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When Klee entered Dragonspine for the very first time to look for her big brother, she was NOT prepared for the harsh environment. 
So Albedo helped her out by making her a winter gear!
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Last year sketches🤨
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Thinking of making these sticker
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So I started playing this game called genshin impact a couple months ago
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So yeah basically:
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ugh, but as someone who was cursed with a round face and chubby cheeks, i luv this request 🥺 i NEVER hardly ever see any fics written specifically for round faces and/or chubby cheeks.
Short Genshin Boys Reacting to a Reader With Chubby Cheeks <3
characters: venti, xingqiu, xiao, chongyun, bennett, scaramouche, albedo, kazuha
warnings: none!
Tumblr media
he just loves to squish your cheeks together and make you say words <3
he finds it so cute when you get mad at him for pinching your cheeks!
“oh y/n! your little face is so, so cute..your chubby cheeks and everything!”
he loves to rub his cheek up against yours.
when he kisses you, he kisses both of your cheeks before he kisses your lips.
“y/n. i must say, you have one of the prettiest faces here in liyue.”
he thinks your face is so beyond adorable.
he always calls you pretty girl/boy <3
when he passes by you in public, he’ll reach over and pat one of your cheeks with his hand.
when he’s in a teasing mood, he loves to pinch your cheeks whenever you’re staring off into space, teasing you for getting startled about it.
he pretends he doesn’t care about the fact that you have chubby cheeks; but he finds it absolutely adorable!
you’ll always catch him staring at your face; pondering and wondering if he can touch your cheeks.
when he gets caught he’ll scowl at you and look away.
“stop looking at me like that! i was looking over your shoulder, not at your face.”
at night, when he thinks you’re asleep, he leaves gentle kisses on each of your cheeks before he leaves for the night.
he loves you, he’s just a big toughie 🙄
this boy HAS to have a popsicle in hand anytime he’s near you. no matter if he’s inside or in the shade.
he gets so red and nervous near you because you’re absolutely so cute!
“w-why am i eating another p-popsicle..? n-no reason!”
also another one who won’t admit to getting flustered over your face.
at night when you guys have little sleepovers, when he thinks you’re asleep, he’ll often find himself gently rubbing and caressing your cheeks <3
he also has chubby cheeks <3
he relates to you immensely, especially if you’re insecure over them.
he will refrain from calling you cute and stuff if you don’t like being called cute.
he understands if you get teased for your face shape 💔
he often gets teased for his chubby cheeks.
“ya know y/n, your face really suits you…if that makes sense- please don’t get back!”
he gets angry at the sight of you.
not because he doesn’t like you; he just hates how you make him feel with your cuteness.
“ugh! can you please go away! you’re being a nuisance with you’re face!”
he doesn’t mean it, plz stay <3
when he thinks you aren’t looking, he’ll just gaze at your face.
he gets teased for it- which makes him mad.
when he gets mad at you, he pinches your cheeks.
he also has chubby cheeks; can’t tell me otherwise.
“your face is much like klee’s…you both have such chubby cheeks, it’s quite adorable-“
he loves to draw portraits of you and klee both with your little chubby cheeks!
he finds you absolutely adorable.
klee loves to play with your face-.
he does too.
they’re both constantly at your side, just squishing your cheeks and pinching them.
it’s so cute and funny-.
“beloved, have i ever told you how much i admire how adorable you look?”
this mf makes poems about your cheeks and reads them during poetry night on the crux 😭😭
when you two are laying in bed together; he’ll gently stroke your cheeks, lulling you to sleep.
he always gives you cheek kisses <3
he also has slight chubby cheeks;
he loves you so much, he finds you so beyond adorable and cute.
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- Узри моё великое творение
косплеер: @OvsyanArt
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Albedo x Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
/// Tiny Hands, Tiny Feet
Summary: You always wanted to marry someone charming and have your own little family. But when you fall in love with Albedo, a homunculus who is infertile, your dreams seem so distant all of a sudden.
Warnings: angst, infertility, afab reader, slight nsfw content
Tumblr media
You never wanted much in your life.
A dainty cottage amidst a buzzing garden of friendly windmill asters and delicate dandelions with a close-knit family by your side seemed to be a tangible dream. The scent of freshly cut grass, married with the sight of honey and milk laid atop a gingham tablecloth, permeated your day-to-day thoughts.
