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lunaviatrix · 2 days ago
First kiss x f!reader (Or Traveler if you want) part 1? Let me know who you’d like for part two. Rest + other guys under cut.
Kaeya: It’s a surprise that he hasn’t kissed you yet. You’ve been on several many dates, with many of them ending with the two of you cuddling as you are now. Your head on his shoulder, his ponytail loosened, and the buttons on his already open shirt barely fastened. 
While he is very confident in himself, his confidence falters just before leaning in. Something about you is so very special, that a whole lot of pressure is added to this moment. He bites back the temptation to cough into his hand, and gathers his wits quietly. “Close your eyes for me?” he asks you in a fervent whisper. “That’s a good girl…” 
His breath is hot and close, very very close to your mouth, but soon it is beat by the heat of his lips. His hands curl in your hair, and you mirror the action, and soon you feel his hair tie fall on your lap. While the kiss begins chastely, he is quick to open his mouth and seek to explore all that he has been curious about.
It is intoxicatingly sweet, and neither you nor he are satisfied by just the one, or two, not even several that are soon to follow.
Zhongli: It is an action that he had witnessed many couples do, very often. However, when it comes to enjoying the experience himself--it is a very foreign idea. Is it something to make an event out of? Or is it something that should be very casual, like when he says good night to you or asks you to dinner. To him time runs differently, and he doesn’t realize just how long he’s kept you waiting until you are the one to initiate. 
Taking a stroll in the plains of Liyue, you decide the atmosphere is perfect. He’s humming, a rarity even for you, and you press your cheek against his chest to enjoy the rumbling in his  chest. These small affections were hard to work towards, but he welcomes your affections with small smiles and caresses to your hair. 
So it is only natural when you tug on his tie, to beckon him to bend lower. “Mr. Zhongli, I must request something.”
His eyebrows raise, though his eyes crinkle in a smile. “Such a formal request? Pray, tell.”
“How about we form a contract.  I give you a wish. And in return I would like a kiss.”
His eyes widen, and you can see that he takes some time to process this. “But I am benefiting twice. Is this a fair contract?”
“Then shall we amend it?” You must satisfy the God of Contracts, after all.
“Mm no. Allow me to be greedy just this once?” He cocks his head to side, wearing an uncharacteristically mischievous grin.  “My wish is simple. I shall tell you after I fulfill my end.” His smile widens, and for a moment, all you can hear is the beat of his heart as you’re intertwined. The hum of nature, the rustling of wind seems to silence as the two of you share this intimate moment. “For my wish,” he says, a little breathless. “I would like to ask for another.”
“I think that can be arranged.”
Xiao: It is incredibly awkward, but that is par for the course when it comes to this man. In fact, it is you who has to initiate it. Several times does he lean over, his eyes darting nervously, before he whips his head away with scarlet cheeks. His eyebrows are furrowed in consternation, and he glares at you as though it is all your doing. 
The two of you are overlooking Liyue Harbor together, and you’ve whipped up a few bowls of his favorite Almond Tofu. There was nothing particularly special about the day. So you’re not sure why the Yaksha is so agitated.
“Stop looking at me like that,” he growls softly, no bite in his bark.
“Erm, alright?”
“Stop looking.”
You’re not even looking at him! Why can’t he be more direct? “...You want me to close my eyes?”
He should have just said so. You comply, and he mutters something about you being too trusting. But you can’t register the comment, because with lightning speed he steals the quickest of kisses from you.
He mutters that he has to go get something, and is gone just as you open your eyes.
But you swear, that you spotted a smile.
Diluc: For a man who is terribly awkward at expressing emotions, he handles you as though he’s a well practiced lover. When it is time to part ways for the night, his hand does not let yours go just yet, and he pulls you in closely. Fireflies whizz quietly near you, as the vineyards rustle at the Dawn Winery. The atmosphere is perfect.
 His forehead rests gently against yours, and you remember why he’s regarded as such a gentleman. His smile melts your heart all over again, and it is only natural that your lips come together. His fingertips dance across your cheeks, and even through his gloves you can feel the warmth of his touch. Though he isn’t one to express himself through words, his actions are enough to relay his affections.
It is long, tender, and sweet. He doesn’t push forward in this first meeting, his lips brushing over yours in soft caresses. It is when he pulls away that there is the smallest inkling of worry, about whether you’ve enjoyed it or wish to push him away altogether.
He receives his answer right away, as you pull him in by his tie--you weren’t finished just yet.
Albedo: “There is something new I wish to try.” He says this suddenly one day, while the two of you are shoulder to shoulder in a calm moment. He was sketching something on his pad, and you were reading an adventure novella from Liyue. 
“An experiment?”
“Hmm...well more of an observation,” he says simply, and shows you his drawing. On it is another beautiful rendition of yourself, a portrait of graphite. 
“You’ve been drawing me for a while now. I thought you’ve looked at me long enough.”
“That would be where you are mistaken.” Without a hint of shame, he cups your cheek in his hand, rubbing your bottom lip with his thumb. Although heat is rising rapidly in your face, his complexion is no different than usual. “I’ve yet to have my fill. And I’ve become even more curious, in fact.”
“About what?”
“Many things. There is something I’d like to try. May I?”
Is he asking what you think he is asking? You close your eyes just in case, and sure enough, his lips touch yours with hesitation. You can taste the cake the two of you had after lunch, and he smells of wood and graphite. “Mm…” he hums with satisfaction, and leans back to take another look at you. “I think my hypothesis was correct.”
“Y-your hypothesis?” you clear your throat and try to match his casual tone, amazed how he sounds like he’s right back to business again. 
“That’s correct. And I’ve determined that I must try again. Do you consent?”
