾𝖾𝗅 𝖿𝗋𝖾𝖾 𝗍𝗈 𝗎𝗌𝖾❗ ︰〣、
Tumblr media
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mallowtonmouse · a day ago
Can we see alastor be cute and baby?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have these I guess ^-^
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
Can you do Alastor x Neko! Reader?
Oh! Haven't see than one before, sure sounds like fun!
Tumblr media
Alastor would think you're one of the least scary looking demons he's come across
He would find you cute non the less and become a little protective of you
He would make sure to give you scratches under the chin
He enjoys the sound of you purrs
You scratched him a few times but he doesn't mind, at least he knows you're not completely defenseless
Out he curiosity he pulled on your tail once, but never again since it ended wit you hissing and growling at him, not to mention you not sleeping in the same bed as him for a few days
He loves to cuddle with you since that's when he hears you purr the most and it helps him sleep
He will never understand how you can seemingly sleep anywhere
Alastor will sometimes buy you cat nip once to help you relax after a hard day at work
You accompany him to the cannibal district and he accompanies you to buy fish, of course you only get the best kind with the Radio Demon by your side
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missblissy · 2 days ago
PLS alastor x chubbyish reader who only wears baggy clothes like MENS 4XL AND HUGE/LONG SHORTS and then finally puts on something tight like a dress -like his reaction SORRY FOR IT BEING SO LONG AND SPECIFIC
(( Of course my friend!! And no worries. IM SOrRY FOr The WAIt---...... I am but a simple lad. The drafts man.... I don't get along with them and they don't get along with me. AGAIN SORRY FOR THE WAIT WEEPS. I also hope you don't mind I did a modern!au...? QwQ I just-.... I just saw such a cute idea in my head.... ANYWAYS. I hope u enjoy!))
You chewed at your bottom lip as you thought it over again. Was this a good idea? You saw yourself in the mirror and slowly turned to the side a little. I don't know... Is this a good look for me? You picked up the hem of the dress and pulled it up a little. For a second to long you saw your theighs and looked away quickly. The dress was much different than the typical outfit you enjoyed. Baggy clothes no more, a dress found a snug but almost perfect fit. Something about it felt to tight, making certain parts of your skin to appear more pressed and chubby. It did show that you had some curves but nothing to gloat about.
It was red. Your idea. Well... the dress and everything was your idea too. You wanted to look nice, or nicer than you normally dressed. You were a comfort over pain person. Sweat pants were a must-have, large shirts, oversized hoodies? Constantly. It was just far more comfortable that way. Why would anyone want to spend all day in a pair of tight jeans riding up in places nothing should ever go? It didn't make sense, and honestly, it also just made you feel a little better to hide behind such baggy clothes sometimes.
You leaned over the sink and fixed your hair. You felt far more nervous than you should be. Maybe it was because he was waiting outside the bathroom, in your bedroom. Alastor took his time enjoying a book though, he wasn't in that much of a hurry. A lazy smile rested on his face as he looked at the clock on the dresser in front of him. He sat on the edge of your shared bed and took in a slow breath, "It's almost seven, dear, we'll have to leave soon." He casually said as he flipped a page of his book.
From within the bathroom, you took yet another look at yourself, "Okay!" You said quickly. The dress wasn't over the top or anything. It kind of looked like a simple high waist, shirt dress. Tight on the top with a button-down and a little fit bow tucked within the collar, similar to a vintage dress from the 50s. You enjoyed the skirt wasn't as tight as the shirt, but it was still fitted even if it fanned out.
You had to turn away from the mirror or you'd get stuck there again for another twenty minutes. You put your hand on the doorknob then paused. You had only been dating Alastor for about two months. So far he found your casual choice of clothes cute. He didn't seem to care what you wore at the end of the day. And honestly, he didn't know what to expect when you came out of the bathroom. He only wore what he typically wore... But that's also because he was a "public figure" who ran a "respectable" podcast. So he didn't have to change much. Still, the same button-down shirt, tucked into his dark dress pants. There was no sweater vest or bowtie, but instead just a regular black tie. However, up until now, Alastor had never seen you in a dress before.
Alastor never asked you to dinner at a restaurant that had a dress code either. Normally the dates were left to late-night fast food runs because you got out of work late. Not this time though. You also couldn't imagine the embarrassment of being caught at a classy restaurant in a hoodie and shorts... Yeah. No thanks. You'd rather not.
After staring at the door for five minutes you snapped out of your trance-like thoughts and twisted the doorknob. You quickly stepped out of the bathroom and stood halfway between the bed and the door. At first, Alastor didn't even look up from his book. He gave you a glance for a second then quickly took a second look and stared at you.
He slapped the book closed with one hand and set it down beside him, "Well, look at that," He smiled at you. You felt your cheeks burn under his gaze, "Go on, do a spin," He twirled a finger quickly.
You felt a smile climb onto your lips as you did a stupid little giggle and lifted your arms with a spin. The little clap he did only made you chuckle more, "Stop it," You rolled your eyes, only teasing him.
Alastor pushed himself off the bed and just as you spun back to face him, he snacked an arm around your waist and used his free hand to grab your own. And suddenly the two of you were dancing. He side-stepped with a quick waltz, making it easy for you to follow him. He hummed a pretty tune and whisked you away.
Little did he pay mind to your big doe eyes and blushing face. He had his eyes closed as if this was just second nature and he didn't even have to think about doing it. Pressed against his chest you could smell the sweet scent of roses mixed with a warm piney cologne. Alastor stopped short and gave you a little spin. The skirt of your dress waved slightly as you left the closeness of Alastor. You held onto his hand as he looked you over.
Alastor quickly pulled you back to him, "You look very lovely, dear," He was only a few inches away from your face. The warmth of his smile bleed into his brown eyes as he brushed his nose against yours, "Utterly stunning, quite literally the most beautiful creature I've ever seen." Oh well, now he was just being over the top. You let out a little hiccup a giggle but it was stifled by the swift kiss that Alastor stole from your lips.
When he pulled away you were left slightly dazed and sad that the kiss was over so soon. But Alastor kept you in his arms as he said, "Maybe we should just stay home," He grinned at you, "I don't know if I care to share you with anyone else-"
You rolled your eyes and pushed him away with a cheeky smirk of your own. Sometimes he was so full of himself, at least he did it in a way that could make you laugh, "Come on," You gave him a light pat on the chest, "We're gonna be late," You walked past him and grabbed your coat off the dress. Alastor remained there with his grin growing larger. His eyes roamed over your body as you walked past. He took in every angle he could get before following after you and closing the door behind him.
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