Back then, you would serenely daydream about how when you finally have a tiny babe in your arms, you will praise them as they babble nonsense and merrily giggle. Ah! How you will coo at them as they bring their little foot to their mouth. The creaking wood of the front door will signal the return of your precious husband. Utter paradise!
Some mornings as the sun's rays spill into your bedroom and tickle your supple skin, you would gaze into the looking-glass near your door, pull your satin nightgown up, and lightly caress your navel.
The nuns at the church would gaze at your growing smile whenever you gently pinched a child's plump cheeks. The bakers would make sure to give you the best loaf, for you always made their toddler laugh. No one dared to snicker when you picked grape juice at Angel's Share instead of the iconic Dandelion Wine.
Maybe you were too ambitious. You didn't even have a lover, for goodness sake!
However, your obvious predicament soon changed when you met the prodigy of Ordo Favonius, their beloved Chief Alchemist.
Intelligent. Handsome. Calm. Aloof. Talented.
The moment you learned of his name, you twirled around and hummed it, making sure to relish each syllable.
What a gorgeous name for a prince with fair skin, blond hair, and vibrant teal eyes.
Even to this day, his most striking quality is that the air around him is never warm. Instead, he carries the frigid, wafting winds of Dragonspine. With a moonlike smile and solemn eyes, it was fitting that the man of science built his abode on the desolate mountain.
You remember it clearly.
It was early in your relationship when he first invited you to stay with him. It was late into the evening as he brought you to his home at Dragonspine. He jokingly smirked as your body intensely trembled from the bleak frost, but you never squeaked any complaints.
The inviting fireplace and heavy wool blankets, Albedo purchased just for you, did absolutely nothing to warm you up. The body of your lover was as bitterly cold as the blizzard outside. Yet you never did shiver, for the frail tenderness he offered when he cradled you in his arms was enough to ignite your beating heart.
You ran your fingers through his soft locks and pecked his icy lips. Blood rushed to his face, tainting his fair skin a brilliant vermillion.
That night the alchemist couldn't get a wink of sleep because he spent each hour monitoring how your chest went up and down. He quickly grew accustomed to the sound of your shallow breathing, soon remembered the exact rhythmic pattern of your heartbeat, and dutifully noted which position you slept in. Fetal. How interesting.
Every fine detail was accurately etched into his mind.
A time when fertility is at its peak. Flowers bloom at the sight of chicks and fawns snuggling close to their mother. This northern land graced by the seeds of time and wind flourishes and succumbs to pastel bliss during these months. Lambs bleating as they rest under a budding apple tree is just another indication that Persephone has returned from the Underworld.
Moreover, a pleasant breeze from Barbatos' Holy Lyre der Himmel only urges new life. The poetic tune stays alive each time hands romantically clasp together, each time a parent treasures their child, and each time a toast is made with cherished companions.
The joyous Windblume festival, now a symbol of courtship, aids in the unity of lovers. Euphoric kisses after the gifting of a bouquet of cecilias and sweet flowers aren't an uncommon sight during this fecund season. Tailors suddenly are overflowing with requests for fashionable wedding dresses.
One time, you couldn't help but stare at a pregnant woman listening to a singing bard. Her dress was a tight fit for her swollen belly. Her hand couldn't stop moving up and down, feeling the curve that's caused by growing life.
When you and Albedo sat down for brunch at Good Hunters to commemorate the celebration of Mondstadt's freedom, the chirps of a toddler distracted you from your meal. It soon grew cold.
You absolutely adored it when Spark Knight Klee would visit. The young child's energetic antics and the clicks of her leather boots kindled maternal natures.
Oh! The child's rambunctious and adventurous character never failed to amuse you. She definitely made sure to take advantage of your caring personality. That toy, Jean wouldn't let her get, was suddenly in her tiny, greedy hands. Those mouthwatering, freshly baked biscuits left crumbs on her mouth.
You couldn't resist those round, doe eyes, her exaggerated pout, and the sight of her pigtails animatedly bouncing up and down when you reluctantly resigned, "I suppose you can have that…"
Fiery pranks were regularly shut down after Albedo's scolding. Merciful reprimands made you view him in a different light.