You looked away, feigning a coy act, before turning your gaze back to him. “I guess I can be your assistant again.”
His lip quirked up in a smile. “Perfect.”
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albaedhoe · a day ago
genshin ward
“modern hospital!au with the genshin characters as your patients and coworkers”
gender neutral reader
warning : mentions of blood, needles and death
feel free to send in your own thoughts and hcs!!
albedo definitely works as either a diagnostician or the in-hospital pharmacy technician. either way, i can see albedo giving advice on treatment and prescription that might help relieve a patient’s condition. works more for the children’s ward. you greet him with coffee every time you know he’s on shift, knowing that he probably hasn’t slept in a while. you cant convince me that he doesn’t experiment with the defective or expired meds. he shows you his own recent discoveries on certain combinations and you tell him to go to a proper research facility. you often wonder how such a genius ended up as only a pharmacist rather than a chemical engineer.
i think diluc would work as an adult nurse solely because of the fact that he’s patient, kind and the elderly aren’t scared of him unlike the children- though he doesn’t look like it, he enjoys listening to their stories and past. he’s the person you usually chat with during your breaks. you’re often seen re-doing his ponytail or just styling his hair at the break room. normally is the one who does the heavy lifting at his ward.
klee was sent to the hospital for cardiomyopathy, a disease where the heart muscles have been stretched or thickened, making it extremely hard for blood to pump through the body. though it’s very rare for children, klee was just unlucky. because of her rather rambunctious behaviour, you’ve put her on a strict rule of no extreme movement around the hospital and can only walk around with the supervision of a nurse. it makes you happier knowing she’s taken a liking towards albedo. you often see her colouring a book near where albedo can keep watch of her. if albedo isn’t on shift then she mostly clings onto you when she can. she claims that the other doctors are not as kind or forgiving as you are. because of her comment, you start to debate the employment of some of your fellow staff.
venti is a frequent visitor to your hospital. you see him perform some songs at the nursery, soothing and entertaining all the kids and babies. when he’s not performing for the children, he’s visiting his twin brother (nameless bard, not canon) in a private room, away from all the chaos and noise of the hospital. his brother has been in a coma for almost four years now. a car crash. you can tell that the anniversary of the accident is near when you can hear slow and melancholic music from the corridor leading to his room. you sometimes offer him a drink that he favours the day of the anniversary. in exchange, he would tell you his favourite childhood memories of him and his twin.
kazuha is for sure a children’s nurse. the children see him as a person they can really talk to without feeling intimidated or scolded for what they say. he’s so gentle and calm when giving the kids their injections, even going out of his way to hold them close if they’re really scared. gives them lollipops since they’ve been so brave! during playtime and he’s in charge of the activities for that day, he teaches the kids how to make haikus and expanding their vocabulary. at the end of the day the children give kazuha their haikus. he puts them into an album and cherishes them. when the two of you are on lunch break, he excitedly shows you all the new haikus he got from the kids. you laugh at his over excitement, you’re glad he’s finally settled into the hospital. you think back to the treatment he recieved at his former hospital but you shoved those thoughts aside and nodded along to the stars in his eyes.
bennett would also be a frequent visitor of the hospital, always covered with scratches, gashes and bruises everywhere. you nag at him to be careful next time, though, you know he’ll be rushing in in a few days, but you don’t say that. poor boy is the unluckiest person you’ve met. once, when he walks into the ER casually, you asked him what happened this time and he says that he was in the forest exploring, tripped down a hill and splashed into a river. you’re glad it isn’t as bad this time.
just because he’s a family man, i think that childe would also be a child nurse heh. he can easily give the children the same energy back at them without much effort, but he knows when to put his foot down once things get out of hand. because he builds such a close relationship with the kids, he’s absolutely devastated when he learns a child doesn’t survive a surgery. he thinks of his own younger siblings and it breaks his heart even more. you can find him in the laundry room, where it’s quiet and only the whirs of the washing machine can cover up his chocked sobs. you allow him to have some days off because you know that if you don’t, he’d be more snappy and impatient with the children. you tell him that he becomes like this because it’s a coping mechanism he’s developed after experiencing such an intense feeling of grief. his mind wants to cut all relationships he’s built with the children so he doesn’t have to experience such a thing again. he denies it but you know he’s saying this in attempts to convince himself that he’s okay. he’s not. you tell him that death is not something anyone gets used to but instead become stronger against, after all, it’s part of his job and if he ever wants to change professions you’re happy to recommend him to other wards.
my knowledge in health care and medicine is limited so sorry for any inaccuracies.
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chiyumiiixxx · 2 days ago
❝ Windblume ! ❞
· pairings: Mondstadt x reader! · genre: fluff♡ · warnings: none!! · words: 4395 ➝ summary: celebrating the Windblume festival with all of your Mondstadt friends! · extra: i literally got this idea from listening to "kingdom dance" for like an hour straight. i know the Windblume festival isn't happening currently but i just loved the thought of it so here we are! i decided to get rid of the font, mainly because it was a hassle and i'm not sure if every device can see it or if it's just boxes. i'll be updating all of my stories to get rid of the font. also! working on some of the promised fanfics currently! i'm sorry for not getting them out sooner, i lost some motivation but i'm back after my genious genius spurt of inspo! Enjoy my lovlies!!♡
Tumblr media
♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate the famous Windblume Festival! You had promised Mondstadt that you’d help decorate the city and that’s what you intended to do! You went out exploring for different types of flowers and stuff. With the help of Lisa, you were able to do a bit of research about the past festivals. They all seemed so pristine. You didn’t want to disappoint Mondstadt now. Everything seemed to be going fine, until Mr. Cavalry Captain himself came to help. He didn’t contribute any help, all he did was distract you. He kept making flirty gestures up until the point that you had to come up with tasks that he could focus on for at least 30 minutes. But n o ! He actually decided to do his work! He’s usually such a slacker! What happened?! “Y/N.” You looked behind yourself and saw Kaeya, waving as he walked over. “Oh..” Oh was right! Did he finish his duties already?! “I finished creating the flower streams for the North side. Is there anything else I can help you with?” You pondered looking at Kaeya. “I don’t think so, how about you ask the civilians if they need any help?” Smiling brightly at him as he nodded and walked away. Finally some alone time to get busy on the decorations. There was only a day left until the festival officially started. You wanted this to be the best one Mondstadt’s ever seen! “Hey there, little cutie.” Lisa patted your head as you looked up at her. “Ms. Lisa! Do you need anything?” You, doing the stupid cute closed eye smile, as she shook her head. “Nothing of the sorts, I was just checking up on you.” She smiled in response. “Alright! Well if you don’t mind me I need to finish up the organizing! Apologizes for the short talk.” You hurried to Cat’s Tail. “How can I make these drinks dreadfully awf--” Diona darted her head up as she saw you enter. “Diona, the festival is going to be a festival of wonders. Try not to poison them, just this one time. Pleaseeee?” You pleaded as she put her shaker down. “Fine. But after the festival is done with, I’m going back to getting these drunkards in their place.” You nodded. “Alright.” Exiting the building, you tried to think of what else you had on your to-do list. ☑ Check up on Cat’s Tail ☑ Finish the flower streamers ☑ Flower wreaths on lanterns ☐ Make sure the Bards are prepared ☐ See what the Church looks like ☐ Check up on Angel’s Share ☐ Check up on Good Hunter To-do Tomorrow; ☐ Get Venti to start the festival (blow out dandelions) ☐ Make sure everybody enjoys the festival! Maybe a bit more on the list than you first presumed, but you still had 5 hours to complete this! Even if you had to go into overtime, you’d be willing to, especially for Mondstadt. It’s time to check up on the Bards. You searched around the city for all of the Bards. Consuming just a little too much time. You questioned them all and made sure that they were all sure of what they were going to play for the festival. There was one last Bard, but this one you could kill two birds with one stone. Talk to Six-Fingered Jose, then talk to Charles and make sure Angel’s Share is ready. You swiftly made your way over to Angel’s Share, but you didn’t exactly expect this. After talking to Jose, he told you all of the songs he’d be playing, then you gave him a thumbs up, telling him that he did a great job picking out the songs. They’ll go great with the festival. Then, you turned over to Charles and sat down in front. “Alright, Mr. Charles! How are we doing for the festival?” He nodded, cleaning out one of the glasses. “Master Diluc is prepared to serve for the festival, and I will be on standby if he needs my help.” He started getting you your usual drink. “Wait! Master Diluc’s going to be the one hosting Angel’s Share’s part?!” Charles handed you your drink then sighed. “I thought we told you about this.” Thinking back on it, he totally did.. Master Diluc and Charles both reminded you that Diluc would be the one hosting most of it. But it totally slipped your mind! “Waaahh! I’m
so sorry Charles! I completely forgot!” Charles chuckled then waved it off. “It’s not a problem. The city looks wonderful so far. Keep up the good work, Y/N.” You gave Charles a thumbs up as you got up. “You got it Charles! I’ll be sure to make Mondstadt proud!” Giving Charles some Mora then walking out of the tavern. ☑ Check up on Cat’s Tail ☑ Finish the flower streamers ☑ Flower wreaths on lanterns ☑ Make sure the Bards are prepared ☐ See what the church looks like ☑ Check up on Angel’s Share ☐ Check up on Good Hunter To-do Tomorrow; ☐ Get Venti to start the festival (blow out dandelions) ☐ Make sure everybody enjoys the festival! Two birds with one stone. Easy-peasy! Next on the to-do list was to see what the church looked like. You left the decoration of the church to the Sisters there. You knew they were completely capable, especially Barbara. Barbara has a really cute sense of taste so you thought it’d look really cute! And you weren’t disappointed when you got there. There were flower streams hanging at the windows, top and bottom. At the entrance, vines and flowers. Maybe it wasn’t exactly cute, but you thought it looked really good! Although.. When you walked into the church it seemed pretty empty. In front of you was Barbara and another tall lady. One you had never seen before. She looked like a nun.. But she also didn’t? She was quite a bit taller than Barbara but she seemed unamused. Especially at the fact that it sounded like Barbara was lecturing her. “Rosaria! We’ve told you countless times to decorate the inside but you haven’t!” Barbara sounded desperate, a tinge of sadness in it too. You rushed over to them and smiled. “Don’t worry about it Barbara! If.. She doesn't want to decorate, we can work on it. How about that?” The nun started walking