He wasn't the same man that stayed cooped up in his campsite alone, losing track of time. He wasn't the same man that strived to investigate and understand everything he discovered. He wasn't the same man that meticulously painted portraits of his friends and wildlife.
He wasn't the same man when Klee was around, and you despised how you gained so much enjoyment from it.
When she grew tired from endless playtime, from soaking up too much sun as she fish blasted Cider Lake, and from scurrying around Stormbearer Mountains, your lover would carry the little girl decked out in crimson in his arms and tuck her into a plush bed after she washed up. Klee was never bothered by his frosty touch because it was saturated with fondness. Alice left her in good hands.
He never failed to make sure to leave on a music box, to fluff her pillow, to brush the dirt off Dodoco, and to neatly stack her silly crayon drawings.
Even after a long day of frolicking through the City of Freedom's meadows, those glittering, scarlet eyes sometimes wouldn't close unless a fairytale was enthusiastically told.
Once, it was about a lovely, pale princess whose skin and bright eyes were blessed by her forest kingdom's only source of nourishment: the Moon. She later met a charming prince and six pygmies. But unfortunately, the story was never finished because the young elf was sound asleep by the first few pages.
A whisper dedicated to sweet dreams spilled from your luscious lips as the alchemist blew out the dripping candles.
When her door was quietly shut, you looked at your dearest and snickered.
"Too much terrorizing?"
Albedo rolled his eyes and tiredly scoffed, "Too much like her mother."
"We should end our relationship."
There was a tinge of sour sharpness in those blunt words. They hurt, but like drinking homemade lemonade, the taste is to be expected.
Albedo trusted you with knowledge of his origins. Maybe it was denial, or perhaps Klee's naivety rubbed off on you too vigorously. Nevertheless, this conversation was inevitable because you knew he was crafted from the finest chalk.
"You and I are incapable of producing biological offspring. I lack a proper and functioning reproductive system." Why must he speak like that? You're his sweetheart, not his colleague.
You wanted to cry and leave his warm Dragonspine dwellings. You yearned to open some forgotten children's book on your shelf and turn into a woeful, touch-starved maiden who weeps for a family and, by the end of the dazzling fairytale, finds one. But you couldn't. His somber voice, which reeks of regret, still made you swoon, still made you stammer and heat up.
The distinct crack of pinewood burning halted. Sorrowful, dying embers were struggling to rejuvenate their life. Albedo turned his head and hastily tended to the fighting flame. You almost wanted to hate how unceasingly nurturing he was.
You looked away, ashamed that you dared to think anything negative of your lover.
The blond man delicately brought your face once more towards him with a gentle maneuver of his fingers. You wished his skin would stop being so cold, but it's engraved in him. The star-shaped mark left on him by his Mother, was evidence.
"My love, are you okay?" he crooned and pulled you into a tight embrace. His smart Favonius uniform was swapped for a knitted sweater you recently finished. Ah, here was your Albedo! The prince who would make cecilias bloom from his palm, just for you, and asked to paint you far too often. He was finally speaking to his prized sweetheart. The velvet curtains to that pitiful act he tried to play earlier fell all too quickly.
You burrowed into his neck and whimpered your response. "Please, don't leave me. I'm sure we can find a way somehow...Just I beg of you don't say those words." Your heart had already chosen the homunculus to be with you until your last moments. In your diary, you had begun to outline endearing vows.
Albedo sighed, brought you closer, and breathed in your comforting scent. He knew you two were playing a losing game.
In truth, the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius loves children. They remind him of his experiments; one doesn't know how it will turn out, so it's a thrilling journey. Their tiny hands clasping everything. Their sparkling eyes observing new people and places. It certainly doesn't help his cause that a certain elf left her exuberant daughter in his care.
Albedo was surprised when he found your presence rather soothing. It was utterly refreshing for him that he allowed a human to enter into his life so easily. That passionate beam whenever he showed you one of his creations or your lack of complaints as you traversed the icy paths of Dragonspine together never failed to make him want more. Furthermore, you respected his boundaries whenever he wanted to pursue his work or be left alone. Everything between you and him to the common folk of Mondstadt seemed excellent, ideal even.
Yet why was guilt building up?