away as Barbara sighed, relieved but also a bit irritated. “I’m so sorry for making you do more work, Y/N.” Giving Barbara a wholehearted smile, you started grabbing decorations. “No worries Barbara! I’ll always have time to help you out.” You gave her a wink then handed her some streamers and flowers. After an hour or so, you both finished decorating the inside of the church. It was almost as pretty as the outside. Barbara did a nicer job on the outside though. You high-fived Barbara after you made sure everything was perfect. “Alrightttt! We did it!” She gave a just as enthusiastic high-five back. She shrieked in delight. “We did such a great job!” You smiled at her and nodded vicariously. “Of course we did, we make a good team Barbara.” She smiled in response to this then sent you off for the rest of your duties. Working with Barbara was always a pleasure. Especially when you know that she was stressed before it. You got to spend time with her, and make her feel better. ☑ Check up on Cat’s Tail ☑ Finish the flower streamers ☑ Flower wreaths on lanterns ☑ Make sure the Bards are prepared ☑ See what the church looks like ☑ Check up on Angel’s Share ☐ Check up on Good Hunter To-do Tomorrow; ☐ Get Venti to start the festival (blow out dandelions) ☐ Make sure everybody enjoys the festival! Last thing on the to-do list now was to ask Sara if she was prepared for the festival. You strided over, note in hand and smile on face. You waited in line as Eury talked to Sara for a minute or so. After she noticed you, she said goodbye to Sara and side-stepped so you could talk to Sara. “Tomorrow’s the big day, do you think you’re ready?” You leaned against the counter, holding yourself stable with your elbows. “Ready as I’ll ever be! I have the whole menu down and stuff!” Sara exclaimed enthusiastically as she pointed to a menu in the back of Good Hunter. You always knew you could count on Sara. “Good to hear, I’ll leave the rest up to you.” Shuffling away from the restaurant, you checked the final thing off your list. For today at least. ☑ Check up on Cat’s Tail ☑ Finish the flower streamers ☑ Flower wreaths on lanterns ☑ Make sure the Bards are prepared ☑ See what the church looks like ☑ Check up on Angel’s Share ☑ Check up on Good
Hunter To-do Tomorrow; ☐ Get Venti to start the festival (blow out dandelions) ☐ Make sure everybody enjoys the festival! And you didn’t even have to do any overtime! Not that you would’ve minded, but you wanted to make one last stop before it got too dark. Sauntering over to The God statue in the middle of Mondstadt, you looked up and beamed with delight. “Venti!” You called up, waving your hand back and forth. He gave a giggle then jumped down, slowing his fall with his Anemo powers. He looked at you as soon as he got his balance and grinned. “Hello, Y/N!” You grabbed onto your note, holding it between your hands and chest. Leaning a bit forward at your excitement to see that Venti kept his promise. “Venti! You actually made it!” You exclaimed happily as you hugged onto him. He returned the hug and giggled again. “Of course I made it! You can’t just have the Windblume festival without Barbatos.” He let go. “Right! Of course!” You put the list in your back pocket. “Tomorrow at 8 we’re supposed to release the dandelions, but I can’t do the whole city by myself so I need your help.” Venti nodded. “Rightio. I’ll try not to be late.” You frowned. “You better not be late!” Venti giggled again then nodded his head. “I won’t be, I promise. 7:30 and you were ready to get the show on the road! You weren’t able to get much sleep because of your excitement, but you didn’t regret it. You were really sleepy but you had so much adrenaline pumping through you. This was your time to prove to Mondstadt! You sprinted up to The God statue and called out for Venti. He appeared in front of you, in a puff of pure Anemo. “At your ready, Y/N!” You ushered Venti onto the city walls, looking at all of the dandelions in baskets, rounding all of the city walls. Once the sun was fully up, that was your cue to blow all of the dandelions out with Anemo powers. On a couple other sides, there were some knights that possessed Anemo visions. Though not very powerful, they were able to help a bit. You hadn’t even noticed, but Jean appeared next to you. “Jean!” You exclaimed, extremely ecstatic. “Are you ready to do this?” She looked down at you and smiled. “Of course I’m ready! Let’s all get into our positions.” You smiled back at her and ran to the other side of the city wall. And right on time. The moment the sun shined brightly in your eye, all of you blew the dandelions away. It was beautiful. Looking at all of the dandelions slowly falling into the city. Venti appeared next to you and beamed at the sight. “Isn’t it beautiful, Y/N?” You were practically speechless. You’ve never experienced something like this. “Y/N?” Venti tapped your shoulder. “The Windblume Festival begins..” You whispered to yourself as you spun, facing Venti, keeping your hands behind your back. “Let’s go enjoy it!” Everybody in the city seemed to be enjoying themselves. You found so much joy in seeing everybody having a lively time. It was only in the middle of the day. You were walking around by yourself because Venti had to do his annual “Poetry lesson.” Maybe you’ll ask him for some tips.. You’ve spotted a ton of your friends around but they all looked like they were enjoying their time so you decided to leave them alone. Everybody was in such pretty outfits. Not their normal uniforms. You even saw Jean hanging around with Lisa. It looked as if Jean had changed into a nicer outfit than her uniform, you didn’t get too well of a look though. The kids of Mondstadt had cute outfits too. Flora was selling flowers like crazy. There was even a debate whether the Windblume was a Windwheel Aster, or Cecillia. Later on, they found out that it was a Dandelion. Every now and then, a dandelion would come close to you so you used your Anemo vision and blew it higher in the air. All of the walkways in Mondstadt were covered with dandelions. It was a wondrous sight. Seeing how beautiful Mondstadt actually is. There were even some travelers from Liyue coming to check out the festival! Especially adventurers’. It had been getting pretty late but it wasn’t quite time
for the main attraction so you decided to drop by Angel’s Share. You sauntered in, looking at Diluc as he made a drink for someone else. Surprisingly enough, Kaeya wasn’t in the tavern. He must be busy doing something else. However, the nun from the incident yesterday was. She was slowly sipping her drink as she avoided contact with everybody else. Noelle was also here. She was helping the tavern out since she got a day off and nobody needs her help currently. You waved over to her and she clasped her hands together. “Oh my! Y/N! You did such a wonderful job on the festival!” You beamed hearing that. You thanked her then had a small conversation about why she was working here. “Well. The Knights don’t really need me right now, plus I wanted to enjoy the festival this year.” You smiled listening to what she had to say. “Well, I hope that you have fun, Noelle!” You stated. “Oh my, but of course!” She exclaimed as she went to clean up a table in the back. You sat down on a stool in front of Master Diluc and rested your head on your hand, being supported by your elbow. He looked over at you then back to the glass that he was cleaning. “What would you like?” He asked, clearly avoiding your gaze. “Courteous as ever, Master Diluc.” You giggled as he tensed up. “I’m just pulling your leg, don’t worry about it. I’d like a glass of dandelion wine.” You smiled at him as you watched him grab a glass and pour some wine. “Here you go.” He slid the glass over to you. “Isn’t it boring working in a tavern all day? Especially when a festival is going on?” You took a sip of the dandelion wine and grimaced at the taste of it. “You know what.. On second thought, give it to someone else..” You slid the glass on the counter as he eye’d you down. “Do you not enjoy the taste of wine?” You shook your head. “It’s bitter. I just wanted to see whether or not dandelion wine was worth all of it’s talk.” He nodded. “I agree. It leaves a weird taste in my mouth.” You snickered. “Master Diluc, the owner of Dawn Winery, yet he doesn’t like wine. How contradictory.” Now it was his turn to grimace. “Anyways, come out to the fountain at sunset. Almost the whole town will be there.” You explained as you got up from the stool, put down some Mora then walked out. You didn’t even give him a chance to reply. You continued walking around until the sun began to set. It was just beginning so it looked like you had enough time to find your friends. Although.. First you had to rest your feet. They were killing you. You were pretty close to the fountain so you just sat on a bench and took off your shoes for a second. You looked at the sunset then in front of you. There Albedo was, holding out his hand. You quickly strapped your shoe back on and took his hand. “What a gentleman.” He chuckled. “As always, I presume.” You nod, walking over to the fountain with Albedo. There lies every one of your friends. Surely enough, everybody there was enjoying their time. Sucrose was side-lining herself, waiting for Albedo to get back. Next to her was Klee, also waiting for Albedo. Amber and Eula were dancing hand-in-hand. Barbara was doing her usual cute dance, and Bennett was clapping for her. Razor looked a bit dazed and confused but still amused. Fischl was being her usual self, but she seemed to enjoy Barbara’s dance. Diona pulled Klee away and they danced around with each other. Diluc was.. Diluc was playing the violin and Venti was playing the Lyre. They were so in sync, it was kind of scary. Jean and Lisa were talking on the side-lines. Noelle was questioning the whole “astrology” thing as Mona explained it all to her. Rosaria, who was seen in the tavern earlier, was sitting on a bench and watching. Muttering something under her breath, or that’s what you thought. That left one person. Kaeya. You turned around and saw Kaeya. He looked fancier than ever, but still held his devilish charms. You snickered at his hard attempt to make a good entrance. His smile faltered. “How kind of you..” He said in a sulking tone. You bursted out laughing then hugged
him. “I’m sorry Sir. Kaeya, I just couldn’t help it.” He patted your head then took your hand and twirled you around. “Sha’ll we dance?” You nodded, allowing him to take the reins. After a round or two of dancing with Kaeya, you ushered other Bards to take over the music. Same tune, different players. You grabbed Diluc and Venti, one of their hands on one of yours. You dragged them out into the middle and let go. Letting them dance on their own as you sway to the music. Twirling and letting your outfit sway. Venti got a hang of it quickly and started dancing around. On the other hand, Diluc was as stiff as a board. You twirled in closer to him, back against his chest now. Hand up in an arc above your head, and the other upside down on your other half. “Loosen up Diluc.” You grabbed his hand, keeping the same position with your hands then twirling around with him. He had a light blush dusted across his face, as if he were embarrassed. Diluc couldn’t handle more of it so he passed you off to Jean and Lisa, once you got your balance, you started dancing with them. Lisa was really care-free at the moment but Jean was stiff, not as bad as Diluc but still somewhat stiff. You and Lisa stopped dancing to let her unstiffen. Lisa said she’ll have her dancing by the end of the night and you trusted her, so you walked over to Mona and Noelle, talking about Astrology. Mona was slowly but surely explaining how astrology worked to Noelle. Showing her Zodiac Sign in her Water vision. It made sense that Noelle was a Pisces-Aries cusp. She fit the description perfectly. You swayed your way over to Benny’s Adventure Team + Barbara. You asked Barbara how to do her little dance and she taught you. You stumbled up a couple times but it was really fun hanging out with them. Bennett was encouraging you the whole time as Fischl was doing her normal laugh and pose. At one point, Razor sniffed you. Bennett tried to pull Razor off but he kept going on about how you smelled good. You laughed then moved on to another group. You decided to leave Amber and Eula alone, just because they seemed to be having an incredible time dancing. Amber was teaching Eula all different times of ways to spin. You enjoyed watching them but decided to move on. You skipped over to Albedo and Sucrose who were talking about alchemy. “Such bores! Come on and dance with me!” You put your hands out, one for each to grab. Sucrose adjusted her glasses and shyly grabbed onto your left. Albedo grabbed onto your right. You spun them both, now each of them switching sides. After dancing with each other for a while, you bid them a farewell and make your way over to Klee and Diona. They looked tired after dancing for the whole time. Instead of making them dance more, you promised them something to eat. Diona asked for Mondstadt Grilled Fish and Klee asked for Fisherman’s Toast. You paid Sara her Mora then patted them both as they started