Maybe it began when you stared at those new families, that one Windblume. Or was it when he first saw that adorable look on your face when you spotted a dainty, little swaddle for a newborn in a shop. No, no, he was sure it had to be when you first met Klee.
Nevertheless, the sin of being completely unable to grant his devoted partner their true desire brutally gnawed at his conscience.
The shame devoured him so much that the poor man started to sketch out a variety of infants to cope. They all were the perfect mix of you two. He loved picturing how each different baby might turn out if they had your eyes or perhaps his hair and face structure. It was all so fascinating and painful.
A part of him broke each time he had to burn the thoughtful sketches. He could never let you see them. He knew how sensitive this topic was. Their cherubic faces, enchanting smiles, and chubby limbs being consumed by vile, undiscriminating flames tormented him. You would never see the tears that fell. Albedo made sure of that.
The disheveled wool blankets of the bed covered your naked bodies as your head laid on his sweaty, bare chest. The agonizing winds of the dreary mountain terrified you at times, but you settled down whenever you listened to the melody of Albedo's synthetic heart.
"I can try to use alchemy to give you a child."
The one crafted from chalk knew it would never be the same, and it may be a grueling affair. He shuddered as he recollected the stories of how his creator, Rhinedottir, would have his failed brothers to be eaten alive by Durin.
Besides, from the anecdotes he heard from the Medical Wing in the Church of Favonius, a unique experience in parenthood is getting to see how one's child looks like for the first time. After spending too many months waiting, the parents can finally point out the eye color, the shape of their tiny nose, or identify whose face shape they have.
With alchemy, you two would already know. The element of surprise would simply be nonexistent.
"No." A soft yet stern word was elicited from you. You knew about the destruction of Khaenri'ah. How Gold became labeled a grave sinner by the Heavens for mastering the Art of Khemia. "I can't even imagine you being called a sinner. Oh, my sweet Albedo." You nestled further into his frigid chest. Your temperature must have dropped as you let more of your body be caught by his squeezing embrace. Frostbite may have developed as you drowned further into the arctic waters of your darling's glacial eyes and skin. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was responsible for your demise. You have done so much for Mondstadt. I won't let it all go to waste!"
He frustratedly shut his eyes, eyebrows furrowed from the tension. His mouth tightened into a thin, straight line.
But I already am a sinner. I can't…
The blond man believed it to be for the best that his conviction lingered in the back of his enigmatic mind instead of being vocalized.
Your lover was never the most expressive, but you developed a keen eye after being with him for some time.
You pulled away from his clutch and bashfully straddled his hips.
Comforting, meek touches littered his torso and face as your fingers grazed his flushed skin. You cautiously leaned down, pressing your body against his, and kissed him. It was so desperate and touching. Albedo shifted his body to be on top of you. His cool hands made sure to not leave any precious crevice and curve untouched by his devotion. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to heighten the tempting intimacy.
You halted his lovemaking to properly look at him.
You nearly giggled. He still had that frown upon his beautiful face. He had the exact look when trying to find answers, when trying to solve the mysteries that the world hides while being in his laboratory. You used your thumb to caress his face riddled with troubled lines.
"My Kreideprinz, do not fret, for I love you with all my being."
Albedo had business with Sucrose and Timaeus in the city.
You tried your utmost best to keep your eyes on the cobblestone streets. It was a warm, sunny day. The perfect temperature for a family outing. You silently chuckled to yourself. How funny. You already long for Dragonspine. You weren't so fond of it before. But, unlike with Albedo, it wasn't love at first sight.
To be honest, you underwent the five stages of grief with the forsaken place.
At first, you didn't want to annoy your dear with your whines of how miserable and lonely it is there, so you kept silent, but as you began to stroll the forgotten paths and simply watched how the icicles and snow glisten in the daytime, the place became part of you. The cycle of gazing at your moist breath left in the chill air while traveling to the Chief Alchemist's campsite, to cuddling once more with him in the evening near the burning fireplace felt so natural after some time.
You pondered about your development, and it dawned on you suddenly.
Of course.
Children never dare to venture into Durin's bitter, snowy territory, for their adamant mothers tell the tale of how their tiny hands and feet will swell up, freeze, and break as the stinging rime doesn't close its snapping jaws even to infants who are touched by the sun and carry the Anemo Archon's tune.
I suppose Albedo is right…It never will work for us.