eating. Heading back over to Jean and Lisa to see if Jean had liven up. “Apologizes Lisa but dancing isn’t exactly my forte..” Jean said, waving her hands in front of her. Lisa snickered. “Then let’s make it!” Lisa grabbed Jean by her hand and twirled her around. Jean let out a gasp as she was being spun. You clapped as Lisa looked over to you. “Welcome back, little cutie.” She extended her other hand out to you as you took it gently. You spent the rest of the evening dancing with everybody. At some point Venti decided he wanted you to try to play the Lyre. “Wait! Venti! I can’t play at all! What’re you thinking?” He gave you the Lyre and giggled. “Just try, Y/N!” You pluck a string and jerk back a bit, afraid it might make a bad sound. Everybody turned their attention to you as you held the Lyre. Trying to shy away, Venti pushed you back to your original spot. From the back, he moved your hands. Positioning where they should be. “Pluck.” You plucked it then he moved your hand to another string. This went on for a couple minutes until you got tired of it. Plus, it was almost time for the sun to go completely down so you
wanted to spend a bit more time with everybody. You talked with a couple of the groups then all of you agreed to hang out at Angel’s Share for a bit. Diluc wasn't too happy with the fact that he’d have to serve a bunch of idiots, but you know deep down that he likes spending time with everybody. After all of you ordered your drinks and stuff, you went around talking to everybody. Venti was sitting at the bar, pestering Master Diluc about the fact that he had to pay. Kaeya was to his right, talking to Rosaria and also annoying Diluc. Jean and Lisa were talking about their duties in the back. “Come on guys. We’re here to have fun, not talk about duties.” You said, leaning on their table. Jean chuckled, listening to what you had to say. “Apologizes, Y/N. We were just discussing some issues.” You pulled a chair out and sat down, taking a sip of your drink. “No need to apologize, but today is a day of fun, let’s ignore the duties for now. Once the festival is done, you may get back to your boring talk.” Stabilizing your hand with your elbow. “Yes, of course.” Jean smiled and Lisa took a sip of her dandelion wine. You got up and moved over to Amber and Eula. Amber waves excitedly at you. “Y/N! Hihi!” You wave back at her as you sit down. “What brings you here, Y/N?” Eula asked politely. You smiled at her. “I haven’t gotten much of a chance to talk to you guys so I thought I’d drop by.” When it was time to go to Angel’s Share, Jean had told Eula and Amber that you guys were headed there. Meaning, you never got the chance to talk to him until now. Amber smiled, looking at you. “You should’ve just come over when we were dancing!” “Don’t worry about it Amber, I didn’t want to bother you guys.” Eula nodded. “I agree with Amber. You could have just come over. You wouldn’t have bothered us at all.” You smiled at them then got up and scooted your chair in. “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind next time!” You gave them a thumbs up then walked over to the bar. Kaeya was talking to Rosaria, taking a sip of his drink. He looked up at Diluc then looked at a bottle of wine in front of him. He reached for it, but Diluc swooped in and grabbed it before him. Kaeya frowned and Rosaria looked at Diluc. You looked at Diluc then at Kaeya. Maybe it wasn’t an appropriate time, but you started cackling. Kaeya looked over at you sadly and Diluc looked at you as he put the bottle down. You sat down next to Kaeya and rested your face on your hand. “Master Diluc, there’s no need to be so harsh.” You smiled at Diluc as you reached your other hand out, signalling for the wine bottle. Diluc slid it over sourly and grimaced as you handed it over to Kaeya. He cheered up and poured some more for him and Rosaria. “Would you like some, Y/N?” He said cheerfully. You shook your hand. “I’m not a fan of wine, but thank you for offering.” He smiled again then put the cork back on the bottle. You sipped your drink as you looked at everybody gathering around you guys. Diluc grabbed a glass of grape juice and went to your left side. Kaeya, Rosaria and you all turned around. Once everybody was around, Kaeya shrugged. “I don’t know guys.. This Windblume festival was kinda amazing..” He winked at you as he raised his glass. “A toast. To Y/N for setting it up.” Everybody raised their glasses, waiting for you. You radiate pure energy as you raise your glass. “And to the festival!” Finishing the evening off with a toast. ♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ i'm literally sobbing!! what the fuckckdiufud??? dude i love this concept. but hey! i wanna make a liyue edition, when the moonchase (is that the title??) festival comes out! by, chiyumiiixxx 9/16/2021
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kanek9i · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦✧ GENSHIN IMPACT LAY0UTS, happy (late) birthday, albedo!
+ like or reblog if you save !
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genshin-lovers · 21 hours ago
headcanon that kaeya is incredibly serious about aftercare. he knows he can get rough, so he is always sure to run a warm bath for albedo and makes sure it’s filled with plenty of bubbles that smell like vanilla when popped. he changes the sheets, helps albedo dry off before placing him in the freshly made bed himself, so they can cuddle and exchange intimate words
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albedoswifehusband · 2 days ago
Meeting Albedo for the first time in college
A modern college au that I wanted to write out of my own interest! Under a cut for length.
-You meet bc he got drunk with kaeya at a TA get together at a popular bar and he literally stumbled into you. You ask if he's okay but he's not making much sense so you just keep asking him the same things until you get something coherent out of him.
-You can't find the man he said he came with (kaeya) and you assume Albedo wandered into a completely different section of the massive building because someone took their eyes off him for half a second and he's a rather curious person.
-you bring him to sit at the nearest bar and get him water from the bartender in front of you. He chugs it in one go since he's still in a "avoid tasting the drink at all costs" mode, thinking it's another drink kaeya wanted him to try. He lays his head down on his arms and once you start asking him about himself he rambles about his research. You learn he's a biology major and a teaching assistant and that he's here for a get together with others. 