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading!! ૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა
Tbh I am thinking of making an optional sequel where Albedo and the reader adopt a baby
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hi! jealousy and yearn with albedo? :D if it isn't closed yet!
sfw alphabet x albedo
Jealousy – Do they get jealous easily? How do they handle it?
albedo isn't one to get often jealous. he simply sees no reason to be– he knows your his and he trusts you fully.
the only time albedo would get jealous is when you seem to be spending more time with someone else rather than him. it's true he's often so busy with his own work he barely has time in his schedule to meet up with you. although, whenever he sees you with that sly cavalry captain, albedo seems to be pissed off a bit more that day.
Yearn – What do they do when they miss you?
when albedo misses you he'll keep one of your personal belongings very close to him. wether it be a necklace you wear often or a pocket watch you always have on you, albedo holds onto it closely for comfort.
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Tumblr media
If there's one thing me and Albedo have in common, it's our lack to sleep.
Like, ever.
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genshinsims · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Albedo Hair (Genshin Impact)
- All LOD's
- Normal and Specular Maps
- Custom thumbnail
- HQ compatible
Model by MIHOYO. Conversion to The Sims by me
PATREON (early access; public release on February 25)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳˳;; ❝ 500 followers event ! ᵕ̈ ೫˚∗:
Tumblr media
🗒 ❛ Match up & Prompts ༉‧₊˚✧
:; Please refer to my requesting rules before sending in a request! You can only send up to 3 prompt requests and 1 match up request. 2-3 characs per prompt, please specify if you want this as a headcanon or a oneshot.
:; I will be accepting requests up until February 12, 2022
🗓:: Welcome to Kazeyo’s Tavern! What can I get for you?┊͙
Tumblr media
☁️ . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Prompts ࿐ྂ ۪۫❁ཻུ۪۪┊Fluff
Dandelion wine ; “I’ll always be here, you know that right?”
Merlot ; “You’re cold? I told you to wear something warmer... c’mere..”
Red Wine ; “It doesn’t matter, all I care about is you.”
Syrah ; “I won’t force you to go to bed, but make sure not to overwork yourself, alright?”
Cava ; “You’re my burrito now.” Idk why I added this
Barbera ; “It’s not my fault you make it look funny.”
Margarita ; “I wanna play with your hair, please?”
Apple Cider ; “I wanna kiss you so bad right now.”
Berry Burst ; “I love seeing you in my clothes.”
Mint Juice ; “Really? A noodle duel?”
Tumblr media
Riesling ; “Pick up the phone, please.”
Espresso ; “Hey, hey, calm down, please, you’re gonna pass out.”
Affogato ; “You don’t think I’m disgusting?”
Galão ; “I hate it, I hate not seeing your face.”
Flat White ; “You’re alright, don’t close your eyes for me, hang on.”
Lungo ; “I’m a disappointment.”
Americano ; “So this is how it ends then?”
Cortado ; “I just want to remember.”
Doppio ; “You swore to not break your promise, but at the end, you did. You’re just like everyone else.”
Black ; “Why do I have to fall in love with you?”
Tumblr media
-`, Match up :; ꒱ ↷🖇🥛
ᝰ┆Make sure to fill out the form below so I can match you up with a genshin character properly!
. . ## Gender / Sexuality ;
. . ## Personality ;
. . ## Hobbies ;
. . ## Likes & Dislikes ;
. . ## More information about you that you want to add ;
Tumblr media
If this flops let’s pretend this post was never been posted okay? ^^
© All rights reserved to @kaz3yo. Do not repost, translate or take heavy inspo without my permission. Please refrain from posting my works in other social media platforms such as tiktok.
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Has anyone drawn Kenma as Albedo before? I keep thinking about it. lol.
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madiro88 · 2 months ago
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plebisian · 2 months ago
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Geo Supremacy
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poopdings · 2 months ago
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albedo just tired of your bs man 😔
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j-amatus · a month ago
Tumblr media
im back at it again
edit: forgot his birthmark we are pretending it is 3rd albedo thank YOU
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tevyat · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
is that what paimon really looks like?
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yaepyep · 8 days ago
Absolutely love the new added areas for windtrace 2.0 <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And of course, i have also made the meme for it:)
Tumblr media
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