-You're familiar with a TA from the phys ed department named Ajax that put his number in your phone when you met him. He seems like the type to go to join things like this so you send him a text asking if he went to Angel's Share tonight. He briefly dodges the question to flirt but soon tells you that yes he's there. 
-You ask if a blonde (advanced?) biology TA was originally with his group and when he says yes you tell him about what happened. He says he'll come get him in a bit so please keep an eye on him.
-Albedo is sober enough to start asking questions about you now, and starts to get interested.
-Kaeya and Ajax come to pick up Albedo about 30 minutes later. Childe apologizes about taking so long, and Albedo tells him he's being annoying (he wasn't even doing anything annoying, albedo is just kind of a bitch to him specifically when sobering up). (He swings wildly between "I want you gone" and "I want to make you do mouse puzzles" when it comes to him)
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bakacentipede · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
IF Albedo existed in our universe I just think that he MIGHT be a tattoo artist because first he is an artist and second, this mans LOVES experimenting, it don't matter what he experiments on tbh he just wants nothing but a place to be able to carry out his experiments. He could also be involved with some sketchy people ngl.
YOU would be his favourite lab rat, ofcourse he loves you, he's the type to get obsessed easily but he knows his limits and he doesn't fail to express his love from time to time . Most days you'd probably be chained to his bed while he "experiments" on his baby.
There are days when he randomly wakes you up early in the morning saying, "Its a good day to sketch today, let's head out to Starfell Valley for a picnic." You two would prepare lunch together having a little food fight while you're at it and he'd be pouting the WHOLE TIME BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PUT ENOUGH SWEETS. Albedo has a sweet tooth I just KNOW and even though your basket is full of sweets like sunsettia jam, chocolates, cakes and what not he still wants more but you're his favourite candy let's not forget that.
You and Albedo would walk all the way to the Valley, jumping around and flying down a hill with your wind gliders and he'd get upset when you threw a rock at a sleeping hilichurl because "they are all important beings and make Teyvat what it is along with humans."
After you guys reached your destination, you'd lay down the valberry printed sheets on the ground and set up the basket. He would sit in the corner with his canvas painting something while you read a book under a tree waiting for lunch time and at times you'd go around the area picking Sweet flowers and just breathing in the fresh air of Monstadt. When Albedo is busy, he hardly talks because he doesn't like distractions so you'd just wait patiently with your book.
Its very hard to get his attention when he's doing something so you had to use the cake as a bait to remind him its time for lunch. Albedo can smell cakes from literally miles away. He'd stop working an join you for lunch talking about your own little things. He'd steal a kiss from you because of cute you look with cake in your mouth, He'd say, "my favourite candy eating my favourite cake is my new favourite view to look at." He's good with words, he's extremely sweet and would speak all the things you wanna hear usually only when you guys are alone because he gets embarrassed when people are around but he would still Whisper lovely things when No one's watching.
When it's time to go home, you'd pack up your things but Albedo still didn't show you his painting because he thought it didn't turn out the best. You'd still pester him to show you though giving him your puppy eyes that he absolutely can't resist and he had no other choice but to give in. You'd giggle in a evil way and he'd just shake his head at you. Albedo showed you his painting and OMG WERE YOU SURPRISED!! It was a painting of you sitting under the trea reading the book. It was BEAUTIFUL! the valberry printed sheet you were sitting on, the picnic basket and you yourself looked so beautiful as if you were meant to be captured that way.
"ITS BEAUTIFUL BEDO IT LOOKS LOVELY THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!" you squealed as you threw you hands around his neck giving him a kiss. He looked away shyly, "Well I don't think its that good I feel like I failed to capture your beauty, Darling. You're a thousand times- no a billion times more beautiful than what I could draw today" he said as he held your face in his palms caressing your cheeks lightly, love clear in his eyes
ALBEDO IS THE BEST IDC!(⇀‸↼‶)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
You guys had a little makeout session in the open land before you picked up all your things along with the painting and headed back home following the orange painted skies.
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chuukae · 2 days ago
silly kaebedo dancing that i made after the paradise collab ✨i wanted to fix it but didnt get around to it :')))
Tumblr media
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azrn · 2 days ago
Modern au: science major albedo!
(a/n: this is my take for the modern au lol also I got inspo from @/saekogun so please check them out)
Tumblr media
he would definitely be tired 24/7
like he always have eyebags under his eyes it's really concerning
he is usually tucked in with his load of work and is always in his laboratory with sucrose or some other students
he also sometimes becomes the substitute teacher sometimes if the their teacher doesn't come in for the day for personal reasons so he would usually take the role to teach the class
tbh him teaching the class is sometimes even better than the teacher teaching the class
his silky voice circling around the room gives off a chill vibe and it's very calming and soothing atmosphere to learn in
he simplifies the lessons in the end to make it easier for his classmates to understand it
also because I'm planning to make this into an au, of course theres gonna be an mc (it's gonna be you or an oc but I will not be using the name but whenever I will the MC it would be probably my main oc or just the usual y/n you see on tiktoks)
kaeya always flirt with albedo with stupid science jokes or pick up lines
he's also very popular? well to be honest expected because albedo is one of the top students in his school
probably has a reward for making a new invention that benefits society and probably has a shit ton of degrees? he's a prodigy so he has a lot rewards that's what I'm saying
whenever Klee visits him, klee always play with his hair and albedo will never take it off until the end of the day
not alot of people has the privilege to interact with albedo because he's always occupied in his laboratory or dorm unless you're MC/y/n-
but yea you can bring him out if you use y/n/MC as bait to bring him out to embrace sunlight
he always bring a sketchbook that's pretty small so he can bring it everywhere (to sketch your beautiful/handsome face-) and he always have this lovestruck face whenever he's with you
whenever he brings Klee with you, you 3 looks like a big cute couple with their child and he enjoys the feeling whenever an old couple come up to the three of you and say " Awww that's a cute kid you two have there" and watches you get flustered and try to explain to the couple that you two aren't dating (yet) and that you're just babysitting with albedo
albedo enjoys your company, you're ideas are great or motivation to keep him going and continue his work and work the the fullest even if your ideas are just stupid jokes
you joke alot that what that you and albedo are also another match made in heaven (because with other characters you or the MC gets confused as a couple to other strangers or people on the streets) and albedo just sits there trying to decode your words if you just confessed that you might have feelings for him-
he gets jealous not very easily? no actually I kinda take it back it's pretty easy to make him jealous if he's in that stage of down bad, cause in the start he would think that this is a short obsession and he would conclude that he will be over with this obsession after like a week like with his other interests or work, BUT ITS FAILED AND IT DIDNT WORK LOl
the more he deep down into researching you, stalking your socials, observing you from afar, even having a separate notebook full of information of you, your hobbies, your part-time workplace, pretty much everything about your life
whenever you interact with him, his words gets very jumbled and he has a hard time to figure out what words to use to talk
also random headcanon, he wears this labcoat that has some patches you stitched on because you noticed it has a big hole and you asked albedo if you can fix it in a weird way and of course he accepted it and now it has big patch that has whatever you want to envision as
man I have no ideas anymore but albedo is rotting i
my mind alot so
also maybe the thought albedo and kaeya dating and having the same obsession on mc/y/n is ahsjdjdjkd
imagine the power they hold
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wisteriaisekai · 14 hours ago
To Forgive, but never to Forget
Tumblr media
Summary -> Your cultists made a mistake. How would you forgive them?
Character interactions -> Albedo, Kazuha
Albedo was never one to be careless, let alone make a mistake. If he ever did, he would turn the tide around and turn his weakness into an advantage. He had given you the wrong potion.
You had a cold, a simple one you had gained from staying in Dragonspine for a long period of time, accompanying Albedo. No matter how much he insisted you take your leave, you stayed.
Zhongli came over to pick you up and felt your skin cold to touch despite staying so close to a fire. He determines that you've caught a cold and asks Albedo for a potion to warm you up, Zhongli didn't want your current condition to get worse.
Zhongli rushed into your teapot after snatching the potion away from Albedo's hands and left into your teapot. That warm feeling in him faded once the image of you, safe and sound in Zhongli's embrace, distorted and turned into dust.
It was only after his experiment did he realize his fatal mistake. Albedo recalled that Sucrose had made a new poison and gave it to him. He better check on it...
Gone. Vanished. Disappeared. More specifically, into Zhongli's hands to give to you.
Albedo intruded the teapot without notice with the mixture he was supposed to hand to you in one hand, the other hand gripped onto the antidote for the poison even though the alchemist himself isn't sure if the antidote will work.
Albedo's praying to any archon out there for your safety. Hopefully, Zhongli didn't feed you the concoction yet or it slipped out of his hand and spilled on the hard wooden floor below him. But it's unlikely.
Albedo barges into your room, where he had guessed you rested in. Once he saw the empty vial on your bedside, panic rushed over him. Even in your sleep, Albedo fed you the antidote, ensuring that every drop on it slides down your throat. He double-checked, and even triple-checked, that he gave you the antidote and the medicine.
Albedo only relaxes once you softly groan in your sleep and open your eyes.
"Bright..." You whisper.
Albedo instinctively pulls the curtains to block any light from entering your room and clenches your hand in his. You give him a hug that he really needed and your heartbeat relieved him even more.
Obviously, he won't tell you about his mistake, he cares too much about his image to you and your safety to even mention it. Zhongli would find out about it eventually, but he'll keep his mouth shut if he was able to redeem himself.
Kazuha is a wanderer. He prefers to be free, not trapped in one place or city. Kazuha isn't perfect, but he strives to be when he's by your side. He can't slip up if he's next to you.
Kazuha wants you to join him in his adventurers because of the beautiful sceneries in Teyvat. He wants to experience them all by your side.
Excitement runs over him when you say you're going to join him in his adventures with Beidou. The moment you step onto the ship, Kazuha gives his all for your safety and happiness.
After defeating the beast from one of his adventures, Beidou and her crew celebrated their victory with Sake and beer. Kazuha enjoys himself and relishes his time with you and the sake in his hand.
You were leaning your arms on the border between the ocean and the ship. You were staring up to the sky as you moonlight glows onto your body. His drunk state couldn't blind him from your beauty.
Whilst he was staring at your form in the moonlight's embrace, a member of Beidou's crew unsteadily walks over and passes you. Unexpectedly, he bumps into you and the force pushes you off the ship.
You were falling. You felt you felt lift off of the wooden floor of the ship below you. You kept your eyes shut and were ready to feel water surround you.
Kazuha jumps at the sight of you falling and grabs your hand at the last moment to lift you up. You shiver at what just happened and he comforts you.
The others rush to you and ask if you're fine. Once you give them a small nod, they become more relieved. Nonetheless, you stick by Kazuha's voice after that, not willing to go anywhere without him, still shaken by the experience.
And he doesn't mind! Kazuha wants you to enjoy the beauty of the world you've created, he'll bring you around so you both can enjoy it together, these minor accidents aren't something to be afraid of when he's here!
Still, he does regret not staying by your side, if he didn't react in time, if the wind didn't inform him that something was off, you would have drowned and the guilt of your death and Tomo's would stay with him for an eternity.
Kazuha might have to apologize to Beidou after this for losing one of the members of her ship.
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